Recent Sell Outs at the United States Mint

2014 Gold BuffaloRecently a few products have sold out at the United States Mint. This includes the 2014 Proof Gold Buffalo Coin, the individual 2014-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle, and the individual one-half and one-quarter ounce 2014 Proof Gold Eagles.

With the change over to the US Mint’s new website, there has been less emphasis placed on sold out products making them less readily apparent. Shortly after the new website was launched, I had inquired about the removal of the sold out section which had previously been used for the old website. I had received a response that during the discovery process before the new online catalog was launched, it was decided to move away from a specific sold out section. Rather, sold out products would be indicated with a flag and then removed from the online catalog after a certain amount of time.

Currently, the Mint’s website is showing the sold out coins flagged as “Out of Stock” but with a new bullet point at the top of the product page which states in red “This product is sold out and no longer available for sale.”

The 2014 Proof Gold Buffalo had originally gone on sale May 8, 2014 with the sell out indicated some time last week. At the start of sales, the coins were priced at $1,640 each with the last indicated price at $1,540 each. There was no stated product limit or household ordering limits imposed.

Last week’s sales report shows total orders received for 20,447 units. This would represent the highest sales total for the Proof Gold Buffalo in the past three years. The 2012-dated coin had a final audited mintage of 19,715. The 2013-dated regular proof coin had last reported sales of 18,584, which would actually represent the lowest mintage for the regular one ounce proof version for the entire series.

Also now indicated as sold out is the individual 2014-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle. This represents a collectible uncirculated version of the popular bullion coin, which is struck on a specially burnished blank and carries the “W” mint mark. The coin originally went on sale April 10, 2014 with no stated product limit or household ordering limit imposed. The product was priced at $43.95 for the duration of availability. Last reported sales for the product are 215,885 units.

Although this individual version has sold out, the 2014-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle still remains available for sale as part of the 2014 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set priced at $44.95. Recent sales for this product are 19,834 units.

Last year’s 2013-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle had reached last reported sales of 178,941 units for the individual version with additional last reported sales of 43,150 within the 2013 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set.

The final recent sell outs occurred for the individual one-quarter ounce and one-half ounce 2014 Proof Gold Eagles. These coins are also included in the 2014 Proof Gold Eagle 4 Coin Set, which is currently indicated as “Out of Stock” and cannot be ordered although it is not yet indicated as “sold out”.

The 2014 Proof Gold Eagle products originally went on sale April 3, 2014. The individual one-quarter ounce and individual one-half ounce coins each had a product limit of 10,000 from a mintage limit of 25,000. The latest sales report shows last reported sales of 5,964 units for the individual half ounce and 6,135 for the individual quarter ounce. The four coin set shows sales of 8,900 units. Together these sales figures project a mintage above the levels of the prior two years for the respective denominations.

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  1. fmtransmitter says

    Ralph says
    DECEMBER 8, 2014 AT 3:43 PM

    Dan & JJ : Thanks for the information. Should see the price rise now!
    fmtransmitter ; just checked out that coin discovery set. Very interesting! When I enlarged the coins., they all seem to be 2014 Kennedy’s, Proof, Uncirculated & Circulating? Maybe the Uncirculated is from a 2014 Mint Set. Proof from a Proof Set & Circulating from rolls.

    Right, meaning circulating quality only but not actually circulating…

  2. fmtransmitter says

    MS in other words for the budding coin collector who wants to learn…That is a good first lesson actually! Just because it says circulating doesn’t mean it circulates…Oh the hours I have spent on this hobby!

  3. fmtransmitter says

    Gary says
    DECEMBER 8, 2014 AT 4:07 PM

    When will the LESPS be released?

    When the website says??

  4. fmtransmitter says

    So the extra flag that says “This product is sold out and no longer available for sale.” is NOT on the C&C set so we will see more I assume or until I see that posting..

  5. jj says

    @fm – well, my mint rep homegirl Denisha dont lie, she aint no fool fo’ shizzle. lol, who knows.

  6. Ralph says

    JJ: way too funny!
    fm: From my experience opening many bags & rolls of Kennedy’s over the last several years, they will have a hard time finding clean Circulating Halves for the Discovering Set! P’s are always a lot worse than D’s!

  7. Gary says

    Thanks! I didn’t realize you had the inside scoop on those details! Awesome! You will be my go to guy/gal from here on!

  8. Bernie in FL says

    My C&C order from 12/3/14 also just went to “ON HOLD”. My order number was USM027609xx……..

  9. Terry says

    What exactly does “on hold” mean? Mine says the same but there is no total amount deducted yet. I ordered mine around noon. Thanks

  10. Ralph says

    From my experience, orders start out as “on hold”, then proceed to “in progress”. I’ve never seen it move back to “on hold”. This set must be sold out and they are adjusting the final orders. Seems maybe they took too many orders.

  11. Zeeman says

    Relax everyone, i just talked to the mint, the CS said, it went on hold because they are still waiting for the product, once available it will change the status.hope that helps the folks 🙂

  12. fmtransmitter says

    Gary says
    DECEMBER 8, 2014 AT 4:58 PM

    Thanks! I didn’t realize you had the inside scoop on those details! Awesome! You will be my go to guy/gal from here on!

    Aww, relax BRO…I will for sure let you know as soon as I/WE know…:(~

  13. Sith says

    Still no official word on the mintages, or status of the bullion ATBs? Just curious as there is still a faint hope that GSD could be the new series low.

  14. NC_Stacker says


    As a show of respect , I’ll let you answer first next time

    Look for the following
    “This response has been held back till fmtransmitter answers” 🙂

  15. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Gary – the LESPS will be released when the packaging arrives with the two extra lens holes for the Kennedy’s

  16. Dustyroads says

    Yes, everyone with the “on hold” status on your C&C orders will be getting your coins. I know that the CS people at the Mint don’t know everything, but the one I spoke to added that after I get mine, then the general public would have a chance to buy any others still remaining, but who here thinks that is a possibility!

  17. Leo S. says


    Did the Mint say anything about when they would stop selling the 2013 First Spouse Gold coins? It’s almost 2015 and they are still offering them on their website.

    Leo S.

  18. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Well Dusty, with an iconic and allegoric handle like “Dustyroads”.., I could see that playing out! Who knows.., a label signing in the future? 😉

    I think it’s safe to call Arches sold out, premature, but safe.

  19. Alfred E. Numismatic says

    All this banter regarding “Mine’s from back order to ON HOLD, is starting to sound a bit like Goldilox.

  20. Alfred E. Numismatic says

    Like the man says, UNTIL it says “SOLD OUT” & “NO LONGER AVAILABLE”, keep your underwear on please & be patient.

  21. Louis says

    Regarding “smart”post: It used to seem fine, but now I don’t know. My Everglades was supposed to have arrived Fri. and still did not arrive today, and I have some C&C sets that are estimated for tomorrow that I sold, and people are clamoring for their orders. Looks like it may be a few more days. How have others fared with regular shipping on the C&C sets? Did they arrive more or less when expected?

  22. says

    @Louis, my C&C sets shipped Thursday with an expected ship date of today. However, they seem to be taking the scenic route. Memphis to Atlanta… but as of 12/5 in Mississippi… updates since Friday.

  23. Louis says

    Thanks, Steve. I think if this were not peak Christmas package period things would be faster. Looks like I will have to send some “please be patient” messages soon. The main concern people have seems to be to get them for Christmas, which should not be a problem.

  24. Wes says

    Louis, my order departed SouthHaven on the fifth. When I checked status on the 6th there was a notification on the page about current delays. I think it said shipping activity has been halted at that facility due to heavy rain flooding damage. That was on Saturday and my package showed it left that facility the day before. That notification has been removed so I believe everything should be going out. The estimate for delivery hasn’t changed.

  25. GoldFishin says

    @Louis- I had a Smartpost package with JFK silver set that shipped on 11-26 and I just received it today. 12-8. Even FedEx had given up on it last week and told me to contact the shipper to inform them about the disappearance. Suddenly it showed up on the 5th and was delivered to the USPS on the 6th. Got it today. I don’t know what FedEx is doing with them, but apparently they are in no hurry with the Smartpost this time of year.

  26. Louis says

    Thanks, guys. My Everglades seems to be on the scenic route as it has not been scanned since the day it shipped on 12/2.

  27. Karl Meyer says

    I just looked and 2014 first spouse bronze medal set is sold out is this a first, past couple of years they where not even available until December

  28. stevie g says

    Looks like the spouse medal sets are selling out. 2014 spouse medals set, 2013 spouse medals set, 2010 spouse medals sets all selling out recently together with president & first spouse coin and medal sets of Theodore Roosevelt, McKinley, Taft, Coolidge, Hoover – all sold out. These had very low mintages as of the last update. 2013 spouse medal sets now selling for $142 on ebay – wow!

  29. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    fmtransmitter says – OFF WITH THE UNDERWEAR!!

    Bud, I don’t believe the Victoria Secret fashion show is not until tomorrow night…

    Bernie – in luck in tracking down what you’ll receive back from PCGS? I’ve been looking, can’t find a thing…

  30. says

    GF…i must say that as buyer, but mostly a seller on ebay (over 1000 items shipped) I have often seen delays in shipping….maybe 2-3% of the time. But I have to tip my hat to the USPS, UPS, FEDEX as eventually ALL my shipments from me or to me have been fullfilled. But to be honest, there have been a few times when I shipped high priced items ($1500-$3000 range) via registered mail that I held my breathe each day…but each was delivered. I think we all panic when a shipment is delayed a day or two….do any of you guys have experiences to share?

  31. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Louis – I’ve noticed with not-so-Smartpost that the shipping info will be assigned, the mint will send the email notification, though the package just sits, it may be a few days to see any movement, and then is takes an exorbitant time to make it from Memphis to the East coast. I ordered some AUDCS on 03 Dec and they’re sitting in Milan, OH.., where the heck is Milan, OH?!, I’m just glad I’m not there! lol

  32. Bob R says

    Yes Steve, I have has USPS Priority mail shipments lost at times, sometimes the package does not show as leaving my post office, then low and behold it arrives several days late out of thin air. The postal workers seem to think it is no big deal but when you have a $1500 package it is a big deal. I never buy insurance but instead ship USPS Priority with signature conif. That seems to make it a big deal for USPS not to lose or screw it up. USPS know that they are responsible for $100 and that is enough to keep them honest.

  33. GoldFishin says

    @Steve- same here…shipped almost exclusively with USPS and never a package lost. Last week and this week are the busiest time of the year for the shippers, so I guess some delays are to be expected. I shipped a package 2 day priority to a customer last week on 12-1 and left my hometown that night and never showed another scan until Sat 12-6. at the destination city, was delivered today. That is the slowest Priority ever for me. Funny thing is, I shipped another package First Class to California on 12-4 and was delivered 12-6. Go figure!
    Registered mail has always been nerve racking for me because of the lack of tracking, but never had one lost. They do make you sweat!! 😉

  34. Louis says

    I’d rather be in the real Milan, KCSO. Some of my stuff is stuck in that bottleneck too. I don’t mind waiting but some buyers are very impatient and get their underwear in a bunch over delays. Good thing I only sold a few extra sets or I’d be doing a lot of apologizing.

  35. Dustyroads says

    KCSO, Bar none, every time I’ve talked to a CS person at the US Mint they have been friendly to the point of me feeling like I was someone who maybe should have their name on a holder. I love those customer service representatives.

    As for smart post, the difference is undeniable!

  36. Chuck says

    Sounds as though a bunch of C&C’s ordered on the 4th are queuing up for the next step. Many, including mine placed late on the 4th, have changed from Backorder to On Hold as of today with CC charges still pending. Could be a big glut being shipped in a day or so and then the question is is the product sold out?

  37. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    @Alfred E. Numismatic says – December 8, 2014 at 7:45 pm
    “Like the man says, UNTIL it says “SOLD OUT” & “NO LONGER AVAILABLE”, keep your underwear on please & be patient.”

    Hey now — what if you don’t wear any underwear? LOL!!

  38. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    Okay everyone — I just called the Mint and spoke to CR (seemed to be knowledgeable) for 15 minutes; I think they have a systemic problem, with the “Hold” issue and I might have just pointed it out, as it seems like to many people on this Blog have that issue.

    More info to follow —

  39. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    What does “hold” mean?

    Answer ID: 112

    Hold means we are reviewing your order for processing.

    Examples of systemic hold conditions: product enrollment orders experiencing credit card decline, orders paid by wire transfers pending receipt of wire, and potential fraud orders.

  40. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    She advised that the credit department will be contacting me via telephone and that I should have already received an e-mail — I did not.

    She advised that they need to confirm my address for billing and shipping (Credit Card order)! I referred her to my historical, order data and advised that this has never changed in X number of years and I am using the same credit card.

    More to follow —

  41. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    She confirmed my information and input notes for the credit card department to see.

    Here is what I think is going on — they have programmed their system with very tight fraud protection parameters and based on the number and quantity of orders (mine), the computer has flagged as a potential issue.

    Even though a human cross check of my info, doe not reveal any issues.

    More to follow —

  42. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    Anyway — I pointed out the potential for the systemic issue and requested she feed it up to the brass, which she is going to do.

    Finally, I mentioned the number of order’s that I am hearing about with this “Hold” issue, such as this Blog and others; she indicated to have anyone with this “Hold” status TO CALL THE US MINT, as soon as possible.

    Any questions?

    –End transmission.

  43. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    I will check back later to see if anyone else called or has any new information; by the way, YES, based on my conversation with the CS, it appears they are, “Sold Out.”

  44. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    It is clear to me that they have NOT worked/tested all the bugs out of their system!

  45. KEITHSTER says

    I don’t so it’s easy to put the on hold in place as mine is also! Them bronze spouse’s have been out of stock for a week or more but not sold out yet bet they’ll make more they have in the past? The 13’s are gone but bet they could bring them back but why but sure must have made a ton of the 11’s& 12’s ? But maybe Like the C&C’s when who ever got the rest spit’s um back there maybe some So Good Luck With That:>:>:>:>:>:>:>

  46. Louis says

    Sorry, but the reps are wrong. “On hold” is a standard part of the process I have seen upteen times in the past. You do not need to call, you just need to chill and they will ship. On hold will switch to processing or whatever soon. I know they are doing their best but I rarely call in large part because the folks on the phone have simply not been given the correct info. I could sit here all night and recount the things said to me and others by the reps that turned out not to be true. And I know some read this blog. I am just telling the truth.

  47. A Different Jeff says

    I also ordered on the 4th. 4 C&C sets, 2 K14s and 2014 clad proof set. K14s were on back order and ‘expected to ship Nov. 24’ or something like that. Email on the 5th: “Your order has shipped!”. Without the C&C sets, but the K14s had obviously come in and the web site hadn’t been updated. CC had been charged full amount, but now shows (on cc web site) only the fulfilled items. Status has changed from BACKORDERED to ON HOLD which happened earlier this year when I ordered other items which were temporarily unavailable. If they ship out tomorrow or Wednesday, I should have them by mid-month.

    Heard on the news today there is a new law going into effect next year regarding out of stock items ordered online or via any kind of catalog which requires the seller to refund your order if it won’t ship within 30 days of the order date. Didn’t catch if it was a federal or California law, but this may impact how the mint handles items that are ‘out-of-stock’ but not ‘sold-out’.

  48. Tinto says

    Is there a big difference when I have to use registered mail and not priority or any other kind of mail ?? I can’t find registered mail boxes at the post office, only some forms for registered mail … I guess they can accept a priority mail box for registered mail? I hardly use these kinds of mailings (not once this year) so I’m confused and don’t want to screw up since I need to send some valuable stuff with USPS.

  49. fmtransmitter says

    Steve says
    DECEMBER 8, 2014 AT 8:52 PM

    GF…i must say that as buyer, but mostly a seller on ebay (over 1000 items shipped) I have often seen delays in shipping….maybe 2-3% of the time. But I have to tip my hat to the USPS, UPS, FEDEX as eventually ALL my shipments from me or to me have been fullfilled. But to be honest, there have been a few times when I shipped high priced items ($1500-$3000 range) via registered mail that I held my breathe each day…but each was delivered. I think we all panic when a shipment is delayed a day or two….do any of you guys have experiences to share?

    My first time sending some Maples. Boy did I learn my lesson. I was doing a trade and didn’t seal the paper bubble envelope enough, stacked the 5 maples in one heavy bag, and shipped them. The trader sent me a pic of the envelope, it looked just like forklift wheels tracks across it, coins popped out, put in a claim, never heard a word again. Learned how to properly package things after that.

  50. Brad says


    When sending Registered Mail, you have to cover all of the box seams with that brown tape that can absorb postmarks. Most of the time you use that tape that has the threads in it and you have to wet it with water. 3M used to make a self-adhesive brown tape that was acceptable, but it was always really hard to find.

    You can use Priority Mail boxes with Registered, as long as you pay Priority Mail rates along with the Registered fee.

  51. fmtransmitter says

    So I wanted to share with others my new coin. I really like Rick and his presentations so I wanted to add a coin to the ol’ collection from him. It showed today. Nothing like a trained eye for over 30 years in the biz to find heavy cameo contrast coins. Sure, I could have gotten the same grade in the same holder for less BUT I truly did what he says to do, buy the coin, not the holder, and found every single coin I could with that grade, well pictures of them anyway. He is right. A coin can the same grade but not have the same eye appeal or quality and I am so happy I paid a little extra for this coin. Spot free, haze free, cameo frosting. Basically everything you look for in a truly nice example from the 50’s. He sends a nice packet introducing himself and gives 15% off next purchase and free shipping on your next buy. Just though I would share.

  52. Dave SW FL says

    I called CS to change shipping address the day before my order was to be shipped and was assured that the change had been accomplished. Lo and behold, it arrived at the wrong address. When I called CS when I got my UPS shipping notice they could not understand why the change did not happen. They said they could not remedy the problem.

    I no longer trust what the CS people at the mint tell me.

    Luckily, I got home before the 5 day hold at UPS passed and got the order.

  53. NC_Stacker says


    CV is saying from NGC the numbers are 375 SP70 DPL and 124 in SP69 DPL S Kennedy’s

  54. Tinto says


    Thanks for the info .. gotta start cracking and first on the list is gonna be that brown paper tape I remember now that it was a hassle to find and USPS no longer carried it

  55. Brad says


    Sure thing. Chuck gave a link to a source to buy the tape above, or you can get a roll at Staples. That’s where I bought the roll that I’m still using a a couple years ago.

  56. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    @Louis says – December 8, 2014 at 10:23 pm
    “Sorry, but the reps are wrong. “On hold” is a standard part of the process I have seen upteen times in the past.”

    Yes, “in the past,” under the old website; I clearly posted what the Mint’s definition is under the NEW website. Not to mention when I called the CR had giving me a very clear indication of what it means (same as I posted directly from their current definition. In addition, she backed that up with advising me of the notes that were on my account, as I had stated previously.

    Here again is the current definition and until I am presented with a different set of facts, I will view this as accurate.

    The following is taken directly from the Mint’s site:

    [“What does “hold” mean?

    Answer ID: 112

    Hold means we are reviewing your order for processing.

    Examples of systemic hold conditions: product enrollment orders experiencing credit card decline, orders paid by wire transfers pending receipt of wire, and potential fraud orders.”]

  57. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    What are the United States Mint’s standard processing and fulfillment procedures?

    Answer ID: 175

    The United States Mint processes all orders on a first-in, first-served basis. Once an order confirmation number is generated, the order is processed in the sequence it was received. Inventory is immediately reserved and the order fulfillment process begins. This includes products with a backorder status once inventory becomes available. Orders placed before the official on-sale date/time are not valid and will be cancelled.
    • If an order has outstanding issues (such as credit card holds, household order limit violations, or address verification conflicts), the next orders in line can be fulfilled before the one with outstanding issues. While the issues for an order are being worked out, the status of an order may display “hold” during this time. Once the outstanding issues are resolved, the order is re-inserted next in line. Accordingly, such re-inserted orders will not be processed for shipment in the same sequence as their order numbers.

    • Each day, the order management system generates several “ship lists” which contain all of the orders in line that have been cleared for shipment. These orders can be broken into categories to gain efficiencies; however, within the categories, orders will be shipped in sequence.

    • Personnel at the fulfillment center package and prepare for shipping all orders on their designated ship list in the most efficient manner. After an order is completely packaged and prepared for shipment, it is then moved to the shipping team for carrier pick-up. If the product is moved to the carrier pick-up area, an e-mail ship confirmation will be sent to the customer with tracking information.

    • If, by the end of the day, all orders on the daily ship lists did not complete the fulfillment process, which is complete with the e-mail ship confirmation, those orders carry over to the next day. For example, if the daily ship list contained the next 3,000 orders in line, but the fulfillment center only completed to shipment 2,000 orders, the remaining 1,000 orders carry over to the next day.

  58. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    I however, think that it also possible the Mint has some confusion with its own terms i.e. the old site vs. the new site; I also previously stated, it appears they have not fully tested/worked out the bugs.

  59. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    Do whatever you all deem appropriate with this information; I for one am glad I called, as I should have had my order shipped by now.

  60. Tinto says

    @Brad Thanks I threw mine away when I moved never thought I needed it again, well I thought wrong.

    @Chuck Thanks. Didn’t see you reply to Brad. I’ll check it out.

  61. jeff says

    Glad I order when the news broke and there were several days left before it sold out, back ordered, on hold, processing, snail mail made it in 7 days what to do with 10 dozens sets.

  62. Louis says

    Cool Dave- I know you are trying to help, but don’t you think it is significant that so many people here had their latest orders put on hold? What are the chances that every one of those fits into the categories listed- cc problems, fraud, etc.? In all my years ordering from the Mint I have never once had an order affected by those kind of issues. Maybe the Mint is not adhering to its own “new” procedures.

    What do the XLS #’s say on the C&C set? I can’t open those files so I was wondering.

  63. Louis says

    Same thing on the PCGS boards. Lots of people say their orders just switched today from backorder to hold. Those are not beliefs, they are facts. For some other reason than what was in the bureaucratic language cited above, they decided to hold orders today and it will likely be lifted very soon.

  64. GoldFishin says

    @NC STACKER- the pop numbers for the 70 DPL’s are a little higher than I was thinking…I was thinking maybe around 300, but I was really making my best guess based on the submission invoices I had searched. Thanks for the update! I really think people are overpaying now for the NGC coins.
    PCGS still only has a pop for 70 dmpl of 17 coins.

  65. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    @Louis says -December 9, 2014 at 2:48 am
    “Cool Dave- I know you are trying to help, but don’t you think . . . ”

    Louis, I don’t think your reading my post; this question was already answered before you asked it. Read my several posts above in totality. Below is my previous post that answers this question. You also answered your own question in your post asking me this question. Yes, it is odd no doubt (the Mint actions).

    My main point is: The Mint has also not in the past, updated/overhauled it’s website, one must factor this into the equation.

    I was also advising of the facts of my situation, as yes, this is definitely weird, as I also pointed out in one my posts above & as I advised the CS Rep. There is more going on than meets the eye. Nevertheless, I am not going to just sit idle and risk a problem with my order getting canceled.

    The Real “Cool” Dave says – December 9, 2014 at 12:38 am
    “I however, think that it also possible the Mint has some confusion with its own terms i.e. the old site vs. the new site; I also previously stated, it appears they have not fully tested/worked out the bugs.”

  66. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    @Louis says – December 9, 2014 at 2:55 am
    “Same thing on the PCGS boards. Lots of people say their orders just switched today from backorder to hold. Those are not beliefs, they are facts. For some other reason than what was in the bureaucratic language cited above, they decided to hold orders today and it will likely be lifted very soon.”

    You are referring to the Mint, of course?

    Look, I already outlined what I think is going on, given my knowledge of the the Gov’t and my own order. I had read the complete Blog and had seen all the orders on “Hold,” that is what prompted me to call the Mint and inquire, I then passed the info on, of course it seemed strange.

    I am not sure what you are driving at? You don’t have to convince me.

  67. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    @Louis —

    Almost forgot –here is something else I previously posted:

    The Real “Cool” Dave says – December 8, 2014 at 9:58 pm

    *** Here is what I think is going on — they have programmed their system with very tight fraud protection parameters and based on the number and quantity of orders (mine), the computer has flagged as a potential issue. ***

    Indicating a possible programming SNAFU.

  68. jeff says

    LOL So really the December 8th ship date was a figment of the mints imagination that was expressed last week. It really means WHAT ? Could it be Ordered ? Could it be BACK ORDERED ? Could it be LIMITED ? Could it be PROCESSING ? Could it be HOLD ? Could it be SOLD OUT ?, Or SNAFU, Or WTF Happen to your order, It will come some day, however if it does not then it does not.

  69. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    NGC #’s for silver 50c-S for EN, PL, & DLP (total, 68, 69, 70)

    2014 S SILVER 50C HIGH RELIEF SPEH – (6347; 9, 1579, 4759)
    2014 S SILVER 50C HIGH RELIEF SPEHP – (3210; 15, 607, 2588)
    2014 S SILVER 50C HIGH RELIEF SPEHD – (499; 0, 124, 375)

  70. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    – #’s dated 12/08/14 though more likely about a 4-5 day lag from what would be current

    – ER/FR cut off was the last of November, therefore there likely remains the surge of last minute submissions yet to be graded

    – News of the PL/DPL grade is ~ 2 weeks old, which may influence total submissions leading up to the Nov EOM

    – GF – over paying big time! Still perhaps 3 weeks worth of grades yet unaccounted for by my calculations

  71. Alfred E. Numismatic says

    OK kids, put your underwear back on! It’s Tuesday, and we’re gonna know the sales figures pretty soon!

  72. cagcrisp says

    Looks like a price Reduction coming tomorrow for Gold products. 3 more fixes to go and All we need is Average fixes of $1,197.95 AND a Wednesday PM fix Above $1,200.00. Current price of Gold at this post is $1,213.00

    Why does this matter? Not much left on the Gold side to purchase except the 1oz Unc and FS’s. IF you haven’t gotten your 2013 FS’s (and your are planning) your playing a dangerous game…

  73. says

    on hold means they over sold and they wait until some are shipped back because of defects and then they ship them to the next guy. Good Luck.

  74. ips_stuff says

    So lets see how many stories we can get about the “ON HOLD” status of the C&C TA9 orders.

    I called (and yes I believe the CR at the mint often are uniformed and clueless) and the person I spoke with said my order is fine, but there is no stock to fill the order at this time. I asked when they expect stock and he told me January 8th. This is from an order placed on 12/4

  75. Bernie in FL says

    Here’s my last story on the C&C set!

    Someone just tell me when they get their C&C set from the 12/3 or 12/4 order. I’m outa Popcorn! 🙂

  76. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    cag, et al.,

    Over the past 3-4 weeks, can you recall the ~ time when the %’s are updated? I’m thinking it’s been between 1100 – 1200, or 1500-1600.., sounds about right?

  77. cagcrisp says

    For those that haven’t looked, Gold & Silver are on Fire. PM fix came in at $1,227.00.

    SO……Now all we need is Average price on Tomorrow’s fixes to be $1,183.43 AND Wednesday’s PM fix to be above $1,200.00 for there to be a Price Increase…

  78. Wes says

    My order for C&C sets on the third departed Fed Ex facility on the 5th. The original delivery estimate was pushed back this morning two days.

  79. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    2014 KENNEDY ANNIVERSARY SILVER SET 172,634 11/30/2014
    2014 KENNEDY ANNIVERSARY SILVER SET 178,455 12/7/2014
    2014 KENNEDY ANNIVERSARY UNC CLAD SET 170,500 11/30/2014
    2014 KENNEDY ANNIVERSARY UNC CLAD SET 183,698 12/7/2014
    2014 KENNEDY ANNIVERSARY GOLD COIN 67,640 11/30/2014
    2014 KENNEDY ANNIVERSARY GOLD COIN 68,699 12/7/2014

  80. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    So only 7,891 sets remain ~

    They’ll be gone in a snap when the next round occurs…

  81. cagcrisp says

    Continues to show Sales numbers and it has NOT been available for sale for a Solid month. Just amazing how that can happen. Weekly Sales numbers shows an increase in sales of 71….

  82. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Frankie – on that # of 42k, I just upped my price by $7 – enjoy the popcorn!

    We’ve entered into the EMOTIONAL BUY stage now with this C&C set, when it does come available, any of us upon hearing of it will buy the $&!+ out of it as soon as it pops back to Back Ordered…, suspect the hoarding will continue… haha

  83. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    ‘Glades bucked a big trend too that surprised me –

    2014 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – EVRGLD – 18,458 11/30/2014
    2014 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – EVRGLD – 19,576 12/7/2014

  84. cagcrisp says

    @Keep Calm & Stack On, I don’t see the 42,109 as a positive sign. That’s just me. More concentration in fewer hands. More flippers. The window was Not open long so those that bought, bought the $%#! out of them. They are going to have to sell and sooner or later someone is going to undercut someone else and then it will be a race to the bottom…

  85. fmtransmitter says

    Bounce dead cat, bounce and show the REAL value! We all know it is coming and all have time to stack on…Keep stacking!

  86. Mark Rex says

    I got a question about PCGS First Strike Eligibility for sealed boxes sent via FedEx SmartPost by the US Mint after the intail 30 days you have to send in coins.. I don’t see any postmark date on the box or the shipping labels. So does USPS use the date on the invoice or receipt inside the box once they open the box(es)? Or are sealed boxes sent via FedEx SmartPost not eligible to get the First Strike pedigree? If that is so then I’m fked as I’ve been saving these boxes for years to send in for grading thinking I was keeping them FSable. What date do they use for the cutoff of FS; the day the US Mint disturber sends them out or the day they are finally delivered to the customer? I was thinking of ordering another ATB 5oz Everglades SP since FS cutoff isn’t until 12/12 and sales are fairly low for 2014. Thanks for any help.

  87. fmtransmitter says

    @Rex: You are fine for FS label as long as the box hasn’t been opened with PCGS. NOW, with that said they are always changing policy and to encourage people to send their coins in they may be changing that policy in the future but I neither confirm nor deny this marketing tactic.

  88. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Mark – thrown in a copy of the sales order from the Mint’s track order page showing the ship date and annotate on said order page print out that you’re requesting FS grading and the invoice contained within supports that; still may want to make the call to double check to see if that still works.

    cag – I was hoping for a complete sell out, though 41 is a lot better than 25k or 35k remaining which I feared. Contrary to some of the recent statements out here, no one substantiated ANY of THEIR CLAIMS with fact. I see the remaining 7k having a negligible impact going forward, but yes, I agree, the population is quite concentrated and I’m still surprised the mint allowed that. The market price seems to have followed – $39, $34, $32, $27-29, $32, and now ~$34. I just sold a box of 5 for $33. So in closing, got popcorn?! This will be fun to watch play out…, and from here on out…, I haven’t got clue.., just along for the ride! 🙂

  89. CasualCollector says

    The Kennedy coins did well for weekly sales. I’m betting the first to sell out will be the 2-Coin High Relief Set (K14). Maybe before Christmas… (just my guess)

  90. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    See where the clad proof BHoF is no longer available at 249,049 – it had an impressive run, I know you did your part to help awareness!

  91. says

    I’m with you, in that the enhanced Sac which everyone is obsessing over in terms of FS eligibility, total mintage, shipping date, etc. is just a CLAD coin. In the end, I don’t believe anyone is going to get rich over this offering. I’ve never seen a Mint product hoarded as much as this product.
    Have you noticed that Jon in CT has been very quiet lately. Has he left NNB and pounced on another blog site?

  92. mark says

    Sold 69 sets on feebay over the last couple weeks average price between $28 -$36,,,only have 2 sets left. Plus one more box of 8 coming slow smart post. I will just keep that box sealed for my self. Just gave all the profits to the wife for Xmas shopping. Oh well just made Xmas a lot cheaper this year.

  93. cagcrisp says

    @mark, I’ve been following the Sales of CC on the bay. Seems to be a Lot of Sales made by the Same Sellers. A Lot of concentration in Few Hands.

    Good way for you to spend your profits…

    @Hawkster, I thought paying $9.95 was High for 2 clad Kennedy’s..SO…..the Mint said “Let’s sell Two Dollars for $13.95″. That way it won’t LOOK as bad as $9.95 for One Dollar when in Fact you are paying $12.95 for One Dollar. And then we’ll Call it Enhanced and then Next Year we”ll….hmmm….

    Going down the Same Path as RCM or Perth….

  94. cagcrisp says

    I saw where One Individual bought 5 sets of CC’s. One at a Time. Buy One wait a few seconds, buy One wait a few seconds, bye One wait a few seconds, buy One wait a few seconds and then buy the Last One of 5.

    I wonder If he thought the price was going to Change between Purchases?

  95. fmtransmitter says

    cagcrisp says
    DECEMBER 9, 2014 AT 3:40 PM

    I saw where One Individual bought 5 sets of CC’s. One at a Time. Buy One wait a few seconds, buy One wait a few seconds, bye One wait a few seconds, buy One wait a few seconds and then buy the Last One of 5.

    I wonder If he thought the price was going to Change between Purchases?


  96. Pool Shark says

    Aaaaaaand, it’s gone!

    Updated mintages for Atb Bullion just came out, and Great Sand Dunes is now officially over 20k, so Hawaii and Denali will remain the series lows (for now…)

    New Numbers:
    Great Smoky Mountains: 33,000 (unchanged; believed sold-out)
    Shenandoah: 23,900 (up 300)
    Arches: 22,000 (unchanged; sold-out)
    Great Sand Dunes: 20,500 (up 800)
    Everglades: 34,000 (unchanged)

  97. Eagle One says

    I know most everyone here is an expert on slabbed coins. I was just curious to see if anyone here was an expert on slabbed Stamps. I was told by a dealer about ten years ago to avoid slabbed Stamps because they act like sealed Petri dishes and that stamps grow mold because they absorb spores. However, I recently read that they are now vented to atmosphere. In light of all the counterfeit error stamps on eBay; I was just wondering if slabbed Stamps are a good way to go and if they have good marketability. I own a number of error stamps, question the authenticity of some, and would like to sell them with a clean conscience.

  98. says

    As they say, it’s all about the presentation. At least, as one commenter stated on a previous Enhanced Sac thread, the buyers of the C&C Set got the dollar bill as a sort of instant rebate.

  99. Eagle One says


    Forensics suggests that Jon is still here and is using the handle “Pool Shark.”

  100. VA Bob says

    38,299 C & C sets sold, after that feeding frenzy, still 11K available in the future. Some eBay buyers are going to wake up feeling very silly.

  101. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Interesting Ralph, there’s no info on PCGS website regarding Sacabuck being graded First Strike – Bernie, there’s your answer

  102. cagcrisp says

    VA Bob caught it. Hard copy of numbers are out and what the Mint put Out 4 hours ago have been Revised Downward on the Coin and Currency Set. Hard numbers are 38,299

    Just amazing that you put something out and then 4 hours later your revise those numbers.

    That leaves 11,701 left…

  103. cagcrisp says

    The PF5 Hard Copy has Also been revised Downward from the excel spreadsheet. Down 161 to 8,900

  104. Sith says

    For anyone who care GSD bullion ATB is at 20,500…no new low. I still predict it will end at 22K, the same as Arches.

  105. cagcrisp says

    Any of you guys that buy the Numismatic Pucks want to venture what you think the price will be in 2015?

  106. Brad says

    So the Mint overshot by 3,810 C & C sets over what they had ready to go? The .xls number this morning was 42,109. That could explain so many orders being switched to “on hold”, I guess.

    It seems likely the serial numbers on the second batch took up where the first batch left off. 05723XXX and 05724XXX were the ones I got in yesterday (of the ones I’ve opened so far, anyway.)

    Has anyone seen a set with a “radar” note or a “repeater” offered for sale anywhere yet? From the serial numbers observed thus far, there is the 05699650, 05700750, 05711750 and 05722750 radars and 05700570, 05710571 and 05720572 repeaters sent to some lucky few out there. They may not even know what they have!

  107. fmtransmitter says

    Sacabuck love it, new variety…I got a dollar with 012345678 in it last night, had a slight tear and looked pretty rough but been lookin for a cpl years now. Knew it was a matter of time dog gone it!

  108. fmtransmitter says

    cagcrisp says
    DECEMBER 9, 2014 AT 5:08 PM

    Any of you guys that buy the Numismatic Pucks want to venture what you think the price will be in 2015?
    I will take a gander and say $154.95

  109. fmtransmitter says

    I would like to have folks guess the date of the last 11k go on sale for the sacabuck set? I will start…umm…12/17 at the latest!

  110. VA Bob says

    FM – If the Mint moves at the pace it seems to be moving, I would say it won’t be until next year. I don’t expect much from them the week of the 22 on thru the new year. That includes a slow roll out of the FDR set.

  111. Jsm says

    I have heard from a very reliable source that the mint has reaquired its stock from large orderers who were told that a number of their orders have been canceled so others have an opportunity to buy. Think top 5 orders of this set.

  112. GoldFishin says

    @Cagcrisp- it is likely your mysterious C&C set buyer was purchasing the sets as gifts and was changing the shipping address in between purchases. Ebay allows you to have multiple shipping addresses. I have sometimes changed between my home address and P.O. Box depending on the value of the item purchased.

  113. Dustyroads says

    No way to say what P puck price will be, but I will venture to say that we will have more good silver buying opportunities into 2015.
    Seems logical that with oil dropping`’; and a Santa Clause rally metal prices should be lower than today’s prices.

    Oil has to move up in the future and of coarse bubbles will pop. Japan will continue to struggle while China’s economic problems are better understood. I don’t like what I see potentially brewing, but it’s really looking more like our coins are going up in value in the not so distant future.

  114. VA Bob says

    Jsm- If true that would be a crappy thing for the Mint to do, not because I disagree, but because “No Limit’ means no limit. The Mint should know by now to place a household limit on any limited mintage product, even if for just a week. If, true I’m glad more collectors that want just a few sets get the opportunity, like myself, but don’t change the rules. It sets a bad precedent. Think before sales begin and avoid the butthurt all around.

  115. Sith says

    @Dustyroads – Your assuming that silver and and gold were not the lead in the commodity deflationary collapse. IE oil is simply following silver soon to be followed by other commodities. The same thing happened in 2008 when silver collapsed by 50%

  116. fmtransmitter says

    VA Bob says
    DECEMBER 9, 2014 AT 6:00 PM

    FM – If the Mint moves at the pace it seems to be moving, I would say it won’t be until next year. I don’t expect much from them the week of the 22 on thru the new year. That includes a slow roll out of the FDR set.

    Yes, we have seen this MONTH long hiatus before, where the rest of most of us work until the “normal” work week ends prior to Holidays..Ha

  117. fmtransmitter says

    Driven by investor demand around the globe, sales of American Eagle Silver Bullion coins on Monday, Dec. 8, 2014, were 495,500. That brought the annual total to date to a record 42,864,000 for Calendar Year 2014, beating the previous record of 42,675,000 coins sold in 2013. We will continue to sell the remaining inventory of 2014-dated coins, under allocation, until inventory is depleted. Based on current demand, we anticipate having enough coins to offer allocations through the week of December 15th.

    Per Mint email

  118. Mark Rex says

    Thanks for overlooking my typos and taking the time to respond to my questions about PCGS grading sealed FedEx SmartPost as FS.

    My interest in the Sacbucks started with the 2014-D EU NA $1 (lol) so I have a couple questions about the recently posted fleebay auction of that coin graded by PCGS as FS, MS69 and Pos. A. I’ve been hearing that PCGS were not going to give these coins/sets FS labels. So can only the big boys get this or did they change course? Is MS really what they fall under – can’t recall what they used for the EU Silver Kennedy but thought it was SP or EU but either way that’s just a comment and yeah whatever. My big question is this “Pos. A” – is that rare or common? What is that referring to? Can someone explain to me that and other possible “Pos”, pedigrees or other things that could be added to the label to identify the coin. Thanks for teaching me.

    With this new news maybe PCGS Sacbucks are where the bucks are going to be unless that was a staged sale or that “Pos A” is something special. Any 70s yet?

  119. A Different Jeff says

    Price for 5oz pucks should probably be in the range of $119.95 to $129.95. That is a reduction of $5 to $7 per ounce and still gives enough wiggle room over the course of the year if silver heads higher. This years prices were set in late 2012 when silver was north of $30 on the London fix. Now it is about half of that. Including production costs, these are probably reasonable numbers.

  120. A Different Jeff says

    Oops! looked at wrong data set. So… silver was around $20 so figure at best $4 less per ounce puts it at $139.95. Sorry about that.

  121. VA Bob says

    Mark Rex – Pos A refers to the position of the wording around the rim. “A” means you read the rim with heads up, “B” with tails up. Edge lettering can appear both ways, one or the other is not considered an error.

  122. says

    Eagle One and fmtransmitter,
    What diagnostics are you guys using in determining that “Pool Shark” is actually Jon’s new handle? The only common trait I see is the highlighting of words through the use of bold, dark type, which both our Pool Shark and Jon have a fondness for doing.
    If Pool Shark is, indeed, Jon’s new handle, the comments thus far have displayed a more mellow personality. But, we shall see if the personal insults rear up again.

  123. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    cag – depends on whether they want to sell P pucks –

    $154 if they don’t
    $139 if they do

    The AtB base is strong, though this year is testament that Price AND Design matter.

    @ $154, I’ll be surprised if NE surpasses 18,000

    I’d like to see $129.95 for as long as Ag is ~$16.5, though a wet dream I suppose

  124. VA Bob says

    Hawkster – Pool Shark has posted back before Jon got his reputation. I believe the blog is safe.

  125. fmtransmitter says

    I don’t think Pool Shark is JoninCT…I think he finally got blocked for his insulting nature and all around negative comments about just about everything…

  126. VA Bob says

    Jon might have been a PITA but I hope he’s all right. If he left on his own accord or was banned, that’s one thing, but I wouldn’t wish him ill just for being a contentious horses arse on this blog. He did provide a share of information that may have helped others from time to time. Besides this is the season of good will, and this country is pretty short on that these days.

  127. KEITHSTER says

    If reaquired means the same as returned they’ll buy that? Just had to return my frist box back today no not you Keithster you say you never return anything? Yep it cost me $4.27 to retun a empty box talk about a kick in the @#$%^& might have to start calling it the unfillit center? Seems I just paid $275.95 for two scrapes of packing paper and an invoice so not a happy camper today. Got home last night oh a box in the mail box seen them before waittt that seems mighty lite nothing I’ve ordered should be that lite. Maybe it’s a your Sac’s are on hold certificate or their mailing out bags again? So now I got to open it and surprise nothing but the invoice and packing I have heard the story before but had my doubts but belive it now@! Where do they get these guys that don’t know what they’re doing? It’s not like ten rolls of Hoovers is a little thing to misplace so where are they? Looks like they never made it into the box as the bottom still had an uncirculated finish and that much wieght would have caused some wear on the way to my house. Talked to the mailman that delivered and he said it was lite going in thought maybe it was a lightbulb they do lightbulbs? So sorry when I said last week that short of the missing BHOF #1 UNC. jacket missing I’ve have had no problems with the mint deliverys I stand corrected Better Luck All:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>

  128. says

    Did I misunderstand your 4:28 comment? I thought you were agreeing with Eagle One that Pool Shark is Jon’s new handle.
    If it is true that Jon has been blocked on MNB, can’t he circumvent this through the use of a new name (handle) and email address?

  129. Doug says

    fmtransmitter: Design in slide 13 is one of the designs for the 2010 Grand Canyon ATB that was not selected

  130. says

    I’m actually more concerned about the well being of Pittsburgh P, whose comments were well received by everyone on the MNB. There have been several commenters who have asked about his whereabouts.

  131. VA Bob says

    Keithster – it would be the first time mail has been pilfered and the package resealed. The post office hires temps to sort mail this time of year and the shear volume is staggering. Was the box sealed with that monster glue that takes Charles Atlas to rip open? Anyway sorry to hear about it. One would think the carriers would check the package weight on the label to the actual weight.

  132. cagcrisp says

    @GoldFishin, I hate to tell you this, BUT it’s not looking Good for the Leader of the Pack in the Gold Guesstimate Contest…

    IF they hadn’t set the Limit at 75k and IF they only Sold through CY14 you would have been Golden…

  133. VA Bob says

    Hawkster – I agree, but I believe Pitt was getting a little burnt out on the site. It happens. Hope it’s just that. As for Jon, Michael would probably be able to tell by his IP address and ISP if he were banned. Information used to ban a person can be a few things depending on the sophistication of the blogs software. We may never know.

  134. mark says

    When shipping these sacs…first class is getting there faster than priority…. Even cross country.

  135. GoldFishin says

    @Cagcrisp- Easy come..easy go…I will take satisfaction that I was close and pretend it is like playing horseshoes. I expect there will be a brief pickup this week as buyers try to beat the price increase. After that, only the Mint ending sales on the 31st like they said they would, do I stand a chance. However, it seems evident to me that they pressed 75K and are intent on selling them all.

    @Keithster- sorry about the empty package, but I tell you even when you have bad news.. you crack me up. Good luck getting it replaced!

    Keithster says ” Looks like they never made it into the box as the bottom still had an uncirculated finish ” 🙂

  136. KEITHSTER says

    The seal seemed to open fairly but then would reseal itself neatly many times also gives new meaning to an old favorite of mine you need to change your brand of glue! and gives it a true meaning. What they run out of tape at this new place or what? Even when I took it to the postoffice to mail it back the postman thougt it was sealed when I asked him to tape it even though it had been opened and closed many times! so they need to buy a roll of tape over there or I SEE BIG TROUBLE ? So if you see any Hoover D’s floating around in circulation we’ll know somebody got them but am still holding out hope the guy just missed the box and they found them on the floor after the box was gone and could not tell witch one it went in . When I went to the postoffice that delivered it I asked if any thing looked strange then asked about the wieght he said that it was 4.7500 0z I said no thats lbs wellyou better call the company I said just wanted to make sure it was lite when delivered because had been following the footprints and talked to people not a good thing sofar hope they make it right and figure out what went wrong Good Luck All:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>

  137. Louis says

    This whole dumb-post thing is getting annoying. They never should have changed from USPS for basic shipping. Those used to actually almost always reach me before the estimated date. Now they have removed all estimate delivery dates from all my shipped orders, even the one shipped a week ago that has gone precisely nowhere. Maybe I will see my Everglades in 2015 and have to refund everyone who bough Sac sets. Oh well. Can always hoard them.

    I can tell you the Mint told me point blank they will not lower the P puck prices because they bough the silver when it was higher and there are other costs.

  138. GoldFishin says

    I don’t think Pitt P. would just leave and not say something. I am really worried about him also. I miss his guiding presence on MNB. There was a brief period of a week or two where he was absent and he said that he had some family business to attend to. I am hoping that is all it is this time.

  139. says

    Selling an item(s) on ebay that you don’t have in hand always presents an element of risk. There’s always the chance, for any number of reasons, that you will not be able to deliver on the items,
    ticking off the ebay buyers. I’m sure you are experiencing some concern in relation to how understanding your buyers will continue to be.

  140. Louis says

    You are right, hawkster, but in all the years I have bought from the Mint this is the first time all my orders, not just those for items sold, are delayed several days from the expected delivery, and I have 100% ratings anywhere I have sold anything.

  141. Brad says

    I usually try to make sure all of my orders from the Mint are at least $300, so I can avoid the entire FedEx Dumb-Post mess. It does tend to get a little expensive, though!

  142. Bernie in FL says

    @Keep Calm & Stack

    Thanks for the info. I sent 3 C&C’s in to PCGS 2 weeks ago from the opening orders from the Mint. I figure I will get whatever PCGS wants to send me. They always do. I did ask for a special label and (or) First Strike label, but they never read anything I add.

    As soon as I get the 3 back from PCGS I will take some pictures of them with the labels PCGS sends me and get them out to you guys for a look see.

  143. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    If Jon is not causing chaos and raising Hell, why are we concerned whether he is here or not?

  144. Bob R says

    After spending close to $1k in grading fees PCGS sent me a free 2015 calender, what a deal. My Christmas is now blessed.

  145. Not Dave says

    @ Bob R
    How much did that $1k up the value of your coins?
    If you spent $1k in grading fees and it increased your coin values by $2k, then you made out pretty well.

  146. Bernie in FL says

    WOW! You got a Calendar? I spent that over the year and got Zip! I did however get Nothing but 69 graded coins that should have been 70’s so the grader could get his percentages for the Month on 69’s since I was not one of those Mega Coin Companies. They drive me crazy……

    NGC here I come 🙂

  147. Bernie in FL says

    WAIT!!! I had a epiphany. How about I just go with OGP and call it a day. No more wasting money and if I get my monthly need to touch the Darn Coin. I can actually open the Capsule and hold the coin which I cannot when Slabbed…..

  148. Bob R says

    I feel you pain Bernie. Maybe I will put the calender on the bay, get it graded by NGC as Early Releases.

  149. Bernie in FL says

    Got a question. I read awhile go on this thread that an individual submitted a Coin 23 times to a grading Company until he got a better grade. Does this bother anyone?

    Seems he should have gotten the same grade on the 24th time. Why would they change their mind other than grading is subjective, and the poor man (now from grading cost), was Lucky to find a Grader with a smudged grading loop and given a better grade.

    Just seems weird that a 1995-W ASE at 69 goes for 4k and a 70 goes for 40k. Gives these Coin Companies or individuals an incentive to keep sending in a coin until they get their grade they want.

    Any ideas?

  150. Jerry Diekmann says

    Some day some of those collectors who paid so much for grades and labels will wonder why they ever fell into the trap. I think Bernie in FL summed up the situation very well – not only is grading subjective, but it matters to the TPG who is submitting the coins. If you’re a big dealer, you get a bump-up in grade, and probably a kick-back, because the price/value difference in a 70 coin is so much greater than a 69. I don’t buy modern graded coins. I remember when a MS65 grade was a coin to cherish. Grade inflation has gone rampant, maybe even insane. The bubble will pop some day – it always has before.

  151. TimTom says

    @Doug – I don’t think it’s AZ-02, the ear should be much closer to the tip of the horn, with the tip curl in a different plane as the trunk portion of it.

  152. Tinto says


    The Mint seems to be messing up …when I ordered the 2 Sac C&C on 20 Nov I also ordered a bag of “S” atb quarter and three circulating ATB quarter set … the Mint ‘s order status page indicated all were shipped and I waited over a week for it to arrive then I noticed that the 3 circ atb quarter sets were missing

    . In the past when the Mint did a split shipment they would always make a notation on their email alert and on their website … (like the BHOF coins I ordered – the dollar and halves got shipped out first and there was an alert to that effect and so I knew what else to expect) but this time no alerts … nothing. I didn’t get that much worried since it was less than $20 and lo and behold the three turned up on 9 December as a different shipment … truly crappy

  153. Bob R says

    Just something for discussion. Most here on this site loves coins, but also the metals. I enjoy both in my safe.
    My question amongst everyone is the ETF’s out there. Why would anyone buy bullion PM from a dealer when the market has it available without the 10% markups? SLV, USLV, GLD, UGLD, NUGT, DUST, Let’s here the chatter why you would or would not personally hold the metals and coins over the ETF’s, just curious. As my favorite music video goes “Just shake shake shake”

  154. GoldFishin says

    @BOB R- being as I have traded most of those ETF’s, including the leveraged Direxion ones, I feel I can give an unbiased opinion.
    Try taking delivery of any of your gold from one of them.

    Also, if you know anything about the Direxion leveraged ETF’s, you know that they are rebalanced each trading day, normally at the end of the trading day. Over time you lose value in any of them. It is almost like they charge a commission at the end of each day to hold them. They are short term trading vehicles only in my opinion and are not appropriate as a long term investment.

    The Velocity Etf’s are even worse, they lose even more value on a daily basis. I actually only trade options on any of the 3X leveraged etf’s, and then only very short term option contracts. They just are not appropriate as a long term investment.

    GLD and SLV can be held as longer term positions, if all you are interested in is trading the price swings in the PM’s, but like I said, if you are buying gold and silver as currency protection, inflation hedge, etc. AND want to have the metals in your hand in a crisis…forget it….won’t happen.

    I await Cagcrisp’s response….I think he will have very insightful comments

  155. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Bernie – I’m in your court – I spent close to that and didn’t get no flip’n calendar! Didn’t get anything.., except 69 graded coins that should have been 70’s so the grader could get his percentages for the month. Man, but do I have some of the most beautiful BHoFs and gold Kennedy’s…, 69’s of course! My sub EXPIRES in April.

    Bob R – I hold a sizable EFT position, in the tank of course. Buying bullion is:

    – far more fun,
    – complements the collector in me (AtBs, Zombucks, etc),
    – act as some of my savings account holdings which won’t be loosing $ in a year or two due to inflation
    – isn’t taxable (for now anyway)
    – if the $%!+ hits the fan.., Ag, 9mm, .308, a meat smoker.., & I’m good!
    – it’s more manly to try to lift a 50 cal ammo box for a bullion than an EFT monthly statement 😉

  156. cagcrisp says

    @Bob R, If you want to TRADE the metals you go with GLD or SLV or a similar Commodity ETF. IF you want to OWN the metals long term then you want to own a Commodity Stock ETF like the GDX.

    I OWN stock ETF’s. I Trade commodity ETF’s.

    I Trade USO and UNG. I am a consultant for a large tire distributor and am looking at getting them in a Long term position concerning Oil. I will go with either the OIH or XOP or Maybe a small amount in a leveraged DIG but will not pile into the USO for them. USO is trading only for me…

    I have a large physical amount of Gold and as I posted on this board several months ago I thought that Gold was a $1,200 commodity. I did Not want to sell physical Gold so I shorted the GLD. I rode the market down and closed out my Short position and made the difference between $1,275.00 Gold and $1,200.00 Gold…

  157. cagcrisp says

    If we get a London PM Gold fix above $1,200.00 we will have a Gold price Increase TODAY. The re-pricing Usually happens around Noon EDT. Prices will increase $25.00 for the FS series, $37.50 for the Gold Kennedy and $50.00 for the only remaining AGE…

    So you have approximately 4 more hours to purchase your Gold before prices Increase (assuming Gold doesn’t drop $20+ in 4 hours)…

  158. stephen m says

    you make it sound tempting. Save some money if you are planning on making a gold purchase from the mint.

  159. cagcrisp says

    @stephen m, I’m Really not trying to encourage anyone. The 2013 FS should go Off any time. There is only 6,301 Gold Kennedy left for Sale and last week there was 1,059 sold so I would suspect another 1k could go out the door before the price increase and the 1oz Gold unc AGE could be pulled at any time. IF you are a buyer of the 2014 FS then you have another year to decide if you think $1,200.00 is a good level on Gold or not…

  160. cagcrisp says

    this is PURE speculation. When the $1 Coin and Currency comes back on Sale:
    1. There will be an email sent out to those that chose the Remind Me button
    2. There will be HH limits

    Pure speculation….

    To the Mint,
    1. Why have a Remind Me button if you don’t use it? You Screwed up Royally on this offering.
    2. Don’t compound it by letting a few get there hands on all they can so they can IMMEDIATELY go to the bay and flip. Put HH limits in place and IF someone TRULY wants these coins, let THEM have a chance at getting them.

  161. IPS_STUFF says


    The opportunity to buy these sets has come up multiple times. I purchase some during initial release, then during the morning of 12/3 and again during the morning of 12/4. If someone REALLY wanted to purchase this set, there has been plenty of opportunities to do so. I will buy some more if they go on sale again, but I will continue to check both on MNB and buy going to the mints website.

  162. Doug says

    @TimTom you might be right about AK-05 with the image reversed. Heck it could be almost any of them as the picture is just an artist drawing a coin he could have erased and changed things around. We likely will never know unless FMTransmitter has some inside knowledge. Is he not answering because nobody has guessed correct? This is kind of like a treasure hunt! Happy Hunting.

  163. cagcrisp says

    @IPS_STUFF, I don’t disagree with your statements. I Bought the initial days before numbers came out. I did Not buy any more. I think the Mint screwed up on 12/03 and 12/04. Why have the Remind Me button if you are not going to use it? I have watched some of your sales on the bay. You took advantage of the offerings and you sold. You played by the rules and you Won. I have no problem with that. I gave mine away and those that I gave them to flipped them also. I just think the Mint screwed up and I don’t see any problem with selling the remaining 11,701 with HH limits of 5. If the Mint does they do and if they don’t they don’t.
    Good Luck to you If you can purchase and when you sell…

  164. Brad says

    I just checked the Coin & Currency Set product page again, and noticed that the line that read “Household order limit: None” has been removed. I wonder if that means when the product comes back to sell the last remaining sets if there will be a limit, but they just haven’t decided how many yet?

  165. Dave SW FL says

    GoldFishin and cagcrisp

    Excellent summary of trading options on paper gold. Also very sage advise ! I would only add that everyone remember that these are simply paper. In several scenarios they could vaporize. Your metal will not vaporize.

  166. CasualCollector says

    Just noticed that the “REMIND ME” button is back for the C&C set. Seems like they are preparing to have another (the last?) round of ordering…

  167. Dave SW FL says

    Ask Jon Corzine’s customers about that ! You are right…… They CLAIM to be backed by metal, but may be only re hypothecated paper…. Who really can be sure.
    If you can’t see, feel, weigh, and test your gold, then you can’t really be sure it is the real McCoy !

  168. Dave SW FL says

    Progress report on $1 C&C ship

    Ordered shortly after A&L Futures notification (gee, thanks mint for still not notifying us) on 12/3
    Sent to FedEx 12/4
    Southaven, MS 12/5
    Grove City, OH 12/6
    Washington, PA 12/6
    Est delivery date. N/A

    Stuck in Washington, PA ?

    Why not from Grove Ccity, OH to its Akron, OH destination?

  169. Dave SW FL says

    And after reading about incomplete shipments, I will open my original C&C package with Glades pucks. Was going to hold out for FS potential but am now a little fearful of mint shipping incompetence. The original order came UPS due to the pucks.

  170. Sith says

    @Dave SW FL – Actually Jon Corzine’s customers had it worst than that, they actually had the gold but it was confiscated when MF Global went chapter 11. They claimed the gold vaporized, but what really happened was that Corzine allocated the personal gold accounts and used it to buy futures. This is the infamous rehypothecation that “gold bugs” are always talking about, anyway when the futures blew up, the banks collected the collateral which was the personal gold in the accounts. I believe they got some sort of a cash settlement at less than 100% but for sure they did not get their gold.

    The lesson learned:

    “The right to confiscare property, even if it is owned by clear deed or receipt by a customer not associated with the failed company.”

  171. MarkInFlorida says

    How can the platinum proof be out of stock? Do they stop selling until they raise the price at noon? If so, they lost a sale today. Maybe next year when the price dips again.

  172. Dustyroads says

    Rehypothecation is beyond me, what financial institution do this? Well, I guess we know the answer to that, one that doesn’t mind putting at risk other peoples livelihoods.

    I just called the Mint for the fun of it to ask if an “on hold” order shipping method could be up graded. As expected the gracious cs rep there said it would be impossible. I for one will be avoiding ” smart post” from now on.

    BTW, the C&C set coming back on line is exactly what the cs rep told me would happen, and that was when the “on hold” status first appeared. They can know what they are talking about at times.

  173. Sith says

    @MarkInFlorida – They stopped sales of the 2014 platinum proof in October.

    @Dave SW FL – To elaborate in the case of MF Global, if it was a “normal” bank what happened was when the bank went under the creditors confiscated all the banks safety deposit boxes.

  174. Sith says

    Dustyroads – Considering that Jon Corzine testified to congress that the personal accounts totaling $1.2 billion simply “vaporized”, and he not only walked away a free man he got a $12 million golden parachute (which he wisely refused to take), I suspect everyone is now using rehypothecation

  175. KEITHSTER says

    @ Hawkster ya did check the invoice it was for 250 coins but they made a mistake and must have shipped me then bit-coins they were selling so they were maybe in there but I just could not see them or they escaped when I opened the box? Found a key piece of the puzzle today though before today the e-mail confirmation on shipping was missing but today it showed up !!? Check the tracking and why do you have to go to e-mail to track used to do it on site? So it was just as I had thought there it was shipping wieght 0.3 for 250 Hoovers ya right them coins never left the building! So maybe they can get their rocket guys bangs heads and figure this one out any bets? Good Day And Good Luck All:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>

  176. DB says

    Ordered 2 GB5’s 1oz Unc gold coins back in October when the silver Kennedy coins went on sale along with several other products. Only received 1 GB5. Had to call the Mint twice to receive the non-receipt form which I just received in the mail last week. Everybody should check their boxes and forgo saving the sealed for the FS . Seems like there are shipment problems a plenty at the USM…

  177. maddogdday says

    Am looking for someone that may have one each 2014 3″ bronze medals of the 911 Pentagon attack and the PA memorial that they would be willing to part with at mint cost. I was able to pick up the twin towers 3″ bronze but the other two are out of stock. Thank you for your kind consideration.

  178. fmtransmitter says

    Ya’ll can weigh your boxes for possible inequities in product, come up with a formula so you don’t have to open them??

  179. Dustyroads says

    Sith, I guess the way to understand how rehypothecation can continue to be practiced is to simply see it as a loophole, one that I would absolutely want to be aware of.

    KEITHSTER, Sounds like it should be an open and shut case, too bad you had to go through it though. Beerter luck next time.

  180. Dave SW FL says

    Not willing to take chances with these new guys. Different levels of packing material could become a fooler as could incomplete sets.

  181. Dave SW FL says

    But a good idea for those who must have the FS designation.

    Dusty – now that’s my kinda luck…..make mine BudLuck!

  182. fmtransmitter says

    TimTom says
    DECEMBER 10, 2014 AT 2:09 AM

    @Doug/fmt – Again, as I stated before I’m pretty sure it’s design AK-05 that was passed over for AK-02 that Alfred suggested. Here is a link to all the candidates that year and I’m mostly positive that it’s the fifth option for Denali that the artist is shown drawing in slide 13 …
    Ha, no it’s the dairy cow for Wisconsin, I think, hold on…

  183. Sith says

    @Dustyroads – It use to be “He who sells what isn’t his’n, must buy it back or go to prison” Now its, he who sells what isn’t his’n, must testify before congress and explain his supposed ignorance, and complain how he is the real victim as his dog will now have to eat, well dog food, and how he is now forced to fly first class instead of using the corporate jet.

  184. Louis says

    Dave- you are dong better with your orders than I am. I called FedEx and was told so-called smartpost is overwhelmed by holiday mail (even my order that shipped the 2nd which is odd) and running about 5 days late. Also called the Mint about the hold orders and that is only because they are backordered.

  185. Dustyroads says

    Louis, I have always used my PO for shipping which was working out very well, but now that the Mint has apparently change it’s standard shipping by adding more than a few days to the delivery time, I’m pretty sure that the next order I have with the Mint will be shipped to my physical address. I really wish that the prior standard shipping were still in place, but I would rather pay a few more dollars and skip the aggravation.

    On orders less than $300.00 that is.

    BTW, I don’t believe all these shipping problems are necessarily because of the holiday season. I’m holding the Mint partly responsible.

  186. Art says

    I hate to say what I think of this new ordering system. It took me at least a 10 minute phone call to cancel an order that used to take a one second click. It’s now cash refunds only on returns which can really hurt when there’s a mintage limit. Not to mention the additional shipping charge that may be incurred should you reorder. I have an order in which the mint did a partial shipment and there is zero indication of that in my ordering history with no UPS tracking number. Try calling customer service so you can get put on hold, and then have to give them all of your personal id information every time you call. I think this new system absolutely stinks!

  187. fmtransmitter says

    Bob R says
    DECEMBER 9, 2014 AT 10:56 PM

    After spending close to $1k in grading fees PCGS sent me a free 2015 calender, what a deal. My Christmas is now blessed.
    The stock holders thank you…

  188. fmtransmitter says

    I see the rams horn now on that design..You all have great eyes! Thanks, that was fun and I concur it was the un used Denali design…Who was first? I have a prize…

  189. Louis says

    Thanks, Dusty. I agree. I just had not encountered this stuff until my Everglades and Sac set orders. My JFK sets were shipped the same way and arrived on-time or early. Anyway, live and learn…..

  190. Wes says

    My C&C Smart Post order delivery estimate is still showing the estimate with the revised expected delivery date. Never seen one take this route. MS to Dallas departed in transit to New Mexico. Still it’s on its way.

    Pitt P seemed to be a pumper for the BHOF coins. Not surprised he has gone silent but maybe he is on holiday. Seemed to get out of sorts when I only gave my opinion that I didn’t like the Gold BHOF coin as much as the Silver coins due to it’s small size.

  191. fmtransmitter says

    I think with 75k for the Gold Kennedy, everyone who wanted one, got one, and if they didn’t, they will look for dealers or buyers who need the cash later on and get one close to spot as possible..

  192. fmtransmitter says

    I agree, the seemingly “sweet SPOT”, pun intended, seems to be right about 50k, plus or minus….

  193. fmtransmitter says

    BTW, I REALLY liked Daniel Carr’s proposed design for the Nevada quarter. That design is nice! He has a good niche going with his own stuff these days…

  194. cagcrisp says

    @fmtransmitter, I did NOT intend to imply that the Gold Kennedy was Sold out. I was stating that the First Gold to be re-priced was the Gold Kennedy…

  195. cagcrisp says

    IF I was the Mint I would take how ever many people hit the Remind ME button and enter a valid email address to calculate the HH limits…

  196. Tinto says


    I saw that the gold coins already reflect the price increase so maybe the US Mint probably only had 5k ready to sell … (wild guessing here) since platinum price did not go up above the $1,249.99 threshold for the platinum eagle price to increase … but then this is the US Mint who started selling these at $1,600 only to revise them up to $1650 shortly after ….

  197. cagcrisp says

    I pulled the trigger on some Oil related stocks today. I bought (and recommended to a client) buying a position in the XLE…

    Trying to catch a falling knife…

  198. mark says

    Sold a $300 dollar coin on ebay. Buyer sends me his very specific shipping instructions. Address not paypal confirmed and after searching, I find its a warehouse in California that direct ships to foreign countrys. So thru ebay/paypal I refunded his money.

  199. mark says

    What got my attention was he has over 19, 000 feedbacks. And has never sold anything on ebay. (Beware of kglpass5). Plus he goes by many ebay names.

  200. Teach says

    I received a calendar from PCGS and I’m not even a member anymore. I don’t think I received one last year. Do they have an auto membership fee? I hope I’m not being charged for a membership I don’t want. I will have to check.

  201. Teach says

    I just called PCGS and I don’t have an active membership. Funny that I received a calendar and members did not 🙂

  202. Ends in Error says

    The 2014 Proof Platinum Eagle is now listed as Out of Stock by the US Mint. What exactly does that mean? Anyone have any insight on that?

  203. Tinto says


    I think there is an autorenewal unless you cancel …

    I had forgotten until two weeks ago that I had purchased a PCGS membership (as a present to myself for Christmas) and it is expiring mid December and I hadn’t made use of it at all, including the certificate for complimentary submissions .. .. now I am scrambling to see which raw coins to submit and wrestling with registered mailing requirements …. and PCGS need for a larger flip and to keep certain submissions apart ….. never done it before …… aargh

  204. Dustyroads says


    Smart thinking. Been there, done that. Sending merchandise to an unconfirmed address is good set up for the perfect crime. Will never do that again.

  205. Ends in Error says

    Previously received more than 5 – so unfortunately I’m already at and past the current household limit of 5.

    Oh well, not like I needed more anyway.

  206. matt anderson says

    US Mint just let me put base a C and C set. Red button on the item page said Back Order. When I clicked on it the web site took the order took the credit card. Looks like they are taking orders again.

  207. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    No can do on ordering 5 more, says household limit reached. However, they still have not shipped a single one — to tell you the truth, I don’t have a lot of faith in this Mint Director.

  208. MarkInFlorida says

    Sith says
    DECEMBER 10, 2014 AT 11:06 AM
    @MarkInFlorida – They stopped sales of the 2014 platinum proof in October.

    But it was just released Oct. 20! How many have been sold?

  209. Jerry Diekmann says

    Dustyroads and Sith – That practice of selling what you don’t own is allowed by Wall Street – it’s called short selling, and it can be really turn the tables on someone who sells a stock short and then sees the stock rise in price. To me, that’s not investing, that’s just gambling.

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