Price Reduction for 2014 Proof American Silver Eagle

Proof Silver Eagle

The United States Mint has scheduled notices for publication within the Federal Register which will reduce the price of the 2014 Proof American Silver Eagle and establish the price for next year's 2015-dated coin. The pre-publication versions of the notices can be found here and here. According to the notice, the price for the 2014 Proof Silver Eagle will be reduced from the current price of … [Read More...]

United States Mint Coin Discovery Set


Yesterday, December 16, 2014, the United States Mint began accepting orders for the Coin Discovery Set (Product Code YC1). The set is intended to provide an introduction to coin collecting and includes some coins and supplies to help someone start their collection. The three coins included in the set are 2014-dated Kennedy Half Dollars in three different finishes. Based on the press release … [Read More...]

2014 Baseball Silver Dollars Back on Sale


In a surprise move, the United States Mint has resumed accepting orders for the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Silver Dollars. These coins have been unavailable to order since April when a sell out was declared. The additional coins now available for sale are the result of orders placed by customers prior to the sell out but cancelled due to payment issues. The combined maximum mintage for … [Read More...]

US Mint 2014 Biennial Report to Congress


Late last week, the United States Mint released their biennial report to Congress on the research and development of alternative materials for circulating coins. This is the second required report under the Coin Modernization, Oversight, and Continuity Act of 2010. The report includes information and analysis on the production costs for current circulating denominations, comments received from … [Read More...]

Crow Nation Code Talkers Bronze Medals

Crow Code Talkres Medal

Yesterday, the United States Mint began sales for the latest Native American Code Talkers Bronze Medal. This bronze medal is a duplicate of the Congressional Gold Medal awarded to Code Talkers of the Crow Nation. The term “Code Talkers” refers to Native Americans who used their tribal languages as a means of secret communication during wartime. In 2001, a Congressional Gold Medal had been … [Read More...]

World War II Civil Air Patrol Bronze Medal

Civil Air Patrol Medal

At a ceremony held yesterday, a Congressional Gold Medal was awarded to the World War II members of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP). The medal was authorized under Public Law 113-108 and recognizes the organization for their humanitarian, combat, and national services during a critical time for our nation. The United States Mint had initially prepared 15 different obverse and 12 different reverse … [Read More...]

US Mint Circulating Coin Production November 2014


Updated figures are now available for the United States Mint's circulating coin production through the month of November 2014. The production totals for the Everglades National Park Quarter have also been provided. During November, the US Mint produced 958.78 million circulating quality coins at the Philadelphia and Denver Mint facilities. This represented a decline from both the prior month … [Read More...]

Recent Sell Outs at the United States Mint

2014 Gold Buffalo

Recently a few products have sold out at the United States Mint. This includes the 2014 Proof Gold Buffalo Coin, the individual 2014-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle, and the individual one-half and one-quarter ounce 2014 Proof Gold Eagles. With the change over to the US Mint's new website, there has been less emphasis placed on sold out products making them less readily apparent. Shortly after the … [Read More...]

50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Gold Proof Coin Limited to 75,000


The United States Mint has just announced a product limit of 75,000 for the 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Gold Proof Coin. The Mint has now either announced or adjusted product limits for all three of this year's 50th anniversary Kennedy products during the course of sales. The Uncirculated Coin Set containing two clad half dollars had gone on sale July 24, 2014 with no stated … [Read More...]

American $1 Coin and Currency Set Back on Sale


The United States Mint has resumed accepting orders for the 2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set, which contains a 2014 Enhanced Uncirculated Native American Dollar. The product originally went on sale November 20, 2014. As discussed in previous articles, the US Mint's press release and product page originally stated that the $1 coin included in the set carried an "uncirculated finish" … [Read More...]