Procedures for Purchasing Gold Kennedy Half Dollars at ANA Convention

The American Numismatic Association has announced public safety procedures for those who will seek to purchase the 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Gold Proof Coins at the Chicago World’s Fair of Money held in Rosemont, Illinois on August 5-9, 2014.

As covered in this previous post, the United States Mint will have 2,500 of the gold coins at the convention, with 500 coins made available for purchase each day. An initial ordering limit of two coins per person will be established for sales at the ANA convention and other retail locations. Purchases at all Mint over-the-counter points of sale will be restricted to individuals 18 years of age and older.

At the convention, the US Mint previously indicated plans to distribute tickets for purchase in order to avoid long wait times and reduce congestion on the bourse floor. The specific instructions provided by the ANA regarding ticketing are as follows:

The U.S. Mint previously announced that 500 Kennedy coins per day will be sold at the show, and in order to purchase a coin, a buyer must receive a ticket from the U.S. Mint. The line for receiving tickets will form outside of the bourse floor at 8 a.m. each day of the show. There will be signs on site to guide collectors to the correct area. Mint officials will distribute tickets to the first 250 people in line between 10:30 and 10:45 a.m. each day.  At 11 a.m., collectors with tickets will be led onto the bourse floor through a special side entrance that will take them directly to the U.S. Mint booth to complete their purchase.

Collectors are reminded that proper credentialing is required to enter the convention hall at the World’s Fair of Money. Collectors who are not credentialed will be asked to leave the ticket line. The public registration desk will open Tuesday through Saturday, Aug. 5-9, starting at 8 a.m.  Registration is required to receive credentials. ANA members who registered for the show online before the July 15 pre-registration deadline will receive their credentials via U.S. mail before the show.

The U.S. Mint previously announced that collectors under the age of 18 will not be allowed to purchase the Kennedy coins on site at the show. Collectors will not be allowed to hold spots in line for others.

Daily public admission is $6 for non-members and free for ANA members. A $2 off coupon is available for free at

In addition to the limited distribution at the ANA convention, on August 5 at 12:00 Noon ET, the US Mint will also begin accepting orders by website and phone. Across all channels, the US Mint will have 40,000 of the gold coins available at the start of sales.


This morning, I had the opportunity to visit the West Point Mint where I was able to witness production of the 2014 Kennedy Half Dollar 24 Karat Gold Coins and see the final coins in person. I was told that production was close to the 40,000 pieces necessary for the on-sale date.

I am extremely excited to share some of the information and images from my visit with readers in several upcoming articles which will be posted both here and on Stay tuned for more!

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  1. says

    OT~VARich, After you mentioned the unc. age sells not too long ago I decided to track them. The funny thing is that the mintage numbers look to me as they are being adjusted or averaged down on three week intervals. So to test what I thought may be happening, I figured what the number sold would be for the 7-27 sells report from the Mint and I was only 8 off. Anyway, they are sleepers in my opinion.

  2. Sith says

    @Louis – Nobody wants a loser, for no other reason than you could have bought it cheaper, but the article was about secondary prices, and increases not loses. As this is a gold coin the metal content should put a floor under any devaluation and hopefully add to its appreciation. Even the RP Buffalo which is a “loser” coin you can still get you money out of it, with a slight profit. And no I don’t want to start another flame war between PMs, and clad coins.

  3. VA Rich says

    FM – so the turkey won out over the skyward view of the kingfisher? Did I miss that?

  4. HiCal says

    According to the US Mint’s Numismatic Sales report 84,593 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Uncirculated Coin Set sold thru July 27, 2014.

  5. Wes says

    My UNC Kennedy set ordered the night of 7/24 expected ship date now says 8/2. That has moved from original date of 9/10. Then to 8/10. curious to see if i will go out. To bad they can’t combine shipping with my BHOF coin that is in stock and reserved. Think they should give me a break for waiting 4 months.

  6. VA Rich says

    Hope it works out for ya Dusty, hate that I won’t get to play, though the setting may
    be just right

  7. GoldFishin says

    OT- Looks like Smoky Mtn could end up being low mintage for the year for the 5 oz. pucks. I know there was a couple predictions here that Smoky Mtn. might be the high mintage for the year after the production limits were raised to 30K. Looks like Arches will surpass Smoky Mtn, but maybe Great Sand Dunes sales could come under it if all the JFK buyers skip its purchase for “lack of funds”. The Everglades will for sure pass the Smoky Mtn offering and could be the high mintage for the year.

    Precious Metal Products NR1 2014 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – SM MTN 24,705 N
    Precious Metal Products NR2 2014 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – SHDOAH 24,775 Y
    Precious Metal Products NR3 2014 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – ARCHES 24,668 Y

  8. says

    That’s the way it happens some times VARich, things will brighten up in time. I really don’t have the money to play right now myself, but will find a parking spot for the gold anyway, I can taste it all ready. Tomorrow or Thursday I’m going to makes some sells and get some income started, that will take the edge off any buying uncertainty I would otherwise encounter. Hopefully the gold Kennedy will age like a fine wine. Best wishes.

  9. says

    @VA Rich…I agree on Saratoga….the canon would of been much better. While not all of the other designs were my first choice, they are still great and I look forward to them.

    Re: Gold Kennedy….a few weeks ago I convinced myself that I would pass on this coin…another RP Buffalo type thing that will be minted in high quantities and probably be available for less than issue price a year or two down the road. But the demand (85,000+ i think) for the unc set has made me re-think things….and those pictures of the gold Kennedy in OGP are very attractive. So, I may be in the waiting room for one or maybe two at most.

    However, to be honest, I am REALLY looking forward to the four coin silver set….reasonably priced…reverse proof, enhanced unc, etc….I think that set will be without a doubt the most popular offering the Mint has ever done…and a few months ago I would of said the same thing for the Baseball HoF coins…funny how we migrate with anticipation to each new exciting Mint offering! I love it!!

  10. says

    Steve, I wish I felt the way you do about the silver set. My feeling is that they will be way over sold and as boutique as the ASE special offerings were beginning to look. I however will enjoy owning a set or two just for the fun of it, but really believe in the gold 3/4.

  11. rpw says

    Has anyone looked at the NGC website criteria for the “First Day of Issue” grading designation for the Clad Half Dollars?

    Specifically it reads:

    “First Day of Issue” Note: NGC will offer its “FIRST DAY OF ISSUE” designation for 2014 High Relief 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollars that are purchased on the first day of sales. The original US Mint purchase receipt must be included. Please follow the submission instructions and requirements below:

    2014-P and D High Relief Clad Half Dollars must be received by NGC on or before Monday, July 28, to receive the “First Day of Issue” designation. Select the Early Bird Tier or higher and specify “First Day of Issue” on the submission form. US Mint purchase receipt must be dated July 24.

    I ordered the 2 coin clad set on 24 Jul but it is backordered until 4 Aug (currently) which you would never know until you actually placed an order.

    In other words — there is NO WAY it would be received by NGC by 28 July in time to meet their deadline per their website. I called them the next day (25 Jul) and asked if this was an error on their website and this was the reply I received:

    “You would have had to have gone to The Mint physically to purchase them and then send them.”

    Thank you,

    Customer Service | Numismatic Guaranty Corporation
    p. 800-642-2646 or 941-360-3990 x134 | f. 941-360-2553

    I replied to the email stating that this made NO sense because unless you could physically go to a brick and mortar store to make the purchase – you have NO CHANCE to get the “First Day of Issue” Designation.

    I just don’t get the logic (if there even is any)! These labels are all a waste of money to begin with so when people are willing to pay for a (useless) label…..why make it more difficult for people to get them?
    It just made things a lot easier for me……I’m thru getting coins graded.

    Has anyone else understood this situation differently or experienced the same?
    Just curious because JUST MAYBE I missed something!
    Thanks And Best of Luck in your Coin Collecting.
    I’ll just stick to Bullion from now on. NO Grading/Labels required!


  12. Howard says

    Half to differ Dusty, a Kennedy reverse proof and enhanced version to boot.
    I say this will always be a very special silver set. Especially if this is it for the

  13. Pittsburgh P says

    Especially if the silver set isn’t released til late December(sarcasm) but the longer they wait the less time it’ll be available therfore less mintage imo

  14. Laurence Ramos says

    The biggest coin dealers ripped of the coin collecting hobby, Silver town has 44 gold Kennedy’s for sale on Ebay right now. for two days of sales at the coin show? BOYCOTT Silver town.

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