Reagan Coin & Chronicles Set: First-Day Sales Report

Early this afternoon the U.S. Mint announced that first-day sales of the Ronald Reagan Coin and Chronicles Set totaled 21,511 units. The Reagan set is the last in an otherwise very popular series whose members contain the only Reverse Proof Presidential dollar coins.

The 2015 sets featuring Harry S. Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower were released with production limits of 17,000 apiece, and each set sold out within 15 minutes of its release. The subsequent John F. Kennedy set was allowed a higher limit (50,000) and sold 45,613 units on its first day. The Lyndon B. Johnson set’s production limit was fixed at 25,000, a number that was gobbled up in about four hours. By comparison, the Reagan set’s sales are anemic at best.


In other news:

  • The 30th-Anniversary Proof American Eagle continues to hold the top slot on the Mint’s numismatic sales chart, as it has since its debut on September 16. After 322,317 units sold in the first few days, the pace cooled off, and the coin posted weekly sales of 40,786, then 24,391, and this past week, 24,965.
  • Last week’s release of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park three-coin set (released October 3) and 5-ounce Uncirculated silver coin (released October 6) resulted in 10,030 and 16,190 units sold, respectively, as of the Mint’s October 9 report.
  • The Standing Liberty Centennial Gold Coin is proving to be a plodder at best. Its first-day sales of 47,884 amounted to almost half its mintage limit of 100,000; after that, sales dropped precipitously, with 5,494 coins reported sold over the next three days and 1,498 the next week. The household-order limit was raised, giving the coin a boost of 20,462 in sales the next week, then another fade to 4,029 the week after. On the latest Mint report the total sold was adjusted downward by 903, for a cumulative sales figure of 78,464.


Numismatic Hobby Forum

As we mentioned in early September, the U.S. Mint will be hosting a Numismatic Coin Forum in Philadelphia tomorrow, October 13. A limited number of individuals will be permitted to attend; the deadline for consideration for one of the available seats was September 16. The forum is part of the Mint’s preparations for its upcoming 225th anniversary. According to Rhett Jeppson, the Mint’s principal deputy director, the Mint is “looking for ways to improve the way we engage our customers and invigorate our relevance into the future.”


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  1. Numismatrix says

    Great info, presentation , and analysis – I suspect the Reagan set will inch forward. As many have stated here the let down is the absence of a silver medal. His presidency is also relatively recent, and has yet to develop the impact, particularly of the Kennedy and Johnson years.

  2. Tony says

    Does anyone know why there was no Richard M. Nixon C&C set? I know Watergate ruined his presidency but doesn’t his other accomplishments garner him a C&C set?

  3. DBR says

    @ Tony re Nixon’s omission with a C&C set.

    At the risk of swatting a hornet’s nest of controversy, I think your reaction is very logical. As far as I know, Nixon is still a much maligned figure. He lied and covered up crimes. My dad said he should have gone to jail. Ford pardoned Nixon for the good of the country. In all honesty I don’t think we’ve ever been the same in our cohesion. I’d go so far as well to blame Nixon for the terrible state of the Media today: the press never forgave Nixon. Never.

    The saddest part of all: Nixon didn’t even have to spy on Democrats that election cycle. Nixon won by a huge landslide in 1972.

    I think the mint punted to avoid the risk of controversy. Nixon was not just a politician of the vulgar variety today. He was a statesman. He governed during very tumultuous times.

    In the end though, we all return to dust; so in a way like all monuments these sets attempt to continue someone’s legacy. The set also honors and most don’t want to honor Nixon in that way or at all.

    It was a very painful time for the country. So those old enough to have been adults at that time should share with us their thoughts and impressions.

  4. Asherspapa says

    As far as Richard Nixon is concerned, it was indeed a painful time, although the controversy surrounding him almost pales in comparison to this year’s presidential campaign and candidates. The exclusion of Nixon (and Ford) from the popular Coins & Chronicles series, however, was unfortunate and probably politically motivated, at least to some degree. It was a numismatic, financial and historical miss by the Mint–given mintage levels similar to those of Truman, Eisenhower and Johnson, a Nixon C&C might have had the fastest sellout of all given his notoriety. Done by a competent historian with no political axe to grind, the Chronicles booklet could have been very interesting. In both coins and stamps, we honor Presidents for historical reasons, not necessarily personal ones. Some might argue against Truman for his first use of nuclear weapons; and Lyndon Johnson was anything but universally popular. Even Kennedy had his bad moments, most notably the ill-advised Bay of Pigs invasion. Ford is probably the most arguable as the only U.S. President never elected to the office.
    Once the Mint established the precedent in 2015, they really should have completed the series for all the modern presidents (who were deceased), just as they should have maintained the contents by issuing a Reagan silver medal in his C&C set. There was a time, however, when the Mint apparently didn’t even intend to issue a Reagan dollar in the regular series, using the excuse that since Jimmy Carter was still alive and could therefore not issue a dollar for him under the legislation, the series had to end with Ford. It may be only coincidental that Nixon, Ford and Reagan were all Republicans, and all the modern C&C’s were issued under a Democratic administration.

  5. gary says

    The Reagan Presidential dollar design is perhaps one of the most poorly executed portraits of the series and the Reverse proof of the Reagan dollar only enhances the very poor design and is but a polished turd. The 30th anniversary silver eagle is just one more “birth of a coin design that likely has no meaning to new collectors and is just another vehicle for the Mint to repackage this numismatic junk.

  6. KCSO says

    DBR / Asherspapa – excellent articulate posts – I enjoyed reading your perspective.

    If the mint stays true to form, we should see a WLH mintage/HHL release notification by the mint today. Fingers crossed they don’t drag this out…

    Though as you gentlemen have subtly put it, ain’t no figuring out that the mint will do – why or when.

    Nice recap Diana, thanks!

  7. Kenneth bond says

    Nixon was a disgraced president and resigned himself from office before they could impeach him. He should have gone to jail! But Ford, who took his place and was not elected.Then pardoned Nixon. Ford’s presidency was seen as illegitimate.
    The C & C sets are in honor of past presidents,and their accomplishments. So….neither of them are worthy.

  8. data dave says

    For those following the mutilated coin story, this is another good article. The mint suspended the program after cheating (alleged) from a Chinese supplier. But this local recycler seems to be above board. As much as certain people complain about the sh*t the mint is trying to sell us, this seems like a real problem for real businesses.

    And I really believe a lot of coins are ending up in the trash every year.

  9. Tinto says


    Totally agree … a silver medal would have been more in keeping with the spirit of previous Prez C&C sets ….

  10. Buzz Killington says

    Re: Nixon, I think the next 50 years will cause Nixon to be viewed a lot more favorably. If, however, someone tried today to put together a Coin & Chronicles set with his accomplishments, it would come off looking political. For example, either his misdeeds were glossed over, or his progressive achievments (for example, his forward-thinking on the environment) would be scoffed at. But since people tend to have a very forgiving attitude toward the Mint, maybe they should have tried. Oh, wait….

  11. cagcrisp says

    Guesstimates for Mintage and HHL for the Walking Liberty Half

    earthling 200,000/1
    Mike in NY 75,000/1
    KCSO 90,000/2
    cagcrisp 100,000/5
    MT 75,000/2
    Yes, But…You Can’t Take It With You 50,000/1
    NcCoinCollector 75,000/1
    Louis 50,000/1
    longarm 100,000/1
    Tony 50,000/1
    Karl Meyer 65,000/1
    Paddy 70,000/1
    Tinto 55,000/2
    Gary not Dave 25,000/1
    Steve 100,000/1
    Big L 75,000/1
    Peter 75,000/2
    HarryB 75,000/2
    DBR 75,000/1
    zephin 55,000/1
    Old Big Bird 50,000/1
    baldwin 75,000/2
    Wilycoyote 50,000/1
    Mark Rex 40,000/1
    Montana John 125,000/2
    dave 45,000/1
    Mr. Kairu 60,000/2
    a Bob 80,000/1
    Big C 65,000/2
    Don 50,000/2
    ClevelandRocks 75,000/1
    Imaginary 65,000/1
    Jerry Diekmann 75,000/1
    MikeinPA 100,000/3
    smalltimecollector 45,000/1
    CF 60,000/2
    Joe M. 75,000/1
    Ikaika 65,000/1
    Ron 75,000/2
    Throckmorton 50,000/1
    achmed 100,000/2
    Dean 75,000/2
    beaver 100,000/2
    asherspapa 75,000/2
    Goat 75,000/1
    data dave 80,000/1
    JARHEADnFLORIDA 100,000/4
    Teach 50,000/1
    The Real “Cool” Brad 90,000/5
    gatortreke 80,000/2
    Vancer 80,000/1
    Dustyroads 75,000/1
    ike 50,000/1
    So Krates 100,000/2

  12. James Penne says

    Thought this was a coin , Numismatics site, not a political venue. Truth of the matter is there isn’t a C&C for Presidents Nixon and Ford. We’ve been presented with a Reagan Coin and Chronicle set that includes a SAE 30th Anniversary Coin. Whether you like or dislike the image on the Reagan Coin, it’s the only one you’ve got,!
    If you’re a collector or dealer, buy it or leave it, like I said, it is what it is, it’s the only C&C set going.

  13. cagcrisp says

    RE: Numismatic Hobby Forum happening Today

    1. My Guess is the Mint will tell stakeholders the decline in numismatic and the increase in bullion

    2. IF the Mint asked what they should do to Increase the Size of the Tent my answer would be:

    A. Start selling 10 oz. and 100 oz. Silver bars DIRECTLY to the public
    B. Each year have a Year and number sequence
    C. Create a two way buy/sell street. Sell Directly to the public 10 oz. and 100 oz. Silver bars at a $2.00/oz. premium and Buy from the public the same bars at a $2.00/oz. discount to spot.
    D. Demand for Silver 10 oz. and 100 oz. Silver bars would increase the Size of the Tent and within years would be the most widely sold Silver bars in those sizes in the world…

  14. Goat says

    10 oz./ 100 oz. sounds good. Exchange ? Might have to regroup with different people for that one.
    Will have to set something up, since gold/silver will be more favorable in the coming years. Our new bank.

  15. KCSO says

    From CoinWorld –

    The third gold coin in a 2016 Centennial trilogy will be available to order Nov. 17 from the U.S. Mint, when each buyer can begin to place orders for three of the 70,000 available 2016-W Walking Liberty gold half dollars.

  16. AZ Dan says

    Times have changed. If Nixon were President today he’d have gotten a slap on the wrist for deleting 18 minutes of an audio recording given that one can delete 33,000 emails without fear of prosecution. Washington is funny in this way. Perhaps in 25 or 30 years the Mint will do something along the Coins & Chronicles for all past Presidents. People are funny too. They are remember the bad and not the good.

  17. KCSO says

    & all you guys that guessed 75,000 / 2 can claim bragging rights on the Guesstimate..,

    closest to 70/3 I’m seeing;

    So Congrats!

  18. KCSO says

    Old Big Bird, you’re welcome –

    If that doesn’t generate some comments, I’m not sure what will. If not, folks are in shock or sleep big time

  19. Mint News Blog says

    data dave, I ran across the same article this morning and pulled together some info from multiple sources for a Coin Update blog post. If you go to the post and scroll down, there’s a link to an excellent (in my opinion) piece by AmericanMetalsMarket Daily, which had a writer present in China during a recent inspection of Wealthy Max. It’s a long story but well researched; I highly recommend it.

  20. earthling says

    I see sellout. Speed depends on the asking price. Put it even remotely close to spot it will sellout FAST – like spot Gold.

    I can see a sellout in an hour – easy. This year has been a year where bullion is King.

  21. Throckmorton says

    Having been an adult during the Nixon years, I can safely say that given the two disgraces that are running today, Nixon would again win by a landslide.

    I guess the whole Contra affair, with Ollie North’s dealings and Fawn Hall’s shredding didn’t land in Ronnie’s lap hence his C&C honor.

  22. Paddy says

    Cagcrisp –
    Wow, I do believe that KCSO and I had the same amount originally. Since I am pushing 75 I miss joining in the posting’s but I always try to check things out

  23. cagcrisp says

    From previous post and thread :

    “Does Anyone really think the Mint will make the same mistake again with a HHL of 1?…”


  24. Paddy says

    KCSO ….. Thanks it was a very nice bunch of us there that day….. You Xena, Kevin ….. The trip to the PO with all that loot had a effect on me that took me a little time to recoup…haha

  25. KC&SO says

    Paddy, yeah that was fun day, enjoyed it alot. I still laugh about how that train appeared out of no where on that rarely used truxell right overhead when the mint MC went to speak, and the brief down pour when the guest speak stood up to talk.., we were like, “just give us the coins.” Classic timing.

    I should have been more patient like you with letting the stamp ink dry, my rolls got smeared, Harpers Ferry has a real wind blown look, oh well, wouldn’t be my first bonehead move. I must say the pucks look real nice

  26. KC&SO says

    Free Shipping for those Proof Sets:

    Offer Code: U5EU-SUBY-3CY4-V4TR
    (Offer expires October 31, 2016)

  27. old sailor bill says

    My Reagan C&C order shipped today FedEx Smartpost , placed order about 12:30 # 045627xx

  28. Goat says

    My CC sets shipped, should be here in two days as long as the “Flooding is causing hazardous conditions in the Southeast, U.S” doesn’t cause any problems for me.

  29. R. Somers says

    The mint finally shipped my gold quarter! I placed my order for 1 in the first 15 minutes and it only took 34 days and 5 times contacting them before I received my tracking #…I wonder what is in store for the next order???? SORRY US MINT, YOU LOST A CUSTOMER!!!!!!!!!!!! You also cancelled one of my 2015 coin and currency orders and gave no reason!! The fiasco with the gold quarter ENDED BUYING FROM YOU!!! I’ll have to buy from feebay now 🙁

  30. Mark Rex says

    Very interesting to see the 75k/3 number for the WLH. It is my guess that the final mintage like most recent items will come in less. Im guessing a final mintage of 65k. I wouldn’t be surprised if the HHL is lowered like the RR CC set was too.

    My RR CC is scheduled to be delivered Tue 10/18. Ill do an unboxing video when I get them and post the link. For some reason I was thinking since the order was over $200 the shipping was auto upgraded but the amount must be $300 or gold. Does anyone have a sooner delivery date?
    An item I think overlooked in this set is the “One authentic engraved Ronald Reagan Presidential portrait produced by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing”. If this is something nice then this could prove to be valuable. I hope its not simply this;

  31. Mark Rex says

    Actually reviewing the BEP page and the item page that is exactly what the “One authentic engraved Ronald Reagan Presidential portrait produced by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing” is. Its on the first page when you open the C&C set and is part of the page. Worthless. Only hope now is the USM is throwing a surprise element to the ASE and I think I have better odds of winning the million dollar lotto tonight than that, but just maybe, lol.

  32. .John Q. Coinage says

    Sellout coming in January 2017, or when pulled @ end of year, 150k way 2 many…WLH uess = 100,000 & 1 2 coin HH limit..the design of the Raygun coin is AWFUL, bucky beaver chipmunk Reagan…almost as bad as JFK, FDR, LBJ (Old Man from Pawn Stars!!!) all Dems so not a gop thing, but Dick does look like a wanted Poster profile!

  33. KCSO says

    Old Sailor Bill – The Mint is offer free shipping on a purchase that includes either a Proof Set or Proof Silver Set. The code above was received in an email sent earlier today, have fun.

    R. Somers – you don’t know the half of it. I gave gift cards to someone purchase a SLQ who otherwise couldn’t afford it, the mint fulfilment center NOT ONLY cancelled their order due the HHL of 1 in which they never bought any others, they CANCELLED the gift certificates.

    I can only reason they associated my credit card in the purchase of the gift card with my already purchased SLQ on the 8th, when the gift card receiptient went to place their order – BS! After 3-4 phone calls and 5 IM chat exchanges, utter frustration by a new customer, me being livid over the whole situation as they would not talk to me as I was not associated with the order number (though I purchased the certs), the new customer was in total frustration over the situation as this sort of complication does not happen in the retail world – AND fulfillment WAS NOT goint to refund the cert value – finally, this past Friday after numerous ‘escalations’ and request to speak to management, it finally was resolved – no coin shipped to the new customer and the gift certs were refunded.

    I think the Customer Service Reps at the Memphis fulfliment center are truly good meaning folks trying to resolve issues and are professionals, though the system is so broken that it defies words, I actually feel sorry for them to have to work in that environment. And I would replace management running because I’ve have 3 situations in the past 4 months that were ‘escalated’ repeatedly and required continual follow ups, I believe the middle management to be incompetent.

  34. Erik H says

    I just received an email from the mint with the free shipping promo code. I expect that others will get it too.

  35. The Real "Cool" Brad says

    Not sure if it was mentioned on here but at numismatic forum they showcased tentative schedule for 2017 and 2018. There will be a silver medal four coin set with different finishes and mint marks. There will also be a 250 anniversary enhanced uncirculated set in Q4 of 2017. In 2018 a SF RP set.

  36. a Bob says

    A certain Texas eBay seller has sold well over 400 (I stopped counting there) of the liberty silver medals.
    Since these medals sold out in 6 minutes, I think it is extremely fishy that this dealer was able to acquire so many so quickly. Someone has found a way of gaming the system.

  37. Jerry Diekmann says

    Real Cool Dave – 250th anniversary set for what? The USA 250th anniversary won’t be for ten years – 2026.

  38. Jerry Diekmann says

    Don’t want to get into politics over why Nixon and Ford didn’t get C&C sets, other than neither were deserving. of the honor or recognition. Nixon’s good is outweighed by Nixon’s bad, and Ford was never elected as President. Nixon would certainly have been impeached. Good reasons for excluding these two guys. Oh, don’t forget – Rumsfeld and Cheney moved into powerful positions under Ford – a good reason why Ford should forever be excluded from anything presidential.

  39. Dave C says

    I remember Nixon fairly well. My draft board was looking for me. They allowed me to stay in college an extra semester, somehow I ended up a few credits short of graduating in 4 years. In the lottery drawing that semester I got number 286, pretty safe but just to be on the safe I tried and was lucky enough to get a job with a company who did goverment work and I got a deferral from the draft from them.

    Nixon’s decision to have the draft lottery probably kept me from be conscripted and sent to Viet Nam and the job I took started me in a career in hi-tech that lasted for nearly 40 years.
    I think what he did also helped to start pulling our country back together

    I think he was also credited with establishing relations with China. I saw him as being fairly pragmatic compared to some before him and most after him despite appearing to be paranoid to a fault about his re-election.

  40. R. Somers says

    There was another time they cancelled an order using gift certificates too, but they didn’t lose the money, although it took a phone call to get the money back on the cert. Two years of this crap…I’m done. I agree the management/fullfillment center needs some(A LOT) of work. I’ve read that a lot of people paid for expedited shipping, but still took about 5-7 days before it shipped(??).
    On a side note, one of my friends ordered a $5 gold commemorative and it was packed with the coin outside of the plastic capsule…but fortunately the return process went ok with them sending a replacement. I’ve read some people here sent theirs back and the mint said they didn’t receive it. 🙁

  41. KCSO says

    R. Somers – . I’ve read that a lot of people paid for expedited shipping, but still took about 5-7 days before it shipped(??).

    Yep, that’s happened to me twic with OVERNIGHT shipping; the first time with the ’15 APE and that took 7 days to receive, and most recently on Wednesday, 21 Sept when I truly needed it arrive by the following Monday due to biz travel in which UPS did not even receive the SLQ until Monday night (it flew out of Memphis that night as well). Two Reps told me that I would be refunded the $20 for Overnight shipping when the item was received back – Nope, so we’ll be having that discussion later today.

    Here’s the Facts –

    1. There is no FIFO order shipping process with fulfillment
    2. Your 12:30 EST order is just as likely to ship 3-5 before your 12:01
    3. Overnight or Expediated shipping does not expediate the processing of your order, nor will your order receive any special attention if your told it’ll be “escalated” for a quicker shipment
    4. Your order may be Expediated, but that only commences when ‘physiscally’ in the possession of UPS
    5. If you place an order for a high demand item, on a Wednesday or Thursday, don’t expect it to ship until Monday or Tuesday evening at the earliest
    6. The CSRs are for the most part powerless, unless your issue is ‘Escalated’ it is likely going no where, and even then I would call back the following day and have it Escalating again, or just politely request that someone from the management team call you immediately.

    So, in a nut shell –

    Don’t EVER, EVER pay for expediated shipping during a new release (esp high demand), as the guy that’s 35,000 orders behind you is likely to receive his item before you for $4.95.

    Oh, and with the crew in Memphis, I’d be very caustious to send items back for a Refund, but that’s a discussion for another day. Personally, I’m more inclined to just off load if on the bay than to take the risk and what I know will be a 34-90 time delay. jus say’n

  42. cagcrisp says

    @CasualCollector “Looks like they removed the HH Limit for the Reagan C&C Set”

    Thanks for the update.


    You have ONE day to get HHL’s correct. ONE day. That’s all. It was incorrect and Unless there is some type of error it will never sell 150,000.

    Anyone. Please tell me One instance where lifting the HHL has ever rescued a failed Launch?…

  43. Buzz Killington says

    @Dave C —

    I think you are right that Nixon’s fatal flaw was his paranoia about his re-election. There must be some psychological reason for it, because it is basically the same thing that happened to Chris Christie. WAY ahead in the polls, re-election assured, fast-track to being a favorite for the GOP Presidential nomination, and the Bridgegate shenanigans derailed it all for him. I am not saying I am a Chris Christie fan, but he fell prey to the same phenomenon as the one that ruined Nixon.

  44. Buzz Killington says

    @cag —

    Not sure what you mean by “rescued” but the 2015 C&C set did eventually sell out, and even enjoyed a modest bump in price after the sell-out. Still not an aftermarket winner, if that’s what you mean by “rescued”, but if it means “able to sell the full allotted mintage” which didn’t seem likely before, I think that’s an example.

  45. Buzz Killington says

    If you include noticeable price appreciation, there then are definitely none.

    However, I’m not sure that the Mint’s goal should be producing a noticeable (temporary) price appreciation for a limited number of buyer. In fact, I would say the Mint got the Truman Rev. Proof set mintage very wrong, and might have had more collectors for this short-series if the first coin in the series was more available. As it was, the Eisenhower mintage was consumed by speculators, not collectors, and the Mint missed its chance to be able to sell more coins.

    I do appreciate the game of picking after-market winners of Mint products, but I wouldn’t say the Mint does its job by creating immediate after-market winners.

  46. Dustyroads says

    “does its job by creating immediate after-market winners.”

    The US Mint is on a completely different playing field. They are not serving us. But, I can see that a hand is moved from time to time.

  47. Louis says

    @aBob- The dealer could have purchased them on the wholesale market from other dealers, or from other sources like individual buyers who bought extras. Once something has been out a while, it is available from different sources.

  48. KCSO says

    Cag – had the mintage of the SLQ been 75,000 to 80,000, then lifting that HHL on 21 Sept would have been a ‘rescue’ 😉

    The only other time I can think of in the past 5 years was the 2014 Native American Coin & Currency set.., when we discovered here first on MNB, the sneaky lil mint’s Enhanced $1 NA secret.

  49. MT says

    @KCSO — Thanks for sharing the 70,000/3 limits from CW. My post on Sept 12th, prior to the guesstimate kick-off, noted that I would be happy to see 50,000/2 or 65,000/3. In light of what has since transpired with the SLQ, I would have liked to see a mintage limit of about 40,000 for the Half. The HHL limit, which may be very short-lived, might not matter quite so much on this higher-priced offering.

    Is anyone anticipating a sellout? I am not, even if the HHL is removed. I’ll take an early stab at it and guess 29,400 for Day 1.

    @cagcrisp — In my mind, I am declaring myself the winner of the Walking Liberty Half guesstimate, being the first to guess 75,000/2, which is the closest percentage-wise to the TWO limits. Remind me, was the prize a virtual 2015 LESPS or a virtual 2016 “S” Proof ASE from the Reagan set with enhanced finish, reeded edge, and privy mark? I’ll accept either.

    @CasualCollector — Thanks for the update on the Reagan set. That was a fast adjustment to a pointless HHL of 3. And even with the HHL removed, there is still no chance for a sellout of 150,000.

    @KCSO — I don’t think that example counts since the 2014 NA C&C set never had a HHL. It was the discovery of the secret that caused the rescue, not a HHL adjustment.

  50. Erik H says

    MT, I believe you are correct on the 2014 NA set.

    A household limit actually went into effect AFTER the first backorder was announced (which was after this blog discover that the $1 was enhanced).

  51. J. Miller says

    Does anyone know if the mint will sell the Reagan C&C set in 2017? Are they only allowed to sell them in 2016 due to the silver eagle? Thank you for any info 🙂

  52. Mark Rex says

    I am curious to know what is more/most collected coin between the 3 Centennial coins in their silver versions? Not sure if the question is coming out right but in another way is there more people who collect silver mercury dimes, standing liberty quarters or walking liberty halves?

    I ask this as I suppose there may be people that collect them all but more people or collect one or two more so than the others as collectors. People who collect the mercury dimes were more likely to buy the Mercury Dime Centennial gold coin verses a person who doesn’t collect them. I know the design for the WLH is from my understanding viewed by many as one of the best US Mint designs as it made it way to the ASE (the obverse anyhow).

    If I correct in my unresearched and uninformed opinion the the WLH is the most highly desired of the 3 Centennial gold coins and the most widely collected silver coin of the 3 (dime, quarter, half) I expect it to do quite well despite the higher cost with the 1/2 oz gold contained within. I look forward to your guys insighs on this as well and plan to research this today and over the weekend. Ill then decided if Im only buying two (for each of my kids) to complete my Centennial coin set or 3 (one for me or the speculate).

    I know someone mentioned earlier they expect weak sales for these but I think they will be quite strong. Also I mentioned earlier about actual final mintages that I think like the gold dime and many other products (the APE comes to mind quickly) the it will be 5-10k lower to due to returns, defects in manufacturing and such,

    I recently read a person had ordered a few of the SLQ and to ensure his return was accepted he damaged the coins before returning them. I dont condone this at all but his justification was to ensure that no one got his rejects as he was apparently dissatisfied with the coin condition (but had to add an extra scratch) and the poor sales. I know some see poor sales as a bad thing thinking short term but this could end up being a very good long term thing.

    Very eager to hear your thoughts on the first two paragraphs!
    Thanks in advance!

  53. Mark Rex says

    @J. Miller
    I read on the blog the US Mint has said the the PR ASE will be sold in 2017. While others have said the law doesnt allow the 25th PR ASE to be sold past this year. So despite the US Mint saying so, its unclear as the US Mint record of saying and doing are mixed at best.

    Maybe someone can point us to the law where it states this and I will send it to the all the senators, congressmen, people at the Treasury Department and different people at US Mint and see what kind of responses I can get and possibly the law, if written as such, applied.

  54. dave says

    so the WHL mintage will be 70,000 HHL doesn’t seem to make a difference the important thing is that mintage is way too high, seems everyone is forgetting this coin will cost around 900 bucks (yea lets all order 3 of them) should have been 25,000 mintage we shall see…

  55. Tinto says

    @Mark Rex
    “.. So despite the US Mint saying so, its unclear as the US Mint record of saying and doing are mixed at best.

    Maybe someone can point us to the law where it states this …”

    Mark, link to the Silver Eagle Guide website

    “On December 4, 2015, Public Law 114-94 was enacted. The bill spanned hundreds of pages with one small section having ramifications for the American Silver Eagle program. Under Section 73002 of the Act, proof and uncirculated versions of the coins issued during calendar year 2016 were required to have a smooth edge incused with a designation that notes the 30th anniversary of the first issue of the coins.”

    I went to the website of the US Congress pdf file area to check that Section out

    Proof and uncirculated versions of coins issued by the Secretary
    of the Treasury pursuant to subsection (e) of section 5112 of title
    31, United States Code, during calendar year 2016 shall have
    a smooth edge incused with a designation that notes the 30th
    anniversary of the first issue of coins under such subsection. ”

    Good thing I don’t collect ASE’s Hope this helps

  56. J. Miller says

    “Felson says AUGUST 4, 2016 AT 5:50 AM
    @MT … “Per the regs (31 CFR 5112(e)) and law (P.L. 114-94), the Mint has the authority to issue products containing the 2016 30th Anniversary Silver Eagles ONLY through Dec 31, 2016, and not one day longer.”
    Note: issuing a coin for sale isn’t the same as selling a coin. The Mint can issue (mint) coins until the end of the year, but they can sell them for as long as they like. If the mint has the other coins on the shelf and wants to sell them I’d be surprised, but they can’t manufacture them again.”
    I’ve read other comments too…
    So the confusion is “issue vs. selling”. Also, remember with the American Liberty Silver Medal there was confusion over “mintage vs. product limit”. The site still shows product limit, but people were stating that it was supposed to be mintage limit.

    Bottom line; does the law allow the SALE by the US Mint (I repeat, SALE) of the 30th Anniversary Silver Eagle past Dec 31st, 2016?

  57. data dave says

    I think with the 70K mintage the WLH (gold walker) will sell out the first day. More people collect halves than quarters or dimes and the design is very popular. The price is high so many collectors will buy only one, but with a HHL of 3, the big boys will be able to get all they want. Offering a $50 bonus for someone to buy 3 and ship to a big boy, is less than a 2% markup. Also, for those making sets, the 70K is the key coin.

  58. MT says

    @J.Miller — According to the US Mint, the 2015 and prior year ASE products could not be SOLD in 2016 because the law does allow it. The law uses the word ISSUE, not the word SOLD. Interpret that as you wish.

    Regarding the American Liberty Silver Medals, there was an inconsistency between the product pages and the subsequent press release. That was addressed. Their press release was correct; their product pages were (and still are) incorrect.

  59. Ron says

    I too remember Nixon, he was the first president I voted for. I voted absente ballot from an aircraft carrier in Vietnam, Tonkin Gulf. I don’t know if it was counted but I did vote for him in 1972. I use to catch a lot of grief from friends and people I met for voting for him, and I would tell them I couldn’t have been the only one since he won by the largest margin ever at the time. 520-17 Electoral College, 49 states Nixon, 1 state & DC McGovern.

  60. Hawkster says

    I don’t mind the smooth, unreeded edge on the 2016 ASE proof, but was it really necessary for the Mint to adorn it with “30th ANNIVERSARY”? Enough with these every-five- years anniversary celebrations. It’s actually pretty laughable in how the Mint attempts to make the public believe these are extra special coins.
    Just give me a plain edge, receded or smooth.

  61. cagcrisp says

    @data dave, two guys that I respect have Thrown it Down.

    MT “Is anyone anticipating a sellout? I am not, even if the HHL is removed. I’ll take an early stab at it and guess 29,400 for Day 1.

    data dave “I think with the 70K mintage the WLH (gold walker) will sell out the first day.”

    Two Guys I respect and having opposing views…

  62. HarryB says

    @cag: to address a release that performed well after the HHL was lifted is the 2009 UHR $20 gold. HHL was lifted and was mint to demand if I am recalling correctly. Still enjoys demand at prices well above issue price. The one and only time I have observed. The WLH gold tribute may enjoy international sales demand. A sellout fairly quickly.

  63. Dustyroads says

    I have no problem with the camp of Dave, in fact I emphatically am a part. The Kennedy curse is not with this release.

  64. Jeff says

    Hawkster, The mint got you and many other to over pay, now is not the time to complain. Over paying for this slab of silver validates the mint price structure that’s the laughable part you partake in it, you and the others are HOOKED LINED & SINKERED. Just enjoy your over priced slab and move on.

  65. Erik H says

    Just re-ordered my TR pucks (good thing there was no sell out ). However it took me over 10 minutes to accomplish. Looks like the mint’s site does want to take customer’s money even on a slow day. I had to open & close Firefox & IE multiple times to place me order. The box to “accept terms and conditions” would not display or the site just didn’t want to take payments. Two years later & they can’t figure it out. If I was on Facebook I’d post this info to the mint’s page, maybe someone there might read it and act to fix the problem. Well who am I kidding?

  66. Sarah says

    I believe the main problem with the Reagan Coins and Chronicles set is the Silver Eagle. I understand the relevance of the coin to his tenure, however, there is no scarcity to it to generate interest. A silver medal that honored Reagan and was unique to his coins and chronicles set would have garnered more interest in the set in my opinion.

  67. says

    ike says
    “Received my TR puck yesterday & returned for replacement. Very poor quality.”

    All of mine look great, guess it’s just the luck of the draw.

  68. says

    Sarah says
    “I believe the main problem with the Reagan Coins and Chronicles set is the Silver Eagle. I understand the relevance of the coin to his tenure, however, there is no scarcity to it to generate interest. A silver medal that honored Reagan and was unique to his coins and chronicles set would have garnered more interest in the set in my opinion.”

    Yeah, the mint had the perfect opportunity to include something special and unique to this set and they blew it. Why didn’t they do a “S” mint proof eagle or a medal?

  69. .John Q. Coinage says

    I rec’d 3 TR Pucks, all nice & purdy…..funny how un PC to le thim have a .45 on his hip…I guess politix is not infesting everything..yet WLH will = a sellout likely in <3DAYS. ? IS 70K enough for the big boys to make their cut…the mint is concerned it seems o/w HH limit of 2 or 1….@ 900 a pop….gold = $1,8oo an oz….yeah I want 40….the mintage is too high for good "legs", Raygun C&C will be a bomb, not like the kids use the word, it's sick, same thing…..useless ugly medal of Mr & Mrs……

  70. CoinMark says

    I bought 3 of the Reagan C&C bc I know I can sell them for at least same price. I got 3 bc I anticipated that not all of them would be great. I was right. Two of the Proof Eagles have small scratches on the actual coin (not the case). 2 of the Reagan proofs have weird spots (darker gold but a perfect spot) in the fields. 1 eagle fine, 1 Reagan proof fine. However they are not in the same set. Anyone else have the spotting issue?

  71. says

    “The Lyndon B. Johnson set’s production limit was fixed at 25,000, a number that was gobbled up in about four hours.” – wow, that seems unreal to me

  72. RareMintCustomer says

    I got the Reagan set last week, and am happy with it. I like the medal design, and it was a good way to get a proof silver eagle for this year. I am a big Reagan fan so that also helps. I’m glad the mint has a larger production limit than the others, since this is the one I wanted most, of all the coin and chronicles sets.
    I do notice that with the reverse proofs, that it’s often hard to make out the details on the proof parts of the coin. I guess because it’s so shiny, that you don’t get the contrast effect that you normally get on standard strikes, so the details are difficult to see.

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