Some 2013 West Point Silver Eagle Sets Arriving

One of the most anticipated United States Mint numismatic product offerings for this year was the 2013 West Point Silver Eagle Set, which contains coins with a reverse proof and enhanced uncirculated finish. Issued to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the edifice that houses the United States Mint facility at West Point, the US Mint accepted orders during a four week window beginning May 9, 2013 and ending June 6, 2013.

Sales were extremely brisk during the opening days from collectors and dealers eager to be among the first to receive their sets. After the opening weekend, sales had reached more than 180,000 units. By the conclusion of the ordering window, sales had reached 281,310 units.

At the start of sales, the US Mint indicated that shipping for the sets was expected to commence in mid to late June. Information posted on the product page after the close of the ordering window stated that fulfillment would occur between mid-June and the end of September 2013 and orders would be fulfilled on a first in, first served basis.

While the vast majority of collectors still seem to be awaiting their 2013 West Point Silver Eagle Sets, at least a few have reported the arrival of their sets. One of the early recipients was a Mint News Blog reader Steve who was kind enough to share some images and information about his sets. He placed his order around 12:12 PM ET on the opening day of sales, with an order number #41478XXX. (Last three digits removed for security.)


Each 2013 West Point Silver Eagle Set consists of a reverse proof and enhanced uncirculated American Silver Eagle, housed within a single highly polished, blue lacquered hardwood presentation case with a certificate of authenticity. This packaging is similar the prior year’s 2012 San Francisco Silver Eagle Set.

The reverse proof Silver Eagle features a mirrored design elements and inscriptions against a frosted background, or the reverse of the traditional cameo proof appearance. The enhanced uncirculated Silver Eagle features a mix of heavily frosted, lightly frosted, and uncirculated finishes to create a new appearance for the classic design. According to information provided by the Mint, the uncirculated and heavily frosted finishes are used alternately throughout the design and inscriptions. The lightly frosted finish is used for the background fields.


After examining the sets in hand, Steve provided these observations in a comment on a previous post:

The Enhanced Uncirculated coin is awesome. From the pics I’d seen, I really couldn’t tell how the coin would look in hand. What surprises me is that the field of of coin actually has a semi-proof like reflection.


He provided these additional observations by email:

Like I said in my post, the most surprising thing to me is that the field has a semi-prooflike look and is rather dark when compared to the relief of the coin. In fact, from a distance (if you were displaying the set say on a table in OGP) you could easily mistake the enhanced coin as regular proof…that’s how big the contrast is between the field and the relief. The only thing that gives it away as not being a proof coin (again from a 6 foot distance) is if you notice the stripes on the flag that drape down Liberty have contrasting looks…every other stripe has a reverse proof mirrored look.

A big thank you to Steve for sharing these images!

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  1. Jess says

    Some numbers to think about and is the Mint, just being down right dishonest. I ordered a single set around 8 the first day. According to the Mint, they sold 138,514 sets the 1st day, leaving at “least” 142,796 sets sold AFTER my order. So why did I get a email telling me this set will be shipped 9/17 which is the last day they well be shipped. How do I know this is the last day of shipping? Because I also ordered one in the last few hours, which well be shipped 9/17. Just why wouldn’t this set be shipped midway through the shipping process, LOL.

  2. reddirt says

    I ordered within 30 minutes on the first day and still do not have mine in hand.

    A second order on the first day is still a month out. 8-9

    for fun I ordered 45 minutes from the end of the sale and that ship date is 9-17

    I for one am 100% sure there is funny business going on from the mint to some people/customers. It is sad, they have a bad management but what are we to do about it. If you want the coins you have to take your chances.

  3. Andre Kennedy says

    I got my 2013 west point in wesnday and I have to say these coins and the boxs they came in will blow your mind!!!!!!! They are worth every penny I spent on them.. But there is one thing I don’t understand is why did a pillow come with theses coins it must be for a display but anyway love the coins…
    Andre Kennedy

  4. john says

    got my five sets today.7-20-13,good thing I open it up was missing a coin,in one set the proof coin,and got two proof set I did not order,Call the mint said to set back what i do not want,they will the way I was charge for the two proof sets I did not order.

  5. David R. says

    I ordered my set around 6pm that day and received email stating that it was going to ship on 8/8 then on 8/9 but on the Mint’s website is say’s will ship around 7/19. So I called on the 25th to check and they said that shipping is to be on 8/9. ? So until I receive this set I am holding off on my next purchase’s from the Mint. But will order in time to get some free shipping. Never have I had to wait so long for an item purchased through the Mint.

  6. Dave says

    Of three sets, (6) coins sent to NGC for “First Release” grading — only 2 came back “70’s”:

    Coins for NGC Invoice Number xxxxx LineItem Year Mint Mark Variety/

    1 — PF 70 REVERSE PF

    The remaining coins were all “69’s”

    I was one of the first orders received. Anybody else? Are fewer of the Westpoints grading 70?

  7. Dave says

    Just an FYI – I am not a dealer. I also purposely waited and sent my sets overnight to arrive on the last day. In comparison, my 2012 SanFran sets came back approx. Equal MS 70/PF70. And my 2011 Anniversary sets came a majority 70’s. In all cases my order from the mint and submissions to NGC had the same pattern, per my second sentence.

    Seems to be a random grade pattern to me. We have to consider, the overall Mint quality each year. Thus, my inquiry about the quality from the rest of you.

    Secondly, this “First” label thing is just a gimmick. I have in the past placed orders both early and later — in many cases, my later order had better quality coins than the earlier order. Buyers, oddly, will pay more for the “First” label.

  8. James says

    Received my one set a couple of weeks ago. Yaaaawn. I wasn’t that impressed. After having to return my 2012 set twice because of scratches on the reverse proof (third set had no scratches on the RP but did have some minor blemishes, but I kept them anyway because I couldn’t go through returning them again and the next might be worse), I was wondering if WP would be any better. The enhanced ASE looks perfect, but the RP has one blemish on the obverse. I have never looked closely at the 2006 or 2011 RP, but I wonder if there is a problem making them or it’s just my luck. I am using a 20X loupe, but other ASE proofs I have received were all perfect looking. I think I have about had it with these “special” sets. Besides having to wait forever it seems like it is a crap shoot for me to get a coin that has no damage.

  9. T1browserman says

    Hold on …. Checked it today and it’s scheduled to ship 7/19/13….why did I go to the college ?

  10. Zach says

    Most recent ship date was Aug 9. Called today and they said the delay is due to the packaging having not yet been delivered (it’s produced overseas). The rep told me Aug. 30 was a tentative ship date.

  11. Bill says

    Ordered another set on June 6th, order summary page says expected to ship August 9th. Today is August 19th. It has not shipped yet! What gives US Mint?

  12. Bill says

    Now this set I ordered on June 6th, now today order summary page says expected to ship July 19th. It’s going backwards! What is going on at the US Mint!

  13. Qlipoffs says

    Just called the mint about my order placed on 6/6. Item status shows backordered and expected to ship on 07/19/13.

    She said she was instructed to inform callers there’s a problem with the packaging and the new expected date is end of September 🙁

  14. Mozart says

    My set just arrive and the enhanced coin is great. I was very upset however that the reverse coin has a bit of a nick on the edging just about the word “States.” I might have returned the whole set if not for the fact that I didn’t see any blemishes the enhanced coin. At $140 the Mint needs to have better quality control.

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