Shimon Peres Bronze Medal

During a ceremony held in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda, Israeli President Shimon Peres received a Congressional Gold Medal. The medal recognizes President Peres for maintaining strong bilateral relations between Israel and the United States.

The award of the medal was authorized under Public Law 113-114, which was enacted on June 9, 2014.

Shimon Peres Bronze Medal

The obverse of the medal, which was designed by Don Everhart, features a portrait of Shimon Peres with a flag of Israel in the background. The inscription reads “Shimon Peres”.

The reverse of the medal was designed by Joseph Menna and features the image of a dove symbolizing peace. The inscriptions read “You Are As Great As the Cause You Serve” and ‘Act of Congress 2014″.

The United States Mint has made a 3-inch bronze duplicate version of the medal available for sale, priced ta $39.95. Later this year, a 1.5-inch bronze version will be made available, priced at $6.95.

This Congressional Gold Medal represents one of six which have been authorized during the past month. Other medals have been authorized to be awarded to the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders, the American Fighter Aces, World War II members of the Civil Air Patrol, the Monuments Men, and the 65th Infantry Regiment. This also follows yesterday’s award of a medal for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King, which was originally authorized in 2004 but not issued until the passage of recent legislation to make technical corrections.

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  1. fmtransmitter says

    Where is this medal supposed to be displayed at? Or did it go to Sheron or his family themselves?

  2. simon says

    Nice Medal – Placed an order with the Mint together with the Martin Luther and Coretta Scott King.

  3. Ray says

    Thats bs. They should make the Reagan $1 coin. Just another reason for me to hate the us mint.

  4. Pittsburgh P says

    Off topic: The BHoF coin… JK

    Not a huge fan of this medal but do not hate it… won’t be getting one though.
    For those that were discussing if the Australian Wedge tail eagle would be an annual release it will be…

  5. smiledon says

    @ 2cents,
    I see this as a game of politics; to the victor goes the spoils.
    Either honor all, or not.
    I know this is a past topic, and I am NOT wanting to beat a dead horse again, but it is still a
    sore spot for me.

  6. Louis says

    @CC- And that is before e-Bay and PP fees, right? Which means a loss of around $2K. This is the reality a lot of folks don’t seem to want to accept. Some dealers will not even buy any FS coins and others will give you a little under melt. I sold some in an auction and paid no fees and still lost money on most.

  7. Jon in CT says

    Wow! Obama signs the legislation authorizing this medal on June 9 and within 17 days the Mint has created an obverse and reverse, both from scratch, and banged out production copies in both gold and copper. I wonder why the Mint can’t produce its long-ago-authorized AtB silver coins and First Lady gold coins on time.

  8. gary says

    @Jon… It’s the U.S. Mint. They have ready buyers for anything they could make so why do they need to produce them “on time”? Rather than complain about about it, why not just accept is a fact of life if you want any U.S. Mint products?

  9. Brad says

    Regarding the FS auction, remember that the eBay fee is capped at $250. The PayPal fee, assuming it’s a premier or business account that’s charged 2.9% plus .30 cents, was likely $380.20. So, the loss wasn’t as bad as it might have appeared at first glance.

    The seller should have set a higher reserve, but maybe their goal was just to move the coins out and they didn’t care if they took a loss. Personally, I’d have to be pretty desperate to sell my First Spouses (or anything else, for that matter) at a loss!

  10. says

    First Spouse gold coins need something more to make them attractive to buyers in my opinion. One would think that the Dolly Madison silver set designed by Tiffani and Co would sell, being they’re beautiful coins. I have to believe that the First Spouse coins will need to age before they make their REAL debut.

  11. Ray says

    I was wondering if there was still a fee cap on ebay. Its coming up on 3 years since i sold anything on there. its been the best 3 years of my life!!

  12. SilverFan says

    07/28/2014 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Young Collector’s Set release date

    07/25/2014-07/28/2014 2014 HOF Induction Weekend

    Things that make you go hmmm. If the US Mint misses this marketing opportunity, they are crazy. They could probably sell out these new sets and their remaining clad stock. Of course, if some of the MLB players find out about the gold and want them, watch prices soar.

  13. SilverFan says

    I do not like this medal as much as the MLK medal but may still add it to my next order. You cannot beat the price.

  14. VA Rich says

    Guys, come one.., look at the listing. A baseball card/misc ebay dealer in Clinton, TN doesn’t sell his/her 18 coin FS collection at the precious metal nadir.

    This has every appearance of a good collector that had to liquidate to a dealer, and took more of a bath on the sale than the dealer. I feel sorry for chap.

  15. VA Rich says

    Latest 2014 Australian Wedge Tailed Eagle Silver Coins Available – over on World

  16. Darek says

    Hello. I don’t think the guy lost the money on the FS coins. 13100/18= 727
    I remember FS coins in 2011 were for about 830 a piece. 2007 coins started about 410 than price went to 500 and for 2010 coins price was around 730

  17. Darek says

    For 2009 FS coins I paid 629 for proofs , 2008 were 25 less.
    He didn’t loose a single dime on those coins.

  18. says

    @ Darek, here are the Mint issue prices for the 18 coin First Spouse:

    2007 $429.95
    2007 $429.95
    2007 $429.95
    2007 $529.95
    2008 $629.00
    2008 $629.00
    2008 $654.00
    2008 $654.00
    2009 $654.00
    2009 $779.00
    2009 $779.00
    2009 $779.00
    2009 $854.00
    2010 $929.00
    2010 $879.00
    2010 $829.00
    2010 $1,054.00
    2011 $1,004.00

    Total $12,925.80

  19. says

    The more I look at the law, they should produce the Reagan dollar around Carter. In the end they will all be in order anyway. I really don’t buy this is a political thing especially since there are 2 GWB medals.

  20. Brad says

    Actually, Darek is right. I hadn’t checked the prices I paid for those first 18 proof coins until he made his comment, and he’s correct. My original investment in those first 18 First Spouse proof coins is only $11,894.60 (not counting any shipping charges). I bought most of mine at the original Mint issue prices, but sometimes I didn’t always order on the first day and waited for the weekly pricing adjustment before buying, once that came into play in 2009.

    So, Cag’s price quote of $12,925.80 seems a bit inflated somehow. While my figure doesn’t reflect the true “first day of issue” prices, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have saved over $1,000 by waiting on some purchases. In fact, I may have overpaid on some in relation to the original issue price. I honestly can’t remember, all I know is what I actually paid.

    It was a fun little trip down memory lane looking up those orders, and some of the prices below look pretty darn cheap today. So, here are the prices I paid for those 18 coins:

    Martha Washington-$429.95
    Abigail Adams-$429.95
    Thomas Jefferson’s Liberty-$429.95
    Dolley Madison-$529.95
    Elizabeth Monroe-$619.95
    Louisa Adams-$619.95
    Andrew Jackson’s Liberty-$619.95
    Martin Van Buren’s Liberty-$549.95
    Anna Harrison-$729
    Letitia Tyler-$729
    Julia Tyler-$729
    Sarah Polk-$729
    Margaret Taylor-$729
    Abigail Filmore-$729
    Jane Pierce-$754
    James Buchanan’s Liberty-$779
    Mary Todd Lincoln-$854
    Eliza Johnson-$904

  21. Brad says


    I think the prices on that website reflect the prices that those coins were being offered at at the time of either selling out or being pulled off-sale. I know at least some of them aren’t issue prices, since I paid $1,054 for my Lucy Hayes proof on release day, and I remember that they were suspended less than a week later and placed back on sale for at least $50 more. I paid $1,029 for my proof Lucretia Garfield on release day. In those cases, I definitely overpaid over what they were later.

    I also overpaid over price levels that the 2009’s could be had for at one point as well. I have a cancelled order in my history from October 7, 2009 where the proofs were only $654 and the uncs were $641 each. I couldn’t decide if I wanted the extras or not, so I ended up cancelling the order. I sure wish I had let it go through now!

  22. A&L Futures says

    Subject: 1969-S DDO Lincoln Penny

    I believe I’ve found an authentic 1969-S DDO Lincoln Penny. I located it while going through a co-workers inheritance. He asked me about a week ago to sort through his (1000+ coin) collection and I believe I came across one left to him by his father.

    My question to you all is, what steps should I take to authenticate it? I own a loop and it’s clearly doubled. Even my 11-year daughter can see it.

    I realize there are fakes of everything these days, but is there a way for me to tell if it has been doctored?

    I called my co-worker this evening. He can’t wait to see what I (may have) found.

  23. Clark says

    It would not be easy or inexpensive to assemble a complete set of MS/PF first spouse coins today. It’s especially difficult to find certain coins, like Frances Cleveland 1st in PF70. Some, like Louisa Adams, the liberty series, et al., are quite pricey. Even though I often disparage the design & production quality of the FS series, I now own 64 in grade 70, including a few duplicates, like Lucy Hayes and L Garfield, and will FINALLY finish the collection next year. My goal all along has been to lock the set up in the bank vault for grandchildren who don’t yet exist and surprise them with a huge lot of low mintage gold coins in 20 or 30 years. I’ll never know what happens.

    If I could go back in time to 2007, I doubt I would start this collection, but I’m almost done and can’t quit now. It is nice to have 32 tr. ounces of .9999 gold, but it has been a bittersweet undertaking.

  24. A&L Futures says

    We’ve looped it and it seems to have doubling on the “S” mintmark.

    According to several online articles, this leads me to believe that its not a true DDO.


  25. sharks2th says

    I received the atb-p arches today. They look good. There appear to be water spots on one but you can’t see the spots when you use the loop. This is a little odd. The details on the arch side are really brought out on the larger format of the 5 ouncers.

  26. Jerry Diekmann says

    I’m pretty sure Reagan will be honored on a presidential dollar coin. He was president and he has been deceased more than two years. why would he not be shown on a dollar coin? Reagan was also shown on the 1990 Yosemite medal – very well done.

  27. fmtransmitter says

    Jerry, the program legislation stops at nixon because carter is still alive. Thats how they wrote it…

  28. Jerry Diekmann says

    @ cagcrisp – that’s 9 oz. of gold. At a current spot price of $1,307, that comes to $11,763 in metal value. Not much numismatic premium evident. I think these coins will always have a price near that of bullion. As numismatic treasures, they’re pretty much a failure IMO. I never could quite figure out why they were ever issued.

  29. VaBeachSteve says

    If you did I bet you will get it before you get you’re BHOF coins! So what happens on the 30th? Do they start canceling all those oversold gold coins or do they keep pushing the dates back?

  30. fmtransmitter says

    I emailed that bullion company in Aussie. July 1 is sale date. Shipping to commence a week later. 50 k mintage.

  31. Jerry Diekmann says

    fmtransmitter – I didn’t know the legislation stopped at Nixon? What about Ford? It shouldn’t make any difference if a president is alive that it would stop the minting of a president who followed himas president but predeceased him. I’m not a big fan of Reagan but he deserves to be honored at least as much as Nixon or some other losers that occupied the office over the years, like Tyler, Pierce, Buchanan, A. Johnson, and Harding,

  32. says

    Jerry, if you are going to speak of Presidents that are losers, you forgot to mention the biggest loser of all…Obama.

    How could any President say something that is so un-American…he talks about a “New World Order” and says:

    “ordinary men and women are too small-minded to govern their own affairs. Individuals must surrender their rights to an all-powerful sovereign”

  33. says

    I’m not an especial fan of Peres, but this medal is pretty outstanding in terms of art quality. Peres’ portrait looks good and the dove really looks fantastic. I’ll probably pick this up with the MLK medal.

    As for the First Spouses, I don’t own any but it’s possible that down the road you’ll probably see some premiums develop… but it’s going to be years, possibly even decades, after the series has come to an end. My stance on them is to pretty much just buy ’em if you like ’em, and otherwise don’t gamble.

    I will be picking up Jackie Kennedy next year in my quest to acquire all Kennedy-related coin products (anyone get that Kennedy Samoa coin? Great stuff!) but that’s probably the only spouse coin I will ever get.

  34. Brad says

    I was pleasantly surprised this morning to discover I actually only paid $654 each for the first four 2009 First Spouses. Not sure where I saw the $729 wrong figure last night, but oh well.

    So, if I had sold my first 18 proofs for $13,100, I’d have made a few hundred bucks profit on them even after fees and taxes. I won’t sell right now, but at least it’s good to know something could be made in an emergency.

  35. J. Allen says

    Steve: Re: Pres. Obama’s Brussels Speech: You listened to a convenient, 19 “second” sound clip out of a 35 “minute speech.” If you added “Some think” to the beginning of your quote, and ended it with “but I, and America, disagree with this view,” you would have a truer synopsis of what he was actually talking about. Your quote was taken entirely out of context; please don’t insult the intelligence of others by offering little tidbits of disinformation that aren’t a true representation of what someone is actually talking about.

    Received my “Arches” order yesterday, all in excellent condition. Was a little surprised as the Mint hadn’t e-mailed a shipping notice.

  36. Arizona Billy says

    Some of the first spouse gold coins were sold for their gold content…hundreds or possibly thousands if memory serves me right.

    I wouldn’t be in too much of a hurry to sell those coins.
    Why trade gold coins for paper currency?

    And, don’t forget the subsets within the group, that are really attractive…

    And what happens if Hillary gets to be president, will Bill be honored with a spouse coin too?

    Just kicking the can.

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