Pricing for Baseball Hall of Fame Curved Coins

baseball-hofThe United States Mint has released details on the pricing for the upcoming National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins. Available in proof or uncirculated versions, the $5 gold coins, silver dollars, and clad half dollars are scheduled to go on sale next week, Thursday, March 27, 2014.

The $5 gold coins, which will be limited to a maximum mintage of 50,000 pieces across all product options, will be priced based on the same grid utilized for the 2013 commemorative coins. As with other numismatic gold products, pricing for the coins will be established based on the average market price of gold for the prior weekly period. The price will be subject to potential change on a weekly basis.

If the average price of gold for the coming week remains within the $1,300 to $1,349.99 range, then the uncirculated version of the coin would be priced at $419.75 and the proof version would be priced at $424.75. These prices reflect a $5 discount available during the introductory period.

The silver dollars are limited to a mintage of 400,000 across all product options. Under introductory pricing the uncirculated version of the coin will be $47.95 and the proof version will be $51.95. After the conclusion of the introductory period on April 28, regular pricing of $52.95 for the uncirculated and $56.95 for the proof coins will go into effect.

These prices are slightly higher compared to the 2014 Civil Rights Act of 1964 Silver Dollars released earlier this year. Price levels for the earlier program were $3 less per uncirculated coin and $2 less per proof coin.

The Baseball Hall of Fame clad Half Dollars will be limited to a mintage of 750,000 pieces and carry introductory pricing of $18.95 for the uncirculated version and $19.95 for the proof version. After the introductory period, regular prices will be $22.95 for uncirculated and $23.95 for proof coins.

These prices reflect an increase of $2 per coin compared to the price levels for last year’s 2013 5-Star Generals clad Half Dollars.

The prices above include a surcharge of $35 per gold coin, $10 per silver dollar, and $5 per half dollar, which will be distributable to the National Baseball Hall of Fame to help finance its operations.

Additional coverage and commentary on the 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins will be provided ahead of the release date.

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  1. Dave says

    Howard is correct. The coins have NO special effect. It IS the TRAY which the coins are held in ( only on one side ) . All coins have mirrored fields on BOTH SISES. I cracked the case on one of my sets as it was driving me crazy (OK, I am sure some of you think I was crazy to begin with )

    Now my question to the Mint QC team ( does such an animal exist?) is “did NO ONE notice the appearance difference? Given the silly smudge note, someone there should realize that we are buying COINS, not their cardboard packaging!

    All ‘ya all bloggers, you have my apology. I did not intend to stir a hornet’s nest.

    And, yet once again, the US Mint disappoints with QC and communication. If anyone there is paying attention, please look CLOSELY when you change packaging methods. This coin holder sleeve was NOT used on the 2012 LESPS, SO YOU SHOULD HAVE AT LEAST WONDERED IF IT WOULD HAVE AN EFFECT !

  2. Sith says

    @Gary – I’m not sure about the first day but a sellout in 48 hours is just about guaranteed. Then add that with the no household limit on the silver version means the new Mint website will get its first real test.

  3. Louis says

    If anyone wants the 10th anniv. Tiffany Dresden coin, Downies has a terrific deal on it at hundreds less than e-Bay and dealer prices. Sorry to be off topic.

  4. Ikaika says

    @ Louis

    You are correct. I purchased one earlier from Downies. But will pass on the 1K version which has a price of almost $10K.

  5. Eddie says

    Is the HOF gold coin an onuce or how much gold is in it. I thought it would be a 1oz coin.

  6. Louis says

    @Ikaika- I agree, the 1 kilo coin is way overpriced, but the 2 oz piece is a steal and won’t last. Plus they won’t hit your funds til it ships. I am sure some will order and then do a pre-order sale before they get it and make some money.

  7. Ikaika says

    @ Louis

    The Tiffany Dresden from Downies is the only one of the series that I can actually afford. The others have been selling from $500 +. I did not notice the series until later. Will have at least one to look at 🙂

  8. ClevelandRocks says

    The UNC gold baseball will have well over 10,000 sold, so yes a premium may happen, but with so many sub-10,000ers out there, doubt it will be a lot.
    At the end of the day, this is circus coinage, and the Mint needs to be careful they don’t go the way of the RCM/Franklin Mint.

  9. says

    All taken together, the total price for every piece in the set is a bit under a thousand ($983.30) if we don’t have a big jump in the price of gold. I am hoping they will have sets where some of these coins are packaged together to help. A six coin set would be especially nice, but they’ve never done anything like that before.

    I think a first day sellout of all the gold pieces is extremely unlikely, though I certainly plan to order as soon as I can to avoid having to wait for months to have my order delivered. I do think, given the hype building around these pieces, that we’re going to see very high traffic on the Mint’s website.

  10. Eddie says

    That is so very true.
    One more question who decided on the drawings for the presidents coins? I mean no disrespect but did they not see what we saw when they were looking at them or did they leave their glasses in the car that day?
    Could someone that is over all of that not say we need to start all over on these because these just don’t measure up to our requirements?

  11. Eddie says

    I wished the Mint would at least do a four piece silver coin set for the ones (like me) who won’t be able to afford the six piece coin set with the gold coins. Make a 4 piece and a 6 piece set.But I know we all will have to buy all the coins individually.

  12. says

    In reply to a FB question on the US Mint FB page that asked “Will the coins be sold as a proof set of three coins like you did with the five star generals last year?”
    This is the Mint reply: “The coins will only be sold individually. We will also offer a Young Collectors Set which will have the uncirculated clad half-dollar in it.”

  13. Dustyroads says

    The price is still too high for these commemoratives to be gone as fast as some of you guys are thinking they will be.
    BUT BY ALL MEANS you should get in there early ( 11:59:45 ) and do you best to beat the flippers.
    I for one am hoping that there is no favoritism BS happening at the US MINT, but you know they pretty much do whatever they want there! Good luck- and KA!

  14. Howard says

    Dave, sorry about this but it is not the outside plastic sleeve but inside, there
    is a plastic holder that distorts the proof finish. No question about it.

  15. high low silver says

    Brian: If you want one..get it….if not..
    ……don’t. I just can’t see it in MY future…

  16. Don says

    I know that you are wishing that the Mint would do a four-piece HOF silver coin set. That is not possible, since only two silver dollars are being offered: a proof version and an uncirculated version. The two half dollars are clad, not silver.

  17. Don says

    I’m wondering if the Mint would be so gracious as to supply the Hall of Fame with the names and mailing addresses of the purchasers of these commemoratives. By doing this, the HOF could individually acknowledge our contributions, through the surcharges, to their private organization.

  18. Sith says

    @ Dusty – First day sales of the Reverse Proof Gold Buffalo was at 21,009 at $1,640 a pop with no mintage limit. Now imagine a totally unique coin and (so far) a one of a kind coin from the mint with a stated low mintage of 50K for only $441.90, it’s going to be a bloodbath.

  19. Sith says

    then add that its being advertised in the news, and its a popular subject after all Baseball is America’s pass time.

  20. Eddie says

    @Don I’m sorry what I meant was a set of the dollar coins and a set of the half dollar coins in a set together. My mind just stopped thinking at that moment.I know the halves are clad.

  21. Eddie says

    @Sith a lot of people don’t even know you can order stuff from the mint. Case in point they would not be bidding on over priced coins from ebay when they are still available from the Mint.
    But I also think it will be a very busy day at the Mint.

  22. Sith says

    Sorry make that about $424 for the proof and $419 for the uncirculated version at the current spot price…to compare bullion is selling at about $380 for a 1/4 oz

  23. Sith says

    @Eddie – Well shall see everyone had a few sellouts wrong, but if you consider that the 25th Anniversary ASE Set sold out in under 5 hours, and it had a household limit and double the mintage, and it was only about $120 cheaper… it does not take much imagination to see this bad boy going in under 24.

  24. Dustyroads says

    Sith, Not a good comparison. We are talking about a 22 k .24 oz. over priced coin with a falling AU market at the moment. I promise you I’m taking a “wait and see” attitude though, and always reserve a place in my thinking for the remarkable to happen. But I think it’s more realistic that a curved uniqueness can only enhance sells and not create an event that is so spectacular that we all jump on board. Some will not be impressed.
    Price is too high.
    If we had stable AU prices in the pre-2008 range then I could see a sell out, but just to be on the safe side I’ll be early!

  25. Dustyroads says

    Eddie, I think the reason why a lot of people will buy from Ebay and not from the Mint is because, and this is just me thinking out loud, people in general have a difficult time focusing on a broad picture and see more narrowly in their buying habits. Maybe it takes a little time for some people to look beyond Ebay.

  26. Dustyroads says

    Sith, You know what a 100,000 mintage AGE means, and there were two in the set at that mintage. Of course it’s going to sell out in four and a half hours!

  27. SilverFan says

    The $5 gold modern commemoratives have .24187 ounces of gold…close to 1/4 ounce but not quite.

  28. Wes says

    I don’t think any US mint coin has sold out it’s first day since the ASE 25th anniversary set. Am I wrong?

  29. Jeff says

    Does anyone know if the mint mark (P,D,S,W) will present on these coins ? That would make these really special imo..

  30. Larry says

    Where does it say there are no household limits? I can’t find it on the mint’s website.

  31. KEITHSTER says

    Click on any one of the coins states it there man did I blow the pre-price but will still wait on the unc-halves and get them in the kids set should have the lower mintage ala packageing will join the fight for gold though Good luck All:>:>:>

  32. Tom says

    In looking at picture of particulaly the ms coins the glove seems
    to have a stange texture or finish, it almost make the glove appear
    to be made of cloth or canvas instead of leather.

    I tend to like the ms coins better, but the proof looks better for this coin.

    The mint outta advertise the series in opening day baseball programs.

  33. Sith says

    @Larry – They would only mention house hold limits if their was one. You will not find what they don’t have.

    @Dustyroads – They are all over priced coins, for the record I don’t think they will sellout in 24 but I think they will within 48. I don’t get the buzz with this coin like the other coins that sold out quickly but neither can I ignore its potential, and the drop in PMs that you consider a negative I consider it a positive as it makes them more affordable. I will be in line for the silver version, and depending on fiances I will pick up the gold one

  34. Dustyroads says

    KEITHSTER, Man, I never thought of that, the kids sets may be only be a few thousand!
    That means they will be worth a fortune!! This is the best day of my life!!!

  35. VA Rich says

    Anyone a tax consultant or CPA? Are surcharges deductible on our taxes?

    We receive value in the form of what is paid for the metal and the premuim for the manufacture of the coin.., we receive nothing in return for the surcharge.., deductible?

  36. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Wes – No first day sell-outs since the 2011 ASE Anny Set w/ 100K units, but you need to keep in mind that, after that fiasco, the Mint implemented the Ordering Window and Mint-to-Demand processes for any products that had any level of interest.

    @ 50K gold coins across all product options and no household limits, I really think the Retail / TPG Giants and us normal folk will claim all 50K in the first 4 hours. The waiting room will activate on the 27th!

  37. Dustyroads says

    Sith, When prices are falling, buyers don’t know how far they will fall, and therefore don’t want to overspend.
    When PM’s are rising in price, buyers feel like they will be getting a better deal, so they are more ready to buy.

  38. Dustyroads says

    HOF is separate from the league, but did you know that the privately owned organizations actually have tax free statuses.

  39. Don says

    In regard the packaging for the HOF coins: In addition to the Certificate of Authenticity from the Mint, will there also be a form letter from the Hall of Fame thanking us, as buyers of these commemoratives, for the donations we are making to their “non-profit”, private enterprise?

  40. Ray says

    IS this a 28/30 day sale or is this going to be for sale until they sell out, or 2015? I thought I read this would be sold like last years ASE set.

  41. Sith says

    @Dustyroads – Your talking like prices are still falling. I believe the current low was in November, and the current decrease in price just stopped another mint increase. Thank you for the link I did not know they had the product page out, which has the household limit

    @Larry – See Dustyroads URL

  42. Dustyroads says

    Ray, You may be thinking of the gold Kennedy which has been written of as selling within a limited time frame, or made to order just like the ASE sets have been sold.

  43. Sith says

    @Ray – They will be on sale until December or they sell out. The $5 discount is for the first 28/30 days. PERIOD FOR ISSUANCE
    .—The Secretary may issue coins minted under this Act only during the 1-year period beginning on January 1, 2014.

  44. whitelightning says

    I have been collecting $5 commems since 1986 with the Statue of Liberty, though not a $5 gold commem. the $10 Gold and Platinum 2000 Library of Congress is an awsome coin. But my prize is the 1997 Jackie Robinson. I think this coin with a buy and hold will be in the $1700 range like the Robinson.

  45. Dustyroads says

    Sith, It’s really hard to say where AU is headed, there’s so much speculation.
    It’s easier to look at the facts.
    Fed chairman Janet Yellen spoke today at the FOMC meeting and said that the Fed will continue to tapper, and that the Fed had decided not to use the unemployment rate or GDP as trigger points, then went on to say they would use long term treasury yields (keeping interest rates low ) as their point of interest staying quite dovish to the markets.This action put a floor under the AU price somewhere not far off from where we are now. The thing we have to figure out is how much downward pressure is on AU, not taking into consideration the speculation that will show up in the up an down volatility of the metal.

    If the markets fail to price in a Fed tapper, then all bets are off and AU will be off to the races. It’s easy to look at charts that suggest a coming stock market crash in the near future. The fact of the mater is we ARE in uncharted waters with this QE action.

  46. Dustyroads says

    Whitelightning, Being that you have purchased so many of the 1/4 oz. gold commemoratives over the years, have you had any reservation about continuing buying them now that they are no longer being sold at the much less expensive prices?
    Have you had second thoughts about your purchasing these coins since 2011?

  47. Dustyroads says

    Sith, We may have a floor under AU price now for the time being, it looks pretty solid due to economic environment and military conflict. Although if you look at the long term trend for AU, it would suggest that we may have to keep an eye on 1273 and if AU dips below it. That may suggest downward pressure is prevailing.
    If AU is going to continue it’s present rise, then we should expect it to break 1400.

  48. Hidalgo says

    In case anyone is interested, my order for the 2013 Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles set shipped to my home yesterday. I’m sure that we’ll be seeing certified medals in the near future….

  49. Brian says

    Ray – you aren’t crazy. There was an article (Coin World? Coin Week?) where they talked about the possibility of making this a 30 day ordering period, but I guess they decided against that.

    That was probably a smart decision, because for the clad coins there is no way they are going to sell out of 750,000. But they will sell a lot more by offering it all year compared to just 30 days. And I would think those are high profit margin items.

  50. ClevelandRocks says

    @Dusty: Basically if gold falls it will be down and if it rises, it will be up.
    Personally, I think it will be over $1500 by year end, unless gas/gallon falls a lot.

  51. Sith says

    @Dustyroads – No argument but the only question about the spot price is will it affect the price for the release. IMHO a lower gold price is bad for “paper gold investments but it great for buying physical gold, especially when you don’t have the luxery of waiting a few month for even lower prices. IE the price of gold is low but above its low if your buying bullion what is your hurry if you think the price is going down, if you want the HOF coin can you afford to wait that long?

    But anyway stated here before the main question is demand, are the bullion dealers and flippers chopping at the bit to get this coin. That will be initial demand, with the secondary demand determined by the public. I have no idea on initial demand, since there are no household limits the bullion dealers don’t need to advertise their willingness to pay, and the flippers are either silent or gone on this blog

  52. Sith says

    But one thing to be sure if as Eddie stated most people don’t know they can buy from the Mint directly the bullion dealers flippers will be chopping at the bit.

  53. GMS says

    A little off topic but what is the difference between a dealer and a flipper? Also, what do we want to refer to someone as who is a collector and a dealer/flipper? Should be an interesting year for mint products. Happy Spring!

  54. Dustyroads says

    Samuel, Looks like a nice book.

    Eddie, Sorry for not responding to your question about me being a fan of KA.
    I’m not sure what you were referring to, but I meant Kick A$$ (on opening day).

  55. Eddie says

    Off Topic some what but:
    If you could only get one of the gold HOF coin which one would it be the Proof or UNC? If you don’t mind why?
    I like the looks of both of them but I have always leaned toward the UNC for some reason.The only reason I like the Proof is it details the letters.

  56. stephen m says

    I like the gold $5 proof over the unc. Anybody have a preference over one or the other and why?

  57. stephen m says

    Eddie, we must have been typing and posting at the same time. I have favored the proof ASE and think this coin looks better in proof. It’s more of an eye catcher to me. I plan on getting one if I can before the 4 hour sellout?

  58. Wes says

    VABEACHBUM, thanks I thought so. That one sold out in 4or 5 hours. They implemented those changes after the 2011 ASE 25th but I still don’t think the interest ever reached that level again by private collectors. Since then the dealers have put in large orders and the mint has put individual collectors to the back of the line.

  59. Eddie says

    I think if this was just a regular coin it would be a while before any kind of a see out. But since we are talking about the very first curved coin minted people are going to want to get this to be a part of history so to speak.
    I wished it had of been a regular coin that got this treatment. It would have made it more important.

  60. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Wes – Had either the 2012 SF or the 2013 WP sets had been sold using a “fixed mintage below the market saturation of 200K units” and “until sold out,” I think the level of interest and resultant demand would have been vastly different on their first days of sale. As it was, the initial rush was due to the Retailers / TPG maniacs vying for those FS and ER revenue opportunities.

    @ Eddie – Keep in mind that these will be the first curved (domed) coins issued by the US Mint but, still, a great first. The Royal Australian Mint opened up this market in 2012 with their “Southern Skies – Crux” coin containing one full troy ounce of 0.999 Silver.

  61. Eddie says

    Why is it the gold proof has the threads of the baseball proof like and the silver one and the clad Proof does not?
    Has anyone one also noticed this?
    Why would they have only the gold proof with the threads also proof like and not any of the others?

  62. A&L Futures says

    United States Mint New feedback that indicates extremely strong demand for the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins. In order to satisfy all customers, we will impose new household ordering limits. The coins go on sale at noon Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) March 27.

    The household order limits are:
    • Proof and Uncirculated $5 Gold Coins – 50 coins each
    • Proof and Uncirculated Silver Dollars – 100 coins each
    • Proof and Uncirculated Clad Half-Dollars – 100 coins each

  63. TJC says

    This particular coin, specifically the $5 and $1 Gold, will only be 90% gold and right under 1/4 of an ounce each. In your oponion (anyone), do you think this is a good investment-strictly from the standpoint of buying and selling later?

  64. TMMSR says

    My order at the US Mint was SMOOTH, SMOOTH, SMOOTH. Under 2 minutes from entering the waiting room to placing my order. Good job US Mint!

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