US Mint Circulating Coin Production July 2014, JFK Sales Update


The United States Mint has provided their latest updated circulating coin production figures. During the month of July 2014, total production reached 1.33 billion circulating quality coins at the United States Mint's Denver and Philadelphia facilities. This represented a slight gain from the prior month when production had reached 1.28 billion pieces. It also registered a gain compared to the … [Read More...]

Likely Price Increase for Numismatic Gold Coins


Based on the available data, it is likely that there will be a price increase for the United States Mint's numismatic gold products. This would include the recently released 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Gold Proof Coins. The Mint utilizes a flexible pricing policy for numismatic gold and platinum products, which allows prices to be updated as frequently as weekly based on the … [Read More...]

Theodore Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles Set Sold Out


Near the end of last week, the 2013 Theodore Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles Set sold out at the United States Mint. After roughly eight months of availability, the product had reached sales of around 15,000 units. The sets originally went on sale December 17, 2013 and there was a fair amount of build up leading into the release. Nearly a year beforehand, the United States Mint's 2012 Annual … [Read More...]

Gold and Silver Bullion Storage at the West Point Mint


As a break from the string of Gold Kennedy Half Dollar posts, I wanted to complete the series of articles from my tour of the West Point Mint. This final article takes a look inside a bullion storage department containing newly $2 billion in gold and silver. Previous articles from my visit include: Restoring the JFK Portrait for the 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollars - Coin … [Read More...]

JFK Gold Coin Sales Rise to 61,700


After the second day of availability, sales for the United States Mint's 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Gold Proof Coins have risen to 61,700. This amount is up by about 5,006 pieces from the opening day sales total of 56,694. A breakdown of sales by channel for the first and second day of sales is shown below: Day One Day Two Total Online/Call … [Read More...]

Opening Day JFK Gold Coin Sales Reach 56,694


The United States Mint has provided the first day sales figure for the 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Gold Proof Coin. Already exceeding the initial production quantity, orders across all channels have reached 56,694 coins. A breakdown of sales by channel was provided as follows: Online/Call Center Sales: 54,825 ANA: 493 Mint Headquarters: 376 Philadelphia: … [Read More...]

2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Gold Proof Coins

Gold Kennedy Half Dollar

Today, August 5, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin accepting orders for the 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Gold Proof Coin. This will represent the second of three special numismatic products issued to mark the 50th anniversary of the series. The Kennedy Half Dollar was launched in 1964 to memorialize President John F. Kennedy following his assassination. The … [Read More...]

Producing 24 Karat Gold and Reverse Proof Silver Kennedy Half Dollars

Reverse Proof Kennedy Half Dollar Dies

Ahead of next week's big launch for the latest 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar product, I wanted to share some photos from my recent visit to the West Point Mint which showcase the production of the 24 karat gold proof and reverse proof silver coins. For an in depth look at the full range of activities involved in the coin production process at the West Point Mint, please check out my … [Read More...]

Over the Counter Limit for Gold JFK Coin Reduced to One Per Customer


The United States Mint has just announced a change to the over-the-counter ordering limit for the upcoming 2014 50th Anniversary 24 Karat Gold Proof Kennedy Half Dollars. Rather than the previously indicated limit or two per customer, purchases will be limited to just one per customer. The ordering limit for internet and phone orders will remain at five coins per household. In announcing … [Read More...]

2015 America the Beautiful Quarters Design Selections

Kisatchie National Forest Quarter

The United States Mint has announced the design selections for the 2015 America the Beautiful Quarters. As in the past, I will showcase the design selections and also mention the recommendations that had been offered by the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) and the Commission of Fine Arts (CFA). The five coins to be issued for the upcoming year will feature the following … [Read More...]