Presidential $1 Coin and First Spouse Medal Set – John & Julia Tyler

The United States Mint will release the John & Julia Tyler Presidential Dollar & First Spouse Medal Set on August 25, 2009 at 12:00 Noon ET.

This set will include an uncirculated John Tyler Presidential Dollar and Julia Tyler First Spouse Bronze Medal mounted on a custom designed plastic card. The card includes portraits of the President and his spouse along with issuance information on the back of the card. The uncirculated Presidential Dollars included in previous sets have featured the “satin finish” used for Mint Set coins.

Each set is priced at $8.95 each. The US Mint has already posted the product page here, although ordering options won’t be available until the start of sales.

A separate coin and medal set was previously issued for John Tyler’s first spouse Letitia Tyler. This set actually became the source of an interesting packaging error. Some sets were shipped with Letitia Tyler medals included, but with Julia Tyler pictured on the plastic card.

When the Julia Tyler sets start shipping, collectors might want to double check that the proper Mrs. Tyler appears on the display card.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Are people losing interest in these sets? I can't believe that the W.H. & Anna Harrison sets aren't going for a lot more than they are now, seeing as how the Numismaster Mint Stats reported sales figure of only 14,551 units makes them the LOWEST minted set so far. They're almost 1,000 pieces lower than the lowest-minted set of 2007, John & Abigail Adams. It routinely fetches $40-50 now. The Harrison set rarely eclipses $20. Weird.

  2. Anonymous says

    My 4 (four) set order arrived yesterday. The correct medal and card mount image (Julia) match perfectly. Thank goodness, I wouldn't want the extra work of having to return an error or mispackaging mistake. I know some place a value on 'errors' as though they were highly prized, but not me. I want exactly what I order, not examples of poor workmanship or other junk that seems to be a regular offering by the MINT. Just my feeling and opinion. Grandpa.

  3. Anonymous says

    The W.H. & Anna Harrison Medal sets are sleepers in the making…..
    This set has the lowest mintage of the series so far.
    Just my opinion.

  4. Anonymous says

    Just my opinion about these "sets":- If they mfgr and sell a limited number of sets, one has to presume the real value is in the spouse medal, not the Presidental dollar. I can't rationalize in my mind the sanity to pay a high premium for a dollar coin no one really wants and doesn't circulate that is minted in the multiple millions, and the matching spouse medal which is minted and sold in the low 10's of thousands for inclusion mostly in these sets. There is no value to paying a premium just because the set is packaged on a colorful (?) card and accompanies a coin no one wants. For my money, forget the set, forget the $1 coin minted in the millions, and just separately buy the medal singularly. That's the real value in years to come. The coins will be around or in storage for 100 years or more. How many medal sets can you make up with a super limited mintage for ea. ? Economics.

  5. Anonymous says

    How about a feature on the mintage of the Presidential Spouse and Medal Sets that lists mintages to date? There doesn't seem to be any tallies.

  6. Anonymous says

    I received one of these mistake packs. I have no plans to sell. I see that one is offered on Ebay at 42.90.
    I have the whole series so far and am still debating if it is worth the storage space to keep these coins. I do like the first spouse coins as many have very nice designs.

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