San Francisco Set Sales Jump to 201,059

The pace of orders for the United States Mint’s 2012 San Francisco Silver Eagle Set have been accelerating as the offering approaches its final days.

The product contains proof and reverse proof 2012 American Silver Eagles bearing the “S” mint mark. The US Mint is only accepting orders during a four week window which began on June 7, 2012 at 12:00 Noon ET and will conclude this week on July 5, 2012 at 5:00 PM ET. Since the mintage will be based on orders received during this period, the sales figures have been closely watched by collectors.

Since the last post at the midpoint of the offering, the pace of daily sales has picked up. This may have been driven by the distribution of the US Mint’s 2012 Summer Catalog, which highlighted the offering to customers, and the orders placed by collectors who were waiting to place their orders towards the end of the offering.

Here are the daily sales figures for the entire offering. The first number column indicates the change from the previous daily total, while the second column indicates the cumulative sales total.

Increase Total Sales
June 8, 2012 85,341
June 11, 2012 29,718 115,059
June 12, 2012 6,245 121,304
June 13, 2012 4,067 125,371
June 14, 2012 3,169 128,540
June 15, 2012 2,972 131,512
June 18, 2012 3,956 135,468
June 19, 2012 1,210 136,678
June 20, 2012 2,185 138,863
June 21, 2012 3,029 141,892
June 22, 2012 3,281 145,173
June 25, 2012 6,874 152,047
June 26, 2012 4,522 156,569
June 27, 2012 6,012 162,581
June 28, 2012 4,255 166,836
June 29, 2012 8,752 175,588
July 2, 2012 25,471 201,059

With sales already passed 200,000, will sales break the 250,000 mark? This was the mintage limit for the 20th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set, which contained the 2006-P Reverse Proof Silver Eagle. Final audited sales for the set were 248,875.

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  1. saucexx says

    If final day sales match first day sales we’re looking at close to 300K. I always thought 250K would be the floor for this set and it looks like we’re getting close.

    As info MCM sold out of PF70 pre sales.

  2. Wes says

    It passed my guesstimate of around 201,000 thousand sets, but it still has away’s to go to reach my first estimate of close to 750,000 sets.

  3. ED says

    If MCM sold out, and ordered more, will they still be early release if they don’t get them untill late September ??

  4. Brad says

    My order placed at 12:10 on June 7 still has a cancellation option. Maybe there will be some cancellations to keep the mintage from getting too high.

    300K mintage won’t necessarily be a “kiss of death” for this set, but it certainly won’t help it any!

  5. ED says

    OMG !! How many labels does NGC have for this set ???? trolly label,SFseal label ,American liberty label……..LOL !!

  6. simon says

    The funny part is that each label has its very own price !

    Now that’s collecting labels : Lets’ all get one of each 😉

  7. RLP says

    If coin quality is the sole unit of measure, then using the terms FS/ER becomes relatively meaningless and should not be taken to infer “better” quality. Multiple die sets will be used to mint the orders. Each change of dies will produce some number of “first strikes” as the term is generically applied. There are no published records I know of that details what dies produce which coins or which strike of that die set originated a particular coin set. Early Release is even more fortuitous as a quality measure,as it is merely a representation of a batch of sets that were shipped at a “certain” time, composed of the relatively “better or worse sets” of multiple die sets.

  8. TomP says

    Would the Mint accept mail-in orders postmarked July 5th or earlier but received after the 5 P.M. deadline? Have they accepted other late mail-in orders with a hard deadline such as the commemoratives usual end date of early Dec.?
    The catalog mail-ins might not make much of a difference for the final total in affecting after market premiums. But if the counter is still active next week, the mail-ins could account for any increases.
    Since the Mint states they have the discretion to reject or accept all or part of any order, the Mint could allow some latitude for late mail-ins. The power outages in the DC area might invoke some sympathy from headquarters.

  9. dave says

    this is exactly as i predicted, the last few days will be like the first few days and the mintage final – well we shall see 250-300 ?

  10. Jeremy says

    There aren’t any shortages of A25 sets at local coin dealers in this area, not sure what that means for a set that has 2 to 3 times more minted.

  11. guama says

    I was at the philly mint today and they had a tiny ad about these sets. The third party companies are going to make the numbers sky high. I don’t think the average joe is buying these. We already made our purchases. I am anxiously awaiting how the next couple of days play out
    Btw…the philly mint is open for business july 4.

  12. Hidalgo says

    @Guama –

    Yep, you’re right that many of these sets are being purchased by coin dealers. And I’m sure most of their coins are going straight to PCGS and NGC for grading. Paradise Mint has the following information posted on its website:

    2012 San Francisco Proof Eagle Set!

    We will have several thousand of these sets and stock them in both NGC and PCGS versions.

  13. rpw says

    Now i’m starting to see how this works with TPG and dealers.
    Just like anything else now days. It’s all a scam.
    I’m done with buying from the mint. I’m going to cancel my (measley) order for 2 sets.
    Considering the fact that sales were averaging 6K per day and SUDDENLY today they jumped to 4X that number, it’s obvious that something is not quite right.

    I’ll be watching to see how the final mint sales numbers compare to what the “counter” shows. That’s probably a scam also. I can’t imagine it should be off by more than 10K at best. If it is – there should be an investigation because regardless of what anyone says, MINTAGE NUMBERS MATTER. Collector or investor. Doesn’t matter. Lower mintage, higher value! PERIOD!

  14. gumbyen says

    Beginning to wonder how long the window of opportunity will be to cancel at the mint site. These may well be cheaper to buy in six months time.
    The early 5 oz’s ATB certainly are.

  15. guama says

    That’s what I was afraid of…I bet they will have everyone and their brother buy for them this week. Everyone thought with the price of silver dropping that the set was to expensive. Who knew?

  16. Jeremy says

    @rpw, I like to listen to “thecoinshow” radio podcast, one of the hosts, Matt, thinks there will be a better opportunity to purchase these on the secondary market at a cheaper price.

    He was right about the A25 sets when he purchased 5 sets and had said that his would be sold by Christmas. He was right about the best window of opportunity for profit since they’ve obviously come down considerably since then.

  17. rpw says

    Thanks Jeremy.
    I’ll check it out.
    I should have sold my 25th ASE Set (all NGC 70’s) but I thought it would be better to hang on to them since there are probably less than 20,000 NGC All 70 sets. Not sure of exact numbers, have to look at NGC site but if I recall, there were only around 23,000 of one of the coins graded 70, so having an ALL 70’s set was pretty good considering alot of sets were broken up. Thats the only reason I held on and didn’t sell. Now I wonder if that wasn’t a mistake. I could have made a significant profit. Afterall – thats what it’s all about!

  18. ED says

    Here comes the “entitlement generation” ! Jeremy: show me where you can get a 25th set for under $300 ??

  19. Jeremy says

    @ED, Not sure what you mean by the “entitlement generation”, if that was meant as some sort of reference towards me personally? However, I never made that claim. Although I did state that there are NOT any shortages of 25th anniversary sets in THIS area and the “gavel” prices HAVE come down considerably from their peaks! Furthermore, the A25 sets were released in a very different manner compared to these, the San Fran set.

  20. ED says

    Im refering to your age Jeremy, Im the last of the baby boomers myself. If rpw wants to cancel his Mint order fine, you all can get these coins in a NGC 70 trolly label if you want.Read my first post, the trolly label kinda remindes me of “rice-a-roni the san francisco treat” commercial. hahah

  21. Jeremy says

    As far as I’m concerned I couldn’t care less about all this TPG nonsense. I’m more concerned about being economically prudent. In my opinion this set is overpriced and if one is concerned about acquiring one why shouldn’t someone practice patience and wait for a more sensible opportunity.

    Oh but the mantra of the baby boomers, why wait to spend a dollar tomorrow when we can borrow and spend it today?

  22. guama says

    @ Jeremy
    That’s not a baby boomer mantra. Us baby boomers saved until we could put down 20% on a house. I couldn’t get a credit card until after I was married. We had to prove we could be responsible before we could get the card. My daughter was getting applications daily when she was 15.

  23. Broooster says

    RPW, You have to remember that the 25K sold is over a 3 day period. The last update was Friday at about 3 PM, then again today at about 3 PM. So that is still just a little over 8K per day. At this current rate, that’s still a mintage of under 250K. All the guessing will be over in a few days, and everyone can sleep easy.

  24. Jeremy says

    @guama, I’m not sure what baby boomer generation you’re referring to. How about the one that had to continue keeping up with the Jones’ and didn’t care how much debt was acquired to do so? The national debt accumulation/deficit is due to the generation currently in their 30s? How is that? hmm . . . .interesting, I think someone is using “fuzzy” math. :p

  25. ED says

    Thanks guama !!! This is how it was Jeremy, back in the days, when they took silver out of circulating coins !!! LOL !!!

  26. Jeremy says

    @Ed, Whenever there is no logical argument they always have to come back with something stupid. Nice response.

    I don’t care to get involved in an argument with anyone here but you can shove your nonsense ED. The US and American people have much larger issues now than assigning generational ideologies.

  27. says

    I’m amazed at this spurt of buying that’s suddenly appeared. I wonder what caused it. I was expecting a “last day” sales surge but not a “last week.” Well, I guess this is good news for the Mint.

  28. ED says

    Maybe its the coin show in Balt. or the flippers, or dealers watching and waiting Capt……..Nice to get back on this topic though.

  29. guama says

    Hi Jacob!
    I finished my eagle set and bought a couple of mid grades. Still having a problem buying the expensive old ones. Ill get there lol! I went on Friday and all booths were full. Went again on Sunday and most were packing up and leaving. But I loved looking at all if that history.

  30. EvilFlipper says

    Not for flippers. Pass on this one. Waiting for palladium coin… If its ever offered. Waiting on new Perth mint dragon. That’s for collectors and flippers alike.

  31. TheCoinKeeper says

    Buying just 1 of these sets, and keeping in OGP. Just bought a 5 oz libertad proof recently, and bought a 2 oz too, because I liked the 5 oz. so much. Very pretty. And those are low mintage.

    Now the question is will silver hold the triple bottom at $26. They’re so close to the low 20’s, they’ll probably run it down there. Who knows.

  32. Jacob in MD says

    Guama that sounds awesome. I know what you mean about shelling out the big bucks for the older stuff, it’s a tough pill to swallow.

    Sounds like it was fun though. Hopefully I’ll make the November show.

  33. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    Reading all the pro’s and con’s of buying this set, I do have to admit that there’s this small voice that says “are you nuts paying that much for the set”? It’s the little “coin-angel” sitting on my shoulder that whispers that stuff. So, I stroked it’s little feathers with the tip of a finger, said “I know, I know”…and then gave it a good thump. Muwahhahaha…! 🙂

  34. rpw says


    Thanks – I totally forgot about the weekend.
    I still don’t like the numbers and think it will be a better deal in aftermarket after sales end. At thins point, I think the ASE’s are saturating the market. Time to give it a rest. The more of these produced, the less valuable the 25th ASE set becomes as well (in my opinion).

  35. Gary says

    We will see another 80k jump on the last day! Cant be any doubters out there now, that we will be able to buy these on ebay for less than the mint is selling them for now.

  36. T1 browserman says

    Meant to add

    once on the site – click on the ‘compare metals’ tab to see the 1 year fluctuation / correction of all four PM’s at once….

  37. T1 browserman says


    Who purposely takes a loss on a numismatic offering ? Happy go lucky philanthropists ?

  38. Gary says

    Nobody expects to take a loss…it just happens that way! So your saying that nobody has ever taken a loss from buying from the mint? What world are you living in?

  39. Jeremy says

    @T1 browserman, Gary said “purposely”. Why do some seem to get so offended? If you love it and purchased this set fine, great! Be happy, just be prepared for the possibility of it NOT to maintain value relative to its cost basis. If that doesn’t bother you then wonderful. Nobody here knows what will happen with this set but there is a likelihood that the price for this item will be reduced on the secondary market.

  40. Gary says

    I guess the best thing is just to revisit this in a couple months! I wish i was wrong but highly unlikely! Sorry

  41. Louis says

    For what it’s worth, and I make a living writing about coins, I do not expect secondary prices for this set to be below issue price. For that and a couple bucks, as they say, you can get a coffee at Starbuck’s!!

    I got a 70 Trolley set from MCM for $229 with free shipping last week, and now they are $30 higher. I simply did the calculation of OGP plus grading fees, and realized it was hard to lose at that price. Plus the Trolley labels are only available to dealers.

  42. alvaro says

    Louis how did you request the ogp from mcm? Did you had to call them, cause it says ogp upon request only.

  43. alvaro says

    Mcm already charge my c.c. I hope they deliver and dont try to increase the price on people who bought a set last Friday. With the mintage pass 200k shouldnt the price be going down instead of up?. It will be about 250k+. today might be the last update on the set cause 4th holiday then 5th last day of sale the mint might take away the counter before puting the last 2 days of sale 4th and 5th. Is there gonna be an update on the 6th. For last day sales. The mint might take it down cause not relevant anymore with the sale over.

  44. alvaro says

    What if the counter only counts residential homes only and not like dealers bulk buys like hsn,mcm dealers etc. will people be pissed lol. It might not be 201k but like 500k. Maybe thats what dealers know that we dont. thats why low price on 70 sets.

  45. Jeremy says

    @alvaro, that’s not nice, now people will really begin to second guess their purchases lol

  46. guama says

    C’mon guys….you know you can’t wait until 2:45 today to see the numbers. I really doubt that they will be below 400k when this is over and done. But… many will cancel? I still believe that this set will be a future winner.winner

  47. says

    Re: counter….Mint’s web-site says “*Data for cumulative total units ordered is updated daily, Monday through Friday, at approximately 3:00 PM (ET) and is an approximation of total units ordered from the United States Mint through ALL of its active sales channels.”

    So, that would include online, mail and phone orders.

  48. KC says

    It is silly to think that you may make a big buck by buying and flipping something with unlimitted supply. As a collector, I will buy and hold because I like the coins. I sympathize with the flippers and coin dealers, because they are going to have a hard time to make any good profit on the S-ASE set. Sorry, Mint wins this time.

  49. Brad says

    Wouldn’t it be great if 200K was the “straw that broke the camel’s back” for some would-be buyers and they cancelled their orders? It would be cool to see a daily counter update that actually shows a smaller total sold than the day before. I know, I’m dreaming. 🙂

  50. Chris says

    Mcm raised thier price to 219 for 69 sets and 289 for 70s.Glad I puchased mine when the 70s were 229.

  51. ABC says

    It would be funny if a large number of speculators cancel their orders on the last day and bring the total mintage to around the 100 to 150k range.

  52. Louis says

    Gary, thanks a lot. I do my best.

    Alvaro, I asked for the OGP over the phone and had them send me an invoice, which has been paid. I believe the payment has been finalized, so price can’t be changed. Also, from past experience I do not think MCM would do that. This is a case when acting quickly paid off. At $300 I would rather send in my own set to NGC, if the quality was there, but at $229 delivered and with the box, it was hard to go wrong. I like having a 70 set of this kind of thing but not for exorbitant prices. But I did not send in my 25th sets because of the hassles with the packaging and the high shipping costs even though mine look perfect.

  53. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    I’m guessing that a 69 rating will be pretty much the average base-line for these sets anyway. How do companies like MCM know (for these pre-orders) if they will have enough 70 sets from their inventory to meet their orders? Is there some “fine print” that says we may not be able to fill your order if we don’t have sufficient sets that come back at 70?

  54. Samuel says

    i think probably big dealers will order maybe double what they really want, they cherry-pick very quickly, return the below 69 ones back to mint, so all coins left are almost all 70. so basically they can have as many 70 as they want.

  55. Louis says

    The owner of MCM is a former grader and the company is literally a block from NGC, which is why they get them back quicker than anyone else.

  56. Brad says


    No, prices most likely won’t increase. Despite the recent surge, the fixes early in the period were low enough to make the necessary am fixes to trigger increases tomorrow pretty high. Gold’s am fix would have to be $1,691.50 or higher, and platinums would have to be $1,582 or higher. This week we have the advantage of being in a lower tier, so the pm rule won’t override a price change since the trend is now in the opposite direction of the average. If there hadn’t been a decrease last week, the Mint would have the advantage.

  57. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    I don’t think MCM gets as many 70 rated sets as they want. Seems more correct that they will get as many as they get based on how many are in the sets they order. Makes me glad that I ordered my sets early and won’t be subject to receiving some of MCM’s rejects from their cherry-picking.

  58. simon says

    Re: MCM pricing and trends.

    I would urge high caution with regards to making NGC/PCGS 70 purchases. Case in point are the 2011 25th anniv ASE sets (100k mintage) at NGC/PCGS 70 grade. MCM initially offered these at $3000+ in the first few weeks after the USMint sell out. They are selling the VERY SAME 70 sets now at under $1300 which is under 45% of the hyped price. This is where the seller’s aim is to capitalize rapidly on cheap hype till reality sets in and the actual market value is exposed. In this case it is better to snooze and lose to avoid the initial emotional surge in prices. For true collectors, the wait of one month is not terribly long or arduous.

  59. Samuel says

    Brad, thx for the info. i always lose track of the fix. is there a place that u can see all the fix numbers? i most likely will pick up an Unc AGE, (hate last year’s or early this year’s backorder/soldout etc) and maybe an APE as well.

  60. CW says

    Does anyone know when one’s credit card will be charged: date of order or ship date? I am tempted to get this but I want to ensure I don’t have any monetary surprises as a result of this.

  61. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    Speaking of Kitco, do any of you use their “Pool Account” for bullion trading? Seems like an easy way to trade these metals without having to take possession or deal with storage.

  62. Jim B says

    I am in for 1 set. I have been collecting SE for some time now. After the way the 25th set was issued I have been getting more and more away from the modern stuff and back to my roots and up grading completed sets of older stuff. I will leave this modern stuff for the flippers,dippers and trippers to worry about.

  63. gumbyen says

    I use Kitco’s pool account for Rhodium, as there are not a lot of choices on how to hold that. High spread on that metal, but the pool accounts are easy.

  64. Brad says

    The 217K number will probably not be updated now until Thursday around 3 pm ET, when only about 2 hours will be left to order. That update will probably vault the set past the 250K mark. I hope it stays under 300K so the total will look a little bit better. I wonder though how many of the orders being placed now for the second wave of shipments will contain “sloppy seconds” rejects from the first wave?

    If the Mint stops updating the odometer after Thursday, hopefully they will still provide an updated weekly figure in the sales report. That way we can get an idea of how many cancellations are made. There will most certainly have to be SOME cancellations anyway.

  65. guama says

    Just went to the philly mint grand re-opening. Presses weren’t running. What kind of grand opening was that? The store was openebought I bought some park quarters face value. A bit disappointed. I would have gone home a day earlier

  66. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    just ordered 50,000 sets. Put the mark at 250,001!!!!!
    ha! just kidding!!

  67. Rick says

    I guess if I were a daily/weekly “trader” it would be ok. As a small-time collector/investor however, I want every single gram in my possession after I buy it.

  68. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    If this trend maintains (or increases), blowing through the 250K ceiling is certainly doable!

    Thanks for the replies on bullion trading. I would “only” be interested in that thought from a “trading” perspective (short and medium term). From talking to Kitco, you can open up a Pool account, no minimums required, and wire your initial fund using slower/more economical wire transfer choices (instead of same day as the site seems to indicate). Then you can make your trades after the funds are indicated as in your account.

  69. KC says

    Two more days to go and the sale is at 217K, not very impressive. The total may come above 300K but below 400K. It may be terrific to collect with a time line of 3-5 years, but poor flippers will have no chance at all.

  70. Brad says

    Yeah, the only money that might possibly be made early on these sets is selling sealed boxes from the first wave of shipments to anyone who wants to get the “First Strike” or “Early Release” grading designation but didn’t get an order in before the backorder date got pushed back to September.

  71. Gary says

    Poor flippers and poor collectors have no chance on this one! Should of went with the 100k mintage and a 1 per household limit! When the Mint did that survey was there alot of people who wanted unlimited mintages?

  72. says

    I’d be afraid to use pool accounts or anything where I didn’t get possession in my safe deposit boxes.

    People who thought they owned gold in their MF Global accounts lost over a billion dollars because the company “pledged” the customers’ gold against the company’s borrowings which is legal under UK law! And the head of MF Global (and Obama bundler) Jon Corzine has yet to be charged with any crime!

  73. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    I hear ya Mark. I questioned Kitco as to whether they actually own all the Gold that is held in the Pool accounts and the answer was “yes, we own it all and it is stored in our own locations”. Understanding that my interest is strictly in trading and that I have no desire to physically hold the metal, that is why I was asking. We basically take similar (or even larger) risks with 401Ks and stocks purchased. There is no guarantee that your investment will actually be worth anything (or be there) in the future. I’m certainly not contesting anyone’s logic to locally hold the physical metal because it has its own rhyme and reason to do so.

  74. KC says

    I think collectors are winner this time around. If Mint limits 1/household and total mintage at 100K, only the dealers will benefit. They will use every resource to order as many as they could. I am happy with my 20 sets, and no more other coins for this year.

  75. ClevelandRocks says

    Too many offerings period! Welcome to the USMint Circus!
    In addition to the recent 3 sets (current one guaranteed to have highest mintage and mostly PR70s) we have a plethora of commems, Army, MOH, Infantry, SSB, plus the ATBs (numismtaic and bullion), FS (the real low mintage set…..low eye appeal and low interest too), the AGE-W low mintage coins, Buffs (neverending 2011 offering), plus the silver and clad annual sets, plus the exciting new 2012-S circulating ATB quarter. Don’t forget about the proof platinum and proof AGEs too. The recent UHR and even the reverse proof AGE (still only selling for 2X melt with less than 10k total minted) are already saturating people’s limited funds in these difficult economic times.
    Point is that today’s hype is and alway will be hype about San Fran set. Don’t get me wrong. I like the set and ordered two sets from the Mint, but come on guys, the Mint is laughing at us and continuing to become the US Mint Circus, since you guys seem to want it that way.

  76. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    You are so correct KC. I recall Apmex offering to buy individual collector’s 25th Anniversary sets for a small profit last year. The dealers need their business, but I’m not in favor of them swamping the availability just because they have deep pockets and can order a large qty next to the individual collector.

    This also raises a question I’ve had for some time. Why is it that only Dealers get to buy the bullion versions of coins direct from the Mint? Maybe it would be the same price to individuals as the dealer’s marked up price anyway, but I’ve always been curious about that one.

  77. Shutter says

    Why is it that only Dealers get to buy the bullion versions of coins direct from the Mint?

    Most dealers can’t get bullion directly from the Mint either. Only Authorized Purchasers can.

  78. says

    I’d guess dealing with just 11 wholesalers keeps the mint’s overhead down, and since they are selling at nearly melt, they can’t cover much overhead.

  79. Samuel says

    do u guys think this coin set has a potential, in lets say 5 to 10 years time frame?

  80. Kelly says

    Hey Jus a coin luvr

    Have you Looked into the precious metal ETF’s?? GLD, SLV, and PALL might be cheaper for you with a discount broker. There are other ones also by other company’s but these are the ones I have used.

  81. ED says

    Samuel as of now these coins have potential 5 to 10 minutes after the tally stops (as long as the mint doesnt offer s mint proof eagles later this year)

  82. stephen m. says

    Samuel, I agree with Ed……….BUT…the way it appears the mint is putting out special sets of silver eagles it may take 5 to 10 years before this set has potential.

  83. ED says

    Just checked Mint page for these sets, shipping avalable 10/31 for new orders,getting closer to the end of the year now……

  84. ClevelandRocks says

    If spot silver climbs near $40, the silver sets will have premiums.
    If spot silver falls to $25, the silver sets will sell for less than issue price.

  85. ED says

    Cleveland you cant quote spot silver on these sets. try to get a 2006 20th set for under $ (thats 3 ounces of silver)

  86. ClevelandRocks says

    @ED, spot silver is not $25 and has not been for a long time, but could happen and the 2012 will have higher mintages than the ’06. And now we have Mint product “overload” (see my previous post).

  87. Brad says

    I just checked the page, and now the backorder date has moved UP to 7/18. My order placed on day one still has an expected shipping date of 7/27 and can still be cancelled. I know you can’t really put any stock in those dates the Mint provides, but what the heck are they doing?

  88. ClevelandRocks says

    Kinda like having Christmas every day doesn’t make Christmas as special. Too much Christmas from the Mint.

  89. ED says

    Ok Cleveland, check Kitco Friday after 9am if you wanna do so , thats when the Unemployment numbers come out, might go up might go down

  90. TomP says

    Didn’t you get the Mint’s e-mail stating their new shipping order policy of ‘first in last out’?
    Note the Mint’s new shipping date for the 2012 AGE of 7/18. I bet the ASE set’s new date is a mistake.

  91. says

    I also saw the 7/18 date.
    My first day order stills shows 7/27.
    My order on 6/26 was 9/28, now it’s 10/31
    As mentioned, these date don’t mean very much.

  92. says


    This coin set absolutely has long term potential. I’m a bit dubious of its short term potential, but silver eagle sets with a reverse proof in them always tend to gain in value as they slowly disappear from the market. I have every confidence that we’ll see decent appreciation in their price in the longer term.

    I’ve very skeptical that this set will gain in value immediately though. There’s just a lot of them floating around right now.

  93. guama says

    Last time the mint pushed back order shipments, they hit 150k. Now they pushed back delivery again. I bet they hit the 250k big mark. We are looking at 300k or more by Thursday. Inho

  94. guama says

    I just checked the site too and it states july 18 delivery. Wth…is it last in first out?

  95. ED says

    What do you base your comment on C.O. ?? 2011 RP or 2006 RP ?? Thats all we got to go on for now……I base my comments on the 2nd lowest proof silver eagle mintage in American history and a reverse proof coin (for now).

  96. Leo S. says


    What the H is going on with these sets. I ordered on the first day with a shipping date of 7-27 and now the date has changed today to 9-28. What happened to first come, first serve??

  97. alvaro says

    Is a mistake 7/18 is for the gold eagles. My question is isnt somebody at the mint keeping an eye on the website. They should have caugth the mistake by now.

  98. alvaro says

    Or maybe the mint intentually make it 7/18 so more people will buy. 10/31 seems too long so buyers might pass. Sneaky mint lol. Fraud

  99. Shutter says

    My question is isnt somebody at the mint keeping an eye on the website.

    By now the answer should be pretty obvious.

  100. T1 browserman says

    Gary / Jeremy

    I am not offended and I believe the cost is inflated and it will be a while before shipping begins. This offering and possibly all future numistic offering, like this one, will be done this way after the 25th ASE debacle. Silver spot last year this time was in the high $30’s topping $40 until the dramatic correction in October 2011. I advise all to use this website to get up to date real time London fix and hit the ‘Compare Metals’ tab:

    to get an idea where silver bullion (NOT NUMISMATIC) spot was last year compared to this year and where it will be headed. Right now only gold has remained in the black.

    I agree that there will be tough times ahead and possibly someone will unload their set for less than issue price OR it will wind up in an estate sale and someone will actually stumble across this set at a steal; heck, I just picked up, from ebay, 2006 raw Franklin commeratives close to issue price; these were rare instances (most are looking for $45 and above) for commeratives yet current gov’t pricing dictates $49.95. If anyone knows why the gov’t’s silver price criteria isn’t posted please do tell.

    I don’t plan to buy any other set besides the one I placed on 1st day of offering. Final tally 250K+

  101. alvaro says

    Theyre gonna say oops it was a mistake the ship date is 10/31. Sue the mint for lieying to get more sales on the last 2 days. Fishy why that mistake on the end then they gonna say could not fixed on time cause 4th of July holiday 4th of July holiday my *** lol

  102. Shutter says

    Too much Christmas from the Mint.

    Cleveland, you want to go back to those wonderful days of 1965? No proof sets, no mint sets, no commemoratives, no silver, no gold. Only clad quarters as far as the eye can see.

    Oh and those carefully planted stories in newspapers about how coin collectors are destroying the economy. Sorta like trilateral commission with loupes.

  103. Louis says

    Even if tomorrow’s London fix meant there would be an increase, which apparently it will not based on I believe Brad’s post above, doesn’t it require a human Mint employee to change the gold and platinum prices? Any thoughts? The sales odometer may be set to update automatically, but I do not think that prices changes can be done that way. Happy 4th everybody!

  104. ClevelandRocks says

    @Shutter: How about the mid 1990s where you had proof Eagles and commems, and even silver annual sets, but not MintOverload like we do now.

  105. Samuel says

    guys, things got complicated here.
    you go to USMINT homepage, date from the homepage: 9/28.
    you click the link, go to the detailed product page: 7/18.
    go to my account, order placed on 6/20. date changed from 7/27 to 10/31.
    order placed on 6/7, still 7/27

    here is what i want to say: USMINT, PLEASE! get some decent IT guys! if u cant afford, outsource the thing to India/China/Philippines.

    the shipping date stretches for 4 months long will cause some serious problems. people can place order now and wait and see how the thing plays out then decide whether to cancel or not in october.

  106. guama says

    Makes good sense Alvaro. I can I see it happening. Everyone orders for mid july shipping and wouldn’t say you know it, they have to push back the date

  107. Samuel says

    Captain, i totally agree with you. i dont flip coins, but i do care long term appreciation. with big players like MCM get involved, the price will be depressed for at least the first 6 months or so, until they want to get the cash back. so there is not even a chance for flippers to make a quick buck.

    i m also curious, how many people here bought multiple 2006 sets?

  108. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    Haha….outsourcing usually means (potentially) lower cost, but the service is much worse than before! Had a friend who worked for a very large PC company in their worldwide Call Center. Lots of complaints about poor product support from the outsourced country’s Call Center. So, he went there in person to see what was wrong. He held up a Notebook PC that they were supposed to be supporting in the Call Center and asked if anyone could identify it. Nobody there had ever seen the product. Short lesson, be careful what you ask for at the Mint…you may get a script reader who’s never seen a US coin!

  109. Shutter says

    How about the mid 1990s where you had proof Eagles and commems, and even silver annual sets

    O, I get it. You mean 1995 with 22 different comemmorative coins and 4 different proof sets and, lest we forget, Gold & Silver Eagle Anniversary set. Not to mention all the scrap metal they sell in bags and rolls, or all those endless commemorative permutations. Nope, no overload there.

    Here’s the bottom line. If people will stop buying, the mint will stop selling.

  110. stephen m. says

    Relax, Everyone should know and be familiar with how the government operates. The mint has their own rythm and ways of doing things. I wouldn’t be concerned with a shipping date. I’m sure it’ll be sometime between now and when? They could all ship on a short very close schedule after the dust settles.

  111. ED says

    This is soo funny !!! “Everyone should know and be familiar with how the government operates.” Think again stephen m.

  112. Shutter says

    Im thinking the year was 1994 but im not sure
    1994 was a quiet year. Only 14 commemoratives, 4 proof sets, and no special eagles. But still plenty of scrap metal. 6 separate special sets just for soccer. SOCCER!? A “sport” where the most common score is 0-0 tie.

  113. Shutter says

    i hope we get another tally clock on the Mint web page in the near future

    Relax. If we don’t, it will be on Michael’s weekly tally next Tuesday or Wednesday.

  114. KEITHSTER says

    look’s like everyone want’s in on the shananigin’s with this set. Even the MINT they had just upgraded my order from the 24th to a earlier shipping date.Only to now kick it back to holloween. Trick or treat I Think we’re all in for more supprises and complaint’s then the 25th. My last post must of been spot on because they would not even print it.

  115. Silver Surfing Scott says

    I’ts a great set for collectors, but flippers are going to take a loss.
    I might buy my next set from a flipper. Ha Ha Ha!!!

  116. Louis says

    You all are too worried about shipping dates. Take a chill pill. Right now those dates mean almost nothing apart from the fact that in general the early orders should ship before the later ones. When we ordered the 25th sets, the estimated dates were a long ways off too and they started shipping much sooner than expected, and anyway, if they don’t, what’s the big deal? If your concern is you want an early release set ( no need to rehash how that is a bogus concept), just buy one from MCM or someone else, and please worry about something that really matters!!

  117. alvaro says

    Lol why are we even buying coins this is wierd, what the hell im I doing here. Is not like we can eat them or wear them lol. Weird only in America do people waste their money on money lol

  118. alvaro says

    My mom thinks im weird because I collect coins. Nobody in my family is into collecting coins. Im Mexican and Mexicans in general dont collect anything, my mom says (isnt coin collecting for older white men not for a 19 yold Mexican kid.

  119. alvaro says

    Sometimes I wonder maybe my mom cheat on my Mexican father with a white man lol just kidding.

  120. alvaro says

    Thr mint fix the error ship date at 10/31 now instead of obvious mistake from earlier of 7/18. My order from 6/7 was also corrected from 10/31 back to 7/27 damn mint playing games.

  121. Louis says

    Alvaro- There’s nothing inherently weird about collecting coins. Only non-collectors think we are weird or nerds, and that is their problem. And it certainly has nothing to do with race, gender, or ethnicity. People all over the world collect coins. We collect for many reasons, and at least we collect something that has some value, even intrinsic value. I’d rather collect coins than old lunch boxes, or matchbooks, or something like that. People have been collecting coins for as long as they have existed, which is thousands of years. In a thousand years, do you think someone will care about a Scooby Doo lunch box? And I like Mexican coins, by the way.

  122. alvaro says

    How much do you have invested in coins Louis. I have about 5k in coins and currency. USA and Mexico coins only.

  123. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    I get a kick out of the “coin collectors are viewed as weird people” discussion. What the heck is so weird? Trading $150 for $2…doesn’t everyone do that?

    Happy 4th of July to you all and God Bless America!! 🙂

  124. guama says

    I told my daughter (non collector) that I recently purchased a half dime
    She replied “oh, a nickel? “. I didn’t start her off

  125. KEITHSTER says

    As for the shipping dates all’s good but still think it’s going to be more important then most people want to think on this one anyway.As for the chill pill would love one but don’t like dealing with the dealers know a nice place I could get some? lol HAPPY 4TH

  126. gumbyen says

    Alvaro, ever look at the Mexican Caballito Pesos? Gorgeous! And reasonable in high grade, at least for now. The more prosperous Mexico becomes the more Mexican gente will collect their own coinage.

  127. KEITHSTER says

    Anyone else notice a lot more survey’s jumping up on the MINT pages. Caught one this morning and one yesterday. The one yesterday seemed better the one today a standard.Also hooked on to three a couple of days before but they got away from me before I could reel them in. So if you want some input to the MINT keep fishing the mint pages and I’m sure you’ll get a bite.

  128. saucexx says

    No way it doesn’t pass the 20th anniversary set. Now the question is whether is passes 300K?

  129. guama says

    I don’t think we will know the final number for a while
    . has gone up 50kto in 2the days. I bet it hits 320k tomorrow

  130. T1 Browserman says

    Reprinted from july 3rd :
    Gary / Jeremy

    I am not offended and I believe the cost is inflated and it will be a while before shipping begins. This offering and possibly all future numismatic offering, like this one, will be done this way after the 25th ASE debacle. Silver spot last year this time was in the high $30′s topping $40 until the dramatic correction in October 2011. I advise all to use this website to get up to date real time London fix and hit the ‘Compare Metals’ tab:

    to get an idea where silver bullion (NOT NUMISMATIC) spot was last year compared to this year and where it will be headed. Right now only gold has remained in the black.

    I agree that there will be tough times ahead and possibly someone will unload their set for less than issue price OR it will wind up in an estate sale and someone will actually stumble across this set at a steal; heck, I just picked up, from ebay, 2006 raw Franklin commeratives close to issue price; these were rare instances (most are looking for $45 and above) for commeratives yet current gov’t pricing dictates $49.95. If anyone knows why the gov’t’s silver price criteria isn’t posted please do tell.

    I don’t plan to buy any other set besides the one I placed on 1st day of offering. Final tally 250K+

  131. Gary says

    I think there will be mass orders not cancelations!! I am going to order 1 more set just to see how far apart they actually ship! Looks like we will end with about 325,000 sets…..which i believe we will still have the LOWEST minted proof silver eagle. So that could be a sleeper..and like i said from the beginning we will have the 3rd lowest minted reverese proof silver eagle!!
    Does anybody know if they will release an S mint proof silver eagle by itself?? Now that would be another loss for the collector!

  132. guama says

    I think we have more speculators than flippers..imo
    Can you jump ship in october just before delivery?

  133. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    Well let the “flippers” flip-out and cancel…it’s OK with me. The trend line on my chart of the progress just went very vertical today. I’ve got my sets by the hair and am hangin’ on for the ride! 🙂

  134. says

    @Gary…there are not any plans for the Mint to produce the S mint proof coin as a separate item this year.

  135. Dan says

    After this offering the Mint might take the view that Reverse Proofs are indeed what folks would like to see and begin offering them on a yearly basis. Then that would make the 2006, 2011 and 2012 the coins most sought after and all of you that have 1 ore more sets of these will be thanking the mint because you’ll be able to unload your high dollar sets to collectors wanting to have the entire complete set.

  136. charles says

    Dan, you are soo right. This years reverse proof in a raw or 69 will sell for $150.00 and a PF70 will easily sell for $250 even if total sells are 325,000

    Some of you guys that think this set is loser, need a reality check.

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