Release Dates for Three 2013 First Spouse Coins

The United States Mint has posted the release dates for three of the five 2013 First Spouse Gold Coins. These coins were previously reported as delayed due to striking problems, which followed a late design review phase.

Last year collectors of the series were faced with a similar delay after production problems were encountered. Rather than an initial release in March followed by subsequent releases spaced at approximately three month intervals, all four of the year’s coins were released in rapid success in the final quarter of the year. The 2012-dated coins had release dates of October 11, 2012 (Alice Paul), November 15, 2012 (Frances Cleveland), December 6, 2012 (Caroline Harrison), and December 20, 2012 (Frances Cleveland).

This year there will be a total of five different releases since Woodrow Wilson had both a first and second wife while serving in office. This greater number of coins will be compressed into an even smaller window of time, which may strain some collector budgets.

The designs for the 2013-dated coins were initially reviewed by the Commission of Fine Arts and Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee in March 2013. After both panels rejected all of the design candidates for the Edith Wilson coin, an expanded slate of candidates was reviewed in April. Four months later in August, the final design selections of the Treasury Secretary were announced.

In September, it was revealed that the release of the coins was being delayed due to a production problem known as “finning”. When the coins are pressed excess metal can build up on the edges and cause an effect referred to as “bottle-capping.” At the time, the US Mint expressed confidence that the issue could be resolved.

Yesterday, the US Mint finally posted the release dates for the first three of the 2013 First Spouse Gold Coins. The release dates are November 14, 2013 (Ida McKinley), November 21, 2013 (Edith Roosevelt), and December 2, 2013 (Helen Taft). These dates range from 7 to 10 days apart and leave less than 30 days for the final two releases of the year featuring Ellen Wilson and Edith Wilson.

At this point, the series seems to have receded in popularity to a core group of collectors motivated to see the series through to its completion. Early sell outs in 2011 had produced some surprising new mintage lows, but even with the compressed schedule in 2012, sales figures haven’t pushed much lower.

The US Mint has previously indicated a maximum mintage of 10,000 pieces for each of the 2013 First Spouse Gold Coins across both proof and uncirculated versions. This is reduced from the stated maximum mintage of 13,000 pieces for each of the 2012-dated issues.

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  1. Brad says

    A maximum mintage of 10,000 coins probably means that only 5,000 will be struck. I’d guess 3,000 proofs and 2,000 uncs for each design. That seems to be reasonable, given the sales performance of the 2012’s.

    I’m one of the “core” group of collectors who will do my best to see this series through to the end. I’m still disappointed that I drastically overpaid by about $1,000 total for the 2012’s due to the time I bought them, but how was I supposed to know that they were overproduced? The fear of an early sellout motivated me.

  2. dan says

    I am one of the core collectors of this set also. One of things that always amazed me was the lack of advertising on these coins and I wonder if the sales on these might have been different had they marketed them a little more . True the subject of the series was not the most popular but I feel the mint never helped the situation at all. I just received the holiday catalog from the mint. Almost ever product for sale is listed in the catalog including the now sold out 5 ounce WM ATB. The silly Teddy set for kids and even the and the young girl scouts product are in it. Its a nicely done 24 page full color glossy catalog and it does not even mention the first spouse coins. In the words of Teddy Bully for you US Mint.

  3. says


    I’ve never been that impressed with the Mint’s advertising choices. One thing I constantly criticized ever since the sales of the AtBs started dropping was the mint’s lack of interest in advertising them. In particular I felt they mishandled the bullion releases, which needed to be pitched to people who were not numismatic buyers as good investment alternatives for people who wanted to “stack” silver eagles.

    The spouses seem to be in a much more advanced state of decay, though, with the mint now delaying their release to the end of the year twice in a row, and releasing them all in one clump.

  4. Jerry Diekmann says

    Glad I never got involved with this set. Since less than half of the presidents are worth remembering, why would anyone want to own these coins – other than as a store of gold. But the prices charged by the Mint mean that it will be a long time before anyone makes a profit if they want to sell. This set being made out of gold never made any sense. Come to think of it, no matter what this set was made out of, it didn’t make much sense to issue.

  5. hawkster says


    You’d be hard pressed to convince Dan and the other core collectors of this series that they have made a poor investment. They have remained steadfast in their belief that somewhere down the road there are profits to be made. No turning back for these collectors–they are in it for the long term, and are enthusiastic proponents of the ladies. Good luck to them.
    Basically, they are now so deeply invested in the series, they have no choice other than to complete the series. The Mint, through its lack of publicity for the FS series, has relegated these coins to instant obscurity.

  6. phillip says

    @Jerry: Since the series honors the First Lady and not the President, it doesn’t matter if the President was worth remembering?
    @Brad: I purchase as soon as they list to try to get the best coins and so overpaid last year like you and probably will again this year.
    I think we only have a couple of years to go now on this set and I can get back to buying pull tabs.

  7. Sith says

    I realized from the get go I could not afford this set, their will be a few winners in it just like their will be in the ATBs but I could not collect them all to get the winners

    HLS – I figure most of the collectors of this series will have to stay up late on Black Friday they will not be able to afford to buy any other time.

  8. posterhunter says

    The good news is we are now into the 20th century with the spouse coins, the end is in sight.

  9. Ray says

    Edith Roosevelt is absolutely stunning on the FS. The reverse leaves something to be desired though. Looks thrown together. I like the pillar, and I live the compass (nice Masons reference), but I could do without the half of a restored white house. I haven’t bought any FS coins, and I may pick one up in the 2013 releases depending if we see lower mintages. Or I might just pass and wait for Jackie O

  10. Jerry Diekmann says

    Philip – The ONLY reason these ladies are remembered at all, including on coins, is that they happened to be married to guys who became President. Some of these guys would NEVER have become president if their predecessor hadn’t died or been killed in office. The only exception in the entire 44 presidents would have been Teddy Roosevelt.- he might have been able to become President even though the Republican machine hated him – that’s why they made him a VP – an office that means next to nothing unless a president dies in office. Most of these ladies seem to have been better people than their husbands were, and they probably deserve a place on a medal or coin more than such losers as Tyler, Fillmore, Pierce, Buchanan, A. Johnson, and the like. There were also a bunch of losers in the 20th and 21st centuries, and most people know who they are. These “First Ladies” are a set, but I bet no one really is happy having starting collecting the set, with all the problems the set has had, and we’re not through yet. Maybe next year all four coins will come out in December. Collectors of this set have really been hammered by high prices charged by the Mint and its trouble striking the coins.

  11. thePhelps says

    I’ll admit – I am not a fan of this set. I do think the bronze medals are a nice set though.

    I think if I was collecting this set – at this point I’d keep doing so as well. While each coin isn’t going to bring a huge profit – I think selling a complete set will be profitable in the future. I can’t envision a whole lot of them will exist.

  12. stephen m says

    Jerry D, Of course collectors of these complete sets will have a magnificent collection. A collection that only big money can purchase in the future. Good luck to those few that collect the whole series like Brad and Dan.

  13. says

    There are some really great portraits in this series and some imaginative reverse designs. That said, the series was ill conceived from the start. Would have been more popular as a 1/10 or 1/4 oz. gold or, better still a .900 silver dollar or .999 1 oz. silver. It will be a long time before collectors of this series will ever be able to simply break even with what they originally paid at Mint issue prices and even worse for those who paid hefty premiums for slabbed 69 and 70 coins. When it comes time to sell, just what do you think a coin dealer will see these as? Numismatically rare, or raw gold bullion? The series, despite some great designs is and always was a money pit! I don’t mean to offend those dedicated collectors of the series but think about it, how many people will ever want or afford the completed set as anything more than raw bullion?

  14. HarryB says

    I have been with this series since the beginning, jumped in when I saw the pre sales marketing, and the large set case showing the complete set of 40+ coins. I was disappointed when the mint dropped the set concept, but continued to purchase. My primary collecting interest is US Mint modern gold commemoratives, and I consider the series a complementing bullion issue. I am in this hobby for the long haul, not concerned about quick return. I have never sold any US gold coin I purchased, and still have the Double Eagle I purchased as a teenager from an add in “Boys Life” for $60 delivered. As noted here often, there are many reasons to purchase US Mint offerings, I do not critique anyone’s reason to purchase, or not, US Mint offerings, I post to address the perception that the primary reason to purchase any particular offering is based on short term gain. Harry.

  15. Dustyroads says

    thePhelps~My sentiments exactly. It’s conceivable that a day will come when these will be desirable because of their miniscule numbers alone. At the present time they’re new and available, and high priced. The one thing that makes me worry about the future electability of these coins is the subject content. It’s simple math, the core collectors are men! Who knows about what the future holds, maybe the Chinese of the will take them.

  16. high low silver says

    Got a new $100 bill this morning….It looks like it still has the bank band around it. Kinda cool, if you tilt it up and down the 3d band shifts sideways.

  17. phillip says

    When I started collecting the series, I had to catch up by purchasing the first year. Mintages were at 20,000, the designs were unappealing, the price of gold was low and they were going to melt so it was possible to get in back then. It would be very difficult for someone to start collecting these now with the coins looking better, the price of gold higher and the low mintages. I suspect most remaining purchasers are collectors and won’t be selling soon, which may leave some room for investors or flippers. It’s all about the ladies… good luck!

  18. Ikaika says

    @ high low silver

    Congratulations. Banks around here have not received the new $100 notes. I will wait because they will show up someday 🙂

    Regarding the FS series, the last report provided by Michael had a total sales of 30 coins across the entire series. Not many buyers at all.

  19. VaBeachSteve says

    Add me to the list of those “silly” people collecting this series. I have to admit, It makes me chuckle that the mere mention of FS coins is the same as drinking tequila shots ….. It brings out the mean side of people. Yeah I get it, you hate the coin …. But isn’t coin collecting about what interests each collector?? And the absurd comment about never recouping my money from these?? Really?? Even if the the series never go up in value (although there’s always a chance), I would imagine gold will retest those highs of almost 2k/oz it reached a couple years ago. And if you question that comment, try taking a look at our country’s’ deficit.

  20. says

    I am a collector of this series too! I am enjoying collecting them EXCEPT for the fact, I keep asking the MINT (those surveys of what they can do to better serve me) to PLEASE spread them out over the year to make it easier on the wallet! They seem to always come up with some excuse! Christmas time is a lousy time to have to buy so many! I only buy the proofs now because of this!

    @Ikaika: I was out and around on Oct 8th looking for the new $100 bills and none of the banks in my area had them. They told me to come back on the 18th! I told them the new bills were advertised on TV, in the newspaper etc. For the 8th. I went back then two days later and the little bank near my house had them! Picked up a few for gifts! Anniversaries and Christmas giving! All delighted to get them!

  21. high low silver says

    Va: Your not silly, if you can afford it go for it….I’m still taking a hit from the RP ,WP offering….The complete set should be a grand site to see….Ikaika: I cashed in some junk silver @ a dealer for my 100 note 🙂

  22. VA Bob says

    I really don’t like these multi-year sets, especially with a PM as volatile as gold. I do recall considering collecting the FS gold, but passed. Glad I did now, as I can barely keep up with each years proof buffalo’s. I am sort of collecting them in a way, in bronze. The gold will be quite a set when complete, hats off to you guys persevering.

  23. sith says

    Va – I agree with HLS, your not silly I would have collected these coins, but I could not afford it, nor could I wait the 5 or 6 years for these coins to come in on their own. IMHO this collection will be a winner, popular coins rarely make winners, unless their is a sellout.

  24. MTH says

    Ridiculous series… waste of gold and taxpayer money.

    Future collectibles? Ask the folks who invested in the American Arts medals.

    Hopefully the price of gold will soon rise to a level that putting these gorgeous ladies out of their misery and into the melting pot makes sense. Then maybe we will see all this fine gold reformed into worthwhile collectibles such as Zombie rounds and Happy Birthday bars.

  25. says

    I believe that the U.S. Mint’s future will eventually be to go Boutique as so many other mints have done, with funky odd stuff colorized, domed, jewelled, etc. I’m an old time collector and used to collect U.S. coins by date but I’ve since sold off much of my date set collections and the last 3 years have gone to type set collections. The obsessive collecting by date eventually becomes just too darn expensive especially with gold & platinum coins and the volatility of the metals. I have seen younger collectors much more interested in collecting U.S. and World coins by type or theme as it makes for a very interesting and sometimes very valuable collection that can last a lifetime.

  26. thePhelps says

    @gary – the other mints didn’t go boutique…they always have been.

    @MTH – the mint doesn’t lose a dime on the FS releases. The gold can be reused if the coins aren’t sold… so I don’t see your point unless it was a simple troll post. These may not be popular – on a large scale but they do have collectors…

  27. Sith says

    @Gary – I hope your wrong but can’t argue with you I hate the other mint’s gimmicks.

    @thePhelp – I hope MTH was being sarcastic

  28. high low silver says

    The only coins worth buying……. are the coins you don’t want to sell next year….

  29. MarkInFlorida says

    @thePhelps I’m not so sure the Mint isn’t losing money on them. It must cost a lot to produce the dies. If you are minting a million coins the cost per coin is small, when you are making only 3,000, that’s a lot of overhead per coin.

    OT-It is amazing that the 50 state proof quarters can be bought by the roll for close to melt. I guess it is because, silver was $4 to $8 for much of that time, someone who paid proof set price is still making a good profit at today’s melt price.

  30. Buzz Killington says

    These FS coins do have a lot going for them: there is a unique design on every one, not like a set of ASEs, where the only differences are the date and the finish; and, the mintage is fantastically low. Some of the reverses are quite interesting, and unusual for gold coins — not soaring themes, but common scenes.

    But the idea you could assemble a set of these, and sell them as a set, is very far fetched. Until gold makes its inevitable significant downward retreat (inflation adjusted, of course) they are just too expensive. If gold went all the way down to $1K/ozt., a set of just the proofs would melt at $20K. That is quite a coin budget!

    Even though I don’t love FS coins, and haven’t bought one, and probably never will, it is nice to think about having enough money to buy a set of them. But that is not my life, and to people who are rich enough to do so, there are a lot of other expensive and elusive items to lure those dollars.

    A great collection, ABSOLUTELY. A great investment? I would say a resounding no.

  31. thePhelps says

    @Buzz… it may not be in your or my budget – but I see people paying $86,000 for a single 1995W ASE… so there are people who do have budgets.

  32. says

    The majority of 1995-W proof silver eagles in a 69 grade sell in the $3800-4500 range.

    A complete 1995 10th annv set in ogp (1995-W proof silver eagle plus 4 coin proog gold eagle set…1.85 oz gold) recently sold on ebay for $4999…..not a bad price at all.

  33. Brian says

    Steve – beware those 1995 sets on ebay. That is a common item for scammers to sell after they have hijacked the account of a dormant seller.

    Note that the “seller” of those coins has no items currently for sale and the $4,999 price was a Buy It Now.

  34. VARich says

    Ha! So much for the website upgrade –

    2013 American Buffalo One Ounce Gold Reverse Proof Coin (BV1)

    Product will be available for shipping 10/11/2013

    Silly Mint!

  35. Sith says

    @Buzz – I would respectfully disagree the FS coins would have a limited market but they would sell. Now saying that just like any limited collectable I would hate to sell them under duress, and they will have to wait a few years until “gold fever” hits or people have disposable income again to make a killing but anybody buying these should have enough money to wait until the get a nice ROE.

  36. simon says

    VAR : they say it’s scheduled for shipment Nov 1st. I haven’t rec’d any further updates but I will post the date it is shipped.

  37. MTH says

    @thePhelps – Yes, the Mint does lose money on FS releases. Unfortunately they lose money on most all releases if the truth were known. We make up the differences… think USPS.
    And of course the gold can be reused if the coins aren’t sold… the Mint has a rather infamous history of doing just that when producing coins that aren’t wanted in the first place. On the other hand, why purchase the gold and expend the blue and white collar labor to produce coins that do not sell?
    And yes, a bit of sarcasm was included… sorry for confusing you.

  38. thePhelps says

    @MTH.. the mint has posted net profits annually – I don’t agree with your USPS reference. I’ve been collecting coins from the mint for years and years and the price structure has definately changed to drive profits on each offering. This set is probably not generating massive returns though and I’d guess it is at best cost neutral.

    Also keep in mind the mint did not request to manufacture these – Congress wrote a law mandating them. I also think that is why the mint is playing games with the release schedules… they aren’t thrilled with these coins either.

  39. Brad says

    Hey guys,

    Download the Mint’s sales numbers in XLS form to get a sneak peek at the new statistics. If those numbers are accurate, there are going to be some BIG increases on some products. The 2013 AGE W Unc shows 6,765 for an increase of 1,035 over the number last week. The Buffalo Proof coin shows sales of 16,400 for an increase of 554 over last week. I know the prices went down $50 and all, but were there really THAT many fence-sitters who pounced on them? It will be interesting to see if those numbers hold up to be published on the website.

    If so, those who bought the 2012 AGE W Unc will be in good shape, at least for the time being. I didn’t buy it, too bad for me. But, at least I unloaded my 2011’s before gold tanked!

  40. Arizona bill says

    New $100 notes by the treasury…

    Seems to me they should have been printed on stamp size paper.
    Thanks to Uncle Ben, I doubt they are worth much more than a stamp.
    Hard currency is a preferable alternative for us ranch folk.

    Arizona Bill, in the red rock country.

  41. A&L Futures says

    @ Brad,

    Sales of “proof” Black Diamond continue to impress. Yet I was suprised to find that the sales figures for the Reverse Proof have dropped from 47,836 to 45,564 (or 2,272 units). That’s just shy of a 5% drop in overall sales.

  42. A&L Futures says

    Even more interesting is the following:

    2013 AM EAGLE SILVER 2-COIN SET (WP) 281,310 (10/13/2013)
    2013 AM EAGLE SILVER 2-COIN SET (WP) 235,691 (10/20/2013)


    45,619 returned set

  43. MTH says

    @thePhelps – I’m sure the Mint’s balance sheets are impeccable. And their pricing structures are obviously cost-plus. However, I’m quite sure a private mint producing the same items under the same terms, and while paying taxes and property rent/mortgages, and not having other advantages such bundled purchasing contracts and cost sharing with other government entities, would not show the profit that the Mint is allowed to display.

    I always have in mind the fact that the Mint produces to the demand and approval of Congress. But, current manufacturing problems aside, I would think they (collectively) would be quite happy to produce these white elephants. Design committees are very active (gladly accepting stipends and per diem), die makers are kept busy, many Chinese are put to work making packaging, additional labor is hired, management is added, logistic help is increased… yes, I believe those folks are probably very happy with the First Spouse program. And, as far as Mint administrators, I expect they aren’t all that unthrilled with a program that reinforces their reason to exist.

  44. Brad says

    A & L,

    Yeah, I didn’t mention those drops because they display lower every week on the Excel list, but get revised back to the usual numbers for publication on the website. Maybe eventually the Mint will publish the lower numbers for those products as the actual revised amount.

    I’m actually wondering if there was a typo on the AGE Unc number. Whoever entered the numbers might have hit the “6” key instead of the “5.” Sales of 35 for the week seem much more reasonable than 1,035!

  45. VARich says

    Thanks Brad – this week’s pop just might have ended the year for me. What concerns me is that only the AGE PR is on back order. Comms will sell through mid-December so I anticipate last year’s November run up in those to occur again where you’d expect.., oh well, it’s been an expensive enough year.

    If you look at where we are in terms of sales in relation to this time last year, we’re actually quite higher in many areas, and this with the RP Buff and WP ASE sets this year…, so where is all this $$$ coming from?

  46. KEITHSTER says

    Hope the #s are right looks like I won’t be getting the 13 age unc anyway what with all the lady’s running late! So maybe some kind of IRA buy or something? Anyway Mint keep the 12 the low one for a while got 2 thank you :)> Good luck to the rest of us!

  47. VARich says

    OT – Anyone have any insight or experience into what a Third Party Coin Grader salary range is? Entry level specialist and experienced grader? Thanks

  48. VaBeachEd says

    Samuel says:

    October 18, 2013 at 9:23 pm

    off topic,
    since the unc AGE was released, i seldom see dealers sell MS70, why?

    Samuel, Goldmart has all you want 2013-W $1 Burnished Uncirculated Silver Eagle PCGS MS70 First Strike for $79.99.

  49. thePhelps says

    @Samuel…depends on your down price… neither silver or gold are down when I look at the 10 year price. Give me $6 silver and $350 gold and I’ll buy in bulk…

  50. ABC says

    Where do you go to see that the sales figures of the Reverse Proof Buffalo have dropped from 47,836 to 45,564 and the WP Silver Eagle set from 281,310 to 235,691? I went to the mint’s “Cumulative Sales Statistics” page and I also went to, but their figures haven’t changed at all.

  51. Jim says

    They are butt ugly coins. I think I would rather have a nice shiny gold bar then most of these spouses. It is so obvious that the mint hates this idea and is doing the minimum. It is hard to make gold look ugly, but the designs for this whole series does.

  52. says

    @Jim and everyone else that HATES the spouse coins, then go and collect something else. Some collectors (ME) enjoy them and dislike all of the negative comments. It would help everyone if there were MORE positive comments or even suggestions on what would be better subject matter on a series. It seems to me that if you didn’t start the series you HATE it mostly for that reason and nothing else. And quit trying to read the MINDS of the people at THE MINT! They are making the number of coins that sell there is nothing vindictive about it! Forget it and move on to something else.

  53. Billrod says

    I just read all of the comments about the FS coins. I have a few of them – the Liberty sub-set in Unc and Proof plus a few of the recent low mintage Uncs. These coins are as unloved as twenty cent pieces were when they were made in the 1870’s. At least the FS coins will always have their PM value but I think they will be sleepers for future collectors. Time will tell.

    But how do you explain a MS-70 2013-D Five Star General clad Half Dollar selling for over $2000 on Ebay? You can still buy these from the Mint for 20 bucks. What am I missing ?

  54. says

    @Sith… I hope I am wrong also but I believe the mint is pressured (at least in a marketing sense) to offer up colorized & gilded precious metal garbage, in “limited, low mintage editions” to reap some profits, beginning with the curved baseball coin, which is not innovative anyhow. It’s a “me too” product since France used the shape in 2009 on their astronomy coin and Australia with their recent Southern Crux coin.
    @2 for r money… I personally see the FS as a very well designed series. The mint designers have created some very stunning and beautiful portraits. I don’t collect them but admire the designs and many of the interesting themes on the reverses of the coins. With the decline in gold prices you may get the 2013 issues at a very good price as well! Good luck!

  55. Brian says

    Billrod – PCGS has only graded 25 of those MS70. For the PCGS registry people they are willing to pay that kind of money to pick up 1 point against their competition in building the highest rated modern commemorative set.

    Yes, that is insane. And I will add that I think buying 100 of them in OGP for the same amount of money would be a safer long term investment. But that is the explanation.

  56. Brad says


    Brian hit the nail on the head. Even though they’re collector coins and not intended for circulation, the production process for those commemorative halves makes it almost impossible to get a 70 grade. Those with deep enough pockets and who want the finest known examples will shell out those kinds of crazy prices to get them.

    Personally, I would rather spend $2,000 on something that has some intrinsic value. That way if the grading craze ever dies, there’s still at least some value attached to the coin. Spending so much for a label is obviously risky.

  57. says

    re: 2013-D 50c 5 Star General.

    NGC’s population report indicates they have only graded 8 coins as MS70 out of 759 graded thus far.

    But $2000 for a clad coin?…won’t be in my collection.

  58. Buzz Killington says

    When the terms “collection” and “investment” became conflated, this kind of question started to arise (about why someone would spend so much on a graded clad coin). The person who spent that probably knew full well it wasn’t a good investment, but got some subjective satisfaction from improving a registry set.

    To each his own.

  59. A&L Futures says

    @ ABC

    Use the following steps:
    a. Log on the U.S. Mint’s website (
    b. Select – “About”
    c. Select – “Production & Sales Figures”
    d. Select – “Numismatic Products: Cumulative Sales”
    e. Select – “Download All Data To Date in XLS format”
    f. Select – Sort & Filter, then “Custom Sort” according to product

    This is where I retreived the following:

    Sales of “proof” Black Diamond continue to impress. Yet I was suprised to find that the sales figures for the Reverse Proof have dropped from 47,836 to 45,564 (or 2,272 units). That’s just shy of a 5% drop in overall sales.


    2013 AM EAGLE SILVER 2-COIN SET (WP) 281,310 (10/13/2013)
    2013 AM EAGLE SILVER 2-COIN SET (WP) 235,691 (10/20/2013)


    45,619 returned sets

  60. phillip says

    I have to agree that some of the early ones with bonnets are a little fugly (Martha, Abigail, Anna, etc.) but starting with the Jefferson Liberty, most of the other early ones are great (Dolley, Elizabeth, Louisa, the Tylors, the Liberty subset). And the more recent ones have been amazing! But I imagine beauty will be defined in other ways in the long run for this series. Lucy Hayes is still my favorite!

  61. thePhelps says

    Steve – you beat me to that. We have no idea how many sets were returned, only that the number of sold sets dropped substancially as the delays drug out.

  62. Val says

    Is 235,691 the final number, or are more adjustments expected? Anyone know? 45,619 cancelled/returned sets sounds like a big number to me.

  63. Samuel says

    myself cancelled 5, returned 2.

    i dont like the FS series. imagine, the mint makes 1oz gold ATB!

  64. Dustyroads says

    A&L Futures~Thanks for the tip, those are some interesting figures. Looks like the `12 W AGE is still #1. Not at all surprised with all the WP cancellations, but glad the #’s are lower.

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