Proof Gold Eagles Sold Out, Prices Reduced for Other Gold Coins

Yesterday, the US Mint ended sales of the remaining 2010 Proof Gold Eagles. The final remaining options were the individual one-quarter ounce and one-tenth ounce coins.

Following their one year cancellation, the Proof American Gold Eagles had opened with huge demand. Initial sales for each of the five product options were three to five times greater than the initial sales figures for the 2008 Proof Gold Eagles.

The individual one ounce coins were the first to sell out on November 1, 2010, after the full maximum product limit was sold. The following two options to sell out were the individual one-half ounce on December 1, 2010 and the 4 Coin Set on January 3, 2011. Both of these options as well as most recently sold out one-quarter ounce and one-tenth ounce options did not meet the maximum product limit.

The final sales levels for each option are indicated below in the first number column. The second number column displays the mintage for each coin, calculated by adding together the individual and set sales. This is the mintage calculated based on sales. The US Mint typically releases final audited mintage figures a year or more after the conclusion of sales.

2010 Proof Gold Eagles

Product Sales Mintage
1 oz 25,000 60,000
1/2 oz 10,000 45,000
1/4 oz 10,000 45,000
1/10 oz 20,000 55,000
4 Coin Set 35,000

Compared to previous year’s mintages for each denomination, the one ounce and one-half ounce coins are near the higher end of the range, while the one-quarter ounce and one-tenth ounce are around the middle of the range.

This year’s coins did have a shorter availability period than typical for Proof Gold Eagles, which usually go on sale around March and remain available throughout the year. The 2010 Proof Gold Eagles went on sale October 7.

Numismatic Gold Product Prices Decreased

Today, the US Mint reduced prices for available numismatic gold products. The price of the 2010 Proof Gold Buffalo was reduced from $1,660 to $1,610. The prices for First Spouse Gold Coins were reduced from $854 to $829 for proofs and from $841 to $816 for uncirculated coins.

This is actually the first pricing adjustment to take place since November 10, 2010. On that date, prices had been increased for the fourth consecutive time, following the steady march higher for the price of gold.

The reduced prices reflect an average gold price within the range of $1,300 to $1,349.99 range. Each week, the US Mint calculates the average London Fix price of gold from the prior Thursday AM to the current Wednesday AM. If the average moves into a different range and the Wednesday PM price agrees with the range, then prices are adjusted accordingly.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Who cares about him. I'm finally going to buy the Buchanan first spouse proof. Will the US Mint need my SS # for that. Or are the exempt from handing out the 1099s?

  2. Anonymous says

    Actually, it works the other way around. You are paying them money so you need to get their tax number and send them a 1099. Good thing that law is going to get repealed.

  3. Anonymous says

    Hee hee! I need your employer ID number for your 1099, Mint! 🙂

    Didn't the Buchanan's Liberty coins debut at $779 and $766? It seems like that's what it was at the time. I bought mine on the first day. That was the time to buy!

  4. Anonymous says

    I think collectors in the future will like the 2010 $10 gold proof and the 1/10th. The $10 2010 proof should hold good value because its somewhat lower mintage.

  5. Anonymous says

    the modern commemorative gold should go down as well. the mint set the price when the gold is higher. when those come out. the price should be adjusted.

  6. Anonymous says

    Looks like Congress is working to ditch the 1099 program this year. Mainly because the IRS claims that it has no way to process and maintain all of the paper. The whole thing sounds like a deterrent instead of an actual means for tracking.

  7. Anonymous says

    Off topic : I just received the Mint's mailer for 2011 United States Army Commemorative Coin Program.Nice looking coins unfortunately, I'm going to pass on these.

  8. Anonymous says

    Why are commemorative gold coins set at a fixed price, and not on the gold coin price grid? …makes no sense.

  9. Anonymous says

    Concerning the Silver Proof Set the cost is too high, there still is no uncirculated Prez set, = $0.00 from me. Thanks US Mint, this makes the better half very happy.

  10. Anonymous says

    These mintages seem pretty high. Not going to be much premium associated with these in the future. With the price of gold at all time high, people paid through the nose for common proof Eagles.
    1 oz 60,000
    1/2 oz 45,000
    1/4 oz 45,000
    1/10 oz 55,000

  11. Anonymous says

    I'm surprized that the 2008 1/4 ounce proof isn't fething a whole lot more, considering that at 18,877 minted,it's the rarest modern gold eagle proof ever

  12. Anonymous says

    " … the mint has taken its collector base for granted for way too long. It's going to finally catch up to them…"

    As the mint's Sales amd Marketing department has complete control, it was just a matter of time until the rope ran out.

  13. Anonymous says

    the new modern commemorative $5.00 proof or unc gold coin should decrease its price by at least $12.50 each.

  14. Anonymous says

    Here it is the 27th and the Army comm are due on sale on the 31st. Yet I have looked everywhere for a price. Am I missing something, or is the US Mint just afraid to show yet another outrageous price on the new comm?

  15. Anonymous says

    Look in the comments of the 2011 US Mint prices article posted here. Michael listed them there. I'm too lazy to look them up, but they're there.

  16. Anonymous says

    $5 Gold Proof 449.95 $454.95
    $5 Gold Uncirculated 439.95 $444.95
    $1 Silver Proof 54.95 $59.95
    $1 Silver Uncirculated 49.94 $54.95
    50c Clad Proof 17.95 $21.95
    50c Clad Uncirculated 15.95 $19.95

    These are prices listed on the 7th. Will they come down because the price of silver and gold are down? I doubt it. Why is there no info on the US Mints web site on these coin prices. The US mint shows yet again that they are not interested in good customer service.

  17. Mint News Blog says

    Pricing for commemorative coins is established based on publication within the Federal Register. The prices do not fluctuate with the prices of the metals.

  18. Anonymous says

    Michael had earlier listed these prices:

    PR $5 Gold $449.95
    Unc $5 Gold $439.95
    PR $1 Silver $54.95
    Unc $1 Silver $49.95
    PR 50c Clad $17.95
    Unc 50c Clad $15.95

  19. Anonymous says

    About 115.00 over spot seems like a pretty high premium for a 1/4 ounce of gold. Is this a norm from previous years of sales of these gold comm coins? Or has the US Mint gone way up on these too?

  20. Anonymous says

    2008 gold comm prices

    $5 Proof Gold $294.95

    $5 Uncirculated Gold $284.95

    Gold was about 920.00 in 2008

    spot for 1/4 ounce was 230.00

    So that was a difference of about 60.00 back then. That would mean that there premium is around 45% more then in 2008. HMMMM !!!
    Yep those suckers are trying to take me for a fool again. I think not. Where does the greed end. Plus they plan on a much larger mintage then 2008. I'll keep my 2008s and try to buy more of those at a much lower price. Thank you very much for screwing yet another possible good thing US Mint.

  21. Anonymous says

    Wow , what a joke , I guess I'm not buying any of the Army Commemorative coins. I got the Mint mailer today & nice coins but not nice price!

  22. Anonymous says

    So just who is running the mint now. Timothy Giethner? Sure seems like a bunch of scam artists to me any more. Do they even plan on getting a new US Mint director or are they going to try to balance the budget by screwing the numismatic community. Sure seems that way to me.

  23. Anonymous says

    I will still enjoy watching all the wannabe coin dealers (flippers) on ebay eat their shorts on all these high price items from the US Mint just because they think low mintage will get them a premium after items sell out. Hello !!! at these prices, guess what flippers. They won't sell out. Yes, after the years end or middle of next year when they finally go off sale. They will just be old news by then (No longer the flavor of the month)that you flippers rely on. So I say go for it flippers. Buy up all that high priced garbage and let me watch you eat your shorts as I continue to buy up all the PMs at or below melt. ROFLMAO.

  24. Anonymous says

    That bragging/lying about buying below melt is so annoying so go somewhere else, go back to your scrap gold joint and scam the real uninformed people, your not scamming us. You forgot to say LOL every other sentence, now bug off you wannabe coin shop owner.

  25. Anonymous says

    Ouch !!! looks like the truth hurt the flipper. LOL Hows that. No need to brag about buying PMs under or at melt. I'm just not dumb enough to fall for the flipper hype and TPG Lies. And the flippers are now screwed with not being able to flip a product that is already over priced to them.Turn about is fair play. How does it feel to have to not get it for what you wanted it for now. Shoe kinda sucks on the other foot huh flipper?

  26. Anonymous says

    I & others collect all kinds of silver & gold at or below spot. It's available every day on the bay. No need for any coin/pawn shop full of scammer/flippers. I'm not sure why you think your so special. You do sound like an arrogant flipper however, LOL

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