Rail Splitter Penny Two Roll Set Sales

News has been popping up around the internet that sales of the 2009 Rail Splitter Penny Two Roll Sets have already exceeded 200,000.

The corollary to this news is that the US Mint is apparently issuing many more two roll sets for this release than they did for the first. The “Log Cabin” Two Roll Sets had sold out after 96,000 sets were sold over the course of two weeks. I have not been able to obtain any confirmation of exactly how many “Rail Splitter” Sets will be available.

The implication of these developments seems to be that the US Mint realized that they have been badly underestimating the demand for their Rolls and Bags offerings and are adjusting the number of units available to much higher levels. While this is good news for some, it may be disappointing for others. Since the US Mint is apparently allotting different numbers of units for similar products, it would be nice if they let collectors know exactly how many will be available instead of keeping everyone guessing.

The continuing availability of the “Rail Splitter” or Formative Years 2009 Lincoln Cent will likely have the impact of keeping secondary market prices at bay. For the first release, prices had reached manic levels even for unmarked generic rolls since initially there were few dependable sources for obtaining the coins.

At the Lincoln City, Indiana launch ceremony, the US Mint also took steps which had the impact of creating a broader distribution and preventing hoarding and profiteering. This included lowering the exchange limit to only six rolls per person and preventing buying and selling of coins within the park. At the first launch ceremony, some individuals had been able to obtain full 50 roll boxes from the coin exchange, since there were many rolls remaining at the end of the ceremony.

While these developments may create some renewed interest for the Birthplace Cents, particularly the US Mint issued two roll sets, the market for 2009 Lincoln Cents seems to be changing. In many ways, it seems like the US Mint is trying to deflate the Penny Bubble.

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  1. Anonymous says

    The fed has not released the birthplace cent to banks. Maybe the mint has diverted the log splitter to roll sales since the fed may have lowered its orders of pennies. This way the mint makes more on the pennies instead of having them sit in a vault.

  2. Anonymous says

    If the mint does this, they will destroy the rarity of the two roll sets and thus the value and demand. I think it would be hilarious if the tables were turned and customers started canceling orders instead of the mint. If they also do this for the presidential dollars and territorial quarters, they will end up with a vault full of everything. The Dukester

  3. Anonymous says

    seems to me the demand for the second two roll set was based on a percieved “rarity”. The mint does not sell things just so some people can get rich on e-bay. I did not buy any of the sets to make a profit. Excuse me while a shed a tear for all those who bought into the hype for greed and profit.

  4. Anonymous says

    Thanks for putting me in my place 8:01. I am ashamed of myself for buying coins as investments.

  5. Anonymous says

    There’s no rhyme nor reason as to how many rolls the Mint puts on the market. That’s what makes it so maddening. Since the Mint charges such huge premiums for their rolls, you want the rolls to be limited enough that they’ll hold their value. I was going to order some Tyler rolls, but now I’m not so sure.

  6. Anonymous says

    I thought about cancelling my order for 5 “Formative Years” 2-roll sets, but now the status has been changed to “In stock and reserved” with no cancellation box. The bummer of it is, that status will likely remain unchanged for 2 months or so before the rolls actually ship.

    The Mint probably heard the gripes, and hurried up and took away the option to cancel the orders to make sure they didn’t get stuck that easy. Now, if we return the rolls, it will be at our own expense, which will likely deter at least some of the returns. The maximum order of 5 sets is such a low-cost investment, it will likely be possible to at least unload them for original cost. Not too much profit is likely, though.

  7. Anonymous says

    With the constant whip-sawing of amaturish production decisions by the Mint, I’m now thinking that my personal protest of NOT buying ANY of this overpriced penny series was a sound decision. I sleep better, don’t feel screwed, and collect only other items that make sense. To each his own but in my opinion, the Mint shattered the glass and nothing will ever be able to glue it back together again. I refuse to be guided or prodded by false hysteria and phoney marketing techniques. I’m just that guy sitting by the bridge watching lemmings racing to go over the edge. Ah, for the old days.

  8. Anonymous says

    Who would have thought the “Birthplace” US Mint cent rolls would be in such demand – I bought 5 rolls to give 4 of them to grandchildren along with the beautiful Lincoln silver proof dollar I bought them – I think these make lovely gifts for the holidays. I am amazed though at how many folks are ready to pay these high prices on the secondary market in this economy. I will continue to buy these rolls as they go on sale at the US Mint – looking forward to getting all four sets no matter how many the Mint puts out. Thank you Michael … you do help me understand and really enjoy numismatics at a special time in my life. Grandma D

  9. Lasloo says

    When did making money become such an evil act? Look, I love collecting coins regardless of profit. But I also see them as long term investment items as well. And I certainly don’t begrudge the next guy trying to make a living off of dealing coins, as long as everything is on the up and up.
    The problem is, there’s only ONE main source for producing these coins, and the kind of shenanigans they are pulling recently are pretty shady. It wouldn’t be as big of a deal if there were multiple places that US coins originated from, but since we’re stuck with only ONE, we should demand more transparency in what the Mint is doing. INCLUDING demanding some concrete mintage numbers for any of their offerings and then hold them to it. This whole 96,000 for the first set, and over 200,000 for the second is ridiculous. I’m all for the Mint making some kind of profit, but again, since they have the monopoly,these obvious ploys to raise demand and limit supply are highly dubious practices.

  10. Anonymous says

    Yeah, we’ll see how high demand is for the “Professional Life” 2-roll sets after this. I bet the Mint’s online store won’t be bogged down for that one!

  11. Anonymous says

    I will stick with the copper version of these, which will be in the various proof and unc sets for this year. These will be alot rarer in the long run than the zinc versions. The zinc versions are enjoying a short lived popularity due to a perceived, artificial rarity, but will not retain long term value compared to the copper versions.

  12. Anonymous says

    I just placed order for Tyler 1$ . I also placed order for Lincoln roll set on the first half-hour. The difference between orders is 110000. Now I’m going to call Mint to cancel my 4 of 5 sets of Lincoln.

  13. Anonymous says

    I called Mint and asked them to cancel part of my order and they told me that my order was shipped today. I checked my account on Mint website and I found tracking number for my Lincoln sets order.

  14. Anonymous says

    No tracking on mine yet, either. But, this gives me hope. Maybe if they arrive fast enough, I can hurry up and unload them before the floodgates open on the massive extra supply. I won’t be greedy, I just need enough to cover original Mint price with shipping, eBay and PayPal fees and postage to the buyer. I don’t care if I make anything on them, really. They are going to be a colossal loser courtesy of the Mint accepting so many orders. I should have cancelled them when I had the chance.

  15. Upstate NY says

    Just checked my order status and my 5 roll sets of pennys just shipped today after they said they expected to ship 7/15/2009. Maybe the mint is getting their act together finally. Actually, I think they did better when they had more product offerings than now. All the orders I placed last year shipped very quickly.

  16. Anonymous says

    bitter? Hardly. I just think it is funny that you were outsmarted by the U.S. Mint of all places.

  17. Anonymous says

    My god, not here too. 8:01 or 2:58 (same guy). Come on. People come here to share insight and advice not to be admonished by strangers. People collect coins for many reason. Historical significance, as an alternative to other investments, or just for the joy of it. I do it for all of those reasons and people are not coming here to get laughed at by you. This board has help me get some great buys and this one investment just didn’t work out. I didn’t lose anything. I just didn’t make a profit. No big whoop in my book, but you shouldn’t be jumping up and down with a smug finger in everyone’s face who enjoys this hobby. It’s unneccessary and unintelligent. Keep up the good work Micheal.

  18. Anonymous says

    To: May 21, 2009 2:58 PM
    The Mint has outsmarted itself but nobody else.
    Do you think it is smart to say that the offering is a limited issue + institute a 5 Set Limit and then sell it up to 300,000 or 400,000 sets???

  19. Anonymous says

    don’t cry. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to be so harsh as to drive you to tears. And I wasn’t pointing my finger at everyone. Really, it was just you and your penny roll speculation business. Feel better now?

  20. Anonymous says

    at about $9 a set to sell 300 or 400k rolls? Yeah, I’d say that IS kind of smart.

  21. Tim says

    For all that bought into the formative years.The biggest profit has been made on the FDIs from the ceremonies.And the mint sold those at face value.The only problem I have seen is people using fake cancelled rolls to profit off of unknowing people.There were only three different USPS cancel stamps used at the Lincoln City P.O.I have seen a lot of fakes on ebay.People paying as much as 100.00 for one .50 cent roll.And the roll was a fake.I just hope these people realize.What comes around goes around.Because if the law of paying back ten fold hits them.They would probably just be better off in jail.Where the tax payers will get to feed and house them.It’s a shame to see such greed from such a fun hobby ruin what should be a lesson for our children to learn about history.Oh lets not forget that in the rail splitter series.The Us mint thought it would be best to split up places to distribute to stop profiteers.So Washington D.C. rolls are out there and Rayburn Rolls are out there.I think it was a great idea to add to the confusion of what is real and what is not.But they didn’t stop the profits from rolling in.The rayburn’s are going very high and the Washington’s not far behind.Just think about how the penny costs so much to make and it is full of zink.Wow.A zink filled penny is now worth up to 2.00.Who would have thunk it to be true.Just goes to show the desperation of anyone willing to hang on to the hope that an investment of any kind might work these days.Well I hate to burst anyone’s bubble.But there are families out there eating on 2.00 pennies all thanks to our US Mint.My Dr always told me zink was good for me.Now I know what he meant.Or did he mean the penny? Crazy as this all seems.It is very true and happening as we speak.It’s all about supply and demand.As long as the demand is there.The great USA will make sure the supply is coming.Even if we have to make it in china.Hey at least we haven’t shipped our minting process to china yet.Oh that’s right.They already pretty much own our money.Hey I have a great idea.Let’s just print more until the penny becomes worth 4 dollars.Some how I don’t think it works that way.But if you look at what these rolls are selling for.It’s working that way right now.Go figure.Just think of what our country is doing to our children.All in the name of Abraham Lincoln.I bet hes done a few flips in his grave over this one.I’ll end this with a quote from lincoln and let you decide how you want to live.”Those who deny freedom from others deserve it not for themselves”. Enjoy life!

  22. Anonymous says


    What a negative person you are. So sad to be you! You are probably peeved that they even put demoninations on money. Do you work at the Mint per chance? LOL

  23. Anonymous says

    Yeah, I am above responding back to 4:41. So sad he found this board. That’s my last word let him rave on.

  24. Scot in KY says

    Anyone else’s order shipped from the mint yet? My Credit card has been charged. But still no shippy!

    Seems as though the Mint knew exactly what they are doing with this. Amazing that they are able to ship these out so quickly (before people can cancel).


  25. Tim says

    It seems to be a race to see who gets them first.It is just like anything you order from the Mint.If your order went in before mine.You will get yours first.I know my order went in after 1:45 because I couldn’t get into the Mint web page until then because it kept saying temporarily disconnected.I stuck with it until 1:45 and finally placed my order then.I did get a confirmation that they took my money.However there is no tracking number available yet.So I’m in the same boat with many others.I think direct ship gets priority first.Then the orders that flood in get them in that order behind direct shippers.

  26. Anonymous says

    This 4:41 guy is just probably one of those collectors. I hate guys like that. They aren’t willing to take advantage of anyone. Never want to give a guy a break just cause he wants to hype a product to make a few hundred bucks on e-bay. Jerk!

  27. Anonymous says

    It’s a free market baby. Supply and Demand. Nobody is forcing anyone to buy anything. Get over it.

  28. Anonymous says

    To May 21, 2009 4:41 PM
    For the money the collectors are paying to buy products from the US Mint,they have a right to know WHAT the are buying well in advance.
    As of now,when you purchase something from the Mint-you absolutely have no idea about the final mintage.All the others world Mints normally put a mintage at the time of ordering(with the exception of several bullion programs).I think it’s a fair for the collector/buyer.

  29. Anonymous says

    Not that I wish to defend the US Mint, but to a certain extent, I do like the uncertainty of not knowing when a Mint product will be sold out. Hey, it makes life interesting, and it does reward those who purchased an item because they like it, not because they can flip it.

    So I do like how the Birthplace set was offered in unknown and limited quantities. I think whatever the Mint did for the Formative Years set, they would have been criticized either way.

  30. Scot in Ky says


    I agree somewhat. The only problem I have is that if they are going to set a mintage of 100K mintage for the 1st in a series, the rest in the series should be equal to that amount.

  31. Anonymous says

    To May 22, 2009 11:52 AM
    We are talking about US Mint and some sort of casino where you can gamble.
    If you are buying a product,I don’t care if it’s a coin or not,you are entitled to know all the details well in advance.With your logic,you can buy a TV in a box without even looking whether it’s a 22″ or 42″.Will it make your life more interesting?
    Finally,I will not be surprised if the US Mint will post a final mintage for the Formative Years set and this number will be the same as the first offering. Otherwise,I don’t see a reason for 5 set limit.

  32. Anonymous says


    You’re right in that the Mint has been known to post sales statistics that have been reduced from an earlier reported figure. But, if they really intended to limit the “Formative Years” 2-roll sets to 100,000 units, would they have accepted so many extra orders (and are still continuing to do so at the time of this writing)? I don’t think we will be that lucky. The number sold of this set will undoubtedly be much larger than the “Birthplace” set. Anyone fortunate enough to receive them fast had best unload them just as fast, to avoid the risk of being stuck with them or having to sell them for a loss.

  33. Anonymous says

    when you buy a t.v. do you ask the sales person how many units they intend to sell? Does it matter?

  34. Anonymous says

    There’s a big difference between a T.V. set and collectible numismatic products.

  35. Anonymous says

    see the 11:52 post. I’m also wondering what a tv has to do with buying coins.

  36. Anonymous says

    yeah, you pay for the t.v. set with the collectable numismatic products you couldn’t sell on ebay and then you watch your t.v. to see what you could have bought with the collectable numismatic product you no longer have.

  37. Anonymous says

    To May 22, 2009 1:22 PM
    Have you ever seen a 5 Set Limit for 400K-500K Product???For 450K Lincoln Silver Dollar the regular limits were 100 for MS and the same amount for the Proof version.
    I wouldn’t hurry unloading these sets,cause in a few months you may realize that there are only 100K produced.Maybe I am mistaken but 5 set limit is a key factor to the final mintage.

  38. Anonymous says

    I ordered my Rail Splitter two roll sets at 12:Noon on May the 14th online from the MInt. I received them today via UPS. The white box is dated 4/28/09. Do these qualify for FDI?

  39. Michael says

    To weigh in on one of the issues being discussed-

    I don’t think the Mint necessarily has to provide customers with the total number that will be produced for every offering. For bags and rolls, they have never provided the production limit and in most situations this was fine.

    The situation for the 2009 Lincoln Cent Two Roll Sets was different. The first release had a relatively small production run and sold out in two weeks. Prices quickly went up 500%+ and many people wished they had ordered more. For the second release, the US Mint decided to offer more than double the number of sets and continues to sell them.

    The Mint’s motive behind the increase was most likely just to meet public demand and make sure more collectors who wanted the sets could buy them.

    From the standpoint of some customers it feels like they have been duped by the Mint or the victim of a bait and switch. The US Mint created a certain impression with the first release, and then completely changed the rules for the second release.

    If you are going to drastically change something mid-stream, then I do think you should let your customers know about it in advance. For some people it would not have made a difference, but for others it would have.

    Now the US Mint has another set of disgruntled customers because of their continuing lack of communication.

  40. Tim says

    Preliminary production figures on the 2009 cents are supposed to be 864 million.Divide that 4 ways.And there you have it.It’s my belief that the each series will be very close because of demand.I really can’t blame the US Mint for selling more 2 roll sets.Most people that are upset are the profiteers who can’t get their fix on the Fed boxes for the quick flip.America is a great country made from profits.But everyone has forgotten that America is also the one country in the world that will take the brunt of any storm and turn it into a shiny day without asking anything in return.So if you can’t get your fix with this series.Turn the other cheek and help your neighbors with the profits from the first series.Temperance I believe is the one thing Lincoln like to try to teach.Perhaps everyone should be thankful and share their bounties and be patient for the next wave.Who knows the next wave could be an awsome ride.

  41. j0ec00lc0ins says

    The US Mint has cancelled my order for the “Formative Years” 2-roll sets three times already. Has this happened to anybody else?

  42. Tim says

    Ok folks.The main gate has opened.The banks started releasing fed boxes today.GO GO GO get those deals.My sniper finger is warmed up and ready for the next round.Be smart and don’t lose your butts.This should get very interesting.Lets face it.Numismatics was a small number of people years ago.Now everyone gets mad at the Mint.I think the Mint should be mad with Ebay.Because I’ll put my collection up for anyone that proves that Ebay has not caused all of this anger.Numismatics before Ebay was a wonderful hobby of joy and contentment.So I only ask one question.Has greed really taken over the need for the Mint to take precautionary measures.And is Ebay the voice of reason when showing anger to inflate costs.I see so many people get in bidding wars.It makes the costs seem higher and in a lot of cases just out right crazy.I can just see the other guy acting like a kid and say.” NO NO NO.You can’t have it because I want it first and I’ll pay more then you even if it is more then it should be.MY GOD!!!
    What ever happened to the good old days where Joe the numismatic buff showed his really cool collection to a jr collector and start a process of historic research and intrigue by another up and coming collector so he can do the same to someone later in his/her life.Hmmm I’m sitting here pondering and wondering.Perhaps those days are over and those good times died with the gold standard.At least it gives you something to think about and at least get your order off your mind.Because no matter what you do.The order will only come when it gets there.And if you can’t wait and want to pay more.By all means go to ebay or better yet your bank.Then go to ebay.
    Have Fun

  43. Tim says

    Ok I’m back from Ebay.I’m not sure if I’m aloud to post this or not.I’m sure I’ll find out in a little while after I post this insanity.Get this.There is someone calling himself World peace.LOL thats the first funny part.The second funny part is this listing.Keep in mind that we are talking about a 25.00 box of pennies here with not a lot of copper.HERE IT IS!!!!!!!

    Buy It Now or Best Offer
    Free shipping 7d 12h 17m

    Now.Is this funny?Free Shipping even WOW! I wonder if that includes insurance?
    I think it’s down right crazy.
    HMMMM let me think here.The mint is making a penny that has mostly zink in it.The coin probably will not react to climates well.The coin costs more then a penny to make.And now the coin roll is worth 20.00 a roll.If you believe this then I have a real nice piece of land in the middle of the Atlantic you might be interested in.Complete with sunshine and plenty to drink on your way down.I think I have made my point quite clear here.If not.Wow.As Worldpeace and clint eastwood would say.”GO AHEAD PUNK,MAKE MY DAY.I told you this would get interesting.Please understand that I have nothing to do with this listing other then to worn other not to rip themselves off with a binding Ebay contract.Or you could just bid it and be a deadbeat bidder LOL.Hey maybe the mint should have charged more huh?I could go on and on about this insanity.But it takes crazy people to make crazy people.And I enjoy my sanity.So my day is done here.
    Have A Happy

  44. Anonymous says

    For Shame the that forsake the name of Abraham Lincoln out of greed and anger.

  45. Anonymous says

    Wow.Some idiot paid 2500.00 last week for a 25.00 box of 2009 formative years.I wonder if he will sell them 10 at a time and get his money back.DUHHHHHHHHHHH

  46. Anonymous says

    To May 22, 2009 9:11 PM
    You said, “Ok folks.The main gate has opened.The banks started releasing fed boxes today.”
    Where did you get this info?I have been asking everywhere and the banks don’t even have the first issue available.

  47. Tim says

    I have a friend that works at a bank and said they received boxes yesterday.He already has them listed on ebay.

  48. Anonymous says

    To Tim(May 23, 2009 10:50 AM)
    That’s why the clerks are so hostile when I am asking whether they have a new penny or not.

  49. Tim says

    Has anyone ever heard of the word hyperinflation? Well if this isn’t a sign of hyperinflation.I don’t know what hyperinflation means.Because the penny has never been this popular.The good signs I am seeing is that people want them.The bad signs I’m seeing is Ebay and the Banks are making people hate the US Mint.Wow !!! Is this really happening.Are people really willing to through good money after possible better or bad money.It’s a large risk.But is it as large a risk as trusting Stocks and Bonds.All I know is after studying history.The sure signs of hyperinflation are alive and well.Might be time to use the good ole gut instincts.
    Good Luck

  50. Anonymous says

    With the lack of products at the mint, the increase in coin collectors and the mere excitement of coins, many of coins are going to go up in value. These coins will definately have a premium on them a month or so from now. I think people want instanct gratifacation, be patient…these will go up and for those not getting them, you will regret it.

  51. Tim says

    No offense intended.But anyone that pays or has paid more then mint price for these rolls.Is flirting with expectations that may very well disappoint them.If you figure 5.00 a roll times 50 that equals 250.00 a box for the fed boxes.Other then the ceremony rolls and Mint box rolls the NF Stringer boxes are the more desired rolls I’ve noticed.Brinks shrink wrapped and brown plain wraps are going for less money.The log cabins are staying steady at 200.00 for Ps and 130.00 for Ds.The Formatives are doing the same thing the Log Cabins did.If your into trying to get them first.Expect to pay high premiums.At present the Formatives are at 350.00 steady for both P and D per 50 roll NF Stringer box.In one more week they will steady out at the same rate the cabins did.People should wait be patient and get good deals.I think the US Mint has done a great job on this series myself.To slowly trickle them out will keep the profiteers at bay.And just maybe the collectors can benefit a little more as well this way.Coin collecting is very fun and a great way to learn history.Lets not forget to learn more about this great president as we collect these series.Lincoln was and still is one of the most honored men in this world.President or not.He had an ability to make our great nation an honored place as well.And his truth was transparent and willing.Lets face it.Without him the penny would have never lasted in trust this long.So enjoy the hobby and make him proud to still be on the longest lasting form of coin currency we have.It’s my opinion that if there is not a design in 2010 that honors his complete honesty.Then the penny may just do what a lot of experts think and be phased out.If people stop trusting the value of any denomination.History shows that it gets phased out.So long live the penny and the good ole American trust in our God and currency.
    Gotta go now

  52. Anonymous says

    That explains why I haven’t been able to get anything out of Bank of America lately. Capitalism has become obscene. Now, back to the pennies. I opened and screened a two roll set dated 4/28/09. The D mints were mostly weakly struck, poorly centered, heavily styrated, and nothing proof like – crap. The P mints were all proof like specimens and impressive – except – every single coin was water spoted crap. As many times in the past – mint wrapped rolls continue to dissapoint me.

  53. Anonymous says

    The new penny rolls are worth more and are less of a dissapointment if they remain unopenned.

  54. Anonymous says

    The only people ticked off are the profiteers and greedy investors. Personally I am glad the mint produced more sets this time around. The average person should not have to pay an inflated dealer price to get a piece of history when the coin is not even a month old. I collect coins period. I’m hardly upset over this as some of you are. I am sure the mint is responding to demands of the people like me that call and ask if they are going to offer my coins next time around so I can get mine from the mint versus some auction off ebay.
    What happened to collecting coins? Since when is there supposed to be a guideline for the number of coins released? If the mint put out a specific number of coins based on a spreadsheet everyone could read why even collect? Could you imagine the stock market with definitive numbers?? The fun part is the speculation and collecting. So the second penny may be worth a penny… and the third or all of them. You can’t make everyone happy.

  55. Anonymous says

    Uhmmm, in the stock market, there is a set amount of issued stock. Buyers of stock know that the number of issued stocks are not going to change daily.

  56. Anonymous says


    Does anyone know if the price of the UHR is supposed to change this week due to the price of gold rising?

  57. Anonymous says

    Oh how the speculators were wrong…

    I suspect penny # 2 is going to be in the same number of rolls from the mint as # 1, but ALL the “investors” are going to have them….it will clearly sell out on day one, if not HOUR one !

    May 13, 2009 5:18 PM

  58. Anonymous says

    Those EVIL profiteers and GREEDY investors! How dare anyone try to make money from coins. I don’t even think you should be able to order anything from the Mint. One should simply sift through your change and hope you get a 1909 vdb penny.

    Sheesh, There is nothing wrong with collecting coins for investment purposes! Nothing wrong with collecting coins for the love of it. I don’t see why you can’t respect people that collect coins purely for investments. I never see anyone in here putting down anyone for collecting coins as a hobby!

    Live and let live….

  59. Anonymous says


    He is very bitter. And if he doesn’t think the speculators are still going to do well with the LP2’s he’s mistaken.

  60. Tim says

    Well as suspected the prices started out big on ebay and other internet sites on series two.In almost two weeks now they have started to stabilize.This stabilization will continue for the next two weeks and then prices will drop from there.It’s a matter of people fighting over them just to get them first and pay to high a premium doing it.I say relax.The mint will issue plenty of these pennies.And to sit back and watch others pay to much is quite entertaining to me.But one slip of the listing and one wrong move with the sniper finger.And I will get mine at the price I want to pay.I love a good challenge.And the pennies have been a great challenge.But I really think jumping the gun and getting angry at someone I don’t even know.Would be quite foolish.Only to turn around and know later that I paid to much.Nahhhhhhh that won’t happen here.If at some point in your hobby of coin collecting.You find yourself getting angry at someone you don’t even know.You might want to think about a hobby you might enjoy more.Because I love coins and I love this hobby.I use it to teach my little girl history and show her what will one day be hers to give to her kids.Abe Lincoln I think would have wanted it that way.So have a happy or get a new hobby.
    Gotta go now

  61. Anonymous says

    The stock market is a given? Please if there was no speculation there would be no ups and downs and crashe.. You can sell coins and invest and not be greedy. Feeling guilty? I was specifically refering too GREEDY PEOPLE! Quit taking making a buck off of coins to heart unless your one of the slimy dealers.

  62. Anonymous says

    My 8 yo daughter and I just started collecting coins this year. My mother in law had been collecting the state quarters for her and her other grandchildren. We had tried to buy the log cabin from the mint but found out that between the time we added it to our cart and the final processing they had sold out. We were bummed. We turned to eBay and were horrified at the prices. So, we have been going to every bank in town and a few out of town as well. Finally, I was able to get a box of them and we mailed them out to our friends and family who we know hadn’t been so lucky. And the reward for all this….?
    My grandfather had a penny collection and my aunt gave it to my daughter, it included several nice coins including a 1909 VDB.
    Do it for love of the artistry, family and connection to history, not to get rich quick. Being rich, especially by stepping over others, that leads to an empty life.

  63. Anonymous says

    Glad to hear you finally got some of the LC pennies. It was hard for me as well. I even know the VP of one bank and have friends at another.

  64. Anonymous says

    My rolls were shipped yesterday and I see them in the fedex tracking system. It seems the shipping estimates were only to give the mint wiggle room.

    This early shipping will make up for the fact that rolls are not in banks but will open up supply.

  65. Anonymous says

    I wish they would put a little jiggle in that wiggle and send me my order.LOL.

  66. Anonymous says

    My five rolls of lincoln rail splitter penneys is scheduled to be delived by FedEx on the 28 of may. placed my order at 12:45 on the 14th of may

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