San Francisco Silver Eagle Set Conclude at 251,302

According to the sales odometer placed on the product page of the 2012 San Francisco Silver Eagle Set, the total units ordered reached 251,302 through the conclusion of sales yesterday July 5, 2012 at 5:00 PM.

Despite reaching nearly 250,000 with just a few days to go, sales ended up barely passing this mark. Early in the sales cycle, collectors seemed to be expecting a last minute surge of sales to take place before the conclusion of the offering. Instead, the final update to the sales odometer registered only an additional 546 units sold, which was the lowest daily movement during the four week ordering window.

Many collectors may have been watching specifically for the 250,000 order level since this was the maximum mintage established for the 20th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set released in 2006. As the cumulative sales total approached this number, some collectors may have cancelled extra orders and some fence-sitters may have opted not to place orders.

The complete run down of daily sales figures is included below. The first number column indicates the change from the previous daily total, while the second column indicates the cumulative sales total.

Increase Total Sales
June 8, 2012 85,341
June 11, 2012 29,718 115,059
June 12, 2012 6,245 121,304
June 13, 2012 4,067 125,371
June 14, 2012 3,169 128,540
June 15, 2012 2,972 131,512
June 18, 2012 3,956 135,468
June 19, 2012 1,210 136,678
June 20, 2012 2,185 138,863
June 21, 2012 3,029 141,892
June 22, 2012 3,281 145,173
June 25, 2012 6,874 152,047
June 26, 2012 4,522 156,569
June 27, 2012 6,012 162,581
June 28, 2012 4,255 166,836
June 29, 2012 8,752 175,588
July 2, 2012 25,471 201,059
July 3, 2012 16,292 217,351
July 4, 2012 27,780 245,131
July 5, 2012 5,607 250,738
July 6, 2012 564 251,302

A few words of caution when considering the final cumulative sales number, the US Mint heavily disclaims the data that has been provided on the sales odometer, stating that it is “for informational purposes only and should not be construed to represent accepted orders of actual sales figures.”

It is possible that the number could decline based on additional order cancellations initiated by the customer, system generated order cancellations due to expired or invalid billing information, or order returns once the sets begin shipping. The number may also increase if the US Mint continues to add orders sent by mail that are postmarked before the sales deadline. The US Mint recently distributed their 2012 Summer Catalog by mail, which included an order form and envelope. The page showcasing the San Francisco Silver Eagle Set did mention the limited ordering window, but didn’t provide any specific information with regards to how the deadline would work for mail orders.

To the extent possible, I will try to obtain updated information from the US Mint and provide this to readers.

The US Mint indicates that shipping for the 2012 San Francisco Silver Eagle Set will begin “on or about July 27, 2012” with fulfillment taking place on a first in, first served basis. A wide window of July 27 to mid-October 2012 is provided as a time frame for fulfillment of all orders.

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  1. KEITHSTER says

    Nope not yet anyway but who know’s. Only been at the nickle thing big time since they anounced the change over in the change.Don’t want to have to break them open and sort thru them like the penny people.Keep all my unc. rolls and old nickle rolls in new mason jars they seem to like it.Don’t know how they will tone up over the years but i think they will do ok even after they use up all the oxygen in there.I seem to like the 1/2 gallon jars best you can get about $80 in nickle rolls in them or $40 to the quart.Also use the quart and pint jars for the other unc rolls.My intent is to save them for the kids coming up that may want to collect coins don’t think they will be able to afford the fancy Big Buck stuff but should be able to save up enough to get an old roll of nickle’s.A lady at work want’s me to leave them to her in my will I told her she could’nt have the unc’s and she was ok with that. but she just want’s to cash them in ya right! Also being in the mason jars they’re ready to go underground if the goverment wants their money back like when they recalled everyones gold. Now the only problem is where and who to leave the map’s with.So if you want some better bring a truck and some help because it’s hard to carry over a gallon of those things at a time. good luck to all.

  2. ClevelandRocks says

    Off topic: Mint needs to stop the 2011 Buffalo sales now!
    I complained to customer sevice and think others may want to do so as well.
    I purchased one in May 2011 to keep, but with gold down now and sales continuing for well over a year now, it’s value will drop and those that have been loyal to Mint offerings by purchasing when released get screwed by this never-ending offering. If folks don’t complain, the Mint may do this with other items. A month seemed fair to most for the SanFran set, so a year should seem like the maximum length of offering for any product. We should all voice our opinion about the “year max” rule to the mint if you agree.

  3. Don says


    I assume you are referring to the topic of this blog, the SF silver eagle set. All you have to do is check the completed lisings on ebay for the “San Francisco silver eagle set”. You will see that they are selling in the $200. range. These are all pre-sales, meanings that none of the sellers have the set in hand. Of course they are all being sold in OGP.

  4. Shutter says

    I wasn’t implying a home flatbed scan as Shutter alluded to.
    Sorry if I misunderstood. Using flatbed scanners to produce images of coins is a pet peeve.

    I was thinking something more commercial and not necessarily a typical image scan (perhaps spectrometer or other high tech scan(s)), to quickly finger print a coin, at very high levels of detail, as all coins are different and have tiny marks if one looks close enough.
    Not sure what a spectrometer would accomplish, but PCGS has a service called Secure Plus that does something with laser scans to produce some sort of digital fingerprint. It’s pretty pricey and proprietary. I think that makes sense with high value coins.

  5. KEITHSTER says

    Ya Ya maybe a protest in the street or a sit in at the mint that might get their attention.Most should find themself’s lucky to even own a 2011 buffalo in these hard times.As all old buffalo must one day die this one’s day will come. As no man knoweth the day be glad it’s still alive and buy another one it’s going to be a lower mintage one anyway isn’t it? YA pays your money and YA’s takes your chance’s it’s the nature of the game.Maybe the mint could start a lease or rent to own program that way if they dont make enough profit fast enough we can send them back whenever.Or if they do the option to buy that way a lot more people could enjoy more of their products and send them back when their done.OR their relatives when they are really done cause the don’t what them coins except for their worth. good luck to all.

  6. simon says

    the sales stats say 50 units for the 2011 vs 380 units for the 2012. The 2011’s appear to still have life.

  7. ClevelandRocks says

    Keithster’s “whatever” attitude about a firm 1 year time limit for offerings is the reason I cancelled all of my subscriptions. No gratitude from Mint for loyalty.

  8. Gary says

    The US Mint wants to make sure EVERYBODY can get whatever item they want. We cant have any rare coins! Rare,hard to get, low mintages makes for very unhappy collectors! Just ask the US Mint!

  9. Mercury says

    It is in the best interest of the US Mint to make sure EVERYBODY can get whatever items they want so that Collectors cant have any rare coins! Collectors have done OK with the difficulty of finding Rare, hard to get, low mintages coins for over 200 years or more; but that wasn’t good enough. Now the Mint and the Dealers are happy, but the Rare coin collectors are very unhappy! Just don’t ask the US Mint! Thanks Gary

  10. simon says

    Rarity is relative : TPGs are assigning both rarity and corresponding inflated prices in a highly dubious practice based on populations of coins in slabs. The Mint is the honest broker IMHO.

  11. ClevelandRocks says

    Sorry to disagree Simon, but an “honest broker” doesn’t encourage a subscription and then sell the exact item for less money months later for products that don’t even have a pricing grid.

  12. Mercury says

    Simon: Could it be possible that the Mint and the TPGs are working together in this set up? Think about it, if you flood the coin market with an over abundance of collectable coins, then the only other way to distinguish your coin from those hundreds of thousands of other coins, is to purchase a GRADED TPGs slab, preferably a FS or ER to set your collection apart from the tons of other coins that were minted. If someone is into collecting coins just for the purpose of collecting coins, then no limit mintages are OK. But I am of the notion that most coin collectors would like to hold on to their coins, and therefore collect for an investment purpose. My opinion is that the no limit mintages, ends up working to the advantage of the TPGs and those who collect slabs. What I predict is bound to happen is that if this new system of minting coin continues unabated, is that there is the distinct possibility that the only coins worth collecting will end up being the GRADED TPGs slabs. So in the end, the Dealers still win. A person will still have to put out the extra expense of a TPGs slab in order for ones collection to be of any real value. Sure TPG slabs are subjective, but so is coin collecting in general; or should I say, it used to be subjective. Be warned, that with this new no limit mintage practice, GRADED TPGs slabs will become the new benchmark. So for all you Dealers out there who are pretending to be coin collectors, by applauding the no mintage system… sure it makes you happy, because your about to take that smile to the bank.

  13. Gary says

    If the collectors have done all right with finding rare coins. Then why where so many complaining about the 25th Anniversary Sets? This is why we ended up with the “made to order” 75th Anniversary Set! As far as i am concerned the max mintage on any special sets should be 100k…MAX!! 1 per household!

    The US Mint is just giving those kind of collectors what they want! FLOODED MARKET!! Enjoy everbody!

  14. KEITHSTER says

    Whatever ‘Sorry don’t own or work at the mint not in on their staff meetings. I’m ok with the new order 4 week limit.hope your cancellation doesn’t cause a goining out of business sale . I cancelled my only one too but only because wasn’t sure the funds would be there at the correct time.want rare coins go to a coin shop they have plenty, want rare moderns good luck the line forms around the corner want quick profit sell dope or get a real job sorry got to go to work to support my mint habit. good luck to all.

  15. Don says


    I agree with you. If one wants rare coins, modern Mint issues (sets, commemoratives, etc. are not the place to get them. Oh sure, there might be a few isolated exceptions but, all in all, don’t count on any Mint offerings to be in the category of rare or scarce.
    In fairness to the Mint, it is not their responsibility to create rarities by intentionally keeping mintages artificially low. No, I don’t work for, or have any conections to the Mint.

  16. simon says

    Merc : My opinion is that the no limit mintages, ends up working to the advantage of the TPGs and those who collect slabs.

    Exactly my point!

    What is the reason behind this? Unbridled hype playing to weaknesses of uninformed purchasers created by TPGs. TPGs sit, discuss, and formulate business plans, which are then executed to maximize their profits. They are in the business of collecting money by convincing us to part with it. This is what first strike, secure plus, etc are all about. They are secondary players. If I collect it does not matter whether it is a Lincoln cent with a mintage of 500 billion, or an ASE with a mintage of 30k. We all want value and some of us want it immediately (which is rapidly becoming the case, primed by TPG antics), while others invest time and care as is the case with all the classic (pedigree) collections.

    The mint is the honest broker simply because they are the ones striking precious metal planchets and issuing unique coins with kind regards to the entire body of collectors, without prejudice, let, or hindrance of any kind.

  17. Mercury says

    After comparing what has resulted from the complaints of the 2012 US Mint issued Eagle Sets. It has become evident in my opinion, that the Dealers and Marketers, made up the bulk of those complaints. The way I see it is that, what individuals were really upset about, was not their inability to obtain a 2012 Eagle Set, as much it was, their not being able to control an even bigger share of the profits. I don’t care what anybody say, the fact of the matter is, that Dealer purchases of the 2012 Eagle set, by far out numbered those of collectors. As I see it, it was the secondary market retailer who lashed out the loudest in 2011 because of not having a bigger piece of the pie. What would have been a much better in my opinion all the way around for both the 1211 and the 2012 Eagle set is a 175,000 mintage limit with one set per household. That would pretty much ensure that most, if not all interested collectors would at least get one. And of course dealers would need to be as they always have, more creative at obtaining more then on set. Don’t get me wrong there are complaints out there being made by coin collectors regarding the 2012 “mint to order” system we have in place. Our only problem is, nobody’s listening.

  18. Gary says

    The collectors who got the 25th Anniiversary Sets are listening the ones who didnt…arent listening but are feeling the pain!
    Oh well!!

  19. ClevelandRocks says

    Don, FS are more scarce than most coins ever minted, but who wants to look at Eliza Johnson? Not me! Some 100+ year old coins (Morgans) seem less rare than some ATB circulating quarters. Anyone else think one year should be the max limit for all offerings?

  20. Shutter says

    As far as i am concerned the max mintage on any special sets should be 100k…MAX!! 1 per household!

    Well, that certainly settles the argument. Why didn’t you say so in the first place?

  21. Don says

    Agreed, but there has to be a demand for a product and there just isn’t much interest in FS coins. And there probably never will be. Because something is scarce, it doesn’t automatically equate to a high value. Petrified dinosaur turds are scarce but there are not too many people clamoring to get one. I never had any interest in these FS coins and I’m sure the majority of collectors don’t either.
    Eliza Johnson doesn’t do too much for me either.

  22. Shutter says

    FS are more scarce than most coins ever minted, but who wants to look at Eliza Johnson?
    Personally I wouldn’t be interested in FS coins even if they all looked like Marilin Monroe with UHR chest. But if you like the idea of First Spouse coins, invest in one of those Diva Faustina coins. They aren’t particularly rare and a decent example can be had for a fraction of Eliza Johnson.

    Anyone else think one year should be the max limit for all offerings?
    I don’t, but I think that the mint should have hard limits on how long numismatic items are for sale that are announced in advance. They should also stick to them. Some things, I don’t care if they have any time limits. Particularly scrap metal. Circulating coins, replica medals, FDC, anything that comes in boxes, bags, or rolls, collector spoons. For other things, 18-24 months may be appropriate. Mint sets, proof sets. For other things 4 weeks is plenty. I think it worked well with 75th Anniv set. It would have been awful if they stretched it out for 6 months or a year, and I’m not so sure they would have sold as many.

  23. Shutter says

    Petrified dinosaur turds are scarce but there are not too many people clamoring to get one.

    Didn’t Canada Mint produce coins with petrified dinosaur turds embedded? I think they sold out.

  24. Gary says

    i shutter at some of the petrified dinosuar turds who post comments on here.
    : o

  25. Don says

    You might have stumbled upon a good suggestion for the Mint to do an ultra high relief chest Marilyn Monroe coin. It would probably be an instant sellout.
    Alright, I know that this is off-topic, but we’re just having fun on a sunday night.

  26. says

    While I like the Silver Eagle and Gold Eagle designs, I think it would be great to do something a little different for the Eagle’s 30th anniversary. I love both designs, but why not switch them…mint a silver eagle with the Saint Gaudens design and the gold eagle with the Walking Liberty design. I would love to see that!!

  27. Shutter says

    I love both designs, but why not switch them…mint a silver eagle with the Saint Gaudens design and the gold eagle with the Walking Liberty design.

    Or do the same thing as with platinum eagles. Leave bullion alone, but use a different reverse every year for proofs.

  28. KEITHSTER says

    All coins have a one year limit max on them it’s called the date.I know you mean the length of offer for sale .But you what to sell that same coin at any time for the rest of your life no max on you sounds fair. As for the FS’s ugly as they maybe their precious to me. Want to see the real beauty in them just flip them over or maybe you already flipped them so you can’t.As for the Crapolite ya that what them dino turds are called I FOR ONE wouldn’t pass a load of them without picking up as many as I could get my hands on. but I prefer the agate dino bone much more rare and better looking.Seem’s them dinosaurs were full of crapolite but only had one set of bone’s few of which turned to agate. SO please stay away from our ugly First Lady’s and Dino Turd’s WE prefer it that way thanks and good luck to ALL.

  29. RLP says

    US Mint Mission statement….

    “The primary mission of the United States Mint is to manufacture and distribute circulating coins, precious metals and collectible coins, and national medals to meet the needs of the United States.”

    Doesn’t say anything about groups (i.e. collectors, dealers, flippers, TPG’ers) omits any reference to volume(s) for whom, when, what, where or how other than “to meet the needs of the United States”.

    As declared earlier, Ya put down your money and accept, Ya get what ya get..!
    Your choice….

  30. Walt says

    Keep in mind that there could be games played with the late order sales. The late delivery ( Sept,Oct) coins could be of a lower quality. They could be returns from the July delivery. Also, some of those late sales could be additional orders from the people who will receive July deliveries. They can have the July coins graded and then after receiving the Sept deilveries return any of the July graded coins that came back say 68 or less. Just some thoughts.

  31. Dan says

    Hey Walt

    Since the mint arranged it for everyone to be able to order a set, wouldnt it be nice if they held the delivery back until they could ship out all the orders in a 2 week period. This way everbody would qualify for the ER/FS bogus labels and cut down on the games that could be played with returns. In addition it would level the paying field for everybody and give flippers something else to complain about.

  32. KEITHSTER says

    As they say at the start of the Olympics Let The Games Begin makes this one more intresting.Make’s us all players don’t want to play cancell. Or maybe Micky D’s could take all our orders and then deliver all the burgers at the same time so as to not upset any any of the customers at the end of the line.Sorry don’t work that way still some some get them hot some not but all will get them or not.It’s all part of the don’t sit on the fence it hurts thing.Have a nice day good luck to ALL?

  33. KEITHSTER says

    @ RLP Right On but I was taught it is YA get what ya get and don’t throw a fit. O The wisdom they give’m in preschool nowdays. My grand nephew taught me that one and he’s only 5 it’s one of fav.’s every time I hear it. good luck to ALL.

  34. RLP says

    Another applicable phrase: “its not personal, it just business”.

    The Mint is a business that also happens to produce collectables. Considering it may have to strike a billion pennies for commerce, its nice it still is willing to create a couple hundred thousand proofs for a niche segment outside of its primary business.

    Under the guise of numismatics we all have probably rationalized making a buck on the coins bought for a “collection” …someday.

  35. Don says

    Your knowledge of paleontology is outstanding. It exposes you as a well-rounded, intelligent person. I might take your coin postings more seriously from now on.

  36. guama says

    Does the mint plan on offering “S” atb circulating quarters in the future? It doesn’t state on the website

  37. Stgecko says

    I may have missed a similar posting as I got tired of reading comments about half way through. Anyway I checked my order today and it’s not suppose to be delivered until October! R U kidding me? I guess I’ll twiddle my thumbs for a few months. I sure hope they haven’t charged my card yet. I’ll check on that now that I’ve mentioned it.

  38. Clair Hardesty says

    There is a seven day return period that starts when you receive the coins. It is unlikely that coins could be graded, sorted, cracked out, and prepared for return in time to meet the deadline. The mint will not ship out any returns that have been opened. They might resend bulk returns from dealers that are returned in the original sealed shipping boxes from the mint. here is probably no way the mint could ship all orders in a two week period (or even a one month period) even if all were in stock, picked, packed, labeled and ready to go. Well maybe then but it would be November before the first shipments went out.

  39. Shutter says

    probably no way the mint could ship all orders in a two week period (or even a one month period) even if all were in stock, picked, packed, labeled and ready to go.

    It took them nearly 2 months with 25th Anniversary sets. And they didn’t have all those other brand new mint products to ship then.

  40. guama says

    Walt…that could happen for customers that staggered their orders. They could do a switcheroo with the sets and return the not so perfect ones. But…you won’t get a replacement.

  41. alvaro says

    I have 10 sets for 7/27 delivery first wave, I will send them to be graded and the ones that grade 69 or less I will return them to the mint with my 10/28 late orders 1 week return policy. Lots of dealers will be doing this, thats why new orders for October were taken in the last days of sale. So dealers can return the non perfect ones from the first wave. No wonder mcm not offering an OGP set .mcm gonna hold on to the coins and return them with second wave orders.

  42. Walt says

    Guama….Customers already have this planned and have ordered more sets than they want knowing that they are going to return a certain amount. They will just take the best looking ones or re-insert the eagles back into their capsules if they had them graded and don’t like the grade and return them to the mint. You could order 100 and 100 sets, cherry pick the best 100 and return the second set of 100 or less for poor quality. The cost to you is just the insured shipping. Not too much to pay for getting to pick the best coins!

  43. bob says

    Good thinking alvaro, I hope your cherry picked coins are then shipped out to one of the A25 sets whiners – since their fussing lead to you having the ability to do what you describe! I’ll do the same myself.

  44. Clair Hardesty says

    You are only going to get away with a return scheme like this once, if that. The mint does not blindly accept returns. If you are a chronic returner, they will either refuse to sell to you or stop taking returns from you. There is a significant difference between returning a defective coin and returning one that doesn’t meet a certain desired grade at your favorite TPG. The TPG might also question your request to not slab coins that fall below PR69 (or even PR70). It would be difficult to deslab coins for returning so you would need to ask that they not be slabbed in the first place. While there are certainly some out there who do engage in these fraudulent practices, I would at least hope that use of this tack is not widespread. I don’t see large dealers giving up FS/ER labels in hopes of obtaining higher grades that lack them. For the smaller buyers, they have to be hoping that their first submissions will be back from the TPGs before their second orders come in and the second return periods expire. For the large dealers especially, there appears to be at least some profit to be made from the 69s, so returning them to get more 70s does not make sense. They would be shipping profit back to the mint.

    Please understand that switching coins between sets or returning sets other than the ones that were shipped is fraud, and fraud is a crime, whether or not you know that you can get away with it. As a member of the ANA, I am both honor and contractually bound to avoid such practices. As a human being whose life is guided in large part by the principle of the Golden Rule, I am morally obligated to act as I wish to be acted upon. While I don’t have any problem at all with pointing out how loose the system is (or at least is perceived to be) and imagining how such schemes would work, I sincerely hope that none of you are truly planning to act out these musings.

  45. Samuel says

    Clair, i totally agree with you. i think mint needs to figure out a way to deal with “returns” and large orders from dealers for the purpose of cherry-picking. these things ruin the hobby/market.

  46. stephen m. says

    I had figured the quailty of the sets to be good enough for the not so nice few of the sets to be sold as OGP by the BIG dealers. People, such as MCM, have a good reputation to uphold. These big companies didn’t get big by being dishonest crooks.

  47. Richard W says

    Clair,Thank you for your write,wouldn’t you think the mint might monitor these blogs and forums?

  48. Shutter says

    As a human being whose life is guided in large part by the principle of the Golden Rule

    Golden Rule is a good motivator, but let’s not forget about Murphy’s law. Such a scheme has too many moving parts to succeed. First you buy the coins, then you ship them for grading at $20+, then you get more coins, return the first set paying for shipping to the Mint. After that you send the second set for grading paying an additional $20+ per coin. At the end of all of this, you’re hoping that the second set grades higher then the coins you just returned to the Mint. However, there is no guaranty of that. In fact there is a distinct possibility that they will grade lower. So you spend all that money ($20+ a coin adds up) only to be worse off than you would have been by merely following rules. As Jackie Brown said: “This life’s hard. It’s harder when you’re stupid”.

  49. Kelly says

    Just a clarification

    Is this the same Golden rule and moral values that were in effect for the 25th anniversary 5 sets per household rule???????

    Disregard, we now have mint to demand so it wouldnt matter.

    Not a shot a you Clair, I am glad to see there a still a few others out there but I am afraid we are in a minority and not the majority.

  50. Clair Hardesty says

    Which was so eloquently sung by The Austin Lounge Lizards as “Life is hard, but life is hardest when you’re dumb.” Murphy is the great moderator but a little too fickle at times.

  51. yeling says

    the mint should not allow returns due to lesser grade they got. the mint must imposed no returns unless it is water damaged, scratched, dent or nick only. otherwise it is very unfair to other customers. the returns should not sell to other cfustomers. it should be melted down.

  52. yeling says

    mike, is the mint going to report sales figures every week on 2012s two coins set?. i understand there will be returns, cancellation due bad credit card and others.

  53. Don says

    I entirely agree with the sentiments you expressed on the practice of returning less than perfect 70 coins to the Mint. It is unbelievably selfish and self-serving on the part of individuals who engage in this practice. They are trying to exploit the system to the detriment of others.

  54. Don says

    Yeling, you have the right idea. The mint should refuse to take back sets that are undamaged in any way. But what would prevent unscrupulous individuals from deliberately inflicting a scratch or two on the lens or the coins themselves and then claiming the set(s) is damaged?

  55. Don says

    And one other thing: It is a pretty sad commentary that some posters on this site are actually bragging about the techniques they will use to beat the Mint. And there are other posters who are cheering them on.

  56. Jack in N.E says

    Some form of unpublished waiting list perhaps?Maybe because of already stated mintage they found a way to resell some returns or perhaps aglitch which I think they will catch up on at some point.Who knows time will tell good luck

  57. Clair Hardesty says

    This is a mistake that seems to be common when the mint decommissions a popular item. It has happened before and eventually the order will be cancelled and the page fixed. It is not part of any secret system, waiting list, or some other third thing, it is just a coding mistake by the website editor.

  58. Kelly says


    Not to keep bringing up the 25th, but didnt the same thing happen and all the orders placed during the gliche get cancelled? At least this time anyone who really wanted one had ample opportunity instead of just giving many false hope.

  59. hi ho silver says

    Kelly ! If you wanted one You could have obtained one from the Mint! I will not comment on your issues any more ! Ask alvaro……

  60. KEITHSTER says

    Son of a glitch it’s been fixed! gone baby gone got on your link when I first seen it. Yup for sale tried 1 kicked it off went for 23 they gave me the price but they needed me to log in. Was I a regular or a guest it was starting to look bogus oh well time to go home. Had to try again when I got home would’nt you know it sold out again. Oh well got mine comming in the first wave don’t really need anymore.Did think it might be their way of dealing with all the bogus orders but I’m sure they know how to do that.Look’s like all you can hope for now is a upgrade in your shipping date (I got one so there should be more out there) and good looking set’s that is. good luck to all.

  61. george glazener says

    Yeah, I know. It probably will get canceled, but it just seemed weird that I got it ordered at all. If they accidentally send me 23, I’ll share with you folks.

  62. guama says

    Clair…thanks for being honest. I would never have thought of doing a switcheroo and being dishonest. I hope the mint gets wind of this scheme and closes it down. As for the mint not selling to those…easy fix. They can get their buddies/cousins/neighbors to order for them. Isn’t that how they got their gazillion 25th sets and profited immensely?

  63. Timesetter says

    I’m just happy I got in on this set….and hopefully, years down the road, my daughter will be happy I was able to get in on this set too.

  64. alvaro says

    Not a smart thing too do timesetter. Unless you know your kids like coin collecting dont buy for them. If seen it lots of times young teenagers come in to coin shops and sell their inherit coins for cheap they just want the money. Im gonna make sure my daughter is a natural coin collector, try giving her a unexpensive coin like an ike dollar and see if she doesnt spend it on a bag of chips if she does shes not a coin collector. My nephew didnt pass the test he bought a soda .

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