Proof Silver Eagle Opening Sales Figures

The opening sales figures are now available for the 2011 Proof Silver Eagle. The popular product makes a strong debut with sales of 367,623.

This amount represents the highest initial unit sales for any US Mint product released this year. The next highest opening was the 2011 Proof Set at 253,144 units.

The amount exceeds the opening numbers reported for the 2010 Proof Silver Eagle by almost 100,000. However, it should be noted that there was some speculation (by me) that the initial sales of 273,212 for last year’s Proof Silver Eagle were under-reported. A few days later, the US Mint confirmed that some customer orders had been deleted in error. The next sales report issued two weeks later showed that sales had more than doubled to reach 707,704.

On a longer term perspective, the mintage of the 2011 Proof Silver Eagle will almost certainly fall at the higher end of the spectrum for the series. The lowest mintage for a regular issue Proof Silver Eagle is 372,168 (1994). There are seven different dates with a mintage above 800,000, and of those two different dates with a mintage above 1 million. Last year’s 2010 Proof Silver Eagle had last reported sales of 860,000.

Not included on the latest US Mint sales report were the initial figures for the Grand Canyon National Park Five Ounce Silver Coins. I am currently confirming the figures, but it seems that sales might be 24,896 out of the 27,000 maximum mintage. This figure was included on what looked like an incorrectly labeled line of the report. Please treat this figure as preliminary until I confirm here.

If correct, this would be the strongest start for a numismatic version of the ATB 5 ounce silver coins since Hot Springs. It would exceed the initial sales of the previous Yosemite release by more than 4,000 units. Many collectors may have chosen to order the ATB coin along with 2011 Proof Silver Eagle to save on shipping costs, accelerating the pace of sales.

Update: The confirmed initial sales figures for the Grand Canyon National Park Five Ounce Silver Coins is 19,300. This is lower than the previous release featuring Yosemite National Park, which debuted at 20,511.

Coin Update: Full US Mint Sales Report

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  1. Anonymous says

    I would not be surprised at the 24K+ opener for the Grand Canyon coin. It is a very popular park and known internationally.

  2. Anonymous says

    Michael what's your thought about the latest 2011 Vicksburg ATB gaining traction as a low mintage bullion piece given the much more robust sales of the previous releases? This seems like a pattern possibly like with the FS series. A shot out of the gate then slowing down. I know one is bullion and the other is numismatic. I'm just curious about the mintage of these bullion pieces moving forward.

  3. Anonymous says

    Demand is huge for the proof ASE. No problem selling later if necessary. The 2001 Silver Buffalo commemorative has a higher mintage than many commemoratives but demand is so high it still maintains a significant premium after 10 years. ASEs are winners. Many people love the design, and these will always be in demand.

  4. Anonymous says

    Stick with the Bullion versions. The "P" editions are a shameful picking of the collector's pocket.
    I dumped my Hot Springs 2 weeks after recieving it from the mint on the 'bay.
    Made a tidy profit and scooped up my Gettysburg @ $215. Now THAT'S a fair price.Man, it's pretty!
    I'm only buying the ones with the military themes…..

  5. Anonymous says

    I almost got caught with my shorts down around my ankles on the big Grand Canyon. I was putting off ordering as I figured the sales pace would peter out on these coins. I thought this one might even last a month. I read here the possible sales figures and this lit a fire under my butt so I ordered it this evening.

    Wow, the ASE proof is off like a rocket. Its a beautiful coin and reasonbly priced considering for a precious metal proof. The ASE could be a million seller. The ASE and the Mexican 1 oz libertad are my two favorite silver coins for their beauty. I believe the libertad also comes in yellow and I would love to have a sack full of those.

  6. Anonymous says

    Grand Canyon ordered tonight after ordering silver eagles yesterday (with two shipping fees) but think maybe we have an "unexpected" sell-out of the GC. An early sell out would really put the ATBs in a different category than the FS's.

  7. Anonymous says

    I'm really surprised that Grand Canion's figures arent showing.

    So it is easier to count the proof eagles?

    I think the mint is just playing "the delay" game.

  8. Anonymous says

    Grand Canyon ordered tonight.
    Thanks Michael!!!
    Grand Canyon is a popular theme, but I think the spike of precious metals may trigger a quick sell-out of Grand Canyon and Mt. Hood as well. Will we get a Grand Canyon sales update tomorrow or have to wait until next week?

  9. Anonymous says

    Thanks Mike for the report!

    One quick question: where do you find these weekly product sales report from? I tried to locate the official releases from US Mint website and couldn't find any.

  10. Anonymous says

    Funny how every update here goes full circle to ATB. Hmmmm


    Same thing happened with the 2010 ATB bullion from December 2010 until about May 2011. Then that fad passed. Same thing in happening now with the ATB P. There are some people here who just want to build these up to turn a profit. If you are a true collector, collect what makes you happy and be careful what you read on the Internet.

  11. Anonymous says

    Folks write about the ATBs because they see potential money making opportunities. Do you think that real collectors (repeat, collectors) are interested in making money from coin purchases?

    A real collector collects coins for the pure enjoyment of filling a hole in a collection, the beauty of a design, or the thrill of the hunt. Coin / precious metal investors and coin flippers have their eyes on making a fast buck.

  12. Anonymous says

    REAL Collectors – long term profit

    FAKE collectors (aka investors) – short term profit

    Take your pick; Do not be confused!!

  13. Anonymous says

    24k Grand Canyon sold in first weeek? That would be newsworthy if true.

  14. Anonymous says

    Hey…it's the Grand Canyon. What did everyone expect. Probably one of the most popular and beautiful places on earth. There is no comparing it to the rest of the US Parks.

  15. Anonymous says

    there is no need for u.s. mint to lowering the price of gold products this week. the average as of this writing is over $1,500.00/oz.

  16. Anonymous says

    It wouldn't have happened anyway, even if the average had stayed below $1,500. The Wed PM fix would have overridden it.

    Now I guess I'll have to pony up the money or risk getting someone else's returns. I really wanted to save that $75 though. Rats!

  17. Anonymous says

    What is taking so long with the processing of the Grand Canyon orders? Mine is still "on hold", it hasn't even switched to "in process" yet. The backorder date being pushed back a day every day I'm used to, but I'm not used to an order staying "on hold" so long. There's nothing wrong with my credit card, so I don't get why it's taking so long.

    Has anyone else who posts here had their order switched to "in process" yet?

  18. Anonymous says

    I ordered the GC within the 1st hour. Now in process. Had to get one since I rode a bicycle from GC to Albuquerque in 1981 with 50 others for the ACS.

  19. Anonymous says

    I might have to buy one just to see if I can throw it across the Grand Canyon…

    I guess I will need to practice my discus throw.

  20. Anonymous says

    My GC is also on hold, and every day I have seen the expected shipping date move ahead a day. Strange, very strange.

  21. Anonymous says

    Order number 37817xxx and still on hold as well. Like the other guy, each day the shipping date moves to the next day. 6 days this has happened.

  22. Anonymous says

    Might have something to do with their process of filtering out those who are trying to order more than one?

  23. Anonymous says

    Order number: 377950XX
    Order Date: 06/29/2011 at 12:03 AM
    Order Status: Your order request is in process.

  24. Anonymous says

    Yosemite ATB still taking wait list orders? They couldn't have been premature in declaring a sell out could they?

  25. Anonymous says

    The article is about proof ASE, oh well, I prefer the shiny proof-like bullion ATB's over the P issues. I bought the first 2 and stopped. Pure silver UGLY.

  26. Anonymous says

    1:26 Did you read the whole article?
    It goes on to talk about the GC ATB sells figure not being released and then mentions the sales of the other ATB P coins.

  27. Anonymous says

    My order finally switched to "in process" today, so I feel better now. I'd never had one stay "on hold" for that long, an entire week. I was getting nervous.

    It is weird how the waiting list is still open for Yosemite, and Yellowstone didn't even HAVE a waiting list. I guess the Mint will always try to keep us guessing.

    I wonder how much longer before the waiting list notice appears for the Grand Canyon coin?

  28. Anonymous says

    My GC and ASE Proofs are now "in stock and reserved", I can no longer view the shipping date. Maybe tomorrow will be the day the GC ships. Time will tell.

  29. Anonymous says

    No one cancelled crap. It's easy to talk smack when you don't have to back it up. Either he didn't order or lies about cancelling. Now back to those ASE proofs. They may mint alot, but they are still one of the best US designs ever.

  30. Anonymous says

    24k Grand Canyon sold in first weeek? That would be newsworthy if true.

    All it means is that people bundled it with the ASE proof to save on postage. The first 5 ATB P's all have 27K mintage. So what if GC reaches it in two weeks and MH in two months.

  31. Anonymous says

    I suppose with this high slae volume of the ASe proof, there is no need for 25th coin set anymore. why bother and who has any money left.

  32. Anonymous says

    Well, I have money left for a 25th Anniversary set as I passed on the 2011 SAE proof…got plenty of other years…don't need this one.

  33. Anonymous says

    LOL….false alarm. No quick sellout for GC. I wonder what happens to those people who "knew and sure of a quick sell out". Me….,I think I am going back to my den to hibernate. I set my alarm to one month after Hood start selling. I'll buy both to save on shipping.
    BTW, thanks Mike.

  34. Anonymous says

    8000 Grand Canyons to go. Will they do it in the next week? It should be close. If its like the Yosemite it will look like sales are slogging along and then on day 15 the mint announces they are on waiting list. I don't think they will be here for the Mt Hood release or I would wait and save on shipping too. Take a chance and wait only if you don't really care whether or not you get one.

  35. Anonymous says

    Wow…I might save $4.95 shipping if I wait till MH is released…give me a break…I hope you wait and miss out you cheapo.

  36. Anonymous says

    I'm still bummed that the old yellow stuff rebounded and spoiled the price decrease we should have gotten today!

  37. Anonymous says

    I was hoping gold would stay below $1500 too so we might get a price decrease soon but there might just be a price increase sometime soon instead if prices keep going higher which would be a cost to waiting instead of a savings. It's hard to figure what prices will do in the short term though some people may get it right from time to time.

  38. Anonymous says

    Ah yes, DMPL bullion ATB, any day over flat, plain, and pukey sandblast finish.

  39. joe says


    Any links to the sales numbers of other Mint items such as Eliza FS, AGB, AGE, etc.? Sure would be interesting to know their numbers…

  40. Anonymous says

    Eliza could be a new low for FS coins.

    1) Gold is high,
    2) The FS series is on the decline,

    and most importantly,

    3) The Eliza coin is as attractive as a wet hen.

    Grant will do better due to recognition, then it's back to the lows until maybe Theodore Roosevelt.

  41. Anonymous says

    Hey, don't knock someone trying to save 5.95 on shipping. Thats a six pack of reasonably good beer!

  42. Anonymous says

    The key point for me with the ATB 5 ouncers is not how many coins were sold, but how quickly they sell out.

    Will we see a sell-out in two weeks?

  43. Anonymous says

    How quickly they sell out does not matter much. Louisa Adams had a quick sell out and goes for only a bit over spot. Fact is they will sell out and total mintage low (not super low, but low). Once more awareness occurs, demand will go up (and so will premiums). If silver climbs over $40/oz again (it probably will at some point), the ATBs will rocket up as well.

  44. Anonymous says

    Save $5 on shipping and risk getting seconds? Not smart.
    I prefer to have one box per type of purchase.

  45. Anonymous says

    Just checked and ny ATB GC coin is:

    Order Status: Your order request is in process and In stock and reserved.

    Finally, maybe I might get it by tomorrow?

  46. Anonymous says

    You will not get your coin until it is shipped, and a UPS tracking number will be emailed to you. The coin being listed as "in stock and reserved" does typically mean that shipping is near. My status has changed to the same thing, hopefully it gets mailed out by today or tomorrow at the latest.

  47. Anonymous says

    There aren't too many "seconds" to be had on the 5 oz if any at all. Those that ordered one are not likely to send it back and risk getting nothing. And those who scammed the system and got several might possibly send one back but I doubt it. If you order one before it goes on waiting status you will be okay. The key is getting it ordered before waiting status kicks in.

  48. Dash says

    "And those who scammed the system and got several might possibly send one back but I doubt it."

    You have no idea what you're talking about. There is a one coin per household limit for the 5 oz. ATB's. How is it a "scam" if you ask family or friends in different households to purchase one after you PAY them for it. It is called initiative and having a can-do attitude for what you want. There is nothing wrong with that. Secondly, I did send back one of my six Yosemite coins the day after I received it for a replacement and got another beautiful one back within a week. You have to be ready to take action before it is too late. Reading this blog shows that some who post here are either too lazy, unable or unwilling to go after what they want and instead whine about it.

  49. Anonymous says

    Ya, I bot 20 Yosemite as well; but it seems Yosemite could be the least popular in the 2010 series… ; (

    Don't know about GC thou'

  50. Anonymous says

    How did you managed to get 20 Yosemite.?
    I dunno anyone who has done that!!
    I only got 5 GC and that was a Feat!

  51. Anonymous says

    Perhaps also interesting is that the info is not very relevant for a sold-out coin with a waiting list.

  52. Anonymous says

    looks like gold is going above $1550 so there will probably be price changes soon – a price increase not decrease as I had hoped – unfortunately

  53. Anonymous says

    "And those who scammed the system and got several might possibly send one back but I doubt it."

    Those who got more than the one coin per household by using friends and relatives who had no intention of wanting or keeping the coins were merely demonstrating know how and ability to manipulate the system. Scamming is too harsh of a judgment. Greed and/or manipulation are not necessarily the same as a scam. A scam usually involves something illegal.

  54. Anonymous says

    Forget the 2010 P ATBs…. even at 27K mintage it fail to gartner interests…. the Mint is better to cancel the series than let it play out like FS

  55. Anonymous says

    Limits are a joke. We all know how to get around them.

    I still have three Ultra high relief from 2009!

    A lot better than money in the bank.

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Proof Silver Eagle Opening Sales Figures

Opening sales figures are available for the 2010 Proof Silver Eagle through the US Mint’s latest numismatic sales report. According to the numbers provided by the US Mint, through November 21 sales have reached 273,212.

As stated in the sales report, this represents a relatively underwhelming start for the long awaited offering. Based on irregularities with some of the other numbers in this week’s report, I think it is possible that the figures for the proof Silver Eagle have been under-reported.

For some points of comparison, this year’s silver commemorative coins debuted with sales of 214,673 for the Boy Scouts coins and 98,358 for the American Veterans Disabled for Life coins. The last proof Silver Eagle issued in 2008, debuted with sales figures of 185,232. These coins were released under normal circumstances before the price of silver began its ascent, bullion sales surged, and collector coins were interrupted.

The 2010 Proof Silver Eagle figures top each of these amounts, but not as dramatically as seen for the 2010 Proof Gold Eagles. Opening sales figures for the gold coins came in 300% to 500% above the corresponding levels for the 2008 releases, for each product option. There was every reason to expect the Silver Eagles to experience a similar surge in orders for the opening.

Of course it is possible that the higher pricing, frustration over the incorrect email notifications, and curtailed speculative buying may have kept sales from running too high, but there are other numbers in the sales report that seem suspect.

The Mount Hood National Forest Quarter bags and rolls figures are down about two-thirds from the corresponding numbers for the other releases of the America the Beautiful Quarters Program. The table below shows the opening sales figures for each release so far.

P 100 Bag D 100 Bag Two Roll Set
Hot Springs 5,268 4,915 25,983
Yellowstone 4,447 4,392 23,273
Yosemite 4,275 4,187 23,416
Grand Canyon 4,015 3,900 23,172
Mount Hood 1,543 1,465 7,495

The 100,000 email notifications that were incorrectly sent last week were “primarily for Mount Hood quarters bags and rolls and the 2010 American Eagle Silver Proof Coin.” Both of these products have reported sales figures much lower than expected. I suspect that somehow subscription orders were not reflected in the weekly sales report. I will provide any updates as I receive them.

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  1. JA says

    I was intent on buying up to 50 of these but I have been so dismayed with the Mint and their jacked up prices this year, that number kept going down to 25 then 10 then finally none.

    This is the first year I go all year without buying a single Mint product. No matter how low the mintages on the State Park Quarters go, I am refusing to pay the huge markups to the Mint for the privilege to take these coins off their hands.

    I've learned my lesson.

  2. Anonymous says

    JA, it's a sorry state of affairs all around. The MINT is beyond clueless. The prices were dreamed up in some small meeting room and are ill advised to say the least.
    On the collectors side, many former "I'll buy everything for my collections" people simply can no longer afford them and are wisely boycotting outlandish prices. I detest the word boycott, but that's a choice the average person must make. You MUST send a message to someone out there who may listen one day. The best message is simply – "I'm not buying crap any more, and paying outrageous prices to boot."

    The mantra has to be – spend YOUR money where it's treated best, and right now it's not at our MINT.~ Grandpa.

  3. Anonymous says

    I purchased 1 ASE and the mint confirmed it…charged my bank visa… and then this am my account says BACK-ORDERED and will ship 12-8-2010. I called and cancelled the order….deleted my account….I'm Done with collecting!
    NO im not a flipper…I collected to save for kids etc: so I will vault what I have and call it quits. Prices are Silly and Service is terrible.

  4. Anonymous says

    If the sales figures hold up then I suspect the price increase has bothered more than I suspected. The economy is in the toilet and if you are on a tight budget 50 bucks will still get 15 to 20 lbs of hamburger on sale or 3 cases of beer. I still think the price is okay as silver is on the rise but even a new Cadillac for $5000 is still a lot if you can't make the $100 a month payments. Lets see what we get for next weeks figures.

  5. Anonymous says

    Thank you for producing the proof Silver Eagles. I truly appreciate the ability to purchase a beautiful collectible precious metal with a classic design. I'm even ok with the mark-up.
    I think they should not accept returns, so nothing is "picked over". I can see returning maybe a gold item, but items priced at less than $100/each should not be able to be "picked over" and returned by flippers.

    The Mint should not be allowed to re-sell returned items. Any official policy on this?

  6. Anonymous says

    Grandpa every time I check this site you have talked bad about the US Mint so I will have to take away your coin allowance if this persists.

    Signed, Grandma

  7. Anonymous says

    First subscription I had for over 4 years shipped on 11/21. One I subscribed to over 4 months ago has not. The only good part of having a subscription was when the 2008w's came out I received my coins two weeks before they were released to the general public–can you say reverse of 07 first strike/early release, but have not opened the box yet!!!

  8. Anonymous says

    I ordered several for gifts friday.
    They were in stock and reserved.
    This morning they changed to back-
    ordered and remained that way till
    I cancelled the order 10 minutes
    ago. I'm not interested in someones
    returns. I know how the mint simply
    sends them out again. I've been
    there, done that.

  9. Anonymous says

    When the 2009 proof ASE was cancelled many people here wrote that they would not continue this series. Alot of people just completed thier ASE proof sets at 2008. The low sales figures might be from those people.
    Buying the bullion is close to buying the ASE uncirculated. Thats what I will continue my unc. set with. After all what choise do I have if I want to fill the holes in my book?.

  10. Anonymous says

    Could it be that the James K. & Sarah Polk coin & spouse medal set is already sold out? The reported number exceeds the level of the Tyler sets, and the Julia Tyler set was reduced a few hundred from the last reported figure of slightly over 10,000 before being officially declared "sold out."

    I wonder if that will breathe new life into the series?

  11. Anonymous says

    ROFL! Those silver bulls were predicting a sell out after one day!

    ROFL! Guess who has the last laugh? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Anonymous says

    They should cut it off at 300K. That's plenty. You can still buy the 2006 Reverse Proofs on the open market and they only made 250k of those. No need to turn something special into something not so special. Besides, with the imposed $2.50 premium over spot on the 2010 BU ASEs, they've made plenty, and so has the Post Office.

  13. Anonymous says

    Never mind the 2010 ASE. They can hype it however they want. But bottom line is, the premium is almost 70%.
    They think they can get away with the "cheaper" coins such as this.
    It is equivalent to selling 1 oz gold proof coin for $2300 with current gold prices. They never consider what kind of collector population they are dealing with.
    The Mint makes a lot more money selling lower price coins.
    Tax the middle class and the poor!
    That's government.

  14. Anonymous says

    Whats disappointing about sales over 270 large in slightly over 3 days starting on noon last Friday?
    Looks to me like these things are flyin' out the door almost faster than Ben Bernanke can print money and screw up the country.

  15. Anonymous says

    Guess what I received in the mail today! It's not my proof silver eagles 🙁

    I received a postcard announcing proof silver eagles are now on sale. Sounds like plenty to go around if the Mint is spending marketing dollars for this product.

  16. Anonymous says

    I'd like a postcard from the Mint saying something along the lines of "We're sorry that so many of the products you paid us ridiculous premiums for are now only worth face value for you, and you'll have to take a loss if you want to free up your cash."

    No more overpriced coin rolls or bags for me. I'm not even buying annual sets anymore. I'm tired of losing money.

  17. RICH says

    Ok figure this one out, placed order about 12.00 P.S.T. 11/19/10. My order is back ordered will ship on 12/07/10.
    Now when i look on the U.S. Mint web site they have the ASE will be Available for shipping on 11/23/10 on their catalog. Makes one wonder how the mint can even operate.

  18. Anonymous says

    Those backorder dates are ALWAYS all over the place! I've often wondered too how an item can show "In stock and reserved" status right after the order is placed, then be switched to "backordered" a couple days later. That makes no sense whatsoever.

  19. Anonymous says

    Postcards or any other type of ad being sent out to promote an item is not an indicator that there will be a large amount of that item available for purchase. The mint also has ads for the First Spouse gold coins, which have a mintage of 15,000 (20,000 for Lincoln).

  20. Anonymous says

    There are several ways to feel about the US Mint as is clearly shown in these blogs. One must consider many factors when deciding to buy from the US Mint or a coin dealer or a bank. The simple fact that coin dealers are now being squeezed out by the the US mints continued increases is just another nail in the coffin of afford abilities for the average collector wanting only to fill a hole or buy gifts for others for Christmas. The reports will always be obscured to create interest or dismay. Welcome to the world of coin collecting if you can not handle these facts. Whether you buy bullion or proofs or collectibles. Collecting will always be a challenge. It could be higher prices, availability, or just a simple coin at face value from the bank. The main thing to always remember is to know your place in collecting. And always have fun while doing so. This ever changing world is all to willing to get the best of you if you are weak enough to allow it. Just always remember to have fun with your hobby or investments. Because life is way to short to get upset over coins.

  21. Anonymous says

    To Anonymous (November 23, 2010 7:57 AM), finally someone with a sense of perspective. Thanks for your post.

  22. Anonymous says

    Hoooooray !! I just received my 2010 American Silver Eagle Proof coin (postcard) from the mint today. But unfortunately , it has corner dings and scrapes along the front . Can't win them all I guess…

  23. Anonymous says

    I would enjoy it if there was no early release or first strike for these at all. People who collect those are not coin collectors, they are plastic holder collectors.

  24. Anonymous says

    I would enjoy it if nobody bought this year's Proof ASE. Then the mintage would be respectable.

  25. Anonymous says

    I noticed a small one page "2010 Product Release Dates" schedule included in the Mint Order that I received today. Third from the bottom last, it says "TBD 2010 American Eagle One Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin." Is it possible that we will get a last minute surprise from the Mint this year?

  26. Anonymous says

    2010-W Regular Label Silver Eagle NGC Proof 70 Ultra Cameo ***BUY NOW, ESTIMATED SHIP DATE 12/7

    Price: $95.00


    We expect these to be ready to ship on approximately 12/7.

    CALL 1-800-362-9004 EXT 345

  27. Anonymous says

    Today, Wednesday, I got my post card offering the proof eagle. Apparently the mint has plenty of them, or plans to make plenty to fill all the demand they can muster. Won't be profitable until silver reaches $50, in which case bullion eagles would provide more profit.

  28. Anonymous says

    The Mint says that Internet orders for 2,200 proof silver American Eagles placed from the Nov. 19 sales openings until 7:30 p.m. Nov. 21 were accidentally deleted.

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