Coin Update Blog: The New Case for Gold and the Gold Standard


Mint News Blog's sister site, Coin Update, has posted the following article by Louis Golino. The introduction appears below; click here to read the full article. The New Case for Gold and the Gold Standard If you follow precious metals, you are probably familiar with James Rickards, best-selling author of books such as The Death of Money and Currency Wars, an advisor to the defense and … [Read More...]

Kicking Off the Mint’s 225th Anniversary Year: Unveiling of the 2017 American Liberty Gold Coin


(Press release)—As one of the few institutions specifically rooted in the Constitution, the United States Mint has served the nation by playing a key role in the country’s financial system and fostering commerce. Next year marks the 225th anniversary of the Mint’s founding; to honor this important milestone, the Mint will kick off a yearlong acknowledgment and celebration during a ceremony to be … [Read More...]

Fort Moultrie Three-Coin Set Available Today at Noon


(Press Release)—Today (December 5) at noon Eastern time the Mint will open sales for the 2016 Fort Moultrie (Fort Sumter National Monument) Three-Coin Set (16AH).  This set contains two uncirculated Fort Moultrie quarters—one each from the Philadelphia Mint and Denver Mint facilities—and one Proof coin from the San Francisco Mint.  The reverse design depicts Sergeant William Jasper returning the … [Read More...]

2017 Native American $1 Design Announced


Today the U.S. Mint released the final design choice for the reverse of the 2017 Native American dollar. The coin will honor Cherokee scholar and statesman Sequoyah, creator of the Cherokee language. Sequoyah (English name George Gist) was born around 1776 in a region called Tuskegee, in what is now Monroe County, Tennessee. His mother, Wut-Teh, was a Cherokee; his father, Nathaniel Gist, was a … [Read More...]

Mint Gives Official Notice: 2016-Dated ASE and AGB Coin Production Is Finished


Update: In a Dec. 6 press release, the Mint says it has notified APs that "The United States Mint has sold out of 2016-dated American Eagle One, Quarter, and Tenth Ounce Gold Bullion Coins. We will continue to take orders for the remaining inventories of American Eagle One-Half Ounce and American Buffalo One Ounce Gold Bullion Coins. We will begin taking orders for 2017-dated American Eagle Gold … [Read More...]

Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Sets Available December 14 for $49.95


The Mint has updated its product page for the 2016 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set, adding the price ($49.95), description, and images. As in previous years, the set includes one each of the year's Presidential $1 coins (Nixon, Ford, and Reagan), a Native American $1 coin, and an American Eagle one-ounce silver Uncirculated coin. This year, however, the set is light a dollar, as the … [Read More...]

Product Fatigue: The Rise in the Number of U.S. Mint Products Since 1990


The Project The end of the year always generates retrospective articles, in which we look back over the course of the 12 calendar months for patterns, insights, and other useful information. Since the phrase "product fatigue" has appeared so often this fall, I decided to look farther back than the year 2016 (which in any case still has a full month left). I wasn't aiming for a complex analysis; I … [Read More...]

Black Friday and Beyond: Coin Deals as They Happen


Mint News Blog would like to harness the power of social media to help collectors get the best deals available during the holiday shopping season. We'll start by posting several items here, and will continue to update the post when we find new items. Coins, bullion, supplies—everything remotely numismatic is fair game. Some items will save you a little, while others—hopefully, many others—will … [Read More...]

Display Options for the 1916 Centennial Gold Coin Trio


You’ve Completed the Centennial Trio—Now What? Those who’ve completed the three-coin set of 1916 Centennial Gold Coins have a dilemma: how are you going to display them? Having shelled out more than $1,500 for the trio, you may have simply put them in the safe or a bank vault, or sent them to a third-party grader. But you may also want to keep your three gold beauties close to hand, where they’ll … [Read More...]

Walking Liberty Centennial Gold Half Dollar: First-Day Sales Are Official


The U.S. Mint reports that the Walking Liberty Centennial Gold Half Dollar sold 43,728 units on its first day of availability. The coin, which is the third and final member of a three-coin centennial trio commemorating the historic circulating dime, quarter, and half-dollar designs of 1916, went on sale yesterday, November 17, at noon. Early estimates of potential first-day figures ranged from … [Read More...]