Pricing for 50th Anniversary Kennedy Sets

silver-kennedy-2Earlier this week, I covered the preliminary details for the United States Mint’s upcoming special numismatic products to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy Half Dollar. A notice soon to be published in the Federal Register has revealed the price levels for two of the special sets.

According to the notice, the 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Silver Coin Collection will have a price of $99.95. This product will contain four half dollars struck in a composition of 90% silver with a higher relief sculpt obverse portrait. The four coins will be struck at four different mint facilities and feature four different finishes. This will include a proof version struck at the Philadelphia Mint, a reverse proof version struck at the West Point Mint, an enhanced uncirculated version struck at the San Francisco Mint, and an uncirculated version struck at the Denver Mint.

Whether or not collectors will find the cost of roughly $25 for each silver half dollar reasonable, this is a lower cost than the specially offered 1998-S Matte Finish Kennedy Half Dollar. This coin was offered within the 1998 Kennedy Collector’s Set, along with the uncirculated RFK silver dollar, at a price of $59.95. Since the silver dollar was available individually at $30.00, this implied a cost of $29.95 for the special half dollar.

Pricing was also provided for the 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Uncirculated Coin Set. Priced at $9.95, this product will include two uncirculated half dollars struck with the higher relief sculpt obverse portrait. These coins will be produced at the Philadelphia and Denver Mint facilities.

Pricing information has not been provided for the individual gold proof coin, which will be struck in roughly three-quarters of an ounce of 24 karat gold. The US Mint prices other numismatic gold offerings based on a grid with different price levels indicated based on the average weekly market price of gold. Potentially, the US Mint may add the upcoming coin to this grid and determine pricing in a similar fashion.

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  1. gary says

    Just too many individual Kennedy products. What is offered is at fairly decent Mint pricing, but will require deep pockets to obtain all of the options. Why in the world is it needed to make 4 silver half commems in 4 different finishes??? This will no doubt become this summer’s boom & bust with the earliest issues and receivers of those coins. Just imagine, how many early BHOF gold coin buyers feel now about what they paid for their gold coins and what they can be obtained for right now. The bust was oh so predictable!

  2. fmtransmitter says

    IN for the silver set for sure, maybe 2 or 3…Do we know if they will at least place a limit on the silver sets? I get gold mint to demand but throw us a bone with 100k silver sets…

  3. Larry says

    I am looking forward to seeing what the enhanced unc looks like, The only other enhanced unc coin, the ASE, is a beautiful coin. Too bad the Kennedy presidential dollar coin is not struck this year. A reverse proof half and dollar coin would have made a neat set. Now if the presidential dollar coin was struck in gold, and the only one EVER struck in gold, well that would really be something!

  4. Pittsburgh P says

    That is what I figured the silver set would go for… Not bad but not cheap either. I’m in for at least 2, imo I like all of the different strikes. Agreed fmtrans but I doubt there will be a mintage max on the silver sets. Oh well…

  5. Brad says

    The coin in the mock-up photo the Mint provided won’t actually exist, barring some sort of error. That’s a standard proof coin with the “W” Mint mark.

    I hope the silver sets will also be sold at the Chicago World’s Fair of Money. I’ll be there this year. It’s only about a 5 hour drive for me, and my wife is looking forward to our Chicago trip to do a lot of other things while we’re there. We get to take a mini-trip, and the money made from selling extra Kennedy coins and sets will help pay for it. Win-win.

  6. jeff says

    Gary, I bet most collectors that bought the gold bhof graded will have the last laugh and anyways the one that did buy for 1500-1800 are not speculators. They are happy to have a unique, curved one off gold coin from the U.S.Mint, Gary they’ll be fine especially the un circulated less than 18000 to go round. What they paid will be cheap in 3 years. Your right it was inevitable it’s call demand if you want something early you will have to pay up I guess you never over paid for anything. Take this to the bank the bhof coins will out preform any modern coin in the next ten years with said mintages. I’m down playing the Kennedy release to many know factors dealers get first dibs dealers get first labels dealers get most coins the general public you and me with have to wait months before we see our coins I know this and am fine since I only will buy 1 set of silver. GL to all let us know how it’s works out for ya this is inevitable we know by history.

  7. Larry says

    @ Brad – I was there last year. Make sure you get there early if you have any hope of buying any Kennedys. I got there when it just opened to the public and the line was already hours long. But you could make money that day, dealers were offering $100-$200 over cost on the spot for the Rev Proof Buffs.

  8. SteveF says

    I assume the silver half’s will have the same .362 troy ounces of silver as the regular silver proof. $99.95 for less than 1.5 ounces of silver, ouch.

  9. smiledon says

    I for one am looking forward to seeing the 4 different silver finishes. For me, seeing them side by side will be ‘eye candy.’ However, to each is their own in regards to the Kennedy silver set. I will be hoping that I can swing the gold coin along with the silver set. If so, I will get the J.K. gold FS to match. However, I will need to be hording my pennies for this to happen. At least the Mint has a price set for all levels of collectors. I am not sure about the clad coins; time will tell.

  10. JagFan says

    Any chance that they will produce some type of 50th anniversar set (or young collectors set) towards the end of the year for the Kennedy? That is one way they could sell off some of last years over minted coins plus a few more from this year? P&D from both last year and this year plus the two High Relief versions?

    I’m in for a set – plus the Baseball HOF Young Collector’s Set as well, can’t wait to see that one. I’m assuming it is going to be Volume 4 of the HOF’s special coin set they have been releasing thru out the year?

    How can anyone pass up the special sets that the Mint have been producing each year? No wonder why the regulary Proof & Mint sets are at their alltime lows??

    Happy Friday to all!

  11. says

    $100 was exactly what I was expecting, I remember hearing rumors regarding that price point.

    Anyone have a link to the federal register notice? I searched the site using the terms “Kennedy” and “mint” but couldn’t find it myself. I was hoping it might information on mintage.

  12. KEITHSTER says

    My Arches went instock & reserved and my GB’ S mints shipped today .These Kenndy’s are looking good will need some hope the mintages stay lower than we think? Good Luck To Us :>:>:>

  13. Brad says


    Yes, it would. However, it will be quite a bit more than that at today’s gold price. If the Mint’s gold coins are priced in the $1,300-$1,349.99 tier at the time of release, the price of the “roughly 3/4 oz.” Kennedy gold will likely be $1,300 or a little more. I base that on the price of a proof First Spouse coin in that tier ($865 plus half again as much, $432.50), with a little extra added in for uniqueness.

  14. mark says

    Only two thirds of the gold bhof have been shipped. The rest should ship by the end of June.

  15. fmtransmitter says

    OffT: Hey bloggers, just came from local coin shop. Question, they had two Silver MS Eagles. NGC MS 69’s. One was 1999, and one was 1994. Now what was weird was they had these 20th Anniv green labels and had numbers XXX of 2005 on both labels? Any info on these 2005 limited edition MS Silver Eagles? Not rare at all. Even the shop owner was confused. I scanned the bar code with my NGC app, not much information…

  16. fmtransmitter says

    I am going to stay with my black core’s if they offer them for the silver set. Will look awesome…

  17. AkBob says

    FM – I know that “the Coin Vault” did a complete 20th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set back in 2005 so they may have came from one of those sets. That would be my guess.

  18. says

    Yeah, the cancel box on the Arches 5 oz. P puck finally disappeared. That should be an indication that they will ship soon, although passed 6-19.

    Kennedy halves, I’m placing my bet on….mint to demand for the silver, and the gold…limited.

    While I would love to make it to Rosemount for the ANA show, hopefully get a good spot in line, and possibly meet face to face with some of you, it will be a leap. who knows though, it will be the perfect time for me to head north east.

  19. AkBob says

    There was a fellow blogger here that was looking for a display box for the 5oz Atb Quarters that were I believe graded. I know Apmex now sells one that will hold all 56 (I think it’s 56 or 52 total or however many there will be) examples ungraded and it’s about $200 which really isn’t too bad considering other display boxes I’ve seen. So if anyone is looking for a display box for the raw/ungraded Atb’s (uncirculated and bullion) that may be an option and it’s vey attractive as well. Hope this helps someone here:) Apmex also sold (not sure if they still sell it) that only held maybe 25 or so ungraded/raw Atb 5ozer’s. This one will hold a complete set. You can get one for both versions if you collect both.

  20. says

    Based on comments, it seems that most collectors will be in for just a set or two of the four coin Kennedy silver set–unlike the silver HOF coins in which collectors ordered multiples. The perception seems to be that the after market for the Kennedys will not be nearly as robust as for the HOF coins, which should keep most flippers away.
    From my own standpoint, I will be content with one or two sets as a collectible and remembrance of the Kennedy years.

  21. SilverFan says

    mark says
    JUNE 20, 2014 AT 2:31 PM

    Only two thirds of the gold bhof have been shipped. The rest should ship by the end of June.

    @mark I hope you are right. Where did you get this info?

  22. oldfolkie says

    I am a bit disillusioned that so many want “limited’ mintages for the Kennedy just for the $. It seems the St Gaudens high relief did OK with high mintages. I’d much rather see them limit it to 1 or 2 for everyone in the beginning month, actually send those out (Oh My God! What a novel idea), and then raise the limits for the big boys that profit off the mint (and make them wait) and do very little except have the right connections. Our country is now run for the benefit of those that do nothing but play games, but do little real work. Yeah it’s political, but both sides are to blame and they’re almost taking the enjoyment out of one of my favorite hobbies. I’ll try to get a gold and the silvers to go with that very first one I got way back in the 60s. I’m getting old and quite honestly I think this whole “graded” “labeled” ” pander to the big boys” is nothing more than excrement piled higher and higher.

  23. says

    @oldfolkie, here is what I want on the Kennedy. Mint to demand or unlimited for the Clads and the Silvers and Limited on the Gold. I do not plan on buying any Clads or Silvers. I plan on buying 3 Golds to give to 3 specific people. If they are not limited I will not buy a single Gold. Why is that? The 3 people that I plan on giving a Kennedy to all speak very highly of John Kennedy and I want to give them something that I believe will have a ‘higher value’ after the initial sales have concluded. I do not want to give them something that I buy for $1300 and is only worth $1300 for years to come. The St Gaudens is an exception to the rule. When I give the Golds away I want to say “You have 1 of 50,000 or 1 of 75,000 or 1 of 100,000”. I don’t want to say “I bought you a coin and they kept selling them until they ran out of people to buy them”. If you put a Limit on the Golds (with house hold limits of say 5 or 10) then I have just as good a chance as anyone on the internet to buy a coin. If I don’t get one initially, I can always buy one on the secondary market…

  24. GoldFishin says

    @Keithster – My Arches all in stock and reserved. Finally got around to opening my replacement Shenandoah’s today. They are absolutely flawless and really beautiful. This issue looks so much better in hand. Going to send a couple off to PCGS and see if they agree. Good luck>

  25. Clark says

    I too am a bit confused by your comment, Gary. Early gold BHoF buyers got the best deal available from the mint in years. I have neither seen nor heard of any gold BHoF in any variety or grade for sale at or below early prices of $420 for unc and $425 for proofs. I recall ebay sellers on March 28th posting auctions starting around $600 in OGP. It only went up from there and never dropped anywhere close to $420/$425.

  26. Pittsburgh P says

    Clark I believe he is speakin of those who paid 1500+ weeks after release. Imo those people are not tryin to make money and will cherish their purchase regardless. Imo these will be worth that regardless so I don’t think they will be feelin any regret. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and we don’t have to agree with it… Same with the Kennedy set. I love the four variations and do not feel it will be a bust as gary does…

  27. Clark says

    I’m in for one of each Kennedy product. I’m most drawn to the gold half and hope the mint uses the one per household approach it used for the 2009 gold High Relief Double Eagle. That method thwarted the warehouse retailers’ greedy efforts to buy out all inventories during the first few minutes. I was only able to buy one, and everyone else with the funds and desire to buy one got one too. Even private flippers were able to make a quick, profitable one-time flip (flop?) without preventing folks who wanted a coin from getting one. Today, my double eagle is worth a lot more than I paid. It was a refreshingly fair system that ensured that collectors would receive at least one coin each. IMHO.

  28. Clark says

    HiLo–you’re welcome! hee hee.

    Pitts–Point well taken. I was understanding Gary’s use of the word “early” in its literal sense, i.e., the first day of sale was early ; )

  29. oldfolkie says

    @cagcrisp, I know it’s been a long time and coin collecting isn’t what it used to be but I think everyone that actually wants a gold Kennedy in the initial offering should be able to get it. I guess it is a sad day when a token of remembrance or honor, like the gold Kennedy will be to us older people, is only considered valuable if it is worth “more”. I really don’t see how it will depreciate until the day Kennedy means no more to the majority, than say Ford, and I don’t see that happening. I’d not trade the first silver Kennedy my Dad gave me, way back in the hey day of coin collecting for a gold Kennedy. I would think those three people will be very grateful and honored to receive such a gift and they deserve it, not because it may be worth a few more bucks than you paid for it but because they, “thought highly of the man”. I will give both my kids whole sets of the 5oz ATBs not because they may be worth more but because, we, as a family have shared many great memories in those Parks. I will not buy an extra Kennedy to give my kids because to them he holds no special memories. But what angers me the most is these sweet heart deals the grading companies, the authorized distributors have to rig the system and make it that much harder for the common working man to get a coin, any coin that would be meaningful to them. These early release parties are just another slap in the face to those who want a decent coin at a decent price. And who’s laughing all the way to the bank? People who care little about the coin or it’s subject, but only a quick profit for doing nothing but having the right connections and influence. . And, I would have no problem with them making money if the mint would just take care of the common man who might want the coins for other reasons, like actually collecting them. So if I’m reading you right those three people wouldn’t appreciate the coins if the majority of people that want them can actually get them. It seems your gesture is incredibly generous and they’d love them no matter what.. and isn’t that what’s important?

  30. says

    @oldfolkie, I assume the 3 people in question would greatly appreciate a Gold Kennedy and I doubt if they cared or not how the coins were sold. I DO and that is just me personally. They do not know that I am giving them anything and so they will never know about the Kennedy. I don’t buy ANY Mint coins unless they are limited besides the proof AGE’s or the proof Buffalo. That is just me. If the Gold Kennedy is not limited I will give an ‘unlimited’ proof Buffalo to all 3. I would rather give a 1 of 20,000 proof Buffalo than a 1 of 1xx,xxx unlimited Gold Kennedy. The proof Buffalo may never be worth even what I am paying for it but Personally I think the Gold Buffalo is the Best coin the Mint offers currently. I have given fractional proof Gold ASE’s for years. I don’t buy bullion and I don’t buy or sell on the bay. I am very disciplined on coins just like I am on stocks or gambling and do not waver from my set rules. To each his own…
    If I don’t get the Gold Kennedy this year then there is always the Gold and Silver US Marshal coin next year…Gold for me and Silver for 2 judges and some law enforcement officers…

  31. VA Bob says

    Seems to me if you’re giving a $1300 coin to someone, their are all ready ahead of the game. Even the RP Buffs have a finial mintage, so if you have one then you have one of that number. If one is looking for a guaranteed profit on investment, they should stick to savings bonds, Many of the coins worth more money today took years or even decades to achieve those prices. Lots of folks seem to want a guaranteed profit from the Mint. Not many financial vehicles make those promises today. Buy only the coins you like, and you’ll never be disappointed,

  32. DaveB` says

    received my unc bhof gold today,(should have been yesterday, wasn’t home) ordered at 6:30. don’t see any problems.

  33. Tonyw says

    Off topic but I JUST received my BHOF today that I ordered on the first day at 6:27pm – UPS man came in the brown truck – then it hit me…… With all the money the USPS is losing – why wouldn’t the government controlled Mint use the USPS?

    Things that makes one say hmmmn……

  34. thePhelps says

    Tonyw… they use UPS for the 2 day deliveries…so they can lose money as well.

    I’ll be in for a couple of the 4 coin sets and might bite on the gold Kennedy. I won’t get the gold if it is mint to demand. Pure and simple there will be plenty of them on the market for years to come if they do that. I think the variation of the 4 coin set will be unique and while they won’t ever be rare if minted to demand – they’ll be interesting collectibles. Mint to demand is a resellers/flippers dream, not a collector hoping some day the coins are worth more than they paid for them.

  35. Erik H says

    The mint marks should have been on the reverse for all the “special” set halves, just like the 1964.

  36. GoldFishin says

    @the Phelps or anyone…if the US Mint decides on “mint to demand” for the Gold or Silver Set offerings…about how much of an ordering window do you think they will be able to cover with on hand production….the first hour, first day, etc.? first 30 minutes like with the $5 HOF gold? or is it anyone’s guess?

  37. Erik H says

    Also, if your looking for value the gold coin will have the lowest mark up of these special sets. Silver will have to reach $140 to break even if you just factor in melt value. The 1998 matte proof’s mintage is 62k so the 4 coin set will probably need to be lower to earn a decent premium.

  38. mark says

    Wow..just for the fun of it. Just placed a max bid of $490.00 for a $5 unc gold bhof. Knowing I would never win. Well it sold for $495.00. That seller must be in shock right now.

  39. RSF says

    Erik, a least the mint mark will be on the reverse on the gold. (don’t be fooled by the picture above – it’s an early artist’s conception) That along with the dual-date, leads me to believe this coin is the bookend for the series. Nice symetry.
    I’m just glad I’ve already got the first 6 variations of Kennedy halves for 2014. Only 7 more unique high- relief variations to go!

  40. Jerry Diekmann says

    Oldfolkie – all of your points are very well made and they are so true. I buy coins and sets from the Mint at the price they have set, I keep them and don’t sell them, and I couldn’t give a hoot if they increase or decrease in the after-market. Like you and others have said, the Mint looks out for the big buyers before they consider the small collector or flipper, and this latest craze about labels is just plain stupid and silly if you ask me. Who cares if a coin has a label that says it is a first-struck coin, and how does anyone really know if that is true or not? Even worse is paying double for a coin because it has someone’s signature on the label, or a buffalo or a flag or whatever. I can tell you from experience that these coins will not hold their value over time, certainly not the extra cost paid for first strikes or special labels. It’s the coin that counhts, not the packaging.

  41. SilverFan says

    mark says
    JUNE 20, 2014 AT 9:46 PM

    Wow..just for the fun of it. Just placed a max bid of $490.00 for a $5 unc gold bhof. Knowing I would never win. Well it sold for $495.00. That seller must be in shock right now.

    @mark Was this on eBay? I cannot find it. Please post a link.

  42. Ralph says

    SilverFan: completed auctions don’t show up right away. I think it’s about 12 hours behind.

  43. fmtransmitter says

    mark says
    JUNE 20, 2014 AT 9:46 PM

    Wow..just for the fun of it. Just placed a max bid of $490.00 for a $5 unc gold bhof. Knowing I would never win. Well it sold for $495.00. That seller must be in shock right now.

    Not if he bought 50 of each…

  44. fmtransmitter says

    I can tell you from experience that these coins will not hold their value over time, certainly not the extra cost paid for first strikes or special labels. It’s the coin that counhts, not the packaging.

    I disagree, when it comes time to sell, IF it comes, look what those sell for. This argument will go on forever…Hum bug

  45. fmtransmitter says

    I picked up 6 crisp sequential 1957 Silver Certificates at coin shop today. Luckily the older gentleman viewed the .99 at the end of the price as .00..hee hee

  46. VARich says

    If memory serves correct ~ Happy Birthday Dusty! You’re a great American, go treat yourself to something shiny that weights 31 grams! ; 7

  47. ABC says

    Going off topic here. Anyone here know what magnification PCGS and NGC uses to grade coins?

  48. GoldFishin says

    NGC uses the standard Sheldon coin grading scale, which rates coins on a scale of 0-70. NGC defines a 70-grade coin as one that has absolutely “no post-production imperfections at 5x magnification”. A minimum of two professional numismatists examine each coin, and the numismatists that NGC keeps on retainer are prohibited from engaging in the commercial buying and selling of certified coins.

  49. GoldFishin says

    PCGS graders are more personalized in their grading methods from what I have been told by a couple of them.

    From the PCGS Web Site:
    Question: Is a magnifying glass used on all coins by all coin graders? What magnification is used?

    Answer: Magnification is used in different ways by different graders. Some graders prefer 5X, some like 8X. On a big rarity, a grader might look at the coin with both 5X and 8X. Graders do not use a glass for every coin. On large generic coins, say Morgan dollars in MS64 or MS65, it’s just not necessary to use a glass. On some small coins, say Three Cent Silvers, it’s impossible to grade them without magnification.

    Personally, I prefer — and recommend — 5X. If you are grading coins, I suggest you first look at the coin without magnification. Notice the luster, the surfaces, the overall eye appeal. Then look with a 5X glass. That’s what I do.

    — David Hall, Professional Coin Grading Service

  50. SuperDave says

    As usual the mint will be making most all of the money to be made on these sets!!

  51. SuperDave says

    Wow, again the US United States Mint will be making a bunch of EXTRA $$ at the cost of collectors! That’s $25 bucks a fifty cent piece!! At least they are about $10 worth of silver………… Rip offs!

  52. VA Rich says

    Mark – how you figuring we’re 2/3rds shipped on the BHoF $5s?

    I’m thinking we’re 95%+ shipped and through orders placed till 8 pm’ish on 3/27.., & if two more posters don’t chime in by Tuesday-Wednesday that they’ve had movement on their late-night 3/27 or early morning 3/28.., then it may be time to call it complete.

    Seems like all orders placed late 3/27 through 3/30 all share two things in common – no movement of dates and a ship date of 6/30 that’s been frozen in time. I find it hard to believe that the mint would mint 10-15k $5s, start up again to mint up to 40-45k which is reflected in what’s shipped in the last two weeks, and then take a break. Oh, and W apparently has the capacity not to move onto the FS series shortly.., who would thunk that?

  53. VA Rich says

    Oops, W apparently has the capacity NOW to move onto the FS series shortly.., who would have thunk that?

  54. says

    @ VA Rich, the following link is where Mark is getting his information:

    Keep in mind the article said “As of mid June”. Assuming all the Mint’s numbers came from the reports generated for week ending 06/15/14 that leaves all the Golds shipped since the 15th to date and we know how many people have posted that they just received their coins this past week. We also know how much later the time of filled orders have progressed since week ending 06/15/14.
    On another blog the last known coin that has been ‘shipped’ was a Gold unc placed at 10:09PM 03/27.
    2.5 months ago according to the Mints cut off numbers there were 41k Golds sold as of midnight 03/27. The 10:09PM order was the last ‘known’ number so I have to agree with you that at this point there are not that many Golds remaining to be shipped…

  55. says

    There was a post last night that an OGP Gold sold for $495.00. I have a watch list for a specific search criteria for Gold BHOF in OGP. I show nothing on my ‘ended’ watch list for a $495.00 sale. I do not search for ‘presale’ so this sale could be a presale that is for something that has a shipment date of 06/30/14.
    My watch list shows (and these do not show up yet on the sold shipping list from the bay) the following completed in the same time frame as reported for the $495.00 coin
    $670.00 11:41PDT
    $698.99 13:58PDT
    $650.00 Did not meet reserve
    $681.00 16:50PDT
    $685.00 17:00PDT
    $675.00 18:45PDT

    Here is the problem that I have with any ‘presale’ at this time. The presales are showing a shipping date of 06/30/14. ALL the Golds are supposed to be shipped by 06/30/14. There are over 10,000 orders that are going to be cancelled at some point. Why would anyone ‘tie up’ their money on a ‘presale’ and have to wait out whether that order will be one that is cancelled or not.
    Let’s sale Seller A has 2 ‘presale’ auctions for coins to be shipped on 06/30/14. The auctions goes as follows:
    Auction 1 for $495.00, Auction 2 for $650.00. Seller A gets a Dear John letter from the Mint that one of his Gold orders is cancelled. Guess which auction buyer get the “So sorry my Gold was cancelled letter”?

  56. thePhelps says

    My 4:42pm UNC Gold shipped on 6/17 and was a better coin than the 1st one I got.

    cag – I thought the 41k was the reason the mint put the waiting list up at 6:30pm – not midnight.

  57. says

    @thePhelps, Yes you could be right on that timing.
    Here is what the Mint said “Sales of the gold coins were strong enough to predict that the maximum mintage level might be reached at some point overnight” Mint spokesman Michael White said April 3. “In an effort to provide the best communications to our customers, we made the decision to put the gold coins in a waiting list status at the close of business, while we could still provide the message.”

  58. says

    The Mint further stated “We believed it was better to notify customers a little early that their orders could potentially be placed on the waiting list rather than a sellout occurring overnight after close of business and then having to notify them that they would not receive a coin(s) because of depleted inventory.”

    I guess there are 10,000 of these notifications being prepared

  59. Pittsburgh P says

    @superdave don’t buy em then…

    @cag agreed on your thoughts on presale BHoF golds with a date of 6/30… Why someoneone would take that chance idk, maybe they think they’ll get a deal if it does come in? Thanks for all the stats you throw out too… Always interesting 🙂

  60. Pittsburgh P says

    Thanks for the link chris… Says he had in hand and ships immediately. Someone got a hell of a deal!

  61. Junior says

    Re: BHOF Gold

    My 3/27 order @ 8:55 PM picked up at UPS. (Unc Gold).

    The Proof still has a 6/30 backorder date and my cancellation box has reappeared.

  62. says

    @chris, the wording of the listing is why my search criteria did not pick it up. I only search for ‘2014 baseball gold coin’. The listing link you provided did not have ‘coin’ in it thus I did not pick it up.

    Doing MY search currently I get 241 results. IF I searched ‘2014 baseball gold’ I get 8400 results. with over 7900 results being in the ‘cards’ section

    So depending on how you list your sale will depend on who can see it.
    I’ve used the same search criteria since Day 1 so I can keep apples to apples. IF I was to do it again I would probably change up my search criteria to be more inclusive. I have learned a LOT about the bay this year…

  63. SilverFan says

    Wow, someone did get a great deal. Maybe that listing slipped through the cracks because it did not say Hall of Fame or HOF.

  64. Hidalgo says

    I’m reading posts saying that the price of the 4 coin Kennedy half set is too high. I personally don’t see it that way. I see the set as a golden opportunity for collectors to add unique coins to their collection.

    The reverse proof and enhanced uncirculated Kennedy half dollars may never, ever be issued again. Plus, the proof coin with the P mint mark will be unique for 2014. Paying $99.95 for a set of 4 is a bargain.

    If the U.S. Mint mints to demand, then the secondary market value of this set on eBay will likely be around $100 – $125. Of course, coin dealers will get around market forces by sending their coins to third party graders in the hopes of getting coins graded at MS/PF 70, which can sell at a premium.

    The simple solution to those who believe the U.S. Mint’s price for the set is too high …. Simply don’t buy it and spend your money on other speculative offerings. 🙂

  65. Pittsburgh P says

    @hildago agreed… I havn’t seen too many posts sayin that 99.95 was too high though(just one or two). I think its perfect, if people are complainin cause is only around an oz and a half of silver their nuts… The different strikes cost more for the mint to produce & imo these will be strikingly stunning next to each other! Like you said don’t buy if you think its a rip off!

  66. DigMan says

    “I’m just glad I’ve already got the first 6 variations of Kennedy halves for 2014. Only 7 more unique high- relief variations to go!”

    Would not you also need the variations from 1964 to complete the set.?

  67. VA Rich says

    Seller also has it in – Coins & Paper Money, Coins: US, Other

    Not in Comms where the 2014 BHoF usually show up –

    $495 – Price for one ill timed BHoF auction on the bay
    -$420 – Cost of ill timed, poorly listed BHoF $5 Unc
    -$44.55 – Cost of 6% Fleabay fee and 3% paypal
    + $5.95 – S&H
    36.40 to sellers paypal account
    = 1 PO’ed seller not likely to run a BHoF auction anytime soon!

    While I’m new to fleabay, I don’t know why anyone would run an auction for a high demand item that sells itself, unless you can afford the risk of getting two drunk guys on a Saturday in a bidding war. I really wonder how ofter bidding wars occur on auctions?

  68. VA Rich says

    BHoF $5 Sell Out – Michael Captured it on 3/28 –

    Based on the “waiting list” notification posted on the US Mint’s website around 6:30 PM ET, the proof and uncirculated $5 gold coins have already received orders to account for the entire 50,000 maximum mintage. Although collectors can still place orders, these will go to a waiting list. If any coins become available due to an order cancellations, orders from the waiting list will be fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis.

    ** I am in the process of confirming the cut off time for the sales reporting. The total sales for the $5 gold coins are indicated as below the 50,000 maximum. It may be the case that the reporting cut off time is before the 6:30 PM ET waiting list notice. This post will be updated once I receive confirmation.
    Proof Unc Total
    $5 Gold Coins 26,798 14,999 41,797

  69. Hidalgo says

    @ Digman – I have a Kennedy half type and variety collection. I decided to add all 7 of the 2014 variations to my set since this is the 50th anniversary of the coin, which honors one of the most highly-regarded Presidents since WW2 (and of all time).

    Everyone has different opinions of what should go into a Kennedy half type and variety set. So here is my list of pre-2014 Kennedy halves in case you’re interested:

    * 1964 – first and only business strike 90% silver half (uncirculated)
    * 1964 accented hair variety (proof only)
    * 1964 proof. First 40% proof half
    * 1965 – business strike. First 40% silver half.
    * 1965 Special Mint Set strike. One of three special mint set Kennedy halves.
    * 1968 S proof. First 40% proof.
    * 1971 business strike. First clad half.
    * 1971 S proof. First clad proof.
    * 1974 D double die variety.
    * 1976 bicentennial clad business strike/uncirculated
    * 1976 bicentennial clad proof
    * 1976 bicentennial 40% silver half business strike/uncirculated
    * 1976 bicentennial 40% silver half proof
    * 1979 S Type 1 (filled S) proof variety
    * 1971 S Type 2 (clear S) proof variety
    * 1981 S Type 1 (filled S) proof variety
    * 1981 S Type 2 (clear S) proof variety
    * 1998 S matte finish half
    * 2005 satin finish half. First satin finish Kennedy half (found only in US Mint sets)

    You can go even further. Some add the 1970 D, 1987 P, and 1987 D Kennedy halves, which were available only in US Mint sets.

    It’s up to you to decide. But it sure has been enjoyable collecting the set!

  70. VA Rich says

    2014-S Baseball Half Dollar Mint Error Reverse Retained Die Break @ 5

    One sold for $331 – can’t be the seller didn’t bother to include a pic of the reverse in the listing… geez!

  71. SmallPotatos says

    My order for HoF $5 UNC was placed at 9:09pm. I was pleasantly surprised to see it arrive as I figured that 6:30pm I was too late. But I only placed an order for one, and not 10 or 50. I wonder if the Mint is filling the smaller orders first?

  72. Ray says

    No pic on the bhof half error? Seems like there’s a lot of sellers making big mistakes.

    Who here is going to Chicago ANA, and would like to meet up for beer and food, or just food, or whatever. Just booked my 8/4 flight.

  73. says

    @cagcrisp….you are still missing out on a lot of the BHoF gold auctions. You last said that using your criteria, there were 241 listings. I’ve been using this: “2014 Basaeball Hall Gold”….and it currently shows 353 listings.

  74. Ray says

    Just did a search on completed auctions. There’s a bunch of folds in the 500-550 range. And a by ch of silver in the 60-70 range. Interesting. Holds def went a lot lower than I thought.

  75. VA Rich says

    Ray – I’m game for a cold one and chow. Would be really cool to have a MNB regulars meet and great before the circus starts.

    I have a growing concern that the mint may impose a one coin purchase at the show or not bring enough to meet day one demand, and then say, “come back tomorrow and we should have more.”

    Anyone that went to ANA last year, is there an early bird admission for ANA members? I’m not seeing that option and just see where the doors open at 10 am. Thanks

  76. says

    @SmallPotatos, According to the Mint ” processes all orders on a first-in, first-served basis”. They also state “If an order has outstanding issues (such as credit card holds, household order limit violations, or address verification conflicts), the next orders in line can be fulfilled before the one with outstanding issues. While the issues for an order are being worked out, the status of an order may display “hold” during this time. Once the outstanding issues are resolved, the order is re-inserted next in line. Accordingly, such re-inserted orders will not be processed for shipment in the same sequence as their order numbers.”

    So the larger the order the more chance of running up against credit card holds or household order limits…

  77. SuperDave says

    I was just saying the Mint has gotten way too GREEDY and taken most ALL of the fun out of collecting sets, starting about 15 years ago when they started try to take most the profit out of the secondary market and has made it pretty much not affordable for the POOR, limited income people.. or Disabled…. LIKE ME, to even try to collect ANY of the annual sets.
    I could not afford nor am I dumb enough to buy fresh from the mint, ANYMORE, Why buy the Proof & Uncirculated sets for the last 5 years, when all I have to do is just wait 2 -7 years for the prices on these sets to go down and be a lot cheaper than the original price. (Except for 1 or 2 sets that might appreciate in value)
    I am VERY BUMMED no longer being able to afford to look forward to a package from THE MINT!
    BUT Hey, I got to buy the silver set even though, it’s not my 25th anniversary (silver) It’s my 50th, too!!
    I just won’t eat as much food even though It’s my 21st annual 29th birthday in August!!!! ~Dave
    I own ALL the Proof sets from 1950 to 2012 but had to stop collecting any new sets, due lack of interest on my tiny budget, and seeing the depreciation on them………

  78. Don says

    High Low Silver,

    It’s good to see you commenting again. Because of your interest in shell collecting, there was speculation that you were marooned on a remote island while searching for the ultimate sand dollar. Just to fill you in, while you were away, the Mint came out with a baseball HOF commemorative, which proved to be wildly successful. You can even check it out on the Bay (not Chesapeake Bay).

  79. AkBob says

    FM – I know that the Coin Vault did sets back in 2005 and they did sets in MS68 too which I thought was strange. Now and then they talk about it on their show and how they could never put together that many sets again, etc. I am fairly sure these were from “theCoinVault” back then. I could be wrong but I know of no one else that could have done a project like that. It’s takes a lot of time, money and where for all to do something like that. Hope this helps and/or explains this.

  80. GoldFishin says

    @Ray…the only way you can get sales that are in the 500-550 range is to do an ebay search and sort it by “Price + Shipping – lowest first”. Those sales were the first week of release and were presales. They were in March.

    The $495 auction that was mentioned here came up right away on my search which is very narrow. The seller made a listing mistake by not adding in Hall of Fame(HOF) or COA or Mint Box. He/She narrowed the amount of search words so drastically that only a minimal percentage of people searching would have found it. It is key as a seller on Ebay to try and place as many words as possible in the Title, because everyone seems to have their own way of searching. Ebay give you a lot of words nowadays, there is really no excuse for not using all they will allow you to use in the title description.

  81. MN says

    VA Rich says

    June 21, 2014 at 11:41 am

    Ohh, we got us a BHoF Mint Error –

    VA Rich says

    June 21, 2014 at 11:48 am

    2014-S Baseball Half Dollar Mint Error Reverse Retained Die Break @ 5

    One sold for $331 – can’t be the seller didn’t bother to include a pic of the reverse in the listing… geez!


    NGC Coin Certification Verification Link Below (type the slab # in to see both sides of the error coin)

  82. fmtransmitter says

    lol@ the Mint asking people to chime in about their coin clubs and locations…Umm, no thanks, don’t need to let FB world know about my hobby…Sheesh..

  83. fmtransmitter says

    AkBob says
    JUNE 21, 2014 AT 5:04 PM

    FM – I know that the Coin Vault did sets back in 2005 and they did sets in MS68 too which I thought was strange. Now and then they talk about it on their show and how they could never put together that many sets again, etc. I am fairly sure these were from “theCoinVault” back then. I could be wrong but I know of no one else that could have done a project like that. It’s takes a lot of time, money and where for all to do something like that. Hope this helps and/or explains this.

    Thanks! Was an interesting thing to see but obviously hasn’t had the upside potential one might have expected…

  84. Hidalgo says

    @MN – I looked at the “die crack” silver Baseball Hall of Fame coin. From what I can see, it is a relatively minor error. I personally would spend less money on a coin that has a “defect” than one that is “error-free.” That’s my personal view. Of course, an error enthusiast would have a different view.

  85. Mat says

    Can some of you guys (gals)that have a lot of knowledge on coin errors help me out. I ordered a 3 of the BHOF HALFS and 2 of them have some double die letters on the reverse. The LES in states with the S being worse and the initials DE, the F in half and R in dollar so on the right side of coin. Is this any thing major I also took some photos that show the ES but not sure how to post picture any suggestions.

  86. Howard says

    Maybe the delay in shipping was due to difficulty in the minting
    the curve coins? This could be interesting with irregularities.

  87. Hidalgo says

    @Mat – I collect Lincoln cent double dies, and from what I see in your picture, the doubling on your coin is minor. Most doubling errors do not get the public’s attention unless the doubling can be easily seen with the naked eye.

    Of course, opinions can vary dramatically with the acceptance of double dies. If the doubling is found worthy of posting in the Red Book or the Cherrypicker’s Guide, then you have a fantastic find!

  88. VA Rich says

    Thanks MN – that’s most helpful! Appears that there’s different errors when you cycle thru 3868201-00x

  89. VA Rich says

    As I recall from the last Quarterly Inventory from fellow posters, a lot didn’t ship during that time – guess my BHoF $1 proofs to ship on 06 June..well, we’ll just change the ‘ne’ to “ly” and make it July 06.

    Quarterly Inventory: Due to the United States Mint’s quarterly inventory, expedited shipping will not be available for orders placed from June 23 through June 29, 2014. Orders over $300 and orders containing gold or platinum United States Mint collectibles will receive a complimentary upgrade, but may experience a slight delay. Expedited shipping will be available again for orders placed on or after June 30, 2014. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

  90. SmallPotatos says

    Thanks! that makes some sense to me. I had that issue happen to me on another (not so in demand) purchase, where my credit limit needed to be verified. took a week to clear up, so I could see those with no issues would take a step forward in line.

  91. Eagle One says

    The Kennedy Half Dollar should be retired with class, at the 50 year mark, and finished in solid Gold. I would not mind seeing Neil Armstrong on the half in the near future. The First Man on the Moon (July 20th 1969) was the greatest and most recognized American Achievement in U.S. History. Bringing back the Franklin would be too boring. Regan is another good candidate though. However, design wise, a lot could be done with an Armstrong Half Dollar. It could speak volumes of American Achievement. Additionally, the U.S. Space Program is Kennedy’s legacy.

  92. Eagle One says

    John Glenn would be another great candidate for the half. U.S. Marine, First Man to Orbit the Earth, and a U.S. Senator.

  93. Curt Gehm says

    Would be a great idea if people could keep their discussion on topic instead of talking about the Baseball coins in EVERY discussion. It’s most annoying……………….

  94. Sith says

    @curt – I take it that you did not order any of the BHOF coins. Tired of posts about them then blame the mint for not shipping them out faster. I find waiting just under 3 months ( and counting) for the coins more annoying then people talking about them.

  95. jeff says

    Buy your coins and move on. Hey Curt get use to it there has been nothing more intriguing innovative from the mint in many years than the bhof get on board it’s not to late.

  96. Pittsburgh P says

    @Curt just as annoying when people post complaints… Funny that you were talking about the baseball coin by harping about it. If you are that annoyed… it would be a great idea if you just read the articles and moved on. 🙂

  97. Bob R says

    With the mint releasing the last batch of gold HOF now is the time to buy on the secondary market if one wishes to add to his position. I picked up a $5 proof and unc set for $1200 which looking back one year from now will look like a steal.

  98. GoldFishin says

    @Bob R – I have been in the market for more of the $5 as well this week. All OGP from first time coin sellers. I got some really nice ones.

  99. says

    Eagle One,

    It’s not only the appropriate time to retire the Kennedy half after this year’s anniversary issues, it’s time to discontinue minting the half dollar altogether, as it is virtually not used in commerce anymore.

  100. Eagle One says


    True on the circulating aspect. However, the half is a revenue stream for the Mint. It adds weight and bling to the Proof and Mint Sets. Yet, if the Gold Kennedy is the last half dollar ever minted, that is what I call, “Going out in grand style.” It wouldn’t surprise me if it happens.

  101. Ray says

    @GoldFishing, youre right. I always sort from recent to oldest, but for some reason that got reset to the reverse. I was checking those sale amounts from my mobile device.

    So whats the latest known $5 gold proof BHoF order time, for orders that have shipped? Are we on 3/28 orders yet?

  102. says

    Removing a coin from our line up appears to be a simple thing to do, but introducing legislation and achieving a majority vote is probably something Congress would like to avoid as long as we already have coinage in place.

  103. Ray says

    I think the silver Kennedy offering is going to be wildly popular. I just looked at past mintages for all Kennedys and maybe the gold will set a new low, but I could see 500,000 silver sets being sold, which would put those at around the 5th lowest mintage. Personally, I’m looking forward to the reverse proof and enhanced unc.

  104. gary says

    @Dustyroads…The utterly dysfunctional U.S. Congress avoids a great many things, consciously, or not! They are either preoccupied with their own reelections or are otherwise uninterested in coinage.

  105. Clark says

    @Curt–Nice of you to drop in and insult virtually everyone here. It is amusing that the subject of your post was the BHoF topic about which you complain? Get used to it.

  106. Curt Gehm says

    Hmmmm. I am interested in Kennedy half’s .Did I look at the wrong topic? Isn’t “Pricing for 50th Anniversary Kennedy Sets” the actual “Topic” of THIS Thread? I find it utterly amusing and ridiculous that adults still hijack Topics. Sorry if you don’t like that bad behavior being brought to your attention.

  107. SuperDave says

    I agree totally STAY ON TOPIC OR START YOUR OWN DISCUSSION Please have a little courtesy and talk about JFK sets!!! Thanks, ~Dave

  108. GoldFishin says

    @Ray – I also am looking forward to the Reverse proof and Enhanced coin. I think the silver set was well thought out and it should be a good one to have. 500,000 though, I certainly hope not, if so, I will buy one set at the offering and wait a year or so to buy more. At $99.95 which is somewhat reasonable for the what the Mint has put together, doesn’t leave a whole lot of meat on the bone if it is overproduced. I am hoping for no more than 200k or so for a mintage limit with household limits for a specified period of time. I really am hoping they do a good job of packaging the coins also.

  109. says


    You commented that the silver Kennedy offering is going to be wildly popular. I think that may be true with the geriatric (older) coin collectors, but I’m not sure how it will do with the younger collectors who were not around during the Kennedy years. I just don’t see 500,000 being sold.

  110. Bernie in PA says

    Curt Gehm and SuperDave…

    Funny part about your comments is that you brought no insight on the Kennedy coins at all… I don’t comment much here but I thoroughly enjoy the comments regardless of the article and I appreciate the expertise that everyone brings.

    I was sucked into collecting by the BHOF coins – since then I’ve subscribed to the ATB program , and am now intrigued by the Kennedy commemoratives. A lot of my interest has been fueled by this blog – thanks all!

  111. Pittsburgh P says

    @Hawkster I agree with you but feel that the silver JFK sets will still do well… Half a mil well I am not sure. Either way these will be one of the lowest mintage JFKs, gold and silver if there is a max or if its mint to demand. The fed isn’t gonna pump out a few million like others for this one!

    @Bernie in PA I am glad to hear it! Keep collectin and keep comin back… Don’t know what got up Mr. Gehm’s and Superdave’s skirts but like you said they brought nothing to the topic themselves and don’t know the bad behavior dave speaks of. Imo they are the ones displaying rude childlike behavior… They may be from CT – long storied joke if you don’t get that one 🙂

  112. Bernie in PA says

    @ Pitt P – thanks! Lol@ the CT comment… I recall some “friendly” posts from a certain someone there

  113. Bob R says

    I hate to say it but I really don’t think the JFK coins will be worth much as an investment. Years down the road they will be worth about as much as the original mint price IMO. Yes I will buy some just to collect, but as investment no way. I’ll stick with the Gold BHOF for investment growth in the future.

  114. Curt Gehm says

    Ah!!! Now comes the name calling and bullying? People most times lurk for awhile before making comments. You listen and learn and then speak when something is valid and make an observation. I came to this topic to learn about and possibly discuss the Kennedy Program but no comments about the Kennedy Program actually began until the 20th Posting. The Blog itself is wonderful and has the most current information but the comments shared under the Topics by the majority of the Posters ARE NOT ON TOPIC and should be talked elsewhere in the BLOG. IE. Discussing Lincoln Cents under the Topic of Peace Dollars? I would NEVER expect to find comments about those Pennies under the Topic of Silver Dollars. If anyone had anything Valid MOST people wouldn’t be looking under Dollars for Cents and might miss something important…………No need for name calling either!

  115. Don says

    Bob R,

    I kind of agree with you in that the Kennedy offerings, especially the silver sets, are not destined to become good investment vehicles. And yes, the major appeal of the silver offerings will be to have one or two sets as collectibles or personal remembrances of the Kennedy era, without worrying how they will do value wise down the road. The sets will particularly have special meaning to the more mature, eh senior, collectors.
    The future value of the gold Kennedy coin will be tied in with the number sold, which could be interesting. I think most collectors are rooting for a low, stated maximum mintage rather than a mint to demand.

  116. Eagle One says

    I think the Silver sets will come in at 100K or less. The 1998-S matte topped out at 63K.

  117. Curt Gehm says

    I’ve been collecting Franklin & Kennedy halves for years. I collected them primarily because they were/are readily available in excellent condition & grades and because they really are good looking coins. I also love ASE and Gold Eagles and began collecting those in 1986. I will not be purchasing the GOLD KENNEDY because it really doesn’t fit the description of what a Kennedy Half Dollar is. I’m hoping the packaging of the “set” is similar to what the Mint did with the San Francisco & West Point Anniversary ASE sets. I love the idea of a reverse proof kennedy!!!! Can’t wait to see it.

  118. Pittsburgh P says

    @dusty agreed the matte finish JFK was a good investment. Idk if these will be but hope so! I’m in for a gold & a few silver sets & do hope for a max mintage but am not holdin my breath. I’m not a geriatric collector as Hawkster puts it 🙂 and am still very excited for the upcoming release…

    @curt gehm… Name calling and bullying eh lol 🙂

  119. Pittsburgh P says

    @curt – serious question… Why don’t the upcoming gold JFKs fit the description of a Kennedy half?

  120. Curt Gehm says

    I was included in the Mint Survey and prefer the Mint to demand idea. It really allows the little people access to the coins without Dealers gobbling them all up and then sending them out for grading and then turning around and selling them at ridiculous and inflated prices.

  121. Curt Gehm says

    @ Pittsburgh P.

    It is not the same size or composition of ANY Kennedy Half Dollar. I think a better idea would have been that it was made into a separate “Commemorative Coin” I’m sure their are going to be dealers insisting that it needs to be purchased by EVERY Collector to “Complete” their Kennedy Half Collections. NOT!

  122. GoldFishin says

    @Curt – if you click on the “Older Comments” link at the bottom of this page you will go to the first page of comments about this JFK subject. You will see that there was a lot of discussion about this topic before it strayed. It is inevitable that readers will discuss other topics, and if you ever have any questions most people here will help you as much as they can without ridicule. I enjoy the diversity of thought on MNB …. it seems I am always presented with interesting viewpoints that I may not have considered or been aware of. I agree with you about the reverse proof. It is really what I want out of this set, even if I have to purchase it separately.
    To me, more important than “mint to demand” issuance is stricter household limits. The dealers are going to get theirs, you are swimming up a waterfall if you think anything different, but with stricter household limits for the first week, or even 30 days, would make it about as fair as you will get.

  123. MarkInFlorida says

    Hey did the platinum proof get kicked out of the schedule and replaced by the first spouses? (Sorry Curt.)

  124. Brice says

    @Curt – I too did the survey and must disagree. Limit the sets (all coins). Then limit the sales @ 1 each household limits for 4 weeks.
    That affords all the opportunity to purchase at least 1 of each desired before the big guys buy them up.

  125. jeff says

    Curt, we talk relevant topics not always what the host has posted . As you can tell the Kennedy topic is not of much relevance when your looking at least several months before any significant shipments will begin. What is relevant still is the bhof coins so in a couple of months many more discussion on the Kennedy but from my prospective it’s the bhof my opinion welcome to the blog.

  126. Bob R says

    I think the mint will produce silver sets and gold to order. Noteworthy thing about this, JFK was one of the most popular presidents of the 20th century. He is no baseball player, no general, he was the 35th president of the United Stated of America and assassinated while in office. The mint should give every person the opportunity to purchase any and all coins from this 50 year anniversary. I believe they will follow thorough, after all it is Camelot.

  127. Bob R says

    I believe the mint should produce silver and gold Kennedy to demand for respect of the president, I think the mint understands and will do so, not worrying about flippers profits but more for the general public. Everyone should have the opportunity for these coins.

  128. Curt Gehm says

    I feel limiting the sets to 1 will create an early false increased market pricing . Dealers will use that initial limited quantity to their avail and charge ridiculous prices for those coins .People will buy them early only to be disappointed when prices slide back into reality when the secondary release occurs .. I say allow everyone to order and get what they want within a 30 day period. I will order(4) Silver sets and (4) 2 Coin Sets. Dealers will order hundreds if not thousands, send them out for grading and then sit on them. All Proof 70’s and Unc. 68’s. Some will even find their way onto late night TV. 😉

  129. says

    curt, The upcoming half releases are not much of a departure from the other Kennedy releases except for the 5% reduction of the presidential seal and the higher relief, which I personally feel will make the coins beautiful. Sure, the compositional change to gold is extreme, but we have seen composition changes already, and surface changes seem to be a welcomed addition. I feel that the integrity of the design should still be intact, of course we haven’t seen one yet, but I’m guessing it will compare fairly well. BTW, you should find coin collectors, especially the ones here more than adequate to follow blog thread etiquette, but this is the thread, and those commenting are not affiliated with the writer or the blog.

  130. Peter says

    Speaking of Presidents (as in JFK) even in the debates the candidates often wander off topic until the moderator can reel them back in. This is a discussion board, so all the grumpy guys (and gals?) who post about the off topic posts should lighten up. Variety is what makes a discussion interesting anyway.

  131. Curt Gehm says

    The Kennedy Half IS still available in MOST Banks and can be purchased by Rolls. Sold rolls are re-ordered by the Branch Managers.It’s amazing to still find Kennedy’s with Silver Content available at face value . It’s an excellent way to supplement your other collection habits. I’ve sent plenty of 65″,66″ and 67’s for certification and many have come back as MS 67. The rest are sold for their silver value.

  132. GoldFishin says

    @Curt – This is the problem with “mint to demand” without household limits. The US Mint only produces a certain number of coins that they feel certain will sell in the beginning of an issuance. They don’t produce the entire mintage, not even close to it. In a Mint to Demand scenario without household limits the dealers buy up the entire amount of the available mintage in a matter of hours, if not less. Then all the real collector base sits helplessly by for months waiting for their orders to be filled while the dealers make hay selling all the available inventory at artificially inflated prices. I have been involved with too many popular offerings for which I couldn’t place my order in the first hour window and it was 3 or 4 months down the road before I could even get my coins, if I was lucky. If you place household limits that are reasonable, that somewhat restrict the retailers from buying up all the available inventory in the first day, it allows a much fairer distribution and as importantly fairer fulfillment of orders.
    Then later, after a week or 30 days, whatever, let the big boys buy all they want and they will be waiting for 3 or 4 months along with the rest of the collector base that want to purchase more than the household limit. I am not in favor of a limit of 1 myself, I think on this set a limit of 5, 10, or something like that is sufficient to allow for more equal distribution of the available inventory. And keep in mind, household limits do not prevent a person from ordering all they want once the household limit is removed. It just allows everyone to receive something sooner, rather than later. JMHO

  133. Sith says

    @Curt – First you may feel that the gold coin is a “facsimile of a Kennedy Half Dollar,” but IMHO I feel your in the minority, and your collection will suffer especially if you decide to sell it. Then again who knows, but I don’t see how someone who collects Kennedy’s would take such a hard line against the gold coin. IE saying you will not buy it because it does not fit your description of a “true” Kennedy Half Dollar is like certain people in the blog calling the BHOF coin a circus coin. Regardless of how you feel the US Mint is selling it as a 50 cent piece with a .999 gold composition, this it is a 50 cent piece, regardless of your personal feelings against it.

  134. Curt Gehm says

    @ GoldFishin

    I really don’t care how long my waiting time is for delivery or what dealers could charge once I would know the quantity I ordered will be produced FOR ME as long as my ordered quantity was received by the Mint within the set 30 day time limit . It worked great for REAL collectors of the ASE San Francisco sets and Westpoint ASE sets. This idea works very well and IMHO should be extended to other current Mint Issues like the regular ASE issues and annual Proof sets and annual Silver Proof sets. Hey! if people get impatient let them CANCEL.. The Mint can always have other people on back order.

  135. Curt Gehm says

    @ Sith

    Like I said, it will not look like a Kennedy Half and will not feel like a Kennedy Half. I don’t think the overall value of my Kennedy Half Dollar collection will suffer because of it’s absence. I use to collect US Stamps and Great Britain (Queen Elizabeth 2) and ALL her Colonies. Little by little all the engraved and printed artwork disappeared and was replaced with photographic imagery. Small Countries like Bhutan even issued High Value 3D stamps and stamps that replicated LP records that were playable. I see gimmicks in other Country Coinage and can only hope the US doesn’t follow suit. Personally, I don’t think the Kennedy Coinage should have been messed with by adding a Gold Coin. It will never be accepted as a true example of the existing series and if Jackie Kennedy was alive she’d be pissed! Wonder how Caroline feels or if she was even consulted?

  136. VA Rich says

    The attendance at the Nationals game yesterday was ~39,400 people, I think they’re was 39,399 people there that still have no clue about the BHoFs. The souvenir/memorabilia stores were packed, and that’s after everyone made the mad pre-game dash to buy $9 beers and $13 sandwiches, though no sign of silver or clad BHoFs, not that you’d really expect to see them by the various vendors. I asked some guys while standing in the beer line (several times ;), if they had heard anything about “this curved silver BHoF coin that just came out and where I can find one” – I got a look back of intrigue, and “what in the hell are you talking about.”

    I have always thought the future potential of gold and silver BHoF is tied to how well word spreads throughout the baseball community this year. While there was some initial sports articles regarding the new domed baseball coin, that was in the dead of winter, and I give credit to the mint for making a couple baseball games to promote the coins. Otherwise, that’s all I’ve seen and nothing out the HoF. I’m glad to see the HoF getting into the action with Youth Collectors set, perhaps that will increase the awareness of these unique beautifies.

    In my opinion, the mint COULD sell out of the clads, but it would require the HoF to run an advertisement or two marketing the BHoFs once the playoffs commence and the mint needs to set up kiosk at the game with promotional giveaways (free bag, or free clad with a purchase of 2 CR coins) put up on the big board during the game. In all seriousness, I question whether word on the BHoFs has really spread to the extent that I would have thought at this stage (by the lack of promo activities, not inquiring while standing in a beer line).

  137. thePhelps says

    @Curt… I think you are off the mark on the mint to demand. Since you are commenting on this blog, you obviously will know the exact date – time – and mintage limits of the Kennedy release and should have no problem getting your order in. Very few here missed out on the BHoF coins even with mintage and household limits. The value after the release should also be something you should be concerned with – and your examples of the ASE – is exactly why most see mint to demand as a big resellers dream and a collectors worse enemy. Those offerings were mint to demand – the resellers bought pallets of them and flooded the market with over inflated prices for months – while the average collector wait for their coins. This created an artificial market price for months that the large resellers enjoyed profits from all the time deflating the actual collectors set value in the long run and practically destroying any hopes the coins are going to be value added collectibles. Sure they are nice – but – will they be worth more than you paid for them? I’d suggest only if silver increases in value.

    The threads last year regarding the 2013 ASE set – went downhill while we waited for our coins. We watched the truck loads of coins being unloaded repackaged and sold for inflated prices – time and time again – and we waited for our 1st day order to ship…and waited and waited. Many cancelled their orders as time went by – seeing exactly how little value the coins would hold – and most can purchase the coins today at near the release price – often already graded.

    The other side of that is the mintage limits – which were implemented for the BHoF coins. As mentioned they were not sold in pallets to the large resellers – and an astute buyer filled out their collection on the first day they were sold – being informed here with minute by minute updates on the selling process. The excitement for the coins has increased and it appears the market value will also hold fairly well after the entire set is shipped. That is a collectors hope when adding a coin they seek to their collection. (IMO)

  138. VA Rich says

    Jeff – you’re being too kind partner! Once the mint announces mint-to-demand for the JKF’s, we’ll be back here chatting BHoFs 24/7! lol

    Oh, and $1 UNCs have just pushed out to – Exp Ship: 7/31/14

  139. thePhelps says

    @VA Rich… I think the mint is riding the saddle they have on the BHoF coins. They have no need to push the clad coins – they can already say the offering was wildly successful and move on to the Kennedy’s. Lets face it the clad halves are the least collectible of the set. While they may be unique – the average person already ignores the half anyway – and $20 50 cent pieces probably aren’t going to move up into I gotta have it range anytime soon.

  140. Sith says

    @curt – I’m not here to argue with you, it’s your collection, but your the only person who feels that the coin is a gimmick. Personally I don’t care but wanted to see why you felt that way. IMHO you are coming across as another arrogant “true” collector, maybe your message would have been better received ( by me at least) if you had not started out by telling people on the board they were annoying…

  141. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    500,000 JFK sets? If less than 444,000 are sold the KEY DATE 2012S PF silver JFK will go down in price,
    since it will no longer be the #2 key date (behind the 1998S Matte at 62,000). This could get interesting.

  142. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Although the dates “2011” and especially “2013” look the coolest on the Kennedy.

  143. Pittsburgh P says

    VaRich I just got my email pushin the BHoF to 7/31 also… Clads to 7/7. Really can’t understand the delay now.

  144. VA Rich says

    Pitt – I can understand all the Proof Clads being delayed to support build up of the Youth Collectors set, but yes, I’m with you, what’s up with the continual delays? If we’re pressing 20 hours a day, something isn’t going as well as planned…

  145. fmtransmitter says

    I think the coins are made and they are waiting on the packaging AGAIN and the switch over to the new company…

  146. fmtransmitter says

    @VARich: I asked some guys while standing in the beer line (several times 😉
    How many beers you buy bro???? lol

  147. VA Rich says

    FM – it was really hot out, lost count! ;7

    My bad, not the Proof clad for the set, so that doesn’t explain why they’re not shipping either.

  148. says

    I think the discussions between commenters in regard to the merit of purchasing a gold Kennedy boils down to differences in opinions as who or what should be portrayed on U.S. Gold coins. I am only interested in gold coins which have the classic, iconic images: gold eagles and gold buffaloes. I have never bought any other type of gold coin, and this will be why I am passing on the Kennedy.

  149. says

    90+% of baseball fans still know nothing about the BHOF coins. Nothing. At current pace of sales the Clad may not sell as many as the Silvers. I still believe MLB and the HOF will step in at SOME point and buy up the remaining Clads. I do not see a downside to either party. The HOF will receive $5 per coin and MLB will get foot traffic for free. For either MLB or the HOF to step in and buy the coins 2 things must happen:
    1. House hold limits must be lifted
    2 (Most Important) They have to have a product in HAND to sell. They can not sell a coin that they don’t have in hand and selling coins at the Civil Rights Game and selling Clads at shows so people can walk in off the street and purchase while people placing orders 3 months ago are still waiting…..just does not work for me….

  150. Jon in CT says

    The JFK half dollar has proved to be a massive failure — right up there alongside clad dollar coins. It’s baffling why the Mint would want to create all this commotion about the anniversary of a coin which is so despised and loathed by the American public that it can’t even stay in circulation. I can barely contain my excitement while waiting to see what the Mint has planned for next year to honor the 15th anniversary of the Sacagawea dollar. 🙄

  151. Dave says

    Here’s what I’d like to see on the Kennedy special coins for the first batch struck.
    1) Start taking orders TODAY.
    2) limit 1 of each product per household until first shipment date or sellout of first batch
    3) ship ALL orders of first batch on the same day
    4) no show sales before first shipment

    Continue to take orders under the household limit to determine demand for second striking.
    Fill second striking as above, then open ordering without limit.

    I know – it will never happen (as with everything governmental, big money makes the rules. The rest of you be damned.)

  152. Clark says

    VaRich–Thanks for the intel from the baseball game. The mint may have better marketed and gained more publicity for other coins, but I can’t recall a more hyped and publicized release than our beloved BHoFs. I am beginning to believe that the average baseball fan, unlike the average coin collector, isn’t drawn to a curved gold baseball coin or a $23 fifty cent baseball piece. Perhaps NGC and PCGS knew this and tried to reach baseball fans with their HOF player labels. Although not a perfect comparison, it would be interesting to know if the mint’s Jackie Robinson series appealed more to baseball fans than to collectors. My money is on the collectors, but I’d love to be wrong about this.

  153. says


    I think you are right. Even if the HOF half dollars were made available in major and minor league gift shops, the average fan will pass them up and head toward the team appararel–hats, shirts, etc. I always get a kick out of adults wearing team jerseys with a player’s name on the back. There are sure a lot of Derek Jeters, David Wrights, and other star players sitting in the stands.
    These same adults, who must fantasize that they major leaguers, high five everyone around them when their team scores or makes a good play–as if they had something to do with what takes place on the field.

  154. Wes says

    Kennedy half dollar was a very popular coin. I think the reason it isn’t in circulation is because those that got them in change would hoard them. Kennedy still remains a popular President. This set may not sell 250,000 if most people don’t know about them. I also preferred the method used for the 25th Anniversary ASE set. I got mt sets ordered and received them sooner than the baseball HOF coins I am still waiting for or the 2012 and 2013 ASE sets. The dealers were offering double what I paid for the sets right away. Now the dealers get them grade them and resale them before the average collector gets the coins.

  155. VA Bob says

    The JFK half’s were popular when they had silver content, and that’s why they were hoarded. When they switched to clad they had roughly the same popularity as Ike dollars. They may again be popular, but it will take their removal from minting in order to happen, just as Ike’s and to a lesser degree SBA dollars have seen a small renaissance in popularity. Both are still numerous as to not be impossible to put a set together.

  156. CW says

    It sure would be nice if people would talk about the topic at hand and not about ‘their’ BHOF order. Yawn. Get over yourselves! I think $25 per coin is pushing it for the Kennedy’s.

  157. says

    @sharks2th, I went to the Mint web site and found nothing under the up coming products for sale about the gold Kennedy half dollar, so I came back to your comments on this blog and YES, that date is there (August 5th) where President Kennedys history is written! Funny it isn’t listed under NEW PRODUCTS to be released! I am looking forward to the new Kennedy products, especially the silver set!

    CW Yes, maybe we should get over the BHOF coins and we would if they would send us what we ordered way back when! I placed an order the first day the first few minutes and I ordered conservatively, but when the coins came my family had quite an interest in them (mostly the grand kids) and so I placed another order for more of the clad ones. Several grand kids play baseball and thought what nice gifts for friends, I ordered a dozen more (clads). I guess they will enjoy them next year when baseball season rolls around but the hype was awhile back! Oh, well, win some and lose some!

    I guess you got all you wanted or aren’t a baseball fan!!! Looking forward to Kennedy coins and hoping we get them THIS YEAR!

  158. sharks2th says

    @2 Yes I agree the mint is not doing a good job in maintaining the upcoming products page. They kept the 2013 listings on there almost half of the way into this year. A couple of years ago they projected most of the year’s release dates early in the year. It sure helps in budgeting when you can plan for the costs of some of these special issues early in the year.

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