“Invigorating the Coin Collecting Hobby,” Part 3: Customer Engagement, and the “Mint Customer of the Future”


This story was updated at 7:35 p.m. on 10/18/16 to include demographic data that the editor overlooked. — Diana Plattner, Mint News Blog editor At last week’s Numismatic Forum held by the United States Mint, much of the discussion revolved around the Mint’s customers, past and present. As the venerable institution nears its 225th anniversary (1792–2017), its officers seek “new engagement with … [Read More...]

“Invigorating the Coin Collecting Hobby,” Part 2: Get to Know the People at the United States Mint, the Smithsonian, and the American Numismatic Association


The U.S. Mint’s October 13, 2016, Numismatic Forum in Philadelphia was organized and attended by a good number of officers and staff from Mint headquarters in Washington, D.C., and from the Philadelphia Mint. Rhett Jeppson has worked at the Mint in the position of Principal Deputy Director since January 2015. He came to the Mint from a military background. His U.S. Marine Corps roles have … [Read More...]

Invigorating the Coin-Collecting Hobby: United States Mint Holds a Numismatic Forum in Philadelphia


On Thursday, October 13, 2016, U.S. Mint Principal Deputy Director Rhett Jeppson convened a numismatic forum at the Federal Reserve Bank in downtown Philadelphia. In attendance were nearly 100 coin collectors, dealers, researchers, curators, journalists, authors, publishers, American Numismatic Association officers and staff, Mint officials, and others interested in the future of the … [Read More...]

Reagan Coin & Chronicles Set: First-Day Sales Report


Early this afternoon the U.S. Mint announced that first-day sales of the Ronald Reagan Coin and Chronicles Set totaled 21,511 units. The Reagan set is the last in an otherwise very popular series whose members contain the only Reverse Proof Presidential dollar coins. The 2015 sets featuring Harry S. Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower were released with production limits of 17,000 apiece, and each … [Read More...]

Reagan Coin & Chronicles Sets: Ordering Begins at Noon


This post was updated on October 11 at 1:30 p.m. to make note of the Reverse Proof strikes for the Presidential dollars in the 2015 sets. The Ronald Reagan Coin and Chronicles Set will be available to order on the Mint’s website today at noon. Each set contains: one 2016-S Presidential Reverse Proof $1 coin (composition: .770 copper, .120 zinc, .070 manganese, .040 nickel; weight: 8.10 g; … [Read More...]

Why Governments and Banks Want to Eliminate Cash


This article was slightly revised at 11:07 a.m. on October 7 to conform to MNB's editorial style. No substantive content was changed. In this commentary prepared for RCW Financial, economist Dr. Scott Sumner discusses why governments and banks may be eager to discourage the use of cash, and the resulting potential loss of anonymity and future negative interest rates. (Irvine, California) -- … [Read More...]

Predictions Divided on Theodore Roosevelt ATB 5-Oz. Uncirculated Silver


It’s the eve of the release of the 5-ounce America the Beautiful Theodore Roosevelt National Park Uncirculated coins, and collector opinions as to how the coins will sell are varied. In the big silver discs’ corner is their design, which has been well received in comment threads across the Internet. Collectors who have never purchased the Uncirculated 5-ounce issues are showing an interest in … [Read More...]

U.S. Mint Bullion Sales Strong, Except for Roosevelt 5-Oz. Coins


The Mint has released its bullion sales figures for the previous week. The sales figure for Theodore Roosevelt National Park 5-ounce silver bullion coins now registers at 30,500 units sold, an uptick of 1,000 units since the U.S. Mint's reporting of last week. Combined sales for 2016’s four 5-ounce bullion coins are at 246,800 units, for a total of 1,234,000 ounces of silver. In comparison to … [Read More...]

Theodore Roosevelt National Park 5-oz. Uncirculated Coins on Sale October 6


This article was updated 9/30/16 at 10:45 a.m. to correct an erroneous reference to platinum values. (Thanks to cagcrisp for catching the error.) As of noon on October 6, the U.S. Mint will begin taking orders for the 5-ounce America the Beautiful Theodore Roosevelt National Park coins. The current price is $149.95, subject to change depending on bullion-market circumstances (at the time of the … [Read More...]

Theodore Roosevelt National Park Three-Coin Set on Sale October 3


This report was edited on October 3 at 10:20 a.m. to remove the misleading description "Uncirculated sets." One of the three coins in each set is, of course, a Proof strike from the San Francisco Mint. Mint News Blog apologizes for any confusion. As of noon (Eastern time) on October 3, the U.S. Mint will be accepting orders for the 2016 America the Beautiful three-coin set featuring the … [Read More...]