Should the Design of the American Silver Eagle Be Changed?

For several years, the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee has been recommending a design change for the American Silver Eagle. At a teleconference meeting held today, the group will discuss potential designs and likely make a formal recommendation for a new reverse design for the popular bullion and collector coin.

American Silver Eagle

The American Silver Eagle has carried the same design since its introduction in 1986. The obverse has featured Adolph A. Weinman’s Walking Liberty design, originally used for the circulating half dollar stuck from 1916 to 1947, depicting the full figure of Liberty walking confidently forward with one hand outstretched and the other carrying branches of laurel and oak. The reverse has featured a heraldic eagle designed by former United States Mint Chief Engraver John Mercanti.

Since the design passed the 25-year mark in 2011, a potential redesign has been brought up at several CCAC meetings. A recommendation for a redesign has also been offered within the group’s annual reports.

By law, the design for the American Silver Eagle is required to carry a design “symbolic of Liberty” on the obverse and “of an eagle” on the reverse. The Secretary of the Treasury has the authority to change the design of a coin as long as the existing design has been in use for at least 25 years. In recent history, the Secretary has typically deferred to Congress with regards to changes in coin design.

Ahead of today’s meeting, members of the CCAC were provided with previously prepared unused coin designs which feature an eagle. From a total of 44 designs, the field was narrowed to a list of 16 designs for discussion. These designs had originally been prepared for the Code Talkers Congressional Gold Medals, the 2008 Bald Eagle Commemorative Coin Program, the new Lincoln Cent reverse, and the 2015 US Marshals Service Commemorative Coin Program.

Images of the culled list of 16 potential designs for the reverse of the American Silver Eagle are included below. I also thought it would be interesting to include a poll to gauge the opinion of Mint News Blog readers.

What do readers think? Should the Silver Eagle reverse design be changed? What are your favorite designs from the candidates below?

Update: Detailed coverage of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee’s discussion of the potential reverse design can be found on Coin Update. The CCAC recommended design 41 with a motion to give the Mint a free hand to present options with variations of the design elements.

Eagle_01 Eagle_10 Eagle_16 Eagle_18 Eagle_19 Eagle_22 Eagle_23 Eagle_24 Eagle_25 Eagle_30 Eagle_36 Eagle_38 Eagle_39 Eagle_40 Eagle_41 Eagle_44

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  1. Sith says

    The current design is my favorite but if they are going to change it I like #25 then#24…the rest IMHO are OK but its obvious why they where rejected on other coinage.

  2. Boz says

    Lets glue a glass frog and lily pad on them. Or make them square so they can be stacked more efficiently. Come on guys, leave it alone.

  3. Addielise says

    I like 41, but I hope if they do decide to change, they won’t limit the options to previous rejects. Why not ask Mercanti if he’d like to do one more for old times sake, like he did for Perth? Or have a contest similar to the Baseball designs which turned out incredibly well?

  4. HIdalgo says

    I never cared much for the current reverse design. So I’m all in favor of changing it.

    It’s a pity that the Weinman’s eagle design on the Walking Liberty half dollar is not a contender for the reverse of the American Silver Eagle. If it were, then it would be unequivocally one of the most beautiful coins the US produces.

  5. thePhelps says

    I’d take 36 or 41

    I’d keep the existing design if most of the others are the choices. Some are just plain to patriotic (the flag draped ones are way to out there), the soaring Eagles were obviously intended for the 2008 coin and some of the others are just plain dumb or wierd. (can anyone explain why we would want 01 – on a coin?)

  6. Ray says

    I wanted them to change the reverse. That is until I saw the images above. If those are the other options, I’d prefer to not change it.

  7. thePhelps says

    38 looks like it needs a swasticka on it to complete the heraldic German look – it looks like a throw back to the German coins of the 30s.

  8. RSF says

    I agree that the Walker reverse would be special. If not, and if it has to be one of these shovel-ready designs, then I’d choose #41.

  9. Scott says

    If they want to change it, why not use the original reverse from the walking liberty half dollars. I’m sure that would be the best choice of all.

  10. mark says

    #25 without the flag….as close to original …but still prefer original walker design.

  11. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Michael, Louis and others – Do you happen to know if the Eagle Reverse design from the AIA Medal had made the initial list for consideration by the committee? Since it looks like the Palladium coin(s) will not make it out of committee, I would like to know if that design had been discussed, at all, for inclusion on the revised ASE. It is an outstanding presentation and, technically, has never been used on either US circulating coinage or commemoratives.

  12. MarkInFlorida says

    They should change the design every year. More people would collect them, rather than just for bullion. Just changing the date is an boring as Morgan dollars.

  13. Agstacker says

    Yes, number 1 is terrible. Not much better are any with the US flag, except maybe #23

    If I had to choose from that lot (and why they are not using the walking liberty is beyond me as well) then number 41

    But why change the coin after 25 years? This is the way American Silver Eagles are supposed to look – as is. To heck with all the ‘artists’ who came up with some of the above – some of those look more like ‘tats’ you would see on a biker than on a coin that is supposed to be the world standard silver bullion coin…

  14. HIdalgo says

    #18 is reminiscent of the 1967 Canada goose one dollar coin. I would prefer an imagine that best represents America – bold, strong, fearless. Image #18 does not portray those characteristics.

  15. Blair J Tobler says

    I like # 25 if you remove the word “CHALLENGER” – that would look pretty awesome to me

  16. Blair J Tobler says

    To me, the eagle in #25 looks like he’s defending the flag – I like that!

  17. says

    I’m cagey about this. I am leaning towards “okay” with the qualifier that the design picked had better be top notch. I’m a little concerned about what might get picked given what happened with the Civil Rights coin and the 2015 AtBs. The US silver eagle is the most popular and well-recognized silver bullion coin in the world, and a bad design might cause substantial harm to sales of the coin. There are definitely alternatives out there such as the Canadian Maple or Austrian Philharmonic which bullion stackers could turn to if they decide they don’t like the “new” silver eagle, so the mint had better be careful if they change the design.

    With that being said, I agree with most everyone else that 18 and 41 are the best choices among this grouping. 01 is awful and should not even have been included. Some of the others such as 16 are “adequate.”

  18. says


    That one is not too bad, but in my opinion it’s a little “busy” for a bullion coin. I think it would good with laser proofing, but not as a standard uncirculated piece.

  19. smiledon says

    After looking at all the designs, nothing jumps up at me.
    I think having a contest would open the flood gates for better looking designs.
    Least we forget that it is we the people that drive this hobby, so let us have a say.

  20. thePhelps says

    CO… 16 and 18 are ok… but those do look like they are intended for the 2008 Bald Eagle coin. While that is ok, they look just like what they were intended to do – show an Eagle and little else.

    I agree with 41 – but with a rework of the branch being carried to perhaps the arrows such as the existing ASE.

    I did like the suggestion to do 25 and remove the flag – that would look quite a bit like some of the 1850’s versions of the Eagles on Americas coins.

    Some of the rest are just plain cartoonish and ludicrous.

  21. Ray says

    The reverse of the current silver eagle has tons of symbolism. I dont see much, if any, symbolism in these current designs.

  22. Ikaika says

    Why change something that is so popular? As CO stated above, a bad selection (e.g. #1) could affect the sales significantly. No change for me, but if they do it, #25 is good.

  23. thePhelps says

    Ok, one last comment on this.

    After re-reading the article it is apparent why I find most of these designs lacking. Ray pointed it out… they lack for effect – because they aren’t designed for the ASE. Not a single coin in this list was designed for what they are trying to put it to use for.

    If you want to replace the ASE – have the designers actually design a coin – don’t try to rehash designs, or if you are going to rehash designs – rehash ASE designs at the bare minimum.

  24. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    I guess a “Zombuck Eagle” is out of the question then… 🙂

    I like designs 18 and 41 of what I’m seeing here.

  25. oldfolkie says

    I collect a lot of coins but except for having a token one in my 2020 I’ve had no interest since the original looks so much better to me. Bring on a new design and while we’re at it give new collectors a chance to start a new set. It’s a beautiful design but why must it go on forever.

  26. Ikaika says


    I hope you all will not be disappointed by the fact that the “BAG” is no longer available at the US Mint 🙂

  27. Jon in CT says

    What a brilliant idea! Why don’t we go dumpster diving into the pile of designs which have already been rejected for actual use at least one and then let’s slap one of those rejects on the Mint’s most popular silver coin? Are these people brain damaged?

    If it necessary that the Silver Eagle’s reverse be replaced, then I nominate the reverse from the Morgan silver dollar, which was also used with the 2006 Old SF Mint commemorative silver dollar:

  28. Dan in Fla says

    There are some nice looking coins here. I am in favor of changing design yearly.

  29. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    Maybe shipping them UPS 2-Day Air with Signature Required got too expensive? I kid ya not, they are shipping my “bag” that way and I got the notice today.

  30. Sith says

    I will just reiterate the fact these designs were all designed for other coins, and they were rejected. If the mint wants to rehash old designs it should rehash and modernize them from classical coinage. I just don’t see what they are trying to accomplish if they can have five designs each year for the ATBs, but the two commemorative coins, but they don’t want to put forth an effort an effort for the design of a popular coin, which if I read correctly needs to last 25 years?

  31. Ikaika says

    The only thing I have receiving from the US Mint in the past month are those BAGS. Coins that are good, nothing.

  32. stephen m says

    The current ASE should retire. Start a new complete design, front and back, for a new ASE.

  33. says


    Part of the reason they are doing this is because the CCAC has recently been on an anti-classical bent. That’s part of why I’m doing my part to recommend the best designs I can in the off-chance someone from the CCAC reads these comments.

    While I agree it is a bit silly to use rejected designs, a few of them are pretty good and others would work out okay with some tweaking. 18 in particular, as I mentioned above, calls to mind the flying eagle cent.

  34. fmtransmitter says

    18.25,40,41, …like those the best however others are very nice too! I like birds of prey period so am partial…

  35. fmtransmitter says

    Your using a design which has already been used ie Morgan. I say let Mercanti give a crack at a new design and see what he comes up with again…

  36. Ikaika says

    It makes me wonder who made the decision at the US Mint to ship those BAGS separately from the coins. I am sure no one is desperate for a BAG (S). Another example of government spending.

  37. JagFan says

    The design on the American Silver Eagle should never change. It is the one coin that is collected world wide and it stands for everything American. If you want a silver dollar that changes each year, we already have the Panda, Koala, Kook & Roo to name a few…

    However if they wanted to enhance it with current technology, I’m all for that. Keep the same design and then put laser etched stars from halfway up the coin to the top? Don’t overkill it with stars but make it American at the same time…

  38. fmtransmitter says

    I don’t buy ASE bullion so I am glad the Proofs are to stay as they are with variations ie enhanced. If I want to stack I prefer bars. Something about square bullion that feels better in hand than rounds, also, how about changing it to bar form AND make 2 ouncers? Just thoughts…

  39. fmtransmitter says

    I agree for our Proofs but I feel there is no issue with playing with bullion esp. with all the new technology out there today, ie the Fortuna Redux…

  40. says

    The new weekly numbers from the Mint are out and of all the coins that I track the ONLY difference in numbers from the excel spreadsheet yesterday is the HOF Golds. Today they revert back to the 32,000/18,000 split. Yesterday they showed on the excel spreadsheet 39,629 proofs and 22,015 unc. There are going to be 11,641 canceled orders.

  41. says

    I think this would also be a good solution. There are some very talented artists available to the Mint. Iskowitz, the designer of the 2011 platinum eagle and the gold Medal of Honor commem, is also really good.

  42. says

    It’s insane. It’s a relatively cheap bag, the tag says Made in Vietnam! Can you believe that? Makes you proud to be an American. We don’t need these jobs here, let’s farm them out to third world countries in Asia. And…….ship them out by themselves via 2nd Day UPS. Who is making these decisions? It should go by 3rd Class junk mail. I guess these are what the premiums that are added to each coin price are used for. God Bless America………and Vietnam.

  43. Sith says

    I don’t think changing the design will affect bullion sales no other mint is even close to the volumes that the US mint can produce then add that their competition has no gems, a maple leaf and Queen Elizabeth II, that ages like Dorian’s portrait and another coin dedicated to music..even the Perth Mint is not immune just look at the crypt keeper for this year. But saying that some of these designs are fugly, is this really the best they can come up with?

  44. says

    Well, UPS was just here. A package that needed a signature. HOF coins? No, of course not. A free bag. It’s insane. It’s a relatively cheap bag, the tag says Made in Vietnam! Can you believe that? Makes you proud to be an American. We don’t need these jobs here, let’s farm them out to third world countries in Asia. And…….ship them out by themselves via 2nd Day UPS. Who is making these decisions? It should go by 3rd Class junk mail. I guess these are what the premiums that are added to each coin price are used for. God Bless America………and Vietnam.


  45. Tony W says

    Its kinda like your favorite song after the the fourth billionith time it is played on the radio……… its time for a change

    I would love to see a limited edition proof – it would be one of the hottest coins of the year not to mention great fun to place the order before they run out.

  46. GoldFishin says

    If they can’t go with 18 or 41 leave it alone already!! 41 is my favorite. If I want any of the others I can buy Canadian coins. In my opinion all the other designs SCREAM here is an eagle, period! 41 and 18 relay a message of here is an eagle, a symbol of the United States, representing Freedom for the oppressed and from the oppressors.

    On a more humorous note. #25 looks like the eagle is taking a dump on the flag and sort of reminds of the Dragon in the “Desolation of Smaug” movie.
    #1 Just lost power to my home when that eagle landed on the transformer.
    #30 Hile Hitler or Whoever!
    #39 Pigeon

    All in good fun!

  47. Samuel says

    think this way, if they change the design, the 2012, 2013 sets will become rare.

    and, they should make 5oz, 10 oz and kilo coins.

  48. SmallPotatos says

    I think the design should remain as it is. It is iconic of Liberty, and reminds us of what good design should be about. Of those shown above, I believe 40 comes the closest to that ideal. My opinion is that the emblematic representation of Liberty is more descriptive than an eagle in general or an and eagle in flight.

  49. Ray says

    I canceled all the line items for the free bag. What a horrible implementation to a positive gesture. I got 2 bags coming. I dont bneed 6. I placed one more order for 20 silver hof coins yesterday after seeing the #s sold. I’m really surprised they didnt put a wait list note up today, or that they even sold out by now. Maybe they are assuming they will see huge cancellations like they did for the ASE sets. If thats the case, I think they’re going to be wrong. Man this was a really expensive past 2 weeks.

  50. GoldFishin says

    Actually, after further review, #18 is actually almost the exact 2008 Bald Eagle Commemorative with a reversed flight path and slightly raised wings. Even the mountains in the background are exactly the same.
    So #41 would be my only choice.

  51. GoldGuru says

    Hope you’re right, If those sets become rare, I’m buying drinks for everyone! Still got em stacked to the ceiling!

  52. john says

    mint going after the guy with the 1974-d penny. mybe they will give a free mint bag.

  53. Kevin says

    Proposing such a design change from a pool of formerly rejected designs is tasteless and demeaning to the world’s most popular form of government silver bullion. I passionately believe that tapping the American public for design submissions of the Bald Eagle, coupled with the American tradition of voting, will help ensure and promote continued success of the American Silver Eagle program. With all due respect to members of both the CCAC and CFA they frequently chose designs that are at odds with the popular consensus of coin collectors.

  54. Viper says

    Starter; front: Standing Liberty (1916-1930) Quarter design. Back: Walking Liberty Eagle half design.

  55. Jon in CT says

    Given that over 4 billion 1974-D pennies were produced, why would the Mint be going after some guy who owns one? When has the Mint EVER gone after anyone?

  56. thePhelps says

    The mint has gone after plenty… but in this case because it happened to be an aluminum example that was never meant to be released.

  57. Larry says

    Love the Standing Liberty Quarter, but don’t want it on the ASE. I hope we get a proof version of the Standing Liberty Quarter in 2016 to celebrate the 100 year anniversary. Now that would be something and I think a guaranteed winner!

  58. AkBob says

    I hope they do change it. It’s been long enough and I’m ready for a change. I’m in for #41 too. It’s the closest to the reverse on the Walking Liberty Half Dollar which is my all time favorite design. I LOVE that coins reverse as well as the obverse. I vote for #41 or a little closer to the Walker. As always, Happy collecting to ALL.

  59. Us Marine says

    I think #40 is nice looking, as I’m a sucker for the American Flag, being a vet and all…..

  60. says

    I’d prefer to keep the current design…and produce another design and have two different bullion, proof silver mint products….it could be called something different…like American Liberty Eagle.

  61. Dustyroads says

    Ray, I got my first bag in the mail today and actually considered putting it in the trash.

  62. VA Bob says

    How about resurrecting the pre-Native American Sacajawea eagle? That would look great on the larger canvas. I’m ready for a change on these. If they retire the old ASE design it will be good for everyone’s collection if they want it to appreciate more in value.

    They are going to have a much more difficult time finding a good Obverse for Lady Liberty IMO. The last few years of her depiction on the platinum offerings have been nice though. More similar to that please.

  63. Dustyroads says

    #41 is a nice design. Anything along the lines of the proposed Palladium reverse and the walking Liberty reverse are excellent choices, but as CaptianOverkill mentioned earlier, the CCAC seams to want modern designs used, that’s got me thinking we may have something fugly on the horizon for a new ASE…I hope not!

  64. VA Bob says

    I would personally like if they had two, one dollar silver coins at the same time. But if they did, I’d want them to honor ClevelandRocks, by making it triangular, concave, enameled, with a gem mounted and a hologram. It would be called the ACK (American Circus Koin) 😉

    Sorry, couldn’t resist CR.

  65. BearMetal says

    Change the design of the American Silver Eagle? Only if they can pry it from my cold dead hand!

  66. KEITHSTER says

    10 OR 23 for Me 10 says protecting our future or 23 seems to say watch out we have our eye on you! both powerfull messages ! Both bag and unc. came today they wouldn’t leave the bag yesterday even though I was home didn’t know the ups truck was there till I seen the delivery card they left. So I signed the card and today they left 2 packages ones the bag the other the gold so my question is which is which? I take it the bag is in the shorter .30 box and My HOF. is in the regular .60 box right? Have a .70 box coming tomorrow that should be My unc dollar & halve. All this because of the free bag oh well with all the cancellations and the give-out maybe these bags will be rarer then the coins? So if you got your coins or bag today please reply on weight or box size. On a funny note the pending charge came off and the money went back in to the account:) well one can dream right? So Good Luck All:>:>:>

  67. Mr President says

    If the current ASE is changed you better get all the John Mercanti signed slabbed that you can put in in a wheel barrow. They will skyrocket !!! All the anniversary issues !!

  68. Jef says

    I canceled all bags, but changed the idea, should have at least one free bag. Is it possible to order a free bag?

  69. Pittsburgh P says

    Got my bag and one coin in two boxes.
    Bag weight: .5
    Single Coin weight: .3

    Go figure

  70. ClevelandRocks says

    this format is not working for me. the old posts on top of the new ones is annoying. All posts are too spread out vertically so more difficult to navigate even with the buttons. Too cartoon-like also!

    Some of us just want to know the most recent post period.
    It actually does not make sense to read through all of the comments to see which one you want to reply to.

    Micheal, please consider old format (with buttons if possible) from one of your most loyal bloggers for many years (unless you are purposely trying to keep me away from the blog).

  71. VA Bob says

    The bags would make good Halloween trick or treat bags. The kids can say filler up with gold and silver, no clad please.

  72. Sith says

    Start at the bottom and work your way up…avoid anything in white box unless you like the topic

  73. Sith says

    No preference really, proofs would be nice but I don’t collect them so I will keep my opinion to myself. I just collect the UNC, and its so hard to visualize the few good coins on a bullion or UNC coin. I feel you would want something majestic on the coin, but some of these look too busy, the other look too plain.

  74. gatortreke says

    One other point about “rejected” designs. I’m sure many will agree that some of the rejected designs for the various programs were actually better than the designs chosen (think Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Civil Rights obverse, etc…) so that just because it was “rejected” doesn’t mean it isn’t a quality design.

    I showed the above designs to my wife and admittedly she isn’t a coin collector or extremely enthusiastic about numismatics but the only designs that appealed to her were 16 and 41. I like 19 as well but I’d be okay with soliciting other designs as well.

  75. M says

    Why change it…the US Mint should offer the traditional eagle…plus others of varying designs. The mint acts like they only have room for 2 products in their portfolio and these must be the same each year. Perth Mint has a fraction of US Mints market but blows it away with product offerings.

  76. silverhawk357 says

    Mercanti’s design for the Australian hawk has style and grace, unlike these cartoonish designs. I don’t collect foreign coins but I had to make an exception for these. I bought the regular and deep cameo versions. They are beautiful. These designs don’t do justice for our bald eagles or our country.

  77. Louis says

    I can’t elaborate here but I was part of the today’s CCAC meeting, and many of the statements and assumptions made here are not correct partly because of some erroneous media reports, and most of you will not be disappointed.

  78. ClevelandRocks says

    way too much work than just paying attention to the last comment.

    Bring back “Classic Blog!”

  79. ClevelandRocks says

    Let me guess, a 3D, glow-in-the-dark, handicapped minority woman will now grace the Eagle? Sell out within hours!

  80. IndenturedServant says

    Yep! Just purchase the required dollar value of coins and you get the bag free!

  81. Ray says

    I think they’re gone. I made an order this morning with more than enough to cover the requirements, and it didn’t include the free bag. I only have coming what I want, otherwise I’d send it to u. Call Amy and ask her to reinstate it possibly. Or maybe a kind soul on here would be friendly enough to send you one.

  82. Gideon says

    I love the old design. The 16 potential designs for the reverse of the American Silver Eagle are all ugly!

  83. G says

    How come nobody has thought about a huge slab of plastic with a first strike Bag in it, and the entire HOF series? My bag came today, and I would put it at a glossy MS65 proof-like mint with lots of chop mark folds. I like the bag- but not sending it with the coins is an example of true dedication. It’s a little Orwellian- like the “healthy forests initiative”- the idea of “going green” by sending bags in extra boxes would have made Joseph Heller proud.

  84. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Just my opinion, but all of these designs should be on the Rev.
    On the Obverse, I would go for the 1793 Flowing Hair Liberty Cent design with small eagle Rev. #36.
    inscribed “One Dollar.

  85. M says

    I just stumbled on it. No doubt they are trying to follow in the success of the GovMint offering from Mercanti. I ordered it.

  86. VA Rich says

    cagcrisp says at 5:35 pm – There are going to be 11,641 canceled orders. – unfortunately that may be the case, have you stopped to think about how that would unfold on fleabay during the week, that that should unfold?

    I could image every BIN being swept up in a mad frantic to acquire what’s available. I hate to see anyone’s order not be filled, my point being going back to the last article regarding comments on demand and predictions over $700.., don’t think we’ve seen the end of the fireworks, boys!

  87. VA Rich says

    capcrisp – that was a rhetorical question, though I would like to hear your and others thoughts on what does happens the day that 11k+ get canx’ed…

  88. Pittsburgh P says

    If that does happen… And there is a decent chance it will. I agree prices and demand will skyrocket immediatly after and A LOT of angry upset people will be out there… Some happy flippers though

  89. thePhelps says

    Rich – it doesn’t actually change or affect anything. There have always been 50k planned to be minted and sold, and the 11,000 plus that will be cancelled were never going to be minted anyway. Perhaps you are speculating that 11,000 coins are for sale on eBay that will be affected by the cancels? If so, there are going to be 22,000 people not happy with that result.

  90. Pittsburgh P says

    I think he is saying that the 10,000+ canceled oreders will cause a rush on buying those available on ebay…. Could be wrong

  91. thePhelps says

    It’s possible I suppose… but in reality most of those who ordered under the “wait list” banner probably already figure they aren’t going to get coins anyway. With all the noise created by this set, and people ordering on Saturday – Sunday and Monday – they can’t possibly think they had coins actually reserved. Especially after it has been announced that 11,000 more coins were ordered than will be minted. I guess those 11,000 could be living in a vacuum – knew about this gold coin – ordered it online and have no clue it had been wait listed late in the day on the day it went on sale… and are buying it on eBay as well – but have not heard anything else in regards to when it possibly went sold out.

  92. Pittsburgh P says

    I agree that anyone reading this post or keeping up with the news would likely know they weren’t getting a coin but at least half if not more are holding out hope or do not know they’re not… IMO

  93. jy says

    with all these supposed cancellations, i hope my chances on the waiting list improve. i ordered around noon on that friday. just saw my order cancellation box was finally removed too.

  94. thePhelps says

    jy… the order cancellation box gets removed when they ship part of the order. In my case they shipped the bag and until it was actually shipped – I had no cancellation box. The bag has shipped – and my cancellation box is back – but none of the rest of my order has shipped. I ordered @ 2pm on Thursday.

    Your Friday order may have a chance – we just don’t honestly know yet.

  95. says

    @VA Rich, I think your point about what will happen on the bay when the 11,641 coins get cancelled is valid. There are 11K orders for gold coins that are looking to buy and the bay seems to be the place to look. I think the supply demand equation depends on shipments. IF, and it doesn’t appear that it will happen, all the golds were mailed at one time then I would see an imbalance. Once the initial wave of coins in hand hits the bay I would think things would stabalize and eventually rise. I’ve said before that those that have a complete set will be the winners in the long run.

  96. says

    I have a spreadsheet of every auction on the bay for Gold proofs and unc. and those offerings in the relative same time frame that sell BOTH a proof and unc. have done better than single coins of either proof or unc. What has done REALLY well is auctions that sell multiple coins at one time. There was a sell 04/07 for 5 proofs for $3900.00. An hour before this sale a member of this blog sold a Gold proof BIN for $675.00 and right after a Gold proof BIN for $675.00.

  97. VA Rich says

    thePhelps – and that’s exactly right, we really don’t know where that magic line drawn in the sand is. I’ve stated that I think it’s somewhere bwtween 8-10 pm on the 27th.., but who really knows. I do know this, we are EXTREMELY informed on this blog more so than the general populous.., go read some some of the comments on the mint’s FB page.., and these people vote! Oh well.., another topic for another day…, I’m just of the opinion that a lot of folks could be really surprised when you stop and think about 11k orders not being fulfilled.., and that it could be quite the firework show in the week(s) ahead. And we could have another plateau on this sucker we haven’t reached yet…

  98. VA Rich says

    I have a $5 3:40’ish order that’s out there in June, are we still thinking that the first batch of gold orders that are being delivered run from 12:00 to around 2:00’ish? Anyone seeing a 2-3 pm order being pulled to the left? Thanks all for the thoughts…

  99. VA Rich says

    Quite interesting, thanks, will be fun to watch how the JFK offerings compare to this firecracker.., all good for the health of the hobby, imo.

  100. Pittsburgh P says

    Jy… These are not cancelations by people ordering coins they are cancelations by the mint for people on the wait list

  101. thePhelps says

    The JFK – will in my mind depend on how it is sold. If it is open ended like the WP-ASE offering then it will surge out of the gates with huge prices… and drop off to nothing when the flood of coins hits the market – and stay there.

    If it has a limited mintage as the HOF coins then we might actually have something. I’ll buy a coin in that enviroment – but I’ll ride it out and wait for the price to settle if it is done like the WP set… since we all know the large resellers will have thousands of coins to sale.

  102. Pittsburgh P says

    Va… My 1:37 order has an est. Ship date of 4/16… Idk if that helps at all, its before 2 and hopfully ships this month. Hope that helps

  103. thePhelps says

    When does this supposely take place? If it does – I actually don’t care. What does “fair” have to do with a blog anyway?

  104. Pittsburgh P says

    With the JFK imo they will not limit the mintage unfortunately… It will be great if they do and I’m with you, I will get it as quickly as I can. If not I’ll wait.

  105. high low silver says

    OT I have been finding a lot of ATB quarters in my pocket change….just found 4 this morning from 2010 to2013.

  106. Pittsburgh P says

    Does anyone else still have a back order estimated ship date of 4/3/ 2014 for anything? I have had it for both the siver proofs and unc. Since 4/1… Has anyone had their’s corrected or shipped that had this issue? Thx

    GG- You out there? Could you give Amy or one of your other girls a call? You seem to get the info!!!

  107. says

    My first order was 1:15PM 03/27. Gold proof shows 04/16 and Gold unc. shows 06/21. These dates have not moved in a few days

  108. Sith says

    My earliest order shipped in its entirety, and my second order is “in stock and reserved”, and has been so for days. Prior to my first order shipping it was “in stock and reserved” for about 4 days

  109. Sith says

    Nobody liked my choice, oh well, design 41 is OK if they get rid of that olive branch, its very distracting

  110. thePhelps says

    Thanks Michael! The consensus here leaned toward 41 – and it is good to see they would prefer to use that as a starting point for the ASE anyway.

  111. Pittsburgh P says

    Thx Sith… I’m surprised it hasn’t shipped yet. I guess I shouldn’t be concerned about my order then…

  112. Sith says

    Amy told me it would ship early next week, based on the 4 day period on my first order it could ship on Friday. FYI its a gold no silver in that order, my first order had silver , and that coin arrived yesterday.

  113. thePhelps says

    My silver proofs have shown backordered with a 4/3 ship date since day 1. My UNC show a 4/16 ship date and also have shown that since day 1.

  114. says

    Speaking of the JFK Gold. ORIGINALLY that was the coin that I really wanted this year and it still may be but as The Phelps says it all depends on how it is sold. If they do a 50k limit with a HH limit of say 3-5 of Each then I would be all for that. IF they do a 50K limit with HH limits like they did for the HOF golds then you BETTER be in the queue quick. IF they do mint to demand then I will probably pass. The JFK price range was listed between $1200-$1400. That’s a big difference between that and the $420 for the HOF Gold proof. IF you are going to gamble on flipping you better be right.

  115. stephen m says

    Would a change in the reverse start a new clock for the ASE’s birthday? 1986 to 20?? RIP.

  116. Sith says

    I would not be too concerned orders are 2 minutes apart and their is only about 234 between them, but it looks like about a week difference in ship times

  117. Sith says

    I had an earlier discussion with CC about this I could swing it at the current price regardless of the sales format, but if the price of gold goes higher I could probably only swing it by flipping a coin, either one I already own or another Kennedy, but if the Kennedy is sold unlimited how long will take to flip…if it even can be flipped

  118. GoldFishin says

    Have the backorder date of 4/3 on 4 silver proofs ordered 3/27 at 1:03 pm. Has been that way since 4/1.

  119. Jon in CT says

    Off Topic. My subscription order for one Great Smokey Mtn 5oz silver coin has be given a FedEx tracking number. Perhaps I’ll see it by the end of this week.

  120. Hidalgo says

    Thanks Michael. Design number 41 is the best of the bunch from my perspective. Minor modifications to the basi design will improve it.

  121. Jeffrey says

    I have a HOF UNC Silver that is still on backorder. Web site backorder shows 4/3 and email shows 4/10.
    Just got off the phone and was told that they are waiting for more to show up.
    CS did not have an ETA of new shipment.

    My order was placed on the 3/27 @ 11:40
    My other coins for this order should be here tomorrow.

    I was also told that they will be doing an audit on April 16,17 and 18 so nothing goes in or out on those days.
    Maybe someone else can confirm this info.

  122. Ray says

    I’ve been looking at these reverse candidates for 2 days now and I still dont like one of them. I cant even pick one that I’d say wuold look good on the ASE. At first I thought maybe #10 would look good because it would go well with the AGE’s reverse, but it looks like a cartoon. They really need to do this coin and program justice by getting new designs, which are well thought out, and include a lot of symbolism and iconic imagery. I want a coin that I can look at and be proud of. They really need to do this right and give the coin and the program the respect it deserves. This crap above pisses me off.

  123. KEITHSTER says

    Ya mine did too got home in the dark last night must have been the way brought them in that one box looked shorter. Anyway them went over to Moms and posted there but when I got back and took a closer look the boxes where the same size but the ups person had put a 4-7 mark on the one box so I knew ah the bag also had a 4-2-14 on it the day the mint shipped it. But now the other box must be my silver and clad unc. because the tracking # has a .70 weight and the one comming today has the .60 so that one has to be the gold unc. right? Has anyone got this down yet? The bag was the .30 tracking weight. Also did get to pick up 4 D rolls of the Shenandoah’s at the bank yesterday so there in if you know where to get them ? Good Luck All :>:>:>

  124. Hidalgo says

    Thanks Michael. I had predicted a sellout of the silver BHOF coins in two weeks. Seems like my prediction will come true. I expect the waiting list notice to appear either later today or tomorrow.

  125. VA Rich says

    Q. Anyone want to know how to severely PO your local postal ladies, so much that they want to go postal on your white lil a$$?

    A. Place orders with the US Mint with each order containing 1 of each coin.., then have 4 boxes arrive + a Bag in a Box for a total of 5 boxes for each order placed at said Post Office…, oh, I’ll be baking some cookies tonight!

    FYI – my Unc $5 are arriving early, like today and tomorrow!

  126. GoldGuru says

    FYI – Just called NGC. As of 11:45 today, NO submissions for HOF’S have arrived, & 30 day window hasn’t been started yet. I was told that it would not start until the coins were in the grading room. Expecting it to start tomorrow. She said dealers are in local hotels waiting for their people to next day air their coins. Evidently Big Boy Vultures!

  127. Pittsburgh P says

    Thx… At least those dates havnt arrived yet! Lol… Did they have 10 silvers in the warehouse? Figured theyd been ready with at least a quarter of the total mintage ready to go. Imo

  128. GoldGuru says

    Also, checking some of my orders, I have more orders coming FEDX, according to the tracking numbers. Already received 3 from UPS guy. What are my neighbors thinking? Fortunately I’ve had the same guys for years, & know I collect coins. I actually sell a roll of ASE’s every year to one of them. FEDX orders are arriving 1 week from ship date, according to tracking#’s. UPS orders are arriving 2 days after ship date. FYI, Also 1 bag was left in my mailbox today from USPS. Looks like all carriers are in on the action!

  129. posterhunter says

    Changing the reverse on this coin won’t do anything, the mint has lost its mind.

  130. ABC says

    How can there be 39,629 proofs and 22,015 uncs.? The mintage is 50,000 across all gold options.

  131. says

    I have never used “overnight” service for sending coins in for grading. I always send them via
    registered mail… that is the only service that insures coins and bullion. Yes, you send send by overnight or priority mail and buy insurance….but if you ever have to file a claim, you are SOL.

  132. says

    GG, do you know how many HOF’s NGC graded at the almighty Baltimore show? Seems to be thousands on tv and flea bay. But we ain’t got ours yet…

  133. GoldGuru says

    According to news reports, 500 gold between PCGS & NGC . Sillver ? Clads are supposed to be the fewest & rarest. Thus their high prices!

  134. RICH D says

    Just received my proof & unc gold HOF this morning UPS in Washington State Order was in at 12.10 pm 3/27/14 NICE.

  135. GoldGuru says

    However I’m in your camp, seems a lot higher than 500. We’ll have to wait for the Pop reports. Which probably will Not reflect the special label. We’ll probably never know for sure. That was the case with the RPF buffs from the ANA convention.

  136. GoldGuru says

    As much as $600 on TV, first couple of days! They were keying on their supposed rarity

  137. Pittsburgh P says

    GG… You snubbed me! I asked you a question hours ago and was ignored.I’m hurt… No crushed :'(

  138. GoldGuru says

    Actually, I was given that name by Chris Cooper, a few years ago. He is the main show host for Perry’s Estate Jewelry, on TV, because I was their go to guy for Gold coins & jewelry, info & stock. It stuck & I use it as part of my email name. If you’ve ever seen the show, he refers to our “Gold Guru, Mike”. Just one of those things!

  139. VA Rich says

    Haha, exactly! Wish I could post a photo of my car.., I got frigg’n Boxes of Bags up on the dash! Probably safe to assume we’re in a Sold Out position by now…

  140. GoldGuru says

    Sorry, didn’t see the question. I’m having to go from thread to thread and scrolling like crazy trying to keep up. Plz repeat the question. Sorry.

  141. Pittsburgh P says

    Its ok bud… I was just messing with you. Quite a few people got back to me and help me out. I was just asking about the silver coins being backordered est shiped by 4/3/14 & this being a week later. Guess this is happening to a lot of people.

    Was just seeing if you would use your pull with Amy and your other women at the mint to see what was going on!

  142. MarkInFlorida says

    Neither of the tracking numbers for my bag or my gold HoF work. The numbers have UPS at the end, but the bag arrived USPS, and the window that opens when I click the number is FedEx. And the numbers don’t work on UPS, USPS or FedEx. So I called the Mint and was told to add a zero to the gold’s tracking number and add a 4 to the bag’s tracking number and now they show up on the UPSP web site, as delivered and in transit! Also, my silvers that are “expected to ship on 4/03” are REALLY expected to ship on the 14th. What a comedy of errors!

  143. GoldGuru says

    As posted earlier, their system is still playing catch up. No telling when they’ll go out.

  144. Pittsburgh P says

    Silver or gold? My gold moved from 4/3 to 4/16 also but the silver has stayed at 4/3 and hasn’t moved…Don’t think it’s goin out then 😀

  145. Ray says

    Got my tracking # for my 5 ounce AtB. Really excited about this coin. Man I love this big silver coin program. I just might own my weight in silver when this series is done.

  146. Clark says

    All varieties of HoFs in hand and they are every bit as splendid as the vids and pics we’ve seen. Except for one D $0.50 clad, all look to be 69-70s.

    Gold HoFs are small…VERY VERY small, but make up for it with rarity.

    As several others have remarked, the silver dollar HoFs are large and stunning. I am convinced they will be in demand for a long time. Comparisons with the Smithsonian silver Buffaloes are probably accurate from a valuation standpoint, but that may be the baseline. JMO.

    Just bought my household limit for silver HoFs before they sell out.

  147. Clark says

    One more HoF note: the silvers are heavy and the conforming, curved capsules really add to the tactile appeal that I couldn’t discern in vids and pics. NGC/PCGS slabs will mask this uber cool feel…there is no question you’re holding a baseball coin when a silver HoF is in your hand. You will love these things!

  148. Louis says

    Hurry up, please, UPS man! Mine is nearby but not here yet. The suspense is killing me!

  149. Jim says

    How would you compare the eye appeal of the proof vs. uncirculated versions of both the gold and silver?

  150. Clark says

    @Jim–Proofs are more appealing because of the contrasts, but the uncs silver & gold are still very sweet.

    The clads are comparatively unappealing not only because the clad finishes (both unc and prf) lack the luster of precious metals, but because they’re almost flat. No tactile sensation when I hold the clads.

  151. Pittsburgh P says

    Don’t count on the 4/14 ship date either… I was told that also but when I talked to a supervisor she said the CS was looking at the backorder email that was sent out not the current screen which is the one we see as 4/3/14 online. I got several different answers from different people…it’s in the warehouse, it’ll ship 4/10, it’ll ship 4/14, it’ll ship as soon as we get more in, and the best one was I don’t know but you will have all your coins in this order by the end of the month… I respected that one the most.

  152. Clark says

    Hang in there. They are so worth the wait. You may stare at them, like I am, and not get work any done!

  153. Sith says

    Assuming heir still selling fairly quickly Does anyone think they will wait list the silver HOF today at 6:30 like they did for the gold HOF coins?

  154. thePhelps says

    Sith – so far the wait list for the silver is speculation here. The mint could very well do what they have typically done in the past and move from having these available to being sold out. I don’t recall them announcing they would also go to a wait list for the silvers when the quota was reached.

  155. Sith says

    I always thought they ran a wait list (unless it was in the last chance section) just to make sure any canceled or bad orders had backups?

  156. Louis says

    Anyone here order before from Coin Vault’s web site? Do they call you with offers like Gov Mint?

  157. GoldFishin says

    I have ordered several times in past years from Coinvault and No they don’t bombard you by phone or spam you with email unless you want them to. Every now and then they have a good deal, but those times seem to be few and far between lately.


  158. GoldFishin says

    Yea, my gold proof is due by “End of Day” and UPS seems to be taking their sweet time about it. I think I will leave my sealed for now just in case I want to get it graded at PCGS as first strike later.

  159. RSF says

    Just got mine too. Nice job Mint!

    This may have already been established and noted, but I am abit disappointed that the stiching on the proof silver dollar is not polished. Would have been a nice effect, like it is on the proof gold.

    The uncs are a bit bland by comparison, but the glove side on all of them make me want to get mine out and play some catch.

  160. JBK says

    We were less than 10,000 from a sell-out this morning – I can not believe they are not sold out by now. I wonder if they are padding the order total, accepting ordfers that push them over the top so that they can just annouince a sell out and then cancel those who did not make the cut.

  161. Louis says

    Thanks, guys. I noticed e-Bay prices were much higher and I am sucker for eagles,
    so I went for it. The UHR aspect is very intriguing.

  162. GoldFishin says

    UPS man just arrived with my gold proof. Leaving it sealed, date on the box is 4-7-14 so at least I am good for Early Release or First Strike with this one. I can tell its not a bag so I think I am good! My Unc. gold order at the same time 3-27 12:58 pm EST is still backordered to 6-1.

  163. VA Rich says

    Got to be sold out by now… just collecting additional orders so none go to waste from cancellations.

    Clark did such a nice job in his description that I got all excited again and placed an order for 500.., it wouldn’t take so I tried 100.., they’ll cancel that one too… but I tried!

  164. VA Rich says

    Got to be sold out by now… just collecting additional orders so none go to waste from cancellations.

    Clark did such a nice job in his description that I got all excited again and placed an order for 500.., it wouldn’t take so I tried 100.., they’ll cancel that one too… but I tried!!!

  165. JEFF in TX . says

    I would like to see a change in looks and the end in 2021 with a special set . Maybe even they could release an eagle with old and new look together from each mint.

  166. thePhelps says

    I did the same thing … looked on eBay and saw the lowest price was $118… so I just ordered from coin vault.

  167. VA Rich says

    Ohhhh.., nice, & when I thought this month couldn’t get anymore expensive – thanks!

  168. high low silver says

    Huh?? So you don’t want the coins,you just wanna screw with the mint site ??

  169. MN says

    Ordered 3 silver proof BHOF at 3:15 ET…see a waiting list now, so I just made the cut-off?

  170. VA Rich says

    I’ll be glad to help finance your order high low.., wait one moment for me to forward my shipping address.., have a box big enough for 99 & 99? you can keep one of each! my treat!

  171. JBK says

    Woo Hoo! Waiting list! Now let’s see what the secondary market does.

    I never did order the halves – need to do that next….

  172. Louis says

    Modern Coin Wholesale, a company I recommend, also has the new HR eagles and for $78 delivered. Get ’em while they’re hot!!

  173. M says

    How are yall submitting the HOF to NGC/PCGS? I always remove them from mint capsules and place in air-tites. But that will be hard with the wierd shape.

    I never submit in mint capsules because the capsules are returned smudged, cracked, or scuffed. I like to ensure that they still look new and will go back into the OGP for safe keeping.

  174. Louis says

    I never remove from capsules as coins could be damaged. One co. will never return capsules, the other will if you ask, but despite what many think, the OGP is not really that imp. once the coin is graded. It really only matters if you are selling it ungraded unless you have sentimental attachment or something.

  175. AkBob says

    Personally, I would NEVER risk damaging a coin just to save a capsule. Way too much risk especially if you’re sending them in for grading. It doesn’t take anything to go from a 70 to a 69! If you breathe too hard they may go down in grade, LOL. Capsules are cheap when comparing it with the actual coin. Tooo much risk for what you save for me anyways, JMO. As always, Happy collecting to ALL!

  176. GoldFishin says

    Backorder dates just changed drastically for the worst for HOF coins.
    My UNC. gold order time 3-27 12:58 pm EST just changed from 6-1 to 7-17.
    My Proof Silvers order time 3-27 1:03 pm EST just changed from 4-3 to 6-1.

    My HOF proof and unc. silver order date APRIL 6 now shows delivery date of 4-24, ahead of the coins I ordered in the first hour of 3-27.

    I am worried that those stupid bags have screwed up the entire fulfillment sequence of my orders.

    Anyone else with similar order times showing these changes?

  177. Hawkster says

    Yes. My shipping date changed from 4/16 to 6/21–a change of slightly over two months. Come on.

  178. mark says

    Already received 20 proof dollars and 1 proof gold. I cancelled the bags for my other 4 seperate orders the moment I placed the orders. Now my ship dates have moved way up from 6/21 to 4/24. So cancell you bags now if you can. They must be waiting to get more bags.

  179. AkBob says

    Same thing happened to me but my unc’s went from 6/21 to 7/7 or something like that, maybe even later!!! Not too happy about that but I think it will be changed again and again and again so I’m not going to get to excited about it, I just wish they would get things straightened out and do it in a timely manner. I wish they would have things planned out better before they release a coin. They seem to be premature on releases in the past year or so for some reason and it is getting frustrating for a lot of us. The mint can run better than it currently is being ran. I’m not meaning to bad mouth the mint, on the contrary, they do a lot of great things but it’s the little things that stick in your mind a lot longer than the good things they do. No doubt anyone or anything can be improved but the mint should have this down by now, I mean they’ve had over 200 years to get it figured out. How long does it take? As always, Happy collecting to ALL!

  180. VA Rich says

    That’s weird Goldfishin.., my 3/27 3:30 pm UNC is still 4/24.., how can yours be so far behind mine?

  181. Wes says

    Great that they are on waitlist. I got my order in yesterday for the 1 dollar commemorative’s. Figured there was nothing to lose if they sold out soon if they didn’t sell out by the weeks end I would have canceled.

  182. GoldFishin says

    My bags were already delivered for my early orders, I was scared to cancel them at the time I ordered because the system was in such chaos. I did cancel them immediately on my April 6 order and that is the order that is showing delivery date of 4-24, almost 3 months ahead of my order from the first hour of the first day 3-27.

    Fulfillment center seems to be where the problems are occuring!

  183. Hidalgo says

    As I thought – there is now a “Waiting List Notice” for both the proof and uncirculated silver Baseball Hall of Fame coins. Check it out on

    Waiting List Notice: The number of orders we have taken meets the maximum limit for the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Uncirculated Silver Dollar. You may still place an order for this product, which will go on a waiting list. If a product becomes available because of an order cancellation, we will fulfill orders from the waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis. We cannot provide information about your position on the waiting list

  184. Clark says


    > HoF clads will not sell out for months, if at all, because of high mintages and relatively low visual appeal.

    > When MCM releases prices for raw & graded HoF silver and gold commems, the ebay price bubble will temporarily pop.

    > As soon as MCM sells out, ebay prices for gold & silver HoF commems will increase again.

    At least that’s how I’m playing it.

  185. GoldGuru says

    It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood. UPS just brought my gold HOF’S! They are beautiful! At first glance with the naked eye, on eack side above lower stitches, I thought I was seeing things because it looks like small raised gobs of gold. I freaked, thinking I was going to have be like Frankie & send for replacements! So, I pulled out a 60X loupe! To my relief. …the left side has the W mint mark, the right side has the initials D E….not blemishes! !! They are perfect. I did notice that the Unc strike is much more pronounced than the PF’s , as far as these marks are concerned! One of my PF’s has a fairly weak strike compared to the other PF’s. If you are considering submitting any, ONLY send the stronger striked coins, because that is part of the criteria for getting a 70!!!! Keep the weak strikes in OGP, otherwise u will get back a 69!! Now, time to admire the beauty of these coins. BTW….. NEVER take the coins out of the capsules if you are submitting them. The TPG’S know how to get them out! !! If you want the capsule back, NGC will return them for $3, regardless of how many u have, & they do not charge you a S/H charge other than the one fee of $3…..I’m sending the STRONGER strikes to NGC in the morning! ! Good Luck to all !!

  186. GoldFishin says

    Congrats GG! I guess I should feel lucky at least I have one Gold Proof in hand at the moment. I know you had a very early ordering time.

  187. GoldGuru says

    To the guy on this blog that said he has blemishes on both sides of the stitches. …..they’re the Mint Mark & the designer’s initials. Get a Loupe !! Frankie. ……….I think that also is the case with the ones you sent back for replacements!

  188. Hidalgo says

    I already have tracking numbers for my subscription order. I guess it will be at my home in a week or so.

  189. GoldGuru says

    BTW, if I had seen these coins LIVE before I ordered, there would be a lot less available to people, because I would have ordered the MAX. I believe when collectors see these LIVE, they’ll pay anything to get one! GUARANTEED !! It’s a WINNER guys!!! Not to worry! !

  190. GoldGuru says

    Great Things come in small packages. By far the nicest coin I have ever seen in this size!!!

  191. GoldGuru says

    Big Mistake! Leave them in the capsule if you are submitting them. ……trust me Please.

  192. Hidalgo says

    As I thought – there is now a “Waiting List Notice” for both the proof and uncirculated silver Baseball Hall of Fame coins. Check it out on

    Waiting List Notice: The number of orders we have taken meets the maximum limit for the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Uncirculated Silver Dollar. You may still place an order for this product, which will go on a waiting list. If a product becomes available because of an order cancellation, we will fulfill orders from the waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis. We cannot provide information about your position on the waiting list

  193. BearMetal says

    My Silver proofs ordered 04/27/2014 @ 1402 with an expected ship date of 04/03/2014 has been updated to 06/21/2014.

  194. Pittsburgh P says

    @Goldfishin… Yeah same thing happened to me. Silver proofs went from 4/3 to 6/1 and silver unc. went to 4/16 with my gold… so if you are correct they won’t send them then either! I have 2 later orders of silver and the proof and unc. ship dates on both those moved up to 4/24… Clads moved back to 6/21. Can’t be right, I wouldn’t call but since the call center will conveniently be closed Friday and Saturday maybe I will cause I will be busy most of tomorrow. I understand they are getting hit hard by these but you’d think they’d prepared a tiny bit and have a decent plan for sending these out.

  195. Louis says

    The eagles, I mean baseballs, have landed! of course there was a new driver who got into a big argument with the staff in my building because she dumped all the packages at the front desk that are supposed to go to another part of the building where they get packages and have room for all that. But the good news is everything is in hand and they look awesome. So far have only seen the obverses as they are jammed in tightly as usual. After I eat I will resume the sacred process! A good day in the neighborhood indeed.

  196. BearMetal says

    My Silver Proofs ordered 04/27/2014 @ 1402 with an expected ship date of 04/03/2014 has been updated to 06/21/2014.

  197. Hidalgo says

    There already is a waiting list for the silver BHOF coins – uncirculated and proof. I have yet to see a “bump up” in secondary market prices. Perhaps that will come in a few hours as word gets out that the number of orders it has taken meets the maximum limit for both finishes of the coin.

  198. GoldGuru says

    SilverTowne is the parent company of the CV. They are also one of the 12 AP’S.

  199. GoldFishin says

    I was told when I called by a customer service supervisor that the dates don’t mean anything, that the orders will be fulfilled in first come first served. They don’t have any inventory now, but when they get it they will be filled correctly.
    Then when pressed further, the answer comes back that it is the fulfillment center that is responsible for filling the orders and they(customer service) can’t do anything about it. She gave me a number for Media Relations if I wanted to express my concerns further. US Mint Media Relations: 202-354-7222 if anyone is interested.

  200. Clark says

    MCM has a huge ebay presence and is about to release a flood of graded silver HoFs on ebay and via its regular online channels. After the Baltimore coins, it will charge the largest premiums for early release/first strikes and 70s. Immediate availability of MCM/APMEX silver HoFs (vis-a-vis the mint’s staggered shipping intervals) should also move people dying to see and hold the silver HoFs and who missed the mint’s sales window.

    I suspect that MCM, which is almost co-located with NGC in Sarasota, and APMEX are two of the “big guys” that someone said are waiting in hotels near TPGs. I expect to see MCM, APMEX, et al. post their prices in a few days. We will learn a lot from their warehouse pricing structures.

  201. GoldGuru says

    I had a hard time also getting the capsule out. I had to take the plastic insert out that the capsule is in & lightly push from behind, then took a cardboard nail file & lift the capsule out. They really are in there tight.

  202. Pittsburgh P says

    Thanks, you got a hell of a lot more info than me… I was told that it could change but the order that was at 1:36 on Thursday had gold in it and the one two days ago didn’t… that’s the reason for the 2 month discrepancy. When I said the mint operates on a first in first out ordering process she said not always… So she lied to me eh. Thanks for the number.

  203. VA Rich says

    I think that another batch run will occur and it will then we sold out, or they’re all made and a shipment to Indy will take place mid-April, then the sell out will occur. At mintage of 25k, the clock is ticking quickly for these puckers.

  204. CoachMike says

    Will you people getting pushed back shipping dates mention whether or not you also have the bag coming. Perhaps running out of bags may be the reason for the new delays!

  205. GoldGuru says

    PittP……….u know me, I’ve called a zillion times. Always been told, 1st in 1st out. For what it’s worth.

  206. Pittsburgh P says

    Got the bag and clad coins already for first order and canceled the bags on all others… So its no

  207. VaBeachEd says

    ClevelandRocks says

    April 8, 2014 at 11:42 pm

    way too much work than just paying attention to the last comment.

    Bring back “Classic Blog!”

    I agree with Cleveland, but to the topic…..I say 25 or 40, but also agree about asking Mercanti to come back to do one more for the U S Mint. I bought the three different High Relief (1 oz. gold Mercanti signed PCGS PR 70DCAM, 1 oz. Silver Mercanti signed PCGS PR70DCAM and the 5 oz. Mercanti signed PCGS PR70DCAM) that he did for the Perth Mint. The 5 oz. HR Wedge-Tailed Eagle shows off the detail by Mercanti.

  208. VaBeachEd says

    Going to take some time getting use to this. I forgot to hit reply to ClevelandRocks.

  209. billrod says

    If you want a truly great classical eagle design go back to the Gobrecht Flying Eagle dollars (1836-1839) or the Flying Eagle cent (1856-1858) or the Peace Dollar Eagle (1921-1935). Our current artists have shown they are incapable of producing worthy designs.

  210. billrod says

    I don’t like this new format and I especially don’t like the fact that it is not very “eye friendly” for us old-timers. There is not enough contrast between the text and the bluebackground and after a while it is almost impossible to read all the comments. After a while everything just becomes washed out and one big blur. The font size should be increased a notch or two also. If it were up to me I would return to the previous format.

  211. CW says

    Could we put the font choice up to a vote? I cannot read this website anymore, which is sad since I love it.

  212. POP says

    I am in favor of change – but – not to something that is worse than what already exists. IMO Mercanti’s reverse is far better than any of those proposed. And I favor a change for the reverse of the A/E gold coin – how about the original St Gaudens reverse. A family of eagles is just too much for something as small as a coin.

  213. Robert Bateman says

    Yes, change that design time is overdue. I second the motion for the Gobrecht Eagle on the reverse, and the Draped Bust Liberty on the front. This was George Washinton’s appointment of Robert Scot’s (first US Chief Engraver) first successful design, and was feautured on all us coins for 10 years. This Young Lady Liberty is the only woman ever to grace a US coin that was genuinely good looking. Funny thing about this design: As the coins wore, she got prettier and her smile softer, reaching it’s apex at Fine condition. This I attribute to the high cheekbones being worn off and lips shallower. Bring her back!

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