Pricing for 2015 US Marshals Commemorative Coins

To catch up on some past news, the United States Mint has published the pricing for the upcoming 2015 United States Marshals Commemorative Coin Program. Both the silver dollars and half dollars will see price reductions compared to commemorative issues of previous years.

The commemorative coin program was authorized under Public Law 112-104 and will mark the 225th anniversary of the Nation’s first law enforcement agency, the United States Marshals Service. The actual anniversary celebration took place on September 24, 2014, which was 225 years from the date when George Washington appointed the first 13 U.S. Marshals on September 24, 1789.

The authorizing legislation provides for not more than 100,000 $5 gold coins, not more than 500,000 silver dollars, and not more than 750,000 clad half dollars which will be issued in proof and uncirculated qualities. The legislation provides that no coins may be minted after December 31, 2015. This is different than the typical language which usually specifies a period of issuance (rather than minting) for commemorative coins. Designs for the three coins were announced in July.

US Marshals Silver Dollar

According to a recent publication in the Federal Register, the pricing for the proof silver dollar will be $46.95 during an introductory period followed by regular pricing of $51.95. The uncirculated version of the silver dollar will carry introductory pricing for $43.95 followed by regular pricing of $48.95.

The price levels are $3 lower for the proof version and $1 lower for the uncirculated version compared to the 2014 Civil Rights Act of 1964 Commemorative Silver Dollars. The prices are $5 lower for the proof version and $4 lower for the uncirculated version compared to the 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame Silver Dollars. The lower pricing is likely attributable to the lower market price of silver.

US Marhshals Half Dollar

Pricing for the clad proof half dollars issued under the program will be $14.95 during the introductory period followed by regular pricing of $18.95. The uncirculated half dollars will carry introductory pricing of $13.95 followed by regular pricing of $17.95.

Once again, these price levels are lower compared to commemorative half dollars from previous years. The price levels for each version are $3 per coin lower compared to the 2013 5-Star Generals Half Dollars and $5 per coin lower compared to the 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame Half Dollars.

In this instance the lower pricing seems to be driven in most part by a lower surcharge applied to the half dollars. These surcharges, which are established in the authorizing legislation, are added to the cost of each coin and later distributed to one or more beneficiary organizations. For the past two commemorative half dollars, a surcharge of $5 per coin was included in the cost. For the 2015 US Marshals Half Dollars, the surcharge has been set at a lower level of $3 per coin.

(The surcharge levels for the other US Marshals coins are set at their typical rates of $10 per silver dollar and $35 per gold coin.)


The pricing for the 2015 US Marshals $5 Gold Coins will be determined based on the “Pricing of Numismatic and Commemorative Gold and Platinum Products Grid.” This grid allows pricing to be adjusted as frequently as weekly based on changes in the market price of gold. Price adjustments are made when the average weekly market price moves into different ranges established at $50 intervals.

At the current price of gold within the $1,200 to $1,249.99 range, the proof version of the $5 gold coin would be priced at $405.45 and the uncirculated version would be priced at $400.45. A discount of $5 per coin applies during the introductory period.

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  1. thePhelps says

    Not overly impressed with the “discounted” price – but I’ll be buying these – and so far I haven’t found a reason to buy the CRA coin.

  2. gary says

    U.S. Marshals commemorative series holds absolutely no appeal for me. Will pass on these.
    On the clad half, if they make the U.S. Marshal look more like Sam Elliott and the horse more like “Mr. Ed”,
    I’ll spring for one at $15.

  3. Pittsburgh P says

    I guess I am in the minority here.
    I love these, except the clad – a bit too busy for me.
    Love the gold & will be getting them all.

  4. Two Cents says

    Michael, with the different shadings on the dollar coin’s rendering, do you know if it will be “enhanced” in the frosting of various elements of the design? I think the dollar will look pretty good if it is.

  5. VA Bob says

    They had to get PC on the half dollar. It’s so nice that the Mint knows what the price will be so early. Me I can’t say with certainty what silver prices might be in an hour, much less next year. I do like the silver dollar design, though. Hopefully we’ll get photos prior. Advertised advanced mintage number lovers, are back on track now, though I’d be surprised if any of these reach the maximum. Only FS/ER label flippers will make short term money on these. It will be another example of what the collector market will bear, as the mintages are too high for rarity hype.

  6. VA Bob says

    PP – The drawings are always more detailed than the actual coins. I’ll be looking forward to the actual coin photos, before I make up my mind to purchase.

  7. cagcrisp says

    @Pittsburgh P, Good to see you back. I’m with you. I LOVE the Silver. Will buy Gold and Silver but do Not like the clad.
    Ground breaking for the US Marshall museum in Fort Smith, Arkansas started on September 24, exactly 225 years after the law that authorized the US Marshals was signed by George Washington. The bill was the Judiciary Act of 1789.

    The Mint had some coins at the ground breaking…

  8. Dave SW FL says

    Are you referring to the fact they would not give the woman a gun or implying that the Marshal is gay?

  9. Hawkster says

    I’m not so sure that the images will “trigger” a flurry of early sales or, more importantly, the prices will “hold up” on the secondary market.

  10. VA Rich says

    VA Bob – short-term flipper profits questionable on this series, with all the detail, would suspect “true 70’s” hard to come by. I’d still like to know what drove the JFK quality issues.

    Pitt – welcome back, there’s been some victories in the past week, hope you stayed apprised

  11. VA Rich says

    Hawster – agree on several fronts, Sanibel in Spring – very wise choice! US Marshalls being para-military & a cohesive group will buy these coins out the wazoo in my opinion, a lot of upfront sales, high mintages, & you know the rest. I’m in for a 3 coin set (or two).

  12. Mark Rex says

    Off subject – ATB

    I’ve been collecting the 5 oz ATB ‘P’ pucks since late 2012 and still got some catching up to do. Like some of you have been talking about in recent weeks I want to start collecting the bullion ones as well. I come to you guys for some advise. I want a graded and a raw set so I think it would be cheaper in the long run to start with the graded ones first. Few questions;
    Is it cheapest to buy the NGC or PCGS MS69’s right when they come out or wait a certain time?
    Is NGC DPL equal to PCGS DMPL? Is NGC PL just less like and does PCGS have just a PL? Is there a big enough difference between PL and DMPL?
    Is eBay the cheapest you can find these or does anyone know of a cheaper or better place?
    Where should I start? With the 2014’s?
    Anyone care to donate me the 2012 Hawaii MS69 DMPL? Ty 😉
    I really like these coins but also want them to increase in value as much as possible. Is NGC or PCGS the better choice? I see NGCs are cheaper for the most part. Are the PCGS worth the extra premiums?
    Any other advice on this subject will be much appreciated. Thanks again!

  13. says

    I am really surprised at some of the negative reactions here. Perhaps I am in the minority, but I think the art on all these pieces is definitely above average, except possible the obverse for the half dollar, which seems a little weak. The silver dollar especially looks great. I have been anticipating these since Michael wrote up the initial design choices a few months ago. I will be buying all six, most likely.

    I do agree with those who think these coins won’t have much in the way of secondary market premiums. I am kind of expecting a return to “normal” conditions with these after the wild ride we went on with the baseball coins.

  14. thePhelps says

    CO – I agree – I don’t get the negative. Compared to this years CRA coin these are leaps and bounds ahead. I also don’t mind the detail – since these are for circulation they should be able to create a fairly detailed coin.

    On an aside the talk of secondary price and values – almost never is a conversation with commemorative coins. (HOF coinage aside) They tend to be a niche market. I have collected most of the commemoratives – simply because it is an area that allows the mint to stray from the normal coinage they produce. The fact that this coin isn’t a military coin is a bonus to me!

  15. thePhelps says

    are should be aren’t…it was in my head when I typed it…never figure out why I don’t proof read…

  16. Hawkster says

    I wonder if Sharon Stone was used as the model of the woman on the clad half. The woman bears some resemblance to the character Ms. Stone played in the movie, “The Quick and the Dead”, which appears fairly regularly on the AMC movie channel. Gene Hackman and Russell Crowe also star in this movie. It’s actually pretty good.
    Judging by the comments thus far, it seems that many collectors are “marshalling” their resources to buy multiples of this commemorative.

  17. ABC says

    The woman on the clad half doesn’t look like Sharon Stone at all. In fact, she looks like an African American woman.

  18. cagcrisp says

    I’m Very seldom on topic but this a little more Off topic than usual. I bought a St Gauden’s to give this fall. Wanted something nice to put it in for display purposes. St Guaden’s is 34.1 mm. Gold Buffalo, which I love presentation box, is 32.7mm. Went to the bay and bought Box only, bought 34mm airtight, and today got drill and expanded hole in Buffalo box. Not bad for an accounting/econ major…

  19. ABC says

    Still no. I’ve seen the movie before. They may be wearing similar-looking outfits and they are both female, but that’s where the similarities end. But, I’m not saying the designs of these coins are ugly or bad. I actually like the way they turned out and I may eventually order one or two of them. How come the mint can’t do something like this with the first spouse coins?

  20. GoldFishin says

    @Hawkster- I really liked the “Quick and the Dead” also. I think Gene Hackman’s character should have had “a few egrets” but if he did, he sure didn’t show it much.

  21. Pittsburgh P says

    VaBob I agree the artist rederings are always much more detailed but the gold design is so simple and the one I’m most looking forward too and I think the silver dollar will be ok also – especially if MNB is correct in saying they will be using lasers to create different levels of frosting. As I said before don’t really care for the clad just dropping 30$ so I have em all…

    VaRich & Cag yeah took a little hiatus… Needed a break from the insanity 😉 but was around… Victories? I may gave missed some things though.

  22. Hawkster says


    O.K. But would you settle for the possibility that Ms. Stone’s character might have provided the artist’s inspiration for depicting a stern looking woman out for revenge on the coin?

  23. GoldFishin says

    @Mark Rex- I’ve been purchasing the ATB’s to some degree since I got my first 2010 set from Amark in early 2011 I think it was.

    Is it cheapest to buy the NGC or PCGS MS69’s right when they come out or wait a certain time? NGC is cheaper than PCGS almost without exception, it has always been cheaper to grade with NGC so the population numbers for PCGS are normally lower than NGC, plus collectors/investors tend to buy PCGS as they have had better aftermarket performance, I buy only PCGS graded coins, but that it how I started out and so I want to continue that way. I will give you a tip about buying, almost without exception it is never best to buy right away, Hawaii and Acadia are the most notable exceptions. I always like to buy after a couple of months and/or when there is the most supply of given coin on Ebay. You get your best prices when sellers are dumping a lot of inventory at one time. Study prices of each coin by looking at past sales and determine what price you should pay. I like prices that are at the low end of past sales, or lower, or I don’t buy. Hence, I do have more than a couple of holes in my collection, But that’s the way it goes sometimes when you try to stay on a discipline.

    Is NGC DPL equal to PCGS DMPL? Yes
    Is NGC PL just less like and does PCGS have just a PL? Yes
    Is there a big enough difference between PL and DMPL? Not a lot sometimes, but I always buy the DMPL coins, they perform the best in the aftermarket
    Is eBay the cheapest you can find these or does anyone know of a cheaper or better place? Almost without exception Ebay is cheaper
    Where should I start? With the 2014’s? It’s your choice..but I buy when the price is right.

    The MS graded bullion versions are more readily available for purchase , but with newer releases that is starting to change because far fewer dealers are getting them graded now, they aren’t making much money on them so only a handful get them graded now.

    I hope this helps, remember when reading my responses that I only collect the 69 DMPL grades from PCGS. So far as buying the raw bullion it is better to buy right away from a dealer like Provident or Apmex as long as the silver price is low. I also like Aydin coins on Ebay for the bullion version. Good luck! Any more questions in the future, I will help if I can.

    Note*** I think without a doubt that overall the SP versions are a better investment if you are looking for appreciation. So, you have been on the right track! The bullion versions have really been held captive to a falling silver price ever since they began. My wife is calling me to the grill so I hurried through this. If I need to clarify anything, just ask.

  24. Dave SW FL says

    I’m not a fan of colorized coins, but the silver dollar sure could be made up in color to be pretty neat. It is a cool design, anyway.

  25. Ikaika says

    @ GF and Mark Rex

    I would like to add a comment to the excellent suggestions by GF. If you plan in buying the ATB in NGC or PCGS holders keep in mind that the NGC ones are much bigger than the PCGS. Space can be an issue if you collect the entire series.

  26. GoldFishin says

    @Pitt P. – Glad you are back….I sincerely hope everything is well with you and yours! I was getting worried about you.
    *** I really hoped you weren’t taking that Pirate slaughter so hard. 😉

  27. Pittsburgh P says

    Thanks GF… Just had a few things come up and obligations that I had to tend to that kept me away…
    Yeah, I am a pretty big Pirates fan but in the end it’s just entertainment… I was still devastated for about 5 minutes though 😉

    I do appreciate all that thought of me,..

  28. Brice says

    Silver comm. by far my favorite, then gold and clad. In for the first 2 not sold on the clad yet.
    Glad you back PP.

  29. Jerry Diekmann says

    Question on the half dollar – is the woman on the obverse supposed to be a representation of Liberty or something else? She takes up a much larger area of the coin than the marshal and his horse. I actually like all three coins – the commemorative coin is actually a pleasant surprise for me – when I first learned about the coin, I though, “Oh, no – another military or law enforcement coin!” But there isn’t anything wrong with commemorating our military – it just seemed to me there were an awful lot being issued in a short period of time.

  30. VA Bob says

    Jerry – They just had to be PC on one of these, they can’t just help themselves, even though a female marshal is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when someone thinks of US Marshals. I’m also confident in saying few women will be buyers. That never seems to deter the Mint from trying to capture those demographics that never seem to buy their offerings in great numbers anyway.

    Now I’m not against them putting a woman on one of these coins (this particular one has two, front and back), but they way they did it here seems like an after though or a “yep, we are being fair to women, see everyone”. Give her the whole obverse, sure it might not convey the image most would recognize, but at least it won’t be a half-hearted attempt and besides PC IS the goal anyway, not really what the collector wants.

  31. TomP. in Va says

    The half dollar obverse, the dates 1789 – 2014 between the two figures show past to present in which the present figure as usual is in the foreground. As far as the representation being an African American woman, there is one in ‘Justified’, a show I never thought of as PC.

  32. Mark Rex says

    @GF – Thanks, it helped a lot!

    Cont’d OT – I want to collect the raw bullion as well but with all my wants getting everything is going to take time. Who offers the best raw bullion pucks? I want capsules for them too but would be willing to buy them seperate if the good pucks come from a place that doesn’t sell them with a capsule. I have been buying 5 of each of the ‘P’ pucks from the US Mint and keeping them in sealed boxes. I have 1 Acad, 3 Chaco and 5x of the 2013s and 2014s.

  33. Mark Rex says

    Hit post before I was done lol. I’m not seeing many Arches PCGS MS69 DMPL for sale. I think that’s going to be a big one so I want it ASAP. Anyone find one for a good price please give me a heads up. Do you get FS too? What about that signature? Thanks again!

  34. Clark says

    Coins honoring obscure federal agencies like the U.S. Marshall’s service seems a bit far fetched. Why not dedicate upcoming series to the IRS, TSA and the like?

  35. Jerry Diekmann says

    Thanks, VA Bob – I didn’t know she was supposed to be a female marshal – I never even thought there were any. I really thought she might have been a representation of Liberty. In any case, like you say, maybe this is another example of a PC coin, like the Boy Scouts coin that had a girl on it (?), but no boy on the Girl Scouts coin. I’m certainly not against showing female figures on coins – they are a lot better looking than the guys, with an exception for some of the FS coins. I love the different represenations we have for Liberty, especially those starting with the Peace dollar. I don’t know what the definition of beauty was in the 19th century was but it sure was a lot different than the 20th and 21st centuries.

  36. ABC says

    I wouldn’t want a coin commemorating the IRS. They are already getting too much of my money already.

  37. ABC says

    I would like to see them produce commemorative coins for organizations like the ASPCA, Humane Society, and organizations that perform cancer research.

  38. Hawkster says


    If any of your aforementioned organizations have some sort of anniversary coming up, you’ll most likely see a commemorative coin done made for them.

  39. VA Bob says

    TomP. – I realize what they were going for. Looks cluttered and still PC IMO. Will take what you mentioned into consideration when they make coins for TV shows. I’ve no problem if others like it, but it’s more of the same BSA coin stuff to me, and all too obvious. Why didn’t they just have a woman handing the male marshals his lunch for 1789, then a male handing a female marshal their lunch for 2014 and be done with it. Besides still being cluttered, would the meaning have change if it was a modern male marshal depicted? The fact remains, these designs are picked (or demanded) to please people that won’t be buying. Let’s just be real about it. I’m not asking that all coins have white guys on them, that would be boring

    The first female US Marshal was Faith Evans of Hawaiian and Puerto Rican descent (who I believe is being portrayed on this coin), was appointed U.S. Marshal for the District of Hawaii by Ronald Reagan on August 12, 1982. So (similar to the BSA) it was all men for 93 years, that’s no longer relevant, because we have to politically correct. Well, I say give Faith her coin, just don’t give a blatant PC mishmash, that’s all. If I didn’t know better, or was a stranger to the US I believe, “Oh this was a man’s (with a horse) job in 1789, now it’s a woman’s job (with a purse or pouch around her neck) today”. At least put them side by side.

  40. GoldFishin says

    @Mark Rex- No Arches 69 dmpl to be found right now at auction prices. This is one thing I think I mentioned to you about 2014 pucks. Not many dealers have been spending the money to have them graded because after grading fees they are not making much on them. There were a few by one seller a couple weeks back. I am watching Sand Dunes mintage as they may end up with the lowest mintage of the year, but too early yet to tell if they will be lower or the same mintage as the Arches. I try to buy this year’s pucks graded 69 DMPL for around $160-170 give or take. It costs $54 to have them graded FS by PCGS without a bulk submission discount, so I try to get them for a little less than cost of coin and grading if possible. I always buy FS, I prefer the regular flag label only because I started collecting that way, but the signature cost a little more to have graded and if you can get them for the same price or slightly more it may be worth it. I just buy whichever one I can get the best deal on.
    Folks here on MNB seem to be split between APMEX and PROVIDENT for the raw bullion pucks. Both APMEX and MCM sell on Ebay with free shipping. I tend to stay away from the retailers that have a lot of coins graded, I feel like I might end up with their culls, but most people here at MNB seem to like their purchases. I have had a different experience, but that’s me. Good Luck Hunting!

  41. jeff says

    Both badge like coins look like there from a Cracker Jack Box or a souvenir from an arcade game.

  42. Sith says

    Well I thought the female on the coin was a native American, it took about a minute for me to realize it was a female Marshall wearing a flack jacket.

  43. Sith says

    @GoldFishin – APMEX has improved and Provident has declined, in fact Provident no longer places their ATB in capsules. Then add APMEX ships faster, the issue with culls is still there but APMEX will take your coins back while Provident stopped selling theirs for a while after taking too many returns.

  44. Dave SW FL says

    Found 2 Arches PCGS DMPL69FS on the bay
    $235 or $295 w/ signature
    Too much to pay?

  45. Tinto says

    I like the designs, I just hope the Mint will be able to reproduce them accurately on the coins …. wouldn’t put it past them to screw it up ….

  46. gary says

    @Mike… I think that the moonshine bottle a part of all the stuff that Justice is setting upon the railroad tracks to cause a train wreck!

  47. cagcrisp says

    Someone bought a Gold BHOF yesterday for $775.00 + $6.15 shipping. Must have Wanted it awful bad…

  48. VA Rich says


    (i) OBVERSE – The obverse of the half dollar clad coins issued under this Act shall bear an image emblematic of the United States Marshals Service and its history.

    (ii) REVERSE – The reverse of the half dollar clad coins issued under this Act shall bear an image consistent with the role that the United States Marshals played in a changing nation, as they were involved in some of the most pivotal social issues in American history. The image should show the ties that the Marshals have to the United States Constitution, with themes including —

    (I) the Whiskey Rebellion and the rule of law;

    (II) slavery and the legacy of inequality; and

    (III) the struggle between labor and capital.

  49. GoldFishin says

    @Dave SW FL- too much for me…I personally would not pay over $200, not even that much if I would be honest. It might not even end up being the low mintage for the year. I don’t pay extra for the signature, the FS is what is important for potential appreciation. I might pay $10-15 more for a signature, but that’s it. Patience pays in most cases.

  50. says

    Goldfishin…I agree….Dave, SW FL….while still more than I would pay, Aydin Coins has the Arches PCGS MS69DMPL for around $202…the raw coin for around $117.

    I’ve collected both raw and PCGS MS69DMPL from the beginning…..for those of you that also have, you know how crazy the 2010’s sold for….easily over $2000 for a raw set. I still have a set that I sent in to PCGS of the 2010’s….4 are PCGS FS MS69DMPL and 1, the Grand Canyon is MS69PL….I could of sold this set for $3500 at one time, but as I had several bullion sets, I held onto this one….now worth maybe $1150?…but it doesn’t matter, as I want to keep these coins.

    And I will say this….over the years, many have trashed the Hot Springs coin (toiltet bowl, etc)…but I see it as one of my favorites. This is one ATB 5 oz coin that imo looks so much better in the bullion version. I’d take a Hot Springs MS69DMPL or NGC MS69DPL anyday over a SP70.

    Anyway, here is Aydin coins site:

    I love these bullion coins bases on todays prices….and several of the 2014 5 oz ATB’s will have lower mintages than the “P” version….as Brad recently pointed out.

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