Revisiting 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Products

gold-proofFor the final post of this year, I wanted to revisit the United States Mint’s 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar products. Throughout the year, there has been a constant stream of news surrounding the format of the products, the details of the release, sales trends, and the shifting product and household ordering limits.

Early in the year, the first images of the potential products issued to mark the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy Half Dollar came in the form of two different mock ups provided to the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee for discussion. The initial point of discussion was whether the date should be indicated as “2014” or the dual date of “1964-2014”. The CCAC preferred the dual date and also made some suggestions surrounding the inclusion of the fineness or weight of the coin on the reverse. The US Mint would follow these recommendations on the final coin.

Over the summer months, the Mint officially confirmed the full line up of 50th anniversary products that would be issued. The three products consisted of a three-quarter ounce gold proof coin, a four coin silver set, and a two coin clad set. All coins would carry the original higher relief scult on the obverse. The silver coins would be struck at four different mint facilities with four different finishes.

A month later, the Mint shared their plans surrounding the launch of the products. Some key points of information shared included the initial production levels for the two coin clad set and the gold proof coin. Another key point was that the gold coins would be offered at the ANA convention as well as US Mint retail locations with certain specified allocations available at each venue.


The two coin clad set was offered first, with sales beginning on July 24 ,2014. Initially, the product carried no stated product limit and an ordering limit of five sets per household. The sets were priced at $9.95 representing the lowest pricing amongst the 50th anniversary products. Opening day sales were brisk at 68,974 units, far exceeding the Mint’s initial production level of 37,000 sets. The pace of sales would slow, but the sets continued to be ordered steadily. In late October, the Mint announced a product limit of 200,000 units and in mid-November, the household ordering limit was removed.

The removal of the limit spurred a faster pace of sales and the product quickly approached its limit. The latest weekly sales report indicates orders at 198,268 and the product is indicated as “Out of Stock” on the Mint’s website and can no longer be ordered.


The start of sales for the three-quarter ounce gold proof coin on August 5, 2014 was met with a frenzied response, particularly at the physical retail locations where the coins were available. Initially, the coins were priced at $1,240 which would be adjusted throughout the availability period based on the market price of gold. The ordering limit for internet sales was five units per household, however a limit of just one per customer was imposed at retail locations. The Mint planned to make available 2,500 units at the ANA convention and 500 units each at the Philadelphia and Denver Mint gift shops and US Mint headquarters sales counter over the course of five days.

Opening day sales reached 56,694, exceeding the Mint’s initial production level of 40,000 units. Although the coins were readily able to be ordered online, much was made of the limited number of coins offered at physical locations. At the ANA convention more than a thousand people were said to have lined up to purchase the 500 coins available for the opening day. This was followed by even longer lines forming overnight. Eventually, this led the US Mint to suspend orders at all retail locations.

After the opening rush, the pace of sales tapered considerably and for several weeks, the sales reports carried negative numbers indicating that order cancellations and returns outnumbered newly placed orders. The household ordering limit was eventually removed in mid-October and a product limit of 75,000 units was announced in early December. Orders have currently reached 69,319 units, but the pace of new orders has once again slowed to a crawl.


The silver coin collection was offered as the third and final 50th anniversary product with sales opened on October 28, 2014. The sets were offered at $99.95 each with an ordering limit of five sets per household and overall product limit initially indicated at 300,000 units. The sets represented the first major new product release under the US Mint’s new retail website. The sets were not offered at physical retail locations.

The collector response to the offering seemed muted compared to the prior two 50th anniversary products. Opening orders reached 85,670 units, which was far below the Mint’s initial production amount of 180,000 units. The lower than expected response may have been what prompted the Mint to make adjustments to the ordering and product limits in short order.

After three weeks of availability, the ordering limit was removed and about a week later the product limit was reduced to 225,000 units. Cumulative orders received have now reached 190,228 units, with 2,081 units added in the latest weekly period.

The table below shows the complete weekly sales data for all three of the 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar products.

Clad Set Gold Proof Coin Silver Set
7/27/2014 84,593
8/3/2014 97,655
8/10/2014 112,134 62,341
8/17/2014 116,937 63,521
8/25/2014 120,708 63,388
8/31/2014 124,887 64,305
9/7/2014 127,749 63,927
9/14/2014 129,986 63,384
9/21/2014 131,694 63,567
9/28/2014 132,745 63,757
10/5/2014 132,928 63,944
10/12/2014 133,818 64,098
10/19/2014 134,631 64,303
10/26/2014 136,614 65,039
11/2/2014 141,808 66,054 125,147
11/9/2014 146,222 66,547 137,802
11/16/2014 148,928 66,859 144,572
11/23/2014 165,824 67,301 166,291
11/30/2014 170,500 67,640 172,634
12/7/2014 183,698 68,699 178,455
12/14/2014 194,809 69,501 184,098
12/21/2014 198,173 69,299 188,147
12/28/2014 198,268 69,319 190,228

Final note: Many readers have been inquiring about the 2014 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set, which is still listed on the US Mint’s 2014 release schedule as “TBD”. According to the Mint, the coins for the product have already been produced, but there have been delays with the packaging. As such, the set will be released in early 2015.

Final final note: To all readers, thank you for reading Mint News Blog and have a happy new year!

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  1. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    Hey all – you guys posting today are cracking me up – LOL!

    IS anyone still waiting on orders of the C & C (Sac) sets from the Mint? I still am – my third and final order:

    USM0277XXXX $279.00 12/5/2014 This order contains 1 item. PROCESSING

  2. Ikaika says

    @Keep Calm & Stack On

    The Zombucks silver proofs are just too pricey. As I mentioned, I buy for their silver content and for their looks, LOL.

    Why buy 1 proof if you can get almost 3 of the bullion version?

  3. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    Hey all – you guys posting today are cracking me up – LOL!

    IS anyone still waiting on orders of the C & C (Sac) sets from the Mint? I still am – my third and final order:

    USM0277XXXX $279.00 12/5/2014 This order contains 1 item. PROCESSING

  4. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    Might change my handle/name to, Mr. “Cool” Dave — I dunno? wha’d You think?

  5. VA Bob says

    Ikaika – “Many of us buy what we like regardless of the future value. If it goes up, even better.”

    Sounds like we are complete agreement. Thank goodness for people that will pay more for something when items are sold on the secondary market. As I have never sold a single coin, medal, or token I have yet to take advantage of that. Of course, I’m more interested in what a coin, or bullion round will be worth years from now, not during the immediate feeding frenzy hype of a relatively new product.

  6. VA Bob says

    Louis – I believe the Legacies of Freedom set you mention was an attempt by the Mint(s) to cross sales. It didn’t work, although we would have got the better half of the deal as the Britannia obverse changes design yearly. Of course we would get the Queen every year then too. The ASE was an UNC. I picked up two of these sets at time, one for my youngest son who is British, and one for me. It’s a pity in a way, it is a nice set.

  7. says

    I pretty much agree with your list of 2014 favorites. Here would be my top four:
    1). HOF silver proof
    2). Arches 5 oz.
    3). Everglades 5 oz
    4). Kennedy 4pc. Silver Set

    The major criterion that influenced my selections is how well the coins display. The enhanced Sac, while a nice looking coin, does not display as well as the aforementioned coins on my list because of its smaller size. Therefore, I bumped it down below the Kennedy silver set.

  8. VA Bob says

    Cool Dave – Two small orders in December 4th hell.

    USM02765XXX $32.85 12/4/2014 This order contains 1 item. BACKORDER

    USM02765XXX $32.85 12/4/2014 This order contains 1 item. BACKORDER

  9. thePhelps says

    Louis… wasn’t that set in conjunction with the conversion to the Euro? I seem to recall there being some type of tie-in like that.

  10. NC_Stacker says

    @The Real “Cool” Dave
    I have received my last order from the Mint that was placed on 12/4 in the late afternoon.

  11. thePhelps says

    I placed an order for 1 C&C on the 14th of December on a whim…I doubt I get it – but it is still active and simply shows backordered.

  12. VA Bob says

    thePhelps – The UK kept the British Pound and Europe adapted the Euro a few years earlier. I believe it had more to do with commonality and goodwill between our two nations. A bit more distant these days IMO.

  13. thePhelps says

    Tinto – it is listed…but…
    This product will be available for sale on January 2, 2015, at 12 noon

  14. NC_Stacker says

    To all the Sacagawea collectors out there, please school me on this on the first day of the new year.

    As I am looking at the bay I see some slabbed coins that are 2003 thru 2009 MS68 and MS69 that are asking high prices (500+) that I don’t think these are key dates.

    Are these sellers just placing them out there with high prices hoping that someone ( sucker) will buy them unaware of there true price or are these coins worth their price?

    I know that the Cheerios, Goodacre and this years C&C are key dates but are there others?


  15. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Mr. RC Cola Dave – 10 Dec C&C set still on backorder – not sure why, it should have gone through, mint CS reps couldn’t tell me either.

    NC – there’s a Sacabuck without the edge lettering and Position A/B across certain grades makes a big difference as well. A special breed of collector it takes to get into those I guess. The error with the C&C Sacabuck involves Position A & B for the edge inscription.

  16. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    VA Bob – “As I have never sold a single coin, medal, or token ” – you must have one Big Honking House Bob, where do you put all this stuff? Funny thing is, I was talking to another poster the other day and this very subject came up, where do some of you stash all all this stuff that you all buy over the years? I have a closet just full of empty boxes that needs to go somewhere, and I’m forced to sell to make room for and finance this year AtBs. Guess I need to find me a sugar momma with a bigger house! 🙂

    “I’m more interested in what a coin, or bullion round will be worth years from now, not during the immediate feeding frenzy hype of a relatively new product.” – Sadly, with the vast majority of Commemoratives and non-low mintage AG/SEs, the high water mark for OGP is during the immediate feeding frenzy – Sad, but True. The exception being of course sealed boxes hold a very nice premium and low population of graded ones but that can be a crap shoot as well. So back to your point, best to buy what you like and enjoy, view it as art ’cause moderns don’t make very good investments.

  17. Ikaika says

    @ Keep Calm & Stack On

    “I have a closet just full of empty boxes that needs to go somewhere”

    This seems to be what all of us have in common!!!! Boxes full of empty boxes, plastic tubs full of empty boxes, Boxes full of empty holders, capsules, tape and pens 🙂

  18. Hidalgo says

    The US Mint used the term “backordered” when supply was not readily available. Sometimes buyers received their ordered products, and sometimes not. I’m uncertain how the U.S. Mint uses the term “backordered” under their new ordering system.

    I hope that everyone who ordered their 2014 Coin and Currency Sets will receive them.

  19. Ends in Error says

    Initially I’m pulled into an issue by the potential for price appreciation. But since I’m also one of those that rarely sell I guess I’m really just a miser hoarder at heart. It gives me great joy to hold multiples of an item that has appreciated many times its issue price. One day I might just wake up and realize ” hey I have enough inventory to be a Coin Shop “. One day an internet store might just be my calling.

  20. Louis says

    Thanks for the feedback, guys. The euro was launched 1/1/2001 (though it was a virtual currency for a couple years before that), so it would be strange to issue a set 3 years later connected to that. I think buyers did okay because the 2002 Britannia is the 2nd lowest mintage.

    For what it is worth the US and UK governments are and will likely remain very close even with tension from time to time. OK, back to coins…

    happy 2015 to all

  21. stephen m says

    Well, It must be all the young folks on here that have a storage problem for OGP, coins etc. Once the kids leave you turn a bedroom into a military style arms room or safe room. Still not enough room? Sell something. Oh and try not to let the kids move back in unless absolutely necessary of course.

  22. says

    Stephen m,
    It might seem like a good idea in regard to turning the former kid’s bedroom into a sort of coin vault for the hoard of enhanced Sacs and other modern issues. But what about a few years down the road when the grandkids come over to visit? You might have to set up a tent in the backyard to accommodate them.

  23. Ikaika says

    @ Stephen m and Hawkster

    There are those cases where the Mrs. does not allow storage beyond the closet regardless of big house, little house, kids, no kids. Just saying, lol 🙂

  24. achmed says

    for Louis:
    The Euro coins came into circulation on the 1st of January in 2002. Not in 2001. Some countries of the eurozone had their first coins with the year 2002 on it: Germany, Austria, Italy, Luxembourg, Ireland, Greece and Portugal. Others have coins with earlier years, but all coins came into circulation the 1st of January 2002.

  25. VA Bob says

    KCSO – I have a four bedroom home and it’s just me an the wife. I do have coins scattered in 5 separate rooms. The gold and some of the more expensive/rare coins go in the safe or other secure storage, others come out of the shipping box and are carefully packed in boxes. No sugar mama, but I do have a very understanding wife.

    As far as OGP being the high watermark shortly after release, I’m banking on most people thinking that way. You can tell some folks never seen old (and not so old) toys and other merchandise being sold. Not near the price without the original packaging. My brother and I had those Rock em Sock em Robots back in the sixties. Of course my mother threw it out at some point. it wasn’t too long ago I saw it going for $500 w/box, not so much without. People like their antiques as original as possible, and the market shows that. But, I do encourage others to take their coins out. 🙂 I enjoyed seeing the link the other day with the 100 Sac CC dollars with the coin flap cut off. Those OGP are going to be destroyed in great numbers. I can wait, I’m in for the long haul. As You say, I buy what I like, small quantities, and assume it will all be worth nothing when I do, and hope I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  26. VA Bob says

    achmed – I’m inclined to agree. I recall being in Spain in 2001, still using Pesetas (or as we called them “potatoes”) and seeing the signs describing the coming Euros. Talk about a massive annual set, if one were to collect all the member nations designs.

    One of the nicest, yet modest, sets I have is the last annual USSR proof set (in OGP of course) from 1992. Wonder if they thought it would be their last at the time?

  27. Ralph says

    I just noticed on the Mint’s website that you can sign up for the enrollment of the Silver Eagle Proof’s and it says the first coin you will receive is the 2015! The old website cut off the subscription to that years coins at least a week before it’s release. I am going to order them tomorrow. Should I take a chance and sign up for the enrollment and hope I do get the 2015’s? I’m not expecting a mad rush at noon tomorrow, so I’ll probably wait.

  28. thePhelps says

    Ralph… based on the Denver mint’s history of MS70 coins – it isn’t all that unexpected to see high dollars for MS70 coins. Last year the Generals half dollar coin was selling for over 2k…

  29. MarkInFlorida says

    Louis, I remember it was 1/1/2002 when the Euro replaced the old currencies, because on that date I met my wife, when she arrived from Germany to work at my company. We talked about the currency change, and I told her that she no longer had a DeutschMark, but now she had a FloridaMark. And now we have a little Mark!

  30. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    Well folks — that puts another day into the books. Time to sign off now with the National Anthem and then either a long (TV) “beeeeeeeeeeeeee” sound or white noise . . . then disembodied voices talking about PM’s in that noise.

    Good Night all !

    Mr. “Cool” Dave 😉

  31. jeff says

    I Keep Raising My BIN Prices For The NA C&C Set They Keep Knocking Them Down. Guess I’m Going To Give My I Don’t Want to Sell Prices. LOL

  32. CasualCollector says

    Regarding Sac C&C Edge Lettering — what are thoughts on whether one will have a higher premium over the other? I noticed on eBay someone selling a PCGS MS69 Position-B for a pretty high premium (BUY-it-NOW or Best Offer). Is it too early to call, or is the general consensus that the Position-B will have the premium?

  33. VA Bob says

    CC – My “position” on one edge lettering selling over another…. There’s one born every minute. Position A or B is determined how the coins are dumped into the edge lettering hopper, heads or tails. I guess some need to find something “special” to hype their coin more. Hey, if it works, their are plenty of suckers that will buy it.

  34. Hidalgo says

    @ Ralph – subscriptions are convenient. However, if you believe that the product you plan to purchase will be on sale for several months, then by all means, buy the product without a subscription. That way, you can combine shipping with other items and save a few dollars.

  35. whatajoke says

    Happy New TAX Year.
    The best coins of the year?
    1 – JFK GOLD
    2 – 2014 P Great Smoky Mt
    3 – Baseball Silver proof
    4 – JFK silver
    5 – 2014 P Arches

  36. fmtransmitter says

    I hate asking this here as I have read it several times but can anyone be so kind as to the procedure for a refund on returned shipping charges? Also, the form states you can ask for replacement so I checked that but if I remember the Mint no longer does replacements and hasn’t updated there packing slips to reflect such so do I need to call and place a new order? How long does it take to get your refund and your returned shipping charges back? Thank you in advance!

  37. CasualCollector says

    Go to your Order History and click the order you want for the return
    Click Return Items From This Order
    Fill out the info, and hit Submit Return Request

    They will send you an email that will also contain a Return Label that you can use to ship the items back

    NOTE: when I returned a couple of Kennedy Silver Sets, the shipping label was UPS — so I printed the label and stuck in on a box and took to UPS Store for acceptance. They received the package about 4 days later, and I was credited ia couple of days after that. They did not replace the sets even though I filled out the form and included it in the return package. It turned out ok as I never did re-order 2 sets (instead I was able to get a graded 70 set for less than what I would have paid to get the coins graded myself)

  38. cagcrisp says

    @GoldFishin, Your Call on the Gold Kennedy mid point of 69,859 was about as close as you could get. Hats off to that call.

    Shame that the Mint has continued to offer these in 2015…

  39. GoldFishin says

    @cagcrisp- the gold per oz/ oil per bbl ratio is now at 27.25 at current prices. Quite a remarkable imbalance…even if gold fell to $1000, oil would still be a buy. I am going to start on my pure play now…1/3 at a time and then add if necessary. Still have my big yield integrated, but got taken out of the other one. How is the bond short going? Good luck!

    My top ten 2014 coins….not in order of preference. (couldn’t keep it to five)
    1- $5 Gold HOF PF
    2- Arches DMPL Bullion 5 ozer
    3- Great Smoky P 5 ozer
    4- JFK Gold
    5- Everglades P 5 ozer
    6- $1 Silver HOF PF
    7- Sacabucks
    8- JFK Silver RP
    9-JFK Silver EH DPL
    10- $5 Gold HOF unc.

    Blind squirrel=Nut eventually found 😉 Thanks…

  40. vk says

    Hello GF…Thanks for your info on the gold/oil ratio. What’s the best way to get into oil? ETF OIL?

    thanks in advance.

  41. GoldFishin says

    @vk – I am playing the low oil with some of the large integrateds that are yielding over 4%. I don’t like naming names in this forum, but you can look up one that is yielding over 6% and has had some liability issues(think oil spill). Even if they were to cut the dividend it is still a stock I like in long run. Technically I am still watching the integrateds as they are attempting to build a base, but it is still early on them. And yes, you answered your own question on the other ETF, I bought some this morning 12.26. Keep in mind these are very long term plays for me, multiyear, I actually am planning on building a position down to as low as $35 oil. I don’t think that will happen, but $40 something is doable. I expect to hold these positions until oil reaches $85 again, which is where I think it will return. By the way, I had a typo on the ratio, I meant to put 23.25, anything near or above 24 is screaming “buy me”. Remember gold could fall and reduce the ratio, so I calculate that into my equation. Patience is a virtue in my opinion. Good luck!

    Also, the oil etf you mentioned has some intrinsic risk that is a little complicated to explain, but because it is based on futures contracts, there are risks that are involved. I wouldn’t put more into it than you feel comfortable with.

  42. vk says

    Thanks GF for your info. Neat clue on oil spill. I might get into OIL if the crude drops below 45. I am also long. Let see. thanks again!

  43. Joe says

    Now that the Kennedy coins have been out for 50 years my interest has really dropped in obtaining any more. It will be interesting to see if sales of mint or proof sets are affected.

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