Ronald Reagan Presidential Dollar Design Candidates

At a meeting held today, the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee will be reviewing and discussing design candidates provided by the United States Mint across several programs. Among these are the design candidates for the 2016 Ronald Reagan Presidential Dollar.

Readers may recall that the CCAC as well as the CFA have already reviewed design candidates for other 2016 Presidential Dollars to be issued honoring Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. At the time, design candidates for a coin honoring Ronald Reagan were not included, leading to uncertainty as to whether he would be eligible for a coin within the program.

As I explained in the linked post, there has been long running uncertainty about President Reagan’s eligibility. The authorizing legislation provides that only Presidents who have been deceased for at least two years are eligible to be honored. Another section of the legislation provides that the coins should be issued in the order of the period of service of each President. While Reagan (the 40th President) would seem to be eligible under the first criteria, the fact that Jimmy Carter (the 39th President) is still living would mean one Presidency would have to be skipped to honor Reagan.

It was my interpretation that skipping an ineligible President would not make the series go out of order and Regan should be eligible for a coin. Inquiries to the Mint had yielded only broadly worded responses which did not specifically address the situation. The US Mint’s response from last year can be seen in this post.

Earlier this year, the situation was finally resolved with the outcome first reported in CoinWorld that Ronald Reagan would be honored within the Presidential $1 Coin Program and Nancy Reagan would be honored within the First Spouse Gold Program.

Without further ado, included below are the design candidate images prepared by the United States Mint for the 2016 Ronald Reagan Presidential Dollar. Coverage of the CCAC and later CFA meetings discussions and recommendations will follow. Click on any image to enlarge.

rr1 rr2 rr3 rr4 rr5 rr6 rr7 rr8

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  1. Leo S. says

    I vote for the RR01 design. To me that looks like the real Ronny. Even though I’m a Democrat, you couldn’t help liking the guy.

  2. CasualCollector says

    My order of preference: 1, 2, 4 (1 being the closest from what I remember). I will get a few rolls of these…

  3. says

    The Gipper is Back!

    “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

  4. whatajoke says

    Looks like the mint is changing the budget shipping, it’s now USPS Priority Mail Signature (not UPS) for a $1500 order.

  5. Dustyroads says

    01 is nice, but 06 has a shoulder angle which may make it better suited for coins.

  6. Dustyroads says

    In the last hour I added a 5 oz. AtB Homestead to my subscription list, it has now been marked as shipped in my order history.

  7. CasualCollector says

    good point about the shoulder angle. That was the one thing I did not like about #1…

  8. A Bob says

    #1 is superior which means it will be rejected.
    If they can coin a living spouse, why not a living President? I like a certain order to my Presidents.

  9. Ikaika says

    Holding off on the 5 oz. AtB Homestead until the March of Dimes set is released to save on shipping. I have a feeling the 5 oz. AtB Homestead will still be available in a few weeks.

  10. Brad says

    #1 would definitely be the best in my opinion. If not that one, then hopefully #2 or 3. I don’t really care for the angle of #4, and numbers 5-8 are pretty much hideous in my opinion.

    I too wish they would amend the law just enough to allow Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter to have coins, simply for series continuity. There have been exceptions to the rule the U.S. usually adheres to of not placing images of living people on money, albeit very few. And, since the spouses are already exempt, making an exception for Jimmy Carter would be a good time for one. It looks like it won’t happen, though. We’ll just have to deal with that missing #39 in both series.

  11. whatajoke says

    @Dustyroads — are you sure? Because when I checked mine it was way down the list with my orders from back in Oct. 2014 and it says processing.

  12. Dustyroads says

    whatajoke~ Yeah, I haven’t been charged for it yet, and there’s no tracking info, but the order is marked as shipped.

  13. thePhelps says

    Dusty…the shipped is just a indicator for the subscription.

    Also I got my Homelystead bullion today and it looks very similar to yours. The sad thing is the coin itself is almost DMPL…except for the underlying die markings.. then I turned it over and looked at Washington… who is almost cameo on this one.

  14. thePhelps says

    Also for those who didn’t give the “Remind Me” button a try – I set the remind me for the Homelystead ATB…and got a reminder email today when it became available.

  15. thePhelps says

    Ralph…did yours say this?

    “The product you requested a reminder for is now available.”

  16. Mark says

    All subscriptions are marked as shipped….but it wont ship until it ships..confusing yes.

  17. Dustyroads says

    thePhelps~ Yes, it’s very upsetting. I think this could have easily been avoided.

  18. John c says

    1 is my choice as it is also how I remember him. On a side note the 3 coin Marshall set that I oredered on 3/3 shipped out yesterday, you just never know what kind of service you will get from the mint.

  19. Coincollector says

    They should have waited for Carter to pass. I understand everyone is eager for a Reagan coin but it is disrespectful to Jimmy Carter who happened to also be president.

  20. fmtransmitter says

    Yea, what is up with all of a sudden a Reagan coin and no Carter? And a FS gold? Hmm….Looks like business as usual, poor Jimmy had to come in at the worst time and try to do something impossible…When will the bubble burst? Never as long as there is ink and cotton paper, we can never default!

  21. thePhelps says… I think it would be ridiculous to wait for Carter to die before issuing the coin. There is nothing in the law that says they have to stop because a past president is still living. That said the law does say a president has to be dead before they can be honored with a coin.

    fm… what exactly was the “worst time” Carter had to deal with? I can think plenty about the worst time he left behind. He made a mess – left a mess… and didn’t do anything constructive with his 4 years in office.

  22. says

    Was Carter really ‘present’ when he was president?

    Does a bear ____ in the woods?

    Ok, let’s get serious for a moment, when you go to the JKF 50th Anny clad set page, the OOS is gone and the ‘Remind Me’ button is present – I’ve been out of the game for a few weeks, is this a recent change? It wasn’t the case 3 weeks ago, and there’s about 2,500 sets still short from the 200k max sell out.

    Anyone recall? Come on guys, what’s the gut feeling on those remaining sets?

  23. says

    GF – Hope you’re doing well out there! Back at you on a question I threw out to ya, think it may be worth paying a little extra on a ten day run starting on a Thursday or so, thereby getting two looks over a weekend with a Mon/Tues wrap up. BTW- just got back results on my Smokey’s, 2 out 3 will help pay the bill for ‘a Glades to maintain the collection. Truth by told, I thought females were ridiculous with their shoes, we’re even worse with trying to maintain a collection…, truth be told! Good Luck!

  24. CasualCollector says

    Not sure what you mean? I never said anything about waiting for Carter to pass???

    they seem to have a few items like that. Look at the FS Roosevelt Proof — the REMIND ME button is there now (just like the K14 Set). I check the K14’s about once per day (along with the Sac C&C and the 2014 FS Bronze Medal Sets).

    Side Note: I saw a seller on eBay with the Sac C&C Sets. he was offering 2 sets (one with a “low” and one with a “high” serial number on the bills. The interesting thing was the Dollar Bill with the “high” serial number was J057 51947 — meaning they must not be sequential because if they were sequential the last 5 digits could not have gone past 50,000 (actually lower than that, because the “lowest” searial was something like J056 96000

  25. Hidalgo says

    @fmtransmitter -it’s alll politics. I’m sure Republicans pushed to have Ronnie and Nancy Regan coins. If you ever walk through the interior of the Capitol, you’ll find images of Regan in several places…..

  26. GoldFishin says

    @KCSO- good job on the GSM’s…did you still have them sealed for FS or just regular label. I still haven’t pulled the trigger on the SP Glades…..the graded population isn’t all that low even though the mintage is. I did manage to meet my price goal and got a couple glade 69 dmpl’s for less than cost of grading, long story. I am in the process of purchasing some lead bullion to compliment my PM’s and help keep the prairie dogs off my homelystead. 😉 I have a gut feeling about some things that don’t sit well with me at the moment. I am in patient mode right now and about saving resources where possible and diversifying into other things. Not sure what you meant in your first couple statements. If you wish to clarify you can always remember…gold coins, silver coins, circus coins.

  27. Jerry Diekmann says

    Not much difference between #1 and #3, and they appear to be the best likenesses of the former President. Even though I usually vote Democrat, I was one of the many Independents and Democrats who liked him – he certainly appeared presidential., which is more than I can say for some of the ones who came after him. I especially like him for having the courage to call the Soviet Union what it was, “an evil empire”, and for standing at the Berlin Wall and telling Michail Gorbachev, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” I think his “Star Wars” defense program was instrumental in bankrupting the evil empire and causing it to disintegrate from within.

  28. BFN says

    A couple of months back, I e-mailed my Senators and Representative asking that they verify that RR would be honored with a Presidential coin and was assured that each were already directing that question to the Mint. Assume there were plenty of folks asking about the issue to get a positive response on the topic – who knows. I am pleased the the answer is now favorably resolved and I vote for RR – 1.

  29. Jerry Diekmann says

    ABob – you are right on both counts. If we had to put up with that horrid-looking Eunice Shriver, we can at least have coins with the portraits of Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter. I never bought the Shriver coin – she received much more credit than she ever deserved, but her nephew was running the coinage program in Congress then, so the American people got stuck with this terrible design – she looks like a witch.

  30. TonyW says

    My Reagan pick is #1

    Also – I agree with Hildogo and FM and Leo – There should be a high relief for Jimmy for giving the North Koreans the nuclear bomb – what a peace loving great American! People need to embrace that with a hand up and out and possibly some jobs all people will become saints.

  31. Sith says

    I guess I’m the only one who thinks these coins remind me of the crypt keeper. I only like #8, I like it because as Mark said a smiling president…in the others coins the smiles look more like a grimmest.

  32. Dustyroads says

    Sith~ I thought 08 looked like a campaign button.
    07 looks like an evil character from a Batman movie.
    05 looks like a plastic Ronny doll.
    04 is a little more disturbing because it makes him look as though he may have Alzheimer’s.
    02 is just a bad side view of him.
    leaving 01, 03, and 06 to choose from. I would bet on 06.

  33. says

    According to Wikipedia, Ronnie was among the notables who actually sported a widow’s peak. Therefore, it would seem that 07 is the most accurate depiction of his hairline.

  34. billb says

    Carter did NOTHING constructive in 4 years?
    I would say brokering the peace deal between Egypt and Israel was pretty huge.

    Folks, sorry for politicizing the mint blog!

  35. Jerry Diekmann says

    Carter’s presidency was mixed. He tried to be a peacemaker and was successful with Egypt and Israel, and a failure with Iran – the hostage crisis and failed arrempt to liberate them happened during his presidency. He inherited a national economy from Nixon and Ford that was spiralling out of control in terms of inflation, the highest in any of our lifetimes. He was unsuccessful in curbing inflation during his presidency. So he will be rememberd for his successes and his failures. He was probably too decent a man to be an effective President, given the political climate then, which unfortunately has only worsened in the intervening years. IMO.

  36. Bob R says

    I want the Carter coin now…Just think what the prices will be with a PCGS Carter signed slab.

  37. Jerry Diekmann says

    Bob R – i don’t collect modern slabs, but can PCGS issue a slab with Carter’s facsimile signature on it without his approval or payment to him for the right of using his signature?

  38. Western Sage says

    RR-01 should be the choice. Since several of the recent presidential dollar choices look NOTHING like the real men, this would be a refreshing return to sanity.

  39. stephen m says

    #1 followed by #7 for Ronnie. Carter needs to pass before he gets his turn on any coins. The peanut farmer from Georgia biggest fault was laying out all his plans in advance and announcing them to the public and world. Never show your hole cards y’all.

  40. cagcrisp says

    With 1 data point out of 10, I am Predicting a Drop in the Mint’s Gold pricing Next Wednesday (03/11)…

    Non Farm Payroll for February much stronger than expected, June rate hike becoming More likely, Interest rates Higher, USD stronger which forces Gold lower…

  41. cagcrisp says

    Got my Days mixed up, there is actually 3 data points out of 10 on the Gold fixes. The Average of the 3 data points is $1,199.42…

  42. Ikaika says

    Anyone has any news on the sales date for the 2015 March of Dimes Special Set? Is it going to be on the 13th along with the UNC and PF silver coins?

  43. bg35765 says

    I would like to see Congress amend the law so that no coins will be issued until any predecessor Presidents and spouses have died and the coins must be issued in order.

    And also amend it so that the presidential coin and first spouse series continue in perpetuity.

    In my lifetime it wouldn’t matter much. But in the long term there could be stretches of multiple decades with no coins issued and then there would be several issued in one year. This would be an exciting event in the coin collecting hobby that would get future collectors interested in what are unpopular coins now.

  44. Dave SW FL says

    The question of the day is : How many pricing levels will gold fall before it’s all over?

    If $1140 gets wiped out, we may be able to afford all those low mintage First Spouse Uncs!
    Not to mention Marshal & Buffalo golds.
    Blood in the streets buying could get very tempting!!!

  45. whatajoke says

    Yeah, lower gold prices just in time for the AGE proofs next week. I better get my ad back up on Craigslist to let everyone know that “I PAY SPOT FOR GOLD AND SILVER US COINS” ……..Lower prices means another glorious buying opportunity.

  46. John c says

    Jerry, I am guessing that Bob R is referring to a real signature, similar to the hall of fame coins. I am sure he would be paid quite nicely if he opted to do it. I am not sure what happens if a facimile is used though.

  47. Teach says

    I just read an article about the MoD set. There will be a limit of 75K sets, household limit of 5, goes on sale May 4th at noon for the cost of $61.95.

  48. fmtransmitter says

    @bg35765: I agree and that is a great point about making it an interesting series to collect and keep kids and future coin hobbyists on their toes.

  49. Ikaika says

    @ cagcrisp

    Thank you for the info on the MOD set. I will go ahead and purchase the 5 oz Homestead ATB. I thought the MOD set would be available this month. I was going to purchase together to save on shipping.

  50. Brad says


    Congrats on the scratch-off! Hopefully you haven’t spent more than $1,000 on losing scratch-offs over the years. If so, you’re still behind!

    The way I win my money on scratch-offs is by looking over the ones in the garbage can by the vending machine while I’m waiting for my pizza at Casey’s General Store. You’d be surprised how many times people overlook winning tickets and throw them away! My total garbage take so far is $126. I found a $1, $5, two $20’s, a $30 and a $50. With the exception of one of the $20’s and the $50, the rest were break-even prizes. But, they were all pure profit for me since I didn’t have to pay for them!

  51. Jerry Diekmann says

    bg35765 – respectfully disagree with you. Reagan was our 40th president, and let’s just stop there. We don’t need to see any more failures like the Bushs or Clinton, especially after the failures of Nixon and Ford. Reagan was the last president who looked and acted like a president, and before him you have to go all the way back to LBJ, who.p a lot of people don’t like either. I don’t see these coins becoming popular in the future, whether or not they continue on in the future. The reason they are unpopular today is because they portray presidents who were, by their actions and misdeeds, unpopular when they were presidents, and history has only served to reinforce their failures and increase their unpopularity. Nixon was certain to be impeached for felonies, so he resigned, Ford being president was an unlikely event indeed, the culmination of several mistakes by the prior administration – he wasn’t elected Vice President or President by the people, and never would have been elected president except for Nixon’s fall from disgrace. The only time Ford ran, he was defeated by a very weak candidate, Carter, because the people were sick of the Nixon-Ford years. Carter tried to be a peacemaker but totally mismanaged the domestic economy. Since Reagan, all the presidents have been ineffective, dishonest, or alarmingl stupid. Let’s forgo having to see these losers – we have already been punished with the likes of 19th century disasters like. Van Buren, Tyler, Fillmore,, Pierce , Buchanan and A. Johnson.. Why would anyone want to have a remembrance of any of these men is beyond me, unless you just have tot have a complete collection? Please – let’s not insult the American people by continuing this inane series. Just stop the series – it was a terribly bad idea in the first place for several reasons – half of the Presidents were terrible, and they are only worth remembering in a history book. Stop printing dollar bills and go back to allegorical, not politically correct, versions of Liberty – like the images on the Winged Liberty Head dime or the Peace dollar. Again, all of this is just my opinion. And change the composition of the dollar coin – manganese is a truly poor metal to be used as a coinage alloy. The alloys used in the Canada loon dollar and the Euro coins are much better and they don’t tarnish like these manganese alloys do. You would have thought we would have learned this from the “war nickels”. But, we haven’t, and the mistakes continue, and the coins don’t circulate and people don’t like them, and they are expensive failures.

  52. Jerry Diekmann says

    One last rant – this on the March of Dimes set – why couldn’t the Mint have included a Winged Libert Head dime in the set, instead of two Roosevelt dimes? They are supposedly celebrating the 75th anniversary (actually it’s the 77th anniversary – just another example from the Mint of issungl commemorative coins in a non-commemorative year) in 2015. Why not issue a commemorative dime that was actually being minted 75 or 77 years ag – the truly beautiful Winged Liberty head dime? Another missed opportunity by the Mint. Maybe they can make up for the mistake and issue a 90% SILVER dime in 2016, in uncircualted and proof conditions. Those coins would be a big seller, IMO.

  53. Jerry Diekmann says

    whatajoke – Regarding reverse mortgages – yes, and we can thank him too for the opportunity given to
    washed up and over-the-hill actors with no consciences for continuing their spiels on these i”investments” – bankers and insurance companies just love reverse mortgages – the fees they get for pitching and selling these financial instruments are unconscionable.

  54. meryxmasmrscrooge says

    Why skip Carter? Are presidents just a “number”? I think this is a little disrespectful.
    And why does a president have to be dead to be on a coin? Will he get too conceited like Caesar?
    Or does this make us congruent to a monarchy?
    I think not. All the presidents served this country well the best they could even with their human faults.
    They deserve to be honored, not according to their year of death.
    Whether dead or not, the opinion stated here is the series should continue up to Obama.

  55. meryxmasmrscrooge says

    Yes, comment awaiting moderation. Yes, this is not fre speech. I am outta here

  56. Conder101 says

    “Carter did NOTHING constructive in 4 years?
    I would say brokering the peace deal between Egypt and Israel was pretty huge.”

    Not when you consider that Egypt and Israel had already reached out to each other to form a Peace deal and were well on their way to doing so when Carter inserted himself into it. His doing so probably delayed the Peace deal by many months and at one point almost derailed it. The Peace Deal came about in spite of Carter, not because of him.

    “I too wish they would amend the law just enough to allow Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter to have coins, simply for series continuity. There have been exceptions to the rule the U.S. usually adheres to of not placing images of living people on money, albeit very few.”

    There have been no exceptions. There has been a law on the books since the late 1860’s early 1870’s that no living person may appear on the currency, but there is no law that forbids it on the coinage. It has merely been traditional. The only laws that have forbidden living people on the coins have been those specifically written in to apply to a particular series, no blanket condemnation.

    And if you amended to law to allow the Carter’s, how could you then justify not including the Bush’s, Clinton and Obama as well?

    “There is nothing in the law that says they have to stop because a past president is still living. ”

    Actually there is. The law specifies the presidents are to honored in the order in which they served. Carter isn’t eligible because he hasn’t been dead for two years, but by doing Reagan they will now have one out of order. If the law had said to honor the ELIGIBLE Presidents in the order they served that would be different and skipping Carter would not raise a question.

  57. Conder101 says

    “One last rant – this on the March of Dimes set – why couldn’t the Mint have included a Winged Libert Head dime in the set, instead of two Roosevelt dimes? They are supposedly celebrating the 75th anniversary (actually it’s the 77th anniversary – just another example from the Mint of issungl commemorative coins in a non-commemorative year) in 2015.”

    While it is being called the March of Dimes set, like you point out it is NOT an anniversary year for the March of Dimes. It is also not an anniversary year for the Roosevelt dime The actual anniversary this thing is supposed to be marking is the 60th anniversary of the Salk Vaccine for Polio. (60 years is a silly anniversary too, better would have been the 50th, or wait awhile and go for the 75th.) The March of Dimes is tied in because that was their cause back then, The Roosevelt dimes are tied in because Roosevelt had Polio, and he founded the March of Dimes.

  58. Zaza Siamashvili says

    Finally, I am so thrilled and happy… Finally, the Gipper DOES not need this, WE need this!!!! The Gipper Rules!!!!

  59. says

    #1 or #3 GETS MY VOTE. Received in the mail one of the Mint’s advertising gimmicks. Offering the March of Dimes Silver Dollar and two dimes. In a 3 coin set, in proof and uncirculated. Asking $46.95 for the proof (DM1 – Proof, “W” mint mark) and $43.95 for the Uncirculated (DM2 – Uncirculated, “P” mint mark). The offerings are confusing. They claim only 75,000 silver sets will be “made”. Then, a bit later, they state that the mintage limit for the silver coins is 500,000 “across all product options”.

    It is obvious they are really pushing these offerings. The total ASW of the three coins (the dollar and two dimes) is about 29 grams. Silver value is about $15.00, face value is $1.20. That is quite a premium. I would imagine they anticipate great profits. Which I personally find offensive. Our mint is minting coins for us, and many other nations, and is running a commercial business on the side! I realize that this is MY OWN OPINION, but their mission is corrupted. Steel used for dies, and all of the equipment for minting coins (not to mention the base metals) are being used for “private commercial purposes”. Much equipment use, much time, and much labor is taken away from their original purpose to exist — and is directed toward a commercial function. This bothers me. Sorry if some of you do not approve of my complaining here, but it is hard to be silent. If they even have or had a mission, is their mission to provide benefits for others besides their retired employees?? I wonder.


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