Reverse Proof Gold Buffalo Offered During Ordering Window

Yesterday, the United States Mint officially announced the details for the upcoming 2013 American Gold Buffalo Reverse Proof Coin, issued to mark the 100th anniversary of James Earle Fraser’s design for the original Type 1 Buffalo Nickel. The coins feature frosted background fields and mirrored design elements, or the reverse of the typical cameo proof appearance.

Reverse Proof

The offering was originally proposed within a customer survey distributed in late 2012. The survey had originally suggested releasing a reverse proof version of the coin along with the standard proof version in a two coin set. Other possibilities were also raised, such as changing the design of the coin or re-introducing uncirculated coins or fractional weight coins.

In May 2013, the US Mint officially confirmed the offering of a one ounce 2013 Reverse Proof Gold Buffalo. At the time, it was specified that the coin would be sold separately and minted to demand at the West Point Mint. That same month, the US Mint displayed an actual example of the coin at the ANA National Money Show held in New Orleans.

The final announced details of the offering indicate that the Reverse Proof Gold Buffalo will be offered for sale during a four week ordering window beginning on August 8, 2013 at 12:00 Noon ET and ending September 5, 2013 at 5:00 PM ET. Customer demand during the ordering window will determine the number of coins produced.

Pricing will be according to the US Mint’s pricing grid for gold and platinum numismatic products. Based on the existing grid, for a gold price within the $1,250 to $1,299.99 range, the coins would be $1,640 each. The actual price will be determined based on the average weekly gold price during the period leading up to the release and may vary during the course of the offering.

The coins will be packaged in an elegant matte finish hardwood box with faux leather inset, along with a certificate of authenticity.

This will be the third recent product that the US Mint has offered during a limited ordering window with production based on the number of orders received. This strategy was used for the first time with the 2012 San Francisco Silver Eagle Set and utilized again for the 2013 West Point Set. The method of offering seems to have been developed at least partially in response to the frequent website crashes that had occurred when the US Mint offered products with a stated limited mintage. Things seem to be heading towards the same result anyway, since many collectors attempt to place their orders immediately at the start of sales in the hopes of receiving coins the earliest.

This will only be the second reverse proof gold coin that the US Mint has offered. The previous coin was the 2006 Reverse Proof Gold Eagle, which was included in the 10th Anniversary Gold Eagle Set limited to production of 10,000 sets.

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  1. EvilFlipper says

    I will say that the 4 week window makes things interesting! At around $1600 this might be playable!! I’m not convinced about some of the 100k mintage estimates but I bet between 30-50 and maybe 20k. I’ll wait until the last week to determine if I buy a few. 1700$ is a bit of a margin above 1250-1300$ of gold. 400$ hurts a little and it might be a bit before spot gold climbs back to those levels. There will be many volatile factors to watch between now and then. I still think gold has a chance to pull back to 1k before resuming its march up…. But will it happen before this goes on sale? I definitely want one for myself. It will look beautiful next to my UHR!

  2. Larry says

    I think one problem with this coin is that it is hard to get a real idea of what it looks like. Looking at a normal view it is hard to see a difference from the regular proof. However, if you go to the mints website and use the zoom, then the difference really shows up.
    The four week window is fine with me, I just don’t like the unlimited ordering as it seems with the WP set that the big guys all get theirs first and us little guys have to wait forever. I bought mine on the first day and maybe it will ship 8/9. But of all the methods the mint has used for ordering, this seems the best as if you want one, you will get one, and there is a definite cuttoff date so there is no uncertanty about if the mint will still sell the product for years until they run out.

  3. fosnock says

    This will be a winner but I don’t know if I can scrape up the money even with gold down so hard, as I don’t intend to flip it

  4. thePhelps says

    This should do well… but I am not a real reverse proof fan and I can’t even afford a proof gold coin so I am going to miss out on this one.

    I really do like the buffalo gold coin sries though.

  5. VARich says

    Does a 4-week ordering window preclude an offering from being repackaged in another form? (excluding SF ’12PRF, of course)

    While I suspect it’s safe to assume given that Michael confirmed that the WP ASE enhanced would not offered in another form, I’m just wondering if the precedence has been set – therefore, “ordering window” = “that’s all you’re ever gonna see”!

  6. Ray says

    I’m just going to wait to buy mine directly from the Philly Mint gift shop. this is a must have for me. how bad would it suck to get a damaged one?

  7. VARich says

    Ray – how bad would it suck to show up after the ordering window and they don’t have any…???

    tPhelps/fosnock – I think many of us are in the same boat for various reasons, though I tell you what, I’m just one wining powerball ticket away buying some out here a ’13 buffalo tri-fecta for making this the great blog that it is. Until then, fingers crossed!

  8. VABEACHBUM says

    If we consider the consistency of sales trends in 2007, 2009, 2010, and 2011, the product has the potential for 40K to 60K in sales. Maybe a little higher, due to those buying two or more in anticipation of a future return on a current investment.

    Like others have commented in previous threads, I’ll also be following the sales trends for the standard PR Buffalo – already on sale. I think many collectors will be forced to make a choice and, in doing so, may inadvertantly turn the 2013 PR Buffalo into the new key for the series. As of Michael’s last report, this coin had sold approximately 11,300 pieces with additional sales at a crawl. If the REV PR sales take off as we are anticipating, I expect the PR coin to remain below 15K pieces.

    I have minimized my major purchases in 2013 so that I could secure the triple: 2013 REV PR, PR and UNC Buffalos. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make it happen. Good luck to all who are interested!!

  9. simon says

    fosnock : I’m somewhat in the same boat but I will be getting a copy. I have learned to be thrifty – the beer budget is rock bottom one-a-month and no sodas – only water, the gasoline bill is trimmed (I will only drive after I have accumulated 5+ errands), no movies – dvds only from the public llibrary, It all adds up over time to some very nice coins! 😉 .

  10. Larry says

    I do not understand this “order from the Philly gift shop” stuff. If there is a one month window, then how can the mint allow this?
    If everyone figures this little loophole out, then what happens? Nobody orders directly from the mint?
    Michael – Could you look into this?

  11. ABC says

    As far as we know, the gift shop in Philadelphia didn’t get the product until after the sales window closed. What’s bad is how the t.v. coin shows got thousands of sets ahead of all the other people.
    If you order from the Philadelphia gift shop, you would be paying around $10 for S/H. But what is their return policy?
    I would buy from the gift shop if they have the same return policy as the website.

  12. VABEACHBUM says

    If I understand the Philly Mint Store situation correctly, it actually is operated by a 3rd party contractor, Aramark (?), who is required to buy their products outright from the US Mint, then re-sell them to the public. If so, I would think that the 2013 WP sets they have available for resale already have been accounted for within the total, estimated sales.

    Their ability to support returns, if they do, would be limited to their stock on hand of any particular product. Eventually, as the inventory diminishes, any returns would be limited to a refund of the purchase price.

  13. VARich says

    OT: Who ever said that the WP ASE is unbelievably more impressive than in the photos.., would be correct. Even the little stars on the flag just pop out – stunning!

    Don – you rock! Hey, I’m “still” a month out from receiving my first mint order

  14. Ray says

    @VABEACHBUM, I’m definitely going to contact the philly gift shop, and if i’m able to secure one, i’ll then cancel my RP Bugg order(s). i hope they do have some for sale. i’ll be back home in philly in late sept, and i hope that i can pick it up in person. we’ll see. i’m trying it

  15. SilverFan says

    Think of the Philly gift shop like another Goldmart or Silvertowne. The company that runs the shop (Aramark) ordered a certain number within the 1 month window probably with preferential treatment like the others named above. They can now sell them until the supply runs out. It sort of reminds me of franchise set-up such as McDonalds. They hype a toy to be released in Happy Meals for a limited time, but some restaurants have extras and continue to give them out after that date. I do not think you need to worry about extras being minted. Just some smart people figured out that the gift shop had them. I was actually hoping the mint would sell the ATB silver pucks at the national parks too.

  16. fosnock says

    Not sure what all the hoopla is about the philly gift shop. It is no different than ordering from a coin dealer except they are not marking up the coin. As far as return policy I don’t know what it is but what type of coin will you get from the Mint if the one you get is defective. I had to eat a ratter during the 25th anniversary set because of that uncertainty. I can say the mint case is well packed (no rattlers,) they pack the cases in a good box, and it is delivered very fast.,Iit worked perfect for me but “Past Performance Does Not Guarantee Future Results.”

  17. Blair J. Tobler says

    About Aramark – they run concessions at many locations – I don’t know if they run the concessions at Citi Field, but they used to run the ones at Shea Stadium as well as a bunch of other places

  18. Dustyroads says

    With a four week ordering limit and the the same easy ability to quickly cancel an order when the buyer feels overwhelmed, I’m going to be watching the cancellations of this RP offering closely. This being the third time around, buyers are well aware of how this game works, the only difference is the high price. My bet is going to be on some pretty itchy cancel fingers. But then again, this IS the James Earle Fraser favorite that everyone loves!
    Simon~You have the right idea, there are infinite ways to keep the greenbacks from flying away. The only problem here in my house is that when my wife says cook steak, I say how much. I prefer the beans and cornbread I ate last night!

  19. VARich says

    OT: What’s this?

    I thought limited meant limited to ’12??? Did you all know it was recurring?

    2013 United States Mint Limited Edition Silver Proof Set™

  20. VARich says

    And you all wanted to know where all those returned and cancelled WP enhanced eagles were going… LOL!

  21. bill b says

    This is gonna be a great issue. I will buy two, one to keep, one to flip. (for those strange folks who wait until the mint offering ends and then pay a large premium the following day or week for the same coin)
    If the market is weak on the “flip side” I will be happy to keep both coins.

  22. im just a bill says

    i got a perrys peter D in my change last night.

    its in my pocket and i am happy to be here

  23. thePhelps says


    “I prefer the beans and cornbread I ate last night!”

    Now we are talking survival… well since I am spending all my money…on money anyways.

  24. simon says

    Dusty : I eat “straight from the ground.” no wrappers, no boxes, no bottles, and no cans. No doctors bills = more $ for coins. Happy coin collecting 😉

  25. nick says

    VA Rich- Yea I thought that because it was such a slow seller that they wouldn’t do a 13′ version. I have 2 sets of the 12’s… now im thinking of selling one. I hope they limit sales to 50k again, perhaps lower

  26. JagFan says

    If you notice, the 2012 LE Silver Proof Set is listed under the Annual Coin Sets – not the special collectibles section.

  27. DCDave says

    Hope the packaging for the RP Buffalo is not from China!
    They should have set a limit of 5 for the first week.

  28. dan says

    DC Dave

    I agree completely. Even the BEP limits the number of orders for new issues during the first week on most items.

  29. RB says

    FedEx just delivered my two ’13 W sets…as others have stated, they are gorgeous…..but it makes my head hurt to think I ordered my set from the mint almost two months ago and won’t receive it until August/September….yet on Monday, I call the Philly mint late in the day, and the following Friday afternoon, I am holding two sets in my hand.

  30. john says

    I hear the mint is going to be looking at people that cancelled order alot.and ban them.this gold coin will be a good deal if gold stay low

  31. Jon in CT says

    The strategy for the reverse proof Buffalo appears simple to me.

    Order the number of coins you want at noon on Aug 8. Then monitor the price of gold, since the price of this coin can reset every week. If this coin’s price drops, then cancel original order and re-order at lower price. Repeat as necessary.

    Of course the Mint could throw a monkey wrench into my plan by actually shipping coins within a week of order, but that seems too clever and, thus, unlikely.

    Mikael’s original blog entry assumes the reverse proof Buffalo will have the same price as the annual proof Buffalo. I have my doubts about that and believe it’s possible for the Mint to issue a new Gold & Platinum products pricing grid before Aug 8 which adds a new column for the reverse proof Buffalo.

  32. Hawkster says

    I just placed the five 2013 West Point silver eagle issues into a 2011 25th anniversary silver coin set box, which I bought for $15 on Ebay. It does look impressive, having all the coins displayed together. Of course there is a slight problem: The outer sleeve, cardboard box, and wooden box all have “25th anniversary silver coin set” labeled on them. Can anyone suggest a decent way to cover up the original label by replacing it with some type of “2013 West Point Silver Eagle Set” label?

  33. Gary says

    No more limits people!! Ordering windows only. I am curious if the same people complaining about the ordering windows are the same people who complained about the 100k 5 Per Household limit of the 2011 25th Anniversary Set?
    People complained the US Mint listened!…So now the US Mint is making sure that every single person in the world gets a chance at getting every single coin they offer! So, lets move on and just accept the 4 week ordering windows because that’s how it will continue! Its a win win for the mint!

    Just reach out and thank one of the morons who cried and complained about the 2011 Anniversary Sets limits! Curious if any of the people who complained about the 2011 Sets, actually ended up getting a set? NOPE

  34. Dustyroads says

    Hawkster~You might contact a trophy company and and ask for a self adhesive metal plate. They can engrave what you want on it, then just place it over the 25th anniversary set logo.
    Phelps~I’m working on it.
    Simon~You sir are a smart man. You no doubt have the pleasure knowing what you are eating and most likely need a better safe about now!

  35. fmtransmitter says

    @Hawkster: Just wait a few months, display them proudly now OPEN, so you don’t see the 25th, and in a few months I GAIRUNTEE you there will be PLUENTY of boxes for sale on the bay or elsewhere. I can get you from Jesse James if you like. He has a dealer he works with for all OGP.

  36. thePhelps says

    Well – I finally have confirmation of shipping!

    Ok it is from Goldmart for my 70 set – but I’ll have coins soon! My first day order did move up 1 day today – to the 18th of July.

    So can you send in a 70 set and have it relabeled First Strike if you get it before you get the first day order you placed?

    I might be able to do that before I get my mint issued order…

    I also think the mint missed a huge opportunity with the packaging. All they had to do was contact Goldmart – Silvertowne and the TV shows and request they send them 100,000 empty boxes and we would all have our WP sets.

  37. fmtransmitter says

    @thePhelps: SELL them, not SEND them, those people are all about cash and profit! That was a good one…HA!

  38. john says

    new lables for gold rs,first strike,first order,first shiped,only 3500.00 dollar.per order your now at hsn.

  39. ultra-crepidarian says

    What’s the big deal? I already purchased a 2013 Reverse Reverse Proof Gold Buffalo from the Mint back in May. It is a nice coin but it looks just like a regular proof to me. What’s up with that?????

  40. Wes says

    Can’t wait to see if next year they put out a special set with a RP and a SE Gold Buffalo.

  41. VARich says

    I would have expected that we’d see some pre-sale action for the RP Buff by now out of the big boys to capture those sales first since we’re a little more than 3 weeks out. Guess they’re watching gold prices or confirmation what the mint’s pricing grid will be. How much they collectively market it at the slabbed price will be a good indicator of what they think collector demand will be. MCM has ’13 PF 70 Buffs for ~$200-$300 over mint cost, that’s a just wee but much, as if it’s not expensive enough.

    Rec’d an email last night from Goldmart that PCGS WP ASE sets are pushing out due to logistics issues at the mint and bottleneck at PCGS. They forgot to include that china needs a faster boat.

  42. VARich says

    @ high low silver – you have one of those 2006 RP Gold Eagle sets? Wanna trade for some WP eagle sets? I’ll throw in a ’06 Buff for free! Talk about a set of a lifetime! Yep, still remember the day that I opened up the mint flier for that one from the mail and thinking, well, that’s just too expensive – that was my blonde moment! Duh!

  43. Silver Sam says

    I think the OGP on the RP gold buffalo is stunning. That puts me over the top on buying one!

  44. William says

    @Jon in CT: Good point about the pricing difference between the proof and reverse proof. Even if a higher premium is charged though, it would still be to tempting to pass up.

    Also, I really wish the Mint would update the buffalo packaging. The box itself is nice, but just way too bulky. I would prefer it to be something along the lines of the gold eagle proof box.

  45. high low silver says

    Couldn’t afford it after buying my 06 RP silver sets VARich.:( But a mintage of 10k was sooooooooooo sweet !!!

  46. JosepH says

    Will see if pull the trigger on Sep. 5th. if like 2013 AE silver 2-coin set, no way. forget it.

  47. simon says

    For any playing with ASE set views : I put the four Reverse Proof ASEs and the single Enhanced Unc ASE in a 5-place 2011 package, with the EUnc in the center. If the lighting hits the RP/EUnc set at the right angle it looks pretty awesome.

  48. Eddie says

    As long as the Mint just releases a special 2 coin set of ASEs they will fit into the 25th anniversary boxes which is great. So for I have three sets 2011, 2012, and now 2013 set. I would like to do some of the others working back 2011. These will be a mix and match if I do that by that different years in the same box.
    I personalizing think they would look great.I only thing is the 2008 with reverse or 2007 there are 4 coins in that set I guess I could put the 2009 sence there was only one made that year.
    Any thoughts about this good idea or bad idea?

  49. Hawkster says

    I’m not sure I understand your comments, but any of the Mint encapsulated silver eagles would fit into the five slots of the 2011 box. You basically can create your own 5 coin set using the collector silver eagles that you have. I have chosen to use the five 2013 West Point silver eagle to display in my 2011 box.

  50. Dan in Fla says

    I thought the Mint was going to change the OGP on the reverse proof buffalo to distinguish it from the regular proof buffalo? What happened to the change?

  51. Dan in Fla says

    WOT- The Alice Paul Proof is on backordered status again. Maybe she will sell out this time.

  52. high low silver says

    My last hour order for the WP set was updated to 9/17 from 9/30 with no email ??!! I’m now wondering about ordering from them………

  53. says

    I have no idea why you waste your time and money on products from the U.S Mint, that well NOT increase in value. Yes, if spot gold goes up then they increase in spot value, but not much else. A better value and investment is gold NUGGETS. Not off ebay, because those clowns are overpriced and a total ripoff. Check out Goldbay and buy something that WELL increase in value. You CAN’T make nuggets and the bigger ones are getting harder and harder to find. They use fine grade gold to make coins, not good sized nuggets.

  54. fmtransmitter says

    @Jess: Everyone in entitled to an opinion and that is yours. I have just watched a graded coin I bought increase from a value of $225 to $290 so keep buying your nuggets, and I will buy what I choose to buy with my money…Good day…:)

  55. fmtransmitter says

    BTW IMHO, nuggets are boooooring. I like history and coins tell a story that I can pass down. I am sure FINDING nuggets could tell a story as well but BUYING them, boooring IMHO..

  56. Don says

    By any chance, did you mean gold INGOTS? These have a stated weight and purity, while a nugget is a chunk or lump of a precious metal such as gold. Big difference.

  57. high low silver says

    Gold nuggets are a GREAT start in finding about US History I have a couple too Jess. SS Central America…..

  58. VARich says

    FM – when it comes to nuggets, you have to be open to all the possibilities Partner. I once found some in Anchorage and strapped one to necklace that I gave to my girlfriend.., talk about good nookie for a long time! Oh, & I think I hand dug that one! ;7

    From your previous posting, you might actually want to check out Alaska mint – some unique stuff to keep it interesting.

  59. ClevelandRocks says

    @ Jess: Kindly take you nuggets and leave this numismatic thread.
    @ Everyone: This is a Mint News Blog, not a speculate investment blog.

  60. fmtransmitter says

    Agreed with Cleveland Rocks, no RASH judgment here. I love GOLD in any form. I also love silver AND copper even. I have plenty of copper nuggets from Upper Michigan in raw form AND have ONE HECK OF A beautiful crystallized specimen for display. Please don’t take my comments so sensitive. This is a Numismatic Blog and nothing more.

  61. fmtransmitter says

    JESS, relax man. Thank you for your service. It’s a blog about coin’s..If you had said about the H2 show to begin with all would be fine I suppose. Re read your first post and see the “attitude” you presented. Enjoy your show.

  62. Ak Bob says

    JESS, you ROCK! Nothing wrong with talking about gold, silver, copper, etc in any form. Seems like the two with an attitude have it backwards.

  63. A&L Futures says

    @ Jess et. al,

    I’m sure I speak for most here who applaud your service, but you do realize this is in-fact a numismatic blog?

    “While numismatists are often characterized as students or collectors of coins, the discipline also includes the broader study of money and “other payment media” used to resolve debts and the exchange of goods.” (Wiki, n.d.)

    Therefore, I’d request that the group acknowledge Jess’ right to speak his mind as his passion for “natural crystallized gold” mirrors that of our love for coins. I’d be just as willing to accept crystalized gold as I would coin in the exchange of goods/services.

    Jess, my wife and I toured the Smithsonian’s mineral exhibit late last year, where we had the opportunity to photograph some of these amazing specimens. It’s truly a site to see. To think, something as common as this ends up becoming a work of art like 2009s Ultra High Relief.

  64. A&L Futures says

    BTW – I’m absolutely looking forward to the upcoming release of the RP Gold Buffalo. However, I feel that with the limited release window, any hopes I had for the regular proof becoming this years sleeper are gone.

  65. Dustyroads says

    I enjoyed what you had to say Jess, and in fact I did look at the sight to the link you posted. I have to admit however that I myself have gone OT and have had to refrain, it’s the right thing to do to keep this thread as interesting as it has been over the years. Just ask hi low about keeping it real, he’s changed his name lord knows how many times, but that hasn’t stopped anybody here from enjoying him, he knows his place! So stick around if you like what you are reading, but don’t get fired up with the blue bloods of this thread, because I promise you, you will get noticed by the moderator!

  66. says

    @ A&L Futures: Thanks for the link to the Smithsonian Gem–Mineral Collection. Some outstanding pictures! For now I could only scan them but will get back to that soon.

    I have never seen golds nuggets or crystallized gold up close and in person! Where have I been? Nice to hear about “new’ things, at least “new” to some of us! I learn something new every time I read this blog!

  67. fmtransmitter says

    “I have no idea why you waste your time and money on products from the U.S Mint, that well NOT increase in value.” Was this a question Jess? Are you looking for knowledge? That is what this blog is for, sharing of ideas and opinions…Do we all “agree with each other”, no, do we all respect each others opinions, I would hope so. I know I do…I am always here to learn new things…

  68. Eddie says

    PCGS has two labels one with flag First Strike and the other the West Point label. Which one would you, guys get. In the past IO have gotten the flag but these being the WP set I was thinking of getting the WP label for these are first strike both are first strike. I am kind of leaning to the WP label. Any suggestions? I want a slabbed set RP 70 and MS70 so it is between the two. I don’t really care for the NGP sets. Any kind of help will do grateful
    One more thing does Goldmart charge when ordered or when they are shipped???

    Please help.

  69. Salacious Crumb says

    Suggestions on a label? Really? It’s a label.

    Is this what coin “collecting” has been reduced to?

    Buy the coin, not the slab. Enjoy it.

  70. Gary says

    I like PCGS’s West Point Labels…the purple insert really makes the coin pop!
    @Salacious Crumb———-> Yes

  71. Hawkster says


    Yes, unfortunately there are coin buyers who obsess over the labels associated with graded coins. OGP all the way is my philosophy, and a simple one at that.

  72. stephen m says

    Jess, you and i and a lot more fought for everyones freedom in this country including ClevelandRocks right for the freedom to voice his opinion.

  73. Eddie says

    I am not buying it for “a label” I am going to get one and was just asking a question about the two. The only coins that I have slabbed I could count on 11/2 hands. The three OGP ones all look to be MS70 and PR70’s. I really don’t like the NGP slabs because of all of the white plastic surrounding them and PCGS has well almost clear plastic around them and it does not take away anything from the coin itself.
    Believe me I am not a label freck I think they should come up with a 70 label and a 69 label that all of them have to use.

  74. Gary says

    Eddie…if you like a certain label…you go with it!! Its your collection, don’t worry about anybody elses comments! What was the last coin Salacious Crumb bought for Eddie’s Collection?? Hmmm?
    I buy the PCGS Labels for the San Francisco minted coins, because I love the orange labels!! Do I care what anybody thinks?, you ask. NOPE…not one frickin bit!!

  75. Dustyroads says

    Eddie~Lower numbers of anything as long as there are buyers amount to appreciation. What some have argued here in the past is that they are not sold on the the idea that paying more now because of a certain label will have a great return in thirty years or so. But as I’m sure you are not going to think too far into the future, but stay close to where you are, I think you should check with the TPG’s label numbers and try to find the rarest one. The NGC blue label 20th anniversary ASE is as hot as it can be because of the label. Some may talk about having a great coin from the set, but there were 250,000 of those ASE’s minted.

  76. VARich says

    Ditto GMS – well said stephen. Many of my friends, classmates, and squadron-mates should be taking bike rides with their little ones or bouncing babies on their knee on this beautiful day though they too believed in American values and rights for everyone.

    Take the veteran service comments off line.

  77. jayarejr says

    I received my West Point set yesterday, and must admit to being disappointed with the “enhanced” uncirculated coin. It looks very similar to the regular proof, and has the feel of being a “variety” the Mint dreamed up to increase sales. I would not buy another.
    On the RP Buffalo, sales of 50K max.–$1600+ is a big nut for most people (including me), and even for the big buyers, especially with all the uncertainty surrounding the future course of gold’s price. I’m not sold that the recent rally will stick.

  78. high low silver says

    Are you sure you got the right coins jayarejr ?? I’m still waiting for my set, but can see a big difference from a proof just from pictures I saw.

  79. high low silver says

    Or are you one of those bozos who want everyone to cancel so you can have a lower mintage ? Lol

  80. jayarejr says

    The field of the coin is quite reflective, almost to proof standards, and the difference in, for example, the proof Liberty and the enhanced Liberty is not that great, as one can tell by actually comparing the two coins. I just don’t think the Mint put too much thought into the design. I don’t care much about mintages or labels…I’ve been at this for 45 years and care more about the coins themselves…it is a close call for me but I will keep the enhanced coin because it is still attractive in my display. But I won’t be buying any more of these “enhanced” coins.

  81. high low silver says

    Thanks for your honest reply Jayarejr. Doesn’t the mirror finish show up in the skirt lines ? That’s what catches my eye from the pics I looked at.

  82. Eddie says

    How can someone not like the enhanced ASE? Itis one of if not theebestt ASEs minted to date.
    The 3 WP sets I have received from the Mint woud more than likely be 70s if graded. I don’t know anything about sending them in to be graded henced the reason I buy a graded 70s set. I have always liked my coins in their OGP.

  83. im just a bill says

    I rec my WP set on Friday, ordered it from the Phil Mint on Monday.

    Thanks 🙂

    and for those of you who have it in their head that this is a numismatic site only, look again.

    “A blog offering timely news and analysis of United States Mint product offerings and US Mint coins.”

  84. high low silver says

    How about this Eddie….A proof eagle mixed with a reverse proof eagle…..NO FROSTING at all !!!!!! Just the mirror finish like a true proof walking liberty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  85. T1browserman says

    The law gives leeway to change this $50 gold pieces design with each year since inception…..keeping 2008 and passing all others…Change all the elements onn obv & rev…..maybe that will garner more attention.

    in the meantime ,let me kick a dead horse

  86. fosnock says

    Going back to earlier comments as this is the second time I heard a comment that this is a free blog. This blog is controlled by Michael Zielinski. Michael will shut down the comments section when things get out of control (IE flame wars, off topic). As these blogs are free anyone can start their own blog about the financial crisis, PM vs stocks, why Bernanke sucks, and now gold nuggets vs gold coins.

    I enjoy reading everyone’s comments they help me get a feel for the market, input from flippers about their take on which coins will increase in value, and nice tips like ordering from the Phili Mint (Don you rock). I would hate for that to end.

    @Jess – For future reference don’t show up on a board insult everyone (or arrogantly show how much more intelligent you are than us), then when called to task use the “I’m a veteran” so common courtesy does not apply to me.

  87. Eddie says

    Can someone tell me or walk me though the steps to send in a WP set to have it graded? I have never done this before. Or at least give me a link to the site and I am talking about PCGS Ifor some reson don care for the NGP slabs.

  88. Eddie says

    That seems like A LOT of stuff you have to go though just to get my WP SET graded. Looks like it would be easier to just buy a WP Set on ebay.

    Thank you so much for putting up the link for me and anyone else that wants to use it.

  89. fosnock says

    Now you know why graded coins sell for a premium…you can actually buy them cheaper on E-bay than you can send them to be graded (at the lower grades)

  90. thePhelps says

    Eddie a lot of people take their coins to a local coin shop and pay them to send them in for grading. Usually you will find that a cheaper option when dealing with a single set or a couple of sets. The coin shops often will send in a group of coins for grading and get a lower price for the service.

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