2015 National Park Service Commemorative Coins Design Candidates


Next year, a commemorative coin program will recognize the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. The program was authorized under section 3055 of Public Law 113-291 and provides for the minting and issuance of up to 100,000 $5 gold coins, 500,000 silver dollars, and 750,000 clad half dollars. Surcharges added to the cost of each coin will be distributable to the National Park … [Read More...]

2015 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set


Today, June 16, 2015 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin accepting orders for the 2015 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set. This set contains the uncirculated versions of six different dollar coins issued for this year. Across the six different coins included in the set, three different series and three different production facilities are represented. Specifically, each set … [Read More...]

May 2015 US Mint Circulating Coin Production


Updated figures are available covering the United States Mint's circulating coin production through the month of May 2015. For the fifth consecutive month, the monthly production total surpassed one billion coins. Preliminary production figures are now available for the Kisatchie National Forest Quarter and the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Dollar. For the month of May 2015, the US Mint … [Read More...]

United States Mint Unused Coin Designs, Part 2


This post will conclude our look at some unused coin designs from various commemorative or rotating design coins issued by the United States Mint. The purpose of these posts is to provide a second look at some of the more distinctive or interesting unused coin designs of the past few years. The previous article examining nine different unused designs can be found here. To start, here is … [Read More...]

United States Mint Unused Coin Designs, Part 1


For the past several years, Mint News Blog and Coin Update have taken a look at the initial design candidates for all of the commemorative and rotating design coins issued by the United States Mint. Over the next two posts, we will take a look at some of the more distinctive or interesting unused coin designs. To start, here is an alternate design for the 2011 U.S. Army $5 Gold Coin, … [Read More...]

Circulating Quality San Francisco America the Beautiful Quarters


Since 2012, the United States Mint has been producing circulating quality examples of the America the Beautiful Quarters at the San Francisco Mint. These coins carry the "S" mint mark and are not issued for circulation, but only available within certain numismatic products. These coins are notable as the first circulating quality coins produced at the San Francisco Mint since 1981. The related … [Read More...]

Approved 2016-2018 Commemorative Coin Programs


To wrap up the recent series of articles on coin related legislation, I wanted to provide a final post summarizing the upcoming commemorative coin programs which have been approved by Congress and signed into law. Commemorative coin programs are authorized by Acts of Congress. Typically, there are a fairly large number of bills introduced in Congress each year, but only a small number will … [Read More...]

Bills Proposing Congressional Gold Medals Introduced in the 114th Congress


To follow up on the previous post summarizing coin related legislation introduced in the 114th Congress, I wanted to have a separate post summarizing the bills introduced which propose the award of Congressional Gold Medals. The Congressional Gold Medal is an award bestowed by Congress to persons who have performed an achievement that has an impact on American history and culture that is likely … [Read More...]

Coin Related Legislation Introduced in the 114th Congress


With a lull in the United States Mint's numismatic product schedule, I wanted to take a post to summarize the coin related legislation introduced in the 114th Congress. Many aspects of circulating, commemorative, and bullion coin production are directed by Congress. This includes the denominations authorized, the composition and specifications for most coins, the basic designs or themes for … [Read More...]

Applications Sought for New CCAC Member


The United States Mint recently published a notice in the Federal Register to announce that they are seeking membership applications for a new member of of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCCA). The CCAC advises the Secretary of the Treasury on any theme or design proposals relating to circulating coins, bullion coins, Congressional Gold Medals, and national or other medals produced by … [Read More...]