Producing 24 Karat Gold and Reverse Proof Silver Kennedy Half Dollars

Ahead of next week’s big launch for the latest 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar product, I wanted to share some photos from my recent visit to the West Point Mint which showcase the production of the 24 karat gold proof and reverse proof silver coins.

For an in depth look at the full range of activities involved in the coin production process at the West Point Mint, please check out my latest article on Coin Update.

2014 24 Karat Gold Proof Kennedy Half Dollar coin dies

These are finished dies for the 24 karat gold proof half dollars. Raw or unfinished dies sent from the Philadelphia Mint undergo a finishing process which involves polishing the dies by hand and by machine, laser frosting, cleaning, and PVD coating.

2014-W Reverse Proof Silver Kennedy Half Dollar coin dies

At the bottom of the image are a pair of unfinished dies for the reverse proof silver half dollar. At the top of the image are the finished dies ready for production.

24 karat 3/4 oz gold planchets

Here are some 3/4 oz 24 karat gold planchets destined to become Gold Kennedy Half Dollars.

striking the 24 karat gold Kennedy Half Dollar

The gold planchets are manually fed and struck three times under 90-95 metric tons of pressure. The die life is approximately 600 coins.

inspecting the gold half dollar

A mint employee inspects one of the 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Gold Proof Coins just after it was struck.

tray of 2014-W Gold Proof Kennedy Half Dollars

Here is a full tray of gold proof half dollars. At the time of the visit to the West Point Mint, production was nearly completed for the 40,000 coins targeted to be ready for the on-sale date.

striking the silver reverse proof Kennedy Half Dollar

For the 2014-W Reverse Proof Silver Kennedy Half Dollars, the planchets are automatically fed and struck three times under 145-150 metric tons of pressure. The die life is approximately 1,200 coins.

2014-W Reverse Proof Silver Kennedy Half Dollar in hand

Here is a close up of the reverse proof silver half dollar. Since this one has been handled, it will go into the reject pile.

tray of reverse proof silver half dollars

The West Point Mint has been striking the reverse proof half dollars for approximately three weeks. The coins will eventually be shipped to another facility where they will be placed together with the Philadelphia proof coin, San Francisco enhanced uncirculated coin, and Denver uncirculated coin to form the complete Silver Coin Collection. The initial production level for the collection, which will represent the third and final 50th anniversary Kennedy product, has not yet been determined.

placing gold coins in capsules

While some coins which are produced in higher volumes are encapsulated and packaged through automated process using machines, the gold Kennedy Half Dollars are encapsulated by hand.

packaging for gold Kennedy Half Dollars

The packaging process for the gold half dollar is also performed manually. Here are boxes awaiting their coins.

assembly line packaging of gold half dollars

Packaging is done in an assembly line fashion. The packaging consists of a single, custom-designed, brown mahogany hardwood presentation case with removable coin well and certificate of authenticity.

pallet of K15 US Mint product

Pallets of the 2014-W Gold Proof Kennedy Half Dollars (product code K15) are packaged, boxed, and ready to go.

reverse proof gold half dollar in packaging

Sales will begin next week on August 5, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET. Anticipating high demand, the United States Mint recently reduced the over-the-counter ordering limit to just one coin per customer. The “online waiting room” will be used to handle the expected influx of traffic to the Mint’s website.

Mint News Blog will provide full coverage of the release next week!

Real, Actual First Strike Coins

As a final point of interest, the West Point Mint retains the first and last strikes for each coin the facility produces. Shown above is a display of the literal First Strikes of some of this year’s coins.

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  1. Larry says

    Without giving away any government secrets, is it possible for you to tell us how you got to take the tour? Must have been one heck of an experience!

  2. Mint News Blog says

    I had been extended an invitation to visit, which I gladly accepted. It was definitely a fantastic and rare opportunity. I will have a few more articles on the visit next week.

  3. says

    Michael, I would be interested in how many Golds can be struck in an hour? Day? And looking at planchets and packaging, do you see Anything that would give you cause or concern as to the ability to get the Golds out the door in a timely manner vs. what happened with the BHOF?

    In other words do you see Anything that would make you believe we will have 40,000 out the door and then wait 6 weeks -2 months for another shipment?

  4. Dave says

    Just a fantastic article. The pix are exceptional. Thank you, Michael , for sharing this awesome tour. We mint bloggers are a privileged crew, indeed.

  5. thePhelps says

    Wow…excellent timing and a very nice article!

    Did I see a label on 1 of the pallets – expedite overnight – Silvertowne? (ok joking)

    You would hope with all the extra scrutiny given the hand packaging of the Gold coins – there will be even fewer than normal defects shipped. I have to say I really liked the reverse proof.

  6. MaxIL says

    Great pics! I am curious how security works as far as not losing inventory or having items stolen. I am sure there are a lot of checks and balances to keep track of what coins are where. Imagine how much $ value is going through your hands each day.

  7. coinrattler says

    Long time, First Time………………I’m not sure if you’ve read the latest article in the Coin Capsule for Coin Update which talked about the whole “First Release” or “First Strike” designations. With that in mind did you find your tour consistent with the article (ie. the first coins struck are not necessarily the first shipped).

  8. Tinto says

    Thanks a lot for the article and the great pics! The photo of the reverse proof confirms my decision to buy the silver set. Looks fantastic.

    Now if only the Mint would release some pics of the enhanced unc.

  9. Mint News Blog says

    coinrattler – While I was there, I was being led from room to room, not even in order of production steps so it is hard to say. There are also a lot more considerations for numismatic coins. For example, the reverse proof silver coins will be struck and then shipped to another facility where they will be packaged. From there they will be sent to the distribution facility. From there, they will be picked and sent to customers. At each step, the coins are being piled and pulled in probably whatever order is most expedient.

    Besides retaining the actual First Strike coin and segregating the first and last strikes from each die for closer examination, there does not seem to be any effort to keep track of which coins were produced earliest.

  10. KEITHSTER says

    Yup first in last out as we thought thats why I’m letting the one’s on hold ride.The kids one did come off of hold a couple of days now and is in process but with only 11 comments not so popular? but the sets and the unc.s still on hold.Do like that reverse it’s sweet can’t wait to see the whole set! Good Luck All:>:>:>

  11. Sith says

    Michael – Awesome! Totally awesome! On a side not I’m glad you mentioned that the coin handled would go into the reject pile, as with my luck I would have gotten it.

  12. Louis says

    Very nice piece.
    I have also been invited, but it would be hard for me to get there.
    My clad JFK’s just arrived, but I have not picked up the box yet.
    I will see them tonight.

  13. Jon in CT says

    Louis wrote on August 1, 2014 at 4:20 PM:

    Very nice piece.
    I have also been invited, but it would be hard for me to get there.

    You must really live deep in the boonies. Stewart International (SWF) is less that 17 miles from West Point and is served by Jetblue, US Airways (now merged with American), Delta and Allegiant Air. Talk about convenient (and cheap)!

  14. GoldFishin says

    @Michael – I am drooling over the Kennedy Reverse Proof…that is the coin that I always wanted out of all these releases. The Gold JFK in the US Mint packaging really looks awesome also, I guess I will be forced to get one graded 70 and keep one in the OGP. I will be broke all of next year paying for them. Thank you for sharing some of the aspects of the manufacturing and expediting process in delivering us very nice coins at the most affordable prices of any national mint as far as I know. The employees at the US Mint put a lot of effort to try and give us the most bang for our buck and after your presentation I will try to do less complaining and more complimenting. I think most of the complaining here is with the processing and delivery of orders and not the products themselves. Thank You!

    @US Mint – Have I done enough sucking up to get an invitation also ? 🙂

  15. Ikaika says

    Great article! These coins look beautiful and I am looking forward to the upcoming releases.

  16. VA Bob says

    PF70 FS label chasers take note… 600 strikes per die pair. That means if you get a coin struck three months later than the first coin, you have just a great a chance of getting a fresh die striking your coin (1 in 600) as you would with a slab with FS label on it. I’d gladly take a coin into the first few strikes from the last batch of coins struck, than getting number 600 from the first batch struck. People that pay extra for the gimmick, must believe only a very few (or maybe only one) die pairs are used. And this is for “soft” 24 kt gold. Never pay more, the nicest coins can come along at anytime in the product run.

  17. GoldFishin says

    Also received some of my JFK 2 coins sets….I agree they are very nice, but PL? I don’t think so, at least the ones I received….I had a couple that were very close to perfect, the reverses on most all of them are post production mark free, the obverses tended to be where the problems were. Out of 10 coins, I thought 2 were for sure 69’s….even 70 if they dare to give out that grade. But on average I would give the coins a grade of 68. I have no idea how the TPG’s will grade them with their ever changing standards, but I decided to just keep them in the sets. I have never been a clad collector so take my opinion with a grain of salt. They are very, very, nice for clad coins that are not proof struck…I have to agree with that.

  18. VABEACHBUM says

    Very well done article, Michael. The entire tour had to be a great numismatic moment in your life.

    After seeing the finished example of the Reverse PR Half, I really think the 4-coin set is going to be the “Must Have” this year. The picture of the RP dies really caught my attention, while the difference between the raw and the polished die is amazing. And to think that some of that process continues to be performed by hand.

    @ Sith – I was thinking the same thing as I came across the picture of the RP “in hand.” Good to know I was not the only one!!

  19. Sith says

    Jon in CT – Do you just like flame wars ? Maybe you like to put other people down. If you were incredulous about Louis’s claim a simple please and would have sufficed, the. You could have asked him to elaborate , instead you say he is too broke or isolated to travel based on your location, and health status i.e. you assumed he could fly. These are all safe assumption and you do have a point but why the hostility/cynicism towards everyone? You go out of your way to point grammatical mistakes, general mistakes, and now the ability for someone to travel.

  20. Brad says

    Why isn’t the guy who’s putting the gold coins in capsules not wearing gloves? Is the process somehow done in a way that it’s impossible for his fingers to come in contact with the coins? We don’t want reeded edges with finger oils on them!

  21. GoldFishin says

    @Brad – he does have rubber thumbs on, but I tend to agree with you. You go to all that trouble to produce a coin and risk a drop of sweat or oil coming off of his hands….makes no sense to me. If you zoom in on the pic, you can see where his hand and lower arm are over uncovered coins. But, there must be a reason he doesn’t have gloves on…I guess? Maybe they keep it 60 degrees in there. :-/

  22. Wes says

    Really nice photos. Thank you for sharing these. I can’t wait for the silver set. May get two now.

  23. Pittsburgh P says

    Jon in CT says
    AUGUST 1, 2014 AT 4:55 PM

    Louis wrote on August 1, 2014 at 4:20 PM:
    Very nice piece.
    I have also been invited, but it would be hard for me to get there.

    Jon writes:
    You must really live deep in the boonies. Stewart International (SWF) is less that 17 miles from West Point and is served by Jetblue, US Airways (now merged with American), Delta and Allegiant Air. Talk about convenient (and cheap)!

    How do you know how hard it is for him & how much he can afford to comment???
    You sir are truely an ass!!!

  24. Clark says

    Thanks, Michael, for another super article and a great lead in for next week.

    I am reminding myself to savor all these 2014 offerings and all the incredible work that goes into them. We may not experience another year like this for some time. It’s only August 1st and we’ve already seen the first American curved coins, which were stunning, and now several intriguing 50th anniversary JFK issues, in addition to the standard bearers a lot of us are happy to collect. For me, a big part of this hobby is the thrill of the chase, the anticipation of getting my hands on interesting coins and then studying them for hours once they arrive. And, of course, putting groups of sets together. It is a good year to be a collector of modern U.S. coins.

  25. Clark says

    Louis–Pay no attention to the juvenile commenter who enjoys using this board to gratuitously insult people. You are a rock star here. I am certain that several others here would join me in asking Michael to use his administrator’s option (blacklist feature of WordPress) to block this person from continuing his abusive conduct.

  26. Bob R says

    The guy putting the coins in the capsules, why isn’t he wearing a environmental suit, all he needs to do is sneeze, cough, talk and slobber, or drop body hair on them…

  27. guama says

    Thanks, Michael. As always, you continue to keep us in the loop. I love your blog. ( I think i am the only woman on this) Looking forward to the silver set as well. The rp looks amazing!

  28. mark says

    The coin guy, has anacs sp69 kennedy unc set . First day of issue, number to (1964) for $99.99 . How the hell did he get that many sets.

  29. Louis says

    Thanks for your support, gentlemen. Some comments are so off base they don’t even merit a response.

    The clad sets are awesome. Much better quality than most clads.

  30. Chris Mc says

    First things first. I’m new to posting but have been a silent reader of this blog for many years and I have been collecting coins since the age of 9…..20 years ago. I received my box of 5 bhof uncs today and noticed a couple of coins look to have a slight difference in appearance. 3 of them have a nice frosty white look to them (normal) and two of the coins have a proof like appearance to them. All of the lettering has a mirrored look as well as the blank space around the glove on the reverse. I understand proof-like coins do exist but I was wondering if you guys think these coins may have made it through without being burnished??? Or do you think they just may be an early strike on a new die? They have the same appearance as the coins featured in the “b roll” video Michael posted back on April 4, 2014. I have photos available if you are interested Michael…

  31. GoldFishin says

    Chris Mc – we have had a couple of comments now that some of the later HOF silver uncs. look almost proof like. I have a couple on the way and am looking forward to seeing them. I have some early ones, some later ones, and now still some even later ones. It would be so cool if they are PL….hold on to them for sure. And….welcome to the blog!

  32. Ikaika says

    @ Louis

    Good to know about the clads. Not a JFK collector, but will build a set with all the 2014’s. Can wait to see how they look on hands 🙂

  33. says

    The Mint said their waiting to make up their minds about how to end this gold Kennedy offering. Is anyone else besides me wondering when they will pull the plug on production? They have been extremely vague, and I’m suspicious.
    It reminds me of last years Decembers surprise sell out of the 5 Star Generals 1/4 oz. gold.
    When they aren’t perfectly clear, they may be up to something.

  34. VA Rich says

    Chris – interesting that your PL is on the reverse, mine from a
    3/30 order is on the obverse. Now that all the UNCs have shipped, I suspect the chatted on these PL will pick up. Stay tuned in

    & good for you for starting so young!

  35. Gary S says

    I just had to put a chunk of change in my truck so I will have to pass on the Gold coin but definitely will snag a couple silver sets.
    Thanks Michael…Great article. I am also interested in how many of these coins they produce in a day or how they work that.
    @Louis..totally agree… are a Rock Star here….don’t let anybody here get your goat..I really appreciate your insight and input! Thanks

  36. VA Rich says

    Dusty ~ you bet! I think Louis hints at that in his article, or maybe it was cag. But to your point, that’s the one unknown variable that could be a game changer. Exciting times!

  37. Wdg5 says

    Another great article, thank you so much!
    For all of these coins do we know at what rate the coins are produced in a day? I’m just curious to know how many days does it take to produce 40000 coins.

  38. GoldFishin says

    My HOF Silver Proofs order date 4-6 at 8:50 pm just went “in stock and reserved”. This completes my final order.

  39. gatortreke says

    Thanks for this tremendous article and look-see at the mint production. It’s worth 1000 times more than I’m charged to subscribe!!! 🙂 Really do appreciate you giving us this blog and articles like this one.

  40. sharks2th says

    The bhof uncs I received on my 3/27 order appeared to be PL, mostly on the obverse. The 4/5 order I received today appears to have an even more polished finish on the obverse. The reverse of both orders has some reflectivity but no where near that of the obverse (convex side). It looks like they may have polished/cleaned the dies to get additional strikes out of them.

  41. VA Bob says

    Chris Mc – I’d be more inclined to believe a proof that has less frosting is closer to being struck on a spent die… the frosting is just worn as it bears the most friction as compared to the polished surfaces. I’d like to say you are right, but those dies do get QA’d pretty thoroughly before use. That’s not to say you cannot get a good strike and get something unique and desirable. Good luck.

  42. VA Bob says

    Michael I wish you would have told me you were going. I would have printed you a shipping label to slap on one of those pallets in the photo. 😉

  43. VA Bob says

    OT – Personality traits usually don’t translate well in text over the Internet, intentional bad behavior not withstanding (nor should it be tolerated). Adjustments might need to be made in keeping with net etiquette to avoid problems. Comments written might have a much different impact than it would among well acquainted persons conversing in person. That said, a thin skin can be just as bad.

    We all might disagree from time to time, that’s to be expected. I’ve been commenting on this blog a long time and I still couldn’t say I know many of you (that have been here just as long or longer) well enough to know what ticks you off. That doesn’t mean I enjoy the banter any less, and I’ve pick up a lot of good info from many of you. Can’t we all just get along? It’s all about the coins right? Back to the coins.

  44. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Great article!! Great pictures!! What an experience!! Glad they are MADE IN THEUSA.

  45. VA Bob says

    Louis did you expedite shipping on your JFK’s as well? If they used USPS, I probably would have had mine tomorrow. One would think a government entity would support another, especially one in the red as much as the USPS is. Oh well.

    I’m not a big half dollar collector, but especially after seeing the photos above (gold and silver), I have to say I’m getting a bit stoked. The clads will just be another primer.

  46. says

    VABob, I try not to make assumptions unless I’m directly attacked, then I have too many questions in to think straight. Your right, must get along!

  47. VA Bob says

    Dusty I know. You’ve been here a long time with no issues and plenty of value added with your comments. My comment was just for the blog commenters in general to consider, not even trying to single anyone out. I’d just hate to see bad feelings spread, especially among the regulars. And especially this extremely greater than normal article Michael put out. If I could paraphrase Spinal Tap speaking of their amp, “It goes up to 11. it’s better than 10”.

  48. jhawk92 says

    Getting to see the RP Kennedy makes me look forward to getting the 4-coin silver set this fall. Thanks for a great blog post. Very cool you got the WP tour.

    Hard to say on whether to get the gold one, guess I have a few days to mull it over. With all the different 2014 coins, as folks have said in earlier posts, a 2014 “set” could be pretty neat. I used to have a bookmark that explained all the different versions , but I can’t find it. I think I can recreate the list but am confused on the differences.

    Uncirc clad set-original design

    Proof clad-W
    Silver proof-W

    50th anniversary clad set

    50th anniversary silver set
    4 coins; proof, RP, enhanced uncirc, uncirc

    50th anniversary gold

    That’s 11 coins. I keep hearing the clad strikes in rolls/bags are different than the class in the Mint Uncirculated set. That would make 13 coins in all with a 2014 date. I think it was Gary who listed all 13 on another post but I’d like to know what makes the rolls different? I might get a set of the rolls so I could make a set down the road. Thanks for the help.

  49. Pittsburgh P says

    VaBob I agree with you 100% that it is much harder to read how a comment is to be taken in this medium & I you have been here much longer than me. I kidd around quite a bit also but The blogger I respond too with such malice has attacked me personally and many others and it is obvious what he is saying is too hurt or bring forth a reaction….

  50. VA Rich says

    J – UNC clad sets are uncirculated coins struck on special presses using greater force than circulating coins, producing a sharp, intricately detailed image, & thus, more TLC.

    Roll & bag aren’t feel’n the love, so that’s how 13 is derived

  51. Pittsburgh P says

    Jhawk I believe the relief is different on the rolls & bags but am not positive… It has been said in this blog on other articles that there are 13 coins in 2014 JFK type set like you said but I am just as confused as you 🙂

  52. VA Rich says

    My late day 4/07 $1 proofs DID NOT go IS&R, but shows Reserved. We’ll see what happens, the end is insight

  53. jhawk92 says

    Thanks for the explanation. I didn’t realize there was a difference like that. I have been collecting quarter rolls from the AtB series as well as from the 50 States so is it safe to assume they have a similar difference between circulating quality and the uncirculated sets? I might still get a set of the rolls for the Kennedy to cover my bases. 🙂

    Pittsburg P-
    I’ve learned a lot by lurking, and sometimes posting, but it is obvious there is a lot more learning to do. Maybe it’s good I have a limited budget set aside for coins…if I went all-in I might not be able to keep up. 😉

  54. Pittsburgh P says

    Jhawk know what ya mean 🙂
    I am by no means an expert & am continuously learning also… I do a ton of research though before any purchase too. This blog has been a godsend also since most of the fellow bloggers + Micheal are experienced & knowlegable & are always very helpful…

    VaRich- my final proof order on 4/6 is IS&R. I’ve never had somthin just reserved though. The end IS near 🙂 by the way the bat display I made for the BHoF coinage cracked right down the center yesterday! 🙁
    I had to use the nimbus type display now…

  55. gary says

    This is certainly a FABULOUS and educational article. Thanks so much!
    This wonderfully & thoughtfully detailed account of the production of the gold Kennedy coins evoked my memories of also being granted the rare privilege of visiting a U.S. Mint production facility.

    In 2003 I had been awarded a scholarship be a student in the ANA Summer Seminar’s “Art of Engraving” class in Colorado Springs, CO.

    That year the ANA had made arrangements with the Denver Mint to bus seminar attendees to the Mint for full 1/2 day tour inside the Mint. At the time, no U.S. Mint was allowing even simple gallery viewing as a result of extremely tight security stemming from 9/11. Required a prior two week FBI background check to be cleared to enter the Mint. We saw the full production process steps from the giant coins of clad metal all the way through the actual coin striking on the high speed presses. I’m from Maine and it just so happened that they were striking the Maine Statehood quarter at the time. I asked for and received permission to stand right at the giant hopper that held the freshly struck coins. It held so many coins that you could feel the thermal heat generated from the coin striking. I was granted permission to stick my hand in the coins to feel a handful of newborn coins. Was just so fantastic!
    Production areas had plenty of mint errors and coin blanks at every work station. We also saw the vault holding the production dies. The security on THEM was so tight and involved and we were told that if at any moment a die was unaccounted for as to where it should be in the Mint it would set off an immediate lockdown to the entire Mint until it was accounted for!

  56. stephen m says

    Ikaika, I didn’t know some of the first spouse gold coin have sold below issue price. I don’t think the gold Kennedy will. Time will tell.

  57. Louis says

    @VA Bob- No, I just used regular shipping. In fact, I have never paid for expedited shipping from the Mint. I applaud the Mint for making a nice product at a price point everyone can afford.

  58. Boz says

    Good posts from the trip. This is the point of good journalism, to share to the point that the reader feels like she was there and comes away with real knowledge.

    While I am sure the mint thinks it is doing a good thing by tinkering with the purchase limits, it guarantees the web site and on line ordering system will fail. As has happened before, large operators will have to line up all of their friends, family, employees, associates of employees, etc, to impact the ordering system at the same time.

    Until the shipping and delivery is done at one concise time, the continued dribbling of “hot” items out little by little over many weeks is still going to reward the early orders with visions of quick profits. Why create more pressure on the first 15 minutes of the ordering window deliberately? Everyone knows that unless you can scam the system during the first few minutes, you are SOL on making the quick flip.

    My suggestion still is to release all the shipments on the same pre-announced date, regardless of when during the ordering window the purchase was registered. This would also put a stop to the cherry pickers who burden the system by returning merchandise, and protect downstream buyers from getting defective recycled coins as well.

    Its nice to see the actual “first strike” coins in the photo. All others said to be early release or first strike by downstream sellers are more or less fraudulent. It is a shame that PT Barnam isn’t still around to comment on this travesty.

  59. zeeman says

    Got mine 5 sets of kennedy half dollars today, donot bash me now, but i flip those already, got enough to pay for my 2 or 3 sets, i will buy at ANA show and with profit those will be free 🙂

  60. Wes says

    One picture of a reverse proof Kennedy seems to have changed some minds about the popularity of the Kennedy set. I think it will be very popular as many also will buy as gifts. Hopefully the mint can get them all out before Christmas. I don’t think they will if they wait until late November to sell them near the anniversary day of Kennedy’s death. I am just getting the BHOF coin I ordered 4 months ago.

  61. says

    @Wes, this will Not be like the BHOF coins. I think the Silver Kennedy will be offered as soon as the Silver BHOF coins have Completely shipped and Returns have been accounted for. I imagine the Silver Kennedy will be offered in September but no latter than October. No way in the world they will launch a coin close to November 22nd. For the most part these will ship fast. Because of different factors the BHOF was an anomaly. The Kennedy coins have been the main Mint’s focus for the entire year. Look for much better results…

  62. thePhelps says

    Like many others I received my uncirculated Kennedy half set. I am indeed impressed with the quality and the presentation for a $10 package.

  63. TimTom says

    I just got my clad Kennedy sets and all I have to say is WOW!! These things just pop. They obviously have a different color than the 64s (90% Ag vs CuNi) but look exactly the same otherwise. I’d say a better comparison would be the SMS Kennedys of 65-67. I’m going to put them under my scope later for a better comparison and look for some stuff. Wouldn’t that be great if a serious DDO/DDR appeared on a run of these? One can only hope…

  64. says

    I was way off on my HSN estimate yesterday! Price and # on hand. I didn’t expect him to have graded ones yet but I should have known better. And he has thousands! So much for the 5 per household limit eh? At least we now know what they are worth on the secondary market now. Thanks Mike!

  65. MN says

    The BHoF Silver wait list posted less than 45 minutes after I placed my 4/9 3:15 p.m. online order; the 3 Silver Proof still show “order request in process, backordered, 8/15 expected ship date”). I received my 4/4 placed online order (2 Prf) and the two 4/7 online orders shipped 7/30 (3 Unc & 4 Unc).

  66. Wes says

    Cagcrisp, I am just saying I think they will do better than some of the negative posters were saying early. I am not comparing them to the BHOF coins. Some where saying things like this will sell with the baby boomers but not younger collectors. I don’t think you have to remember Kennedy to appreciate these coins.

  67. says

    Oh and HSN Mike said the gold JFK graded at the ANA show will be 4 to 6 thousand dollars (I think), like the BHOF MD show coins. They have to have the right label though. Hopefully NGC won’t label them as minted in PA like they did on the late great Bobby Chambers show for the gold BHOF…

  68. mark says

    2014 P ngc high relief clad kennedy..early release sp69 sold on the bay for $899.00. And thats just for one coin. Hsn $100 for both p&d sp69 first day of issue. Just bought 3 sets…I know….I know.

  69. says

    HSN said it looks like it will be hard to get Sheldon 70 grade on the new JFK set. If they do they will be in the thousands of dollars. Wow!

  70. Clark says

    The Mint may be running low on BHoF silver $1 proofs:

    $1 Unc 4/9 @ 2:12 am shipped 7/31
    $1 Prf 4/9 @ 2:12 am backordered to 8/15
    $1 Unc 4/9 @ 1:55 pm shipped 7/31
    $1 Prf 4/9 @ 1:55 pm backordered to 8/15

  71. mark says

    @2cents…yes I saw those too. But I already have a pcgs baltimore label and a pcgs Cal Ripkin. Plus I really dont like Anacs slabs. Sold all my gold bhof to goldmart for $1100.00 each. And a lot of silver proofs ogp on the bay for $150.00. Still sitting on about 30 silver proofs that I will put away for a long nap.

  72. VA Rich says

    Oops, my previous post should read 4/09 – reserved. Time around 2:30’ish. We must be close now Clark, glad you decided to keep’em, though I’ll give them a good home if needed! 🙂

    Bummer about the bat Pitt…, I’ve been racking my brain as to how to display all these JFKs, any thoughts?

  73. mark says

    @VA RICH…your welcome. I was hoping to get my last gold order,but it was cancelled. Oh well, time for the Kennedys.

  74. mark says

    Hsn guy still up to his bullcrap. Says gold Kennedy will be released at the ANA show next week for around $2000.00. And the 4 coin silver set later this year for around $500.00-$800.00 per set. Guess he does not keep up with the daily news…..ROFL

  75. Steve says

    So who is buying the Kennedy gold on Tuesday? I keep flip flopping, leaning towards no now. I think these will be had for issue price or less after the coins ship.

  76. says

    Any information on how HSN guy got around 5 per household limit? Maybe it was in that thread from the other day showing all the perks big dealers get and I missed it?

  77. Clark says

    Anyone who doubts the prescience and foresight of this blog’s readers should have a look at the following exchange from May 15, 2012, including our own Capt. Overkill. These folks foretold the future as we are living it out today. I can’t help but wonder if these collectors are in fact the architects of the gold and silver 50th Anniv Kennedy coins. I came across this as I was researching previous mintages. Amazing!

    Natatack says
    MAY 15, 2012 AT 4:39 PM

    Remember the 50th Anniversary of the Kennedy half is rapidly approaching. I think the mint has the imagination to come up with some ideals like the ASE. High relief, matte proof, reverse proof,special finish like the ATB, .999 fine silver, special reverse for the year only or a set like the 25th ASE. I wonder who might buy something like that? I would definitely .

    William says
    MAY 15, 2012 AT 5:08 PM

    A gold JFK offering would also be pretty sweet!!

    CaptainOverkill says
    MAY 15, 2012 AT 5:13 PM


    As the Kennedy half is currently my favorite circulating coin, I like the way you’re thinking! I’d love to see some kind of precious metal commemorative. Or perhaps they could just mint the entire run in 90% silver, since these coins are all being sold directly to the collectors now.

    jeff72 says
    MAY 16, 2012 AT 11:20 AM

    uhhh….what “golden Kennedy dollar”? …

    special set?

    ..any of this real?


    george glazener says
    MAY 16, 2012 AT 11:38 AM

    Alas, No.
    We’re all just daydreaming out loud and hoping the spies from the Treasury Dept. are reading and getting ideas..!!!

  78. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Wow, 11 types of 2014 Kennedy half dols.

    Reg. Issues

    2014P clad
    2014D clad
    2014S PF clad
    2014S PF silver

    1964 obv. Issues

    2014P clad
    2014D clad
    2014P silver PF
    2014D silver UNC
    2014S silver Enhc’d PF
    2014W silver, rev PF
    2014W gold PF

    To come to think of it, no matte finish 2014W gold.
    Or will they be offering that too in the future?

    Jacob Marly your salary will be doubled.

  79. VABEACHBUM says

    @ mrscrooge – you need to add two more to the list. For the 2014 regular issues, you have the bag / roll P &D halves, as well as the UNC Set P & D halves. These are supposed to be uniquely different strikes, although sometimes it’s very hard to tell.

  80. says

    @mrscrooge and VABB, I was going to mention the same thing making the total for 2014 at 13. Wish we had a TPG that would or could grade the difference. But then again we don’t have anything I know of to hold all the JFK’s from day one on.

  81. VA Rich says

    Let’s round these guys up so that they may start daydreaming about ’15 & ’16 – I like the way they think!

    184 gold BHoFs show when searching “2014 baseball coin gold”. That’s close to a new low & quite low for a weekend I believe

  82. Clark says

    VaRich–I couldn’t agree more; they were spot on. Wow. Thx for the gold BHoF numbers. I spoke with one of the Sarasota sellers by phone a couple of weeks ago. He told me straight out that he bought 50 gold $5s, had them all graded and was selling them all because he had just bought a house and needed the revenue. He’s a brick-n-mortar coin dealer there. I was calling about a gold spouse and just mentioned his prolific auctions of gold BHoF. Nothing nefarious about his motives, but he did help flood the mkt.

  83. Pittsburgh P says

    2cents the HSN didn’t have a backroom deal with the mint or anything-He could only buy 5 at a time like everyone else but pays a ton of people to order him the limit . He’d need just under 400 people to get the 1964 amount graded but I’m sure he had alot more to make sure he got the number he wanted…

    On the topic if dealers paying people to order the limit I yesterday I received an email from Coins since 1994 (sells on the bay) that they’d pay 250$ if I ordered the limit of JFK golds on tuesday only w/ expedited shipping & emailed them the order & confirmation numbers. Idk but even if its easy money IF I’d ever think about doing this I’d need a hell of alot more than 50 bucks a coin to put up 6200$ + shipping! They say if they are going for alot more they’ll pay you fairly but 250$ is guaranteed… No thanks

  84. Pittsburgh P says

    VaRich… Hmmm that’s alot if coins to display. I’ll brainstorm & let you know if I think of somethin cool. It’ll be a great type set to display though-No doubt about that!

  85. high low silver says

    Just got my HOF unc silver coin , and on the last call…….We will see…..

  86. jim says

    Been collecting since my father was an elementry school principal 50 yrs. ago and brought the school milk money home each night for deposit the next day at the bank. My brothers and i were allowed to fill our books with pennies,nickles,dimes, etc. as long as we replaced the coins in the bag. Not easy to do on a very limited budget. Anyway,been collecting since and really enjoy this blog. The West Point tour was great. Received my last 2 BHOF silver UNC dollars today and they were fantastic.

  87. says


    You mentioned in your 9:17 am comment that the bat you used to make a display for your HOF coins cracked down it’s center. By any chance, was it maple? If so, go back to an ash bat for your redo. It’s amazing how maple bats shatter in the major leagues, where they are still allowed.

  88. says

    I looked again at Michael’s pictures of employees packaging the Kennedy golds. One guy is shown standing over the coins wearing a tank top. So, if you happen to get a hair in the encapsulated coin that you receive, don’t assume it is a head hair–it might be an armpit hair instead.

  89. says

    @PittsburgP, thanks for the feedback and your opinion. Seems almost impossible to gather 400+ people each with a phone, computer, credit card, shipping address, ordering 5 of these and paying for I’m guessing overnight delivery, turning them around on overnight delivery to ANACS, grading fee, shipping back to HSN guy and selling for $99.95?? And HSN guy still has to pay the 400+ people to tie up credit to do it…

  90. Ikaika says

    Many observations can be made from these wonderful pictures.

    1. How beautiful these coins look. Really breath taking.
    2. There is really no dress code for the mint employees. Are open toes allowed?
    3. Not all coins are handled with gloves or some kind of protection. Look at the reverse proof silver coin shown in picture 8.
    4. First strike labels means “we really don’t know what strike it is”
    5. The real first strikes are the ones shown in the last picture and some may never leave the mint.

  91. john says

    that guy mike at hsn,has a inside at the mint.He said tonight on his show he has about 4000 more sets to grade hoping to get some ms70.this make the us mint look bad,no five house limts.and the 99.00 for a set you can get for 10.00.I do think you will be able to get more then 30.00 for the grade set .

  92. Eagle One says

    Today, I broke down my 5 sets of the Kennedy High Relief clads and prepared them for my PCGS order. After a critical inspection and screening of all ten coins – here is what I have to report. All of the P&D coins were not perfectly centered and therefore none will merit a 70 grade.

    The P minted coins appear to be the better of the two mints. All of the P minted coins were spot free and had very few visual distractions. The reverse on one of the P minted coins had measeling close to the rim between 2 and 3 o’clock. This coin was not submitted for grading. I feel confident that the remaining 4 P mint coins will grade between MS67 and MS69.

    The D minted coins appear to have a spotting problem. Two of the D mint coins were so heavily spotted that I decided to dip them to try and get rid of the spots. I made two passes and was unsuccessful in eliminating the spots by dipping. Finally, I decided to over dip one of the coins by trying to chemically etch the coin to remove the spots. That didn’t get rid of the spots. Hand rubbing did not get rid of the spots either. I suspect that the D mint planchets were heavily water spotted prior to being struck. The water spots appear to be embedded in the strike patina. Additionally, some of the spots have hash marks over them as if someone tried to clean the planchets by hand before striking. Because of the spotting and the hash marks; only three D minted coins will go to the graders. I feel confident that the remaining 3 D minted coins will grade between MS66 and MS68.

    Finally, the P mint coins have a very smooth uniform finish and the D mint coins appear to be more brilliant, more reflective, and with more surface nicks. Strike wise, coins from both mints appeared to be fully struck and equal in strike quality.

  93. says

    Current Guesstimates:

    • cagcrisp north of 125k on 07/10
    • Louis 50k 07/10; +/- 75k 08/01
    • VA Rich 50k +/- 8k 07/10 ; 71,293 07/31
    • Jeff 70k 07/10
    • Stephen m. 150k+ 07/11
    • SilverFan over/under 100k 07/11
    • Sith 60k 07/11; 100k to 120k 07/31
    • VABEACHBUM 07/16 do not think it will either garner the interest or come anywhere close to the 109k
    • Eagle One 40-45k 07/25
    • Clark exceed 200k 07/26
    • gary 92,586 07/31
    • thePhelps between 75 and 100k the first week and a total of 125k 07/31
    • Pittsburg P between 88,000 and 110,000 07/31
    • VA Bob 100k +/- 5k 07/31
    • TimTom 70k 07/31
    • Dustyroads 86,500 07/31
    • GoldFishin 66,532 – 73,185 07/31
    • A Bob 100,000 07/31
    • Longarm 70k 08/01
    • bg35765 75,920 08/01

  94. Pittsburgh P says

    Hawkster yeah it was maple & thanks for the tip… Maple just looked so much better after sanded and a clear coat. I agree it’s too weak for MLB though. Tradition? I don’t think there is a redo anytime soon. I put a lot of hours & effort in the first one.
    Lol armpit hair-one can only hope 🙂

    2cents no problem… I know it seems like alot of people to use but I am almost positive he all the employees at HSN & many others. Again this is only imo but I can’t see the mint being shady enough to sell him 5,000 sets not 5.

  95. mark says

    Maybe a more shady deal with ANACS. Dont worry Mike, just get us the coins when you get them and we will put first day of issue on the first 1,964 we receive.

  96. mark says

    So heres my question, what should a ngc sp69 early release. From the unc high relief set be worth? When a 2014 ms69 early release regular coin sells on the bay for around $500.

  97. VA Rich says

    cag – it appears that it you toss out the 2 high and low predictions (as they fall more out of the norm), would you say that the prediction average is falling somewhere around the 90-95k mark? Thanks for keeping tally, this will be fun to watch it play out.

  98. VA Rich says

    Eagle One – awesome insight, thanks for sharing!

    What I find so intriguing about the mintage predictions is that there’s poster above who’s thoughts I really respect and appreciate yet we’re all over the map when it comes potential mintage, some predictions in line with recent RP Buff and some reflective of 2006 Buff sales, and every where in between. Sure like to know that anticipated mintage cut-off trigger (date or in sales).

  99. says

    @VA Rich,IF you throw out the 2 highs and the 2 lows the Avg is 90,112

    If you throw out the 2 highs, you are throwing out the Winner.. When I said north of 125,000 I should have said NORTH NORTH NORTH of 125,000

    And….I have no problem being said that I “fall more out of the norm”

    I’ve been called a lot worse. I remember once when a contractor found out that I was named the new plant manager he said “That’s a smart SOB” and I took it as a compliment…

  100. thePhelps says

    I think it will be interesting to see where the tipping point on the Gold halves sets in. The point where the sales numbers appear to be too large, and people who were on the fence – decide not to purchase from the mint and wait for them on the secondary market.

    I see that as being the time the mint seriously looks at ending sales. If they do these might have a chance of holding some value in the long run. If they don’t the secondary market will kill any long term value and these will become nothing more than novelty pieces. (IMO)

  101. eddie says

    This is the first reversed proof coin that I like it really looks great. Can’t wait to see the enhanced unc. coin it should be just as good if not better. This set is going to be one hell of a set. I want a gold proof but I just can’t afford one. I sure hope they come down in price in the next 1 or 2 years.
    I really haven’t cared to much for the ASEs reverses but the Kennedy half is beautiful. It will be hard to beat the ASE enhanced coin but can’t wait to see it.. The silver set is the one to get.
    Received my unc. sets yesterday all though they look good I wasn’t blown away with the set.

  102. gary says

    I may buy ONE of the Kennedy golds. I really believe that once all of the initial batch of 40,000 are ordered and shipped demand will flatten out quickly until Dec. 31st which presumably could be the last chance date to get one. I really can’t imagine that, if there are initial big sales from the start that the Mint would not take orders at least through Dec. 31 to take advantage of Christmas shoppers. If anyone is planning to buy one/keep one the best chance is probably to flip it immediately when you get your package from the Mint. Have the 3rd party graders said anything as to what the cut-off date would be to obtain the ridiculous First Strike and or First Day of Issue?

  103. thePhelps says

    @gary – unlike a normal commemorative… the end of the year isn’t actually in play for the Kennedy half. Since these are a mint creation – they could very well mint these into next year without a problem.

    Normally the FS/ER cutoff doesn’t show up until the coins are shipping. Then you’ll get the typical random date cutoff announcement from TPG. I tend to agree with you label assessment.

  104. Larry says

    Hoping to find a 2006 RP Gold Eagle at the ANA show. Will try to trade to get one. That is the RP coin of my dreams. With a mintage of only 10,000, I can’t see any downside to owning this coin, plus it is stunning. Imagine if the gold Kennedy had a mintage of only 10,000! Will we ever see a 10,000 mintage of a really cool coin again?

  105. says


    Will the winner of the gold Kennedy guesstimate game be the contestant who comes closest to the actual mintage without going over it? You know, the way they do it on the TV game show, “The Price is Right”.

  106. says

    Pittsburgh P,

    If you do decide to have a second go at making a bat display for the HOF coins, consider using an 18 inch miniature bat instead of a full size one. I think the coins would stand out more in the smaller size bat, as they might be overwhelmed by a regular size one. A black or dark blue bat would especially make the coins pop. In fact, if you enter “miniature baseball bat” on ebay, there is a nice looking black Louisville Slugger going for about $15.00.
    The only question might be if a miniature bat has enough diameter to allow the appropriate size doles to be drilled in it.

  107. Pittsburgh P says

    Hawkster I considered using a minature black bat at first but the way I was cutting the bat and refinishing it I’d have to sand it all down & repaint. Also the diameter of the barrel wasn’t large enough for the Silver dollar unless I just made grooves and stood them up which I also considered. In the end I used a 33 inch Maple Louiville Slugger & it came out great. The coins encompassed the entire barrel, about 11 inches with spacing, and left the Louisville slugger logo intact. Other than needing a large space to display it was perfect. I just think, as you stated before, it was too weak after all the cutting & drilling that when I was moving it by the handle the weight of the barrel was too much it split… I just should have been more careful! Thanks for the input though, I will take it into consideration if I get time to do another. Sad thing was it was for my son.

  108. gary says

    @thePhelps… Yes, I realized that the Gold Kennedy has no mintage limit and no set time limit. I was only postulating that I believe it very doubtful the availability would end any earlier than Dec. 31 and miss out on Christmas sales. If there is reasonable enough demand in the weekly salesI think the Mint will still have it for sale well into 2015.

  109. Sith says

    @Gary – I don’t think they can legally sell them past 2014, and even if they could why would they sell something in 2015 that does not have a mintage limit? IE their is plenty of time to buy if you miss out then, you miss out.

  110. stephen m says

    Larry, The 2006 RP gold eagle is a favorite of mine. I’ve always been mystified at the low demand for that coin. 10,000 mintage isn’t high compared to other gold moderns. It would be hard for a collector to go wrong owning and holding that one, in my opinion. PCGS 70 first strike seems to bring a higher price than a 70 in other slabs and labels but they are all the same coin. Good luck.

  111. Larry says

    When you are at the ANA show, it becomes difficult to want to spend money on a coin like last years RP Buff, when there are so many awesome other coins. For the same money, I saw a beautiful 1917 Type 1 Standing Liberty Quarter for $1500.00. Or a gem MS65 Indian Penny. Or maybe a proof Barber Dime. The amount of cool coins is just overwhelming.
    That is why I won’t be standing in any line for the Gold Kennedy. I will look at it, and if it blows me away, I will probably get one online. But if you go to the show, take the time to see the coins.

  112. thePhelps says

    @Sith – I don’t see an issue with selling the 2014 Kennedy’s in 2015. The mint does that all the time. I don’t think they can mint new 2014 coins in 2015 though.

  113. fmtransmitter says

    So many posts so little time. Not sure if it was mentioned, but why are the blanks sitting on top of each other BEFORE they get stamped? That is where the scratches come from. They should never be touched with ANYTHING before it gets put into the press…

  114. says

    @fmtransmitter, I was thinking some scratches might come from that seemingly sharp steel edged tray the planchets sit in too. I don’t know I’m sure they have experts to handle that…?

  115. fmtransmitter says

    guama says

    August 1, 2014 at 9:12 pm

    Thanks, Michael. As always, you continue to keep us in the loop. I love your blog. ( I think i am the only woman on this) Looking forward to the silver set as well. The rp looks amazing!

    Didn’t we have Ann for awhile. I think there are many female posters and even more readers. Wives seeing what their husbands spend the money on? Could be worse things, BELIEVE ME…

  116. fmtransmitter says

    2cents says

    August 3, 2014 at 2:47 pm

    @fmtransmitter, I was thinking some scratches might come from that seemingly sharp steel edged tray the planchets sit in too. I don’t know I’m sure they have experts to handle that…?

    Tank tops in the packaging department doesn’t smell like experts to me…I really feel like the employees just put it out of their minds what they are handling. Otherwise it would drive them crazy knowing that just one gold coin could do to help them ie bills, etc..

  117. fmtransmitter says

    Still, gold blanks stacked on top of each other is very poor prep before striking…

  118. Tinto says

    @Larry, @Stephen m, After years of hemming and hawing I finally got me a PCGS 69 RP two years ago … I was getting into too many coin types and didn’t have enough funds for all, so I sold of a lot of the unneeded coins (at a loss mainly to a coin co.) and now this beautiful Gold RP forms the backbone of my RP proof collection, it’s now much easier and cheaper for me to keep up to date …. too bad I could not afford the PCGS FS 70 ..

  119. kevin says

    I know Apmex and Provident will buy bullion coins, can anyone tell me some trust worthy companies that you can sell collectible coins to at fair prices? I dont have any local dealers.

  120. says

    @fmt, yeah the tank toppers probably aren’t too concerned with QC, but, hopefully there are some white collars overseeing operations.

    I suppose it is assumed 2cents is male…?

  121. thePhelps says

    @fmt – I am pretty sure Ann is a guy – at least I recall him mentioning it odd that he was using the name.

  122. Pittsburgh P says

    @VaRich that’s the frame I’m using now lol… It’s actually quite nice. That isn’t a bad price for the 6 coin set & frame shipped! He’s still making 550$ but I think its worth it…

  123. says


    I agree with your earlier comment in regard to the gold planchets being indiscrminately stacked as they await the minting process (in Michael’s fourth photo). It’s a bit concerning that more care wasn’t used. Quality control starts with the manufacturing process.

  124. says

    Some strong showing for Gold BHOF coins on a normally Slow day of Sunday. Today we had Sales of Buy it Now’s for $699.99, $689.99, $699.00 and an auction for $700.00

  125. says

    Maybe the way to view and predict the success of the gold Kennedy is this-either the Mint suspends production of the coin after the initial 40,000, or the coin proves to be super popular and takes the mintage past 100,000.
    The speed of the sell of the 40,000 could make the difference in the Mints plans. Scratching my head!

  126. mark says

    Not sure about these kennedy golds. There will be no waiting getting these coins, 40,000 ready to go. And I hate selling high dollar coins on the bay..makes a nervous wreck. But still will buy one just to keep.

  127. Eagle One says

    @Hawkster Copy that!

    The Mint could take a few lessons from the semiconductor manufacturing industry in regards to handling, contamination, and process engineering. However, these costs for better quality would add significantly to the price of a collector coin. For business struck coinage; not much care needs to be taken for aesthetic quality. But for collector coins; there is a lot of room for improvement.

    If we had photos of a foreign mint where the cost of manufacturing collector coins is much cheaper, we could probably see these foreign mint workers in clean room smocks, hair nets, and face masks to prevent human contamination damage to the product. Sort of like cleanroom conditions. We might also see overhead laminar flow hoods and spittle guards. Additionally, high end vision systems for final inspection might be present too. It is my feeling that the grading companies, the place in the supply chain with the highest margins, could do more in this area as well.

    I’m sure the U.S. Mint could produce nothing but 70 grade coins if they wanted to, however, the cost would be excessively high. Yet, there are probably a few common-sense low-cost implementations that could be added to their processes that would give the biggest quality bang for the buck. Awareness is one of them. I do know, from taking a statistics class in college, where we statistically analyzed the thickness of brand new BU state quarters from bank rolls with a digital micrometer – dimensional conformity for thickness was astronomically tight. Dimensional and physical conformity is probably highest on the list and aesthetic beauty is probably a goal that is gaining momentum. The best thing we can do for the U.S. Mint is give them accurate unbiased feed back.

  128. Steve says


    Too risky to sell Kennedy golds on Ebay. What little profits will be eaten by Ebay and Paypal fees. Not worth the risk of selling and tying up big money to make a few bucks. Profit margin will be much higher on the silver sets.

  129. says

    It is very strange to see long exposed air, bare arms, and gold planchets stacked next to hand fed presses in the worlds largest coin mint. However, I have play devils advocate and assume that they are very busy in the process and allowed the most comfortable work environment possible. If any of you have ever had people work for you, you would understand how a care for the employees develops. Not to mention this is America 2014, we have come to demand a relaxing work environment. I for one would love to find out what it’s like to work for the West Point Mint.

    BTW~XA5 annual unc. silver dollar set is back ordered to 8-18. The puts the latest 7-27 mintage at 221,863, or second lowest. Lowest being 2011-S. It’s probably going going gone …..finally.

  130. VaBeachSteve says

    @ Cag ….. The number of auctions for the gold BHOF continues to decrease also. Currently around 170 while the silver’s have increased from 350ish to 400 over the last couple days. I’d be curious to know how many silver proofs will be shipped next week to finish this up.

  131. VaBeachSteve says

    It’s also interesting to note there are more gold MS70’s for sale (104) vs PF70 (61) ….. That surprises me since the MS70’s should carry a better premium down the road with the lower mintage.

  132. fmtransmitter says

    There’s only been 3 Olympic size swimming pools worth ever found on earth…I got that gooooold fever…

  133. Bob R says

    OK experts, I have 2 questions, in the coming week or so the mint will have finished up with the HOF $1 silvers, so what are your opinions on the future prices, near term, then out towards year end, and finally 5 years down the road.

    2nd question, same as 1st but with the $5 gold HOF.

    I note that the last batch HOF $1 unc quality to be poor, 20% seem to have scratches or marks. Is the mint replacing them or just refunding back to account?

    I humbly respect everyone’s opinion.

  134. Pittsburgh P says

    Bob R don’t have a clue on your first 2 questions… I’m taking the wait and see approach. The mint is only giving refunds now though. The uncirculated silver BHoFs I received on Friday were in perfect condition I hope for the same today. Maybe I got lucky….

  135. thePhelps says

    I also received a pair of uncirculated HOF silvers on Friday in great condition. I don’t think that is due to luck – I suspect it is probably true for most people.

  136. fmtransmitter says

    My uncirc HOF’s were not of good quality and I have never sent anything back for refund YET, so I could be on the “ship this person anything and he will keep it” list…I won’t hesitate to send back for refund soon if I keep getting poor quality coins…Good luck all…

  137. fmtransmitter says

    @Bob R: I suspect they will always be desirable but with so many out there, only way for premium prices is hand signed HOFamers and 70 grades imho…

  138. fmtransmitter says

    I am all for the US Mint business practice of tens of thousands of any said product based on consumer demand. If you are looking for low mintage limits, I would suggest the many World coins out there that are sometimes stunning and made in very low populations…With that said, I think the FS collectors who stayed loyal to the course of that offering will be sitting pretty down the road and will do well if they ever need to liquidate a COMPLETE set…

  139. Clark says

    I just returned 3 of 5 $1 proof BHoFs for poor quality last week and had much better luck with April $1 BHoFs in both varieties.

    I am no expert, but it’s still too early to predict the short term fair mkt value of BHoF coins. As I’ve said before, long term (3-5 years) FMV for gold BHoFs should be in the high triple digits, and in the high double digits for silver $1s. (For ungraded coins in OGP).

  140. Sith says

    @thePhelps – That is a valid point however the mint melted 60K UHR coins because they could not sell them past 2009. I think they are using the same legislation to make the Kennedy coins, but I could be wrong.

  141. thePhelps says

    @fmt… those low mintage products sold at World Mints… are usually low mintage because there isn’t a demand for the products.

    Much like the FS coins – which I agree the complete set will be pretty stunning – there isn’t much of a market for a one off spouse coin out there.

    Mint to demand would be a great idea – if the mint wasn’t selling to an artifical demand created by the secondary resellers. Even with the household limits we are reading about HSN proudly spouting how he has thousands of sets of the 2 coin uncirculated set. His primary target isn’t collectors – he is looking to get people who don’t collect to bite on his marketing drivel. The same can be said for many eBay sellers and buyers. Most of those people aren’t collectors perse’ – if most were they would already have the coins in OGP straight from the mint. While some buy both OGP and graded – the resellers are constantly buying and flooding the market with coins. They typically have taken the market share of coins at issue – and have lowered the overall value of many collector coins – especially in the mint to demand scenario.

    2 perfect contrating examples are the 2013 ASE 2 coin set – mint to demand – worth about issue price or less – even graded.

    BHoF coins – mintage limited as well as household limits. This set appears headed for a better above original sale price value in the long run.

    @sith – I guess anything is possible at this point – since the mint is being hush hush on the topic… 🙂

  142. Wes says

    Checked my order placed late in the day on July 24th for UNC Kennedy sets. If I ordered a set today the mint shows it will be shipped on 8/19. Same day as my original order. If you didn’t get first orders like the HSN guy did there was no benefit for ordering the first day.

  143. Wes says

    Demand certainly matters to the price of a coin. I look at my West Point coins and see they are going for close to the same price I paid for them. My 2001 Buffaloes are going for many times what I paid for them even though there were many more 2001 Buffalo’s produced.

  144. joseph says

    saw 5 gold JFK on ebay for $7500 and no one bid… lol
    flippers, be careful! this could be your worst nightmare.

  145. Ikaika says

    @ thePhelps

    Some good comments there. I always felt that the sales figure for these highly antecipated US mint products do not even get close to representing the number of collectors for the reasons you mentioned. In fact, I question whether the number of collectors have been decreasing over the years.

  146. zeeman says

    I got a question, is it worth it to grade the Kennedy P&D set, at the ANA show, i know it be hard to get a 70.
    and please wish me luck, cause i am going to need it 🙂

  147. says

    @zeeman, Good Luck..
    IF you think you are going to get a 70 on a clad P&D set—–Good Luck
    IF you think you are going to get a Gold Kennedy —–Good Luck
    IF you think you are going to walk out with the same money you started with —–GOOD LUCK

  148. fmtransmitter says

    good points and thanks the Phelps!! Go Wedge Tail Eagles…Soar to the Heavans please…ha

  149. says

    I’m still waiting on my JFK sets and naysayers are telling me it will be hard to get 70 on them? How would anybody know that already? Because of what the HSN guy said? Are we waiting to see what Coin Vault says this afternoon on the JFK’s to see what our chances are? This isn’t right, but, as uncle Walter used to say, “that’s the way it is”…

  150. Larry says

    @ FM Transmitter, I don’t know about selling a complete set of FS coins and making any money. Through 2013, a set of proofs would set you back about $25K or so. Folks with that kind of cash would probably buy a coin or coins that are better investments, like some truly rare old coins.

  151. Brad says


    The auction for 5 JFK gold coins you mentioned probably failed because the coins aren’t actually on sale yet. The 35,100 coins allotted for phone and web orders will be spoken for pretty quickly (especially with the generous household ordering limit of 5 coins), and after that the backorder date will be pushed out several weeks. When that happens, auctions like the one you mentioned will probably succeed. This is because those who want the “First Strike” or “Early Releases” grading designation will have to buy their box on the secondary market, if they want to beat the deadline and didn’t get an order placed in time before the initial supply was exhausted.

    Whoever tried to sell that box (I assume it was for a sealed box, I didn’t actually look it up) is banking they’ll be able to get their order in soon enough to get a shipment from the first wave. Those will most likely be the only coins that will qualify for the early grading designations. As long as there is a market for that scam, coins that qualify for it will command a nice premium, even if the Mint is still selling them. It’s crazy, I know. I could not care less, but obviously some care a great deal. To each his or her own.

  152. Pittsburgh P says

    Got the rest of my BHoF silver uncs today… All perfect and 2 had that proof like look people have been talking about-very happy.

    2cents its hard to get 70s in ANY clad coin not just the JFKs because of the metal type and so on… Its been discussed here before. Idk if you will be watching the coin vault for your numismatic info but I won’t be 😉

    ThePhelps good comments- I agree that most of the World Mint coins have low mintage numbers due to low demand but there are some, such as a few Cook Islands offering, where demand greatly outweighs the mintage…

  153. says

    @Pittsburgh P, Thanks for the feedback. I guess I didn’t realize these were the exact same as you get in mint rolls, bags and change at the gas station. I thought I read somewhere these would be “different”. I might fast forward through CV today just to see if they too were able to back a truck up at the mints dock for several pallets of these.

  154. thePhelps says

    Pitts… I agree I have several world coins that I purchased regardless of mintage totals. I purchased the Irish Kennedy coin last year as well as the Wedgetail Eagle and many others…

    That said – the vast majority appear to be fishing expeditions. Issued with extremely low mintages and exceedingly high prices. There are going to be the ocassional coin that is the exception, but to chase low mintage coins based simply on mint totals isn’t something I do.

    Conversely – buying a US coin that is minted to demand is also going to seal up my wallet pretty quickly these days. The only winners with a lot of those coins are the mint with an inflated premium, and the resellers who are gutting the future of the market for collectors. Collectors are often now stuck with coins that are selling at or below what they were purchased for, due to the glut of oversold coins in the market.

  155. Rob says

    Here is an interesting bit of information I just heard:

    I work in Philly near the US Mint and I just heard an interesting story from a friend of mine. This is second hand so my facts may be a bit off but basically he told me a friend of his answered an ad for an acting opportunity to make a few extra bucks. He has his summers off and was looking for jobs to make a little extra cash.

    The casting call was actually for an investor to get 400 people to go to the mint at midnight tonight to get in line and each buy one gold coin for him by noon tomorrow.

  156. mark says

    Cant believe people are paying thousands of dollars, for a gold Kennedy ANA label. When you could have a nice Saddle Ridge pcgs gold coin.

  157. fmtransmitter says

    Larry says

    August 4, 2014 at 2:08 pm

    @ FM Transmitter, I don’t know about selling a complete set of FS coins and making any money. Through 2013, a set of proofs would set you back about $25K or so. Folks with that kind of cash would probably buy a coin or coins that are better investments, like some truly rare old coins.

    I was talking as a family heirloom for like generations passed down, not this quick fix mentality we see today…

  158. Pittsburgh P says

    2cents lol 🙂 they aren’t exactly the same but imo they are very close. I’d say there is only 11 not 13 in the ’14 JFK type set but am in the minority there…

    ThePhelps very true… One must pick and choose & basically buy what appeals to them & hope for premium increase and not a loss.

  159. says

    Pittsburgh P, Yeah this is fun isn’t it? LOL (insert smiley face here). Just out of curiosity, what 2 coins do you not count as individual in your number of 11?

  160. Pittsburgh P says

    2cents I feel the unc clad in the annual mint set are the same as the ones found in the rolls & bags.

  161. says

    Pittsburgh P, Many people do say that. Although in the mints description of the mint set they say they are different and therefore have a different finish. I guess that can be ignored since the 2005 – 2009 satin mint sets have basically been ignored too.

  162. GoldFishin says

    Pitt P. – What are your plans tomorrow for the Kennedy Gold….I am on the fence as to how many I want to purchase. I want to get enough to be sure to get a keeper. but not enough to get stuck holding some I can’t afford. Your thoughts?

  163. john says

    I will be leaving tonight for the big show for one gold half.I will keep it in ogp and that sale I will have to stand in only one line.I have all my ticket to get in.I am going for some early half that I can not find.

  164. VA Bob says

    Got two of the JFK clads (3 to follow). I have to agree with what Eagle One stated. If someone gets an honest to goodness 70, they are going to have a valuable coin. P’s look good from a distance, but don’t pass muster under magnification. D’s are terrible, covered with visible milk spots (that or if it was hot tank top guy might have sweat on it). They probably should have used coins from the mint sets, these aren’t much better that the roll/bag product.

    On an up note, I like the card they are on. They feel like plastic, or a coated heavy stock. The Mint should consider using this material for the annual unc mint set, it seems much more durable than the current cardboard stock.

  165. Arizona Billy says

    I like the first spouse gold coin of Andrew Jackson on a horse… It might become the most collectable gold coin of the whole series. Just guessing…


  166. says

    For those not interested, the 2013 Uncirculated Annual dollar Set (XA5) is not back ordered with a walking ship date. Also, it does not have a mintage of only 221,863, which would subsequently not put it in second place and so on and so on.

  167. says

    Pittsburgh P,

    Yes, the Kennedys in the rolls and bags are basically the same as those in the uncirculated Mint sets. The big difference, however, is that the Kennedys in the uncirculated are of better quality, as they are free of the contact marks and scuffs that happen when the coins are bagged or rolled. In other words, the uncirculated ones are handled and packaged with better care.

  168. Samuel says

    the clad coin in the set is kind of high relief, right? different than normal ones, right?

  169. Steve says

    I think I’m buying 2 gold Kennedy’s tomorrow. If the resale market is weak I can sell one and get my money back and keep the other. If the market is hot I can flip both right away and pick up another later. Buying more than 2 is too risky IMO. If the market is soft flippers who bought 5 will be panic selling and lose their arse.

  170. GoldFishin says

    @Steve – I agree with you….a lot of these will be bought on CC’s and folks will need to get money back quick! If panic selling kicks in we may see a lot of bloodletting. I am thinking of getting 3, but same thinking as you. If only 5% of the produced 40,000 hit the Bay we are talking 2000 coins all hitting at the same time. We aren’t talking $50 coins here.

  171. Sith says

    I will get one to flip, and get mine later. if it does not work out I will have a nice coin. I can’t pass this coin up, the silver Kennedy’s are going to get wild.

  172. VA Bob says

    Samuel, they might be, but I doubt if the planchets received any TLC. Seems they grabbed them from a big pile, shoveled them into the coin hoppers and started striking them. I realize it’s a low cost item, but for $1 face the remaining $8.95 could have bought a little special handing IMO.

  173. Pittsburgh P says

    GF I’m thinking about getting 2 but will probably keep em both unless they are selling for a huge premium when I get them-then I’ll sell one, Doubtful though. Like you I’d like to make sure to get at least one good one just in case or I’d just get one even though I’ve had good luck it seems from the mint.

    Hawkster yeah I know that the ones in rolls & bags are slightly circulated but that’s why I got the unc set… 2cents where do you see it that the mint says they are different finishes?

  174. Pittsburgh P says

    2cents I saw you said in the mints description sry missed it the first time… Are you talking about the annual mint unc set or the anniversary set?

  175. Pittsburgh P says

    Sry again… Phones not refreshing quick enough & posted before seeing your reply

  176. says

    I previously posted “This is how I am playing the Kennedy rollout.
    Zero Clads for $9.95
    Zero Silvers for $99.95
    5 Golds if mintage is under 100k, 3 if under 150k, Zero if it is unlimited, window, mint-to-demand. ”

    I do NOT think what the Mint will be doing is “unlimited, window, or mint-to-demand”, Thus I will be in for max 5 and Hope that the Mint will do the Right thing and pull the plug before Mintage gets to a bullion stage…

  177. Pittsburgh P says

    Cag I hope your right, good luck.

    Thx 2cents, never saw that before but like you said alot of people will overlook that but many will have to have all 13.

  178. says

    PP, You bet. If you ever take them out of the blisters and look at them side by side you WILL see the difference. Can’t get them graded though, not that I would want to.

    The problem for me as only an old time coin collector is that there is no vehicle in which to store all the varieties of the JFK, e.g. Dansco, etc don’t provide for many of them.

  179. Clark says

    I have to admit that after all the clad BHoF duds I received and returned en masse, my expectation for these P&D Kennedy 50th Anniv clads was low. But after seeing all 5 sets that arrived today, I am very impressed. There have to be a couple proof-like grades among my allotment. Like others here, my Ds had more visible flaws than the Ps, which was also true with my BHoF clads. Now on to tomorrow’s dog-eat-dog race for the golds…a day that will make numismatic history. Good luck to all.

  180. says

    cagcrisp, The Mint has said that they would adjust as they see what happens. It’s hard to say exactly what public reaction will be until the noon hour begins tomorrow, but I do see a lot of divided opinions on this offering and not a tremendously large outpouring of excitement. Personally, I like what I see and therefore I’m in the same mindset as you. Equating.

  181. VA Rich says

    Dusty – ahh, but you know of all the enthusiasm and excitement that High Noon will bring tomorrow!

    We’ve seen it all before…, wasn’t that long ago the rhetoric here towards the first ever US Mint curved coin aligned with a baseball theme was questionable, and no one out here accurately predicted how that would play out up, ok, well except for VABB. Though the majority was way off and we ALL missed predicting the ensuing 45 days following release.

    There’s always something to be said for a classic design, where will the classic collector be on this one? Good luck everyone tomorrow.., gonna be exciting and a great day!

  182. GoldFishin says

    @Pitt P. – just looked at my Silver Unc.’s HOF that I received today. They are absolutely flawless and look as good, if not better than the First I received in April. If you put the old ones(which I think you said you sold) side by side with these, the obverses are very similar, but the reverse on the ones I received today are much more shiny or more proof like than the early ones. So cool, I will have to keep these for sure since I only have two.

    I have a question though, on both of mine I have something that looks like may a die crack or some kind of separation ” kind of like you would see with old “V nickels”. It is small but in the same place on both coins. On the glove side to the left of the forefinger about 4-5 leather stitches going to the left between the glove tip and the rim of the coin. I was wondering if anyone else had this on their recent unc. coins. You need at least 5x to see it, but 10x is better. After further review, sort of looks like a nose hair. :=)

  183. Bob R says

    My thoughts on this is since the household limit at 5 units with 40k ready to go there should be very little demand on the secondary market…I really don’t believe the premium to be much over mint price…It will be fun to watch. I will buy 5 and put them on the bay for say $1400, if the don’t sell in 5 days I will return them back to the mint…that’s my game plan.

  184. says

    @Dustyroads, The Problem I have with what the Mint has stated is that the Mint Probably Already knows what they are going to do under various scenarios . We do not. The Mint does and so that means that Some others Probably know and they can make decisions based on those scenarios. We just have to guess and not playing on a level playing field always causes a little concern…

    Markets don’t like uncertainty and I don’t either….

  185. GoldFishin says

    @Bob R- where is the profit in buying a coin @$1240 and selling it for $1400, even if you have an Ebay store it will cost about $150 in fees and shipping costs. If you can’t sell it for $1500 or more, why bother? Just saying.

  186. says

    Pittsburgh P,

    I’m with you in regard to having the regular 2014 P & D Kennedy clads come from the Mint uncirculated sets. They provide much better specimens than the bagged or rolled examples. The uncirculated sets do not seem to be as popular as they once were with collectors, but I’ve picked up a set every year since the beginning of the state quarters series in 1999.

  187. sharks2th says

    If gold gets back on the downward trend as it has been going over the past week or so, those flippers could “make” another 37.50 each on the gold by waiting for the gold average to drop below 1250 . The earliest this drop could occur would be next Wednesday as we all know. Gold seems to be on a downward trend lately due to the strength of the stock market over the past few months. I hope it drops some more to lower the price of the K gold, like it did with the eagles back in June when the average was below 1250.

  188. sharks2th says

    Wednesday of next week, to clarify on the possibility of a lower gold average. This week will most likely remain in the same range of 1250-1300.

  189. says

    VA Rich, Have you checked the annuals at the Mint web site? I mentioned the dollar set being on back order a couple times, but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears. I guess there’s not much excitement over the GB2 Silver unc. going. This has been way too long in coming, but glad it’s finally happening. Last year I bought several PCGS MS70’s for around $62.00 each, they should be worth over a hundred soon. Anyway, I think you have some of your own, so you doing good. You should have been on the Island with us a couple weeks ago, it was all good!

  190. Hidalgo says

    @Steve – another option… If you plan to keep one of your coins, you can buy one gold Kennedy in original packaging from the US Mint and one PCGS MS70 First Strike gold Kennedy from a retailer.


    Steve says
    AUGUST 4, 2014 AT 8:09 PM

    I think I’m buying 2 gold Kennedy’s tomorrow. If the resale market is weak I can sell one and get my money back and keep the other. If the market is hot I can flip both right away and pick up another later. Buying more than 2 is too risky IMO. If the market is soft flippers who bought 5 will be panic selling and lose their arse.

  191. VA Rich says

    Dusty – I did, I checked in disbelief ~ thanks for posting! Not meet with much fan fare, ehh? Almost every day this year I had been checking and gave up on Friday, shoulda gave up much sooner. Think you put me on some good buys this time last year, and yes, hope we do well in due time. Bet there’s less sets made this year!

    Regarding your million dollar question, the best I can come up with involves a dart, and wall calendar. One would have to presume that the mint realizes they will have likely captured appx. 70% of sales by Sunday evening. Then through watching the daily sales rate next week, say it’s 250 or 500 units/day, roll that number to where they would like to end given what their planchet/packaging vendors can support without drawing shipping out (again), add 5-6,000 units for the last days spike and whaa laa! Like I said, got a dart? Michael’s sales number this evening will tell a lot.

    Enjoy that little piece of heaven down there!

  192. GMS says

    The line for the Kennedys is around the corner or the building. My hotel is across the street and the line started forming in the middle of the night and at 5:00am the line is huge! Just FYI!

  193. VA Rich says

    Good luck GMS! Keep up posted!

    The .xls file hasn’t made it out for this week, has it? Was hoping to see a healthy bump in the BHoF clads

  194. Jake says

    Well hope all those people in line are registered and have a badge because if not they will be kicked out if line

  195. Pittsburgh P says

    Goldfishin yeah I did sell all the silver BHoF silvers I got from the first ave of shipments. that’s why I was relieved to get such great specimens from this last shipment since I’m going to keep these. Glad to hear you got flawless ones also. I didn’t see the possible die crack on any of mine but will take a closer look & get back to you if I see anything.

    Hawkster yeah the annual JFK unc set doesn’t seemed to be as popular as it was but like you I try to get at least one & the S mark silver either in one of the silver proof sets or on the secondary market.

  196. thePhelps says

    Looking forward to the news of the day! Will be watching to read what the lines look like at the convention, as well as actively following the blog today for updates on the waiting room! I won’t be in any lines – other than maybe to take a brief spot in the waiting room to see what delays and activity is like there.

    Good luck to those in Chicago and the online buyers!

  197. mgm says

    My brother went down to the Denver mint. He texted me this:

    They had a pre-sign up list and check in list. I did not know anything about it. I got down there at 5 and there was no way. Went home.

    I’m going home and ordering on-line.

    There was some type of number draing from the list. Well over 500 people down there by 5.

  198. jeff says

    Once the initial frenzy is over for the gold this will be a bust imo. As may have alluded to after the first week these will fizzle out bad. I’m on the side lines until the silvers

  199. Clark says

    Thanks for the intel, mgm. Of all today’s physical sales venues, I expected Denver to be the least active. Your report suggests that even in that sleepy cow town, where I lived for eight years, interest is extremely high.

    I respect opinions that this will be just a passing fad with initial frenzy followed by a dramatic loss of interest, but I respectfully disagree. I expect to see huge initial sales followed by sustained sales in record numbers first at the Mint and later from secondary retailers. Don’t say we didn’t tell you ; )

  200. JOE #2 says

    Hardly anyone buys for the COIN anymore. Who President KENNEDY was. Just flippers now. How sad. People just want to buy the STICKER And the nonsense fs/er..

  201. joseph says

    My thoughts on this is since the household limit at 5 units with 40k ready to go there should be very little demand on the secondary market…I really don’t believe the premium to be much over mint price…It will be fun to watch. I will buy 5 and put them on the bay for say $1400, if the don’t sell in 5 days I will return them back to the mint…that’s my game plan.

    I know Bob R already lose money, $1400 MINUS EBAY+PAYPAL FEE MINUS SHIPPING AND INSURANCE = LESS $1200.


  202. says

    Pittsburgh P,

    Sure, it’s not only true that the Mint uncirculated sets provide the best examples of the clad Kennedys, but also the other coins such as the ATB quarters. Anyone putting together a P&D album would be wise to use the coins from the set, not the rolls.

  203. says

    Mint BHOF excel spreadsheet update for 08/03/14:

    Gold proof BHOF 32,963 down 6
    Gold unc. 18,459 up 7
    Silver proof 280,967 down 866
    Silver unc. 146,101 down 187
    Clad proof 205,450 up 2,803
    Clad unc. 130,529 up 302
    Young Collector 13,908 up 13,908

    Gold BHOF oversold 1,422
    Silver BHOF oversold 27,068

  204. says


    Hey, you’re right. Sometimes it’s just not worth the energy and aggravation one has to go through in an attempt to profit off the Kennedy golds

  205. says

    2014 50TH ANNIVERSARY HALF DOLLAR UNCIRCULATED Sold 13,062 last week.

    First 12 hours of Sales = 68,974
    Total Sales for 10.5 days = 97,655

  206. says

    It is said in Golf you can not win a tournament the First day but you can lose it the First day. The Guesstimates Winner will be lost or won Today. Big number guesser Better get a Big number today and Little number guessers Better get a Low number today…

    @Clark, I agree with your sentiment. The Only ? I have is When does the Mint pull the plug. If they let this puppy roll is going to be a Big number…

    Today will be a Big number not matter what…

    For those that will be in the Waiting Room, If you get hit by some Elbows, It’s going to be me…

  207. Hidalgo says

    A few thoughts…..

    * I wish everyone much luck and success when ordering their gold Kennedy half dollars today.

    * It’s amazing that folks will pay high prices for a Third Party Grading (TPG) company’s label. Since all PCGS and NGC –70 /–69 coins should be identical in quality (ideally), the only difference in secondary market values can be attributed to the labels. The highest premiums, in descending order, are coins with the following labels: 1) ANA Convention, 2) “First Strike” (FS) or “Early Release” (ER), and 3) those without the FS or ER designation.

    * Since 40,000 gold Kennedy half dollars are readily available, I question if these coins will command prices as high as the Baseball Hall of Fame (BHOF) gold coins (in the short- and long-term). I believe the initial supply of gold BHOF coins was lower than 40,000. Also, the maximum mintage of the gold BHOF coins was limited to 50,000. The “mint to demand” Kennedy half dollars will likely have a much higher mintage.

    * When speculating on a coin’s secondary market value, it’s always important to balance risks versus rewards. How much are you willing to spend for an unknown amount of profit? It’s a tough decision…. We’ll find out where prices will stabilize in the weeks (maybe months) to come.

    Good luck to all!

  208. GMS says

    They took the 500 chosen few to the special waiting room and told everyone to disperse and come back tomorrow. There were approximately 1100 in line by the police estimates.

  209. M says

    Interesting pics but the atmosphere for making these proof coins is not very controlled. Lots of exposed hair, arms, faces close to the coins. One sneeze and you get the white spots after a silver coin is slabbed an graded a PR70. In the 1970’s The Franklin Mint had a “clean” room for striking their medals and coins of the realm. The quality was perfect. No spots, hairs, blemishes…still to this days some of the finest minted pieces around.

  210. Laurence Ramos says

    I went to the show to get my 2014 Gold Kennedy, I called ahead to see what was going on and the mint told me that no one would be able to get in line until 11:00 AM Chicago time. The US mint also told me that the uncirculated set would not be available at the show.

    I got to the show at 8 AM and found the coin was sold out. Apparently the mint acknowledged everyone standing in line and gave out numbers on everyone’s hand. The dealers brought bus loads of people at 1:00 to stand in line for them. Some people were getting paid 1,000. to stand in line all 4 days of the show.

    I guess you expect the US mint to screw up everything. The US mint caused a lot of people to waste time and get in dangerous situations. I got no coin for traveling 12 hours trying to add the gold coin to my complete set. I got to the show 2 hours before they opened. I spent two hotel nights trying to get my con too.

    The mint did sell the two piece set uncirculated set, I bought mine at 10:30 and they didnt care if I had previous I bought any of the two sets of the uncirculated sets they just sold me two sets. But I did see a glimpse of the 3/4 ounce coin.

    I believe the mint doesnt care about getting the coins into collectors hands. and the household limit is a joke. Why make coin shows a release date for new coins to prompt greedy dealers to scam out the general public? Why put a household limit on new coins and never check out who is buying the coins? Why state that no one can get in line until 11:00 if you don’t honor the rules? I missed out on the Kennedy gold release and paid over 500.00 for a two piece Kennedy uncirculated set.

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