San Francisco Sets Starting to Ship

The United States Mint has started shipping the 2012 San Francisco Silver Eagle Sets for some early orders placed by collectors.

Sales of the product containing the 2012-S Proof and 2012-S Reverse Proof Silver Eagles initially went on sale June 7, 2012 at 12:00 Noon ET. Orders were only accepted during a four week window ending on July 5, 2012 at 5:00 PM ET.

The last reported order count of 251,302 was posted on the product page on July 6. The US Mint has not provided any updates to the order count. As discussed previously, it is possible that additional units may be added to the total from orders sent by mail which were post marked by the deadline but not yet received or processed. It is also possible that units may be subtracted from the total due to order cancellations and returns. Also, the US Mint has indicated that the sales number is unaudited, “so it is an approximation.”

I placed an order for my set by website on June 7, 2012 around 1:30 PM ET, just after the opening of sales. The Track Order function of the US Mint’s website is now showing my set as shipped on July 27, 2012. Some other readers have also indicated that the status of their order has changed to shipped.

The earliest orders placed should be the earliest orders shipped. Orders placed near the end of the window may ship much later. When sales concluded on July 5, the expected shipping date was indicated as October 31.

Separately, a few sources have confirmed that the 2012-S Reverse Proof Silver Eagle will remain exclusive to the San Francisco Set. It will not be offered for sale individually or within other sets.

As reported previously, the 2012-S Proof Silver Eagle will be included within the Making American History Coin and Currency Set, scheduled for release on August 7, 2012.

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  1. Shutter says

    You’re probably right. Still if it’s only the cardboard box and capsule that have a problem, I wouldn’t be bothered.

    Incidentally, I received my sets. The only problem I found in the initial (very cursory) inspection is that one set contained 2 COAs. In the past I’ve had a few missing, but this is a first.

  2. Samuel says

    just opened the box, 5 sets, on one RP, there are about 10 tiny shiny marks on the frosty background, longest is about 1mm.

  3. hi ho silver says

    I would have taken my set to my friend a dealer and got a 2nd opinion if I didn’t find any flaws myself. He would be glad to do it.

  4. stephen m. says

    Coin Vault had the sets on tv last night in OGP for 33% mark up. Not a bad return on their money for a short time span.

  5. george glazener says

    They were selling the sets for $289.95. That’s nearly double. But they did get them slabbed and graded as usual. Did you see the photo they showed of their warehouse when their 12 pallets arrived? They must have ordered nearly 1000 of these sets. Gotta love capitalism..!!

  6. Drew says

    Ordered on 6/8 and got my first 3 sets via UPS yesterday. Sets look beautiful. Very pleased. I will give a couple away as gifts and keep the others for myself and a couple for my kids. I hope they get as much of a kick out of coins as I do. I just get the eye-roll from my wife when she sees me or hears me talking about my coins. Good thing is that she is a “bean-counter” and understands how great of an investment they have been for my family so I always get the green-light. 🙂

  7. Natatack says

    Got two sets of two yesterday. One coin had carbon spot in field, one black spot on breast, one small pit on mirrored surface, water spots on field on another, other problems like chips off the frosting, scuffs on the rim,expected better on a $150 set of two.

  8. Samuel says

    if u only buy 1 or 2 sets, u have a better chance to get good sets. if you buy more, it is 100% sure you will get some bad ones. i bought 5 sets, i can only find 2 sets problem free with my naked eyes. for the proof, u will see milky spot kind of thing, for RP, u will see tiny scratches. The RP quality is bad, worse than perthmint BU dragon.

  9. Frankie says

    My two orders from Jul04 and Jul05 initially showed as Oct31, then Jul27 and now back as Oct31 for an estimated ship date. Has anyone had similar experiences?
    I read on another forum that the Mint had to order an extra 100000 boxes which may explain the long wait for those who ordered late. Some who ordered mid Jun get their orders now, whereas those who ordered two weeks later have to wait another 2+ months… Doesn’t make sense to me.
    Does anyone know more about this?

  10. DDD says

    My order placed on 6/26 shipped today. There were approx 150,000 sets ordered prior to mine – must have been mass cancellations or the mint in on the ball shipping.

  11. simon says

    Drrew : understands how great of an investment they have been for my family

    I agree completely. I’ve been very happy to see my USMint coins appreciate in value as I continue to enjoy their appeal.

  12. stephen m. says

    George, i saw the picture of 7 pallets. Mr. Chambers said that was over 4000 coins. Looked impressive to me and Robert was proud as a peacock. I still don’t understand why people buy from tv when they can buy from the mint unless tv sells quiet a lot to impulse buyers. I got a set from the mint and a NGC trolly label 70 set from MCM when they ran a 11/2 day special for 229.00. MCM said shipment to be on 8-8-12. It pays to shop for the bargain. Why do you sound familiar to me?

  13. hi ho silver says

    Just checked all my 2011 25th ann. sets again and found nothing close to the flaws I discovered in the 75th set I just recieved !!! The Mint needs to get on the ball with QC !!!! Will return it tomorrow !!!

  14. James says

    I ordered one set mainly for the RP. The RP has a few scratches on it. I know I can send it back but what if the next one has more scratches? If these were minted to order, how can they replace all the ones being sent back? Are there going to be enough cancellations to supply all the returns? The girl at the mint said it is possible if I send them back I might wind up getting a refund instead of a replacement. I decided to keep them even with the few scratches. I think it might be better to have a RP with a few scratches than to have none. I guess you have to order several sets and hope that one set is without damage. I think thats about it for me ording from the mint. The girl at the mint said she has had several complaints about the quality and she was told to send an e-mail to her supervisor whenever she gets a complaint. That is not going to help me.

  15. Tim says

    My 1 set arrived today flawless/perfect unlike my 2 2011 RP. 2 sets of those have issues with scratches that look like parts of the frosted field areas on the mirror areas.

  16. Mike says

    I received my sets yesterday every single coin had marks, dings, either front or back an visible with the naked eye. I sent them back today. Disgusted at the quality.

  17. NaplesMike says

    Well, after 3 attempts my first order of 2 sets arrived today. I’ll keep them in the sealed box and sell them at some point in the future, as the market dictates. I am also waiting for a graded 70 early release set that I bought from mcm when the price was $229 and my final set that I ordered from the mint on the last day. That set will be opened and displayed with the rest of my collection. Overall, I’m pleased with the process of this release, but I still don’t understand the need for the mint to put up the counter. The ordering window was a good idea because everyone who wanted a set had ample opportunity to get one, however, the counter seemed to me to be some sort of scheme by the mint to manipulate sales. I’m curious what the final mintage would have been had there not been a running tally of orders placed. Just my 2 cents.

  18. Don says

    With the number of posters reporting problems with the sets they received, you may want to reconsider keeping those 2 sets in the sealed box. Remember, the Mint only gives you 7 days to return damaged sets. You’ll probably be wise to inspect the sets before its too late. But, of course, it is your decision.

  19. DJ Jones says

    I ordered 2 sets first day and they have shipped and UPS has made 2 trips out to my house at 10 am to deliver, which has to be signed for in person.I am a regular working person that has 2 work at least 5 days a week to pay for things like this.I work a block from the UPS cargo office and they said I would have to wait until they try and deliver too my house 3 times, on the 4th day I can go to the cargo facility and then get my package.Do they think people don’t work . Most are not home until after 5.Fed-ex will at least deliver on Saturday but they only use them for things under 300.00.It will take me 1 week to finally get my coins by 2nd day air!! So anyways just venting sorry!

  20. Samuel says

    seems the $229 70 set is a steal. i tried to calculate the cost for NGC, above $30 apiece.

  21. NaplesMike says

    Thanks for the advice Don. I’m relatively new to coin collecting, but I’m also a bit of a gambling man. I’ve been watching what the 2006 anniversary sets are selling for in sealed mint packaging. My thinking is this…if there are lots of quality issues with the San Fran sets there may be fewer sets that grade at 70, therefore putting a premium on those sets. One may be willing to pay a bit more in the future for the opportunity to purchase sets that haven’t been cherry picked. Lets say that 5 years from now I’m only able to sell the 2 sealed sets for what I paid for them ($300). That same $300 in a typical savings account would only yield about $15. In my opinion, the opportunity is there to make more than $15 by holding these for a while. This is purely speculative on my part, but I think the risk is low.
    My current interest is in the ASE line of products. In the last few years I’ve managed to assemble all of the anniversary issues in OGP and 70 grades. I have no plans to sell these. I am also focusing on the burnished “W” ASE’s. I have all issues in MS70 and OGP for my personal collection.
    Further speculation on my behalf has me thinking that the opportunity for the 2011 W ASE to replace the 2006 W as the new key in the series exists. For that reason I’ve been purchasing a steady stream of these from the mint. I’m curious about your thoughts, or anyone else’s thoughts on this “strategy” Thanks.

  22. says

    My 16 sets are the worse I’ve ever received from the Mint…usually, I have no issues.
    Of the 16 regular proofs, 7have spots or scratches.
    Five of the reverse proofs have the exact same marking on the reverse…is that a die problem?…I mean EXACTLY in the same place.

  23. says

    Dang, I’m going thru these coins a second and third time tomorrow just so I’m consistant in what I’m seeing, but good gosh…a fingerprint on the proof coin is gonna be there no matter how many times I look at it.

  24. Hidalgo says

    I received my two SF ASE sets today. They are beautiful. When the US Mint sent its survey to the public, it’s clear that they listened. The packaging for my two sets is fantastic. And the two coins look fine.

    From the above comments, it seems folks are finding coins with milky spots, scratches, etc. Is everyone looking at the coins with a magnifying glass, hoping to get a perfect MS70 coin? From the naked eye, my coins look beautiful.

  25. stephen m. says

    Steve, It sounds like your 16 are a big disappoitment. I’ve followed your comments and am curious as to how you come out. Of 16 sets how many returned, how many sent for gradeing and what grades your coins receive? I hope you can still make a little$ and manage to keep a set or two for yourself. Good luck! Some gotta win and some gotta lose but i admire your efforts. I still may cancel some or all of the three sets i ordered in the last hour of sales as i’m becoming more and more covinced that i will get someone elses rejects.

  26. hi ho silver says

    If I see a spot with my 1.75 reading glasses I use a 4x and 10x to see if it is on the coin or capsule my eyes are not as good with anything that small. I saw the rim spot and determined it was on the rim with a 10x. Hope that helps you out.

  27. Don says

    hi ho silver,
    Another option to see if the spot is on the capsule or coin is to carefully open up the capsule to expose the coin. This is the method I used to verify the spot was on the proof that I received.

  28. hi ho silver says

    Thanks Don ! I spin the coin and look for a shadow. Kinda hard with the rim but its too late now. My proof was a very weak strike. Will keep in OGP and quality still counts 🙂

  29. rpw says

    Just got my 2 sets today. I was quite concerned about the quality after all the comments but I have to say – I must have gotten lucky. All 4 coins should grade as 70’s. Using a 16X loupe I don’t see any flaws.

    Has anyone gotten theirs graded yet and received them back? Just wondering because if the grading companies (NGC) use the same size slabs as the slabs from the 25th Anniversary set coins, they DO NOT FIT in the San Francisco 75th OGP Blue Lacquer Display box. All 5 slabbed coins in My 25th Anniversary Set fit in the OGP Display Box comfortably and allow you to close the lid. Those same slabs are too big for the 75th Box because it is a little more narrow/shallow.

  30. Shutter says

    seems the $229 70 set is a steal. i tried to calculate the cost for NGC, above $30 apiece.

    Not so much of a steal just yet. Silver Towne is selling them for $239.95 (both NGC and PCGS) all FS/ER. That’s $10 more and doesn’t include OGP, but is still reasonable. MCM’s last price was $289 with a promise of October delivery.

  31. Shutter says

    Has anyone gotten theirs graded yet and received them back? Just wondering because if the grading companies (NGC) use the same size slabs as the slabs from the 25th Anniversary set coins, they DO NOT FIT in the San Francisco 75th OGP Blue Lacquer Display box.

    Pretty sure that the slabs for this set will be the same size. So, they won’t fit. If it’s any consolation, PCGS slabs will fit, but only if you ditch the piece of wood holding the capsules.

  32. Samuel says

    Shutter, the ogp is included—-“This set product includes the empty original government packaging (OGP)”

  33. Shutter says


    I stand corrected. The point is that anyone who feels they missed out on the original MCM deal, they didn’t miss it buy much.

  34. Shutter says

    When it comes to labels, I don’t think they will affect the long term value all that much. NGC has a plethora of labels for some of the coins, but I’d rather have get the best coin in the cheapest label than vice versa. With that in mind buy the label you like the most. Also the NGC trolley label is only available to dealers and not mere mortals like the rest of us who only send in a handful of coins.

    Also, NGC labels look prettier, but it seems that PCGS is slightly more selective in their grading, so if you don’t care one way or another, you might opt for PCGS. I think there is also a slight premium for PCGS graded coins most of the times. And if you don’t have any, a silver Eagle with Mercanti signature might be a nice addition to ASE collection.

  35. anh says

    Thanks Shutter for the info on Silver Towne, I will order a set each from PCGS and NGC. Those seem are good deals. I think I will go for the Flag and the Trolley label. These along with my OGP set that is on the way will make me happy but at the same time put a dent to my wallet..:(.

  36. says

    I like the guy on ebay selling the pre-selling the sets he obviously bought from Silvertowne, as copied and pasted Silvertown’s description and used their pics….nothing wrong with that….I just find it funny when he says “I just sent my coins to PCGS this weeekend”…etc.

    I also picked up a couple of the PCGS sets this morning so I’ll have some of theirs to go with my NGC sets. BTW…Silvertowne is sold out of their PCGS 70 sets as well as there OGP sets.

    @ stephen m….I’m returning 3 sets and sending the rest to NGC

  37. says

    The last time I heard from NZM was on 7/25….looks like it will be late August for the Shark coin…but it very well could be later. I’ll post something if I get any updates.

  38. Shutter says

    thanks Shutter for the info on Silvertowne
    Not a problem. I bought a few times from them on eBay, and someone (I think Louis Golino) mentioned buying from them a few weeks back. Also, Proxiblog mentioned them positively a number of times. I seriously doubt that they actually have graded coins on hand just yet, but would expect them to ship in a week or two.

  39. VA Dave says

    Got 4 sets Friday. 3 of the 4 sets looked perfect! However, on one of the sets the RP has what appears to be several shiny very small specs on the upper right side (front of coin) in the frosted area. It’s although the “frosting” came off revealing the glossy underneath part of the coin. I’m glad I ordered some extra sets. It was a relief that the coins actually stayed in place this time.

  40. rpw says

    On the phone with the US Mint right now as I type this.
    I’m FURIOUS. I obviously didn’t look at my coins very well.
    One of my Regular Proof Coins has a small burn mark directly under the the “N” in United on the Reverse. Other than that – the coin looked perfect! I just don’t understand how so many bad coins are getting thru the mints Quality Control.
    This black spot appears to be the same spot that others have complained about.
    Someone mentioned a black spot under the mint mark. If I were to rotate my coin, the spot would be directly under the mint mark as well.

    Can someone tell me if this type of “error” is considered a “Mint Error” coin or just another run of the mill “Flawed Coin”??????
    Seems to be a mint error to me since it is something that happened during the minting process as opposed to a scratch, ding, etc.
    Anyone have any thought before I decide to send it in for an exchange?

    Tell you one thing — I learned from this mistake!
    In the future – if I want 2 good sets – I’ll order 10 and cherry pick as others have suggested. Then send back all the garbage. Eventually – the mint will have to do a better job of QC’ing.

  41. hi ho silver says

    Sounds like the spot is on the holder not the coin itself. As Don has said you can take the holder off to see.

  42. rpw says

    No —
    The spot is definitely on the coin. Looks like some type of burn – which I could understand if a laser was used but since coins are pressed – I don’t know why it would get burned. The Mint said they’ve had other similar complaints.

  43. Samuel says

    rpw, i have it on my proof as well, there is a small particle, and there is a white spot surround it. i would assume, the small particle was very hot, then created the kind of burn. i saw similar stuff on some other world coins as well.

  44. rpw says

    samuel, it does appears that something hot dropped on the coin, which i don’t get because if the coins are pressed, where would something “hot” come from. it had to happen after the coin was minted. in any case – i reluctantly sent the set back today for replacement. i only hope the replacement they send me is in better shape and gets back in time to send to NGC for early release designation.

    Both Reverse Proof coins seemed to be in good shape but I did notice some very very small “spots” (actually looks shiny/smooth) in the frosted area of the coin (near the “T” on the obverse).
    It really doesn’t look like a flaw, rather, just the way the frosting appears when viewed from different angles. I don’t know if that is typical or not.
    These “flaws” – all seem to be consistent with what others have mentioned which makes me wonder how the TPG’s will grade the coins.
    Guess all we can do is wait and see!
    The more of these “returned flawed coins” there are the better for the remaining mintage (hopefully).

  45. Samuel says

    the spots on the RF should be flaws. there r longer scratches of the same nature on the frosted area.

  46. Steven says

    I just opened my 2012 AE Silver 2-coin set, and as I opened it, one of the coins actually fell out onto the ground. Not the coin still in the hard plastic capsule, but completely out of the plastic capsule. I immediately called Customer Support, and they told me the two halves of the capsule screw together, and probably loosened during shipping. That’s REALLY hard to believe. I think it simply wasn’t screwed together in the first place. So other recipients may wish to inspect their own pieces for this.

    Worse, because it was delivered to my office 10 days ago (a Friday) without me being present, was dealing with a hospitalized family member most of last week, and finally opened it today (Monday), the rep. said I might not be able to get it replaced. The 7 day return policy is absurd, especially since the recipient isn’t required to sign for the delivery.

  47. rpw says

    The capsules don’t “screw” together.
    One side slides into the other. They simply pull apart but can be quite snug and difficult to get apart.

    I returned one of my 2 sets last week because of a “burn mark” on the Proof coin. The mint said that replacement sets WERE available and I should get one in a couple weeks. I got a notice today that my replacement was backordered with an estimated ship date of 28 Aug. IF it got to me by then I would likely miss the NGC early release cutoff. I was so mad – I called the mint and just told them to cancel the order all together. They can SHOVE IT. I’m thru with their POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. So for all the collectors – there’s one less set off the market.

  48. Hawksfan says

    Steve says:
    August 5, 2012 at 7:11 pm
    I like the guy on ebay selling the pre-selling the sets he obviously bought from Silvertowne, as copied and pasted Silvertown’s description and used their pics….nothing wrong with that….I just find it funny when he says “I just sent my coins to PCGS this weeekend”…etc.

    I like the guy on ebay who criticizes someone he thinks is flipping a set purchased from Silvertowne, then turns around and lists his on Ebay for $479! Weren’t they selling them for $239 just a few weeks ago?

  49. rpw says

    Not sure if anyone is still watching this thread but,,,,
    Has anyone noticed that of all the sets listed on ebay to date, the VAST MAJORITY of PF70’s from NGC are DEALER coins (they have the DEALER ONLY SF Trolley Label).

    And ALL OF THEM are PF70’s!

    I’ll bet you will NEVER see one of those Labels on anything less than a 70.
    I only saw 3 of the other NGC Early Release label sets graded 70. Most all of the AVERAGE JOE NGC Labeled sets are graded 69. Go figure.

    PROOF that this is nothing but a SCAM. I’m done getting coins graded!

  50. Jack says

    After taking a good good “premium” look at my 3 sets of coins that I received I couldn’t believe how snookered I was with all the scratches, marks and gouges on mostly the “plain” mirrored background coin. This is not to say that the other two revere-mirrored coins had no problems. They had many also and it took me about five page and about 2 and 1/2 weeks before I was able to submit them back to the US Mint (well after their fowl 7 day limit). BTW, that limit really ought to be something like 21 days maximum especially, if through no fault of your own, you are sent any damaged, gouged, scratched and in any other way less than perfect coins as viewed both by the naked eye and including any 10x-powered jeweler’s loupe. At least the mint accepted my coins sent back via 2 day UPS at a cost of around $35 or something like that. I know I was already reimbursed by the mint today.

    2012 AE SILVER 2-COIN SET 3 $149.95 $449.85 3 units shipped on 07/30/2012, 2 units returned

    2012 AE SILVER 2-COIN SET 2 $149.95 $299.90 2 units backordered. Expected to ship on 09/08/2012.

    I know these are really honest, hard working good folk but I really wish they had in place some kind of automatic coin inspection that would take place for each and every coin minted for collectors only. Such computerized technology could scan and document, record and assign a specific number to each coin in microseconds and if imperfections were found, then those coin(s) could be discarded and sent to the remelt pile. Any coins sent back by purchasers could be matched up to unique number and could be checked. The smallest of flaws seen at 30x or higher could be identified and found on the coin in question being sent back. … The US Mint really needs something futuristic like this and certainly for PROOF type coins, should be selling only flawless coins. I just received 5 of the 2012 Uncirculated Silver Eagles and could not find one single flaw on any side of those coins using a 10x loupe. This is how they all should be sold for premium prices to all customers, in perfect condition.

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