Pricing for the 2018 Breast Cancer Awareness Commemorative Coin Program

The United States Mint is announcing pricing for the 2018 Breast Cancer Awareness Commemorative Coin Program as follows:


Introductory Price

Regular Price

Silver Proof



Silver Uncirculated



Clad Proof



Clad Uncirculated



Products containing gold coins will be priced according to the Pricing of Numismatic and Commemorative Gold and Platinum Products Grid.

The designs were created by Emily Damstra, a member of the United States Mint’s Artistic Infusion Program, and will be featured on a clad coin, a silver coin, and the nation’s first-ever pink-hued gold coin. The three-coin program is authorized by Public Law 114-148, the Breast Cancer Awareness Commemorative Coin Act, in recognition of America’s fight against breast cancer.

Hover to zoom.

Damstra’s common obverse design features two women. The older woman has her hands on her chest and a relieved expression on her face. The younger woman, with a scarf on her head, holds one hand over her chest and the other raised in a fist as if she is ready to fight. A butterfly flies above the two women. Inscriptions are LIBERTY, 2018, and IN GOD WE TRUST. United States Mint sculptor-engraver Phebe Hemphill sculpted the design.

Silver coin reverse design.

Damstra’s reverse design depicts a tiger swallowtail butterfly in flight, a symbol of hope. Inscriptions include United States of America, E Pluribus Unum, Breast Cancer Awareness, and the respective denomination of each coin—Five Dollars for the gold coin, One Dollar for the silver coin, and Half Dollar for the clad coin. United States Mint sculptor-engraver Renata Gordon sculpted the design.

As authorized by the law, surcharges collected from coin sales are authorized to be paid to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation for the purpose of furthering breast cancer research funded by the Foundation.

For further information, please contact Rosa Matos, program manager for numismatic and bullion; United States Start Printed Page 4402Mint; 801 9th Street NW, Washington, DC 20220; or call 202-354-7500. The full PDF document may be viewed here.

Press release courtesy of the United States Mint.

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  1. KEITHSTER says

    Tuff Ti_ _ _ _ and a tuff price but what you going to do? And they are pink!! Good cause and most known someone that had to deal with this cr_ _ !!Buy early buy often and Good Luck All”>”>”>”>”><"<"<"<"<"

  2. earthling says

    Shoulda been just a Coin for Breasts and our Love/ Worship Admiration of them. Why call attention to unhealthy diseased Breasts?

    There is so much more love for a strong but tender healthy Breast than there is sorrow for a disfigured diseased Cancerous Breast.


  3. Ernesto says

    Has anyone read anything in regards to whether this will be the first modern commemorative that will be made with 99% silver planchets

  4. Jerry Diekmann says

    I hope this issue will sell well enough so that a decent amount of the surcharges can go to support medical science’s efforts to save more women from this dreaded disease. I think the design has been well done, which should help sales.

  5. Jerry Diekmann says

    Would just like to add, although I would like to see this coin become successful, I won’t be helping it by buying the overpriced pink gold gimmick coins. I’ll just stay with the lower priced silver dollar and clad half dollar. After all, the designs are the same on all three coins.

  6. Jerry Diekmann says

    Hope some jerk doesn’t suggest now a coin for Peyrone’s disease. Never heard about it until last month; maybe Trump had something to do with making it more well known. God only knows what is going on in the White House nowadays (and God is too ashamed to tell the rest of us what He knows).

  7. Joe says

    Hey Jerry Diekmann, you should be more concerned on what happened in the Whitehouse the 8 years O’bama was in office. If the current news doesn’t make that fact obvious to you then your denying the truth. Get your head out of the sand.

  8. Barry says

    OT- SD bullion is selling the silver BU Krugerrand ( with COA) for 35 (cc price – free shipping ) on the bay. I got tired of waiting for a lower price and bought one.

  9. Just Another Dave In Pa says

    Here’s a great new coin from Palau (the Rainbow’s End) for people who reject the symbolism on the cancer coins.

    I think earthling is on to something and the breast-cancer association is used to neuter male sexuality and objectification by defining it as rape-culture and bro-culture.

    Disease and human suffering are a horrible aspect of life that are unfortunately subject to politicization and the profit motive.

    the use of breast cancer by corporate marketers in which companies promote their products with claims to donate a percentage of proceeds to the cause

  10. NCM Collector says

    I am in for the 3 uncirculated. Not happy that all three have the same design though. I am interested in seeing how it is promoted and by whom.

  11. Jerry Diekmann says

    Although rare – men are after all built differently than women – there are cases of men getting and dying from breast cancer. Cancer really doesn’t care about your race, creed, color, gender, age (many infants and children suffer from cancer), wealth, political affiliation, sexual orientation, IQ, hand dominance, or anything else. Anything that helps to protect anyone from this horrible set of diseases should be promoted.

    Having said that, I am well aware that there are companies and individuals that try to use good causes for their own political purposes or to enrich themselves. I used to be a supporter of the Susan B. Komen Foundation until I found out that it was a front for political conservatism. I wrote to them and told them to take my name off their donor list and to never contact me again. They did so for several years until last year when I received another request from them, which promptly went into the wastebasket.

  12. cagcrisp says

    Here is what I posted September of 2017:

    • cagcrisp says
    September 20, 2017 at 3:11 pm

    Gold Briefly Under $1,300.00 After FOMC minutes

    Silver Briefly Under $17.00 After FOMC minutes

    That’s the Future Prices for Gold and Silver IF the Fed does what it says it will do in the next 15 months .
    IF that happens you will Not see Gold and Silver above $1,300.00 and $17.00 respectively in the next 15 months.

    The Question is whether the Fed will actually raise rates 3 times in the next 15 months and whether Today’s Fed decision increases or decreases Yellen’s chances of being Reappointed.

    I Think it decreases her chances because Trump wants a Lower Dollar and a Stronger stock market.

    Today’s actions do not achieve those goals…”

    That was THEN and here is NOW…

    Close of USD Y/E 2017 92.30
    Close of USD 02/02/18 89.19 -3.4%

    Close of Gold Y/E 2017 $1,302.50
    Close of Gold 02/02/18 $1,331.90 +2.3%

    Close of Silver Y/E 2017 $16.91
    Close of Silver 02/02/18 $16.57 -2.0%

    Ratio Gold:Silver Y/E 2017 77.03
    Ratio Gold:Silver 02/02/18 80.38

    USD is Down 3.4% YTD, thus ANY dollar denominated commodity should be UP 3.4%

    Gold Up 2.3%
    Silver Down 2.0%

    Adjusted close of SPY Y/E 2017 266.86
    Adjusted close of SPY 02/02/18 275.45 +3.2%

    Adjusted close of DIA (Dow ETF) Y/E 2017 247.24
    Adjusted close of DIA (Dow ETF) 02/02/18 254.93 +3.1%

    Adjusted close of QQQ Y/E 2017 155.76
    Adjusted close of QQQ 02/02/18 164.61 +5.7%

    Here is where some of my September 20th 2017 assumptions were Wrong…

    1. I NEVER thought we would get the tax reform/cut that we got. NEVER. Never would I have thought the Supposed Republican deficit hawks allow a MINIMUM of a $1.5 Trillion budget deficit be enacted. The worst part is the Individual tax cuts are ALL front end loaded so as to “sell” the middle class tax cut and NOW on Wednesday the Treasury announced just how much Extra bonds will have to be sold to finance the tax cuts in the short term.

    2. I would NEVER have thought the WORLD would allow the Trump administration to continue the Currency Manipulation that it has endeavored. NEVER. It’s bad enough that it was covert, but with Mnuchin bragging about it at Davos was a bit much. Trump and Wilbur Ross tried to walk it back but the markets know what Mnuchin said was correct.

    3. I would NEVER have thought that wages would remain as stagnant as they did for as long as they did considering the Lower unemployment rate. NEVER.

    Yesterday’s jobs numbers FINALLY confirmed that wage growth has Increased. The wage growth for January 2018 was the Fastest pace in Over 8 years.

    I thought this would have happened 3 months ago.

    Yesterday jobs number again showed that Unemployment rate was at 4.1% or again…at a 17 year Low.

    As of Yesterday there has been More and More talk about a fourth rate increase. That’s what Spooked the market Yesterday. Whether you Believed there would be three rate increases in 2018 or not is irrelevant. The fact that it was out there wasn’t Spooking anyone. The More and More talk of the fourth rate increase Spooked the Market.

    Now I’ve said Many times that Trump NEEDS a weak dollar and a strong stock market. He got Neither Yesterday.

    Now you will see just how “Independent” Powell is as Fed Chairman.

    Trump still has to appoint a Vice Chairman of the Fed. You can Bet that that person will be More Dovish than Powell is “Supposed” to be…

  13. Jerry Diekmann says

    Joe – are you the guy who hates babies? Instead of spouting off mistruths about Obama, why don’t you get a life and go start a collection of Nativity stamps – that might take up some of your time from hating Obama.

  14. Jerry Diekmann says

    Cagcrisp – lots of people were dumfounded that the party of :no deficts ever” would listen to Cheney who said that “deficits don’t matter” when he was pushing his war profiteer project of the Iraq war, but they have definitely gone to the dark side. I think the 666 “mark of the beast) drop in the market yesterday was not a blip, but a sign of worse times ahead. Trump is going down, maybe this year, maybe next year after the Dems take over Congress. The Nunes memo to save Trump’s sorry ass went over like a lead balloon. The market likes stability – it doesn’t like what is going on in DC now – with a bunch of sheep and no border collie. I would not be surprised to see a bear market or recession ahead of us. You would know better than I do what this might do to precious metals. I have seem them drop during recessions and bear markets, and I have seem them rise when investors get spooked by uncertainty. I don’t know what’s ahead for this country other than it will be unlike anything we have ever experienced before.

  15. Darek says

    Jerry you can blame crypto market on Trump as well lol. Where you were until last week when the stock market was going up?

  16. sharks2th says

    In reference to the discussion of the previous thread on the weight and gold content of the BCA commem, the legislation and mint website indicate the following values:

    Composition: 85 percent Gold; 14.8 percent Copper, Balance Zinc
    Diameter: 0.850 inches
    Weight: 7.931 grams
    Mintage Limit: 50,000 across all gold product options

    Based on this, 7.931×0.85/31.1034768= 0.21674 oz. of gold (carried to 5 significant digits)

    At the current 1300-1350 range with the initial $5 discount, the Proof at $431 would be $1988.56/ oz. The UNC gold at $421 would be $1942.42/oz. This is not exactly a good deal on either of these. This is about a 50% markup (1300*1.5=1950).

    Also, why did the mint publish a new precious metals price range chart and not add the Palladium proof to the chart? This will now have to be added later in the year creating two different charts in 2018. It seems to me this should match one of the other proof one ounce coins in the chart.

  17. Einbahnstrasse says


    Aha! I’ve been looking at the Mint’s product catalog, and it doesn’t list any specifications for the pink gold coins yet. But you’re right: the specifications are listed here:

    I’m still a little puzzled by the weight of 7.931 grams, as that isn’t the standard weight of a half eagle. I guess the 85% gold must be less dense than 90% gold, so a coin of equal thickness weighs less…?

    In any case, the pink gold coin will contain 6.741 grams of gold, while a standard half eagle contains 7.523 grams of gold. So the gold content is reduced by about 10.4%, not 5.6% as the Coin World article stated.

  18. sharks2th says

    @Ein – You’re correct it is about 10.4% less gold by weight. It appears CW did their numbers based on the percentage gold content, not the gold weight. I’m not sure why they used that number since it has no real significance. What they did was divide the 5% less into the 90% gold content of regular $5 commems (5/90=5.5555 or 5 6% less gold content by percentage, not weight). That is not the way most of us would do it because the actual gold content by weight is the way to determine approximate value based on the currently traded price of gold.

    As you point out this one is 10.36% less gold by weight than the regular $5 gold commems (0.21674/0.2418). Based on the gold weight difference, these should have been about 10% less than the gold commems in last year’s chart. This is just a way to up the price like the food business does when they make the product smaller and charge you the same price hoping you’ll not notice you are getting less and will still buy their product.

  19. Tinto says


    Got me curious, I know gold is supposed to be a heavy metal but that was from a looong time ago from my high school days .. but I checked the specs for the Mark Twain and it doesn’t say what the other metals are .. got it from the Mint’s website

    90 percent gold; 10 percent alloy
    Diameter: 0.850 inch (± 0.003) 21.59 mm (± 0.08)
    Weight: 8.359 grams

    Since it didn’t say exactly what the 10% alloy was, I googled for the weight of gold versus silver and ..

    ” A cubic foot of copper would weigh 559 lb. Silver is even denser than copper, at 655 lb for a cubic foot. Gold is really heavy at 1206 lb for a cubic foot. ”

    Was gonna write some more .. but I started going in circles … if copper took the place of the volume of the gold reduced due to having a pink color coin, it would weigh less than the gold volume it replaced … getting out while i still have sanity here ..

  20. cagcrisp says

    @sharks2th, @Einbahnstrasse, I Stand Corrected on the Gold content in the $5 Pink Breast Cancer Awareness…

  21. Joe M./20th Century Variety Collector says

    That’s it. I must be getting confused for other posters. I don’t discuss politics, religion, or any conspiracy “theories”(hypothesis). I will discuss my displeasure/pleasure with artwork on coins and answer questions about coins. I also love cagcrisps and others analysis of the stock market, etc..
    From now on I will go by…
    20th Century Variety Collector

  22. Peter says

    Joe, did you type your response to Jerry during a commercial break on Fox “news”?

    I read a great explanation why diehards are still sticking with Trump in spite of his obvious unfitness for the job.

    One word………SPITE.

    Towards progressive thinking, towards the culture of acceptance of people from different walks of life, towards cultural elitists, environmentalists, etc. etc.

  23. Anthony says

    As far as the GOLD content, the number BASIS is 90.0% as that is the standard gold content of the current gold basis for a $5 gold commemorative coin. The BCA coin is 85% gold.
    As a measure of the WEIGHT reduction, between an .850 fine gold content and .900 fine gold content, the .850 gold is 94.4444% that of .900 fine gold. Taken as a relative weight reduction, the .850 gold coin weighs 5.5556%.
    THAT result would be in agreement with Coin World’s rounded number of a 5.6000 percentage.
    The overall NET weight of the BCA coin in grams is accounted for by (for all practical purposes) the 10% copper to 15% copper content, a 150% increase in the copper base metal.

    (I just hope that you guys ARE NOT preparing your own Federal Tax forms this year!) 🙂

  24. sharks2th says

    Anthony – please reread how the calculation was made to see the actual weight reduction of gold only. If you can’t see how this was explained I can provide a simpler explanation and calculation to show you the actual gold weight.

    The key point is you are not comparing two coins with the same finished weight, so the beginning point of the calculation of the actual gold weight is different. There will be a little over 10% less actual gold in the BCA $5 commem. It is 5.6% less “percent gold” based on the gold percentage and 5.4% less “total weight” based on the weight of each coin. It is not 5.x percent less gold by weight because the starting weight of the two coins being compared is different. Let me know if you’d like to see the math only in a summary.

    I have no argument with the percentage weight change caused by the use of more copper, but the total gold in this coin based on the weights and percentages provided by the mint comes out to a little over 10 percent less gold than a “regular” 90% gold 5 dollar commem. This was the information I was conveying.

  25. Ips_stuff says

    All the comments on the weight and percent of gold in the BCA, does it matter?

    The real question is will it even be worth bullion price in 2 years ?

    And do you dare get on slabbed in PCGS holder

  26. KCSO says

    You guys have IT ALL WRONG.., WHAT IS A GIMMICK???

    I love it when a softball is gently lobbed up..,

    What is a gimmick.., this is the NON-Wikipedia answer –

    The NON-Wikipedia explanation of a gimmick is believing in the misconception that Thid Party Graders (TPG’s) can legitimately distinguish between a PR/MS-70 and -69 and that there is any validity in making a distinction between a 69 & 70 grade that RESULTS in the assignment of a Label identifying either a grade of 70 or 69 – this is a gimmick

    A Gimmick can be further decomposed into other classifications, such as:

    An ULTRA-Gimmick – the resultant product from the misconception that a Fist Strike or Early Releases Label could possible exist in this unviseral in keeping with its stated intent

    An UBER-Gimmick – same principle as an ULTRA-Gimmick though apply the same TPG intent on a First Day of Issue Label (FDOI)

    A Gimmick-Enabler – one who buys into the belief of the TPG Label misconception and pisses their money away on said gimmick product

    A Gimmick-Enabler Who Is Really Going to Get Their Butt Handed To Them (GE-WRGGTBHT) – one who throws even more of their money away on worthless Labels in the belief that someone will really care said gimmick in 12 months.

    Save yourself – Don’t Be a Gimmick, by Buying a Gimmick! 😉

    Seriously, all joking aside, labels don’t bring value, show me 100 coins whose appreciated in value from their 70 FS FDOI label.., and I’ll show you 100 Gimmicks that will be lower in secondary value when you go sale in 12 months. The dealer and TPG ALEADY made the money.., through selling a gimmick off on to you!

    My collection centers on Eagles.., I collect all things Eagles in metals.., in Copper, in cold Steel, in Silver, in Gold, in Palladium, and in Platinum.., so with that – Go EAGLES!!! 🦅

  27. KCSO says

    Cag – “IF that happens you will Not see Gold and Silver above $1,300.00 and $17.00 respectively in the next 15 months.”

    I presume that whether we get 3 or 4 rate increases, you’re still towing the line that gold will likely trade below $1,300? And perhaps in a mid-to-low $1,200/oz spot range?

    RCM is releasing it’s Call of the Wild Screaming Eagle and it’s a must for.., trying to time the purchase to save some dough. 🤑

  28. cagcrisp says

    @KCSO , “IF that happens you will Not see Gold and Silver above $1,300.00 and $17.00 respectively in the next 15 months.”

    “I presume that whether we get 3 or 4 rate increases, you’re still towing the line that gold will likely trade below $1,300? And perhaps in a mid-to-low $1,200/oz spot range? ”

    Tough call…IF the USD Index stays at Current level of 89.19 and we get the 10 year bond anywhere close to 3%, with 3 or 4 rate Increases, then Yes, Gold will have it’s Headwinds and everything else being equal, Gold should be range bound with the high for 2018 already being printed.

    However, I don’t see Trump allowing the USD Index to stay at 89.19. We got a Bounce on the USD on Friday with the stock market sell off. The USD was about the only thing that went up on Friday besides the longer end of the curve.

    I see the USD continuing on a Downward trajectory and the 10 year getting Closer and Closer to 3%. The raise in interest rates is Supposed to Increase the value of the USD, however, when you have the President, the Secretary of the Treasury and the Secretary of Commerce, All wanting/needing a Weaker dollar, Why oh Why would Anyone step in front of that train and buy the dollar?

    Trump Needs a Strong stock market, he Wants the trade deficits to go Down, One Easy way for Both to happen is for the dollar to go Down, however, at some point both the Chinese and the European Union will say enough is enough and the dollar will quit dropping…

  29. cagcrisp says

    “IF that happens you will Not see Gold and Silver above $1,300.00 and $17.00 respectively in the next 15 months.”

    The day I made that comment Gold closed at $1,311.30
    The day I made that comment Silver closed at $17.12
    The day I made that comment the USD index closed at 92.51

    …SO…That just tells you how Weak Gold and Silver have been with the tailwind they’ve received by the dollar going Down 3.6%.

    Just imagine what will happen to Gold and Silver IF the dollar stabilizes or even gets Stronger?…

  30. Datadave says

    Based on metal density it seems the new BCA coins should only be about 3% lighter rather than 5% lighter. Guess they get a better deal on the blanks this way. I’ll just give my money directly to BC research instead.

  31. earthling says

    I found a Mint Brochure for the 2013 Girl Scouts Commemorative this morning. It was mildly entertaining to look the program over . Surely there have been many Girls who have grown up in the GSA Organization. But how many care to pay the old codgers of Numismatics for a GSA Coin?

    Very few.

    In a few years, I’m expecting the Pink Gold Cancer Coin to sit neglected in Cases just like the GSA Issue. What will it take for the Mint to put out a Series with potential that everyone wants? Start with the Classic Disney Cartoon Characters all us Geezers grew up with. It will sell. In the future it will be in demand also.

  32. cagcrisp says

    For Long Term Appreciation on a Percentage Basis, not a Flip, would you Rather own:

    A. The 1/10 oz. $ 10 Gold American Liberty for $215.00 (The Mint has Never made a 1/10 oz. Gold $10 piece)


    B. The .21674 oz. $5 Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Gold Proof for $431.00 ( The Mint has Never made a .21674 oz. Gold coin and they have Never made a Pink Gold coin)


    C. The .21674 oz. $5 Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Gold Uncirculated for $421.00 ( The Mint has Never made a .21674 oz. Gold coin and they have Never made a Pink Gold coin)



  33. Daveinswfl says

    One thing we all can’t wait to hear is HSN’s Mikey’s sales pitch on the BCAgold coin.

    I predict “The most unique gold coin ever minted by the US Mint – in a weight and composition never before used. You’ve got to get this ONE OF A KIND coin right now at only $999 in FDOI PF UCAM 69 IGC special issue capsule.”

    My guess is that he will never refer to the LOWER gold content, but will play up the pink to the max. Pink gold….never before….hurry, I’ve only got 1200 of these!

  34. smalltimecollector says

    Excuse me for the repost, I was called away for several days to recap:

    smalltimecollector says

    January 30, 2018 at 9:26 pm

    I hope you will excuse me and allow a question. I’m researching a issue I have with a Pd eagle I bought last year shortly after they cane out from an on-line seller. I bought bu. I’ve been told the grading companies including pcgs are allowing rim damage on 69’s and 70’s. Is this true? I cannot believe the standard (BU) I’ve been accustomed (over 40 yrs) now allows damaged coins. I’m not a label collector, just don’t want damaged coins sent to me when I purchase bu. That is unless I am completely off base, then I’ll have to live and learn.

    mgm says

    January 30, 2018 at 9:58 pm


    I know the last two rolls of silver eagles I bought (2017 & 2018) have rim damage. It looks like some kind of machine grabbed the coin leaving 4 equal marks on the rim. Another great mint automation…


    KCSO says

    January 30, 2018 at 10:10 pm

    smalltimecollector – that’s been addressed over and over again on this blog since the 2016 Centennial Tributes,

    Enjoy you ‘graded’ $1.2k+ coin,

    Not being a smart ass, though you own it now.., why some of you continue to religiously buy graded coins defies logic, IMHO

    2/4? I’ve returned.
    I bought BU, not graded. I have been trying to remedy a simple misrepresentation of a coin I bought pre-sale in BU condition.
    I realize there is now a numerical scale for grading and I know what BU is, I bought a BU, and feel I was delivered something else.
    My question can be summed up as to if Briliant Uncirculated includes (rim) damage as is being stated by seller. The seller gave me photographs of examples of PCGS 70’s and 69’s with rim damage. I’m thinking: what the heck is PCGS doing, if in fact the pictures are factual. I plan to forward those to PCGS for confirmation that the pictures of their graded coins are authentic. fwiw I paid less than 1100, BUT, it does not mean that a seller can delay shipping and offer and ship many graded coins, while sending (ungraded) BU buyers coins with damage, un-concentric rims, and spotting.
    Does PCGS grade rim damaged coins as 69 and 70?

  35. Buzz Killington says

    Operating on the assumption that modern coins will revert to basically bullion, I would take a 1/10 oz. gold coin over a strange gold alloy if long term appreciation was the goal.

    I also tend to think that metal purity will be the rule, since there is no longer any need for coin alloys that can stand up to circulation.

  36. Einbahnstrasse says


    Yeah. Girl Scouts don’t buy the Girl Scout commem, nature lovers don’t buy the National Parks commems, book lovers don’t buy the Mark Twain commem, and Lions Club members don’t buy the Lions Clubs commem. If they did, any of these would have been immediate sellouts.

    With a track record like that, it’s difficult to believe that This Time Will Be Different.

    On the other hand, This Time we’ve got a Breast Cancer Awareness commem, and Breast Cancer Awareness is the ultimate 800-pound gorilla of fund-raising. If the usual promoters of pink ribbons get behind these coins, it’s easy to believe that This Time Will Be Different.

    So I don’t even have a guess. Sometimes we all just have to wait and see.

  37. mccam36525 says

    Because of the alloy of the BCA $5 coin, I am afraid that these coins will always sell at a discount. Pink gold is not that common, Should have stuck it in a pink box and been done with it!

  38. says

    Cag – 1/10th $10 Liberty

    – Metal content rules the day when liquidity matters
    – IF/when Au prices increase, I’m convinced that numismatic value or premium is squeezed
    – Just look at the appalling, dismal precipitous drop in $5 BHoF secondary values in the past 12 months, it’s sad, unfortunately, Comms premiums just don’t hold.

    For the money, if comparing 1/10th oz, it’s the RCM 1/10 Call of the Wild gold coins in assay that I think bring the best value,

    Cheap, assay security features, high quality attractive coins, limited strikes, it’s just good Bullion

  39. cagcrisp says

    The 3.95% Overdone Drop in Silver on Friday is getting Repriced this morning as both Gold and Silver are grabbing some of the risk off trade in equities…

  40. datadave says

    US Mint sales are falling. Here are some stats for some of the popular products for 2017/2012:
    1 OZ Proof Gold Eagle – 18.348/23.630 = 77.6%
    1 OZ Proof Silver Eagle – 497.5/864.2 = 57.6%
    Proof Sets – 546.9/794.0 = 68.9%
    Silver Proof Sets – 335.7/395.4 = 84.9%
    Mint Sets – 272.9/392.2 = 69.6%
    5 OZ P mint – 82.591/79.526 = 103.9%

    Of course, if you choose a different base year the numbers change. It would be nice to see them rebound a little. I didn’t include Commemoratives because the numbers are way too ugly.

  41. earthling says

    Bitcoin continues to search for true value which IMHO is the historical 12.5 cents ( based on 8 bits = $1).


  42. John Q. Coinage says

    DATADAVE, scary #$!! Wow I know “collecting”is in quicksand but goin gdown fast it seems… The USM needs coins to sell to us, the coin JUnkies, perhaps commemorating the awsome designed of the past, the 2019 215th Anniversary 1804 Dollar! A silver center cent, a gold disme……a 20c piece re-issue, there is so uch sexy stuff to try, but pink gold, WW1 Rocky Mrciano in a trench $1…and as other said why no .999 ATB or others, it is allowed? Does the mint need the 1o% price difference, heck they would jack it up like crazt. Crazy is the political babble here, as other said Trump owns it now, so he get the heat, those still complaining re: Dubya or Obama, GET OVER IT…..they both ran a better mint, that’s my 2c… Trump is really, REALLY slow on appointing administrative positions… & that’s the situation

  43. Darek says

    earthling investing in crypto is like playing in the casino. In 5 hours you make 15-20% and the next 1-2 hours you lose 25%. I put some money at the beginning of the January and I “lost” it about 23% . I mean I have more crypto after some trades, but the total value is down, but I am not planning to sell. Any way, I wanted to try and I did. I invested money which I was afforded to lose.

  44. Jerry Diekmann says

    Two days ago I said that the market hates instability and today the DOW drops 1,175 points, the largest point drop ever. The Trump misadministration is unstable. The Treasury Director wants the dollar to drop in value compared to other world currencies- unheard of before by Treasury officials. The tax cut for the rich was one of the most irresponsible and dangerously stupid actions Congress has ever done. The deficit is larger than ever – $1 trillion this year and the Treasury now says Congress has to act even sooner to raise the debt limit so the country can issue more debt, and at higher interest raters, which will fuel inflation. And the government is due to run out of money by the end of the week – again – because Congress keeps kicking the can down the road instead of fixing the problem, which they have made immeasurably worse by this tax cut to the billionaires. Paul Ryan saved the Koch brothers $1 billion in taxes, and they rewarded him with $500,000 towards his re-election PAC. Talk about buying a legislator cheap – 1/2000 of what Ryan got back, all thanks to the infamous Citizens United decision in 2010.. No wonder this country is in such turmoil – it is being run – and ruined – by “evil stewards” paid for by the wealthy and corporations. Maybe some of the PM aficionados are right to buy and hoard gold and silver – our fiat currency sure won’t be worth much at this rate, being destroyed by incompetent fools.

  45. Jerry Diekmann says

    cagcrisp – to answer your question on which of the alternatives A, B, or C would have the best chance of appreciating in value, I would say D – none of the above. The prices are already so high above bullion value that you would probably never be able to make any profit, and if you did, it would have been because the dollar lost so much of its value – not because these coins were intrinsically better investments. A lot of people don’t think how much inflation has eroded the dollar over time. When I started working at an aircraft manufacturer in CA in 1967 – 50 years ago now – $3.00 an hour (about $520.00 a month) was a decent wage, new homes in southern California (3 bedrooms, 2 baths) were around $20 to $22 thousand, and the average cost of a new car was $2,750. A dollar then was worth what it would take $7.33 now. In other words, a dollar today is worth about 13.6 cents compared to its value 50 years ago – close to a dime and far below what a quarter dollar would buy back then – it would take almost 8 quarters today for what one quarter would get you back then. – like a cup of coffee.

    I think cagcrisp is right – if you want to buy gold, buy the gold coins of the early 1900s; even in BU condition the more common dates go for s lot less premium than what the Mint is selling now – and they are truly beautiful coins.

  46. John Q. Coinage says

    Great cause BUT you can’t force people to buy it, pink or any pother color….. After the BT low# this will sell more easy & beyond the real supporters of the cause collectors wold see not alot of appeal, as with many of late, who decides on the dog$ we get, Priests & boys town, Lions Club support group coin, Dreadnots for all, silver medal of contrived designs, WW1 coin (late) that looks jumbles & a messed up obverse….Moon Landing ok a great subject & timely….. Perhaps a MeToo coin showing Harvey W grabbing a pink boob – on the reverse Nancy Rwagan “Just say no to grouping…” Also a Military Prade Coin… The US Salutes Marshall Tito & Stalin!

  47. Joe says

    Peter – you must have typed your response to my post during a commercial break on CNN (fake news network). It’s obvious you watch nothing else but. Time will prove Trump is fully qualified for the office. Time will also prove Obama, Clinton, Holder, Warren, etc a whole cast of Liberals are the most corrupt in our Nations history. Soon you and Jerry will feel like fools for being diehard Liberals. Get a brain. Use it.

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