San Francisco Set Orders Reach 85,341

The United States Mint has posted the opening order count for the 2012 San Francisco Silver Eagle Set. The total number of units ordered is listed as 85,341.

Sales for the eagerly awaited set containing proof and reverse proof 2012-S Silver Eagles began yesterday at 12:00 Noon ET. Many readers reported slow response time from the US Mint’s website and busy phone lines. Later in the afternoon, the US Mint’s website appears to have crashed for a brief period.

Despite the apparent rush of customer orders, total sales after more than 24 hours of availability are still below the sales of 100,000 units that was achieved for the 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Sets after about five hours. A possible reason might be the greater degree of speculative buying for the 25th Anniversary Set, with many people ordering multiple sets for re-sale. For the present offering, customers may have been satisfied with purchasing only the sets they intend to keep in their collection.

Another factor is that the San Francisco Sets will remain available for the next four weeks with no threat of a sell out. Some customers might be taking their time to place orders, rather fight against the US Mint server/phone delays.

Sales of the 2012 San Francisco Silver Eagle Set will continue until July 5, 2012 at 5:00 PM ET. The sales odometer that the US Mint has posted on the product page will be updated each day around 3:00 PM ET with the latest sales total, as it also counts down the number of days left to place orders.

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  1. Brad says

    That opening figure is very encouraging. I think that probably 40% of that total could still be speculative sales, subject to cancellation if the sales number gets too high.

    This set just might be a winner after all…

  2. Blair J. Tobler says

    “A possible reason might be the greater degree of speculative buying for the 25th Anniversary Set, which prompted more people to order multiple sets for re-sale.”

    Or maybe because we don’t have to buy them within four hours in order to get one!

  3. posterhunter says

    They may have to put out the spouse coins one a month at the end of the year.

    1 in Sept, 1 in Oct, 1 in Nov, and 1 in Dec.

  4. vaughnster says

    It’ll be very interesting to see how much of a dropoff there might be in today’s ordering numbers. I suspect it will be slow and steady until July 5th.

  5. SmallPotatos says

    Depending on demand, it will be interesting to see if there will be any die varieties for these coins.

  6. Wes says

    Maybe the price was set to high? This set should have been 129.95. If PM drop anymore this set may stay under 500,000 units.

  7. ED says

    These coins are collector coins , not circulating coins Small P….. I’ll pass on the “S” mint uncirculated quarters also…I wanna RP BUFFALO !!!

  8. george glazener says

    I want some buffalo meat too…!!

    Had some in Custer, SD last year. SOOOO GOOD..!!

  9. RSF says

    Michael or anyone: Has the Mint issued any kind of explanation for the slowness/crash? I thought they promised new ordering software/hardware with plenty of capacity for a sale like this. It obviously isn’t in place yet. Have they announced when?

  10. george glazener says

    MINT’s Product Schedule Page shows this item:

    06/26/2012 2012 Presidential $1 Four-Coin Sets

    Anyone know what this will be? Is it new?

  11. Wes says

    George pretty sure that is just a set of the proof Presidential dollar coins They issue set every year and it’s included with the regular proof mint sets.

  12. george glazener says

    That’s what I thought, but that sub-set is already out (PE1).

    Oh well, no big deal. It’s only clad….LOL

  13. ED says

    Larry – I’ll sell alot of my silver for that one . 2013 is the 100th anniversery of the Buffalo !!

  14. KEITHSTER says

    Just checked my status on the SF’s on hold backordered with no cancellation box. Maybe the Mints catching on to all this order then cancell stuff.They might make you take what you ordered then have to send it back for a refund. That would tie up your flipping money and cost you extra postage.So be carefull and order just the # of sets you need.

  15. Brad says

    We’ll see, Ed. I don’t think 40% of that opening figure being speculation purchases is laughable at all. There’s not much danger in rolling the dice when there’s a long cancellation period if sales get too high.

  16. guama says

    I was thinking of picking up another set. That way if the sets I purchased have issues I can have a guaranteed set.

  17. Vaughnster says

    I think the Mint is wise to ship these as soon as possible. They’re already minted and why give some people the option of canceling an order 4 weeks after it was placed with no penalty. What other business allows that? If they start shipping soon, the number of sets sold will actually mean something.

  18. Brad says

    About the only way I can think of that the Mint can prevent cancellations is if they change the status to “In Stock and Reserved”, even though the sets might not actually ship out until the end of July. It would be somewhat devious of them to change the status simply to prevent cancellations prior to fulfillment, but it would be possible.

    And Ed, what kind of percentage of the first-day orders do YOU think were speculative? You can’t honestly believe that there were THAT many real collectors clogging the site and crashing it for an unlimited set, can you? I can still see up to 34,000 out of 85,000 sets sold being speculative, that doesn’t seem unreasonable to me. So, how many do you think it might have been?

  19. KEITHSTER says

    My Bad I went to the quick track order no cancellation box there. but on my regular page it’s there. So sorry about my last post order all you can then cancell.

  20. Kelly says


    Any chance of getting the number of orders placed for that number of sets???

  21. Vaughnster says

    I just got an e-mail from MCM and they are not pre-selling the 75th San Francisco ASE set but are taking non-binding orders for graded sets. No prices was given and it advised patience till late July or August. What a change from the 25th ASE Anniversary set.

  22. ABC says

    I think it’s right that the mint doesn’t allow customers to cancel their orders after a certain period of time by changing the order status/removing the cancellation box. This cuts down on the amount of orders by speculators. The mint should also remove the sales odometer and not release the number of orders placed until the ordering period was over.

  23. John says

    For everybody that says you can’t “cancel” just because the “button” is gone on the website, you can just call the 800 number… it’s that easy.

    As long as the item hasn’t shipped they will cancel your order. Unfortunately you can’t add to an order. For instance I bought two El Yunque ATB but they didn’t ship before the 2012 Silver Proofs Sets were released. So I cancelled the ATB order by phone then re-ordered everything at one time. Simple & easy.

    Like others have said the mint should send out these sets ASAP, that way if the numbers explode on July 5th flippers will be stuck with their inventory. Only a few people will buy from a dealer when they can get them directly from the mint at issue price.

  24. Wes says

    George, I was wrong that is a uncirculated 4 coin set of 2012 President 1 Dollar Coins. If it’s all four Presidents there would need to be a separate set one from Philadelphia and one from Denver.

  25. VA Dave says

    good question RSF – the mint’s web site has had problems with large demand, popular orders since the 2006 Buffalo proof was issued. I remember spending a couple hours getting that order in. I seem to remember seeing something in a previous post about the mint updating their ordering system by next year – it will not be soon enough. After the past couple years (25th Silver Eagle Set, Hot Springs 5oz, etc) seems they could afford to buy some more hefty iron to handle popular item ordering…..

  26. says


    The Mint’s software is to be upgraded by a British firm. The process is underway, but is not expected to be finished until… early 2013 I think. We still have awhile before the new website is launched. The gears of government grind very slowly, unfortunately.


    If I had to guesstimate, I’d say that maybe 5,000 of those orders could be cancelled. I’m basing this partly off the performance of the Defenders of Freedom Set. I will say with certainty, that absolutely no way do cancellations exceed 10K in any shape or form.

  27. Zaz says

    Good to see the spouses on the calendar, even though I don’t collect them, the series should continue to the last available FS for those that do.

  28. Natatack says

    They should have colored graphics when total hits 500,000 and fireworks when it hits a million, at that point the collectors will be happy and the flippers will be very financially disappointed.

  29. Saucexx says

    Why does anyone ultimately care how many flippers buy? Everybody has an equal chance to buy what they want. If the flippers buy 500k and they choke on them so be it.

  30. ED says

    Sauecxx: I think alot of collectors are still mad @ flippers after the 25th set sold out in 6 hours. I took off work and had 3 people with phones and laptops trying to get through (was only get 2sets) but after 3 1/2 hours I got in by phone and just blurted “5 sets” . I watched ebay after that and saw people with 25 sets for sale.

  31. Hidalgo says

    Because of so many complaints from the public about its inability to order last year’s anniversary ASE sets, the U.S. Mint decided it will mint the special San Francisco ASE sets to demand.

    So how many sets will be produced? Probably a few hundred 1,000. And now speculators, flippers, coin dealers and other get-rich-quick entrepreneurs are crying foul!

    Moral: Be careful of what you ask for …. you just might get it!

  32. ED says

    I’m still trying to figure out why there was a 20th anniversery and a 25th set for the coin !?! And now a 75th set for a Mints birthday. I say RP BUFFALO !! and I hope I get it

  33. William says

    “The Mint’s software is to be upgraded by a British firm.”

    Thats really sad if that is true. Obviously nothing against the Brits, but no excuse why a US government agency is outsourcing work that can be done by its own citizens. Gotta love the government…..

  34. Hidalgo says

    @William – I know that the US Government tries to contracts for services based on what can do what at the best cost. It could be that the British company made a better offer at a lower cots to the US Government to upgrade its website. And considering the scrutiny that big businesses are going through right for excessive spending and waste, perhaps have a foreign company do the job is a smart thing…. LOL

  35. stephen m. says

    Drums keep pounding rythm through my brain….SF sets made by the mint to make up for the lack of 25th anniversary sets to collectors? TV coin shows and large dealers buying a large % of the SF sets? If you want a set or sets buy them. They are going to be nice coins and they will bring a higher price after the sales period ends. And the beat goes on.

  36. Dan says

    I’d like to see the US Mint set a limit of 1 or 2 per household for the first week of a special set, then open up the limit based on how many sets remain. This would help to assure a broader coverage and make up for any problems their site has had especially on day 1 of a popular set. I think they have had limits in the past that have been raised after a period of time. This idea will be less popular with folks who line up their friends and family and buy the maximum sets in the hopes of flipping the sets to those less fortunate collectors.

  37. stephen m. says

    @Hidalgo turned 16 in 1966, Turned 21, to the day, when i arrived in another country after being drafted to serve and defend this good ole USA. Good days indeed. That was when everyday was a party instead of just an adventure. You?

  38. Saucexx says


    I think that’s just life. Dealers are buying these because let’s face it that’s what they do, sell coins. And there are plenty of 25th sets available, they just have a higher premium. Don’t take this as me approving. But as long as the mint gives collectors an equal chance to get what they want I don’t think you can ask for more.

    On a side note the HR Dragon from Perth was limited to one per customer but coin dealers are selling 10’s and hundreds of the coins graded or raw. I’d love to know how that was allowed to happen.

  39. ED says

    Saucexx: My 25th sets are stored away for about 9 or 10 years period.(collecting) I find it amusing my remaining 2006 sets are now @ $400 retail. Think about it….where were you in 2006 ? I turned to Ca. “wildlife series” RP early last year.

  40. says

    Incidentally, I do not agree with people suggesting production levels in the high hundreds of thousands. I think the sets will probably top out between 150K-200K. If it went over 200K, I’d be very surprised. I don’t think the sets will be unpopular, but I don’t think they’re going to sell 10K a day either


    I usually go to Whitman but unfortunately, I will be on vacation this time around. Then again, I don’t mind too much since the summer show is usually the slowest out of all of them.


    Most likely, a certain number of HRs were allocated ahead of time for select dealers. Alternatively, the dealers had multiple people ordering on their behalf similar to how things went down with the 25th anniversary set last year. In general as you said, as long as “on the ball” collectors have a chance to get the coins, I don’t really mind typical dealer behavior. It’s when you get things like the Perth region lockout that I start having complaints (but that’s more a discussion for WMNB rather than MNB).

  41. says


    “A sea of slabbed peace dollars and morgan silver dollars” is the best one-line description I can throw at you.

    The huge majority of coins on sale there will be modern gold and silver bullion, tubes of junk silver, and graded silver dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollars. The majority of the circulating coins will be from 1900-1964 with a fair selection of 1850-1900 era coins as well. Several tables sell old mint proof sets and silver proof sets. There are “specialist tables” – where you might find someone specializing in error coins for example – but the majority will sell generic slabbed coins. A few tables sell medals and tokens.

    You will not find a lot of modern world coins or modern world coin specialists. There was maybe just one or two tables that dealt in modern Perth products. A handful of tables were selling one ounce bullion silver dragons, all of which were overpriced. There are some tables specializing in historic world coins from certain countries and periods (for example, one table might specialize in Ancient Greek coins, another table might specialize in Ancient Roman coins, etc).

    If you’re looking for a high-grade, specific Morgan silver dollar or mercury dime to fill in that hole in your collection, Whitman is the place for you. It also is a good place if you’re looking to stock up on proof sets or junk silver. If you’re looking for coins like Michael features on WMNB, maybe not so much.

    The sheer volume of coins and tables can be overwhelming the first time you go there. My recommendation is to either just enjoy browsing or go with a specific list of coins you are looking for.

    Almost no one takes credit cards. If you’re planning to buy, take a lot of $100 bills.

    Just to be clear, there are a LOT of tables there. The show is huge, and you will need a few hours to really see everything.

    The above shouldn’t be taken as a recommendation not to go. Even if you don’t really want to buy historic US coins or bullion, it’s fun to simply gawk at the selections available. Last year at the winter show, I got lucky and found a table which put an ultra-rare proof double eagle and a high relief double eagle on display, that was something to see. Another table had a PCGS-graded ultra-cameo proof Morgan silver dollar that was so polished/reflective it seemed to have almost been made with modern techniques.

  42. guama says

    Thanks for the info captain…I will make my list of wants and needs. Unfortunately , the wants unweigh the needs! I do have a couple of junk silver Morgans that my grandfather had. Very cool..but not worth much.

    I will let you know know what treasures I find:) thanks again!

  43. says

    CO, I respect your opinion on your 150k-200k estimate, but I disagree with you. Are basing your estimate on the first day sales? I’m looking forward to the Monday sales total….but I think a lot of people are holding out to see how they perceive sales will end up.

    Here is why I think the total sells will be much higher than 150-200k.

    First of all, this set includes a reverse proof, which is without a doubt the most sought out silver eagle(well, except for the 1995-W) and you can not buy a reverse proof in most cases for under $200…I have seen exceptions)

    So, a lot of people now have a chance to purchase a set that includes a reverse proof for less than they can purchase a single reverse proof…and that’s a PF69, as a PF70 would be double that, or $400-$500.

    Also, the regular proof this year had sells of over 299,000 in the first FOUR days…so I don’t see any way why this set would not reach 300,000 in the FOUR weeks of availability.

    Lastly, if this set does end up with a mintage of 150-200k, then the secondary maket price of the reverse proof will skyrocket.

    Not only would this coin be the second lowest mintage reverse proof to date, be it may also be the only ever reverse proof with the “S” mint mark…making it all that much more desireable.

    Of course, none of us really know what will happen. I look forward to the mint’s web-site counter on Monday and wonder if it will correspond to the Mint’s sales report that comes out on Tuesday.

  44. says


    Your points about the silver eagle proof are well taken. We’ll have to see how it turns out.

    I was having trouble seeing sales of several thousand per day but it might be possible.

  45. Saucexx says


    As much as I admire your optimism I really don’t see how the mint doesn’t sell 200K+ in the first week. 25K a day equals 750K. My guess is they sell 150K or more this weekend. I think this set goes 450-550K, maybe high 300K if enthusiasm wanes. There are only four ASE’s that have sold less than 250K. The 1995 w in the gold set, the 2006 20th Ann RP, and the RP and “S” Unc from last years set. And both ann sets were sell outs with limited mintage. I think you’re way underestimating sales.

  46. Saucexx says

    Also, ya I get how the acquired the dragons I just think it’s BS. And the lockout part? I agree with your assessment, Perth should be careful NOT to kill the golden goose, snakes aren’t dragons………………..

    BTW let NY mint choke on the 5oz’ers, I won’t be buying one.

  47. Silver Sam says

    Will a mintage of 250000 of ase 75th S assure a good secondary market for the set?

  48. Samuel says

    this time is tricky, even the well known dealer is taking “non-binding pre-order requests”, which similar to a customer survey.

  49. Shutter says

    25K a day equals 750K.
    Your math is a tad off. These will be on sale for 27½ days, not 30. I’ve no idea what the total sales will be, but my guess is more than half the sales will be booked by the end of next week. After that, they’d be lucky to average 1,000 sets a day.

  50. Zaz says

    25K sets a day after the first weekend is unlikely, 2-3K is more reasonable till about 7/1. If the counter is around 200-225K on 7/1, there will be a spike of orders during the last 4-5 days of the window. If this set ends up around the 400K mark, it’s still a win. Won’t put my order for EG1 in until after PL0/PL1 goes on sale on June 21st.

  51. Gary says

    More than likely the flippers and collectors are gonna choke on this one! But at least there wont be any surprises!
    25th Anniversary Set——> 100,000 Winners
    75th SF Anniversary——-> US Mint Big Winner….all of us lose!!

  52. ED says

    you DO’NT have to buy this Gary….all kinds of stuff to collect, shipwreck effect,mint error,key date,common date,entire series,mint marks,ect ect…..

  53. Gary says

    Thanks for the tip Ed. Believe me, i only buy what i want! Havent made a decision on this yet!! But no matter how you slice it, it is extremely disappointing. I am sure the true hardcore collectors agree!

  54. Saucexx says

    Sorry, average sales of 25 a day for 27 days is 675K I was only using that as an example on how easily this could reach a high mintage. I don’t see how sales don’t exceed 150K this weekend and 200K this week, these aren’t AGE’s were talking about. $149 is still inexpensive enough that most people can afford at least one. I’m not sure how the final day sales are going to end up. The 4th is a holiday so I bet there is a flurry that final weekend and maybe the 5th. As far as the flippers go the value is going to be in the PF70 slabs.

  55. ED says

    Ya take your chances some good some bad. Agree on the disapointment why did’nt they do this with the old San Francisco Mint in 2006 ?

  56. Dave in CT. says

    Your both right, just using total diff.numbers. Don’t argue over this. This is suppose to be fun and informative.

  57. ED says

    I’m havin fun with the posters Dave in CT. I like the Mints daily tally !!! Tomorrow is a weekday, another number LOL !! We shall see……….. I say 118,060.

  58. guama says

    i’m going to say 100,100…I think some of the speculators will have remorse and
    back out. I predict that it will be a slow go until the last week. Ebay sellers are watching. I do not believe it will be a quick flip item. Maybe in a couple of years if the flippers can wait that long for a couple of bucks.

  59. VA Bob says

    Well folks remember if every collector gets one (or whatever number they need) that means that next years new-to-the-hobby collector creates a demand. This of course if you believe the hobby is growing. 500K mintage didn’t hurt the 2001 silver Buffalo’s, did it? IMO they could have sold 750k of those and there would still be a premium on them today. Don’t worry, let’s see what a market driven economy, free from artificially low or excessive high mintages can do. We have the whole rest of the year to moan about it if doesn’t work out.

  60. ClevelandRocks says

    Unfortunately, spot silver will determine if the “S” set does well or not. In five years if silver is $50, the set will be a winner if silver is $18 it will be a loser.

  61. Dave in CT. says

    VA Bob,
    Many collectors/dealers have and had stockpiled these and still do.
    I do not think the hobby has enough collectors now, or in a good economy to soak up those 500k you have mentioned. As talked about many times here, enough time has passed now for everyone to pick a set up of the 25 ASE set. I know they are still selling and will continue to do so. At the same time though, the demand has dwindled and their are still dealers and flippers out in lala land that still are overstocked on these for quite sometime. I also do not think we have all these ASE collectors as people here have suggested. I also get a huge kick from that liar of a salesman from TV that is always pitching those quarters. Doesn’t he believe their are 150-200 million coin collectors in the US ? ——- OH REALLY ! Actually our hobby is dying
    and nobody wants to admit this. Younger folks have other more important
    wants and needs going on here than coins. Face it, it’s a different world we live in today. Just wait a few years from now, when all the older baby boomers start unloading or their families do, trust me, you will see premiums
    very slowly decrease. I sincerely hope this does not play out. This is why I have reduced my interest to HR coins (any) and my treasured Morgans. Of
    course I will get the special ASE. Again, I hope I am wrong. Also, when I can, I buy 2 of everything so that I can display them in my front room. The second set goes in the bank. Just can’t understand why collectors put some coins (such as Perth, and other world coins) in the safe box and not be able to enjoy them. I realize not everyone can buy 2 like me, but c’mon, it is not like you can’t replace them. You have to keep some for viewing. I also understand that some collectors have shady neighbors, or can’t afford a good alarm etc. But I work to hard not to have (I display about 30 coins) to not be able to see what brings me enjoyment.I also put them away for any appointment we may have with the public. We do not advertise what we have in the house, nor do we have many friends over, nor do we have our coins in a place that can be seen from the windows. I also reevaluated my coin holdings since I found out the older collectors are starting to dispense with their collections and I do not want to pay for another huge box at one of my banks. Actually, I have scattered my boxes at various smaller banks just in case they confiscate and inventory the public’s boxes in the future (don’t think it will). Just don’t trust the big banks with all of my PM’s in one single bank. That is just smart and common sense.

  62. Leo S. says


    Have you noticed that there are fewer and fewer FS gold coins in original mint packaging available on the APMEX website. Are these coins becoming more popular or is APMEX just selling off what they have and will discontinue offering them? They used to have all FS coins available about 4 months ago, but now even the high mintage 2007 varieties are “Not Available”. Just wondered if you or anyone else had any information on this.

  63. Shutter says

    I bet there is a flurry that final weekend and maybe the 5th.
    I think by then, flippers/dealers will be focusing on Chaco Culture, Acadia, and Unc ASE.

    Speaking of which, did I dream this up or was there a rumor earlier in the year that there will be two different Unc ASE (W and S)?

  64. Shutter says

    Actually our hobby is dying and nobody wants to admit this.

    Maybe one of these days Michael will do a poll on this, but I bet that half the people here started collecting in the last 5-10 years. They are just more focused on PM coins that searching through rolls of zinc pennies.

  65. Dave in CT. says

    Your point well taken, that in itself means very little. Your talking maybe a hundred, maybe two. I could be wrong and it maybe higher, but not that much. I talk to many age groups hours and hours a day, not just business. One question I bring into my conversation with my clients, is this a losing hobby.I would know. I talk from coast to coast. Young and old. I never said this was a fact. Just what I have been noticing. The older clients (baby boomers) are just starting to sell,so that the remaining families members do not get shorted when that family member dies (dad). I do not think allot of younger people are interested. You say they are into the PM’s. Sure, that is with any age group. Maybe the younger crowd is leaning more to the metals because of the economy, but overall I do think that it is being reduced by less interest and again, the economy. This is not a good sign and we’ll see and have an accurate picture in about 15/20 years. My fear or great concern is that at that time, I will be retired and will want to start selling some of mine. Some to take vacations and see the US, some so I don’t have to worry about my wife outliving me and putting that intense pressure on her to go sell them and not get ripped off. Oh !, and when they (dealers) see her coming through that door…… you get the picture. Already, she is yelling (she is) to empty a few safe deposit boxes of my collection. She understands that even if she goes into a coin store with a man, the dealers always know who their dealing with. But I got off topic with all that, so you see my point about how this is being discussed seriously, among the much older folks.This will have an impact, but very slowly. I agree, with a robust economy, we won’t lose as many as we have the last 10 years or so. God, I hope I am wrong. In my will, If I outlive my wife, and I do not go into a nursing home, I have strict instructions that a impartial third party get 10 estimates from my coin collection,, and the amount collected from the high bidder, it will go to the local food pantry to help the truly hungry. No charities, been there, done that.
    I would like to hear about the status/popularity of this beautiful hobby we
    all care about. Yes, maybe M.Z. will look into this at some time. I feel like this is a taboo subject.

  66. Dave in CT. says

    On another note about how much I enjoy those H.R. coins, the Australian
    hr-er, the 2012 kangaroo, I did take one of these, removed it from the capsule
    and now carry it in my pocket with the other change. Yes this is foolish and quite expensive to do, but I can’t get enough of these coins and you should see how people react when I go and get a hi-ball, and I put this on the bar with my cell and keys. They always notice and it starts a great conversation with the person/persons next to me. I am in a safe area and people do ask allot of questions. Wonder how many sales I have given Perth. Hmmmmm ! and Ahhhhhhh !

  67. Dave in CT. says

    Sorry, I left this out (it is late). When the patrons first see the coin, the
    usual reactions are “WOW” or that’s a interesting looking coin !

  68. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    cool designs by A.A. Weinman, but they outta change the obv. to the winged victory (mercury dime or similar thereof) design in 2016 to mark the 30th Anniv. of the $1 Silver Eagle (1986-2016) AND the 100th Anniv. of the Mercury dime (1916-2016), not to mention with all due restpect to the Stdng. Lib. half (1916-2016)
    let’s start calling for designers!!!

  69. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    don’t know why nobody thought of this before,

    but also B kul if the Mint, made a 4-COIN SILVER EAGLE SET
    $1, 50c, 25c and 10c of the std. lib design.

    They would look pretty cool together in a box and cheaper, too!!!

  70. guama says

    awesome idea merryx…I would be in for a set. Very “kul”

    @Dave in CT…just wondering if you have a loved one you could pass on some of your collection to.

  71. says

    Shutter says:
    June 11, 2012 at 12:26 am

    Actually our hobby is dying and nobody wants to admit this.

    Maybe one of these days Michael will do a poll on this, but I bet that half the people here started collecting in the last 5-10 years. They are just more focused on PM coins that searching through rolls of zinc pennies.

    I suspect you’re correct. I collected circulating coins in my youth and then “dropped off” for a long time, started paying distracted attention in 2006, and then really began to collect seriously in 2009. I might have started sooner, but I frankly didn’t even know gold and silver eagles existed a decade ago. The recent gold and silver craze has opened up the hobby somewhat, and if anything, I worry we might be in some phase of a bubble. If gold and silver prices ever stabilize, a lot of the newer collectors might exit just as quickly as they came in.

    I think I’d be interested to see Michael conduct such a poll as you suggested, though. I bet the results would come out as you predicted.

    The older clients (baby boomers) are just starting to sell,

    Perhaps this is due to the economy. How many people really have a good grasp on what their PMs are worth now or could potentially be worth, and are just using them to “get by” for a few more months?

  72. stephen m. says

    I think, if we really knew, there is a lot of coin collecting hobby left and it’s growing which means more people collecting coins. Everything changes and grows including the coin collecting hobby of today.

  73. george glazener says

    I guess I’m a fairly typical collector. I’m 52, and I consider my collection to be an important part of my retirement/investment portfolio. I’m counting on my PMs to at least keep up with inflation and maybe even outperform my IRA and 401-k, which have sucked lately. In 2025 or so, I’ll have to begin cashing it all in, and that’ll probably put me right in time with millions of other guys doing the same thing. Will there be a huge influx of baby-boomer’s PM and numismatic items into the market in the next 15-20 years. Absolutely, but I would tend to think it’s already beginning since the first half of the baby boomers are now over 60 and approaching 70.

    Just like any collectible that middle age men hoard, all of it is going to come back to the marketplace in the next 15-25 years as we old farts liquidate our treasures for much needed cash. Wish I knew when the best time to sell is going to be..!!

  74. Jacob in MD says

    @ Dave in CT as a young collector I fell in love with coins from a pair of Morgans that were passed down to me from my Grandmother and prior to that from her father. These two coins are, to this day, the favorites of my small collection. I have often pondered having them slabbed but always decide not to due to the joy that I get from being able to touch them (I realize this is stupid but it is true) and thinking about the other hands that have encountered these coins. Was it a famous political figure? An author or poet? A world renown scientist? The list could go on for forever.

    I have collected moder coins such as proof sets, ASE, and a handful of commemoratives but none of them will ever have the history or the stories that go along with my older, circulated coins. I believe that the history of coins is just as important in keeping them alive as their monetary sustenance in an ever changning market. I believe that coins need to get their identities back. I hope one day that my kids can sit with my coins and have the same thoughts of wonder that I have had.

    I loved that Dave in CT has a Roo that he keeps in his pocket. As a younger person in your family that got a piece of your collection I would want his coin above all others. It would have the most history and the most meaning. This is just my opinion but I believe the story should make the worth of the coin, not the value the market places on it.

  75. guama says

    nice to hear that Jacob…a young collector that’s in it for the pleasure, not the gain. I too have a few Morgans from my grandfather that I will pass on to my granddaughters. Although I am not so young, I am far away from cashing in. I hope that my future generations will continue the hobby. It brings me happiness just to look at my (small) collection. Keep it up!

  76. Kelly says

    Hey Jacob

    Glad to see another with a great definition of collecting. May your hopes come true in regard to passing them down to family, the time spent with them is the return on investment that is truly priceless.

  77. Richard W says

    I have not been active as i was when the 25th surge was forthcoming,but i have been reading the posting.Not posting because I’m old enough to be the parent of most of you 67 1942 is a hell of a long time ago.I grew up in farm country,Iowa.Anyone that has been on this earth as long as I and a few of you know about feast and famine,there is a huge area between these two levels.Responsible collecting is buying at a level you feel confident your source of income and expenses balance with a sense of future needs and taking into consideration.Marriage,yes she has needs and wants your children future and present educations.So there are times when your wants need to be shelved to ensure these MORE important areas are taken care of.These aspects of live will be even more rewarding.I realize some of you are sellers,you too understand.Collecting is like everything it ebbs and flood.Trend that ebb always flood. The Old Fart Oh yes I still don’t know if i will buy.The 25th set is great.

  78. Dave in CT. says

    Gauma, I was up late going back and forth with this blog and my work.
    No, family is all gone and my dog is on her last legs. This is why I want
    my collection to mean something and have it feed some unfortunate souls.
    Of course, if theirs anything left. But life ins. and house go to the food pantry in my county.

    “our hobby is dying and nobody wants to admit this”

    Part of what I base my opinions on, is the younger crowd is so into electronics and that related culture. Many other reasons. I’ll leave it at that.

    Stephen m. I hope so.

    George, RIGHT ON ! and it has already started as you said.

    Captain, As always, you are insightful.

    Jacob in MD. I love you (lol), and I think what I (we) do is different (coin touching other coins), and I love to talk and meet new folks ! I have had as many as 9 or 10 people involved in conversing about this HR. Everyone is glued to this coin. Not enough people experiencing their coins like we do. Ahhh !, the history as you state. Yes.

    Kelly, Great attitude.

    Richard, Keep the faith, brother.

    MZ, Hope this has raised some hairs on your arms in that
    you might have a forthcoming post on this.

    Thanks for your kind thoughts, dave in ct.

  79. guama says

    Jacob…are you going to the whitman show (since you are from MD)? Wish I lived closer..need to travel far to go..but I am going:)

  80. EvilFlipper says

    If these stay under 150k a week before they go off sale I might be in for 10-15 sets….. Might be for flippers. Watch greece this week folks. Watch Greece.

  81. DCDave says

    Coin collecting has never been a “normal” thing for young folks to do, so I’m not convinced that it is really less popular now, but the volume of coins the Mint is producing is actually killing our hobby.
    You used to collect Indian head pennies and fill in gaps in your standing liberty quarter collection, but ever since 1999, the year the state quarters began, there have been way too many products to keep up with. The never ending offerings like the ’11 Buffalo and some annual sets don’t help either.
    The ATBs, FS, multiple Eagle options, first day covers, commems, coupled with the downward trend in clad coinage make everyone try to focus on PM options with in itself becomes a risky business.
    I stopped colecting Royal Canadian coins because of the “circus” mentality and I think trying to keep up with the current US Mint (ie. ATBs) is like trying to drink from a fire-hose. Too exhausting!

  82. Val says

    Re the Baltimore Show…I read in the Baltimore Sun that the City has had to put on extra police in the downtown area to off-set robberies and beatings of private citizens, by inner-city gangs. A couple of weekends ago, their were forty arrests, according to the Sun. Check out the Sun Newspaper.

  83. Dave in CT. says

    I agree with the circus mentality. Too many coins. I can’t not keep up
    and I like to display my coins. I just never put any thought into all the other mints/countries that were producing coins. I was just focused on the biggest countries. One country I will still collect is Mongolia. What fabulous designs they have. I’m waiting for the “hedgehog” to win the world coin award in 2014. I was lucky that I was able to pick up the “owl”silver coin earlier this year for a great price. I will be on board for the next one in 2013, or sooner. I’m hoping it will be the “armadillo”. But this is not endangered. Not here anyways. I display those 2 side by side,under my TV.

  84. Dave in CT. says

    I understand in Chicago last year, the same things were happening
    during the summer. My coworker has family near by and tourism was way down.
    Some were during the daylight hours. Chicago is so bad. My prayers go out to
    the local families that have to hear the gunshots every night. Babies getting shot constantly. Police/Press keeps most of the murders out of the news.
    Back to coin talk.

  85. ClevelandRocks says

    I like the simplicity of old mint sets from the 60s where maybe a “large date” was all you needed for variety.

  86. Jacob in MD says


    I am definitely interested in the Baltimore show (especially because I’m only an hour and a half away) but I have a big grad school entrance exam in early July that I really should be putting my efforts towards… Doubtful this will happen.

    If I don’t make it to the show this month then I will try to definitely make the show in November. To be completely honest I am a bit intimidated by the whole event due to me being a fairly new collector. I fear showing too much ignorance when running elbows with the “big wigs”. I’m sure much of this is unfounded but all the same my thoughts.

    @Dave in CT

    I do love the thought of “coins touching other coins”. I would be so refreshed to encounter someone carrying around a gem in their pockets.

  87. ED says

    Jacob : I remember attending a local show years ago (Hershey Pa) looking and asking questions with the dealer . A well dressed gentleman with a portfolio of checks buying very high end gold tried to muscle in , the dealer stayed with me untill I was done looking at his circulated common date walkers. very cool and I still remember that after all those years.

  88. Dave in CT. says

    I also have 2 Morgans taped to the inside of my wallet (clear tape)
    that when I open it to grab my credit card, this also starts questions, @
    “inquiring minds want to know”. I have found that taping 2 slabbed Morgans
    to my wallet doesn’t work and it it caused me to walk with a limp.

  89. Jacob in MD says

    Hahahahaha @ Dave in CT wow that’s incredible. I can see how the slabbed coins may pose the slightest of problems…

    @ Ed That is really great. I hope that if I go I will have a similar experience.

  90. guama says

    ok Jacob…study hard and make us proud:)
    Ed..I’m new at these shows too..nice to know that someone watches the novice
    Val..thanks for the warning. I’ll keep an eye out for bad guys. I think they know that people carry cash and lots of it. They won’t get much from
    Dave in CT…very interesting how you do that..

  91. Dave in CT. says


    I also have an unlimited supply of worthless buffalo nickels that I
    keep in my auto and hand them out as presents to the people I encounter.
    I have also have been known to have a few “VG’ Morgan CC’s in my coin pocket for show. Just the HR now. Wife says I take too many risks. You still have to live life. I will not duck and dodge anyone. I also always know my surroundings that the Marines taught me and still use.

  92. saucexx says

    @Dave in CT,

    Whoa now, I live in Chicago and it’s not that bad. Chicago is a BIG city and the gun violence is almost entirely gang related and isolated in certain neighborhoods on the West and South sides. These areas are hurting badly right now and have essentially been ignored by the city for decades. Our former and current Mayors have also underfunded the CPD and redirected taxes for blighted areas plundered thru TIF’s to their “buddies”. We need a change in leadership as much as anything.

    I’m not sure whether I agree coin collecting is dying. For sure the boomers are getting older, but I’m Gen X and like CO reintroduced myself to collecting a few years ago. I think if anything the change from cash to electronic debits is something to keep an eye on. Particularly if we keep banning cash transactions.

  93. saucexx says

    I figured they’d pass 150K over the weekend and 200K for the week.

    I’d suggest anybody who’s on the fence for these, go ahead and pass. They’ll probably be so many of these sold you can pick one up cheap later 😉

  94. Jacob in MD says

    @ Dave in CT

    You ever thought about making up posters of yourself and handing the out at these coin shows? Currently in the running for my hero of the year.

  95. ED says

    If anyone knows Baltimore CC it is right next to Inner Harbor. you can make a day of it. 🙂

  96. says

    Probably the 30K increase counts as the “tail end” of the first wave of buyers. I’ll be looking to this week to help get a better gauge of day-to-day performance. I’m still somewhat skeptical of sales of the set going absolutely “to the moon.”

    Watch greece this week folks. Watch Greece.

    Absolutely correct. The Greek elections are June 17. If Tsipras’ SYRIZA party wins and the EU doesn’t go along with what they want… watch out!

    (and then we’ll get to “enjoy” the same panic over Spain in another year or so!)

  97. bob says

    The sales during the last week of availability will probably be 500,000++

    I bet the final mintage will be 700,000++

  98. george glazener says

    Got a shipping confirmation today for the SSB sets and the 2012 Silver Proof Set. Might have them by Friday…

  99. Dave in CT. says

    Jacob in MD,
    Actually I am on a poster. Now being displayed in Russia and their heartland. With this saying printed on top,
    “Everything That’s Wrong THE USA” with me smiling ! And I don’t know if this is helping or hurting them, or if I should take this personal ! LOL !

  100. Merlin says

    @ Dave in CT
    “Just wait a few years from now, when all the older baby boomers start unloading or their families do, trust me, you will see premiums very slowly decrease.”
    Interesting perspective. Same logic applies to many asset classes, stocks, PMs, real estate… It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

  101. Dave in CT. says

    Merlin, You had just brought up facts, not opinions.You are 100% correct. I didn’t take it that far,and that is very scary. If we can just put some long term policies into place that covers extended school and training (for everyone and this would have to include the machine trades), rebuild our infrastructure, etc., and get the HELL out of places (our military base) we don’t belong and don’t need to be in, and to some extent, start putting our aid to a true “we come first”. In other words, put Americans first in every aspect and over a generation or two, we will see results.This can start with having no more elected officials having 2 terms in office.They’re worried only about the short term and getting reelected. This has shown no vision and the poor people (the middle-middle class and down) to continue to suffer. And please don’t get me started on all the regulations that have burdened the biggest creators of jobs in this country and reducing those, would be a catastophic gain.( a good thing). Huge for everyone. Without this beginning, we will see Depression era statistics for decades, with the always “present”, flickering on the economy and our prez saying the private sector is doing fine. Do I hear an echo !

  102. Dave in CT. says

    Vaughnster, I always believed in this. What happened to our (my) country
    that my ancestors died for. My family goes back to 1603 (documented)
    and have been in every major war since the French and Indian War. How is that for believing in our way of life.

    Merlin, Go back and read my earlier post that you might have missed on this very important topic. Go back/couple of days.Others have same thoughts and have shared on the loss of our hobbyist (?).

  103. george glazener says

    Dave in Ct;

    Huzzah…! Well said and I loudly echo your sentiments. Mega Dittos. And if I may say so, “Two if by Tea” is one tasty product. No better way to spend a lazy afternoon than with a Coin Magazine, a fresh shipment from the US MINT and a glass of iced tea. America is only sleeping during this dark time but She will roar back to life before long. God Bless us All…

  104. Brandon says

    Did I miss something? @ george glazener are you trying to infer that Dave is someone besides dave?

  105. MarkInFlorida says

    I also thought that prices would go down as boomers started to retire, but then I realized that that’s the time some people take up their collections again, being retired with nothing to do. So some might start buying those missing coins (1909 S VDB, 1914D pennies, 1950D nickel, 1916D dime) driving those prices up until the heirs sell the collections 10 or 20 or more years later.

    So there’ll probably be a peak before a crash for numismatic coins, but I expect precious metals to keep going up as they print more and more money to pay the bills.

  106. ED says

    Why do I get a feeling I’m posting @ idiots,flippers,cyber school kids ??? minus MarkinFlorida 1/2 ?? I hope all can find good paying jobs…….. Tuesday tally @ 3PM below 120,000.

  107. Piotr says

    Now coinflation has the news about this. You can add few more K’s now. PCGS owns this service. They want more people to buy so they can grade the coins.
    This year might be the first of “wholesale rare numismatic specimen.”
    I just wonder why the price is set so high if there is no mintage limit. Hmm… $$$? I’ll wait till July unles Ag hits $35

  108. george glazener says

    Yes, you’re right. Both effects could well happen at the same time, more or less balancing each other out. Millions will be selling, and millions will be buying, just a different demographic based on each one’s economic status.

    @Brandon; well, I’d hate to RUSH to a conclusion, but great Americans do think alike.

  109. Brandon says

    @george I have been in contact with “dave” and I belive you are mistaken. I know exactly what you are inferring and I caught it with the two if by tea referrence. Do you believe the Dr. of democracy would waste his time on a coin collecting board? I think he has enough on his plate. This is by no means meant to downplay dave’s status in society.

  110. Brandon says

    @Ed how many times are you gonna post your predictiong for tomorrow’s tally? Thanks

  111. Dave in CT. says

    George G.
    Thanks and I pray for a better world, and our country. Very , very
    strong patriotic and loyal people in George and I for posting our feelings
    (and please do not take that the wrong way).
    Brandon, Did I miss something in your comment (strange ?) What are
    you referring to, that I am not a loyal and caring American and person.

    Shortly, I ask that everyone are able to do so, PLEASE keep all in our prayers and especially the poor and hungry that will go to bed without
    food in their stomachs. They say “out of sight, out of mind”, not with me.
    Been there, done that, and will continue to. Never looked to get a pat on the
    shoulder for the smiles and happiness I bring to the unfortunate.


  112. Piotr says

    Piotr, Pierre, Pedro, Pietro, Petros, Peter,… I see no difference. Why the question anyway? You should look it up instead of making a scene.
    Personally I’d prefere an UHR in silver with S mint mark in that set. Instead of the PR. Then the price would have been fine.

  113. ED says

    as as many as i want Brandon !! This still America ,& I still have a say……….. get it yet ??

  114. Gary says

    I think people already know they are losing mula on this set and are getting angry and short!! Too funny..i am so glad i got my 5 25th Anniversary Sets!

  115. Dave in CT. says

    ED/Brandon, What is going on with the mysterious meanings and your constant bickering and sarcasm. It is not needed. Please take your negativity somewhere else, otherwise, can you guys clean it up. Most of us here, treat and listen to each other with civility. Rude behavior, nasty and sarcasm remarks are bad enough in public without having to read it from you two.

    GUY’S, c’mon, please clean it up. Life is hard enough and being here on this blog is suppose to be informative and FUN. Please do not get personal with each other and treat others with respect. It goes farther than you think.
    Thanks guy’s.

  116. Dave in CT. says

    My friends dad just retired and he has taken up coin collecting.
    Good point (that’s one for the good guys). When I retire, part of my spare time will be restoring my 71 CUDA. I have all the OEP’s that I need and I won’t have to worry to much about not being able to finish her. As for my personalized plates, I plan on requesting:
    “RARE 89 CC”. How’s that for putting the finishing touch on my other baby.

  117. Brad says

    I’ll bet Ed’s right about today’s tally. I had in mind 118,XXX. Just so I can have an exact total to be off by, I’ll say 118,569.

  118. Shutter says

    Wow, some folks needs a life.

    Dude, ALL folks need a life. It’s just that some already got one.

  119. Dave in CT. says

    Brandon; I’m not usually a whiner. But on here, I have to
    ask you to stop emailing me. I gave you my email in trust and the reason
    you were given my email didn’t work out to your advantage. You have absolutely no reason to constantly contact me. Last night for some unknown reason, SOME people were shooting innuendos, nasty and sarcastic remarks. For you
    to fill up my inbox won’t be tolerated. Brandon, I have not read anything you sent over. DELETED. Please leave me alone. Just not needed for wherever your thoughts may be taking you. Coin talk now !

  120. Brandon says

    Dave. You completely misunderstood what I was saying and I was simply trying to explain myself. I will have no contact with you or Ed on this board anymore. Two people who can’t calm down enough to breath an read what I wrote. Please disregard anything I ever said that was trying to paint you in a positive light. Thanks!

  121. Brandon says

    @George. As you can clearly see now Dave is NOT rush limbaugh. Rush has a lot of class and would not treat people poorly. Hope that clears up your suspicion.

    And for anyone out there wondering what I emailed Dave. I simply asked him to come out on this board and say he was not Rush limbaugh. George and I were just having some fun but some people aren’t quick enough to pick up jokes. 🙂

  122. Dave in CT. says

    Brandon, You just couldn’t leave it lie, could you ? Now, you just embarrassed yourself by your comments.

    “I simply asked him to come out on this board and say he was not Rush L”

    Why would anyone do this, what is your really twisted, thinking motive about ?

    Brandon, you left me a ton of emails, none read, all to have me, tell people here that I am not Rush. Do you have any idea how weird and extremely strange that is Brandon. You keep emailing me, period, I call the POLICE.
    Brandon, you can lie all you want to the good folks here. Your motives were not good.

  123. Brandon says

    I haven’t emailed you at all recently so you do whatever you would like! Your threats on this board will not been seen as someone who is sane by anyone here! Have a good one!

  124. george glazener says

    LOL….Ok, no more of kind that from me.

    But I did get some news today. I’m trying to do a mortgage refi and the appraisal says my home lost $100,000 in value since 2009, that’s 25%.

    I don’t know whether to have a cow or a heart attack. Should I stop the refi or buy more coins or fewer coins or sell every one of them? This country is so upside down nothing makes sense anymore.

  125. Dave in CT. says

    George, Always stick up for your country (nothing wrong with complaining, as long as it is respectful), no matter how bad things are, here’s hoping to a better future and more people of all ages to start collecting coins.

  126. Brad says

    It looks like I was under the actual tally by 2,735. Today’s update shows 121,304 sets sold now.

  127. jeff in tex says

    Wonder if the MINT will do special sets each year upcoming, like this year. Will they also mix it up with gold and platinum coin set too. How about more silver eagles from the Ever mint.

  128. Brandon says

    Latest Mint numbers for this set: 121,304. Thats a daily sale of 6245. God Bless America

  129. Dave in CT. says

    On my license plates, I just recd. word that I have to many letters/numbers.

    How about “RAR 89 CC”, this should do it and if I ever sell my Mopar,
    I will put this plate on display next to my CC Morgans, which would be
    under my TV.

  130. KC says

    if the daily rate of 6,000 set continues for the rest of sale period, it will come up to about 250,000 sets total. But I could imagine the mad dash during the last week of sale. My guess is the final number reaching 500,000.

  131. RLP says

    if current behavior/attitude prevails we may see a “special” ASE set consisting of proofs and reverse proofs bearing “P”, “D”, “S” and “W” mint marks…and likely with “special” pricing to boot…LOL

  132. Brad says


    I’m reasonably certain that the sales level of 6,000 per day will not be maintained. I’m betting some days in the middle of the period could fall below 1,000 sets. Even tomorrow’s new orders may be only half of today’s at best.

    There will probably only be a mad dash to order on the final day (not the final week), but even that shouldn’t be anywhere near the opening day total. The final update provided on July 5 with about 3 hours left to order will dicate how many final orders will be placed. Of those, they could always be cancelled if the July 6 update (assuming there IS one) shows totals jumped by too much to make it seem worthwhile to some last-minute orderers.

    By the way, my order is still “on hold.” Does anyone else here still show that status, or have yours moved to “in process”?

  133. george glazener says

    in process…..with the cancel box

    They must be trying to determine if I’m worthy to receive it…LOL

  134. Brandon says

    @George mine is the same. In process but can still cancel. I’m wondering how many they have ready to go out the door soon…

  135. Dave in CT. says


    Anything is possible. I’ll get one of each then. Because eventually
    some of these will come to a stop. It would not make sense to mint all
    these types to appease us for past mistakes. In the short run, with limited mintage’s that should be held under or around 250k, this would keep decent premiums and key dates as well. I’m concerned that more products will
    be offered in AGE’s from our mint and that will just take the excitement out.
    Of course I’m talking about too many silver eagle varieties, year after year.
    Last night, I finally finished up my father’s cent collection that was given to me when he passed. I know nothing about old cents. I came across a 1879 and a 1880 penny. I think they both are in “G” or “VG” condition. So I went
    to the PCGS price guide to check on their retail value. Was I seeing correctly ? Around $700-$800 for each year, and the other years were worthless in this condition. I have not investigated this further for fear that it was my poor eyesight and that it would turn out they’re only worth a dime. I will get to it, but not today. Do not care for these. but, hmmm !

  136. george glazener says

    Maybe I should drive on up to Indianapolis and get it myself. Talk about an Early Release.

    The Coin Vault had the “Defenders of Freedom” set last night for $89.95 and the Silver Proof Set for $99.95. Just had to laugh….

  137. Gary says

    OUCH!! I think we will see about 800,000 at least! Probably end up selling just like the regular Proof W Silver Eagles!

  138. stephen m. says

    Dave in CT, why a coin reference for a plate for a 71 Cuda? or you pulling my leg.

  139. RLP says

    Dave in CT;

    Just a spoof post on my part.

    I’ve been interested in coins for nearly six decades, with periods of rapt interest and others when I totally ignored the hobby. The Mint offerings of past years felt more aligned to my sense of it being simply an enjoyable hobby. Today, it seems to commercialized and driven by glitzy marketing and profiteering. I am hoping the Mint doesn’t kill the goose who lays the silver egg (or gold, if you prefer). Contrived variety doesn’t stimulate “collector interest” per se, instead it likely subdues it as is perhaps the case with ATB quarters vs. the Statehood series, simple overkill in my eyes. At the end of the day each interested party can decide for themselves whether to buy or not, just as I do.

  140. Merlin says

    I would be very surprised if we see a mad dash at the end. I suspect sales will be in the range of 250,000 – 300,000. In 5 years no one will be disappointed with their purchase.

  141. jeff in tex says

    How long is thee American eagle program to run for?????? I thought it was 2021.

  142. Dave in CT. says

    RLP- YES, agree.

    Stephen M.-
    No, I’m not pulling your leg. I wasn’t sure if anyone here knew what a Mopar was, let alone a 71 CUDA ! Not that I am saying people here are ignorant. Its just that coinage and cars usually are not spoken by the same people. Its kind of like being a either a jock or a pothead in high school. As far as my CUDA handle on the my plate, I was either going to go with “6 PAK 2 GO” or “RARE 89 CC”. I would not kid anyone about Detroit Muscle. Grew up in the 70’s. Also not kidding when I tell you that i have had approx. 70 cars. And at one time, I had 5 autos parked out front when I was 19. All w/clear pink slips. The 5 were; 70 Chevelle, 71 Chevelle, 72 El Camino SS, 74 Chevelle, and a 72 Ford LTD (the big block in her provided record breaking BURNOUTS), and my mom telling me to get those out of here. The neighbors are going to think we’re trash. You get the picture. And at one time, played Demolition derby around 87th and Western ave. in Chicago (when i lived there) with my now,friend/coworker in a 69 Dodge Coronet and a 69 Nova. I’m not crazy now ! Recently, I liquidated some of my holdings that included a 70 Cutlass W-31, a 72 Buick GS-Stage 1 and my treasured 1970 Plymouth Superbird. I can send you pics of these if you wish. Now, I am getting older and just do not have the energy to keep these maintained, and above all else, my fish is the one I will keep. Although my 2 1968 Charger’s remain close to my heart. Stephen, NO, I would not pull your leg. The plate logo has been on my mind for many years and most owners put some type of muscle related phrase on their plates. I was thinking of doing something original and something that is special to me, that would be something related to my treasured 89 CC’s that I (we) own. I know if I sell one, I could get a few restored CUDA’s, but that would not be the same for me. “Hands on only”. Hey Stephen, maybe I’ll use that on my plate, hmmmm ! too many letters.!

  143. jeff in tex says

    Just image what sets could be offered to Mint customers in the final eagle year

  144. stephen m. says

    Dave in ct…Worked with a plumber that had a Cuda 340 six pack w/auto. He bought it used in the year as a repo, 1970 i think, 8,000 mi. on it. Traded an old pontiac and $2300 for it at a dealership. You should have kept the GS-stage 1. Nice talking and i maybe can see why the tag now. I forgot to say we have a 1966 dodge A-100 wagon. It looks like the Partrige Family van. OK, keep them all in between the ditches and burn some rubber for me. Later

  145. Dave in CT. says

    stephen, cool………………and I can still handle a HEMI with a cam…………

  146. says

    How long is thee American eagle program to run for?????? I thought it was 2021.

    jeff in tex….it is the America the Beautiful quarters that ends in 2021.

    The gold and silver eagles do not have an end date.

  147. Auxmike says

    Cancel box still is present, processing. Also on backordered till 7/12.

  148. Jack in N.E says

    To those that wonder about possible Silver Eagle set varieties in the future .I remember taking the mint survey last year.The survey gave a few different choices for potential releases such as Denver,San Francisco and if I recall correctly a Silver Eagle High Relief variety.So perhaps this 2 coin set may be conntinuing item in coming years

  149. Brandon says

    @Auxmike. You say 7/12? Mine is 7/27. Hmmm. Can you tell what time you placed your order? Thanks.

  150. Auxmike says

    @brandon; meant it as a general 7/2012 since I couldn’t remember the exact date is all.

  151. NATATACK says

    With all the excitement with the silver eagles special sets, did the mint forget about the anniversay of the gold eagle? A special S mintmark or something else would be nice. They had anniversary sets in 95 and 06, but nothing in 11 or a hint at the 75 SF anniversary.

  152. Natatack says

    Samuel, you got a point, tho it would be good if they could come up with something in gold that would stimulate the AGE’s. Maybe a 1/4 oz high relief with a s mintmark or 1/4 oz reverse proof, something different that would get a lot of attention.

  153. Brandon says

    @Natatack I couldn’t agree more. I know I’d buy them. Even up to 1/2 ounce. I just can’t load up on 1 ounce gold at these prices. Til I kick sally Mae out of my house that is

  154. Brad says

    Hee hee. Sallie Mae. I’m glad THOSE days are long behind me! My education has been long since paid for. 🙂

  155. Brad says

    We’re at 125,371 sets sold now. I didn’t expect to break 125K until tomorrow, but my estimate of new sales being only half of the previous day’s new sales wasn’t too far off. Maybe tomorrow’s will be about 127,500.

  156. jeff in tex says

    What if collecters from the 2011 25th Ann. Set that couldn’t get a set stay away. This set may stay under 360,000

  157. Brad says

    I’d say sales under 360,000 sets is virtually guaranteed. I don’t even think this one will surpass the 250,000 limit of the 20th Anniversary Set. That could change if the silver spot price jumps considerably, but that doesn’t look too likely in the next three weeks. The fact that this set is a perceived “bad value” based on the price versus the value of the silver it contains is a blessing in disguise.

  158. jeff in tex says

    Bet most flippers @ big dealers will wait this set out until the last couple of days. Instead of putting money in a set that may have a high mintage. Since the Mint is posting a total each day. Would be funny if something happened and the cut off came sooner. LOL….

  159. jeff in tex says

    Brad, I think you hit this spot on. Evan if there is a high buying frenzy late, the Mint site may crash again.

  160. Brandon says

    I guess I’m torn on this set. What does the mintage need to stay below to be a winner? In your opinion… (Question for everyone)

  161. Dan says

    Is this set more fun now that the flippers are mostly out if? If it were not minted to demand, how many collectors and/or folks on this forum would want to buy more with the hopes of flipping them and pocketing the extra coin?

  162. jeff in tex says

    I like to buy Mint products for my collection. I still like to buy items in time that increase in value. I can’t buy everything the Mint offers, but I did start the silver eagles as a set to complete back in 86.

  163. jeff in tex says

    If the mintage stays low on this set the R-proof has a chance to 2nd lowest. This could also be lowest San Fran R-proof. It may even be the lowest San Fran proof too. It is a nice feeling to have set that people will talk about for years to come.

  164. guama says

    Look how long it took for the mint to hit 125,000. Just goes to show you that the flippers outweigh the collectors. Just wait and see….if the mintage is less than 250,000 the flippers will be out and the mintage will go through the roof:(

  165. Brad says

    Don’t worry about it, Guama. If there is a large influx of orders on the last day that pushes the number too high for the final update on July 6th, a lot of those guys will just cancel before processing and the number will go back down to a more reasonable level.

    I have faith that this set will be a wise purchase after all, even though we’re only about a week in. Collectors LOVE the “S” Mint mark, and they also love Proof and Reverse Proof Silver Eagles. These will hold their value even at the higher purchase price and could even see some nice returns. Remember, even the “plain vanilla” proof ASE of 1994 commands a premium several times the original issue price, and it’s mintage of 372,168 is most certainly higher than what the mintage of this set will be.

    While it will not be another 25th Anniversary Set (we may NEVER see that again), it will be a good set in it’s own right. My order will stand.

  166. guama says

    Let’s hope so, Brad. I would love to have something that is really special without having to pay the high mark up from the secondary market. I probably will buy a 25th set at the premium price just to have one. Ouch…that will hurt.

  167. jeff in tex says

    Wonder how the Mint will sell off any set left after July 5th, if people do cancil. I have read that the San Fran Mint had pre made the reverse proof. If they made more than the demand.

  168. Don says

    There have been a number of posts in regard to flippers waiting it out until the last couple of days to gauge the total number of orders placed. I was always under the impression that flippers like to get their items on selling venues such as ebay as EARLY as possible to take advantage of the initial buying frenzy before the prices start to settle back. Therefore, it seem to me that flippers would have wanted to order these sets from the mint as early as possible on the first day (last thursday) since they would get theirs shipped out in the first wave. They would then be among the first to have them “in hand” to sell.

  169. Dan says

    Just before the sets are no longer available, flippers could buy the sets and market them as no longer available (sold out) at the mint in hopes of creating a frenzy …

  170. Gary says

    Are people that stupid? There is nothing here to flip! People that are hoping that they have some rare coins here are dreaming! These will be made to order just like the mint says, nothing is going to happen! These will be just like the regular proof eagles, but even with a 800,000 mintage they will carry a small premium in a couple years!
    We can all rest assured that we ALL will have the 3rd lowest reverse proof silver eagle! HAHAHA…..too funny
    It looks like the US Mint has last years losers feeling like this years winners!! There is a sucker born every minute!

  171. ED says

    To answer your 1st question Gary……..yes……. If you wanna have fun ,tell everyone to enter PROMO code 75THANN on the website for a 10% discount. LOL !!

  172. alvaro says

    Another thing nobody is thinking, what if the mint is lieing about the odometer number of sales. They might post like 100 000 less than the real number so people buy thinking low mintage, I dont trust the mint. Its kind of fishy they offered an odometer of sales, its certanly not for are benefit but theirs they might play us for fools. Who are the flippers gonna sell too? Anybody that wants one will order from the mint and who ever didnt will never buy cause they arent interest it, they didnt care meaning theyre not collectors. So it will not be rare cause anybody that wants one will buy. Even if the mintage is low, that only means theres not that many collectors out there anymore. Even if 50k mintage that means only 50k cared about the set. So no flipping except to people in mars or something that cant order or sex predators serving prison time maybe to them you can flip when they get out and if their coin collectors lol.

  173. stephen m. says

    Hey alvaro, They could also stop sales, for whatever reason, after the sales have gone to the right people. TV, TPG’s and large dealers could all be in together along with the mint.I have trouble trusting in anything or anybody where money is involved. Only in America.

  174. Natatack says

    With the potential high mintage, wish they would throw us a bone and put out a large S, small s/micro s, like in the days past. Wishful thinking

  175. Don says

    You can bet the TV mega dealers have already ordered large quantities of these sets as soon as they became available from the mint. They want to parade out these sets on their shows as soon as possible. Who will buy from these dealers? The people who are addicted to the shopping channels and think they are getting the greatest deal in the world on, no doubt, graded 69 or 70 coins. When they hear the words “rare” and “limited edition” being tossed around they can’t resist the temptation to buy. Or, they just have to have a set or two as a “family heirloom”.

  176. KC says

    sale at 128.5K today, increase of 3K over the last 2 hours. A mad dash at the end of the sale is most likely.

  177. RLP says

    Last and only time the coin god of errors smiled upon Mint produced ASE collectables was the Burnished 2008 with a reverse of the 2007. 2nd lowest mintage in the series (if you accept the burnished coins as being eligible for series inclusion).

  178. says

    If we have sales of 3K per day, that’ll add up to 63,000 over the remaining 21 days, setting us at a final number of 191,540 sets. This of course doesn’t count for cancellations, or for a stampede on the last day of sales.

  179. ED says

    Dont forget Monday tally counts for Friday after 3pm-Monday @ 3pm. LOL !!! ALERT EBAY NOW !!!! I say whalebone !!!

  180. george glazener says

    It’s like I said before, some folks are just more comfortable with the TV shopping channel experience or the eBay platform regardless of the price. In the back of their minds, they may be vaguely aware that better prices might exist “somewhere”; but they just don’t have the mental energy or desire to pursue it. The Coin Vault and other similar shows understand this very well, and I applaud them for exercising their capitalist free market rights. I love to listen and watch, but I just won’t pay their prices.

  181. says

    CO, I’ll go ahead and concede that I was way off in my estimate of sales. I thought that if the regular proof this year had sales of almost 300,000 in the first four days of sales, then this set with a reverse proof would easily pass that amount in four weeks.

    But actually, I’m happy to be wrong!! This set looks like a given that it will have the lowest mintage of a regular proof (currently the 1994 with a mintage of 372,168) and also be the second lowest mintage of a reverse proof…and the only reverse proof with a “S” mint mark.

    I see a fair amount of upside potential in this set.

    I am a collecter, but also a seller…or flipper if that’s what you want to call it. But I never sell anything, that I don’t also collect.

    I purchased 16 sets of the SF set within the first 20 minutes. One set to keep in the OGP and 15 sets to send in for grading of which I will keep one PF70 set and sell the other 14 sets however they may grade. I made that decision thinking sells would be around 500,000 and I had a 50/50 chance of actually losing money. But I am a collector first, and the selling is just a hobby…sometimes I win, sometimes I lose, but it’s fun either way.

    Anyway, if sales continue along the same trend that we’re seeing, I will probably buy at least 5 more sets. While the last day sales may be somewhat high, I don’t see them being over 25,000…which will keep both coins with a disirable secondary market value.

  182. Samuel says

    Steve, u think have the coins graded is better? i also remember you said last time, that u only need to send in the “coins”, no wooden box?

  183. says

    Samual, yes, I talked to NGC and confirmed that you only have to send the coin in their capsules.

    Yes, I also think that if you plan on selling the coins, you will do better if they are graded…you can probably expect 60-75% to be 70’s.

  184. Brandon says

    @ Steve. Can i ask why your decision to send them NGC insteade of PCGS? Just curious. Thanks

  185. says

    @Brandon…I am a member of both NGC and PCGS…I like them equally well.

    In this case the cost per graded coin at NGC is $20 for Early/First Release labels and $32 for PCGS First Strike…at least the last time I checked($14 for grading and $18 for FS label)

    I may end up sending some to both NGC and PCGS.

  186. Shutter says

    This set looks like a given that it will have the lowest mintage of a regular proof (currently the 1994 with a mintage of 372,168)

    Does the 1995 W proof not count?

  187. Don says

    When are you going to realize that these “Early or First Release” and “First Strike” labels are bogus and are just money makers for the grading companies engaging in such practices.

  188. says

    @Don…I have always realized that these labels are just marketing BS…but when are you going to realize that they sell for a premium as stupid as that may be.

  189. says

    @Shutter….well duh, that’s a coin that usually isn’t included in most discussions of a “regular” proof silver eagle.

    And Shutter, why are 99% of your comments a response to somone else’s comment. Do you not have anything original to say.

  190. Don says

    I do not have my modern coins graded but, if I did, I would not want these labels on any of my slabbed coins. The only reason they may sell for a premium is the gullibility and ignorance of some coin buyers. Of course this is what the grading companies are counting on.

  191. says

    Steve, I roughly agree with your analysis. I have to admit I had some doubts after you mentioned the sales of regular proof silver eagles a few days ago, though. I hadn’t really considered that angle when I made my initial predictions.

    We may also have some surges in buying as the last day comes closer but at this point I’m pretty confident in saying the final number will probably come in around 200K-ish, or possibly lower (though I’m pretty sure we’ll at least break 150K).

  192. Shutter says

    well duh, that’s a coin that usually isn’t included in most discussions of a “regular” proof silver eagle.

    What exactly makes 1995 W any less regular than 2012 S? Other than price. I could see excluding 2008 W Reverse of 2007 from a list of Uncirculated Eagles, but there is nothing particularly irregular about 1995 W.

    And Shutter, why are 99% of your comments a response to somone else’s comment. Do you not have anything original to say.

    Why does this bother you so much? It is the nature of blogs that the only remotely original remarks are those of the blog author. And at least in this blog’s case, he draws on many sources for his posts, instead of just making stuff up. That’s what makes it useful. So by definition nearly 100% of all comments here aren’t all that original. So what? Some people just want to see their words on the screen and go of the rails when challenged. The rest want feedback or to engage in conversation. So what?

  193. alvaro says

    If im not buying at 150 I will certanly not buy at $200 -$300 flippers will try to sell. Maybe you can flip to prison inmates when they get out

  194. alvaro says

    I have a Levis pants that I bought for $30 .any body want to buy it from me for $60 lol

  195. Natatack says

    First strikes/early strikes I don’t think are as bad as (S) or (W) labels. What the mint has done by not mint marking their bullion coins to provent hoarding has turned into a cash cow for the grading companies. If I do see a choice for 2 similar coins I would go for the early strike first(NGC), since it was sealed shortly after public release, less chance of being tampered with(if you have kids they can get into everything) or exposed to environmental conditions (eg. Katrina or similiar situation). This is no guarantee for a spot free coin at a later date but an advantage in my opinion.
    Dont know the future of the (S) (W) labeled ASE’s, but the heirs they get passed to may not see any premiums when trying to sell them to dealers other than the grade rarity.

  196. Samuel says

    alvaro, for silver buffalo, UHR AGE, anybody that wanted one also had plenty time to buy from the mint. the sales window was a year or something?

  197. says

    @Shutter, If you look at the Mint News Blog post dated Thursday, June 7, it includes the following:

    “For those tracking sales of the 2012 San Francisco Silver Eagle Set, here are some reference numbers to consider:

    The 25th Anniversary Set, which contained the unique 2011-S Uncirculated and 2011-P Reverse Proof Silver Eagles had a total mintage of 100,000. This made the two unique coins tied for the second lowest mintage (non-variety) numismatic issue after the 1995-W Proof, which had a mere 30,125.

    The 20th Anniversary Set, which contained the unique 2006-P Reverse Proof, had a final audited mintage of 248,875.

    The lowest mintage regular proof of the series is the 1994-P Proof Silver Eagle with a final mintage of 372,168.

    This year’s regular issue 2012-W Proof Silver Eagle debuted with sales of 299,539 after four days of availability. The latest figures indicate sales have reached 404,985. ”

    The point I was trying to make was that based on the current sales level of the SF two-coin set, it appears that both coins have the potential for fairly low mintages and perhaps secondary market value above their issue price.

  198. Brad says


    There will always be newcomers to the coin collecting hobby each year. Another thing to consider is that four weeks is a pretty narrow ordering window. Even some present casual coin collectors who might be interested in this set may not know about it until the window is already closed, if they’re not paying enough attention to the Mint pressroom or online blogs like this one.

    This set should always have enough of a market that it won’t lose at this price level. I agree with CaptainOverkill regarding his prediction of where sales will roughly end up. I don’t see this one breaking the 250,000 limit of the 2006 20th Anniversary Set. The last-minute surge won’t be as high as the first-day frenzy, and some days in the next couple of weeks could fall below 1,000 new orders a day.

  199. Skidtrek says

    Alvaro, not every collector is as avid as the folks that visit this blog. Summertime finds many famlies vacationing and traveling and not aware of this coin set or it’s 4 week window. It is foolish to say that just because the Mint is making these to demand for 4 weeks that there will be no further demand in the future because everyone that wanted a set got one. Get real.

  200. KC says

    I am not sure the final sale will be below 250,000. But even it comes close to 500,000 I would go with at least 20 sets at the last week of sale. Certainly,
    I will not buy from flippers or dealers with premium. The S-set is unique for a part-time collector like me.

  201. Samuel says

    i do not have many silver eagles in my collection, so i may use this set to make it up.

  202. alvaro says

    Mintproducts is offering this set for pre order at mint issue price of 149.99 wirh free shipping . Of course any smart people will know that those set will have low grade coins , meaning they will cherry pick the ones that will grade 70 or 69 and they will assemble sets with the low grade / damage coins. I only buy ogp from the mint secondary market ogps like this and proof sets are cherry picked. They take the good coins out. They will send the good ones to ngc and will try to dumb the reject to ogp collectors. Everybody knows this practice but maybe new collectors are in this blog so now you know buy ogp from mint or buy certified from secondary market that way you know what youre buying. Secondary market OGP stuff is mostly rejects that arent worth sending to be graded maybe 68s.

  203. alvaro says

    Ever wonder what those HSN does with the reject coins that dont grade 70. Not that the ones they sell are really 70s. lol anacs 70 is like pcgs 69. Anyways they sell the rejects to dealers at a discount, cause they will mske the money with the bogus anacs70s.

  204. Dan says


    … I don’t think you meant to say that anyone who purchases (OGP) from the Mint then later sells them (on the secondary market) is selling rejects, or did you? Or are you saying that OGP from a dealer are rejects? Why not just learn to “grade” coins and judge for yourself?

  205. Dan says

    Even if the final number of sets sold is around 250,000 the mint on demand approach would appear to be a good value as it has helped collectors attain the coin at issue price. If that ends up being the case, the mint may not have to spend dollars upgrading their systems – which hopefully means they can keep the costs down on their issues. Those individual or flippers who would seek to make a quick buck would disagree, but so far this appears to be a fair and reasonable approach. Just my $0.02

  206. Brad says


    You’re right about that. The limits invite the flippers to the party to be sure, but an offering like this is not their cup of tea. Most of them are looking for items that they can get in and out of quick, making their fast money and moving on to the next thing. They’re not interested in buying items they have to sit on for a time. This set will NOT be a “fast-money” item. There is money to be made on it, but not right away. It will take time, a few years possibly. Most collectors who want it now will buy it from the Mint (provided they’re aware of the offering while the ordering window is open), but those collectors who are not interested now but will be later on and any new collectors in future years will have to buy it on the secondary market.

    This set will reward those who have patience. Buying a few extra sets now could end up helping you pay for something else you want later. With the absolutely PITIFUL interest rates being offered by banks for savings accounts and CD’s these days, I’d rather have some of my money in something like this set. Even waiting a few years to sell, I’ll make more on that money than if it had been in the bank that entire time!

  207. Jack in N.E says

    It seems that this set and the S quarter rolls are a big test for this mint to demand theory.Hopefully they will settle on a 4 week time limit for their mint to demand program as it seems like a fair time window.Any thoughts?

  208. Dan says


    In general I think if you collect coins long enough you can make a nice return at least on the coins containing precious metals. Your heirs may make money on coins that you pass onto them (if you do) that contain no precious metals. I recently cataloged my collection in a spreadsheet (including purchase date, price paid, mint codes, etc … and a column showing recent auction prices realized). Seems like silver, gold and platinum coins purchased before 2006 have done the best (but primarily because the metal itself has gone up in value relative to the dollar). If you believe that the feds & other central banks will print more money, then being in precious metals (even if it’s through US mint offerings) is still a good investment. As a kid, I never thought about what I might get for the collection, I was more interested in completing the collection, and over the years I have upgraded the coins to the best that I can reasonably afford.

    In response to your statement regarding interest rates. Seek out a local credit union offering 5 year Certificate of Deposits. Most of these have a 3-month forfeiture of interest in the event that you bail (because interest rates increased), and you’ll still come out ahead vs. a bank. Even 1.4% is not much, but it beats 0.1% a regular passbook or checking account might get.

  209. alvaro says

    I think thats the way its gonna be from now on . No more pre determined mintaged . The mint makes more money this way, imagine how many more 25th anniv will have been order this way. the mint last a lot of money and the flippers cash in. the mint doesnt care about flippers. By this way of sale the ones their hurting are flippers. Cause collectors dont really care how much is the mintage they just want the coin or not. I never buy a coin I dont like just because it has low mintage. Like the gold spouse coins have low mintages but nobody cares about those coins their ugly

  210. alvaro says

    Yes silver will fall below 30 by the end of the year. And I dont really care for gold I dont collect gold coins only silver coins unless gold falls back to 300 an Oz lol. Any guess how much will a ngc 69 set will sell for, I know 70 will be a crazy price for bogus 70s lol its the same coin who cares if it has a flaw you cant even see. My local coin dealer says modern slab coins are stupid there new coins why you need the grade for unless is an old coin like a Morgan dollar.

  211. Dan says

    I think that precious metals can fall in price only if the Federal Reserve and other Central Banks stopped printing money, and with the global economy teetering, the temptation is too great not to print more money. That said, platinum is rarer than gold, and one would think that platinum eagles would come into vogue but that has never happened. Offering a product that not everyone can afford to purchase leaves many collectors sitting on the sidelines. Had the mint continued to offer fractional denominations (1/10th, 1/4, 1/2 ounce versions), or perhaps even introduce 1/20th or 1/25th ounce versions, the product could appeal to many more collectors (Mint are you listening?)

  212. Dave in CT. says

    Alvaro, on my phone, I had trouble with adding the periods ( .) ! not lol………

  213. Don says

    The topic of this blog posting remains the “San Francisco two coin silver eagle proof set”. Unfortunatley, the comments have regressed to off- topic banter among a few individuals. I think the posting has pretty much run its course.

  214. alvaro says

    I think the 2 coin set has last interest already. Maybe towards the end of sale will be trending again to see what the mintage wil be . Im thinking under 300000. Its probably around 150000 already will see at 3pm today Monday. So,another 150000 in 3 more Weeks is likely. But no more than that hopefully. By the way I order a set today and my order number seems low compare to people that
    Order the first day. I order when the odometer read 131542. and one of my friends order the first day an his and my order number has a difference of only 12000 orders so that means people are averaging like 5-10 per order or the counter is not accurate. Or lots of order got cancel for some reason.

  215. alvaro says

    Breaking news the first certified sets pop out already at Chattanooga coins they have the 69 set at $229 for pre order and the 70 set at $299 is that too much for really the same coins, who cares if they got blemishes you cant even see, are you guys perfectionist freaks lol like monk a clean freak lol. I dont think a perfect coin excist they have to have flaws even if they grade them 70. I wonder how much hsn gonna charge for bogus anacs 70 sets, probably $499. Buy the coin not the plastic. Ogp is better and looks better I dont know why people are so into suppously perfect coins who cares . It scares me I bet this people go to Sears to buy a pair of Levis pants and grab all of them checking which ones is in better condition like perfect stiches, no wrinkles etc lol. Why do you needed certified I just dont get it.

  216. george glazener says

    i get so confuse try to read post with no good grammer or no good spell when peepul no use no good english or punkshuashun mark when trie to make word or sentinse wish they would use spell chek lol or go to skool and learn english so they will cummunicate with peepul write way insted of right nonsenseikal word on blog and drive other peepul crazie…

  217. Brad says


    Your post above TRULY deserves a REAL LIFE LOL or ROTFLMAO! That’s priceless! 🙂

  218. Frank says


    I believe everyone has the right to decide how they should spend their money.

    Although we don’t do it with Levis pants, so many are over-paying for premium wines, cigar, cheese, fashion, electronics and etc everyday. That is the way of life: people would like to spend more for something they perceive “better”.

  219. Dave in CT. says

    Guys, That is not even funny. This is what some of you do when you have nothing better to do ? C’mon. I just can’t believe what I am reading. Instead of
    having a positive reply to his post and try to help him, what do you do, you mock him, try to embarrass him, and trust me fellas, all your doing is showing what kind of human beings you have become, besides that you are embarrassing yourselves, your pathetic comments also show that you coin guys have no self esteem, pride, honor, ethics, and sense of treating your fellow men with some decency and respect. George, Brad, and all the others that are laughing at Alvaro and these two jug-heads remarks, are make me sick to my stomach. That you can get a laugh at someones expense and actually feel good about it. Guy’s, this is not anyway to act towards your fellow coin collectors and human beings . Do you really get off on his spelling, punctuation ??? Looks like some here do. PATHETIC. Alvaro is a good guy, give him some credit for trying to fit in and learn our language. It’s not easy learning English. How many of you MORONS can speak and write Spanish ? I don’t hear you ! To try and get a cheap laugh at another human being is so disgusting and sick. Makes me sad that I am a part of the human race at times. Nobody here ever sticks up for the posters that make mistakes or make any comments that this behavior is just wrong. As I stated before, I ( just me) have found most people in the coin hobby (that I have run into), to have serious personality issues. What is it about the coin hobby that so many collectors are nothing better than trailer trash ?
    I hope you are all getting your laughs on this good guy here today. Alvaro is just trying to have some input and have some fun and learn a few thing too.
    Michael Z. and I would like an apology made to ALVARO today. But I think you two don’t have integrity to do so. Am I right George and Brad….

  220. Brad says

    Dave in CT,

    Take a chill pill, man! I’ve provided plenty of positive replies to Alvaro and a lot of others on this blog for years! But, I always make sure all of my entries are clear and consise. It IS hard to read posts like that of Alvaro above, and George’s clever post immediately following really struck my funny bone, ok? I harbor no maliciousness towards Alvaro or anyone else, even you after your somewhat stinging rant that basically implied that I’m some form of scum. I’m not “trailer trash”, I’m actually a highly respected member of my community. I just felt like expressing my appreciation for the unexpected laugh I had this morning to George, that’s all. You can’t honestly tell me that you don’t find those kinds of posts he was imitating somewhat annoying to try to read, can you? Our written language is falling apart, and future generations might not even know HOW to write properly anymore!

  221. Dave in CT. says

    Brad, You can disguise what you guys did and try and convince yourselves that it was not malicious. Always, guys like you are looking for a way when cornered ! If you were such a upstanding man, you and George would have never said a word. Imagine laughing at at another human being and the misfortunes that human being may have in life. We can’t be as smart as you or others. I have made a ton of typing mistakes here, I’m not perfect. I am also thick skinned and believe some here can’t wait and put down others when the chance arises. To even think of not showing respect to another is outrageous in my book. But when I see this unnecessary and shallow human being trashing, I have to stick up for the little guy, whom ever that may be. I remember a couple of years ago or so, not one person here, not even the more popular and obviously smarter posters would ever post their handle, and tell people that the nasty comments are wrong and will not be tolerated. NOT ONE. Shows how many pathetic posters you have here. Here’s a thought, how about doing something different this year, stick up for the little guy that can’t stick up for himself or doesn’t know how ? Brad, I knew you two wouldn’t have the balls to say, ” hey Alvaro, I am sorry, I didn’t mean as bad as it came out, I make mistakes too.” But you Brad, you have to throw your pathetic behavior in another direction and try and defend it.
    I always tell people to relax, I tell them it is not that serious, and it usually isn’t. But being a part of mankind, and a marine, and seeing all those unnecessary jabs at folks, all for the benefit of laughter, this will not be tolerated in my book. Now, what about that apology guys and keep it nice and sincere. But you won’t, Ive seen to many men like you in the service that are to proud to say I made a mistake and let it go at that, well, how about it, or are you just not going to post, and hope people here forget the comments you have made and the others, that have made distasteful remarks. What exactly are your guys motives, cheap laughs. I never understood this behavior. I come from a rock solid family and always have remembered my values. Now, go ahead and trash me now, this is what I am expecting….

  222. Dave in CT. says

    Oh yes, I wanted to get back on here when I was reading all those trashy and hurtful comments that were directed at that one lady, Julie Ann Rizzolli (i think she spelled it that way), I could not believe how many were so rough on her. Why, I could never understand that. Here you have a lady that was interested in coins, and the guys just trashed her, for what reason ? I have not seen anything from her in months. Hope you the posters that scared and intimidated her are just so proud of themselves. So many unhappy coin collectors. Now Brad, I will go take that chill pill and go get a HI-BALL !…

    Here is a period ( . ), now go put that in your pipe and smoke it……………

  223. george glazener says

    Thanks for sticking up for me here on this blog, but I must be honest and admit that what I wrote this morning was indeed hurtful and abusive. I need to remember that the gift of writing well can be used to do wonderful things in this world or it can be used to do ugly things. I just made a bad choice today and did the latter. That’s not who I really am, although I can’t expect any of you guys to know that given that we’re all strangers. In any case, Alvaro, whoever you are, I owe you an apology. I was out of line. This should be a place of learning and discussion without stupid remarks from me. I’ll try to remember that in the future and do more “listening” rather than “talking”.

  224. Brad says

    Dave in CT,

    This will be my final post on the subject, because it’s always so annoying when the boards turn into nothing but a back-and-forth conversation between two posters that actually has nothing to do with the topic at hand. Whatever final comment you make after this will be the final word, whether it’s good, bad or ugly for me. So, here goes.

    The person who called themselves “Julie Ann Rizzoli” (along with a handful of other names, I can’t remember them all) was the reason that Michael had to eliminate comments for a while and move his entire blog to another service! As the blog author, he can tell which IP address comments come from, and told me himself in a private e-mail that they were the same person. That was after I had posted a reply to one of her many identities that appeared to be at least a SOMEWHAT genuine comment. That person was a mentally deranged individual who at the end resorted to posting completely psychotic and intensely vulgar comments. Maybe you were fortunate enough to have not seen them before Michael deleted them and turned off the commenting feature for a while. Some others on here WERE trying to help “Julie” until it became apparent the individual was flying under false colors.

    I looked at past comments from Alvaro on this thread, and only the one that George posted his comment after sounded really bad. The others were actually not bad at all. No way is Alvaro a Spanish person trying to “learn our language.” No, that last post from him looked far more like someone trying to get it all said as quickly as possible, without regard for spelling, grammar or appearance. There is no way I would EVER publish a post like that. Everyone can take a little time and make the post presentable before publishing it. There’s no excuse not to. After reading so many of that type of comment over the years, George’s post actually DID make me “laugh out loud.” He only did what so many others have undoubtedly thought over the years, but just never bothered to do. I have to admit though, your reaction to it caught me completely off-guard. I never thought someone would take it that way. I don’t intentionally do things to try to hurt others. But, I still think you blew the entire thing WAY out of proportion.

    Oh, and I actually do agree 100% with what Alvaro was saying about the whole grading thing. I’ve posted many comments to that same effect on this blog over the years.

    I guess if anything like what happened this morning happens again, I’ll just keep it to myself. I don’t want to offend anyone. Live and learn!

  225. alvaro says

    Why do you need grammar as long as you get the point. its a blog not an English mid term paper for school. Plus its hard to type in this little touch screen phone I type a word and something different shows up. I dont have a computer to type proffesionally.

  226. Drew says

    I see this blog has turned completely worthless thanks to a few individuals who can’t seem to stay on topic. Way to go guys.

  227. Brad says

    Sorry Drew!

    And Alvaro, it’s good to hear from you again. I’m glad we didn’t run you off. You’re right, it would be very difficult to try to post using a phone. I’ve never done that. I’m sitting here in my office typing on a desktop computer with a full-size keyboard, so I do have the advantage. So, if my expressing thanks to George for giving me a laugh this morning was hurtful to you, I apologize. 🙂

  228. Piotr says

    I have to admit, I’ve learned a thing from Julie Ann R. Her posts were full of details u would learn by being a coin collector for years. I found them very helpful as I just started collecting over a year ago. English is a 2nd for me as well.
    I think the last sales number on the product page, before the last day buying frenzy, will be less than 200K. In fact I think it will be around 150-170K. However, a lot of people can purchase large quantities on the last day, so I would not be surprised if the total sales number to be around 200K.

  229. george glazener says

    Thanks again, Brad. You’re a good man. Enough said about me and my big mouth. Let’s get back to coins where we belong.

    Coin Vault has the SSB sets tonight for $89.95. They look awesome on the TV screen…!

  230. stephen m. says

    Wow, 300+ comments on the SF 75th sets. That’s a lot of interest in this set and Mopar. It doesn’t look like sales of the set will reach my prediction of 634,000 but we will see.

  231. stephen m. says

    Dave in CT, Mopar is what you burn rubber in and… burning rubber is an excellent way to relax and chill out, for me anyway.

  232. alvaro says

    The ngc proof 70 set pricing has been set at $299. so that means the reverse proof will be at $199 and the proof at $99. Hsn probably willask for $499 lol mike mezack.

  233. alvaro says

    Anacs 70 or icg 70 from hsn is the same as gettiing them in ogp cause nobody respect hsn anacs grading. Buy pcgs or ngc or OGP. Thats it. Lol shop NBC show took a shot at hsn the other day by saying they only sell the top two grading services. That nothing else excist lol what about mike mezacks anacs lol

  234. alvaro says

    14 days left, expect a rush the final week. Some flippers will buy cause the mintage is low so far. So at the end that odometer of sales will ruin the mintage. It will be too high at the end. The mint should have kept it a mistery no odometer in the future.

  235. Brad says

    The new sales added yesterday surprised me a bit, since it was over 2,000 new orders on the heels of a day that saw only 1,210 added. But, I still think we’ll see some days before the end that have fewer than 1,000 new orders. Maybe it will happen today.

    I like the sales meter, but I wonder why the Mint tries to downplay it’s accuracy so much? I wonder too if they are providing a NET figure that takes all cancellations into account, or if they’re simply counting new orders placed without regard to cancellations? It occurred to me that maybe that’s why they try to downplay the accuracy of the meter.

  236. alvaro says

    No interest anymore everybody ran away or what. I figure towards the end traffic will come back. My guess is around 300,000 mintage its already close to 150000 and 2 Week left, so other 150000 late rush by flippers is most likely. Thats if the mint isnt lieing about the odometer number. they can put what ever number they want. The final mintage will be way off the odometer number thats why the mint down plays it so people dont try to sue them for lieing lol.

  237. alvaro says

    Chattanooga coins has the 2012 SF eagle silver eagle set in 70 for $259 and it comes in a custom red oak box. It seems too low it might be a scam thats only $110 over ogp . $60 for certification, $20 for shipping both ways to ngc and $30 for the custom red oak box. So what are they gaining.

  238. Brad says

    I hope Michael writes a new “midway point” post on this topic today after the final update before the weekend. It’s getting to be a drag having to dig so far down to talk about it now!

  239. Bill says

    Units ordered today, 4,522. If orders continue at the same pace, 07/05 total accumulated orders will be 197,267; if orders continue at today’s pace, but orders the last 2 days total 100,000, the the 07/05 total accumulated orders will be 292,745. Those are 2 big ifs. Hoping the total stays well under 250,000 and certainly not over that, but, I think coin dealers are what has caused the increase in sales recently and will more than likely continue with the last 2 days being significantly higher. All speculation; just hoping the total mintage is not too high!

  240. Bill says

    Pardon the double “the” in my previous comment; I stuttered and didn’t proof.

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