Proof Silver Eagle Opening Sales Figures

Opening sales figures for the 2012 Proof Silver Eagle are now available. From the start of sales on April 12, 2012 to the reporting sale of April 16, 2012, the US Mint has recorded sales of 299,539.

This already represents the highest unit sales for any product released so far this year, attesting to the popularity of the offering. However, the opening figures fall below those for the previous year.

For the 2011 Proof Silver Eagle, the US Mint had recorded sales of 367,623 coins between the start of sales on June 30, 2011 to the first reporting date of July 3, 2011.

The 2010 Proof had initial sales of 273,212, although these figures were very suspect. During the opening days, the US Mint inadvertently cancelled some customer orders, which were later restored. When the next sales report was issued, sales were reported at 707,704.

Going further back, the release for 2009 was canceled. The 2008 Proof Silver Eagle debuted with sales of 185,232, but this was before the intense renewed interest in silver.

The decline in the initial sales of the 2012 Proof Silver Eagle compared to 2011 suggests at least some reduction in enthusiasm for the offering. Although it will undoubtedly remain one of the US Mint’s most popular annual offerings, this year the sense of urgency that had characterized the past few years has somewhat diminished. The coin is being released earlier in the year, with no looming threat of bullion shortages. The price of silver has also been relatively quiet recently, at least compared to the price swings of the past two years.

The full weekly sales report can be found on Coin Update.

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  1. EvilFlipper says

    I’m thinking the mint should do an ultra high relief commemorative series of past coins. I feel like our country is in an artistic and creative slog. We are not very inspired by our government/country/selves so we put out mediocre offerings. At the turn of the 20th century we had vision and our coins showed it. I’d love a one ounce ultra high relief of a bare breasted standing liberty obverse with a high relief relief reverse of something modern and meaningful. But what has meaning nowadays. Everything is mass produced and cheapened and there is no real sense of value to it. We have no common long term goals. We are divided. And our coins show it. Maybe that’s the problem. We commemorate the past because we don’t see much in our future. Liberty was once a meaningful symbol. I guess she’s not anymore. You hardly see her. She’s hidden behind dead presidents and national parks. I’m a flipper, don’t get me wrong. But I love to collect more. And it’s sad I’m looking more and more at other countries to find pieces of artistic vision and value than at my own country.

  2. Louis says

    EF: Interesting post, but I think there are more grounds for optimism than you suggest, and I am not sure why exactly it is “sad” to look to other countries. I think countries can learn from each other on coins and other things, and see that as a good thing. We would not even exist without other countries that discovered us, etc. But I do agree our coin designs should and could be a lot better.

  3. Broooster says

    Honestly, if I was to wish for any UHR silver coins, I would wish for at least a 1.5 oz coin. I have the UHR Dragon, and it is nice, love how thick it is, but it could be larger in diameter. A 1.5 oz UHR would probably be about perfect, IMHO.

  4. joe says

    I would like to see a gold UHR with any of the old liberty heads from the 19th century. A 1.5oz would be fine as well. It’ll never happen, but it would be nice. JMO.

  5. Brad says

    Off-topic, but of interest to some who post here. I received an e-mail from eBay today regarding an upcoming requirement to coin auctions starting May 30th. If I read it correctly, all U.S. coin auctions with a buy-it-now price, reserve or starting bid of $2,500 or above are REQUIRED to be professionally graded by NGC or PCGS. If that is correct, I guess items such as a 20th Anniversary Gold Eagle set would no longer be allowed to be sold raw, unless the opening bid was under $2,500? That seems a bit nuts to me.

  6. says

    I cannot believe the Chester Arthur sales actually beat the initial production run! And in two weeks, no less! This is quite a comeback for the dollar coin series. They must be high-fiving each other at the Mint about now.

    I suspect some of the reason for the slower sales of the proof eagles is the upcoming silver eagle proof set. Why buy the solo (admittedly with a different mint mark) when you can buy a set with both a proof and reverse proof?

    EvilFlipper, I agree on your idea of high relief products. I have developed quite a taste for them this year and would love to see the classic designs done up in high relief style.

  7. Leo S. says


    Michael, is there any indication at all when the Mint will release the next FS gold coin? April is just about over and there doesn’t seem to be any news on the next release. Also, APMEX seems to have fewer and fewer FS raw coins available on their website. Wondering if that means anything?

  8. auxmike says

    300k ASE’s in 5 days! Wonder how long the San Fran 2 coin set will last? Hoping for sensible limits at startup and enough so at least those who want one can get one before the hogs suck the well dry by having everyone from grandma to the family goldfish order 5 sets….

  9. Shutter says

    A 1.5 oz UHR would probably be about perfect, IMHO.

    How about 5oz ATB with 2″ diameter, UHR, and Proof finish? I know it won’t happen, but I can dream.

  10. ClevelandRocks says

    @Brad, coins in sealed boxes from the Mint should never be forced to be opened to have tps grade them.

  11. says


    I have noticed the trend of falling AtB sales as well. The 2011s may get a quicker pace of sales if the price of silver starts rising, you may have an effect where people pile in in advance of an expected price increase. Other than that I see little prospects for a 2012 sellout for any of the 2011s this year except perhaps Gettysburg.

  12. William says

    makes me chuckle a bit that theyre still selling about 40 to 50 2011 buffalos per week.

  13. SauceXX says


    I ordered a gold UNC SSB when they came out but the coin had issues and I sent it back. Since then I’ve been waiting for that weekly adjustment to drop the price. I have no problems with weekly numbers staying low though, low mintages can be very lucrative.

  14. says


    I have become persuaded that the uncirculated will definitely be very low mintage. I am just hoping for a decisive break upward or downwards before I buy. I personally think one more price tier drop is very possible.

  15. Brad says

    We barely missed a price drop today. The fixes early in the period just HAD to be high enough to keep the average above $1,650, didn’t they? Rats.

  16. Tom says

    After losing out on the 25th Anniversary set, and also being one to refuse to pay flipper prices on the secondary market, I have given up trying to build a complete set of ASE’s. I will continue to buy annual bullion coins, but I will pass on any further proofs or reverse proofs.

  17. jim says

    The U S Mint is coming out with a 2 coin 75th set. One proof with a S on it & one rev proof with a S on it. More to come on May 14th.

  18. Howard says

    i ordered 3 2012 SAE proofs, received them today and the printing on the blue mint boxes are all different. why would they produce so many different boxes? ideas?

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