San Francisco Silver Eagle Set Sales End Tomorrow

As a final reminder, the four week ordering window for the United States Mint’s 2012 San Francisco Silver Eagle Set will conclude tomorrow July 5, 2012 at 5:00 PM ET.

In the final days, the pace of orders has jumped, with the cumulative sales total now reaching 245,131, based on an update made July 4 around 3:00 PM. There should be one more daily sales update tomorrow, just hours ahead of the conclusion of sales.

Here are the daily sales figures for the entire offering. The first number column indicates the change from the previous daily total, while the second column indicates the cumulative sales total.

Increase Total Sales
June 8, 2012 85,341
June 11, 2012 29,718 115,059
June 12, 2012 6,245 121,304
June 13, 2012 4,067 125,371
June 14, 2012 3,169 128,540
June 15, 2012 2,972 131,512
June 18, 2012 3,956 135,468
June 19, 2012 1,210 136,678
June 20, 2012 2,185 138,863
June 21, 2012 3,029 141,892
June 22, 2012 3,281 145,173
June 25, 2012 6,874 152,047
June 26, 2012 4,522 156,569
June 27, 2012 6,012 162,581
June 28, 2012 4,255 166,836
June 29, 2012 8,752 175,588
July 2, 2012 25,471 201,059
July 3, 2012 16,292 217,351
July 4, 2012 27,780 245,131

The 2012 San Francisco Silver Eagle Set contains one proof coin and one reverse proof coin with the “S” mint mark. Each set is priced at $149.95.

Collectors have been closely watching the daily sales figures to draw comparisons to previous special issue Silver Eagles. Sales quickly passed the 100,000 maximum mintage for the 25th Anniversary Set and are on the brink of passing the 250,000 maximum for the 20th Anniversary Set.

In the broader scheme of the series, the two coins in the San Francisco Set are bound to have mintages at the lower end of the spectrum. The final sales seem likely remain below the mintage of 466,573 for the 2006-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle which sells for a premium, as well as the lowest mintage regular proof issue, the 1994-P Proof Silver Eagle, at 372,168.

Other Silver Eagle News

There is one piece of information that I wanted share with readers. Based on an inquiry that I made, the US Mint has confirmed that they will not be offering a 2012 Uncirculated Silver Eagle with the “S” mint mark. The Mint had previously indicated that such a product would be offering within their 2011 Annual Report, however they ultimately decided not to offer this product and instead offer the 2012 San Francisco Silver Eagle Set.

This reduces the number of numismatic Silver Eagles expected to be issued for the year to the following:

  • 2012-W Proof Silver Eagle – offered individually with sales of 475,556 (as of July 2)
  • 2012-S Proof Silver Eagle – within the San Francisco Set with sales to date of 245,131
  • 2012-S Reverse Proof Silver Eagle  – within the San Francisco Set with sales to date of 245,131
  • 2012-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle – offered individually with sales beginning on August 2.

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  1. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    @Shutter, no I wasn’t on the Mint’s site trying to buy anything today. But, you raise a good point about the “October delivery”. If I were a “quick flipper”, I’d be a little nervous about waiting that long to get my sets. The dealers are already out ahead of you making sales today and you’re hoping to scarf customers after months have gone by. I sincerely hope that everyone (collectors and flippers) do well with the set. I’m very glad that I don’t have “profitability” hanging over my head and will just enjoy the set for what it is…

  2. says

    Just bought my set with 10 minutes left on the clock. Everyone sounds surprised that the sales peaked near the end, it should have been expected. As to the number of coins, it is high when compared to the Anniversary sets but compare the numbers to the collectable bullion coins. The first and only San Francisco minted Reverse proof. The lowest number of San Francisco minted proof coins ever and the first since 1992. This is as much about mint marks as it is about numbers and the numbers aren’t bad. The mint might be reflecting yesterdays count at 3PM EST but I doubt that there will be 50,000 sold since then. That leaves the count under 300,000. A little high priced, for sure. No profit for fast turn overs. But, as a collector, I’m happy and am sure that there is no money lost. The only problem I see is that the mint has gotten too good with it’s quality production. There won’t be great returns on PF/PR70’s for quite some time.

  3. Dan says

    I think the limited offering was a success. Many people who could not otherwise order on Day 1 (due to work, service or other obligations) were able to order at least one set. Others who’d have preferred a fixed mintage and have the resources available to order multiple sets of the household minimum in order to make a quick buck were probably the most disappointed. The Mint will have to decide on balance which approach is the best and how successful they were. This could be the model for limited edition sets for some time. I for one would like to see a counter for most if not all of their products. I would also like to know whether the counter decrements (counts down for canceled or returned sets). It would also be nice to know how many extra sets the Mint produces to account for replacements and what it does with any surplus sets (if any). How do the Mint employees figure into this? Are they guaranteed any number of sets or coins in general?

  4. guama says

    I think having a final count tomorrow will enable the customer to back put if the mintage is too high. I believe that number until will decrease in the weeks ahead. I can’t wait to see it:)_

  5. Louis says

    @Dan- great post from 5:17pm.

    I could not resist getting another order in at 4:59pm, which I can always cancel later and won’t have to pay for til the fall. My guess is when all is said and done we will come in somewhere around 275K, which is only a little higher than the 248K for the 20th anniv. set that sells for four times issue price in OGP. many Mint products decline in value over time, but I do not believe these sets will drop below issue price, or be available for less than $200 starting tomorrow. As others have said ad naseum, these are bad for a quick flip but should do just fine over time.

  6. gatortreke says

    I’m with Dan in that I think this offering was a success as well. I ordered 7 sets in the first week with the idea that I’ll eventually sell 5 and keep 2, hopefully making enough to cover the costs of the kept sets but I realize there are no guarantees this will be the case. The total number of this offering will be within the range of the 2006 offering, perhaps a bit more, which took about a month to sellout if I remember correctly though that offering had a household limit of 10. We’ll see how things turn out but given this set will be close to the 2006 final numbers which has demonstrated good value since the offering, I think this will likely do the same. Only time will tell but I’m willing to take the chance these will be worth owning over the months and years. If I’m wrong, well I love the RP’s so I’m happy to own them!!

  7. Louis says

    I am considering quoting your post above in an article, if you don’t mind. I will include a link to this section of the blog.

    That was fun, wasn’t it?

  8. Brad says

    Well put, Louis! I also ordered another pair of sets at 4:59pm. I can always cancel them if need be, but I’ll probably let the order go through. Even though the mintage might end up a little higher than the 20th Anniversary set, there’s just something about that “S” Mint mark! These coins won’t be “dogs” or anything.

  9. ClevelandRocks says

    Glad I got my two sets. They will likely have value, but don’t be surprised if flippers have trouble selling them right away. My prediction 287k.

  10. RLP says

    Mint posted that it will show the final “counter” tomorrow, Friday around 3:00 PM Eastern time.

  11. Hidalgo says

    @RLP – the US Mint will post orders placed. The final number can be adjusted down when (not if) orders are cancelled.

  12. G says

    I threw in an order for 10 with about 20 minutes to go. Where’s the downside? You have until 10/31 to pay for it or cancel. By then, it should be clear whether or not these are going to skyrocket like the 25th, or stay closer to the vest. Pretty fun free ‘call’ option.

  13. simon says

    Congratulations to the USMint on a job well done!.

    BTW the fulfillment center staff were working late on July 4th! I received an
    e-mail with a tracking number for a 5 Oz order. Good for them!

  14. guama says

    I must admit, it was kind of fun checking the site everyday. I do believe it was a win-win for us all. An opportunity for us day workers to actually order a wonderful product, while keeping the major flippers at bay. It was nice to know that I didn’t have to pay double or triple the cost due to not being able to order in a specific time frame.

  15. gatortreke says

    Following the end of the 25th SF Eagle offering, the Mint website was updated with the following:

    Orders will begin shipping on or about July 27, 2012. Orders are fulfilled on a first in, first served basis. Fulfillment of these sets will occur between July 27, 2012 and mid-October, 2012.

  16. Jim_D says

    Sounds like the window for cancelling orders just got shortened to 3 weeks from 3 months. If the first 150k have already been produced, that will leave the other 100k+ to debate their choices.

  17. Hidalgo says

    @gatortreke – I would imagine that those who ordered early (plenty of coin dealers) are going to rush their coins to PCGS and NGC to get an early release label. The problem the US Mint will have with the later orders is that if the secondary market for these sales is weak (like the Defenders of Freedom sets) – PFFFFZZZZZ! Plenty of cancellations!

  18. jeff in tex says

    Here is the real kicker!! At first the sets will sell that’s the 7/27 delivery orders then as all the flippers and multi buyers get happy, the new delivery orders hit the market dropping the price then the 3rd hits. Prices drop more and the demand dries up the is swamped. FUNNY!!!!!!!!

  19. says


    You’ve basically summarized my feelings on how this particular offering worked out. The Mint could perhaps use this as a guidepost on how to conduct future sales. This will also provide a good ceiling should they decide to start using mintage limits going forward.

  20. auxmike says

    This product generated a LOT of excitement into the hobby. Now we can all sit on our “eggs” waiting for them to hatch! I only bought one set as storing this stuff can be a hassel when you buy a bunch…

  21. John says

    G says:
    July 5, 2012 at 6:23 pm
    I threw in an order for 10 with about 20 minutes to go. Where’s the downside? You have until 10/31 to pay for it or cancel. By then, it should be clear whether or not these are going to skyrocket like the 25th, or stay closer to the vest. Pretty fun free ‘call’ option.

    I agree, I placed my orders very strategically (hopefully). I should be able to make a quick flip since I ordered on day one. I can cancel any future orders without taking a hit to my C.C. or having to return sets back to the mint.

    Also, just because an order is place doesn’t mean it will actually go through. So make sure your C.C. bill is paid and that you are not close to the max near the shipping date. Check Michael’s weekly update on to see if the numbers go down (which I believe they will sooner or later).

    Next “S” ASE to wait for will be the 2012 Unc. version but I don’t know if they actually have confirmed that they will make it or not….

  22. Louis says

    Michael just had an article or post recently which indicated that the Mint told him they decided not to issue a 2012-S ASE burnished, only the 2012-W ASE burnished. That should help values for the SF set.

  23. corners says

    “A few days ago someone suggested that the recent “flood” of sales may be driven by mail order (as opposed to phone & internet) sales and inspired by the recent catalog mailing. Guess what. No mail delivered yesterday. So no mail order sales.”

    Exactly. Nothing was open on the 4th related to government.

    Might as well have been a Sat for the order counter

  24. Zaz says

    This set is a win, 250,738 with one more counter update might take it to 254-255K tomorrow. Glad I ordered within the 7/27 delivery window and another 2 sets for 9/28. With all the naysayers on this board and on others, CCF in particular, must have kept away some collectors, but not the big name flippers like MCM, etc. Still the set will be winner a couple of years down the road, just like 20th Annie set is now (4x issue price.)

  25. corners says

    “I threw in an order for 10 with about 20 minutes to go. Where’s the downside? You have until 10/31 to pay for it or cancel. By then, it should be clear whether or not these are going to skyrocket like the 25th, or stay closer to the vest. Pretty fun free ‘call’ option.”

    Free?Doesn’t matter what it is, if you give someone your money for 3 months and only get back your money, it wasn’t free and id take those loan terms any day

  26. G says

    Corners: your point would be more valid if they actually took your money for those 3 months. The US Mint doesn’t charge you for orders when you place them, only when the product ships. So, all the orders that people placed with a 10/31 delivery, those orders aren’t be charged until right before the product ships.

  27. alvaro says

    Todays counter update will consist of 7/5 orders for the whole day till 5pm. The 7/5 update was for 7/4 sales only . Many of you guys think tomorrows update Will consist of the final 2 hours. where did you guys got that idea. The 3pm update was for previous day sales not up to the minute sales. So expect like 50k jump today.

  28. Ralph says

    Just checked ebay. Seems the price is inching upwards on these set’s. One closed at $210. Interesting to read some sellers descriptions. One is saying the Mint sold 150,000 set’s in the first 4 hours (see table above for correct figures).
    I think the Mint should put a time limit on all it’s offerings. 4 weeks is enough to let everyone buy who wants to. I remember the first State Quarters in 1999. The Mint had a 72 hour ordering window. After that, it was sold out.
    To have something from the previous year still for sale after the current year is released takes away from the collectability of these products.
    Time for another cup of coffee. Looking forward to the Mint’s updated figures later today.

  29. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    4-weeks was a long time for a “limited” time period offering. We also know what happens at the Mint when they try to squeeze a very popular product into too narrow an ordering window given their system. That equaled unhappy customers (for a number of reasons) which the Mint doesn’t want to foster. This whole event was about “selling product” and we must never lose sight of that driving fact for the Mint. As such, I’d say it was a success for both the customer and the Mint. I expect we will see more of this in the future for select offerings.

  30. KEITHSTER says

    Ya all those last mail order’s comming in from the catolog sale’s. But when’s the last time you or anyone you know ordered from the mint thru the mail. I think mine was in 1986 when these’s ASE’s first were born. I gave a few away as gifts and two have since been returned ( regifting you know ) now that’s a sweet return.No Me thinks it was the Big Boys and Dealers just could’nt resist returning to the scene of the crime why not order another 1,000 rape another 100 cherrys if there’s that many left in the batches by then and return the rest .Why not don’t cost much more and sure better then a striaght run.You know takes money to makes money except for the Mint they makes money to makes money. So we should all return the favor look thru your extra sets pick out the sweets and send the rest back to the big boys.So even if we can’t be Big Boys we can surely play like mmmm? m good luck to all!

  31. ClevelandRocks says

    13 of 14 successful competed sales on ebay were during (not after) the Mint’s offering period, so there are some suckers out there. Many of the sales were in June.

  32. Louis says

    What happened to e-Bay’s no pre-sales rule? I thought you could not sell something that is not in hand yet.

  33. Shutter says

    But when’s the last time you or anyone you know ordered from the mint thru the mail.

    This is the wrong place to ask this question. Everyone reading this blog, has some acquaintance with internet. There are still people who don’t. There are still travel agencies that will gladly charge aunt Martha $50 to book a ticket from Duluth to Buffalo. Even though most of us have been booking air travel online for years.

  34. Shutter says

    What happened to e-Bay’s no pre-sales rule? I thought you could not sell something that is not in hand yet.

    I think that was the special rule they made for 2011 set. The normal rule is that they must be able to deliver within 30 days of sale. That one gets violated all the time too.

    Personally, I think that eBay needs to crack down even more on coin sellers. For instance require picture of obverse AND reverse of each coin; ban use of catalog photos and require image of actual coins; lifetime ban for anyone using a picture of cardboard box before the mint even begins shipping.

  35. Shutter says

    take a look at this NGC 5oz ATB holder. It is a multi-coin holder

    I picked up one of those for Chickasaw. NGC gets pretty creative with holders for big bulk submitters.

  36. guama says

    I think todays number will be at least 50k more. The number was low because not many ordered on the 4th. Last minute orders will reflect today.

  37. Brad says

    If the number today is over 300K, maybe that will trigger a lot of cancellations. I wish the number would continue to be updated next week, but we might not get that lucky.

  38. saucexx says


    It’s already eBay policy that every coin listing use a picture of the actual coin. You are NOT supposed to use a stock image. The obverse and reverse is different since until recently you had to pay for additional pictures. Now that all pics are free maybe it’s something they can put in place. I’ll post the full policy if I can find it. eBay is not the easiest site to find information.

  39. saucexx says

    @ Shutter

    See below

    Keep the following guidelines in mind when you’re listing coins and paper money:

    Include a clear picture of the actual item being sold—don’t use only stock pictures.

    A raw coin is one that hasn’t been graded by a coin grading company, or one that has been graded, but not by an approved grading company. Raw coins can be listed on eBay as long as:

    The listing includes a photo of the coin being sold. Images that are dark, out of focus, edited, or might be misleading aren’t allowed. Also, stock photos aren’t allowed.

  40. Wes says

    Those cancel boxes probably won’t stay up very long. Once they have started to process the order the box will be removed. Then must call the mint to cancel order before shipping.

  41. Chris says

    Flipping on first releases will be a breeze on these… The vast majority of those eligible will either be held by the collector or sold as a sealed box… I’m projecting PF 70 first release ngc sets on Ebay to reach $599 by the end of August. A proof 70 2006 reverse proof commands $400+. There is no reason that this reverse proof will be any different. The mintage is exactly the same, if not less following cancellations. Buying these in quantity on day one was a no-brainer.

  42. stephen m. says

    IF i was a flipper and not wanting to tie my money up for an extended period of time i would cancel my order. I really don’t think we will have a lot of orders being canceled other than cc that don’t go through for whatever reason. Also the quality of the sets will be so good that there won’t be many returns there either. I do wonder what will become of the cancelled orders for sets(the coins) and the returns? Will the mint open this item up again to sell them or will the coins be destroyed?

  43. Chris says

    I think MCM does think that.. If you notice.. they have no first release offerings.. Many of these big dealers had originally offered this product, and now it’s suddenly not available. They were hasty in their postings, and then got a real fix for the mintage. I have the latest issue of coin world here in front of me, and there is only one company offering a 70 first release set and it’s $349… last week it was $270… Bear in mind this was published a week ago… This mintage is extremely low, with those eligible for first release staggeringly low. Let me ask you this, why would a 70 reverse proof from 2006 cost more than this one, when the mintage is exactly the same? It’s not over-populated; there are only 3, and this the first from San Fran.

  44. Brad says


    The only way that number can be correct is if there were MASSIVE cancellations after everybody saw the 250K number. There HAD to be more last-minute orders than that! Not that I’m complaining about that number though. I hope it shrinks some more!

  45. Gary says

    Sounds like a lot of “collectors” are turning into “flippers”
    Seems everyone has a little flipper in them!!
    I wasnt buying any of that BS talk from the start!!

  46. Gary says

    We got the 3rd lowest minted reverse proof silver eagle ever minted by the US Mint!
    Wow…didnt see that coming!!

  47. Chris says

    Well Gary, you gotta at least keep one perfect 70 set for yourself. However, who really needs two? There is always money to be made. We use that word flipper in kind of a degrading fashion. We aren’t flippers. We’re coin dealers. Perhaps the quantity is less than MCM, but every business begins small. Every release from the mint can easily be purchased, graded, and sold for a profit. You just have to stick with your prices and not be anxious to dump stuff. The more stuff that doesn’t sell, the larger your inventory grows. Suddenly, you’ve got a coin shop. Basic, easy, simple.

  48. corners says

    what would interesting is if the Minty prioritized smaller orders over larger orders giving the “real” collectors a chance to get something first,unlike now where you cant even order because the sites clogged.

  49. Shutter says

    We got the 3rd lowest minted reverse proof silver eagle ever minted by the US Mint!

    This is like saying that Spain was a silver medal winner in Spanish-American war.

  50. Shutter says


    I’m sure you can appreciate the difference between policy and practice. There are still plenty of stock photos, blurry photos, underexposed photos, and photos that are way too small to even see what kind of coin is being sold.

    I can sorta understand use of stock photos for recent graded coins from big dealers (or even ungraded but very new), but it’s often the case for older coins.

  51. says

    Now we can patiently wait for the Mint to send us our TREASURES! Hope it is sooner than we think! I ordered 5 sets—-one for each grandkid!

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