San Francisco Two Coin Silver Eagle Set Priced at $149.95

According to a notice that will be published in the Federal Register tomorrow, the pricing for the United States Mint’s 2012 American Eagle San Francisco Two Coin Silver Proof Set will be $149.95.

Each set includes one 2012-S Proof Silver Eagle and one 2012-S Reverse Proof Silver Eagle, both struck at the San Francisco Mint. Based on information available, it seems that both of these coins will be unique to the special offering and not available elsewhere.

As previously announced, the sets will be minted to demand, however orders will only be accepted during a four week window from June 7, 2012 at 12:00 Noon ET to July 5, 2012 at 5:00 PM ET.

At first impression, the pricing for the special set seems high. However, by dissecting the prices of past offerings, the price doesn’t seem too far out of line.

The 2011 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set, which contained five coins (a proof, reverse proof, two uncirculated coins, and a bullion coin) was priced at $299.95. At the time of offering, the US Mint was selling individual proof coins at $58.95 each, individual uncirculated coins at $50.95 each, and an individual bullion coin would have been at least $34. Adding up these four coins ($58.95, $50.95, $50.95, and $34) yields $194.85, leaving $105.10 for the reverse proof coin and packaging.

The US Mint currently sells the individual “W” mint marked proof coin for $59.95, which leaves $90 for the reverse proof coin and packaging within the upcoming San Francisco Silver Eagle Set.

These numbers are not completely comparable and transferable due to different production volumes and differences in the price of silver, but roughly seem to support pricing for the upcoming set.

Beyond the pricing, the prospects for the two sets are also much different. While both contain two unique coins, last year’s offering was limited to a mintage of 100,000, which ultimately proved much too small given the demand. The current offering has an open ended mintage, which will basically be determined by collector demand. I will have a full post on the offering closer to the release date.

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  1. posterhunter says

    Maybe it is priced so high because everything in San Francisco is so expensive these days and they want us to feel the pain.

  2. Natatack says

    Wondering with all these products coming out from the mint within the next few months, if some coins will see a low sale, like what happened in 2008 with the gold eagles and gold buffaloes. We got gold proof eagles, first spouse, clad and silver proof sets, gold proof buffalo, proof w silver eagle, a unc w silver in fall, the 75th SF set, the various rolls of presidents,native American ,JFK halfs, mint sets, the SSB gold and silver, birth sets, products left over from 2011, a possible s unc ASE where do you direct your limited resources? Tho I think if low sales happen in too many series the mint may end some of the issues like with the proof/unc gold buffalo fractionals after 1 year.

  3. says

    Just another confection offered by the Mint to feed the hopeless addiction to silver eagle novelties. Being minted to demand should ensure making these coins very common bullion items. Flipper demand should be very low on this given the time frame to order and order fulfillment by the Mint after all orders are taken.

  4. Richard W says

    I’ve held back on this one.There has been a whole lot of disgust expressed on the SF ASE set.I believe this set was or is intended to be a peace offering.The 75th birthday of the SF mint deserves a celebration of sorts I’m not sure this is the path they should have gone down,seems to me to be a little much at a lot too much green.I’ve collected this series since day one 1986 and buy little else of the US mint mostly junk and I’m thinking of quitting,but like someone stated much earlier,if you don’t buy at least one your going to regret it he was absolutely right on.The mint totally botched the 5 piece set.That could and should have been the golden spike for them.They may never get another chance to dazzle the COLLECTORS again at least not for many moons.My advice to the collector is going to be a repeat of me and many other posters,if you like this series in spite of there judgement and management continue on in your fashion,don’t let others discourage you.I will continue on in my conservative fashion and so should you.The celebration offering i believe should have been a bronze medal something all Americans by choice would savor.

  5. Jack in N.E says

    Do others wish the mint would charge the c.c when orderered intead of when shipped? I think it would help some of us on a budget. Thanks

  6. Shutter says

    Do others wish the mint would charge the c.c when orderered intead of when shipped? I think it would help some of us on a budget.

    First, it would violate credit card company rules. Second, how exactly would it help? Presumably, once you place the order, you can put money aside for it.

  7. Ikaika says

    @ George Glazener

    Believe it or not, there are some people that purchase these presales. It’s amazing to see how many misinformed are out there. I am looking forward to the SF ASE set this week.

  8. Samuel says

    the first listing is for 5 sets, so $190 per set is not that crazy. the 2nd listing is just too much. i remember when the 25th set came out, the pre-sale price was about $450.

  9. ED says

    I wish I could buy 1, 2012 reverse proof coin for $100……. Think again Samuel…..$450 ?? LOL!! Try $700.

  10. Dan says

    The one eBay auction of 5 sets for $950 is barely making the seller $12-$13 per set after costs (eBay, PayPal fee’s & S/H). If they sold it as an eBay store they could make a little more money on the deal (about $22 per set). Those fee’s add up and eat up a lot of any possible profit. Still for very little effort on one’s part, this person figures on pocketing $60-$65 from someone else.

  11. guama says

    Yep…but did you see that guy had 140 hits??? I am interested in seeing if he actually gets that amount…lol

    Excited to order mine from the Mint.

  12. Gary says

    I thought pre-selling on Ebay was not allowed? I thought there was a big stink when people were pre-selling the 25th Anniversary Sets?

  13. Dan says

    It turns out that you can actually pre-sale items on eBay but you have to do so with certain restrictions The auction must comply with these terms (basically you have to be able to ship the item within 30 days of the auction ending. One eBay seller that had the 5 sets listed for $950 has now added several individual auctions starting from $150 to $155 and/or Buy it Now of $225. I guess there a lot of misinformed people out there who just don’t know they could get the sets earlier and cheaper directly from the Mint.

  14. Samuel says

    usmint does not ship to all countries so some people have to buy from ebay, just like i have to buy from ebay for european coins, e.g., austria, finland etc.

  15. Dan says

    Now if someone listed one of these for sale on eBay with the explanation that anyone that is able to can order directly from the US Mint for less money. The auction would include the time frame as well as a link to the US Mint. If they still insisted on ordering one, they could (at a higher price that would account for fee’s and S/H, etc …). How many bids would be canceled on similar auctions. Would this be a community service to non-informed bidders? It just seems so wrong to take advantage of someone who is not so well informed. Doesn’t it?

  16. Dan says

    @anh, yep that’s the one that I was referring to in my post. If no one else bids on it, the seller will be forced to take a loss on account of fee’s, but could easily refund the money stating they were not able to acquire the sets.

  17. Dave in CT. says

    It would be very nice if the general coin collectors knew that you can get less expensive and genuine coins from our mint. I also think over time that collectors, some that is, will stop sending coins in for grading. Most are 68 to 70 nowadays and it just isn’t worth it with so many modern coins that are being minted. It’s different if a individual is trying to obtain a 70/70-set. But other than that, it should slow down over time when you see that coin stores don’t care about those hihg coin numbers, or ebay buyers find out (when they sell them) ,not many are wiling to pay premiums on coins that were produced in the 100,000’s or so. I’ll take OGP any day, and outside of the mints, a collector doesn’t really know if that coin has been cheery picked.

  18. Don says

    I agree with you that OGP is the way to go with modern collector quality coins, such as proof, uncirculated, and other special sets from the mint. It is pretty ridiculus to waste money sending these coins to grading companies since, as you point out, they will typically grade out in 69 or 70. Further, the “first strike” designation that grading companies are using is a marketing ploy probably started by the coin shows on the shopping networks.

  19. Al says

    My plan is this to hold off on buying the set and watch how the sales go. If it appears that the mintage will be under 200,000 I’ll buy.

  20. Dave in CT. says

    I will buy just 1. No family to leave it to or have anyone that is worth spending this money on. Well ! Maybe my dog. But he likes his slabbed and in a MS69 with a milk bone on the side.

  21. EO says

    … I’ll bet they sell 420k sets… Being that they are minted in San Fransisco; the land where there are many more stoners than coins minted!

  22. Dave in CT. says

    Thanks ! Never knew that about Frisco.
    Learn something everyday ! (lol)

  23. guama says

    many sets selling on ebay for $150…he’ll be in the hole if he sells at asking price.

  24. NATATACK says

    If they sell on ebay for $150 with no tax, free shipping and eligible for ebay bucks that would be a deal! unless they were cherry picked, but still would save a few bucks per set.

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