Some 2013 West Point Silver Eagle Sets Arriving

One of the most anticipated United States Mint numismatic product offerings for this year was the 2013 West Point Silver Eagle Set, which contains coins with a reverse proof and enhanced uncirculated finish. Issued to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the edifice that houses the United States Mint facility at West Point, the US Mint accepted orders during a four week window beginning May 9, 2013 and ending June 6, 2013.

Sales were extremely brisk during the opening days from collectors and dealers eager to be among the first to receive their sets. After the opening weekend, sales had reached more than 180,000 units. By the conclusion of the ordering window, sales had reached 281,310 units.

At the start of sales, the US Mint indicated that shipping for the sets was expected to commence in mid to late June. Information posted on the product page after the close of the ordering window stated that fulfillment would occur between mid-June and the end of September 2013 and orders would be fulfilled on a first in, first served basis.

While the vast majority of collectors still seem to be awaiting their 2013 West Point Silver Eagle Sets, at least a few have reported the arrival of their sets. One of the early recipients was a Mint News Blog reader Steve who was kind enough to share some images and information about his sets. He placed his order around 12:12 PM ET on the opening day of sales, with an order number #41478XXX. (Last three digits removed for security.)


Each 2013 West Point Silver Eagle Set consists of a reverse proof and enhanced uncirculated American Silver Eagle, housed within a single highly polished, blue lacquered hardwood presentation case with a certificate of authenticity. This packaging is similar the prior year’s 2012 San Francisco Silver Eagle Set.

The reverse proof Silver Eagle features a mirrored design elements and inscriptions against a frosted background, or the reverse of the traditional cameo proof appearance. The enhanced uncirculated Silver Eagle features a mix of heavily frosted, lightly frosted, and uncirculated finishes to create a new appearance for the classic design. According to information provided by the Mint, the uncirculated and heavily frosted finishes are used alternately throughout the design and inscriptions. The lightly frosted finish is used for the background fields.


After examining the sets in hand, Steve provided these observations in a comment on a previous post:

The Enhanced Uncirculated coin is awesome. From the pics I’d seen, I really couldn’t tell how the coin would look in hand. What surprises me is that the field of of coin actually has a semi-proof like reflection.


He provided these additional observations by email:

Like I said in my post, the most surprising thing to me is that the field has a semi-prooflike look and is rather dark when compared to the relief of the coin. In fact, from a distance (if you were displaying the set say on a table in OGP) you could easily mistake the enhanced coin as regular proof…that’s how big the contrast is between the field and the relief. The only thing that gives it away as not being a proof coin (again from a 6 foot distance) is if you notice the stripes on the flag that drape down Liberty have contrasting looks…every other stripe has a reverse proof mirrored look.

A big thank you to Steve for sharing these images!

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  1. DCDave says

    Cool, but final count will be 5 less, as I cancelled my extra 5. Couldn’t stomach silver falling below $20/oz. Anyone else cancel orders? I decided 3 sets for myself was enough and hoped cancelling my 5 would give added value to my remaining 3.

  2. T1 broweserman says

    This too is odd….my order was placed @ 12:12 p.m. on opening day with a ship date of 9/30

    no special preference over here ????


  3. Larry says

    I think only time will tell. If this is the only enhanced ASE ever made, surely it will be a good investment. If not, it may be a bad investment.

  4. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Just a thought, but I suspect these 2013 West Point sets take so long to deliver (up to 3 mos. later, until September) because the minting process must be difficult. This could mean the enhanced design will be a one-year deal.

    Also reading about many cancellations.
    Will the Mint re-sell these sets at a later date?

  5. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Just my 2c, but I don’t think it is too fair to cancel orders, just on the basis of price drops, if their are no product defects. This is gaming the system and creates a lot of extra work, and is not fair since it may raise prices for others.

  6. 2 for r money says

    What I am wondering about is the BIG companies that ordered and will have their coin sets way before the rest of us—–does this mean they have time to return the sets that don’t qualify as PF 70’s and we little collectors then get their left overs?

  7. 2 for r money says

    By the way I am anxious to get my FIVE sets as I think they will be beautiful (new minting process) on the one coin! Can hardly wait to see this set in person!

  8. KEITHSTER says

    Ya I think we will see a lot of the later sets that are returns? Seem’s a lot of people over ordererd so they could cherry pick them not just the big boys. What’ with all the Wha wha wha’s you don’t think the big order’s were in on time I’m sure the Mint has the paper work to prove that. Never seen a sliding delivery time ya right? I thought the large order’s could ask to just have the top grades slabbed and to just return the rest but I don’t know .If so then a lot of the latter set’s should be lower grades or scratched lenses? All in the order placing. So with the price of silver and all the big boy stuff please cancel and show them your what for Good luck be with us all:>

  9. Rich says

    @ merryxmax – NO, no resale and no extra work. It’s apparent with all the delivery delays that the day two coin orders & on haven’t been struck yet.

    @DCDave – I cancelled two for a slabbed set this morning which ‘should’ arrive within 3 weeks. Still jacked about my Day 2 order pushing out to 30 Sept. Keeping one in OGP and another for a 5 coin ’13 set I’m psyched about!

    @ T1 broweserman – if that’s true, then there needs to be an explanation from the mint regarding their shipping methodology. I will admit that 139k sets order in the first two days is huge and a daunting task to ship…, but wouldn’t reason justify having 150k+ of inventory ready to go.., ya think?

  10. IPS_STUFF says

    I have one order in the same series as “steve” in the same 1000 number series and it has been pushed back too. Yet Silvertowne has been able to receive and have PCGS grade sets and MAIL THEM, before the “little guys” even get an order in shipping status. My silvertowne order for PCGS is suppose to arrive tomorrow. Wish I had ordered more than one set from them. Tried to find out of GOLDMART has received there sets yet but they are not very forthcoming on their status.

  11. JD says

    This is a very unique set ..can’t imagine that these will not appreciate in value even though silver bullion is dropping ..similar to the first RP set in 2006 …still holding a good value…

    I’m also pretty sure PMs will rise and fall throughout the generations …as they always have….

  12. Fosnock says

    @merryxmasmrscrooge – Canceling an order is not gaming the system and it saves the mint money as they don’t have to ship the item nor does the client have to ship it back. As far as extra work how so? All they have to do is not order some blanks. If they already had the blanks in stock they would not allow the customer to cancel and we would not have to wait 3 months to get the coins.

    I myself may cancel one of my orders as I have just under 3 months to see how much it will cost me to get an Enhanced Eagle either MS-69 (or below) or in its OGP capsule, and if it is around 70 bucks another order will bite the dust.

  13. VARich says

    @ IPS – If you plan to buy a RP Buff with the recent drop in gold, you better be there at 12:00:05 EST to place your order. I plan to be there at 12:00:03.., I would expect these type of delays with anything else hot this year…, just a thought.

  14. rpw says

    I’m furious!
    I ordered my sets in first 10 minutes. Order was completed at 12:10PM.
    My order number was a little higher than Steve’s (mine was 41479XXX) but I still should have gotten mine by now. I called the mint yesterday and complained because it’s one excuse after another.
    I spend alot of money each year on coins – Have al the ATB’s so far but I’m done now. This is the last purchase I make from the mint.
    If this is how customers are treated – I can take my business elsewhere.
    There is no excuse to do business this way. These coins were minted even before the ordering window started.

  15. Dan in Fla says

    My order # is 41483xxx and my order says in stock and reserved but they removed the date to ship. I thought it might go this week but so far nothing. My order was placed at 1245pm as fast as I could get it in.
    I cancelled my last order whch carried fouir sets. Hope that doesn’t break the bank.

  16. Wdg5 says

    Folks, I just got off the phone with PCGS and they said 19th July is the cutoff date for the First strike designation for the WP set. So all of you First Strike aspirants, there lies the final truth, the mint essentially locked us out of that privilege if your WP ETA is past 19-Jul-2013.

    The big guys have all the fun. 🙁

  17. simon says

    OT / FYI : Au heading rapidly south of 1.2k . This seems to be trending to sub-1k if the big funds pull out ( hint : Paulson ).

  18. God help us says

    This is the government we’re talking about, the same group that’s going to handle our healthcare. God help us…

    rpw says:

    June 27, 2013 at 1:53 pm

    I’m furious!
    I ordered my sets in first 10 minutes. Order was completed at 12:10PM.
    My order number was a little higher than Steve’s (mine was 41479XXX) but I still should have gotten mine by now. I called the mint yesterday and complained because it’s one excuse after another.
    I spend alot of money each year on coins – Have al the ATB’s so far but I’m done now. This is the last purchase I make from the mint.
    If this is how customers are treated – I can take my business elsewhere.
    There is no excuse to do business this way. These coins were minted even before the ordering window started.

  19. thePhelps says

    Dan In Fla… sounds like your set is almost out the door. Mine still says backordered – shipping on the 11th. I think the mint is its own worst enemy on this set. It is obvious they shipped to the big buyers/resellers first and are pushing our orders back to make that happen. With those companies then turning right around and selling graded sets – and people opting to just cancel and pick up those sets.

    Any guesses on the number of cancelations – before the end? (I am going with 30,000 give or take 2,000)

    Steve congrats on getting your set – that Enhanced Proof…er uncirculated is a cool looking coin!

  20. Wdg5 says

    @thePhelps, to be honest I am at the point which you just described, cancel and get a graded set from someone. Count me in that number 🙂

  21. ann says

    Not usually a drama guy, ya I am a guy if that matters but you
    have to admit the Mint does have exciting soap opera going on
    here. I was thinking along the same lines with prior post about our Gov
    handling the most precious thing I have and that being my health.

  22. Ed says

    I recieved mine Tuesday the 25th and to my suprise the capsules were damaged along the edge (BADLY). WHY! Sent both sets off Wed to NGC for grading so the damage didn’t effect me much, Was thinking about keeping one for show in its case but with the damage capsule that was a no go. I guess I could have gotten a empty capsule from the Mint.

    The enhanced ASE look unbelievable.I can see detail that I could not before without the use of a loop. Wish I got more.

  23. Fosnock says

    Is the label really worth all the hoopla? How much valued does a First Strike label add to the coin? I know we had these type of posts before but I’m just curious not disparaging the label.

  24. Frankie says

    @ Fosnock: I’m on the same side as you with regards to my sentiments towards these ludicrous lables. But as long as there are buyers for these who are willing to shell out more because of these labels we will see them being offered. It is essentially a combination of clever marketing, hype and utter stupidity. If one were able to tell by the coin itself if it was struck first or earlier than others I would understand the value of such labels. But unfortunately, there is nothing discerning regarding the coin as such – a PF70 is indistinguishable from a PF ER 70 coin. If you were to take them out of their holders and ask any collector which was ER you’d get a 50:50 split… I don’t buy graded coins as it’s just BS. These are private companies dragging down our hobby by offering one mickey mouse label after another. They might as well sell the labels without the coins.

  25. ABC says

    I think you got lucky. The last coin that I received from the mint had multiple abrasions across the entire left side of the rim on the reverse of the coin. I sent it back.

  26. Don says

    The Mintnewsblog reader, “Steve” seems to be the only small-guy customer in an otherwise mass of big-time dealers that has actually received his sets. Steve, how did you sneak in?
    Has anyone else out there, and I’m talking small-time customers, actually received their 5/9 order?

  27. Don says

    Not only are these TPG companies dragging down the coin collecting hobby, but they are dragging down their own credibility. Eventually they might become victims of their own greed.

  28. Fosnock says

    @Frankie – Thank you for the input but it was not really what I was looking for. People are canceling orders left and right over the delivery date.Is this because you can’t make money without the First Release label? Will the early coins saturate the market? Is it just disgust? I’m trying to understand why everyone is canceling as its not based on mintage nor does it appear to be based on price. IE I may cancel my order but only if I can get the Enhanced ASE at the mint price without paying for the reverse proof.

  29. VARich says

    @ Don – Actually.., Steve’s name fell out of the hat.

    You see – the mint and the NSA are in cahoots…, and the NSA is porting over a data feed from this blog along with personal information to the mint.., so all our names get thrown into a hat, and then mint selects a few names each day from the hat, locates our order.., then throws a dart on a year calendar and then reassigns that persons shipping date to where the dart hit…, and then seeing how long it takes that person to figure out that their date changed and laughing their tail ends off watching real time to see how much we get worked up out here.., its elementary! This is the ongoing soap opera that ann is referring to!

    Seriously – Steve – thanks for sharing and cheers!

  30. fmtransmitter says

    My 2c: There is no doubt preference givien to big dealers whom the Mint has worked with for years. In hindsight, production should be fixed to an acceptable level by the time they ship out the 9/30’s OR (UH OH) we get the left over returns for inferior quality. I got my 2012 LESPS because the mint FOUND some more laying around, meaning to me they were returns with a low mintage of just 50,000. OR they found more packaging. My coins were flawless in spite of being seated int he holder incorrectly. Mint has quality control in place and a long reputation to consider so I think we all will be well pleased with quality in the end and happy we ordered when we did as these, despite the seemily large mintage number are a FIRST EVER. No lose sitaution IMO.

    TY for sharing pics…

  31. fmtransmitter says

    @VARich: WOW! What an imagination…I am at work and don’t have time to think up such. Just got yelled at for posting here. Have to pay for these Mint products. Good day all..

  32. says


    I’ve heard the following explanations.

    1. Silver price drop

    2. Anger with the mint

    3. Anger that dealers seem to have gotten preferential treatment
    3b. Concerns that dealers will be given plenty of time to get their coins graded, return the ones that don’t make the grade to the US Mint, and leave retail/small customers with subpar raws and no chance to get 70-class pieces.

    4. First strike/Early releases concerns

    5. With dealers having early access, later buyers won’t be able to get premiums from flipping as they might have if they were the among the first to receive sets.

  33. William says

    I can’t help but think with the price of silver falling off the cliff…
    maybe I’d be better off buying more silver bullets.

    A Lone Ranger

  34. T1 browserman says

    My point is that these sets are still incorrectly priced and everyone that reads this post knows it. 2 ounces of Ag @ $70 ea. when spot = <$20 ??????

    This is not a Royal Mint offering of only 400 mintage. We're talking a few hundred thousand even with cancellations and it's price is inconsistent with SPOT !!!!!

    09/30 backordered at the time I post.

  35. Fosnock says

    Thank you CO –

    It makes sense to me that with the big boys saturating the market early and the drop in the price of silver these might be hard to flip, but nobody had vocalized it and everyone seemed to be more concerned with the labeling than the market saturation. I just wanted to confirm the reason with people who are more in-tune with the market, thank you again

  36. thePhelps says

    T1 – this is a numitsic set and was priced as such. I don’t think the mint will lower the price of the set.

  37. Ed says

    I sent my two sets in yesterday and the label will be First Release. NGC states that coins that arrived within the 30 days will be labeled Early Releases or First Release. I’m thinking the First Release is because this is the first of its kind…Enhanced ASE West Point coin. So why must the coin be received within a month of the Mint shipping start date to be labeled First Released?

    Happy Collecting

  38. Leo S. says

    ATTN: Update for First Spouse Collectors

    Just taked to the Supervisor “Kim” at the Mint and ask her for an update on the First Spouse Gold Coins for 2013. She was very nice but said that they had been given information regarding the coins and that the Mint has still not decided on the designs for the 2013 coins. She had informal information that they may not be issued until December of this year. So if you are one of the few that collects this series, start saving you money because they are all going to come out at once.

    Also on the West Point Mint sets, if your ship date has changes to 7-11-13 from 7-2-13 the Mint said that the 7-2-13 date would be followed and that the 7-11-13 posting was in error.

    Seems like the Mint has a lot of problems these days. Good luck to all.

  39. samuel says

    i believe the mint is trying to dynamically change the shipping date based on the number of orders or something, but unfortunately, their algorithm does not work very well.

  40. stephen m says

    It seems to be a cluster f–k for sure. Strange times at the mint. I wonder what is really going on?

  41. Louis says

    Question regarding all the comments about dealers getting their sets first: Can you tell me what the evidence is for that apart from Silvertowne and maybe one of the big telemarketers (who I believe is owned by Silvertowne)? Not that I doubt the point, but I have not seen the actual evidence. I have seen individual sellers on e-Bay who have them in stock, but I don’t think these are the big boys. Have people actually talked to other major dealers who have them, or seen them listed as being in stock?

  42. PdBallerina says

    I order 5/9 at 12:18 pm. My status says in stock and reserved and my last reported ship date is 7/2. If they don’t ship by 7/2 then cancelling. Already ordered PF70 (not ER) from MCM just in case…. Will send off for ER grading if they look good and arrive in time..otherwise forget the whole deal with the mint.

  43. Ray says

    Alice Paul proof page has a note: “Product will be available for shipping 07/12/2013”

    DOes this mean that its going to be sold out soon?

  44. Ikaika says

    @ Louis

    Your point is well taken. Has anyone received their orders from the big dealers yet? I did order from Silvertowne a set in 70 grade the first time they became available, but have yet to be shipped. I am not so sure there was any preferences given to the dealers.

  45. high low silver says

    I now have enough $$$ saved up to get a couple RP Buffalos !!!! Oh
    happy days !!!

  46. fmtransmitter says

    @ED: PCGS uses the FIRST RELEASE designation ONLY and NGC uses ERALY RELEASE for 1st 30 day. Unsure of PCGS policy regarding FIRST but I have read NGC policy. Two different grading companies using 2 different designations that don’t mean crappola after awhile IMO. The guy on HSN says about his “fresh new dies that haven’t been worn down from thousands of punches”. I am sure the Mint changes dies when needed!

  47. fmtransmitter says

    @ED First Release does NOT mean first of it’s kind. You can go to PCGS for an explanation of their policy.

  48. Cochisz says

    I believe there is collusion between the mint and the graders. I also feel that when we were all waiting for the 12:00 bell to ring and to start ordering, the
    MCM ‘s , and the SilverTowne and the Goldmarts and all the other big spenders already had thier orders in. I predicted on another coin site that everyone would be ordering graded sets from the big companies and canceling thier mint orders
    I also predicted that this set will have a lower final mintage then the San Francisco set after all is said and done. I hate how the mint operates they are big government and they don’t care about the little guy. I would also guess the big spenders also got special pricing . I’m disgusted with this whole thing time quit the hobby after 50 years.

  49. fosnock says

    @Louis – In a previous thread I posted as their were no order limits so all it would take would be for a couple of the big boys to place massive orders in the first few minutes to see these type of results. Lets say 10 bullion dealers placed orders for 5k you would see the dealers overwhelm the early orders, not saying that is what happened but it could explain way some dealers have “pallets” while the “little people” have only gotten trickles.

  50. fmtransmitter says

    @fosnock: agreed. My theory as well, but I also know that big dealers have contacts in the Mint that work with directly. Lot of logistics, shipping, security, secrecy, etc.
    I would stop something, anything, if it wasn’t fun anymore. I am having a blast but am rather new.

  51. Louis says

    One dealer (Silvertowne) has a photo of some pallets. Unless anyone can provide me a pic or web site link to a dealer who has sets in stock (other than some e-Bay sellers who do not appear to be large dealers) there is no evidence for all these allegations. They only offer bulk pricing on some products like proof sets, not on these.
    The fact that dealers advertised and still do pre-orders for graded sets they don’t have is not evidence of anything untoward. Read the fine print and they all say they will not be available until the Mint ships their order and they have them graded.
    It is true that bulk orders at the grading companies are handled more quickly but individuals can also submit bulk orders as Steve did.
    Take a deep breath, folks!

  52. fosnock says

    @Cochisz – What you say might be true but it only effects those that want the early release labels (assuming we don’t get the big boys rejects), and if I remember correctly big spenders get a 5% discount under the “Bulk Purchase” program with 5K minimum orders which in this case is just 36 WP sets.

    As a FYI the big boys also get discounts from the grading companies and their have been rumors that the grading companies are more lenient when grading their coins over “the little people’s” coins.

  53. thePhelps says

    fosnock – the WP set wasn’t listed on the bulk order program. The “rejects” are a pretty tough sell… they would have to get the coins ship to a grader and get them back in a week. I doubt they are sending them back to the mint myself… and the suggestion they are is speculation.

  54. simon says

    The coins are very likely pre-screened by the dealers before sending them in to the TPGs. This works into the deep discounts the TPGs offer to the dealers for bulk submissions and also cuts down the work load at the TPGs. This is how business works and it is highly possible that the dealers can put in extra hours to sort the coins according to grades, requesting that the TPGs simply verify the grade and slab. No deep mystery here !

  55. Ray says

    @fosnock, I thought I read that WP AGE sets and RP Gold Buffs are not eligible for the 5% discount. I am curious to know what their discount is with the TPGs. jw.

    imo, a lot of people, specifically people collecting for decades, dont give the first strike and early release a lot of recognition, but if you look at every graded coin that was available for these labels, they all sell for more on ebay. it is a gimmick, but honestly ,its working. i read of the law suits against the TPGs about misleading labels, but in the end, these labels persist, and people pay more for them to the people/companies who have had them graded FS/ER.

    I am wondering if the population of WP sets for ER/FS will be greater than than coins not labeled like this. I am wondering if there are any coins which have labels without ER/FS, that are worth more than ones with ER/FS?

  56. Rich says

    UNC Dollar Set went TBD on date (price had been TBD)

    – that’s odd given that it was still 3 to 4 weeks out. Personally, I think we’re looking at a production capacity issue at West Point.., striking 2 types of ASE normally and now 4 unique ASEs…, that fosters scheduling and shift impacts…, or maybe it’s simply that the cardboard packaging isn’t scheduled to arrive in time. Coincidentally, many of WP sets continue to push out as well.

    I will go out on a limb and say this, in the future if there’s more special Eagles to come, bet you see numismatic production distributed to S or P facilities.

  57. fosnock says

    @thePhelps – I can not speak about the other “big boys” but APMEX sends many of its staff for “numismatic and counterfeit detection training annually at the American Numismatic Association in Colorado Springs.” It would be a good business practice to use that same expertise to cherry pick, and at least not send the “bad” stuff to be graded.

    As far as sending the “bad” stuff back to the mint it is possible but on an earlier thread it was said you could get black listed for sending things back too often, but as I could careless about labels and grading for modern coins it is beyond my level of experience.

  58. fosnock says


    Thank you for the correction on the bulk program, I’m not a bulk buyers so I assumed everything was on it. I just wanted to say if as Cochisz was insinuating that the “big boys” got a discount their would be no need to hide it as they already openly get one.

  59. fosnock says

    @Rich – With bullion sales not slowing down I would imagine the issue is securing the blanks not production. I say that because we know the mint can produce over 7 million coins in a single month, but they are currently forced to allocate less than 4 million per month.

  60. VA Bob says

    Ordered at 5PM the first day. I was not expecting my order to go out the first week or two, but pushed back until Aug 8? Pictures of the coins were available before the order date, so they must have started minting them a while ago. That one guy in the mailroom must be really over worked.

  61. mark says

    Received my 2 pcgs 70s flag label sets today from silvertowne with ogp…coins are beautiful….but I still like the reverse proof better..

  62. john says

    big boys pick up sets at mint,driving around grading as they drive to grader,done in five hours,set not 70 go back to mint.all done in one day.

  63. Louis says

    Anyone who submits coins to the grading companies that are not in sealed boxes “pre-screens” them. There is nothing sinister about that. It would be really stupid to send a gold coin and not look at the quality right?

    And as I said above, you do not have to be a dealer to make bulk submissions, you just need to submit a lot of coins or sets at once. Remember also most of their business comes from dealers and others who make bulk submissions.

    And there is definitely no bulk discount on the WP sets.

  64. ann says

    Louis, The coin Vault showed pallets and pallets in a truck being delivered
    days ago.

    One reason the FS/ER labels are popular I think is because their continuing
    their previously collected labeled coins. Keeping the Continuity going.

  65. Erik H says

    I don’t suspect that the rejects from the “big boys” will go back to the mint when all they have to do is list them on their web site / mailers in OGP for a small profit. They can also sell them to other dealers at wholesale prices.

  66. fosnock says

    @Louis – I guess I was not clear I’m not arguing with your points I was just pointing out the same good business practice of checking for quality could be used to send the “bad” coins back to the mint. ” There would be nothing sinister about it. It would be really stupid for an individual to keep a bad quality gold coin why would a company operate\think any different?

  67. fosnock says

    @Erik H – I’m in your camp which is why I buy directly from the mint. Getting OGP from most of the “big boys” means it was not cherry picked.

    Anyway I can not imagine a dealer maintaining a business relationship with the mint if they constantly sent even 15% of their coins back without justification like getting a bad batch of coins, but then again these unlimited mintage special sets are new phenomena.

  68. fmtransmitter says

    @fosnock: You contradicted yourself “I think”. You buy directly from the mint because getting from the big boys means it was NOT cherry picked?

  69. myth says

    think this set was a test run to see if they could manage different treatments (finishes) for the palladium eagle?

  70. fosnock says

    @fmtransmitter – It must be getting late. I buy from the mint because because I feel that the OGP from the dealers is generally the stuff that was not sent for grading because they failed the initial inspection. If they had a shot at being a PF-70 they would have sent it off for grading.

  71. Louis says

    The Mint does not sell these sets in person to anyone. They do that with other coins, but not the special eagle sets. And it is not a question of being a dealer. Anyone in America who lives near one of the branch mints or goes there can buy most mint coins in person. I do it all the time and that’s why I have had good luck getting 70’s. But it does not apply to these sets or to certain other coins such as those with household limits.

  72. Hidalgo says

    Gold prices are continuing to fall…. right now, it has fallen below $1,200. Another tier drop in the future? Let’s hope so!

  73. Hidalgo says

    The US Mint on its product page has a new offering:

    08/05/2013 2013 5-Star Generals Profiles Collection

    This must be one of the “special sets” that we have heard about earlier in the year. I look forward to buying this set.

    Looking forward to the Teddy Roosevelt set as well. Hope it will be offered soon!

  74. fosnock says

    @Hidalgo – The more gold drops the more likely I will buy the RP Buffalo. It was to my understanding that the 2013 5-Star Generals Profiles Collection was the 5 Star General commemorative silver dollar, half dollar, and the bronze metal.

  75. thePhelps says

    @Rich – I suspect the $1 coin set went TBD – because they are looking at the ASE price. I am hoping they don’t want to get caught doing what they did with the Silver Proof set.

    I agree with what was said about the bulk dealers and returns. I would suspect they are left to sell them themselves if they determine they don’t meet the grade. I didn’t think about them pre-grading them themselves – but that makes a lot of sense as well.

  76. VARich says

    Well…, still nothing out on the Federal Register hinting of a price drop.., so I guess we’re still ‘considering’ –

    Good points on the blanks and Silver Prf sets – I’m glad some of us little guys are receiving their sets.

    Really no rush though on the price decrease.., if the last two weeks have been an indication of the things to come, it’s going to be a wild ride for the remainder of the year. Heck, after this week alone.., I need a Shasta! 🙂

  77. Larry says

    With gold dropping like it is, I wonder if the mint will loose money on the RP Buffalo? They had to buy the blanks a while ago, gold must have been at least $1600 when they bought it.

  78. Hidalgo says

    @Larry – I doubt the US Mint will lose money. If I recall correctly, premiums on the regular proof gold Buffallo are about $300 over spot price.

  79. thePhelps says

    @Larry – the mint has lots and lots of gold – tonnes of gold. If they buy like everyone else does – they probably have tonnes they bought at $200 as well as tonnes they bought at $1600. Then add in the fact they sell at premiums and average it out… they aren’t losing money.

    I am not worried about the delays in shipping – just find them ridiculous. I view the delays just like I did when I bought my first house. 5 years from now what difference will it make how long it took to get the coins.

    Then again – that is why I view the FS/ER as frivoulous marketing labels. They mean nothing about the quality of the coins – only the speed in which the coins were delivered and shipped off for grading. It is a hot item today to get a graded set of FS coins… but if I was buying them 5 years from now – your not going to convince me I need to pay more for them because of the label you paid more for. I ain’t that naive.

  80. VARich says

    @ Dusty – thanks for sharing, really puts it into perspective. I can’t help but to think as dollar cost averaging is fundamental to mutual funds, it applies no differently here to PMs.

  81. T1browserman says

    I’ve worked in pick/pack warehousing….several pack belts get the BIG orders and others get the less than 5. still 9/30

  82. Ray says

    Where do you find federal resgister info, specifically entried by the treasury/us mint? thx

  83. stephen m says

    Buy the coin not the label. With some labels bringing a premium now who knows what the future coin or label will be valued at in years to come? The mint seems to be dragging it’s feet on shipping the WP 2 coin silver set. Something must be broke? I did order a 70 set from MCM, along with a mint order @4:39 opening day. Shipping date for MCM is mid July, for the mint 08-08-13. If i get the big boy order before the mint order, shame on the mint. I know the mint can do better! The set is superior and customers should receive superior shipping etc. as well.

  84. VARich says

    @ Ray –

    Search keyword: Mint

    Select: Newest

    This blog is making me so much more savvy.., I’m intrigued to see how the timing plays out between a substantial price drop, a mint decision, posting to the FR, and then timing of the resulting price adjustment. It’ll be a good learning point.

  85. Dan in Fla says

    My order has moved up I guess. The option to cancel has been removed so maybe it will ship soon.

  86. JBK says

    People have mentioned the prospect of dealers cherrypicking their order and then returning the lesser quality coins to the Mint. As I understand it, you need to return the entire order to get a refund or replacement – you cannot order 10 sets and send back 2 – you would need to send back all 10.

  87. Brad says

    You wanna hear something totally bizarre? Sometime this morning my order for 10 sets on 5/9 had the shipping date moved back from 7/11 to 7/19. But, my order for 3 sets on 6/6 one minute before the window closed has had the shipping date moved UP from 9/30 to 7/13!

    This shows just how little stock you can actually put in those Mint “estimated” ship dates. First-in, First-out indeed. 🙂

  88. ABC says

    That’s incorrect. You wouldn’t need to send back all 10, just the 2 sets. What the mint’s policy states is that the entire defective “set” must be sent in, not the entire “order”. It would drive collectors nuts if that were the case. Imagine if you ordered a large number of items (including gold, silver, platinum items, and some annual mint sets) only to have to return the entire order only because you noticed that one dime in one of your annual mint sets had a defect.

  89. VARich says

    @ Co – Indeed! I hope silver stays low for the ’14 AtB releases as this is the year in which I think they all look like winners and I’d like to have them in P & Bull.

    I have a bad feeling that Michael may be right about the enhanced effects on that platinum coin.., and then I’ll want that one, if those gears are semi-proof like, that could really change the appearance.

  90. Dustyroads says

    VARich~The article does put things in perspective, love the grafts too.

    Brad~What are we to think now about the Mints estimated ship dates, not a lot!

  91. fmtransmitter says

    @ Shipping Date for WP SE’s…Mine has been at 9/30 forever. As others have stated, it is now moved up to 9/17. First move I have had. Still have my order for graded set in. Of course with Murphy’s law I am going to have to cough up the cash for both orders at or around the same time..Ugh..Silver up “a lil”

  92. fmtransmitter says

    I wonder if the 50 year collector wants to sell any of his coins now that he is done with the hobby? Hope he is not, but we “newbies” are all here ready to to buy if he is…:)~

  93. Addielise says

    My 2 orders placed by 12:54 were In Stock and Reserved on Tuesday with cancel box removed. Then the cancel box reappeared, now it’s gone again and my card has been hit so they might actually ship today. 3 other orders were just pushed to 7/4 and 7/19.

    Has anyone received graded sets from anyone other than Silvertowne? Since MCM is ATS, figured people would have gotten their NGC sets by now, unless they haven’t received their shipment yet.

  94. Dan in Fla says

    Not only did my order cancel box disappear but my credit card has been hit by a large charge pending. I’m thinking that the Mint will ship more sets this weekend. Everyone hang in there Its Friday.

  95. VARich says

    @ Brad – that’s comical! I was torqued yesterday when my 08/08 ship date went to 9/30 with email confirmation from the mint.

    Guess what? As of this morning, it was back to 08/08…, as of just now, 9/17 – Lesson learned – it’s about as predictable as what my golden retriever will chew on next!

  96. Don says

    My WP order shipped today. A few days ago the item status went from “backordered” to “in stock and reserved”, with no accompanying shipping date. The order status remained as “in process” until today’s “shipped” notification.

  97. IPS_STUFF says

    I have similar WP order status
    5/9 orders now both read 7/19 and the 6/5 order reads 7/13

    Beginning to wonder what asylum is running the shipping department at the us mint ?

  98. GMS says

    We were at 6/17, then went to 7/11 and this morning all our orders have gone to 7/19. we ordered multiple sets on day 1 and duplicated it on the last day so since it appears we will miss the first strike window no sense in keeping the first order it appears. More sets for the mint to figure out what to do with.

  99. Dan in Fla says

    Mine still in process but it is incouraging that the Mint is shipping sets out. My order went in 1245 Mystoboy so thanks.

  100. says

    Hm. I wonder how they determine the order the sets ship. Our order was completed at 12:15 for eight sets, but it has not shipped. Yet, it seems like later orders are going out.

    Does the mint not have a FIFO policy like I thought?

  101. Brad says


    Yeah, I didn’t think the Alice Paul proof would make it to the end of the day today. Sales might end just shy of 3,500 pieces. I think that would make it the lowest-mintage proof coin in the set so far. I would imagine that all of the 2012’s have the same mintage level, though.

    Technically, this coin is part of the non-spouse “Liberty” subset. I know those of us buying these coins would have much rather had the Morgan Dollar design instead of Alice Paul. However, like it or not, the coin IS part of the First Spouse set and it can’t be complete without it.

  102. JagFan says

    Looks like they took care of the high volume dealers first and everyone else is they are toying with us by changing our ship dates daily… It is their way to artificially lower the mintage. Seems like the more aggitated a collector becomes they are jumping ship and running straight to the same high volume dealers…Now that is a smart business model!

    It is only a matter of time that the TPG’s will start placing their own orders to increase their revenue or are they somewhat owned or connected to a power broker already, Hint, Hint, (MC*M))??

    Just saying?

  103. Brad says


    It’s because the ‘backorder” status appeared on the product page not long ago. This is most likely a sign that inventory is almost depleted.

  104. Samuel says

    if the mint does the last-in-first-out, then people cant cancel the later orders, right? and if they want the FR/ER label, they also have to keep the early orders.

  105. Don says


    That’s pretty strange how your later 6/5 order gets an earlier shipping date than your 5/9 order.

    Isn’t IPS the shipping company that Doug Heffernan (Kevin James) worked for on “King of Queens”? Maybe you can use your influence and get IPS involved to speed up the shipment. I think the manager’s name is Mr. O’Boyle. Or is it O’Doyle?

  106. Erik H says

    GMS says:
    June 28, 2013 at 1:43 pm

    We were at 6/17, then went to 7/11 and this morning all our orders have
    gone to 7/19.

    Same here.

    I called Silvertowne today, they sent my last order first and haven’t sent my first order yet. Is this some type of trend????

    At least I should have something in my hands today / tomorrow.

  107. Hidalgo says

    @Cleveland – I saw the backordered designation on the White Mountain S quarter rolls awhile back. And also the 2012 Limited Edition Silver Proof Sets. A few weeks later, both items were back in stock.

    Not that I’m doubting the Alice Paul gold coin might sell out…. Just saying that there is always a chance that it might be put back for sale….

  108. Louis says

    1st order just shipped!!!!!!! Praise the Lord! 2nd backordered to 7/19, which gives me time to cancel.

  109. Jerry Diekmann says

    I got an Email from the Mint today saying that my two WP sets, which I ordered on the second day of sales, are due to be shipped by September 30. They didn’t say what year, but I am hoping it is 2013. This is proof to everyone that I am not a dealer or a well-connected customer, even though I had bought coin sets from the Mint for over 40 years. Thanks, Mint, for the wonderful customer service – NOT!!!

  110. Dan in Fla says

    How in the hay did everyone get their orders in so early? I tried for 45 minutes before my first order would go through. The internet was slow and I was calling the whole time. It was over an hour to get a call through and that is the order I cancelled. I still will have fifteen sets to receive if the creek don’t overflow.

  111. fmtransmitter says

    I am thinking between cancels and cards not having enough on them (declined) the Mint’s shipping Department, or the “dude” doing the logistics is spinning his head and sipping some tequila during his break. He must be swamped and I bet he wasn’t hired for his ability to multi task. Patience is a virtue. So with the confusion I am not surprised at any of this.

  112. fmtransmitter says

    “Dude” reference to the “The big Lebowsky”. It may be an alien for all I know…

  113. Ray says

    my ship date changed back from 8/8 to 7/15. This was at 7/24 before changing to 8/8, then to 7/15.

    I’m done checking my ship dates. They’ll come when they will. I think everyone is making too much out of nothing, and like an idiot, i got caught up in it. good luck all.

  114. Ikaika says

    My order was moved again to 7/4 from 7/11 from 6/17. I have a feeling with the cancellations the dates will be bumped again.

  115. says

    My WP coins (8 sets) were received at NGC today. I sure hope I have better luck than I did with last years SF set.

  116. Dustyroads says

    Dan, On ordering day I tried ordering at 1:30, I wasn’t able to finish the order until just after 3:00. I think I should have had the site up, and logged on with my finger on the complete order button at exactly 12:00.05! I’m going to try that next time just for the fun of it.

  117. Brad says


    You’ll probably do better this time. I think it’s true what some on here have said in that the quality from West Point seems to be better than that of San Francisco. I don’t know what goes on there, really. I saw some of the 2011-S Uncirculated coins from the 25th Anniversary set that looked like they may have been dropped on the floor and kicked around for a bit before being encapsulated. I’m talking about some unsightly gouges and nicks, not just minor issues.

  118. simon says

    Steve : just my small 2c – it is worth screening the coins before shipping if the TPG route is a must. The 69 grade does not get much respect among non-collectors, and a sale sadly typically generates a loss ( i.e. grading fees ).

    Also, the easiest way to check status is to keep tabs on the credit card charges. A pending charge usually means the coins will arrive in about a week.

  119. Rich says

    @ FMxmtr – no, not for all – I see you must be off work now and not getting yelled at!

    Hey, those Provident Cu rounds came into today – they look pretty good. More of a novelty that the kids will enjoy chasing around the pool.., esp. the .45 ’round’ but they look neat.

    Speaking of Provident, I received not that long ago an ’11 Olympic puck that I swear I would use as a mirror for shaving, unfortunately, I think the quality issue that you all experienced with Perry lies with the ‘mothership’ – sorry

  120. silverhawk357 says

    I can confirm that the WP ASEs were NOT available on the Bulk purchase program and the Reverse Proof Buff will not be available this way also. For the bulk purchases, the mint offers a 5% discount for an order of $5000 or more, then takes bake 1% (domestic) or 2% (international) for shipping. I call that a 4% discount. I’m waiting for the drop in silver price from the mint to garner an order with discounted silver and gold. Looks like the PMs have hit a bottom for now dictated by a scarcity of material dictated by mining production costs.

    Good news that the Alice Paul proof is ready to retire. Anyone for a “first release/first strike/first day of order set in OGP for only $1045 ?? I thought so…

  121. fmtransmitter says

    @Rich: Yes, I had to take the day off. All this fuss and muss has got me feeling ill..NOT!
    Picked up a roll (50) 1957 D Wheat Backs Uncirc., came today. Nice to see wheat backs in mint state. Shiny and new, yet so old…

  122. Junior says

    My original order on 5/9 41512xxx was backordered to 8/8 then moved up to 7/30.
    I ordered a second set on 6/4 41721xxx. backordered to 9/30. In addition with this order, I also purchased the ASE 2013 Unc. and the ASE 2013 Proof (I have received the Unc. and Proof coins)
    Now today, I checked the US Mint website and the 415 and the 417 orders for the ASE WP sets are both backordered to 9/17.
    Interesting. It almost seems that they determined that the two orders should be combined.

  123. high low silver says

    My last day order shows its shipping a month before my first day order LOL

  124. Jack in N.E says

    Just to add to the shipping date observations. Order I placed Thursday before W.P sets ended with the constant 9/30 ship date has now been changed to a 9/17 ship date as well. Perhaps cancellations have caused this as well

  125. says

    Now we are really UNHAPPY with the Mint! I guess one has to call in and complain or else they think you are just okay about being put LAST! I called in the first day the WP coins went on sale. I waited for a half hour before I tried the ordering process to let the rush cool some. I got into the process only to have “things” shut down. I tried the phone several times and it was busy. I Finally got my order in/in the afternoon 3:57 PT. My ship date was 7/25. A few days later it was 7/11 and it stayed that way for quite sometime and then just recently it changed to 7/25 again! It was processing—-BUT this evening it changed to ship date of 8/8! For the first time in WEEKS the cancel box is back! WHAT GIVES here? I have been a steady shopper since 1986! I collect almost everything they offer! NOT HAPPY!

  126. Erik H says

    wdg5 says:
    June 28, 2013 at 4:24 pm

    Thanks for the pics, the enhanced eagle looks HOT! I don’t know why it’s considered Mint State and not Proof. I have read the debate a few places. My 2 cents… if the “enhanced” Five Star General coins are proof these too should be a proof.

  127. high low silver says

    I will keep my set in OGP so I don’t care either way, but I will go over the set with a good loupe, if I see anything wrong it will be going back to the Mint like the games I played with the 2012 sets.

  128. Ed says

    @fmtransmitter NGC states for NGC Lables for the 2-13 ASE Set is the followi9ng:
    All sets that arrive at NGC during the Early Releases period will automatically be labeled as “Early Releases”. If you prefer the
    “First Releases” designation, write “First Releases” on the submission form. To opt out of the Early or First Releases designations, write “No Early/First Releases” on the submission form.

    I know it is just a gimick but I thought First Release was the same as First issued. I mean the Mint never stamped a coin like the enhanced coin so should it not be a first issued? I just start collecting coins…I ‘m j new at this..

  129. Silver Surfing Scott says

    I ordered two sets. I thought about canceling my order, but the pics look to good. I’ve been collecting since I was a kid and these look better than any other eagles made.
    With all the price drop with silver and gold, I’ve noticed that China is gobbling up all the world reserves of gold. I hear they plan on coming out with a gold backed currency in a year or two. When all the greedy people (The BANKS) of the world, make this new money, their reserve currency, and the stock market is forced to trade in this new currency, will the United States go back to a gold back currency? Just wondering.!
    Some people say Fort Knox is empty and there is no longer anything backing the dollar except for the promise of a hard days work from you and me.
    I’ve been watching a lot a YouTube videos on the subject lately. I suggest everyone on this site go to YouTube and ask these questions themself. I feel much more educated on the subject now.
    Well, Have A Nice Day! 🙂

  130. fmtransmitter says

    @ ED: Welcome to the hobby. The ER or FR designation does not mean a thing to long time collectors. It is a gimmick. The GRADE is what you should consider when buying any graded coin IMO.

  131. fmtransmitter says

    @Silver Surfing Scott:
    Agreed! I was just looking at a 1896 $5 Tillman/Morgan Silver Certificate What a beautiful bank note AND it was for FIVE silver dollars. The United States had to have those silver dollars in their reserve so a bank could PAY THE BEARER ON DEMAND 5 silver dollars. That is when money was REAL money. It is all ink on cotton paper now backed by NOTHING but a promise. Interesting times….

  132. Silver Surfing Scott says

    Like the rest of the world banking system, I’ll probably put my retirement savings into a secure currency. The only thing I want to see, is the original words on the money, that I have grown used too. I want to see words on my money like, “Freedom, Liberty, Justice, In God we Trust, We the People, etc. etc.etc.” But I’m afraid if China is the reserve currency of the world. They won’t put those words on their money. Or will they? Probably nothing but pretty pandas.
    Oh well. I guess I’ll just wait and see.
    Have a Nice Day. 🙂

  133. fmtransmitter says

    I can say that SILVER trade dollars are still used today for goods in less industrialized countries and my opinion is silver and gold will always hold their value for goods. If I need to trade a 1964 quarter for some groceries to eat I am sure I could find a merchant willing to accept it as long as I am alive…

  134. thePhelps says

    @Ed – that is the problem I have with the First Strike & Early Release labels… they don’t mean first or early anything. There are too many new coin collectors who see that label and believe they are getting something unique and the only thing unique about the coins is the label.

    They aren’t first strikes (which is typically meant to mean the first coins struck in the set). They aren’t early releases (which would mean released before the other coins in this series). The coins bearing those labels are no different than any of the other coins graded the same quality without the labels.

    I think too many new collectors are paying extra to get a coin with those designations – and don’t understand they insignificance of the label. Sure it is making a lot of people a lot of money right now, but in the long run the coins are not worth anymore than the coins that don’t have FS/ER on the label.

    I will never pay more to have that label. If the coins are MS/PF70 then that is the best you can get and paying extra just because they are FS MS70 – is just plain naive.

    Back on topic… my 5/9 order has moved to a 7/19 ship date. But… my 6/6 order has moved from 9/30 to 7/14. Oh those silly mint munchkins…

  135. Rich2 says

    FS/ER/FR – I think the experienced collectors hit the nail on the head. You are more rational in your approach to collecting and are not easily pulled in by gimmicks. However the new/next generation is totally different. The newer collectors are accustomed to buying the latest versions of everything, e.g phones, tablets, sneakers – you name it. It is a badge of honor to have the either the most recent edition or the one that stands out. Apple and Nike are a couple of the best when it comes to appealing to this ‘need’. And profiting from it too.
    I do agree that the FS/ER/FR labeling is a gimmick, but this gimmick is a major part of the current and future market – meaningless or not. If you are looking at value in the long run (as a new collector) I would suggest going for the FS/ER/FR whenever you can afford to pay the difference. All things do change over time and personal preferences change with every generation.

  136. Dan in Fla says

    The Mint must have hired someone to just sit and change the ship dates just to mess with us. Psych.

  137. fosnock says

    @Silver Surfing Scott – Fundamentally you are correct about PMs. Will the USA ever go back to a gold standard, who knows it is pure speculation at this point. In modern times the governments have just revalued their currency to address currency crises, the benefit of PMs are they are not subject to these currency adjustments nor counter-party risk.

    At this point in time China can not be the reserve currency of the world nor would I spend a lot of time worrying about it. Several countries could potential take that position (Brazil has a better shot IMHO) and currently the US dollar is winning the “last currency standing” battle. Yes the dollar is based on the ability of the government to tax us to death in order to pay for the bonds, but the same can be said of all currencies. The BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) have been pushing for a reserve currency that includes their own currencies, the Euro (if it survives), the US dollar, gold, and possibly silver. I don’t have the time to explain why this would not work but if you want to see an example of why just look at the Euro. It is the same dog but with different fleas.

    Just because your paranoid does not mean that they are not after you and fundamentally I think they are correct but the people claiming Fort Knox is empty and to invest in PMs have been saying that since the 70s (after Nixon took us off the gold standard) look it up.

    If you read this board you would know that I’m a “hard currency” advocate, but their are defensive stocks that would do good in a crisis, power companies come to mind. Power company stocks have even been considered secure currencies at one time. IE your stock certificate traded as a currency. Hell even Cigarettes served as currency in Germany after WW2, and apparently per a 2012 report cigarettes currently trades as money in modern China. I would suggest that you do a little more reading before you buy “into a secure currency.”

  138. fosnock says

    @Rich2 – Did you collect beanie babies? Eventually all gimmicks collapse. Setting aside the entire OGP vs grading debate, sure I would pick up a First Strike label at around the same price for a “normal” label but why pay a premium unless you collect labels. I mean a PF 70 is a PF 70 regardless of the label. IMHO like the beanie baby or Marvel comics collectors in the 90s they will not discover the gimmick until they try to sell. Technically in the case of the WP sets if the mint shipped just the first day’s orders within the 30 day ordering window 50% of the sets would qualify for a First Strike label.

  139. Dan in Fla says

    fosnock- the only thing you left out was the sports memorabilia craze of the nineties. The only thing missing is the grading fees for authentication of such cards.

  140. Hawkster says

    Here we go again with some commenters venting on how meaningless these First Strike and Early Release labels are—-and they are right. Knowledgeable and experienced collectors (notice I avoided using the term “serious collector”) are well aware of the insignificance of these labels. These labels are targeted at the beginner collector or the non-collector guy who happens to have the shopping channel coin show on and is taken in by the sales pitch. These TV guys, admittedly, do an outstanding job of convincing viewers that you need to get these labels to add pedigree to your coins.

  141. bill b says

    @Silver Surfing Scott,

    Use You Tube for entertainment, but get your ‘education’ elsewhere. Conspiracy theorists have been around for centuries; times of transition in geopolitics are when most folks lend them credence.

  142. Rich2 says

    @fosnock – naaa did not collect beanie babies or comics in the 90s; busy with school and TRYING to get laid. But my main point -which I believe you emphasized- is the generational difference; those collecting 13-22 years ago are a different type of consumer.

  143. AK Bob says

    I’ve canceled ALL my sets (11). I’m done with the Mint. This is the last straw. If the mint wants to throw the bread and butter away then let them. The big TV coin shows and other dealers that get priority over us “common” folks has to stop. Coin Vault received a semi truck load almost two weeks ago while the rest of us wait! It’s just wrong and it’s time for folks to start doing something other than complain. Stop buying from the mint until they get their @#$ together. How many of us don’t have the 95W? Well then we can go without a few more coins. Heck, start buying from the Perth mint or other foreign coins. They have a much nicer selection than we have anyways. Sorrry for the rant but I’m just “DONE” with the Mint. You all should be as well. How many times are we going to let them abuse us this way??? Please stop complaining and start canceling. The mint is just another “bully” when you get right down to it.

  144. fmtransmitter says

    IMO if a semi truck load showed up it was because they placed their order just like everyone else and received it “in line” just like a few little guys have received theirs, IMO.

  145. thePhelps says

    Ak Bob – I really have no complaints on my shipping. I started with a 7/25 date when I ordered and my projected date now is 7/19. (unless I look at my 6/6 order which has a 7/14 ship date).

    I would be upset if I ordered the 1st day and am now looking at a late July shipping and was all happy feet over the FS/ER label – then you would see that the bulk buyers are going to also be some of the only people who have that label to sell.

    Rich2 – I get where you are coming from on the FS label, but once you realize how much extra you are spending (some are spending 100’s) to get a mere label that adds no inherent value to the coins – you’ll start to understand why most experienced collectors why are people being so naive? This isn’t some fad that will gain importance as time goes by. It isn’t some hidden new facet to the coins or coin collecting. It is marketing – and nothing more. What I find fascinating about it is that once people realize there is no significance in the underlying coins – they defend the hell out of buying the label anyway – as if the label itself is the value.

    Do what you want, but I collect coins – my coins improve with MS/PF70 variances – not because some professional grader is adding a label to them. That is like telling me a FS MS69 is worth more than a MS70 – because it has a FS label and people are actually buying coins like that.

  146. Rich2 says

    WP set ordered 5/9 shipped yesterday.
    WP set ordered 6/6 backorder went from 9/30 to 7/14.

    @AK Bob
    Maybe after I cop the RP Buff. lol

  147. stephen m says

    AK Bob, Hard to do without for the larger % of collectors and or mint buyers of ASE’s. If you don;t and i don’t buy from the mint what does that do for everyone? We will all get what we ordered but not as quickly as some of us want, myself included. I still think this set is worth the wait but can’t grasp why the wait other than it’s the government way of doing business.

  148. fosnock says

    @Rich2 – The difference of opinion is simple you think this is a new buying trend were the new generation has different buying habits. Those of us that are ambivalent or against these labels are so because we think the “new” collector base is naive, and as such they are depending on a third party to tell them what is important or valuable based on their own self interest, IE use my grading service and I will include my special edition label, and that label will increase the value of your coin because I will make that label very rare. If you right the only thing that happens is us skeptics we will miss out on potential “profits,” but if we are right will coin collecting survive the fallout?

  149. Tony says

    my original expected shipping was 9/27 early in the order. Then 2 weeks ago it changed to 7/18. Then last week it changed to 7/8. Now late this week it has changed to 9/17. No clue whats happening there.

  150. fosnock says

    @AK Bob – I agree with fmtransmitter, and as long as I eventually get my coins and they are in good shape who cares, this delay although frustrating only affects flippers especial and those that flip First Strike labels. So your 11 coins were going to be late, how many if any were you planning on flipping? What was the hurry, do you collect coins in a first strike label?

    FYI Not everyone fought to get their order done at 12:01 on the first day. I ordered one of my sets on the last day so although I feel for you I’m not in the same boat and I expected at least one of my sets to be the last out, if so why would I cancel it based on your shipping expectations? Anyway I thank you for canceling you just made my coins that much more rarer.

  151. ann says

    Chances are the Mint bent over backward to accommodate the TV hosers with early ship dates because their audience thinks it is valuable. It really is a complement to the regular folk who know better.

  152. fmtransmitter says

    @fosnock: I was thinking the same thing. Thanking him, BUT we all know someone else will buy them..The Mint will do another short window for overstock. Just hope there are many thousands of cancels before all said and done. AND not many 70’s. Jesse James said he has my deposit for my graded set so I am happy. He said he WON’T cancel my order although he did stop taking pre-orders. He is dealer and is long on this set so I understand his position. That is how he makes his living. I cannot spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on coins and grading services so they deserve to make a living too like all of us.

  153. fmtransmitter says

    It is up to us a buyers to do our research and homework and buy what is a good buy and pass on what is not. The ol hold em or fold em.

  154. fmtransmitter says

    BTW-His shipment hasn’t shipped yet and he said I would be getting the ER designation. Does not look as such now but ya know what, who cares! I bought a GRADED 70 SET!!! ER/FS stands for Early Reject and Fake Stamp…lol

  155. JC says

    I ordered 1 set on the first date and my ship date got pushed back from July to 9/17/13. Makes no sense.

  156. thePhelps says

    @fmtransmitter… Early Reject and Fake Stamp – perfect.

    I’m waiting for someone to submit and unopened 52 uncirculated set for the Early Reject or Fake Stamp designation…

  157. Dave says

    My set(s) ordered on May 9th @ 10:04 a.m. Received on June 22. A quick look over shows coins to be beautiful. One coin appears to be variety/error!

    I haven’t got back to them yet, but will need to look at again, before confirmation.Need to also hussle them off to NGC, for that First Smacks label.

    On a side note, I received (Long ago) a roll of State Quarters with a variety (Not yet discovered), similar to Wisconsin variety. Still need to send in for Grade/Attribute.

    Not worried about silver price, as this is the calm before a huge coming storm.

  158. fosnock says

    @fmtransmitter – Just so we are clear I have no issues with grading, I buy just about all my old numismatics coins already graded, too much monkey business going on for me to take a chance on getting a fake or doctored coin. Especially as I’m buying via the Internet. However as I buy my modern coins from the source I don’t need to do the same thing with them.

    When I do want certain modern coins to be PF 70 it cheaper and easier for me to simply purchase them from a dealer. I have no problems with anyone doing that and have paid high premiums for graded PF-70 coins. I do have a problem when someone tells me a First Strike label or a Flag label or even a Retro Holder demands a premium

  159. Dan in Fla says

    Whats the record for most entries on this blog? Its hard to keep up with sometimes.

  160. high low silver says

    Monkey business is funny, but I agree !!… I’m entitled !!…. Thanks for the pics Steve !!

  161. Ferdie says

    I wonder how many sets were really produced. Instead of waiting for my sets to arrive in late August, I walked into the Philadelphia Mint today and found thery were on sale at the Mint store. I purchase five sets and was able to examine each set in advance. I subsequently cancelled my backordered original online order for the sets.

  162. high low silver says

    Hype/Monkey business? Who cares ? I’m still wondering about my Provident bullion order….. hint….hint…

  163. Paddy says

    Wow, now this is quite a few Blasts. I am a OGP collector, but I do own a few Slabs. I purchased many older coins in the 70″s and 80’s and wanted them to be authenicated, also the 2000 d Sac that only came in mint packaging. So there are times that I will use slabs. To each his own. I hope that the new Generation that reads these Blogs will better understand what coin collecting is all about. Thanks to Steve for the Pics.

  164. Silver Surfing Scott says

    Go to Google. Click on the tab at the top of the page that says YouTube.
    Type any of these phrases in; Silver Invest
    Silver Stacker
    Silver Market
    Bernake summer of 2009
    Silver & gold report
    Realist news
    China gold currency
    Click the search button. Get some headphones, and watch some people tell
    you what they think is happening in the markets. I find this more entertaining than the sensored TV News.
    Have a Nice Day! 🙂

  165. Jess says

    I ordered mine in 9/5, at first the mint said MINE WAS TO BE SHIPPED 7/11 now they say 8/8 no doubt dealers have gotten preferential treatment. Sent e-mails to NGC and the MINT and neither have responded. Their is no doubt in my mind that the Mint, dealers and NGC are doing their best to screw the little guy. I copied and pasted my order form with the actual date so someday I can show anyone that want to see it

    Track Order

    Where’s my order? If your order is shipped, click the handy link to your shipment carrier to track it to your door. Otherwise, see which items are being processed.

    If items in your order are backordered, you may cancel them by selecting the checkbox and clicking “Cancel Item(s).”To learn more about order status, please visit our Track Order FAQ #36 page

    Order number: 41503XXX

    Order Date: 05/09/2013 at 04:44 PM

    Order Status: Your order request is in process.

  166. Jess says

    Now they say my other order that was place on 5/9 well not be shipped until August, UNBELIEVABLE…..

    1 unit backordered. Expected to ship on 09/17/2013.

    Where’s my order? If your order is shipped, click the handy link to your shipment carrier to track it to your door. Otherwise, see which items are being processed.

    If items in your order are backordered, you may cancel them by selecting the checkbox and clicking “Cancel Item(s).”To learn more about order status, please visit our Track Order FAQ #36 page
    Order number: 41512XXX

    Order Date: 05/09/2013 at 09:58 PM

    Order Status: Your order request is in process

  167. Jess says

    Now the one I order on 6/6,,,, LOL, just how messed up is the mint???

    1 unit backordered. Expected to ship on 07/14/2013.

  168. Dave says

    Response to fosnock above–

    Your last sentence – yeah, funny thing about any premium due to Slab label; however, many times it does command a premium. Many people do in fact buy the slab label, as well as the coin.

    Just how the market works.

  169. Eddie says

    I find it funny and kinda sad in a way the people are complaining about the delivery dates and cancelling their orders and complain about the price also. Then go to a dealer or one of the guys on TV to buy their sets. They are cheaper from the Mint. Don’t these guys realize they are paying a lot more for what they could have gotten from Mint $50.00 to $100.00 cheaper? And it is usually the ones fussing about have to pay the $4.95 in shipping.
    I ordered some sets from the mint and will be ordering a MS70/PR70 when and if they get a little cheaper just to have a slabbed set. I know I will have some 70’s in my OGP sets.

  170. Hawkster says

    What is unique about one of the WP coins that you think is a “variety/error”? Is it something that you could alert the other posters to look for? Or, are you remaining mum for the time being in hopes that you have a rarity?

  171. Dustyroads says

    thePhelps, Funny you would mention that, I was also thinking it would be a riot if PCGS graded an early mint set with an FS label. I can only assume that even “they” would pass on it!

    Fosnock, Not long ago I bought a few 2012 uncirculated ASE’s graded by NGC, and were MS70’s. It’s crazy how much more people were expected to pay for the same coin in the other labels!! Needless to say, I got the best deal!

    I can really understand people wanting to get a coin that is minted at the very beginning, but the Mint at this time is simply not being specific about minting order enough to get exited. It would be great if the Mint had the ability to apply a tiny number in the order of production, but I doubt that will happen soon.

  172. Ridgerummer says

    I ordered 1st day my # 4150, ordered at 5:41 pm was suppose to ship on 7/24 now 8/8 another order the next day #4152 at 3:21 pm was suppose to ship on 8/8 now 9/17. I ordered 2 and 1, I ordered the first day so I could get first strike now that seems to have gone out the window if they have already started shipping. I am seriously thinking about cancelling.

  173. Dave says

    Hawkster —

    When I get a chance/home, I will look closer/again, in mean time not certain. For now everyone who recd when I did should examine their coins.

  174. fosnock says

    @Jess – Do not ever place your order number online, the mint has rectified the situation but in the past anyone with your order number could cancel your order, and they trolled these type of blogs canceling orders. Next time censor at least the last three digits like

    Order number: 41503XXX

    Nobody has a need to see your order number. Imagine your heartache if you check the status and it said canceled by customer request.

  175. thePhelps says

    @Dave – it does seem the new generation of coin collectors are simply label collectors. It is kind of morphing the coin collecting hobby into something else altogether. That is why I think it will run its course as a fad. Seriously – if you think about it with today’s technology – they can create any label they want – but – the reality is the labels will eventually stop being such a unique (because they can print anything they want) thing and ultimately it will come back to the coins. It isn’t like they are doing anything to the coins enclosed in the slab to make them more interesting or unique – they are simply using a laser printer and adding First Strike and a pretty graphic… whoopee. There is nothing in that first strike label – that makes the coins more valuable than any other coin.

    People will eventually figure that out – because people will keep telling them they are being foolish for buying in to the marketing. 5 years from now try and convince me I have to have that label – it has to be in my collection because of the significance of a First Strike label from 2013… and I will laugh then as well.

    There is no significance to the label. It is a label – the label means nothing. You can tell me all day long how people are buying these like hotcakes – and I’ll tell you again – they are paying more to get a lazer printer label saying first strike – and first strike means absolutely nothing. The coins in the slab are no better than any other coin graded the same and the label isn’t worth extra. The people buying them are naive.

    NGC last year a limited edition black holder. Obviously a lot of people bought this holder because it was a limited edition! That is limited… until next year.

  176. Hawkster says


    Yes, Jess did commit a faux pas in posting his order online. But I believe that he might still be O.K., as a last name is also needed to bring up his order.

  177. says

    Eddie, also those complaining about the $4.95 shipping, have they ever ordered from these TV shows before???? They not only have to pay more for shipping but they also charge a sales tax! Brings the price way up!
    Jess, I was surprised you gave your whole order number but then saw where that was taken care of! Your numbers 41503XXX. Mine is much lower 41499XXX to ship 8/8 and I am upset that the coins are being sold on the TV as todays special value and I don’tr even have my sets. My order number keeps getting put back. Started out 7/25 and went to 7/11 and now 8/8. I feel like I am getting someone rejects! The shows are always saying “THE MINT” blew it. This time THE MINT DID! It should have been a max of five sets per family the first week and then opened it up to how many everyone wanted. But then who knew! I watch the TV shows and there often is alot of misinformation telling people it is 100 percent silver when it may be only 90 percent.
    Thanks Steve for sharing the pictures! Next best thing to having them in hand!

  178. Hawkster says

    the Phelps:

    If there are actually label collectors out there, and I believe there are, maybe the greedy TPG companies can come up with a sideline of making up a continuing array of new and flashy labels. They could then sell the labels separately–no coins included, just labels.
    Let’s face it, people will collect almost anything.

  179. Hawkster says

    2 for r money:

    The HSN coin guy actually uses the phrase “solid silver” in referring to silver coins that are actually 90% silver, such a Morgan silver dollars. Yes, it is misleading, especially to a beginning collector.

  180. AK Bob says

    I’m not saying never buy from the mint again. But at some point the mint should be held accountable for how they run their business, because it is a business and we do have the power to let them know what we expect from them. They have expectations from us as well. You can’t change anything at the DMV for example but you can with the mint. If we don’t email/call the mint voicing our expectations/complaints then we can expect the same later on down the road. I actually don’t have a problem with the over priced sets or even the debacle with shipping. What I do have a problem is when another business makes an order that is so big that it puts order shipments off for thousands of other customers . Maybe there should be a limit for orders that ship out on new products/sets so that other folks have the same opportunity. I buy/sell/collect coins and I just would like the same opportunity to buy and sell along with anyone else even if I’m only a little guy. The way it has been done this time only the BIG guys are getting theirs while we wait. It’s smelling like a Monoply almost. Sure everyone will get their sets and everyone will be happy with them but why should so many folks have to wait and go thru this, it’s just plain unfair. I can live without this set to prove a point and hopefully the mint will re-examine their policies. A lot of folks gave their lives for this country, now that’s a sacrifice. You mean to tell me you couldn’t sacrifice a coin or two in order to make a point and possibly convince the mint to get their ducks in order????? Just a thought! In the mean time, I truly hope everyone enjoys their sets as the pictures Steve provided look gorgeous and I too appreciate you Steve for sharing. I do love the Reverse Proofs, probably my favorite for modern coins. BTW: I just got a shipping email from the mint on one of my sets that I thought I had canceled. I will probably keep this one, not sure if I will even open it as I have other Anniv Sets still sealed from the mint. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to voice my opinions even if some folks don’t agree with me. Guess I should thank all of those soldiers that made the ultimate sacrifice so I can voice my opinions. I just love our Soldiers/Veterans (past and present).

  181. Don says

    AK Bob,

    It sounds like you are softening your stand a bit by keeping at least one of the sets. You won’t regret it, as years from now the shipping fiasco will become a distant memory and you will be left with a nice set(s). Ah, go ahead, keep a few sets.

  182. simon says

    Phelps : There is a certain pride that comes from having unique mint-issued original coins in OGP make up a unique collection. No label or TPG opinion can ever reproduce or replace this pride of ownership. I prefer to have all my modern coins in OGP, and always save the mint issued sales receipt as part of my collection. I’m looking forward to my OGP encased ASE-W set, and will add it to the other anniversary/special sets sitting on my counter.

    The TPGs shamelessly discard the OGP, and once the coin is removed from the capsule it is “handled.” IMHO similar to driving a new car off the lot.

  183. ClevelandRocks says

    @Brad, Alice Paul was not a first spouse! What kind of insanity allowed her on a First Spouse coin anyhow? It’s like having coins commemorating the modern Olympics, and deciding to have a “1940 Washington DC Olympic coin” even though there was not a 1940 Olympics, but Washington, DC had a lot of stuff going on then…

  184. Don says


    Good point. As soon as you drive your new car off the dealer’s lot it becomes a used car. And as soon as an TPG opens the capsule and takes your coin out with bare hands you’ve got yourself a used coin.
    I still like the phrase, “untouched by human hands”.

  185. AK Bob says

    Not really softening just really don’t want to hassle with the return and since it’s coming I may as well keep it. I thought I had cancelled ALL of them. I’m still miffed with the mint and it will be a while before I buy from them again, if ever. I will continue to watch/read and listen to this blog so see if and when the mint does get their act together however, I won’t be holding my breathe. LOL

  186. Silver Surfing Scott says

    This site deleted my Blog about Using YouTube to find out what’s happening in the silver market. I must be telling the truth if saying go to You tube and search out silver videos like,
    Bernake summer of 2009
    is a threat to the Elite.
    Have a nise day. 🙂

  187. Mark in Florida says

    The only slabbed coins I ever bought I cracked open with a hammer and chisel since they were gold and platinum bullion at spot and I didn’t want the slabs to take up so much room in my safe deposit box.

  188. Dustyroads says

    Scott, I remember reading you post, are you sure it’s gone? Weird..Will check it out on youtube. Honestly, nothing surprises me at this point, at times I can barley stand to think about all the ways my country is being dragged down!

  189. Silver Surfing Scott says

    Yes I’m sure. I’m starting to think I should keep my mouth shut when it comes to the world currencies. I don’t want to interrupt anyones master plan.
    Oh well. Have a nice day. 🙂

  190. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Technically the enhanced surface 2013 Eagle can be considered a Proof, or Unc. Will they grade it PF, MS, or PFMS, or PMS for that matter. lol

  191. Ralph says

    Here is a question for Mint News Blog:
    The last several years I have sold Kennedy Half Dollars on ebay. I use the coins from the 200-coin P & D bags. For the last 3 years, I have seen the same thing. The Denver coins are mostly beautiful. Almost Proof-like. The Philadelphia coins are terrible. All of them. They have an off yellow color and the quality stinks. Looks like they were dropped on the floor and stomped on!
    Would there be any explaination on why this is happening?

  192. fosnock says

    @Scott- I still see your post, but for the record if it does get deleted its because this is a blog about US coin, it is not a financial blog. I would recommend that you read a bit more as taking financial advice based on Youtube videos could be hazardous to your portfolio.

    @AK Bob – I’m sorry you were not able to get your sets in time to flip them, but I’m glad you decided to keep a set.

  193. fmtransmitter says

    @Ralph: Have you seen a video or taken a tour of a US Mint? They look like walking into a parts plant in Detroit from the 1930’s, at least the P. Denver is newer and has newer equipment. They are machine shops, stamping plants, just like car parts. P is like Detroit, old. West Point’s plant is newer. I took a tour through the Federal Reserve in Kansas City once. IMO it is equipment and the type of cupro/nickel crappola that they use. For a non Silver coin I would imagine it comes down to who supplies that metal. P is close to steel town Pittsburgh and just older IMO.

  194. Dan in Fla says

    What is the U S Mint doing now? My order has been in stock and reserved with the option to cancel removed for some time now. I was sure it would ship this weekend but no luck. I guess they are not only closed for inventory but also closed for shipping and return department.
    I returned an AGE burnished coin for refund due to coin defects on 6/24/13 via USPS priority mail. The USPS left notice times two and both times response was business closed.

  195. high low silver says

    Just found out my 5 PM 1st day order will ship 8/8, and my last day order will ship 9/30 regardles what what the web site is showing.

  196. Silver Surfing Scott says

    LOL. That’s funny. This is a free blog to the collector community. All these blogs on this site are peoples opinions. You invest in what you believe to be the truth, and I’ll do the same with my portfolio. By the way, I saw a good YouTube video last-nite. Check out Realist News – Lindsey Williams Update – Kind of important regarding… It’s a good video.
    Well, Have a nice day! And be Free! 🙂

  197. fosnock says

    LOL – That all may be true but the real funny thing is that this blog is controlled by Michael Zielinski and he has in the past erased and shut down comments that are off topic. I would suggest that you take advantage of these free blogs and start your own blog but as you probably already discovered nobody is very interested in your opinions on Youtube videos or probably much of anything else, and this is why you must troll legitimate blogs to spout your off topic opinions. I can not speak for the rest of the community but I can say if I wanted to watch Youtube videos I would be on YouTube.

  198. ann says

    Gotta share on this one. My first day order now says ship 7/17/ and my last day order says ship 7/15. Man I am looking forward to my new health care via our gov!!!!!
    I better buy more PMetals!!!!!!!!!!

  199. high low silver says

    ann: your last day order will ship on 9/30. I called the US Mint……..

  200. Wes says

    After looking at descriptions and photos of coins on the internet it obvious that the Special Enhanced coin is not a true proof coin. It has been described as lightly frosted background. It will be obvious when placed next to a proof ASE.

  201. Hidalgo says

    Can someone tell me why it is so important to receive your sets so quickly? I can understand that some folks want to flip their $et$ and make a profit. And I can understand that some coin companies and collectors want the “First $trike” designation for their coins.

    OK – are there other reasons that are not profit-based? I will be happy to receive my one set in OGP and keep it for years to come.

  202. says

    Gee guess what? For those that will not get our orders until much later, tonight we can SEE them for the first time on TV! I guess it DOESN’T bother me at all! I just keep on posting how very FRUSTRATED I am and what a GOOD (excellent small time) collector I am and how loyal etc.for all of these years. I guess the MINT doesn’t read these comments as then I go and check out the status of my sets and they just get put back further! NO! They do NOT send them out in order ORDERS COME IN THEY GO OUT IN THAT ORDER as I found out with the 5 coin anniversary sets. People posted part of their order numbers and I kept track! I would not mind that the sets are for sale as a special value if I had mine in hand! I would sit and watch the show and admire my coins as sent to me right from the MINT! This time is different for me! I better quit griping and go have some lunch! Put a movie in tonight and get to bed early and miss the special value launch! Life can be tough for us little guys!

  203. says

    For Hidalgo: We do NOT flip coins, we never have! We collect and so do other members of the family. They collect but we do most of the buying! They get gifts from us! We LOVE it when we get something new and family comes to see and talk about them. We are an older couple, collected for many years.We no longer get out much anymore! Coins are little works of art for us! Some of our kids enjoy them and some say “It is just okay for a hobby!” Some grand kids don’t want to be involved BUT some are very serious. For the younger grandkids we do a History lesson and that is important to us to keep history alive. We ordered on the first day 5/9 and we looked forward to receiving them as soon as they started shipping. We did not imagine that some companies would buy up a whole lot and get them way ahead of the rest of us. We were in the ordering process early that day 1/2 hour after they officially went on sale. There is something about getting in on something early, everyone is wanting to see and talk, but after product has been around for awhile the energy is kind of lost! We kind of suspect we get sent the left overs. We always buy as soon as product is announced. We open up a new roll of quarters for example and the kids and grandkids get to see and feel and they hear all about the coins from us first. They want to use a magnifier to see detail Then when they get change they recognize the new coins and we get a phone call! They are eager for the next release! To be honest we didn’t know much about the National Parks ourselves. The grand kids want now to visit them. The shiny coins the kids and grand kids keep—they have books and maps and what have you! We hope they go on collecting. To be truthful we are not in it for the money but we do want the nicest and most perfect coins we can get and hope someday we will pass on to our family some pieces that will be worth alot of $$$$$! Nice to pass on! Better coin collecting than some of the other things going on in this world! Hope this answers your question! NOW TODAY we would want my sets! Along about August there will be something else to be excited about and this won’t be it! Sorry about that! Think whatever you will! This is what we do and we are not the only ones! Young minds are greatly influenced and this has been our way for many years. Started when I was a kid only my family collected then circulating change! Got my first silver dollar when I was 6 years old! Saw my first shiny Walking liberty 50 cent piece when I was about 8 or 9! Wanted to keep it so badly but wasn’t possible then. Paid $50 plus for one a few years back (same date) at a coin show!

    It is the July 4th holiday NOW not weeks from now and we have time to talk collecting coins! TIMING is importantI Actually there was a time in the past when we ordered something from the Mint and we were getting “a surprise” visit from our son and we had placed a nice order, We called the mint and asked if they could ship asap. They did and what a nice visit we had! Son was traveling out of the country alot then didn’t see him often and he lives in another state. It is all about TIMING with us! Guess we should have called! Thanks for reading this terribly LONG post!

  204. fmtransmitter says

    I have sat there and watched the HSN guy fumble over his words and twist and turn them and say false information. It is rather comical. When I was brand new to the hobby I watched to learn about the historical aspect of how the mint works etc and learned some great things. NOW I am seeing so many statements that are mis leading and down right false it makes me sad to know others out there that are not say “internet” savvy are wasting their money on items they think are investment grade when in fact they are make HSN rich grade.eBay, over and over, I have watched people sell what HSN sold for half or less than what they paid on HSN. So sad, so glad I did and do my research. My winner column is better than my loser so far. Loser column isn’t short though. As was mentioned before, you pay for your education one way or the other in this hobby. I love it.

  205. Junior says

    I get a kick every time I hear the coin vault hosts bellyache how they were wronged by the mint when the 2011 ASE 25th Anniversary Set had a limit of 5 per household. I enjoyed that they had minimal success in circumventing the process for that set.
    It seems the big dealers successfully lobbied the mint to their advantage and I would be surprised to see an ordering limit imposed on any popular offering going forward.
    I will patiently wait for my two sets to arrive and enjoy the anticipation of opening the box for the first time as any true collector would do.

  206. VARich says

    2fr $ – found it, comedy hour starts at midnight on HSN, sure it will provide some laughs tomorrow afterwork, can’t wait see what the special value price starts at

  207. guama says

    Ordered on the 2nd day. My two sets were pushed back to 9/17 as well. I wished I would have ordered 2 sets of 2 so I could pick the best and send the rest back. I hope I don’t receive other people’s rejects

  208. Jim says

    What’s funny to me is some people, even on this thread have received their sets. I ordered mine 3-4 hours later, but mine isn’t scheduled to be shipped until August 8th. TWO months later. Then the one I ordered, 5/9 at 8, isn’t gonna be shipped until Sept17th. WOW, three months but only 8 hours after the start of the sale.

  209. Wes says

    HSN guy says it is including the original case with order. On HSN web site it says case was made in China. Is this new or were the cases for the mints past sets made in China too?

  210. Wes says

    Never mind I think they were referring to a HSN box that they make for other sets these coins are being shipped with the GOP.

  211. says

    HSN guy just said that the silver dollar from the 1995 set minted at West Point Mint and graded PR 70 just sold for $84,000. I never had mine graded—I might split the value with grader! LOL! Sorry I will be too busy to post in the next few days busy with contacts for my special coin! YES, I HAD to watch and see what price special value was! Nosey person here!

    Special Value news for those not having TV sets—it was $399.95 for the two coin set. Fits nicely in the BLUE Mint Box! Also included was a paper to have four more coins graded at their price—but guess you pay the shipping!

  212. says

    Sorry mistake!!!! Part of the SPECIAL VALUE comes with FREE grading of four more coins—your choice! You pay the shipping!

    Actually not such a bad value! But I passed! Looking forward to seeing my coin sets!

  213. Wes says

    Yes, I didn’t want to advertise here for them but the grading is through ANACS which is not considered as good as NGC or PCGS. Includes certificate to get four more coins of your choice graded by ANACS free you pay shipping and handling. I will pass as well.

  214. Ray says

    @fosnock, I have to say, that I dont think these labels will be going away. THis is the limited edition generation who are the new coin collectors. Ive seen this same thing in the art/print collectibles, and I thought the same thin in 2003, but it’s only grown dramatically and has no signs of going away. The thinking is, that they want the limited of most limited, and to apply it to coins, they would want the most limited labels of which there is the least population of coins. I really dont think its going away. That doesnt mean I’m signing up for it, its just my opinion that we’re going to see more and more labels as the years pass. As for me, I dont yet own a graded coin, but I have signed up for NGC. I’m just too lazy to send my coins out, and honestly am still learning the differences between 69s and 70s.

  215. Ray says

    I thought I was done postng about this, but this is really bazare. I had to triple check this before posting. My 2 orders from 5/9 which had original ship dates for July have both been changed to 9/17. Yet the 2 orders that I made on 6/6 now both have ship dates of 7/15.

    So now nothing is making sense imo. If these ship dates are correct, they clearly are not shipping in order #. imo its been completely reversed now. anyone else have this too? its just really really odd. its not making me change an orders or anything. its just the weirest shipping policy and logistics i have ever seen or heard of. i dont even think i’d believe someone that told me this, so hopefully its not just my orders, for sanity’s sake. pretty insane, and i’d be really unhappy if i had not made those last minute orders. that is, if these ship dates stick. i think at this point the mint is just having fun with us. crazyness

  216. Ray says

    fyi, the only difference in these earlier ship dates, are that these orders only have 1 set per order. my sept ship dates all have multiset orders.

  217. thePhelps says

    @Ray – I agree the label generation isn’t going to go away – so the labels aren’t going any time soon. The fad will fade once they realize they aren’t getting anything special. It is called rope a dope… Also my 1st day order moved back to the 19th of July and my last day order moved up to the 14th. of July. Both were for 2 sets… so don’t expect it to stay that way.

    I had to record the HSN thing to see what they were offering. I watched it this morning and had a few chuckles. If you spent $399.95 they included a certificate for 4 more coins to be graded and the $30 original box…for over $100 in bonus items, plus you get 10% off any of the other inflated priced coins they were selling. At the end of the segment they had sold over 800 sets.

    There were some interesting things. They bought over 20,000 sets of the coins and around 20% graded (according to them) at 70’s. Then he brought out more 70’s (odd he just said these were all they had) and had a 4 coin set of the 2013 W issued coins for a mere $799.95. (proof-reverse proof-enhanced uncirculated-uncirculated) You can have all 4 for only $200 a coin plus shipping! This was actually kind of a cool set – I need one… oh wait I have all those coins and a bullion…maybe I’ll make a 2013 5 coin set and offer it up on eBay!

  218. VARich says

    Gentleman, I need to confess..,

    I feel like a failure now having missed the super special deal! I turned on the DVR only to see that for $12 S&H, I could have had my ANACS PF70 graded WP set shipped today at only $399.95.., & for the HSN cost of $470! And as a special value, I could have had 4 coins graded free AND 10% off my next purchase which I should have put towards the 3 coin ’06 ASE anny set for only $1,499.95! I’m so bummed, I think I need to go collect bennie babies!

    But those coin didn’t look smok’n hot on high def – cant’ wait for Sept.., this year or next!

  219. fmtransmitter says

    @HSN : Watched it too. Did you notice he said the Reverse Proof was minted at P Mint? What a BS’r!! Did you see him bragging about how he bought 10% of the total production? I mean this guy is one smooth talking salesman. It is such a joke. I have been a top “producer” in my “sales” field for over 3 decades and have had the best sales training out there and this guy never ceases to amaze me. If this blog will help any new collectors learn the TRUTH I will feel comfortable knowing I did my part to help people understand make sense about what to look for when buying modern coins.

  220. fmtransmitter says

    Unless the final numbers drop below 200,000 this is not going to be a rare collectible but a nice one to add none the less. He (HSN guy) swore “if there is any coin you should buy AT ALL int he history of mankind, it is this one”. He may be right. AND I did buy 2, from the Mint at $139.95 each! Did you hear him say that there is a less than 1% chance you will receive a coin that would grade 70? Meaning that the big Graders get preferential treatment because they spend lots a cash with the TPG’s and if you send one or two sets in as a little guy you will Not get that treatment! Scare tactics! OMG, un real!

  221. fmtransmitter says

    Oh, and he (HSN guy) made sure to say he loves NGC. He also said that ANACS and HSN have EXCLUSIVE rights to these LIMITED EDITION FIRST DAY OF ISSUE sets. Really? That was more entertaining to watch than many blockbuster movies I have seen and way better than a good comedy. Collectors, don’t buy into something and waste your hard earned money from TV Coin shows. If you look at ALL the HSN coins for sale, every single thing they offer is what collectors DON’T want to add to their collection because they are NOT desirable by other collectors OR coins that have been inflated SO HIGH in price that you would NEVER EVER be able to sell them for what you paid.

  222. fmtransmitter says

    IMO find a good Dealer with a LONG reputation for honesty and integrity and allow them to make a living but be smart and do your homework…Have a great day!

  223. Micro says

    Regarding the *big* purchasers getting their orders filled before ours, I had a thought. I purchase all of my coins from the mint using a credit card. I have seen that when the order is first being processed, it goes to a status of “hold”. The mint has the following info in their FAQ:

    If an order has outstanding issues-such as credit card holds, household order limit violations, or address verification conflicts, the next orders in line can be fulfilled before the one with outstanding issues. While the issues for an order are being worked out, the status of an order may display “hold” during this time. Once the outstanding issues are resolved, the order is reinserted next in line. Accordingly, such reinserted orders will not be processed for shipment in the same sequence as their order numbers.

    So now I’m wondering if it would be worthwhile to buy gift certificates for those items where ship date is important. Any thoughts on this? Anyone have experience with using the gift certificates?

  224. fmtransmitter says

    @Micro:I bet the Mint would love you to buy the GC’s! They will make interest on that money. Don’t think you will get “special” treatment in ordering process though.

  225. thePhelps says

    Micro – unless you have issues with your card or past order issues… the flag is nothing special. I’ve had subscriptions and a few days before they process the subscription the ping your credit card – if that goes through you get your shipment a few days later. So – unless your actually having general order issues – there isn’t anything you are going to gain us a GC.

  226. Roger says

    Just splendid … sarcasm ….

    After reading a few comments on this board I went and checked my remaining two orders for 3 sets each – Yeap …. they changed the ship date to 07/19/2013 – and I ordered these the very first day about 2pm.

    So there are now 6 less sets that the mint needs to produce.

  227. Micro says

    Thanks for your comments fm and tP. I was just trying to come up with a reason why the HSN’s out there with their mega-orders would get fulfilled before ours. If your credit card order goes to “hold” for a couple hours while they are processing it, then it looks like it goes to the back of the line, and the big purchasers who probably buy using a PO or line of credit cut in front of you.

  228. fmtransmitter says

    @Micro: As mentioned before, the bigger DEALERS have Direct Contacts they work with at the good ol US MINT. It has to be that way when your dealing with hundred’s of thousands of dollars.

  229. fmtransmitter says

    BTW if you watched the HSN show, the “salesman” said you would get these right away. I went to the website and it said expected delivery of 8/8. So there was another line of BS he spouted…

  230. Brad says


    Regarding the gift certificates, unless something has changed in recent months, they were NOT able to be used in placing online orders. You had to call to use gift certificates. It always seemed insane, since they call them e-gift certificates. An “e” gift certificate that can’t be used online! It gives you a field to enter the number in, but it would NEVER recognize it. Go figure.

  231. Jack says

    My order for 20 placed on the first day of sales about 40 minutes after sales started lost it’s cancel box on Friday. I’m expecting to have them by this Friday cause even of they are shipped Wednesday UPS will still get them here here in two days. We’ll see.

  232. Chuck says

    Wes says:

    June 30, 2013 at 3:04 pm

    After looking at descriptions and photos of coins on the internet it obvious that the Special Enhanced coin is not a true proof coin. It has been described as lightly frosted background. It will be obvious when placed next to a proof ASE.

    Wes, you are right. The Enhanced field is not a “mirror”. Has a touch of frosting.

  233. gatortreke says

    I received an e-mail from the US Mint today informing me my WP set ordered the evening of 5/9 (first day available), order # 4151XXXX, is backordered and is expected to ship 9/17/2013.

    I know I wasn’t one of the earliest orders of the first day but not receiving the product until 3 months after the ordering closed, 4 months after the product was made available for order and 2.5 months from today seems like a long time frame, especially since shipping has already commenced for the earliest orders.

  234. billrod says

    I received a GC for Father’s Day and it says:

    “Select the item(s0 you want from our online catalog. Enter theumber belo in the E-Gift Certificate box at the end of checkout”.

    There is no mention of needing to call in to place an order with a GC. I’ll see what happens when I’m ready to use it.

  235. billrod says

    Sorry for all the typos in my first attempt

    I received a GC for Father’s Day and it says:

    “Select the item(s) you want from our online catalog. Enter the number below in the E-Gift Certificate box at the end of checkout”.

    There is no mention of needing to call in to place an order with a GC. I’ll see what happens when I’m ready to use it.

  236. Brad says


    Yes, hopefully the Mint has addressed that gift certificate issue by now. In the past, they would not work for online orders. The person you talked to when you called to use the certificate even admitted that, but they were “working” on it. It’s been a long time since I’ve used one, so maybe the online process works by now. I guess you’ll find out!

  237. VARich says

    Heads-up CO and AtB fans…

    A little later than I anticipated though I appreciate the heads up from the mint!

    Ft. McHenry National and Historic Shrine Quarter Launch

    Date and Time: September 13, 2013, 10 a.m. ET
    Ft. McHenry National and Historic Shrine
    2400 E. Fort Ave.
    Baltimore, MD 21230

  238. stephen m says

    another one out the door thank you………….these wont last long……….how many are left now? …………..2 more out the door…………….congratulations to everyone that has taken advantage of these sets………another one out the door thank you………..

  239. Don says


    Because of the thousands of WP orders on the first (5/9) day, it would seem to make a big difference as to what time of day you placed your order. I recall the website shutting down for awhile around 1:30 EST. I guess the orders placed before the shutdown have the best chance of getting out earlier–but who knows?

  240. Silver Sam says

    Thank you for helping us make great profits!!!..this set will go up in value in the years ahead….you wait and see!

  241. VARich says

    @ gatortreke – what time did you order on the evening of the 9th?

    If other’s comments above are correct, I’m thinking we’re down to around the 4:30 p.m. orders for on the 9th for shipment.

  242. VARich says

    If I had to guess.., maybe we’re 2/3rds of the way through Day 1 orders?

    Date Increase Total
    5/10/2013 138,514 138,514
    5/13/2013 44,259 182,773


  243. Matt says

    Order Date: 05/09/2013 at 12:33 AM
    Order number: 41482xxx

    2013 AM EAGLE SILVER 2-COIN SET (WP) 2 $139.95 $279.90 2 units shipped on 07/01/2013

    Doing the happy dance…

  244. VARich says

    @ thePhelps – thanks, I’m literally 24 hours behind you and at 9/30. I’m gonna stop hurting my head over this…, they show when they show.

    Time for a new topic – or what was the original topic, think that was lost 275 posts ago…

  245. says

    I haven’t checked the Mint site yet today BUT I got an e-mail from the Mint today telling me that they regret to inform me but my order is now on BACK ORDER! I have had FOUR shipping dates so far! First was 7/25 and then 7/11 and back to 7/25 and recently 8/8. I ordered the FIRST day 5/9. Was on the computer all morning and I did get caught in that computer mess where no orders could be taken for awhile.

    Yes, there is alot of misinformation on HSN! And the guy is forgetful. Once he mentioned the W silver dollar 1995 set which had gold coins and the silver dollar sold at auction for $84,000 and a few minutes later he said it sold for $85,000. This is hype to get people to buy so that they could possibly get a coin worth alot of $$$$$’s. I was amazed to go to the HSN site and read about the coin set and to discover they won’t be shipping until 8/8. I felt ALOT happier then in my situation! My sets will come some time?????? WHO knows! I think this has the longest thread ever!

  246. says

    And I just re-read what I wrote and I guess it isn’t clear what I wrote either—–THE SILVER DOLLAR COIN (West Point Mint) from the 1995 set and ONLY that SILVER COIN sold at auction for $84,000 according to Mike Mezack and NOT the whole set which had gold coins too! I am starting to feel “Nutty’ over this whole thing!

    I did tape the show. Last I heard 1300 sets were sold. If they run out of the one that ANAC graded then they will come up with ones from another grading company like NGC or PCGS. No one will want to miss out on the opportunity to sell! More show time at noon PT and again tonight 7 to 9 PT. See you there! LOL!

  247. high low silver says

    Order date 5/9 @ 5PM…. updated ship date pushed ahead to 8/8 via email////// 6/9 order @ 4PM will update to 9/30 once 7/13 arrives which is the date it is showing now////// the Mint software will automaticly update once your ship date comes aound. Simple 🙂

  248. thePhelps says

    VARich on the other hand:

    Order Date: 06/06/2013 at 12:21 AM (note AM is actually PM)

    2 units backordered. Expected to ship on 07/16/2013.

    I am not going to lose sleep over the mints process failures…

  249. Hawkster says

    It’s funny, but the Coin Vault has the WP set for $299., graded by NGC or PCGS. The HSN guy introduced his WP set last night for a full $100. more at $399. But wait, he’ll include a voucher for ANACS to grade four coins of your choice. Yipee!

  250. Wes says

    On Mint Products website the had 16 70 pre-order sets for 279. This morning it says sold out. Do you think they pulled them for repricing or suddenly sold all of them? Still plenty of Graded 69 sets for 170 Haven’t sold any of those since last night.

  251. Wes says

    Chuck, thanks for letting me know. That seemed to be part of the original topic but many are preoccupied with when they can expect their orders.

  252. thePhelps says

    Hawkster… the guy was hyping the fact that his were serialized. You won’t get a First Day issue serialized set anywhere else… I am shocked with all the gotta haves FS that he didn’t sell out instantly.

    He also implied they were only getting about 20 to 25% 70’s – and elsewhere someone check PCGS and they have been grading about 70% – 70’s.

    I ordered my graded 70 set a couple of weeks ago for $239 at Goldmart. They were slated to ship next week – haven’t checked the status of them since.

  253. Eddie says

    Well my order has finally hit the bank and there is no cancel box and are suppose to be shipped out 07/04/13. Now you know no one is going to be there to pick it up or to send it out.
    But what a relief is is just knowing they are on their way………WOW

  254. high low silver says

    Congrats Eddie on your order !!! Congrats again on being comment # 300 !!

  255. Wes says

    FYI,I don’t know what the record is for most comments on one topic. This one has a long way to go. There were over 900 comments made on one after the 2011 25th Anniversary ASE set went on sale.

  256. VARich says

    2013 American Eagle Platinum Reverse is now shown on the mint’s website –

    I’m disappointed that they chose not to employ the special frosting enhancements – it’ll be a pass for cowboy

  257. Smiledon says

    Getting off topic here, but has anyone here voted on the kid’s baseball designs?

  258. gatortreke says

    @VARich: my order was placed about 8:30 pm, not early like so many, but not exactly late in the ordering process either.

  259. Dan in Fla says

    Matt- Thanks for your entry. Mine is right after that and will soon ship, I hope. My order #41483xxx and 41484xxx placed 20 minutes apart are supposed to ship 7/2/13. Nothing yet. First order placed 1245

  260. Hawkster says

    the Phelps:

    When anyone, or his heirs, goes to sell one of HSN’s so-called “serialized WP 70 sets” to a dealer years from now, the dealer could care less about any serialization or FDOI designation. He might not even care that much if it has a 70 grade on it, as the predominant number of WP sets will be this grade anyway, graded or not. The dealer will pretty much know the grade through his own close examination–he’ll buy the coin, not the grade.

  261. Don says

    high low silver,

    If you ever make it up to Cooperstown, NY, the quaint village has many baseball memorabilia shops, including vintage baseball equipment. You’ll see plenty of “my father’s gloves” in the shops. There is some pretty cool stuff up there for sale, including original seats from long-demolished ball parks.

  262. thePhelps says

    Smiledon…just glancing through them now:

    “In baseball, you don’t know nothing” (The Blind Hit)

    Might take a while to see them all… looks like some fun ones in there.

  263. high low silver says

    I’m still wondering about the 150 annv of Gettysburg… Its happening now..

  264. Larry says

    Good ol’ HSN has the WP set for $399.00. They will have it on their show tonight, so at least you can get a good look at what most of us haven’t got from the mint yet.

  265. Chadster says

    HSN has now sold over 2200 of the 2547 First Day of Issue WP Sets at RP70 & EU70 from ANACS for 399.95 plus Mint Box/COA and 4-Coin Grading Certificate.

    Who’s jumping in for the last 300+ or so left???

  266. Drew says

    Normally I get in there early, but I was unable to this time. I was a couple days late and my 5 sets are backordered of course and show shipping on 9/17. Oh well I am not going to fret about it. They get here when they get here. Can’t wait to see them 😉

  267. john says

    my order of two sets shiped today,order on 5-9-13 at 12;45.check card was charge today.did that guy on hsn give mint worker any free set.

  268. gumbyen says

    I ordered two sets at 1:04 the first day. They were supposed to ship July 4th (however that was supposed to happen). I just looked at the mints site and they have shipped! I ordered two more sets twenty minutes later – they still have a July 17th shipping date.

  269. Hawkster says

    You ordered two sets at 1:04 on 5/9 and a mere 20 minutes later ordered two more? Jeez, you could have saved yourself $4.95 in shipping if you ordered the four sets together initially.

  270. high low silver says

    I wanna trade my 2012 set for a 2013 set! Anyone wanna deal ?? LOL !!

  271. fmtransmitter says

    @hls: HA! Good one…!!! Remember, if there “is ONE coin on the entire planet earth you must have and buy, it is this one AND the reverse proof 2013 is like a BONUS coin!!””…

  272. gumbyen says

    True on the shipping, but it took me that long to convince a relative to order 2. The second order was theirs.

  273. Don says

    Hi low silver:

    Trade a ’12 set for a ’13 set? Only if you pay for my travel expenses for a weekend in Cooperstown to see my father’s gloves. Hey c’mon, a TV commercial for “I Love NY” which shows a snippet from Cooperstown isn’t going to give you the experience of actually being there and running the bases at Doubleday Field.

  274. Matt says

    I got a call from Provident metals today. I left a negative post on the 5 oz The Perry’s Victory & Peace Park ATB coin I bought recently I told them how bad my coin looked, like many of you commented on. They are sending me a call slip and replace the coin with a better one. I thanked them and told them I heard they had a better rep than the coin I got, which I got here on this blog (their rep). They said the coin was directly from an open box and that’s the way they got them from the mint. I am very happy with their customer service.

  275. Mark in Florida says

    @fmtransmitter, Whaddya mean the Mint makes the interest on the money? With the Fed’s ZIRP, there’s no such thing as interest any more!

  276. Jack says

    Micheal should really consider making a forum for this website. These long pages of comments get hard to follow.

  277. says

    @ Jack when you get through reading the comments, write down the name of whose comment you read last and the number of comments that were posted! It helps so that you don’t have to go over all of the ones you might have read before! Saves time! I DO like to read the comments and find them very helpful.

    I am thinking on the Buffalo Proof! Is the price going to stay over the 4th or do you think it has a chance to go lower? Maybe the Mint won’t change the price since they won’t be working on the 4th? Thanks! I have money since my WP sets aren’t shipping until Aug!

  278. VARich says

    @ Matt – thanks for sharing, that addresses a lot of concerns and validates a recent experience I had. Appreciate the specifics!

    @ High Low…., Sir, you may want to inquire with Mr. Smooooth at HSN on your trade request – and say you’ll throw in a new silk tie.., …to replace that orange caution flag thing he was wearing and 8 free graded coins (that you’ll do yourself).., the Phelps was right, there were ‘a few’ chuckles over that painful hour

    I’m surprised the lack of laser frosting on the platinum coin didn’t garner more comments, guess it doesn’t have that much of a following.

  279. VARich says

    @ 2fr $ – I think Jack is referring to the use of a droid smart phone or tablet, in which case you have to refresh and scroll all the way down.., Lord help my thumb if this makes it to 400 post!

  280. fmtransmitter says

    @Mark in Florida:

    ZIRP? Please expand. I am here to LEARN. I cannot learn if I don’t empty the cup so although some my posts have been on the “empty” side, I would much rather “fill”. Please enlighten me…Thank you in advance…

  281. Erik H says

    I just went to the HSN web page to see their pics of the WP set and now I can see the difference in the “enhanced” eagle’s field vs. the regular proof. This is going to look really good in a 5 coin set I’m making using an old 2011 anniversary case.

  282. fmtransmitter says

    Just saw another one of Jesse James OGP 2013 sets go for $272 + on eBay. Making my 2 graded 70’s looking pretty good….for now…

  283. Jack says

    @2 for, good idea about writing down the name and number of comments.

    @ VARich, its actually not very hard for me to scroll down all the way to the bottom with my Galaxy Nexus, takes about 4 rapid flicks to scroll all the way down.

    It would be really nice to have a forum though, because often times many different things are talked about in one of these long comment pages. I realize that it would be a lot of work, and money if something like vbulletin was used.

  284. says

    I would have liked the laser frosting on the platinum coin but I think it also is beautiful as is even tho I would have preferred the one with no gears.
    Also MR. Smooooth did sell out all of the product on HSN and even told WHY we are getting our coins much later. According to him the Mint only had 90 boxes and so the rest of the orders cannot ship until they get more boxes! 90 lucky people who ordered their coins first got shipment. I guess he was part of the 90???? Some how I just don’t buy it! If true Mint should have been more prepared. Well then until tomorrow and wondering up or down with GOLD!

  285. high low silver says

    Don : The commercial was a full blown Cooperstown Hall of Fame, no I love NY mentioned.

  286. high low silver says

    If no more of the Enhanced or RPs are issued later this year, this set will stay in demand IMO. Wish that MAH set would sell out soon.

  287. Hidalgo says

    There may be no more enhanced or RP ASEs this year, but I’d be willing to bet that there will be more offered next year or the years that follow.

    Considering the huge mark up in price from the current market price for silver bullion, you know that the US Mint is making a handsome profit on selling these special ASE sets. Of course, collectors, speculators, and investors are buying them, so there’s no end in sight for what future ASE offerings we will see in the future…!

  288. Dan in Fla says

    Finally I got a hit on the U S Mint site. I just checked and my five pack has shipped this AM . The order #41484xxx went before my other order 41483xxx so maybe they are going backwards. Most likely because the latter is a larger order.

  289. says


    I am disappointed by the news that they don’t seem to have thought about using the new laser tech on the platinum coins. Perhaps the speculation about production problems with the new laser technology was correct.

    Unfortunately, the platinum eagle series has never been that popular. I suspect part of the reason is due to price and the still relatively limited acceptance of platinum as a store of value when compared to gold/silver. I personally like platinum and think the mint has released several excellent platinum coins, but with a limited budget I can only afford so much.

    I do not think I have ever heard of someone who collects platinum coins over gold or silver, either. Most people who buy them seem to do so as sort of an “aside” to collecting gold and silver coins, with any money remaining left over after they’ve bought their gold and silver pieces.

  290. Dan in Fla says

    I just checked out the reverse design on the Platinum eagle for 2013. Upon further inspection I will definitely be investing in one of these. Check out Liberty’s image with the zoom. Even though they didn’t use the lasers it will be a beautiful addition to any collection. Have you seen the back date prices of these issues.

  291. Chris says

    My order is 4149xxxx and I got an e-mail on july 1st saying it was backordered and the expected ship date was 8/8.

  292. john says

    if you buy hsn set at 399.00 you can get 3 set from the mint.I would bet in five years the ogp sets will go up and make more money then hsn set.

  293. Don says

    Excellent point, John. And you will get coins from the Mint that have been untouched by human (grader’s) bare hands.

  294. IPS_STUFF says

    JOHN & DON –

    Only a few issues with your thoughts –
    1) – Can’t seem to get the mint to send my order, they are good at TAKING orders, not so good a filling the orders.
    2) – if you did not already order from the mint, then secondary market is where you will have to shop now.

  295. thePhelps says

    IPS – based on the server being down from about 1 to 3 my time on the openning day… I am questioning you first thought.

    I watched the HSN show and really really wanted to order a set… and then I thought – wait – I’ve already done that didn’t I?

    Did anyone else catch the follow up show on HSN where the guy was hawking his PF69 and EU69 coins? This time he made it a point to emphasis he HAS these coins. He also was selling the 69’s for $350 a set yesterday – but they will be over $400 today.

  296. Robertson says

    What a disgrace to A.A. Weinman’s fine work… and the hyperbole surrounding these reruns is almost as deplorable. The Mint should stop tampering with these classic designs, which they do for marketing purposes only, and start producing contemporary designs that reflect the 21st century. Compared to what’s going on in world coin design today, the United States once again is decades behind the times. How sad.

  297. Dan in Fla says

    Robertson- At least we can be thankful that the U S Mint doesn’t do the colored coins like the PM. I’m not a fan of those colorized coins and it seems that is all the PM can do. Just check Michael’s other blog World mint blog for their new releases.

  298. fosnock says

    @ Robertson – When I see the Perth Mint produce 40 Million bullion coins on top of their collector items I might complain about re-run designs until then if its working don’t fix it, or why mess with a classic. If you want US coins with design changes buy ATB coins, silver commemorates or even FS gold coins.

    @fmtransmitter – ZIRP = zero interest-rate policy (ZIRP) is a macroeconomic concept describing conditions with a very low nominal interest rate, such as those in contemporary Japan and, since December 16, 2008, in the United States. Under ZIRP, the central bank maintains a 0% nominal interest rate.

  299. says

    @ Captain O I have a preference for the platinum coins! I am buying the Preamble Series. It is VERY important to me to be able to complete this series. I have also bought platinum coins (sets) before this series began.
    I watch the fellow Mike on HSN. The voice (yelling) gets to me and so I can only watch so much. Have to tape it so I can listen only to certain parts. Part of “2 for” listens to it all, but doesn’t buy from them.
    If TRUE and this being SAID on national TV that the MINT is waiting for BOXES to be sent from China there NEEDS to be some concessions made on this WP series as to grading on this set for early releases by the grading companies. I think someone said cut off was 7/17. I ordered the first day in the morning and today see where my order has been moved back again. 281,310 two coin sets were all minted at the same time same day. This is a small number of coins! I don’t have mine graded but there HAS to be more fairness in this situation! The 30 day rule for this set doesn’t apply! Just MHO!

  300. fmtransmitter says

    IMHO I love CERTAIN colorized numismatics. My NIUE Birds of Prey set is awsome IMO. I also love the “old school” look.

    Agree with Robertson about A A Weinman and marketing tatics.

  301. thePhelps says

    Not sure I understnad the issue with the mint selling the Walking Liberty… seems to me Mr. Weinman was onboard for the original plan to sell the coin in the 1st place. He did after all design the coin to be put into circulation in 1916.

    Speaking of which – I wonder if there is a celebration planned for that date in the design…

    I thought I heard the guy retract the “boxes from China” quip later on in the broadcast?

  302. VARich says

    Hay, Hay, Hay…, here we go –

    The United States Mint is announcing a price of $74.95 for the 2013 5-Star Generals Profile Collection.

    @tPhelps – what’cha think? Unc Dollar and Half = $76.90

  303. Hawkster says

    2 for r money:
    I don’t understand your comment that “281,310 two coin sets were all minted at the same time same day”, as this would be physically impossible. In all likelihood, the Mint made up an initial mintage of several thousand sets, perhaps 100,000 or so, and upped the mintage over a time period according to the number of orders placed. It is even possible that they are still producing new sets to fulfill all the orders. Remember, these are collector coin sets, not circulating coinage that is spit out of machines millions per day.

  304. thePhelps says

    @VARich – tough call… I had originally thought they might do a 3 coin set – but that price has me also thinking 2 coins and your guess is probably about right – or it could be proofs – including a price drop on the silver dollar…

  305. VARich says

    @thePhelps – a silver Ike, the clad, and some stamps really don’t get you to $74 bucks…, should be interesting. Ike and Comm dollar with a medal thrown in may…???

  306. KEITHSTER says

    Seem’s to me maybe a little case of insider trading? Say your a big dog so you call your friend at the mint ask hey how many you got made already? O thanks that’s just how many I was going to order anyway but on second thought better leave a 100 or so or the little dog’s will start barking case closed and sew up the ER’s & FS’s nicely done? Any how don’t need any of those My orders went in on 6-3 & 6-5 both for the same amount due to ship 9-30 two day’s ago the 6-3 changed to 9-17 but the 6-5 order to 7-16 ? but it’s ok both back to 9-17 just the mint working it’s magic? Good luck to us all still plenty of time to cancel before they do :>

  307. Jack says

    Yay my order of 20 just shipped today.

    Order number: 41482XXX

    Order Date: 05/09/2013 at 12:39 AM

    Order Status: Your order request has been shipped.

    2013 AM EAGLE SILVER 2-COIN SET (WP) 20 units shipped on 07/02/2013

  308. Erik H says

    So far PCGS has Certified 1,589 Enhanced Eagles as MS70 & 1,503 Reverse Proofs as PR70.

  309. Silver Sam says


    Is there possibly another subject thread in the near near future. I have grown weary of when an order was placed, when an order was shipped, when an order was received, and the quality of the order.

    Any comment other than above is usually interesting and informative. I am sure some here agree!

    Some of you have way too much time on your hands!

  310. fmtransmitter says

    In defense of, SILVER SAM: When you see the subject thread change at the top that would be a good indicator that we are on to a new subject. Agreed about posts when an order shipped is not needed but being done due to the US Mint’s unscrupulous way they handled the S&H of these coins.

  311. high low silver says

    Silver Sam : You can always visit another site……..Try World Mint News blog…..

  312. Ray says

    @EricH, thx for the stats. Any idea how many 69s were graded of each? I’m wondering what percentage of submissions are getting 70s.

  313. says

    @Silver Sam I guess that is what retirement is all about! Some extra time on your hands to enjoy the little things of life you didn’t have time for before like special hobbies and more quality time with grandkids! I like reading about what people think about the coins, when they get them in what condition etc. I have been collecting for years yet learned alot here! Have alot more to learn it seems. I get magazines read other sites too. I am now interested in getting a book about how ones heirs should go about handling a coin collection. The spouse coins are coming out in Dec. 2013 and I wonder about the 3.8% tax being imposed on coin purchases due to Obama Care. Maybe you can enlighten us on that?

  314. Ridgerummer says

    Just checked my status again and the 5/9 order got moved back another day, now 8/9. I am through with the Mint. I will just scope out auction sites and pick up what I want when I think the price is right. The way silver is going most eagles and ATB should be going down.

  315. Don says


    Hang in there. I know, it’s easy for me to say since I have already received my sets. But they are beautiful and worth the wait. Be patient and you’ll be rewarded with a helluva good looking pair of coins.

  316. Jack says

    @ Ridgerummer, unfortunately, non bullion eagles, non bullion ATBs, or limited sets won’t be going down in price much on the secondary market because of the price that the sellers bought them at. Nobody is going to sell proof eagles, ATBs, or special sets like this one at less then the mint’s price just because silver is lower. I know you are frustrated, but it’s not worth spending the extra money buying on the secondary market. The mint will get your money either way, if you buy from them directly or through a third party.

  317. Jim says

    Have any of you sent in coins to be graded by PCGS?? I sent in 2 uncirculated silver dollars, they received them on the 25th, nothing came up on my account page so I sent off an e-mail to them on the 1st. Lo-and-behold they came up today. Is it normal for packages to sit around for 6 days before they even look at them??

  318. Mark in Florida says

    @fmtransmitter sorry for the delay in answering, sometimes I have to stay off the fun sites to get some work done.
    ZIRP is the Federal Reserve’s Zero Interest Rate Program. When the treasury issues bonds to cover the debt they auction to the lowest (interest rate) bidder. Normally investors bid 3% or 5% or whatever, but the FR is now buying $85 billion a month and bidding the rate down to zero. So retirees with savings and anyone with a bank account also gets nearly zero interest.
    used to be you could get 3% or 6% or sometimes even 12% interest. Now zero. This kind of artificial manipulation of the investment market has never in history been done before and no one knows how it will end. Maybe hyperinflation, the dollar being worthless, worldwide financial collapse? No one knows. In most scenarios gold and precious metals should be king. We shall see. I am buying with every extra dollar.
    You are wise to want to keep learning. You will do well.

  319. fmtransmitter says

    @Mark in Florida: Thank you. Yes, it reminds me of about 5 years ago when I moved to the sunshine state and had a bit of windfall in my pocket, largest of my life, and opened up a checking account and the interest I received the following month was 5% and was a nice chunk of change. It was the first time I had received “free” money. Then it went away and I wondered why. That was when the real estate and markets crashed soon after. “Free money” is NOT free money. Somewhere it has to come. Your answer cleared things up for me. Appreciate all the posters and knowledge sharing here. Thank you all.
    UPDATE: I WILL be receiving my NGC sets with the ER designation. AGAIN, to me it does not matter but if I were to have to sell them I know there will be folks that will battle for those over a non ER label. Silly…

  320. says

    @ Hawkster Yes, I do think that most of the coins were made in a day or so apart. It does take time to set the machines up! From last years ordering the Mint should have expected that at least the same number of sets would be ordered this year especially since one coin in this set was a FIRST and therefore very special.

    @Ridgerummer My order also got put back another day from 8/8 to 8/9. Lets just hope they come alot sooner. Good luck to the both of us! Appears to be a VERY special coin set.

    @ All of the rest of the folks that watched HSN I did tape the shows. That Mike M is something else, alot of hype to sell out all of his coins! Yes, he did say in his very last show that 90,00 orders went out and that the rest of the people that had ordered this coin set from the Mint would be waiting until Oct/Nov to get their sets—-waiting for the Mint to get more boxes. So they all sold asap! Last ditch effort to get them all sold!

    For all of the NEW coin collectors, one grading company sells out all of their LIMITED First Day releases (PF 70’s) but then another grading company comes out with more also limited quantity with their name on them. I think there are THREE well known grading companies ANACS NGC and PCGS. So if you miss one there will be another opportunity for First Day (PF 70’s)

  321. craig945 says

    Just cancelled boatloads of subscriptions from the mint. My first 4 hour order has now been pushed back to behind any TV show order.

  322. fmtransmitter says

    We are all learning something here craig945…Including the US Mint…

  323. fmtransmitter says

    We are all learning something here craig945…Including the US Mint…

  324. djohn422 says

    After reading this blog for years I finally decided to comment about the current WP Eagle set. Many of your frustrations are felt by me. Someone posted that they bought five sets in Philadelphia at the mint and I called today and confirmed that they do in fact still have some sets available. my order on 5/9 at 12:15 was suppose to ship on June 17 and it has been pushed back several times like many of you. I called the today and they are sticking to their lie about first in first out. I received an e-mail on 1 july stating that my order shipped on 28 june 2013 no tracking info available as of 3 July prompted my call to US Mint I was told by them to expect my two set on Monday 8 July 2013. I think I am going to cancel my 6/9 order for September delivery

  325. djohn422 says

    Is this post dead. When is the best time to post. Am I waiting for Michael for moderation.

  326. JagFan says

    Have you guys seen where HSN is selling a 5 coin perfect set (ANACS) of the 2013 Eagles for $900? You get the Two Coin Set, the Proof, The Uncirculated W & the Bullion…

    If anyone plans on buying this LIMITED EDITION set, let me know and I have a few other things to sell to you too! LOL

  327. Don says


    There is no need to buy this $899. set from HSN–just make up your own set by buying an empty 2011 25th anniversary silver eagle box off of Ebay for about $15. and place the five 2013 West Point silver eagles in it. There go, you’ve made up your own limited edition set, and who cares if it is not graded.

  328. Jess says

    I can’t believe what I am hearing about the mint. I guess when the government gets involved, it’s never about whats in the best interest of the citizens of America. Being a combat vet, that’s pretty hard for me to say. But for the Mint to sell sets off the shelf and not ship to those who ordered the 1st few hours, is as BAD as it gets. I bought one off of ebay Sat. and am going to get it today. But the sets I ordered back on 5/9 won’t get shipped until 8/9. 3 months later, but some guy in Philly can walk in and get one today, GEEZ…. How many companies would still being doing business if they worked like this??

  329. thePhelps says

    @Jess – I am quite skeptical that you can walk into a mint location and buy this set. The sales counter stopped… you can’t order these and they aren’t able to ship them fast enough as it is. Unless someone can post proof they are able to buy these as a walk up item – I am calling BS.

  330. djohn422 says

    @Jess I am also a retired Navy Vet and I live in Philadelphia and as the Phelps says I too was skeptical when I read earlier in this blog that someone had walked into the The Philadelphia Mint and purchased Five sets. Since I was able to go to the mint after calling first and see the set this is not BS. If I had not confirmed my Two sets will arrive on Monday 8 July 2013 I would have purchased one set and canceled my set that was placed on 6/5. I placed two orders one on the first day for two sets and one on the day before the sales counter ended. I am not a flipper per say and they are actually my heroes. Anyone who can make a few bucks profit outside of these TV hacks has my blessing. I read all of the blog concerning the 25 th anniversary sets and I was able to place Three orders for a total of 5 authorized sets on the first day It took about four hours. This new 30 day window was applied in 2012 to appease those who were unable to get sets from 2011. Even tho there are no limits on how many you can buy the system is still stacked against anyone who can’t send a wire transfer. I know my sets are coming and I am babbling on but that doesn’t change the unethical practices the Mint is under taking.

  331. says

    I got yet another e-mail from the Mint today. Not the usual format they use but telling me my order that was to ship on 8/8 will now ship on 8/9. It is a system generated e-mail but doesn’t look quite like the ones received in the past! Anyone else get this today?

    Happy 4th everyone! Have a great day!

  332. Jess says

    I receive my set that I bought off ebay yesterday. I have to say they are pretty awesome and I really like the enhanced one. I am confused on why the label says it as an MS and not a PR. It is obviously struck with a die that is very similar to a proof die. Yes, I have read about it being struck 3 times and what not. In my way of thinking it is WAAAAY far from being an MS coin and would have to be considered a special proof.
    I actually gave some thought to cancelling one of my orders, but not now, flat out nice coins.

  333. stephen m says

    2 for r money, yes i received the same one with same dates. I ordered @ 4:39 pm first day. It’s a down right dirty shame ain’t it?

  334. john says

    not only is the mint slow,so is the way they mail the set,my left on 7-01-13 will not get it till 7-11-13,fedx is fedx this slow, I know the post office is not this slow

  335. djohn422 says

    Hello All I received my two sets today @1:45 from USPS even tho the mint rep stated they would be arriving 7/8/13 by way of FEDEX. I’m glad that I got back from super market when I did the postal carrier was walking up just as I got to my door. I was not expecting any delivery today and I was never able to track my sets from my account.
    @ Ruger My order was41479xxx also on the first day and you still received on Tuesday before me. I wish everyone good luck in getting their sets. I must say this has been an experience for me.

  336. djohn422 says

    Going back to the beginning of this blog I see that steve who provided the photos for everyone ordered at 12:12 and thanks for the photos. My time was only 3 minutes behind him at 12:15. I was not planning on getting my sets certified and certainly don’t care about FS/ER mumbo jumbo. I am concerned about the way many of us have been treated in the process. Even after receiving my first two sets and they look great I can’t seem to get a grip on this unbelievable process

  337. djohn422 says

    After inspection of the two sets I received the mint did a great job on these coins I have all four Anniversary Sets and I must send out Kudos to West Point I could not find even the most minor imperfections on these coins I really like the enhanced uncirculated coin by I gotta say this may be the best looking reverse proof of all anniversary sets IMO. At this time it may be the largest mintage of these sets but the coins still need to pop when you consider the premium. I used an 8X lupe and I could not find any wrong obverse or reverse. Now if they could only get their order taking and shipping together.

  338. rpw says

    Finally received my sets todays. My order # was 41479XXX.
    I can’t say that I’m as impressed with these coins as others seem to be.
    They are just ok. ALL of the Enhanced coins seem to have a “blemish” on the obverse directly above “In God We Trust”. It almost appears “scratched” when viewing at an angle. I did not remove from the Mint Capsule so it is possible that it is that the blemish is from the actual mint capsule but I really doubt it.

  339. says

    I called the Mint today and talked to a very nice lady, but she couldn’t tell me what the hold up was on mailing out these WP sets. I threw a lot of possibilities her way—–no boxes, more had to be ordered from China, the glitch in the ordering process, the BIG companies ordering, HSN’s special value orders, the fact the sets were suppose to be made to order by customers (yet the Philadelphia Store) supposedly sold five sets to someone who walked in from the street! What? What? I asked! No real answer was given! So we wait and see some more. I told her that the Mint should have been better prepared as they could figure out the same people that bought the 25th anniversary sets and last years sets were sure going to order this years “special coin” set. You don’t need a degree in rocket science to figure some of these things out! I got off the phone actually with no real answers only the satisfaction the lady I talked to was very sweet and polite. I also maintained a certain careful sweetness in my tone of voice and manner of asking.

  340. Jess says

    djohn422,,whats really sad is the bulk grading deal. Lets say Joe rich dealer sends in 200 no mint marked silver dollars. He only pays “12 bucks per coin”, if at least 60% reaches his grading number, most likely MS69. Lets say 140 hit MS69 or higher, he now only pays for those 140 coins to be graded, the others are sent back free of charge. Annnd the grading company did all his work by opening everything for him. Now, Joe rich dealer uses a different name and sells those rejects on ebay for 25-30 bucks. Dave ebay buyer, has no clue these coins are only worth 18-19 bucks, because they were rejects, but he has no idea this is how it works. Now give this a thought, just how many of “these sets” being sold by HSN or others on ebay have been rejected by the grading company??? I see opened non graded sets being sold on ebay right now, how many do you think are rejects, pretty ugly if you ask me.

  341. says

    @ Stephen m. My order was placed 12.59 pm PT but logged as 3:57 pm so that had to be ET! Yes, on the first day! Frustrating! I wrote the time down on the paper I printed out right as I ordered! My order #41499XXX. Awhile back someone posted the order #41491XXX as being logged at 4:03 pm. doesn’t add up! Oh, well! Sets will come when they come but I think Mint owes us an explanation.

  342. rpw says

    I hate to believe in conspiricies but I do believe there is something going on here that favors a few (aka—dealers) versus the average collector. That includes TPG companies. I think they also favor dealers. I bought “less than 10” sets for XMAS gifts. Hoping to get at least 4 perfect sets —which should NOT be a concern since these coins SHOULD BE PERFECT anyway! I wonder if the reason these coins are delayed is because “dealers are given special access to them to cherry pick” then the rest are shipped to the average joe. Sounds like a bit of a stretch huh??? But these days – I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    @ 2 for r money
    I completely agree with you. It’s not rocket science! Most of those who bought the 2011 and 2012 sets were 99% sure to buy this set. I bought all of them myself. That’s why I think something stinks here.
    I plan to make ONE more buy — the RP Buffalo. Then – I’m DONE with the US Mint’s bull. I’ll only buy bullion from now on.

    If anyone notices any imperfections in their WP coins – Please post them here. I’m curious to know what others are finding.

  343. says

    @ Ikaika Will wonders ever cease? I went to look and could not believe my eyes! Guess there are some people that consider LABELS to be ALL IT! Thanks for the good laugh!

  344. Jess says

    Some numbers to think about and is the Mint, just being down right dishonest. I ordered a single set around 8 the first day. According to the Mint, they sold 138,514 sets the 1st day, leaving at “least” 142,796 sets sold AFTER my order. So why did I get a email telling me this set will be shipped 9/17 which is the last day they well be shipped. How do I know this is the last day of shipping? Because I also ordered one in the last few hours, which well be shipped 9/17. Just why wouldn’t this set be shipped midway through the shipping process, LOL.

  345. reddirt says

    I ordered within 30 minutes on the first day and still do not have mine in hand.

    A second order on the first day is still a month out. 8-9

    for fun I ordered 45 minutes from the end of the sale and that ship date is 9-17

    I for one am 100% sure there is funny business going on from the mint to some people/customers. It is sad, they have a bad management but what are we to do about it. If you want the coins you have to take your chances.

  346. Andre Kennedy says

    I got my 2013 west point in wesnday and I have to say these coins and the boxs they came in will blow your mind!!!!!!! They are worth every penny I spent on them.. But there is one thing I don’t understand is why did a pillow come with theses coins it must be for a display but anyway love the coins…
    Andre Kennedy

  347. john says

    got my five sets today.7-20-13,good thing I open it up was missing a coin,in one set the proof coin,and got two proof set I did not order,Call the mint said to set back what i do not want,they will the way I was charge for the two proof sets I did not order.

  348. David R. says

    I ordered my set around 6pm that day and received email stating that it was going to ship on 8/8 then on 8/9 but on the Mint’s website is say’s will ship around 7/19. So I called on the 25th to check and they said that shipping is to be on 8/9. ? So until I receive this set I am holding off on my next purchase’s from the Mint. But will order in time to get some free shipping. Never have I had to wait so long for an item purchased through the Mint.

  349. Dave says

    Of three sets, (6) coins sent to NGC for “First Release” grading — only 2 came back “70’s”:

    Coins for NGC Invoice Number xxxxx LineItem Year Mint Mark Variety/

    1 — PF 70 REVERSE PF

    The remaining coins were all “69’s”

    I was one of the first orders received. Anybody else? Are fewer of the Westpoints grading 70?

  350. Dave says

    Just an FYI – I am not a dealer. I also purposely waited and sent my sets overnight to arrive on the last day. In comparison, my 2012 SanFran sets came back approx. Equal MS 70/PF70. And my 2011 Anniversary sets came a majority 70’s. In all cases my order from the mint and submissions to NGC had the same pattern, per my second sentence.

    Seems to be a random grade pattern to me. We have to consider, the overall Mint quality each year. Thus, my inquiry about the quality from the rest of you.

    Secondly, this “First” label thing is just a gimmick. I have in the past placed orders both early and later — in many cases, my later order had better quality coins than the earlier order. Buyers, oddly, will pay more for the “First” label.

  351. James says

    Received my one set a couple of weeks ago. Yaaaawn. I wasn’t that impressed. After having to return my 2012 set twice because of scratches on the reverse proof (third set had no scratches on the RP but did have some minor blemishes, but I kept them anyway because I couldn’t go through returning them again and the next might be worse), I was wondering if WP would be any better. The enhanced ASE looks perfect, but the RP has one blemish on the obverse. I have never looked closely at the 2006 or 2011 RP, but I wonder if there is a problem making them or it’s just my luck. I am using a 20X loupe, but other ASE proofs I have received were all perfect looking. I think I have about had it with these “special” sets. Besides having to wait forever it seems like it is a crap shoot for me to get a coin that has no damage.

  352. T1browserman says

    Hold on …. Checked it today and it’s scheduled to ship 7/19/13….why did I go to the college ?

  353. Zach says

    Most recent ship date was Aug 9. Called today and they said the delay is due to the packaging having not yet been delivered (it’s produced overseas). The rep told me Aug. 30 was a tentative ship date.

  354. Bill says

    Ordered another set on June 6th, order summary page says expected to ship August 9th. Today is August 19th. It has not shipped yet! What gives US Mint?

  355. Bill says

    Now this set I ordered on June 6th, now today order summary page says expected to ship July 19th. It’s going backwards! What is going on at the US Mint!

  356. Qlipoffs says

    Just called the mint about my order placed on 6/6. Item status shows backordered and expected to ship on 07/19/13.

    She said she was instructed to inform callers there’s a problem with the packaging and the new expected date is end of September 🙁

  357. Mozart says

    My set just arrive and the enhanced coin is great. I was very upset however that the reverse coin has a bit of a nick on the edging just about the word “States.” I might have returned the whole set if not for the fact that I didn’t see any blemishes the enhanced coin. At $140 the Mint needs to have better quality control.

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