Pricing for 2012 Commemorative Coins

The United States Mint has just published pricing information for the 2012 Commemorative Coins. Prices for silver dollars remain unchanged from the prior year, gold coins will be priced according to a grid, and some different product types will be offered.

The two programs for this year feature the U.S. Army Infantry Solider and the Bicentennial of the writing of the Star Spangled Banner. The first program includes a silver dollar in proof or uncirculated versions, and the second program includes a $5 gold coin and silver dollar in proof or uncircualted versions.

As with previous commemorative coin programs, coins are available for introductory prices during a certain period before regular pricing comes into effect.

The proof silver dollars for both programs are priced at $54.95 introductory and $59.95 regular. The uncirculated silver dollars are priced at $49.95 introductory and $54.95 regular. Each silver dollar contains 0.7736 troy ounces of silver.

The $5 gold coins are priced according to a grid (see the grid here) and will be adjusted weekly based on the average weekly market price of gold. Based on the current price of gold within the $1,700 to $1,749.99 range, the proof $5 gold coins would be priced at $517.15 introductory and $522.15 regular. The uncirculated $5 gold coins would be priced at $507.15 introductory and $512.15 regular.

The publication reveals additional products for each program. The US Mint has not offered different presentation options or multi-coin sets for commemorative coins since 2009. In 2010 and 2011, commemorative coins were only offered individually in standard packaging.

A 2012 Infantry Solider Silver Dollar Defenders of Freedom Set is listed priced at $61.95. This set would likely contain one version of the silver dollar, along with historical or other information on the U.S. Army Infantry.

A 2012 Star Spangled Banner 2 Coin Set is listed with an introductory price of $567.15 and regular price of $572.15 (based on gold within the $1,700 to $1749.99 range). This set would contain the proof versions of the $5 gold coin and silver dollar. The multi-coin set price reflects reflects a discount compared to individual prices.

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  1. TomP says

    The Federal Register does state in a comment that the 2012 Star Spangled Banner coin set contains a proof $5 gold and proof silver dollar.

  2. says

    I will be watching the performance of the infantry coin with some interest. Many here panned the design, so I think sales of the coin might be relatively low, especially since there will be a better-looking option in the Star Spangled Banner coins to be released later. Additionally, the coin is fairly expensive (compare the price of this coin and the silver content to the current price of the 2011-W ASE).

    Which makes me think this might turn into another sleeper hit like the army half dollar. I think sales, especially for the uncirculated, will be low.

  3. Jon in CT says

    The Federal Register notice specifies that both coins in the Star Spangled Banner Two-Coin Set are proof versions.

    I’ve speculated elsewhere that the 2012 Infantry Soldier Silver Dollar Defenders of Freedom Set will contain two coins: the Infantry Soldier Silver Dollar plus the 1.5″ Nisei Soldiers of World War II Bronze Medal. The two coins have identical diameters and the set would represent a savings of $1 over purchasing the items individually.

  4. Michael says

    Jon- Yes, that could be another possibility. In the past, the US Mint has offered some commemorative coin products that include the silver dollar and a related bronze medal.

  5. Tim says

    Very interesting tidbit of info from the Mint website concerning the Chickasaw 5 oz ATB.

    Ordering Limits:

    Beginning with the Chickasaw National Recreation Area Coin, household order limits will no longer be imposed on America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins.

  6. Wylson says

    You don’t need order limits, when interest wanes.

    Maybe they will wait to silver exceeds melt to increase the price the next time.

    No limits…. All most go….

  7. Goat says

    Did the mint drop the direct ship program? I notice it is not listed .I know they had a fee added for shipping. Just looking for the new 2012 Native American in bulk. Thanks

  8. Brad says


    Yes, it almost appears that the Mint is changing it’s tune when it comes to silver coins. Based on what the silver cost them to make the coins, they then set a price that allows for their desired profit. The profit potential of any further market value gains will be forfeited. When the value of the silver exceeds the sales price, collectors will snap them up in no time flat. The Mint still makes a profit, and builds good morale with the buying public at the same time. Maybe this, coupled with the recent price reductions, is a move by the Mint to regain it’s lost customer base.

    I know it sounds crazy, but maybe that was the decision that was made regarding silver coins for 2012. The prices for all of the 2012 silver products were already announced to be set at the current levels, so maybe those really will remain unchanged until the entire production level is sold.

  9. Dolores says

    Brad … I think you are right. My reaction was to buy more of the 2011 uncirculated american eagles. Bought 15, if a lot people do the same thing and silver continues to go up the 2011’s will be sold out in no time. My guess is that silver will hit $50 within the next few months – but what do I know 😉

  10. Goat says

    On the 2011 silver uncirculated the price is around $16 less (shipping included) than the first day ! If your in the market for silver I would buy . On the economy think of what has caused the PM’s to increase and ask yourself what has changed for better (????) or worse (!!!) or stable . My gift tells me were due for a increase.

  11. stephen m. says

    I also think Brad is quiet right. AE’s, i think, use to sell this way. They were made at a known price and sold until gone for a single set price. I know it’s a different game today with the broad swing in metal prices almost daily sometimes. Also with the survey i took for the mint and other info it looks like a lot of different “coin sets” may be comeing our way soon. Say what you will about the mint but they know how and will make money.

  12. fosnock says

    I was going to wait for 2/3 when I picked up some clads but I bit the bullet and picked up a 2011 silver uncirculated. The coin price was close enough to what the dealers are charging for bullion. I’m going to pass on the commemorative coins this year. Not inspired

  13. fosnock says

    stephen m: They may know how to make money, but they also have had a lot of products that they had to melt down.

  14. Louis says

    I gather there is no indication yet of when the banner coins and sets will be released. Last year both programs were released early in the year, but who knows this year other than the infantry release next month.

  15. mookem says

    The Vicksburg 5oz. no longer showing as backordered. I too will probably pick up a few more ASE W’s before the price increase.

  16. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Bicentennial of the writing of the Star Spangled Banner coin has a cool design. Now this is America!

  17. William says

    Maybe we should all dust off our crystal balls and guess where the price of gold and silver will be on the Fourth of July 2012…

  18. KC says

    I am not worry about the silver or gold price on the Fourth of July 2012, I am thinking about the potential exploding price on the Fourth of July 2014. There will be more money printing and stimuli in Europe, US, and China. The low prices of 2011 ATB-P 5oz and 2011-ASE-w are gifts from the Mint. Better get them before the price change.

  19. VA Bob says

    Another PC commemorative, this time not the girl on a boy scout coin. It’s the military this time. I suppose to celebrate the ending of don’t ask don’t tell, they gave the soldier on the Infantry Soldier coin a purse to carry. He seems to be rushing to a shoe sale or something. Is a slightly behind, to the side of a soldier firing on an enemy position too much to ask? Perhaps most won’t notice (or care).

    I’ll probably pick up an example anyway for my collection, but these designs of late, with a few exceptions, seem to be lacking.

    The Star Spangled Banner coin seems nicer, just wondering if the fort in the back ground will translate well on the actual coin

  20. says

    If anyone is interested, I wrote some thoughts on the infantry coin on my blog. I think this might turn out to be another army half dollar for a lot of the same reasons the army half dollar thrived.

  21. Louis says

    VABob: Purse? Where? Don’t you think that is a water canister or some kind of equipment? It’s hard to see well, but I am sure it is not a purse. And to call putting Lady Liberty on the banner coin PC is really a bit much. I’ll bet you don’t have a problem with images of Liberty on old coins. The reality is few women, real women that is, have appeared on U.S. coinage. That has nothing to do with being pc.

  22. Eric the Red says

    VA Bob as a Cold War / Desert Storm Vet myself I would have preferred an Infantry themed coin of a North Carolina Continental trooper from Nathanael Greene regiment charging a British redoubt during the Revolutionary War Battle of Eutaw Springs, one of Andrew Jackson’s 7th infantrymen at the Battle of New Orleans, Chamberlain 20th Maine Infantry Regiment defending Little Round Top at Gettysburg, “Black Jack” Pershing 9th Infantry Regiment during the Battle of Belleau Wood or my personal favorite a 1st Infantry Division soldier with a Thompson charging the beaches of Normandy, not to mention Korea or Vietnam. All this focus on coins themed with modern soldier is getting a bit worn out. I guess I still by one though to support the Infantry.

  23. Louis says

    Glad to hear a vet say what a lot of us think- that the Congress is overdoing the military theme. That in no way is intended to take anything away from honoring brave people like yourself, but besides the recent ones, there are more coming soon.

  24. stephen m. says

    It’s his gas mask. Some people won’t feel comfortable around vetrans no matter what. They called us baby killers and gave us the middle finger salute when i served in 70-72. I, and a lot of others, have given much for people like them to have the right to do just that.

  25. TheCoinKeeper says

    Spot silver has climbed back $7 from the $26 range double bottom in just a month’s time. My buddy that reads a bunch of pm trading newsletters thinks we have seen a bottom.

    2012 has eleven months ahead. I’m not so sure we have seen a bottom in silver yet. I’d sure like to see $19 spot silver some time this year. A nice shake out, so the big boys can load up. Who would want silver then? Those buyers at $50, $40, and $30 wouldn’t be too happy, but that’s the way they play the game.

    Not too worried about any price increase on the ATB 5 oz’ers. $35 spot silver will provide resistance if reached. $179.95 P 5 oz’ers is not out of the picture. Just my guess.

  26. Matt L. Detectre says

    by Father Dennis Edward O’Brien
    United States Marine Corps

    It is the Soldier, not the reporter
    Who has given us freedom of the press.
    It is the Soldier, not the poet,
    Who has given us freedom of speech.
    It is the Soldier, not the campus organizer,
    Who has given us the freedom to demonstrate.
    It is the Soldier, not the lawyer,
    Who has given us the right to a fair trial.
    It is the Soldier, who salutes the flag,
    Who serves beneath the flag,
    And whose coffin is draped by the flag,
    Who allows the protestor to burn the flag.

  27. says

    Silver briefly broke through $34 this morning, and STILL no response from the Mint. I’m becoming really tempted to grab some more uncirculated eagles for myself, they are beginning to seem like a steal at these prices.

  28. simon says

    Matt – very thoughtful verses.

    CO – the Mint’s positioning on the Ag prices is very interesting. If I was not overspent I would get a couple. But just wondering what the mintage stats are and if these are destined to be low / lowest.

    The Mint appears ready to offer some interesting variations on the ASE in coming years ( in deference to the survey results ). I’m really looking forward to these, regardless of high mintage.

  29. Brandon says

    Frankly I wish someone at the mint would raise the price on the W ASE… if they keep the price as is there could be a run on it pushing it over the mark as being a key in the series. People should’ve pulled the trigger by now if they wanted these…

  30. MG says

    Well just put my order in for 40, burnished silver eagles… I love the burnished coins, as Eric Jordan states in his book these are the Carson City’s of our time.

  31. Tallon says

    Is anyone else having a hard time signing in on the Mint website? The Online Catalog is working fine but when I try “sign in” or My Account”, the page won’t load.

  32. Louis says

    Vicksburg shipped today plus another order I just placed two days ago. The wheels are in motion….
    I think there will be a spike in sales of the 2011-W ASE next week and later as silver increases, but I doubt the total will go up massively in the coming months. Hopefully with the new products coming later this year, sales will end in a couple months or less.

  33. Louis says

    To all the vets, I support you and appreciate your sacrifices. I also support disabled vets with donations when I can. But I still would like to see a greater variety of themes on our commems.

  34. says

    Louis, I agree….I support the vets too, but there are too many with similar themes.
    I must say though, my favorite of recent years is the 2005 Marines Commemortative Silver Dollar.

  35. says

    I also support the veterans and our troops 100%. In fact, the Medal of Honor gold coin is one of my favorite commemorative coins. As Louis said, however, I would like to see some other themes on our coins after the large number of military themed coins from last year. The Star Spangled Banner is a good start for this. I’d also like to see something space-themed some day, and the upcoming baseball coin is also something I am looking forward to.

    Also, on the issue of shipping, my Vicksburg is only In Stock and Reserved, but my 2011-W ASE shipped last night along with my clad uncirculated quarter rolls.

  36. Louis says

    The MOH $5 gold is extraordinary. The only thing that could have made it better is if it were a $10 piece to show off the design elements better, but then it would have cost a grand.

  37. fosnock says

    MG: I’m no expert like Eric Jordan, but I think comparing them to Carson City Morgans is premature. I think part of the appeal of these coins is that they were only produced for 13 years, have low mintages, and the mint is gone so no more can ever be made again. Then add the nostalgia of the old west which is also part of the appeal of Morgans in general. I think maybe if the San Fransisco mint stopped making eagles or if they stopped making burnished eagles after a few more years. Anyway I sure hope he is right as I like the burnished eagles.

  38. SliderMaker-mp says

    Matt, thanks for sharing. So true, there was a time when a flag was only burned if it touched the ground. Now the jokers treat it like a rag…

    The Star Spangled Banner design above is awesome, hope it sticks!

    William, my antique magic 8-ball says YES to : G=$1885, S=$42

  39. says

    Louis, CO,
    I was speaking of silver commens when I mentioned the 2005 Marines. I agree, the MOH $5 gold is the best design. I bought one back in early August for $444.95 (unc) before the Mint started using a grid for pricing them. These have been doing well lately…as much as $650+ raw and $850 for NGC MS70 and $1000 for PCGS MS70.
    Looking back, I kick myself for only buying one unc….lol…isn’t hindsight always 20-20?

  40. says

    Has anyone bought all 4 of the ATB 2011-P’s from the mint? I’ve been buying the 2011 bullion versions but with silver over $34, the 2011-P’s are only about $9-$10 more per coin.
    I think may go ahead and buy the first 4….I wish I could wait until Chickasaw comes out and get all five at once, but the Mint could raise prices at any time…and I know we’re all surprised it hasn’t happened yet…and yes, I’ve read everyone comments about the mint may be just wanting to clear inventory….but, the mint has proven to be unpredictable lately.
    What are your thoughts?

  41. says


    I am not surprised they are doing well, as they had relatively low mintages and have fantastic designs. I bought one uncirculated and one proof. I’d have liked to have bought more, but I just did not have the cash. It will be interesting to see how the Star Spangled Banner gold coins stack up to the Medal of Honor gold coins. I am suspecting that sales will be lower because of the increase in the gold price. I would rather the Mint release the Star Spangled Banner coins sooner rather than later, so I can get some before gold gets too expensive.

    As for the AtB-Ps, I have bought every single one since the release of Hot Springs. I have not really bothered to collect the bullion because I missed the 2010s, and my finances are such I had to make decisions between bullion and AtB-Ps. The only exceptions to this are the Chickasaw and Vicksburg bullion, which I both bought because I liked their designs. Them turning out to be potential winners on secondary markets was a bit of luck for me.

    With that said, I would not hold back on ordering the 2011 AtB-Ps you don’t own now. Yes, you will have to pay $5 extra for shipping when Chickasaw becomes available. While I pinch pennies, $5 is not that bad. In nearly every circumstance regarding things like price changes or limited mintage coins, I find it is better to err on the side of caution and “pull the trigger” rather than try to predict the perfect entry point.

    I have a friend who often waits for said perfect entry point, and usually he ends up cheating himself out of good deals – either chances to sell coins at a high price or buy limited edition coins at a cheap price.

  42. M Schmidt says

    I think the Infantry design is OK. Not great but OK. (Purse? Not that I can see.) I am less impressed with the Star Spangled Banner designs. Yes I know it is about The Star Spangled Banner but a flag for three of the four designs? And why are we celebrating the 198th anniversary and calling it a Bicentennial? The writing of the poem, and the battle that inspired it, occurred in 1814 not 1812.

  43. vaughnster says

    I just received the Gettysburg, Glacier and Olympic 5 oz. ATB coins from the Mint Friday (Vicksburg finally moved to in stock) and I must admit they are all beautiful. I was very dubious because several of the 2010’s I ordered were sent back due to blemishes, but I could not find one blemish on any of the 3 coins. They are much more pleasing to look at than the 2010’s and I’ve changed my mind now and will continue to collect the series even if it means selling off some of my bullion sets. I have to give a “thumbs up” to the Mint on this year’s ATB 5 oz’ers. On a different note, what irks me is the Mint’s shipping. I ordered several different items together, including the Vicksburg 5 oz. ATB which was backordered. If the Mint wants to save money, they should offer an option to ship items that are in stock and ship backorder items later, as they do now, or hold all items until backorderd items are available and ship just one package. For only $4.95 the Mint shipped all but one of the coins using UPS Second Day Air. Now they’ll have to pay again to ship the Vicksburg coin separately. I was in no particular hurry and would have gladly waitied for the entire shipment if given the option. Just my two cents…..

  44. fosnock says

    Steve: If your going to get them, get them. I made a decision to stick with the bullion because I have no idea what the price of silver will be in a few years much less the end of the series, then add the fact the mint does not have to produce the Ps. At this price point I’m tempted to get a few of the Ps, but I want two of the 2012 Ps and money is short, and the price of silver is rising.

  45. John-1 says

    For those who think the 2011 ASE Burnished coin is a “low mintage” ASE coin, don’t forget that there are 100,000 extra to add to the count (remember the 25th ann. sets ???)

  46. Ikaika says

    I maybe wrong but the mint survey and the new numismatic packaging search is a sign of new coins (ASE) coming our way.

  47. NATATACK says

    The silver looks really good to me, and will get one of each at minimum. I wished the 9/11 medal would have been a coin as I am not a big medal collector.

  48. ClevelandRocks says

    Wow, just looked into clad proof sets on the secondary market, and it’s pretty ugly (if you’re a seller). Some years don’t fetch even $10 for a full set.

  49. Aimee says

    @Cleveland, Yeah, I’m not surprised, if there’s little or no demand for “fake” money. I find it disturbing that people champion the decision for use of inferior material in pennies and nickels.

  50. TheCoinKeeper says


    I bought the first 5 ATB P 5 ozer’s, but have waited on the next 4. Everyone is all excited about getting in before the price is raised, but I’m not convinced we’ve seen a low for spot silver. Instead, I bought the 2011 ATB bullion 5 ozer’s when spot was recently under $30. I plan on collecting all the P’s, but waiting. Depends on your goals I guess.

  51. Aimee says

    @cleveland, I’m not surprised people are not all that interested in fake money. I also find it troubling that people champion the idea of eliminating any worth that still remains in the penny and nickel.

    Furthermore, and although I’m certainly no authority on the matter, I think the 5 oz ATBs are going to be sought after in years to come.

  52. VA Bob says

    Louis – Didn’t say the SSB commem was PC (I did say it was nice), I was referring to the Infantry commem. As for the Infantry coin, of course it’s not PC, I didn’t really believe it was a purse the soldier was carrying, although it certainly can be mistaken for it. I’m a vet of 24 years, and trying to display a little levity over what I feel is not a great design. Basically it’s a soldier running (from or to what?). I would have preferred a more definitive offensive action (piling out of a landing craft, throwing a grenade, a firing position – you get the picture). No room for inaccurate interpretation, as I did (intentionally) with my original post to make a point.

    BTW I do agree with you about the amount of military themes… too many… and more to come. But since the proceeds usually go to a good cause, and they are commem’s (which nobody is forced to buy). Seems other events are being bypassed. What about the pursuit of Pancho Villa, by Pershing in 1916….. OK I’m kidding.

  53. Matt L. Detectre says

    There are plenty of military themed coins perhaps reaching a saturation point. But don’t look for anything showing any kind of action that can’t also be interpreted as passive or retreating like the soldier carrying the wounded OFF the battlefield. Where is this soldier going? Into the battle? Maybe. But as VA Bob implies the soldier might just as well be saying “Hey, follow me, lets get the h*#% outta here.”

  54. Eric the Red says

    VA Bob – Maybe the infantryman is running to the chow line? Only kidding but I totally agree there is not much of substance on this one. Where are the artisan coin designers?

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