Second Round of 2013 America the Beautiful Quarter Designs

The United States Mint recently provided another set of candidate designs for two of the 2013 America the Beautiful Quarters. The second round of designs was prepared after the Commission of Fine Arts (CFA) and Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) had failed to make a recommendation from the first set of designs provided for the 2013 Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial Quarter and the 2013 Fort McHenry National Monument Quarter.

The original set of designs were reviewed by the CFA on October 20, 2011 and the CCAC on November 29, 2011. Follow the links for images of the original design candidates and the comments from the reviews.

In the first round only three different choices were provided for Perry’s Victory Quarter and four choices for the Fort McHenry Quarter. In the second round there were eight different candidates for Perry’s Vicory and eleven different candidates for Fort McHenry. The CFA reviewed these newly prepared candidates on February 16, while the CCAC will make their review on February 28.

CoinWorld has reported that the CFA made a recommendation for one of the Perry’s Victory designs, but rejected the the designs for the Fort McHenry.

All of the new design candidates are shown below.

2013 Perry’s Victory International Peace Monument Quarter Design Candidates

2013 Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine Quarter Design Candidates

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  1. tbrokmeier says

    MD01 looks really nice!!

    Can we choose “NONE of the Above” for Ohio?? All of the designs look pretty sad to me….

  2. Zaz says

    The CFA chose OH-03? Pretty sad and unimaginative, and a completely boring design. I guess they are looking for nothing “discontinuous” so OH-04 and MD-11 are out, which I like a lot. If this were minted by any other entity than the US Mint, OH-04 and MD-11 would the perfect subjects for a hologram quarter.

  3. ClevelandRocks says

    It would be criminal to not have the American flag (with bright stars and broad stripes) featured on the Ft. McHenry coin.

    Our National Anthem was written there! That’s why it’s famous!

    MD-03 is the only design that has our flag and the Francis Scott Key fireworks theme, but the actual portrayal of the Fort is pretty lame.

  4. Mercury says

    If they can sharpen up and bring out the details of the flagship in OH-08, they might perhaps have something there. Maybe even replacing the flag with a profile of Perry. And as regards Fort McHenry, MD-01 is a nice look, nice scenery and exceptional detail. Just don’t let up on them… there just about there. Ohio can definitely for stand a little more work.

  5. Buckeye says

    I’m just curious, what other sites were proposed for the Ohio quarter? Was it only Perry’s Victory? I’ve been trying to find the other proposed sites on the net but have been failing at that.

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  6. Hidalgo says

    @Cleveland Rocks – I agree with you 100%. MD-03 is the ONLY design that captures the fact that our Star Spangled Banner arose from the events at Fort McHenry.

  7. says

    I like MD03 and MD04, they’re both subtle and not so overpowering like some of the others, if these were pictures of the real pressed coins, don’t you think the majority of them would look too cluttered?

  8. says

    Lose the phallic monument in the Perry’s Victory. How about a medium close-up of the statue with his ship in the background?

    Fort McHenry still not there. Why is a “map” of the fort so prominent? They should combine some elements of the earlier designs of soldiers preparing to battle, with a British warship in the distance.

  9. ClevelandRocks says

    1814-2014 bicentennial of Star Spangled Banner from War of 1812.
    I’ve seen classic commemoratives with “centennial” and such dates on the coin.
    I’m from Cleveland and I know more about Ft. McHenry than the bumblehead Mint designers down in DC…
    The coin needs obvious recogition of the Star Spangled Banner.
    As Hidalgo says, the “map” of Ft. McHenry totally misses the point!

  10. Michael says

    With regards to all of the map views of Fort McHenry, in their last review the CFA criticized the “crowded compositions and excessive emphasis on the human figures rather than the fort itself.”

    They made a recommendation that an elevated or plan view of Fort McHenry should be considered. This was likely the reason why so many of the second round of designs carried this theme.

  11. Greenback says


    What do you think the future will hold for the ATB set? Will they follow the spouse set and have sleepers that roar in the secondary market? I know it’s very early in this series, but I am curious to your opinion.


  12. says

    Michael, I feel that the designers took the CFA criticism to the extreme with so many versions depicting the geometry of the fort. Where was the location of the flag on the fort? A design including the flag with a group of soldiers loading a cannon at a rampart of the fort at a distant British ship would be “active” and appropriate. These elements could be tied together successfully. Perry’s Victory has a good approach with OH-4, just take the ships out of the sky and place the statue into the foreground. The monument is boring & irrelevant, unless of course it was swiped from the Greek Parthenon!

  13. ClevelandRocks says

    Does the CFA understand the importance of our National Antham?
    The Ft. McHenry coin surely does not show this.

  14. DCDave says

    Yes, the National Anthem was about our victory over the British in the war of 1812 at Fort McHenry at the Baltimore Harbor. The ATB coin should show this.

  15. Jim B says

    Oh4 for Ohio for me. I am from Erie so Perry holds a place close 2 me. I would like to see Dont go down with the ship on it though, But not covering anything. On 4 there is alot of room in the fields to lay it out.

  16. Shutter says

    ClevelandRocks & DCDave

    You do realize that (a) the design is for a quarter which provides a somewhat limited canvas and (b) the mint is already issuing two coins commemorating the national anthem in a couple of weeks.

    Also Gettysburg and Vicksburg coins didn’t show the battles, just the parks.

  17. SirCharlie says

    These are all a ver sad looking bunch of….”Drawings or Sketches”
    When these first came out I was very impressed with the skill, artistry and sculpting they must have taken, but they are now very sad looking.
    I was worried that the 2010s would lose value, but they are proving to be the only ones that are truly art.

  18. ClevelandRocks says

    Every time I go to an Indians or Brown or Cavs game I always feel proud to be an American when the Star Spangled Banner is sung.
    I don’t live in Maryland, but I think of Antietam, Chesapeake and other historic park areas that are in Maryland, but Ft. McHenry really is only famous for it’s role in the War of 1812 and it should be represented on a coin with an image similar to the famous engraving of John Bower with ships in the background, firey cannonballs overhead and the American Flag. The drawing of the actual Fort in isolation does not do it justice.

    OK, I’ll try to move on from this…

  19. Kraw says

    Wow, as a OH resident I am embarrassed at all those designs. I think they rank up there with hot springs as the stupidest design thus far.

    Off topic, but with the PM price increases today, any know if the mint is raising the APE tomorrow?

  20. Shutter says


    Looking Bower’s engraving, you barely see the fort and the flag is a mere speck. Yes, you’d see the battle, but the series was supposed to showcase National Park system, which incidentally is why Chesapeake doesn’t qualify. Antietam does, but how many Civil War battlefields do you want in the series?

    Yes, I know that a few states will have quarters with something other than NP sites on them. However, Those are mostly states with a dearth of NP sites. Except for Idaho. I can’t explain that.

  21. Louis says

    Cleveland: I agree with your substantive points, but the designers are not Mint employees from DC. The Mint no longer has a chief engraver after Mercanti retired, which may explain the decline in artistic quality. The coin designers are mostly artists and engravers from all over the country who get hired to do a coin. But I agree with everyone that there are too many weak designs. During the quarter design process, there was a way for the public to have some input through the CCAC, but I don’t know if that is still an option. Someone should check into that. I may do so since I know one of the members of the committee.

  22. Ikaika says

    @ Louis
    Do you know why the US Mint opted not to hire a new chief engraver after Mercanti retired? We can clearly see the impact on the recent coins.

  23. Shutter says

    Probably because there has not been a Director of the Mint for the past 2 years. It was Moy who gave Mercanti the title, even though there hasn’t been a Chief Engraver for the 10 years before that. FWIW, Mercanti’s contribution did not depend on his title. Most of his accomplishments predate the Chief Engraver title. He spent 37 years at the mint and only the last 5 as Chief Engraver.

  24. Louis says

    I had heard about the new design group already, and that should help, but let’s see what kind of work they do. Agreed on the title does not matter. That was not what I was suggesting. The bottom line is he did good work and the Mint could really use someone of that, or close to that, caliber involved in multiple projects and on staff instead of contracting out everything as they have been doing.

  25. says

    John Mercanti’s rendition of the Statue of Liberty on the platinum coins is one of his great and outstanding achievements. It translated perfectly to the range of bullion coin sizes.

  26. says

    John Mercanti’s rendition of the Statue of Liberty on the platinum coins is one of his great and outstanding achievements. It translated perfectly to the range of bullion coin sizes.

  27. Jon in CT says

    I dislike the idea of depicting Fort McHenry’s plan on the AtB quarter. For one thing, its 5-point star fort plan is not unique to Ft McHenry (see, for example, Alabama’s Fort Morgan at ). For another, the coin ought to depict a scene from the park/monument as it exists today, just like all previous AtB quarters. It should not try to depict an imagined scene from the past.

    I suspect that on Independence Day evening every year there is a huge fireworks show at Fort McHenry during which an enormous flag is flown and illuminated by flood lights. Thus it can be argued that MD-03 actually depicts a current scene from the park, which works for me.

  28. Jon in CT says

    BTW, both Flag Day (in June) and Defenders Day (in September) are also celebrated at Fort McHenry with fireworks shows.

  29. DCDave says

    OK, it’s now official:
    The ATB 5oz numismatic Mint coins now costs LESS than the bullion from APMEX (credit card option). If this doesn’t trigger sales, I don’t know what will.

    Michael, doesn’t the Mint have an official policy that goes against what they are doing?

  30. blythe says

    For the 2013 Peace Monument- The Best are the OH-01 and OH-04, very tough decision between the two. However, I am leaning toward the OH-01.

    For the 2013 Historic Shrine- MD-01 and MD-10 are AWESOME!! Would love them both.

  31. Tim Meeson says

    My votes go to OH-01 (Perry + Monument) and MD-03 (“Bombs bursting in air”). Great respresentations.

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