Proof Silver Eagle Orders Deleted

What could have been an opportunity for the US Mint to win back their customer’s favor and earn some much needed goodwill is turning into another disaster. Approximately 2,200 orders placed for the 2010 Proof Silver Eagle have been deleted in error.

The deleted orders were placed between Friday, November 19 at 12:00 Noon ET and Sunday, November 21 at 7:30 PM ET. In addition to the 2,200 orders deleted for Proof Silver Eagles, another 500 orders for other products may have been deleted.

The US Mint has been contacting the 2,700 customers who have been affected and asking them to resubmit their orders by phone. The resubmitted orders will receive priority processing and free expedited shipping.

According to a statement provided by the Mint, orders placed after November 21 at 7:30 PM are believed to have been processed correctly, and no telephone orders placed during the entire period were impacted. The orders were deleted because the computer system had become overloaded from a high volume of orders.

Earlier this week, I suggested that the opening sales figures provided by the Mint may have been understated. The latest news explains at least part of the discrepancy.

The constant problems with one of the US Mint’s most high profile offerings have certainly been testing the patience of collectors.

Initially, the problems were due to the lack of sufficient silver planchet supplies to satisfy both bullion and collector coin demand. This resulted in the early conclusion of sales for the 2008 Proof Silver Eagle, the cancellation of the 2009 release, amidst sporadic suspensions and rationing of the bullion coins. More recently, the problems have involved communications and order processing for the 2010 Proof Silver Eagle with 100,000 email notifications sent in error and 2,700 orders deleted in error.

Beyond the Proof Silver Eagle, there have been several other areas of dissatisfaction. Product prices were increased virtually across the board this year, even for annual sets which saw the number of coins reduced. America the Beautiful Quarters have been extremely difficult to collect from circulation, and production has been restarted for issues with previously low mintages. The creation of “new products” has simply involved remixing previously available coins and pricing them at a higher mark up. And, there is still no information on the release of the America the Beautiful Silver bullion coins.

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  1. Anonymous says

    The ASE program has embittered so many collectors in the last couple of years. Maybe it is time to end it. Move on to the Silver Buffalos. I'm done with Lady Liberty. Vault them away and forget about them.

  2. Anonymous says

    After the mint announced that there would not be any 2009 ASE they should have started another series like what the above poster suggested the Silver Buffalo.

  3. Anonymous says

    Man, how frustrating that must be for those who dealt with the bogged-down website on the 19th, only to find out their orders didn't even stick! The Mint must be BEGGING them to re-submit their orders.

    My question is though, if the Mint knows whose orders were deleted (they must, how else could they know who to contact), why don't they just save them the trouble and re-instate the orders that were accidently deleted themselves?

  4. Anonymous says

    Hmm… My order went in on 11/19 @ 1:29pm and today shows "in stock and reserved" Are you saying "all" orders or "some" have been deleted during that time period. Thanks.

  5. Anonymous says

    Man, this is bizarre to say the least. Maybe its time to retire the ASE proof as much trouble as the mint has with it. No, don't do that but do add a silver buffalo either proof or mint state as suggested by other commenters above. There is just so much more junk coming out and the mint said they wanted to simplify offerings just last year. What a cluster fork and its really sad.

  6. Anonymous says

    To Anonymous @ 2:34 pm,

    I would guess that only the orders that visibly disappeared to those who placed them were actually deleted. I saw several comments the other day where those posting stated that they never received a confirmation e-mail and the Mint did not show their order when calling to inquire about it.

    If your order is still visible online, then it's safe to say that yours was NOT among the accidently deleted.

  7. Anonymous says

    It's been 25 years inclusive (24 coins) for the Proof ASE. The Mint should move on. I like the Proof Silver Buffalo idea. They look better and the imperfections don't show up in the design like they do in the fields of the Eagle. Especially the proofs. Works for everyone. I'm just so aggravated with the Proof ASE program now. The 2009 hole in my collection turns me off and this year's ordering snafoos just pushes me over the edge.

  8. Anonymous says

    Yes a new silver buffalo. We could get a nice looking coin and the mint could charge $59.95 ea. and have a larger profit. The best of both worlds.

  9. Anonymous says

    Thank god I rely on my wholesale dealer to get these for me at mint cost without the shipping cost. What a complete mess this will cause for Moy and company. It was last year to take the time to make a new design for a new silver dollar. I think bringing back a double eagle design would be an excellent choice. But to make them in a UHR design so the UHR press doesn't rust away. Use what they have instead of trying to spend all this wasted money on big ugly 5 ounce quarters that eventually most average collectors won't be able to afford. In other words I think that Moy and company needs a complete over haul. Meaning a new director that knows how to run a cost effective US Mint that shows top quality with top profits. Right now and for many years now. All I have seen is typical government waste and ineffective poor quality. Time to say good bye to Moy and company.

  10. Anonymous says

    If they dump all the Eagles (Silver, Gold, & Platinum) and retain just the Buffalo (Silver & Gold) – how much simpler can it get? It would also reduce the head count at the Mint and lower the costs for the government. Maybe then they wouldn't need to charge such an outrageous premium.

  11. Anonymous says

    They tripped (1995-W), they stumbled (2009-W), and they fell (2010-W). They should retire this series in 2010 with a low mintage.

  12. Anonymous says

    Silver buffs would be awesome, but I feel the demand would be just as crazy for those if not crazier than for the eagles.

    On another note, I'm interested in seeing the pricing for next year's annual sets as those are all to be getting the new and unimproved "brand image" packaging.

  13. Anonymous says

    Forget retiring the ASE; the US Mint should be retired!

    At a minimum, they should at least retire the idiots from the vo-tech schools or labor unions that are running their IT system. Their system is slow if you're lucky; if you're unlucky you will get your order canceled after patiently waiting for their slow system to respond.

    Next up for us…healthcare.

  14. Anonymous says

    A Health Care coins should be interesting. One from each state, so it will take 50 yrs to collect them all.

  15. Anonymous says

    Health Care Coins! Now there is a great idea. Use the proceeds to pay for a much needed socialized health care system. All the freaking money that the government makes off the Mint – where does it go? To Congress for extravagant lunch ins, limos, and outlandish office space.

  16. Anonymous says

    Isn't this institution run by the same government that hasn't submitted a 2011 budget and also wants to manage my healthcare? OBAMACARE will be the absolute biggest mess this country has ever seen.

  17. Anonymous says

    Duh…if the Mint is contacting those that had an order deleted…well, then they know who they are…why could't they just reinstate the order?

  18. Anonymous says

    I think the government should stop taxing people for SS, disability and unemployment altogether. Abolish all welfare programs including Social Security and Obamacare. Give Moy his pink slip also.
    We'll all be minting our own coins and collect from each other.

  19. Anonymous says

    Maybe they made all this deleting crapola up in hopes that free shipping might actually entice people to pay the outlandish high price of this latest ripoff by our government. See what happens if you call them up and tell them your order was cancelled. If they have no record then how can they prove it was even made. wouldn't a deleted order have no records or is there some kind of way for them to show their complete stupidity. I for one and glad that they don't sell turkey's. Cause at least I will know my dinner will be good tomorrow. Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  20. Anonymous says

    Everyone has such great answers for all the problems, why dont' some of you get into politics and fix it already 🙂
    Someone save us from all the worlds problems already. You really couldnt do any more harm at this point.

  21. Anonymous says

    I don't understand two things that people are posting. 1) They want the mint to "move on" and stop minting the Silver Eagle and start minting a Silver Buffalo. Huh? What? Are you really serious? The whole process would still be the exact same only the image on the coin would change. How would that solve the problems?! 2) People keep complaining about the "hole" in their set, saying they might as well stop collecting them because it's incomplete, or that they can't bare to look at the set now because of the "hole". Give me a break!!! Is this the only set you collect? I doubt it. Take a minute to think back through mint history. How many coin series have "holes" in them because of one issue or another? Quite a few come to mind. Thats what helps make "the story". When you explain to your kids or grandkids or a new collector why its not there it gives the series caracter. Do you cry like this about the mint not making a 1923-D Lincoln Cent? I doubt it! Get over it people!!

  22. Anonymous says

    The terrible part that I see in this world is the creation of bad news. It seems to me that people in general only prefer to hear the bad news out there. We have had plenty in life to be thankful for and we can continue to look toward the bad news or live a fantastic life full of good news. It is a choice given to you by your self and your maker. So look toward the good in things and feel the strength in positive powers. Or live in misery with yourself hanging onto any bad news that makes you feel better when being critical about a situation that you may not know the complete story about. Either way you choose to live your life. Just be thankful that you are able to buy a coin. Many people tomorrow will not even have a bite to eat. The best part about that is the fact that most of those people would greatly appreciate seeing a grain of rice on a plate. I wish a very Happy Thanksgiving to all and I hope you see this message as a chance to change your negative outlook into a positive outflow that this world greatly needs more of.

  23. Anonymous says

    You'll get nothing and like it.
    Judge Smales, Caddyshack.

    In the beginning the universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  24. Anonymous says

    America needs a fresh start; something new. A new beginning based upon the great strengths we once had as a nation. We have been in the doldrums for the last ten years and most of us are miserable. An improvement for the better is needed soon. Something that is simple, highly robust, and delivers the greatest maximum utility over the longest amount of time. Something of great value and consistency. Something truly American. Something known as "Integrity" in everything we do. This country has experienced an unethical departure from the things that once made it great. We see it in our markets, our coinage, and the products that we manufacture as a nation overseas. We see it in the eyes of our children and the people we work with if employed. Corporations have taken over our government and capitalism has become obscene. The same can be said for the Mint and what they have turned into over the last decade – an unethical business that can't deliver. I buy coins from the Mint to help the US Government and someday make a modest return when I retire. Similar to US Bonds and most people feel the same too. However, 90% of what I buy today from the Mint will be worth far less because of the premiums and the excess mintages. It is all a massive crime against the American Citizen.

  25. Anonymous says

    The Mint belongs to the People and the People pay their salaries, benefits, and retirement. The People should receive some value in return when they purchase from the Mint. Quid Pro Quo.

  26. Anonymous says

    The Mint website order tracking states conficting info in my opinion. One line says my order is "on hold". Lower in the description section it says my 50 ASE's are "backordered" and expected to ship 12/10. Checking the same page two days ago, the expected to ship date WAS 12/09.

    Something is not working correctly either at the Mint or it's fullfillment facility. I hate to join the unhappy bashers here, but Director Moy is obviously NOT directing anything….is this a political appointed job? If not, how the heck is someone permitted to constantly fail, over & over & over? I just don't get it. In private industry, Moy would have been gone a long time ago, and his unemployment checks would have stopped as well. None of this is rocket science, it's a simple manufacture-order-fullfill-ship sales event. Yo, it's 2010, wake up!

  27. Anonymous says

    I ordered 5 proof ASEs on the 19th shortly after noon after much difficulty on line. I got an "in stock and reserved" along with a shipment date.
    Yesterday I went to track my order and it said it was "on hold".
    I called the Mint and they said it was on hold because they were waiting for credit card authorization. Didn't sound right to me since its the same valad credit card they have on file.
    I called the credit card co. and they said they have not been contacted at all from the Mint.
    Called back the Mint again (total phone time over the day was over 1 hour). They don't have a good explaination and want to know if I want to cancel and reorder.
    Mr. Moy, we need some leadership to help loyal customers like me. Please help!

  28. Anonymous says

    My subscription order is sitting in a sort facility in Mi, probably be here at my house tomorrow, after Turkey Day. Whats the hurry to get your coins anyway, you will look at them once or twice, toss them in storage where they will sit for many moons.
    Relax people, they are coming. Enjoy your day above ground and smile for a change.

  29. Anonymous says

    The Mint should preset and announce the mintage of all Collector Coinage before the release date. This way, the Mint could establish a normal internal production schedule, the collectors would know what they are getting in advance, and there wouldn't be so much chaos on the first day of issue. The coinage legislation terminology "Enough to Meet Public Demand" is the culprit of the Mint's present day frustrations. Because of this, uncertainty is ubiquitous for the production planners at the Mint and I am sure this uncertainty adds significantly to their internal costs. It is obvious that the Mint has planning problems. We live in a high speed universe and inability to accurately plan hurts everyone (Manufacturing Management 101, Operations Management 141, Supply Chain Management 142, & Quality Management 144). Today's modern mathematical methods of forecasting and modeling consumer demand work extremely well. That is why Today's Fortune 500 Companies use them. Maybe the Mint should do the same.

  30. Anonymous says

    No offense, but instead of whining, let's be thankful for what we have. If you're not happy with the Mint's offering of a 2010 ASE, then don't buy it.

    Plain and simple. Period.

  31. Anonymous says

    Computer attack…so what is the big deal?

    Give a little thanks, on Thanksgiving…peace.

    Tom Turkey

  32. Anonymous says

    Received item today, NOT worth the 2+ years wait. Poor quality, Blemish spot on "polished" area and dust under plastic lens. Also micro-dot dies used in minting look horrible.

  33. Anonymous says

    Why do people make such a big deal with ASE. They are basically the same coins, year after year. Why not save up you money and buy Platinum Eagle. 5 yr is all it takes to collect them all. They are all unique, beautiful, and their value will definitely go up over time.

  34. Anonymous says

    It takes a long time to save up for a Plat eagle for most. You can almost get a complete set of ASE proofs for the cost of one Plat. People of limited resources want a precious metal coin they can collect now and not have to wait ten years. Plus the ASE proof makes a great Christmas gift. If you wanna give Plats as Christmas gifts you need a Warren Buffet bank account and some collectors out there are able to do that. I say congratulations to them and maybe I can join them some day. Which reminds me I need to buy a lotto ticket.

  35. Anonymous says

    the mint is getting ready to slap everyone in the face with the mintage release of the 2006w unc 20 version subset, 400 000 minted,20 000 of each version

  36. Anonymous says

    I just received my ASE proof today. Very poor quality! The rim of the coin is all scratched to heck! I'll be returning it first thing next week and canceling my ASE subscription (the only standing subscription I have with the mint).

    It takes the mint 1 year to bring the series back, they cancel my order, unethically reinstate the order, then send me a horrific example!

  37. Anonymous says

    Wow, I go to cancel the ASE subscription and the "My Account" page cannot be found. Holy moley! What an incompetent organization!

  38. Anonymous says

    I received my ASE on Saturday. It looks as good as it did in '08. I love these coins. I like to look at them and enjoy collecting them. I wish we could get the UNC too! Do I like all the products the mint offers? No. But I like the ASE, so I collect the ASE. It's still fun to me! I hope you all have fun collecting too.

  39. Anonymous says

    I was one of the 2700 who got my order canceled. I called to get it reordered and they said they are on backorder and it will be 4-6 weeks. I am doubting I will see one ever.

  40. Anonymous says

    I canceled my subscription 2 days before the Mint release the sales. I didn't really want it since I bought the Platinum coin already. Lone and behold I got the coins yesterday. They look OK but now I got stuck with something that I already canceled and would cost me to return the coins. Damn…

  41. Anonymous says

    Got my 2 over the weekend. One perfect, the other wasn't even encased in plastic, it was in the box loose.

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