Professor Muhammad Yunus Bronze Medal

Earlier this week, the Congressional Gold Medal was presented to Professor Muhammad Yunus to recognize his contributions to the fight against global poverty and his effort to promote economic and social change. He is credited with developing the concepts of microcredit and microfinance, through which very small loans were extended to  entrepreneurs too poor to qualify for traditional bank loans. He received the Nobel Peace Price in 2006.

Muhammad Yunus Bronze Medal

The obverse of the medal features a portrait of Professor Yunus with the traditional Bengali jamdani fabric design, intended to represent his optimistic and cheerful demeanor. Inscriptions include “Professor Muhammad Yunus” and “Act of Congress 2010”. The obverse was designed by Donna Weaver and sculpted by Phebe Hemphill.

The reverse depicts a lotus in open in full bloom, rising above the water and carry a depiction of the globe in its petals. This is intended to symbolize Yunus’ dream to end world poverty. The inscription reads “Banker to the Poor” and in Bengali “Let us send poverty to the museum”. The reverse was designed by Richard Masters and sculpted by Jim Licaretz.

These designs were selected from 12 original obverse design candidates and 8 different reverse design candidates, which can be seen here.

The United States Mint is offering bronze reproductions of the Congressional Gold Medal. The 3-inch bronze medal is priced at $39.95 and the 1.5-inch bronze medal is priced at $6.95.

Other bronze reproductions of Congressional Gold Medals recently offered by the US Mint have included those honoring Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Arnold Palmer, Constantino Brumidi, and the Montford Point Marines.

Late Update: The US Mint has reduced the price for the upcoming 2013 American Eagle West Point Two-Coin Silver Set to $139.95. When details were first released, the price was $149.95.

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  1. Mint News Blog says

    Those are still in the design review stage. More are actually being reviewed today by the CCAC and CFA.

  2. says


    I ordered a bunch of AtB quarter rolls just a few days along with my Teddy Roosevelt dollars. I was very surprised to notice the Chaco Culture quarter products were still on sale. I had expected them to pull them all more quickly.

  3. GMS says


    The purchasing information for all of these products does say “The United States Mint will accept and fulfill orders beginning February 3, 2012, at 12:00 noon (ET). The El Yunque National Forest quarter bags and rolls will be available for one year after this date”. So maybe the mint is going to start adhering to this policy.

  4. thePhelps says

    There does seem to be a change at the mint.. products ending quickly (2012 silver proofs – circulation coins – ASE). Perhaps and this is speculation – they are attempting to actually help service the numistic community – which is what the retail sells are supposed to be for aren’t they? Make money and sell to collectors (free pun in there)

  5. Tom says

    What What is this? Are they really that far down the list of subjects
    What is he to the US? a medal? I mean Really!
    They should just Cancel the medal program
    if This is what they are going to come up with.

  6. CW says

    I guess there weren’t any worthy Americans….sheesh. And the mint wonders why their sales are low.

  7. says

    Interesting. I figured if a cut was coming, it would be at least $20, but heck. I’ll take it. There’s certainly been a lot of good news for US coin buyers this week.

  8. A&L Futures says

    @ EvilFlipper – Giving a $10 discount is “listening?” Maybe we should all yell a little louder if we’re to get the discount we’re truly entitled to. According to Rich, its just, “3.05x over the Ag weekly spot average.” IMO, this is by no means a bargain.

    Would you honestly spend $4,270.00 for a 2013 1oz Gold Eagle? That too is ONLY 3.05x over spot.

    Or perhaps you’d rather spend $51.69 for a 2013-S Uncirculated Clad Half-Dollar (5G6) from the Mint.

    Hook, line and sinker. They’ll make millions!

  9. stephen m says

    $!0 bucks helps me and i was really surprised that we got that. The mint would have sold just as many at $149.00. It’s just a bone and will be adjusted and made up on another item at another time. IMO.

  10. Ray says

    $10 bux helps me too, but its a drop in the bucket cmpared to the markup. After reading that theyre considering making and selling a 4 coin silver 1/2 dollar set for $72.95 (I think that what I read), I’m convinced their just milking collectors hooked into the ASE program. If they can make 4 half dollars at 4 different mints, in silver, which will require 8 dies and 4 separate presses in 4 different cities and make that set available for < $75, they could and should make the silver eagle set available for $99.95.

  11. says

    Honestly, I am surprised and happy we even got $10. I was sure we wouldn’t get anything at all given how the Mint’s pricing has been recently.

    On the half dollar set, the potential price for the four coin silver set just makes me even more excited to buy it honestly. The price I saw in Louis’ article was $77.95. I really hope we get this set.

  12. Dan in Fla says

    I received a package from PBGS with one proof coin short out of five. How do you suppose that happened?

  13. Ikaika says

    @ Dan in Fla

    I once received a 5oz ATB box without the coin. Called the mint to complain and they said it can’t happen. Makes me wonder.

  14. says

    WOW….some people have more money than they know what to do with…an auction on ebay just ended for a 5 Star General clad half dollar graded by PCGS as PF70 and it sold for $2,001.76. I think someone mentioned earlier that thus far, there were 10 such coins.

  15. Dan in Fla says

    Ikaika- Thanks but that worries me because I have all 2012 5 Ounce coins from the Mint unopened.
    On the 139.95 price at least they are headed in the right direction.

  16. Mark in Florida says

    I wouldn’t believe all bids on Ebay. Someone with a few 70s could have a friend bid the first one up.

  17. VA Bob says

    No interest in the medal (really not in a Muhammad kind of mood the last dozen years or so for various reasons). Glad to see the the special ASE set price lowered. I guess the Mint didn’t have to do it. Perhaps they believe they will make up the difference in the volume sold.

    Wish the Mint would make the whole president medal sets available again. They must be busy commemorating the rest of the world.

  18. Micro says

    Keep in mind that this medal is just a reproduction of the actual Congressional Gold Medal of Honor that was bestowed on Yunus. It is not the mint that is honoring him, but the US Congress.

  19. simon says

    It takes quite a lot of work to develop a new coin as a product. Also considering the special enhanced finish and other features, the price is actually reasonable. The $10 rebate may actually increase if spot Ag drops since the release is still 3 weeks away. Nonetheless my full enthusiastic support goes to the USMint.

    I generally also like to keep in mind the “special” coins of world mints, for example the lady bug dollar, tarantula dollar, etc which sends some of us swarming like bees to “their” websites to make rapid purchases at exorbitant prices. The other side of the coin (pun intended) are popular TPG labels, slabs, services, and designations. Steve above just pointed out a 2k sale for a common commem coin which just goes to show that money which is not heard earned is always spent wastefully and unwisely.

  20. VA Bob says

    Micro – you are correct sir (hope that’s right). I should have said Congress is keeping the Mint busy. They do tend to catch the flak which is not always in there cause.

  21. Dustyroads says

    Steve, if I hadn’t have seen it, I wouldn’t have believed it. I know higher grades are not common in clads, but where is the justification in paying that high of a price? I may be wrong, but that looks crazy to me!

  22. Shutter says

    Steve, if I hadn’t have seen it, I wouldn’t have believed it. I know higher grades are not common in clads, but where is the justification in paying that high of a price?

    Actually they are pretty common. Especially with proofs. NGC has graded 42% of generals proofs as PF70. Compared with 53% of Army and 66% of Bald Eagles. The recent uncirculated halves have fared worse. NGC has not found a single MS70 among the generals and a mere 18 Army, but 82% of Bald Eagles.

    I know that occasionally PCGS seems much stricter than NGC, but this case seems a bit anomalous.

  23. Shutter says

    I wouldn’t believe all bids on Ebay. Someone with a few 70s could have a friend bid the first one up.

    Nah. eBay buyers are just that stupid. For Instance, Paradise mint is selling 2013 Sacagawea in PF70 for $89.99. No bidding, free shipping, etc. Yet, the first 3 that Paradise put up on eBay went for $94.57, $95.99, $96.55. The difference may be small but it only proves the old maxim: “The customer is always idiot”.

  24. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    2013 West Point 2 coin silver Eagle set not $150, but $140.
    Think I will pick one up, or if silver continues its slide, maybe pick one more up later.
    3 toned looks like Fee Waybill’s coat in she’s a beauty. guess styles are repeating back to 1983, or 1933.

  25. Patrick says

    Steve says:
    April 19, 2013 at 7:08 pm
    WOW….some people have more money than they know what to do with…an auction on ebay just ended for a 5 Star General clad half dollar graded by PCGS as PF70 and it sold for $2,001.76.

    For about the same money one could have purchased two complete gold, silver, and clad proof and unc sets!

  26. Hidalgo says

    @GMS: Looks like the first 2 ATB quarter products from 2012 are officially sold out!

    Interesting comment. I wonder what the long term prospects are for the Chaco Culture P&D rolls in the US Mint box. The Chaco Culture P&D ATBs have the lowest mintage of any State or ATB quarter to date (44 million). The Denali P&D ATB quarters had a combined mintage of 302 million. The White Mountain P&D ATB had a combined mintage of 176.4 million.

    Mintages for ATBs since that time seem to have increased remarkably since the Chaco Culture P&D ATBs were introduced…

  27. Louis says

    @Hidalgo- The 2012 ATB S quarters have mintages of around 1.4 million each, which is way lower than the Chaco P&D’s.

  28. Dan in Fla says

    I don’t generally buy clad coins but the NA coins have struck a chord with me so I got a couple of rolls. Where the ATB quarters are concerned I would rather wait until they come out with the silver proof set.

  29. Hidalgo says

    @Louis – a distinction has to be made between circulating quality S ATB quarters and made for circulation P&D ATB quarters. There is a difference. Just like some make a difference between proof finish and uncirculated finish commemoratives
    @Louis – there is a difference between the ATB circulating quality S quarters and the made for circulation P&D ATB quarters.

    I wonder if companies that make coin albums have left a hole for the ATB circulating quality ATB quarters that will result in collectors wanting to fill the holes….

  30. Louis says

    Hidalgo That’s not correct. the only difference is the mintmark, and that they were not placed into circulation. Go back and read the stories from last year. the S quarters are absolutely “circulation quality” just not placed into circulation. The finish is exactly the same. Not at all like BU and proof. Anyway, I have plenty of the S quarters and can see with my eyes that they are not different from the others.

  31. Don says

    What the heck was the topic of this posting? It’s evolved into a catch-all of various unrelated comments. So much for Professor Muhammad and the lack of interest in his medal.

  32. says

    Louis, I agree with you. All the rolls P,D,S are “circulating quality” coins. Here is how the Mint describes the three roll set:

    “This set consists of 120 circulating quality quarters – one roll of 40 quarters with the “P” mint mark for the United States Mint at Philadelphia; one roll of 40 quarters with the “D” mint mark for the United States Mint at Denver; and one roll of 40 quarters with the “S” mint mark for the United States Mint at San Francisco.”

  33. Dustyroads says

    sshhh…Let some people think of the S ATB’s as a distant cousin, it’s just one of her many beauties! Besides, as long as the high stays around 1.4, it’s possible to see some below 1.

  34. ips_stuff says

    Louis and Hidalgo,

    I think the point being made by Hidalgo, is that the “S” mint ATB quarters are not intended to make circulation.

    The “S” coins are ONLY sold directly through the mint. The P & D coins (Yes of the same quality) get distributed in normal circulation methods IN ADDITION to being sold to collectors by the mint.

  35. says

    @ips…I disagree with you. Hidalgo’s point was that the P & D had a different finish from the S minted coins. They all have the same finish. They are all “circulating quality”.

  36. simon says

    My 2c : There may be some small difference between P/D and S based on mintage. Since the mintage of the P/D is significantly larger than S, the dies utilized for P/D may accrue greater wear in comparison with the S versions. I believe business versions entail a single strike on a planchet, so perhaps on an average the S versions may have slightly better strike quality than the P/D. The planchets however remain the same for both versions.

  37. Hidalgo says

    @Louis and @Steve

    IPS_STUFF is correct. My point is NOT the finish, but rather, the fact that the ATB S coins were not ever intended for general circulation.

    Now I’m sure you’re both going to argue that they really are. And if that’s the case, I’m sure most true coin collectors who collect coins from circulation would disagree with you. Period.

  38. Rick says

    It’s time for some exitement with all these atb’s. Maybe a variety of some sort, like a high/low leaf like we saw with the Wisconsin Quarter.
    @Don, you’re right, I have no interest in this Muhammad Medal. I do kinda like his story though, thanks MNB

  39. Rick says

    What’s cool about these S quarters is that a few here and there will no doubt be released into the public by the annonymous collector, the desparate one, or the punk thief who “found” a roll or two.

  40. Robertson says

    What the heck was the topic of this posting? It’s evolved into a catch-all of various unrelated comments. So much for Professor Muhammad and the lack of interest in his medal.

    Agreed. I, for one, find the Muhammad Yunus medal design quite attractive, especially the reverse, its visual elements of which I would like to learn more about in terms of their symbolic meaning.

    In fact, I find nearly all of the Mint’s medals issues far more attractive and artistically dynamic than the coins, probably because they more closely adhere to the traditional bas relief techniques of sculpture.

    Yes, I too have noticed how the commentary on these threads tend to quickly devolve from the posted topic to something entirely, usually the AtB quarters, probably due to once again, the profit seekers.

  41. ClevelandRocks says

    A&L: A moving 2 week date means sell out close.
    A specified date more than than 2 weeks means the available date which the product really will be available.

  42. A&L Futures says

    @ ClevelandRocks

    If memory serves, this is in-fact a “moving” date. That would imply that a sell-out is in-fact near. Please correct me if this is not the case.

  43. Dustyroads says

    Samuel: do I sense a little sarcasm?

    ClevelandRocks: good info!

    Me: taking notice!!

  44. Mint News Blog says

    A similar situation happened last year with a backorder date for the $5 gold commem, and the coins remained available and the backorder status was eventually removed.

    With commemoratives, a beneficiary organization earns surcharges for every coin sale. I do not think the US Mint would ever cut off their potential surcharges early. Sales should run until the maximum authorized mintage has been sold or until a pre-announced sales ending date in December.

  45. Dustyroads says

    If memory serves, this is in-fact a “moving” date.

    A&L Futures: have you seen this notification prior to the week-end?

  46. Dustyroads says

    Mint Blog News: I read the bill that went through Congress in 2010 seeking signature for the Generals Commemorative coins and found no mention of an end date.

  47. A&L Futures says

    @ Dustyroads,

    I think so. I honestly remember an earlier date than the 16th. I have ten (10) of these in my cart, but because my crystal ball is busted, I don’t know if I should push the confirm order tab.

  48. Dustyroads says

    Mint Blog News has a good point, but I’m a bit suspicious of the US Mint instrumenting a sell out and creating a big buzz!

  49. Dustyroads says

    Mint Blog News: the wording appears to mean the coins will only be sold within 2013.

  50. Dustyroads says

    Mint Bog News: other than an approximate sales begin date, the rest of the sales information is somewhat vague.

  51. Mint News Blog says

    A one year period which begins on January 1, 2013 will end on December 31, 2013.

  52. Dustyroads says

    Mint Blog News: but I of course do agree with your statement of their fulfillment of earning the surcharges.

  53. Robertson says

    I read the bill that went through Congress in 2010 seeking signature for the Generals Commemorative coins and found no mention of an end date.

    If you read the bill, which eventually became the 5-Star Generals Commemorative Coin Act (Public Law 111-262), it requires the Secretary of the Treasury (ala the U.S. Mint) to strike and issue up to 100,000 $5 gold coins, which would comprise any combination of proof and unc. pieces. As Michael correctly points out, there is a third-party benefactor of all the surcharges that are factored into the prices of the coins after the Mint recoups their expenses.

    Do you really think the Mint would suddenly end sales of an item after they have been on sale for barely a month and having sold only a tiny fraction of the total authorized mintage? Honestly, is the desire to profit so overwhelming that it replaces common sense? The 5-Star MacArthur gold uncirculated will remain on sale until the 100,000 mintage figure has been reached or the Mint ends sales sometime in December just like they did last year with the Star-Spangled Banner coins.

    you should have made note that

  54. Dustyroads says

    Robertson: the only coins I have ever sold were to my brother n law, and I took a slight loss. I am interested though in being in possession of a truly unique US Mint item. I do consider myself a true patriot, honest, and sacrificial, so I resent the assumption that I am anything but honorable in my intentions. No, I do not think the Mint will suddenly suspend sales tomorrow, but if they were to, for whatever reason, it would be something that I would certainly want to be a part of!

  55. Zaz says

    Re: the $5 five-star general unc. The mint probably pulled them off the shelves temporarily probably due to a high number of returns, first being the drop of Au in the past week, people might be returning perfectly good coins especially if they bought at $480.15 the initial selling price in late-March. I bought one and returned it for the second reason: poor quality control during minting. The coin I received either had alloy mixing problems or and over polishing.of the obv die resulting in a unsightly hot spot near the center of the coin with a highly uneven satin finish. It was not like ANY unc silver or gold coin I have received from the Mint since 2006. I couldn’t believe this coin didn’t make the reject pile.

  56. Louis says

    Hidalgo- You were the one who said it was like proof vs. BU, which implies you think there is a difference in finish, which there is not. The S quarters are like the JFK halves issued in recent years that are only sold in rolls to collectors but that are still circulating quality. In the Red Book they do not have a special section for coins that are circulation quality but sold only to collectors. besides, none of the ATB quarters circulates to much extent. have you ever found a bank that has one? How many have you gotten in change? Two if you are lucky. For all practical purposes, the vast majority of ATB quarters are sold at a premium, whatever their mintmark. The bottom line is I don’t care if Chaco P&D’s are the lowest because no coin issued in the 10’s of millions is likely to have a premium years down the road, but a coin with a mintage of 1.4 million will and already does in the case of the 2012 coins. If I am going to be charged a premium, I want some expectation that the coin will have some value down the road. ten years from now all the P&D ATB’s will be worth face value unless thy are silver or proofs. Look at the state quarters.

  57. Rich says

    On a lighter note Gentleman…, at least you didn’t write Provident a big ole check two weeks ago for some Ag and pucks…, see said check get cashed, …watch Ag plummet 8-9 bucks…, then calculate cancellation and restocking fees, …said silver arrives today…

    …wish I was an expert…, but I’m an expert at reading silver price charts now, (wasn’t two weeks ago)….

    check this out…, enjoy the ride!

  58. Hidalgo says

    @Cleveland Rocks – concerning the “moving date” hypothesis…. I agree in general. However, I believe that the product’s status has to show that it is “backordered.” That status does not always appear on a particular product’s ordering page.

    I have noted that a significant (by that, I mean at least 50%) increase in resale values on eBay of the US Mint’s precious metal coins is the exception, rather than the rule, after an uncertified coin sells out. Time and time again, I’ve seen that those coins with high resale values are those having unexpected sell outs.

    Also, now that PM values have tanked it seems that now is a great time to buy. I have seen some ATB 5 ounce silver P coins sell for LESS on eBay (or not at all) than the US Mint’s original sales price.

  59. hi ho silver says

    I’ve been collecting Kennedys for years, and you are wrong Hidalgo,unless you know something no one else does.

  60. Samuel says

    Rich, no one is expert. at this kind of time, the best thing you can so is not to write a very big check. be patient, and always be ready to lower your cost.

  61. Rick says

    PM values tanked? Absolutely not. The paper Gold has pulled back as it’s as fake as Wall st., not physical.

  62. Hidalgo says

    @hi ho silver. Until you grow up, you will realize that we are all wrong at some point in time. It takes a mature adult to admit whe he or she is wrong.

  63. Rick says

    They are beginning to diverge. The paper price and the physical price differ substantially, some may call it a premium, I call it the real price. No paper for me although it sure looks tempting. The only way I would get spot is in paper(EFT) IMO
    Hiho take note H says he was wrong in a roundabout way.Good for him.

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