Sales Figures for 2013 ATB 5 Oz. Silver Bullion Coins

atbLast week, the United States Mint sold out of the numismatic version of the White Mountain National Park Five Ounce Silver Coin. Meanwhile, the bullion version of the same design had also apparently sold out and other designs for this year are nearing sell out levels.

As a brief recap, the US Mint offers the America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Coins in both bullion and numismatic versions. The bullion versions are sold through a network of authorized purchasers who acquire the coins directly from the US Mint based on the market price of silver plus a fixed mark up and distribute them to the broader market. These coins carry a brilliant finish and do not have a mint mark.

The numismatic versions are sold by the US Mint directly to the public at a fixed price, which may be adjusted after a significant movement in precious metals prices. The coins carry an uncirculated finish created through a vapor blasting technique and include the “P” mint mark on the obverse.

The latest sales figures for the bullion versions of the 2013 ATB Five Ounce Silver Coins are shown below. These amounts represent the number of coins sold to authorized purchasers.

White Mountain 35,000
Perry’s Victory 26,200
Great Basin 27,200
Fort McHenry 27,600
Mount Rushmore n/a

According to Dave Harper, the US Mint has set maximum mintages of 35,000 coins each for the White Mountain and Mount Rushmore designs and maximum mintages of 30,000 coins each for the Perry’s Victory, Great Basin, and Fort McHenry designs.

Based on the levels indicated, the White Mountain design has already sold out at the authorized purchaser level. The next three designs are approaching sell out levels. The Mount Rushmore design is scheduled for release on November 4 and may see stronger sales due to the popularity of the site.

The sales levels for this year’s ATB bullion coins represent a step higher compared to the 2012 releases, which marked the lows for the bullion series to date. The Hawaii Volcanoes and Denali designs had mintages of 20,000 pieces each. The remaining three issues had final mintages ranging from 24,000 to 25,4000 pieces each.

Despite the rise for the 2013 bullion issues, in the scheme of things mintages still seem quite low. When the series launched at the end of 2010, mintage levels of 33,000 pieces for each of the designs set off a speculative frenzy, which had forced the US Mint to take some drastic steps to control the distribution of the coins.

The peak bullion mintage for the series reached 126,700 pieces for both the Gettysburg and Glacier National Park issues. For the past two years, mintages have remained well below these levels despite rising silver bullion sales.

Finally, compared to the American Silver Eagle bullion coins, which are on track to sell more than 40 million for this year, the ATB sales are absolutely miniscule.

If mintage levels continue to move higher for future years of the ATB bullion series, this will leave further room for lower mintage earlier issues to be differentiated and command premiums. There are already premiums attached to last year’s lower mintage issues such as the Hawaii Volcanoes and Denali designs.

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  1. KEITHSTER says

    Has anybodys status changed on their backordered WM P’s my 2 ordered on the 4th are still exspected to ship on the 18th ya right sure hope so. Had to cancel my instock 5***** $5 unc just incase they do! Hope I did’nt make um to mad you go mint 🙂 Good luck all!:>

  2. thePhelps says

    Keithster… your WM will ship. You got your order in before they sold out.

    I think this series is getting pretty interesting myself – both the bullion and P pucks have buyers – and will have more as we get further in and people realize what they missed. The first 3 years will end up being harder to find at reasonable prices – probably because the price of silver impacted the purchases. I didn’t become overly interested until the price dropped under $200 and now I am hooked.

    I am not a fan of some of the early ones – but Acadia and El Junque are 2 I need to find someday. I even kind of like the Hot Springs coin…even though it does look like an old fashion commode.

  3. Patrick says

    Has anyone had problems ordering through Goldmart? I had no problems when I ordered the Reverse Proof Buffalo so I ordered some other coins. I got a notice re shipping a few days after my order but the coins never came. I contacted them and they told me there was a problem with the shipping and said they would be shipped by the end of the week. It has now been a month later, I still don’t have the coins and they haven’t responded to my latest emails. I also called but no response from that either.

  4. fmtransmitter says

    @Patrick, I have read SEVERAL times on here about GM’s poor CS…Good luck with your order or refund…

  5. AkBob says

    I too have had an issue with Goldmart when I ordered a RP Buffalo. Their customer service was terrible and only after I asked for a refund and wanted to cancel the order they somehow magically came up with the coin the next day and shipped it immediately. That was my first and LAST order I will make with them. I have also heard of problems with them from other folks as well. Good luck!!! Again, their CS was TERRIBLE!!!

  6. KEITHSTER says

    Thanks thePhelps I sure hope so but remember one poster saying they had 1 backordered for a month so I hope I didn’t get kicked back to the end of that line? I mostly order early but didn’t on that one I think because people were having problems with them same with the PV’s that and low funds. But I’m still in the game and will let you know if I get them! As I don’t have the bullion ones would love to hear if anyone that does has any of the lip nick variety that’s the ones with the hole in George’s lip but most will need to use their glasses to see the hole I have them in the P’s but wonder if the same die was used on the bullion? Check them lips please:) Good luck to us all:>

  7. says

    fm….the 01 Buffalo set may have been a great investment for the original owner…but the buyer of this auction should not expect to make money on thises coins. But, if someone has the funds and just wants these to add to their collection…well, good for them.

  8. high low silver says

    Always a pleasure to hear your comments Steve!.. Thanks for all your info on the coins I purchased !! Love them (Perth Mint) & all !!

  9. fmtransmitter says

    Yes, I meant the original buyer and seller, not the current buyer..$880 and change, I’ll pass..

  10. Dustyroads says

    FM~Watching the same one are you? As soon as I saw that, I had to grab my own set that I have here in ogp and take one more look to see if they could be 70’s. lol

  11. Patrick says

    Thanks for the info about Goldmart. Now I know (sadly) that I am not the only one. I can be very patient but what I have a hard time dealing with are the lies. Don’t tell me something has been shipped when it hasn’t been. Don’t tell me you will get back to me at the end of the day when you won’t. If there is going to be a delay just tell me and I can deal with it (although I think they shouldn’t charge me until the item is ready to be shipped).

  12. Zaz says

    Hey, wait a minute, this low-mintage output has been pretty obvious to the posters on this blog, so it’s preaching to the choir. That said, bully for those that took advantage of short sales of Volcanoes and Denali in either format which I think you were predicting to happen, Michael. 30K is indeed minuscule, add a few more issues from next year and it might go past the point of no return for most newbies as a challenge to collect the series. There are two factors I believe at work, the debacle of 2011 coins and their vastly over-estimated demand, so they applied FS treatment, curtailed production well before the end of the year, which is now considered to be Sept. 30th? Anyway good article to remind us of these worthy beauties, if I can’t actually set foot in Yosemite or Arcadia National Park, I have the coin to look at!

  13. Zaz says

    @KEITHSTER: You might’ve made a smart move with a week of a drop in price by one tier for the gold coins. The PM markets barely blinked when took a bath on Friday. Anything goes if we default on Thursday and this government is certainly might I dare to add, even happily willing to do that. 5G2 is the last item in the line up I need to have and I do like the looks of good ‘ol Mac, a worthy opponent to FDR on the dime! I bought and returned three times due to every example having a over polished hot spot around MacArthur’s ear. Such a small coin, doesn’t seem that difficult to produce.

  14. thePhelps says

    @Zaz – there is no reason the government should default on anything. The reality is they take in plenty of money to make interest payments (which is about all they pay anyway). Just because they aren’t allowed to keep spending doesn’t mean we have to stop sending them money. I find irony in that Harry Reid was just a month ago squealing like a pig with his mantra “pay the Chinese instead of helping the poor”. Now he is worried about defaulting on loans to the same Chinese… give me a break.

  15. fmtransmitter says

    Yes Dusty, it was mentioned in Michael’s email update in “Coin Update” so took a gander and watched go up up up…Hadn’t started collecting yet in 01 but sure wish I had. Just hoping some of my collection will pop one day. I read in this hobby you cannot expect true growth for 5 to ten years. Makes sense. If you have 70’s may be worthy of sending in, obviously that is a personal choice.

  16. stephen m says

    Patrick, MCM would not match prices with GoldMart for me on the 2coin 2013 WP graded set. MCM considers goldmart unreliable as the reason. That set now is selling $60.00 cheaper than was the starting price or about $30 a coin cheaper. When will a finale sales # be available for this set?

  17. fmtransmitter says

    I believe it was mentioned on here the final mintage of about 231 thousand and change for the WP 2 coin SE set..

  18. KEITHSTER says

    @Zaz ya hope your right had it on the backorder you know just in case with a 10 16 13 maybe ship date but when I checked it sunday in stock and reserved with button and my WM’s set for 10 18 13. Had read all the return stuff on the fiver and had hoped with backorder they had made some anew as the did on the 50 center and as the are off backorder hit the cancel button and hope for my mountains to come!They can’t last long hope to get one but who knows? Good luck:):>

  19. nick says

    im debating getting the ft mchenry 5 ozer. not sure if I want to drop 160 on it tho…. im still used to silver being 4$ an oz. if it returns to near that its a step loss

  20. Sith says

    Nick – IMHO I don’t think we will see $4 an ounce ever again (unless we get a new dollar,) and your looking at a “P” version so it should hold up relatively well if it is a popular coin. The 2012’s were sold when silver had a high price and their values have actually gone up over their initial costs, so speculating if silver does go back to $4 an ounce these coins should hold up well based on mintage alone as the high of 125K for the 2011’s would come back with a vengeance, as I and everyone else would buy as many as the mint could produce at that price.

  21. Dustyroads says

    Nick~Because of inflation, your going to see prices continually move up. I don’t know when silver was $4., but it wasn’t long ago that one could buy a Silver Eagle bullion for $9. or $10. I think that when someday we do see our economy have an actual recovery, and inventories begin to rise, we are going to begin seeing some serious inflation due to all the liquidity created by the Fed over the past several years. Then we are most likely going to begin to see higher prices for silver, in my opinion.
    Nick~Keep in mind that as you are considering you purchase, that it’s more of a money conversion than an expenditure. Some people plan on never turning it back into cash, but it should at least be in the back of their mind, just as a rainy day plan.

  22. Sith says

    @nick – Even at these prices the mint can not keep up with ASE demand and has been rationing them all year. The current demand of the US Mint alone is surpassing total domestic silver mine production. Can you imagine the demand if prices would go back to $4 an ounce? As the Mint can’t keep up with the current ASE demand you better believe that the increase in demand will spill over to the ATBs, and your low 30K mintage would have value to all the new collectors\stackers.

  23. Sith says

    @Nick – Why the sudden re-interest in silver if your use to silver at $4 an ounce you have not bought much silver for about 10 years?

  24. thePhelps says

    @ A & L… thanks!

    The mouse over on the coin was an interesting feature. I am still not impressed with the way the wording is placed on the reverse – you’d think by now they would have a consistant font choosed on these as well.

  25. nick says

    thank you sith and dusty, thank you for your responses. I think im going to go ahead and order one now, and im not back in the game after 10 years, but I have been buying numismatic not bullion and im back on the market for bullion. the atb’s end in 2021 I hope silver drops down further and I can pick up a few others further down the road. im not going to try and get the whole set

  26. Dustyroads says

    Nick~I’m not trying to buy the entire set either, so far I have purchased one bullion, and one P of the same coin over the last couple years since I have begun to really like owning them. There is just no way I can commit to beginning a set not knowing if funds will always permit me too, but I figure I can always liquidate less desirable coins over time and hang on to the gems.

  27. nick says

    I understand, I wish the 2012’s weren’t so expensive at the time. I now own a P Ft Mchenry. white mountain is also nice, but I think ill wait until 2014 before getting another. truth be told, I do not care for the upcoming designs.

  28. Ray says

    I’m very similar when it comes to the AtBs. The are my fav coins sold by the us mint. And I begun buying them with Hawaii/Denali (I really regret not buying Acadia, since it is so unique and my family has always collected lighthouse type stuff, as do a tno of coastal families). I bought all the uncirculated 2013s and I’ll try to buy each year remaining, but I am not buying the bullion regularly, and I certainly dont have much interest in looking backwards and buying the 2010/2011s.

  29. nick says

    Ray- I hear you with the lighthouse theme. Im hoping the NJ Ellis Island coin will be nice, its not coming out for a few years though

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