SSB Bicentennial Silver Dollar Set Sales at 9,430

Within the first few days of availability, the Star Spangled Banner Bicentennial Silver Dollar Set has sold 9,430 units out of the 50,000 maximum product limit.

The product went on sale Friday, June 1, 2012, and the opening figures include sales through June 4, 2012. The special set includes the 2012 Proof Star Spangled Banner Silver Dollar, a reproduction of one of Francis Scott Key’s original manuscripts for his poem, the lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner, and information about the national anthem within an illustrated folder.

By comparison, the Defenders of Freedom Set, issued for the Infantry Soldier Commemorative Program, had sold 16,222 units within the opening period. As of the latest report, sales are now 43,295 out of the 50,000 mintage. This product went on sale February 20, 2012 at the same time as the individual coins and two coin set for the program. However, the special set did not begin shipping until several months later.

The Star Spangled Banner Bicentennial Set represents a relative bargain compared to the individual version of the proof coin, which is priced $1 higher. This may help maintain a steady pace of sales in the coming weeks.

Across all options, the SSB Silver Dollar has a maximum mintage of 500,000 coins. According to the latest data, sales have reached 90,174 for the individual proof, 34,235 for the individual uncirculated, 9,124 for the proof coins included in the two coin set, and 9,430 for the proof coins in the bicentennial set. This makes for a total of 142,963, or 28.6% of the maximum mintage.

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  1. auxmike says

    I’m with guama, when do we get a published price on the mint’s web site for the SF set, at noon on the sales day??? Ridiculous. With that game and unlimited striking plus a meter showing how many were sold this is going to be very interesting . Once that meter gets too high, cancellations will flood in. This is to be a real folly of people scrambling to get a hold of something that won’t be rare or a reward for being diligent about ordering early because it doesn’t matter anymore. The thrill of the chase is gone, ho hum…
    Might just get only one set.

  2. guama says

    i think they do not want you to put it in your wish list so the system will crash at noon tomorrow. But…c’mon! Really???

  3. auxmike says

    There’s no hot hurry to order at noon anyways. It would be cool if the price was LESS then what we all are expecting…

  4. Tim says

    Click on “Upcoming Products” you will see it, after that click the link showing you the amount and you see the product page showing the same amount.

  5. says

    Anyone wanna guess as to how many sets will be sold? I have my number but I will wait until MNB posts tomorrow.

  6. says

    I know some (as well as I) would like to see the sells be 250,000 or less…but that is not gonna happen.
    This set will sell at least 500,000 and I would not be a bit surprised to see sells reach 1,000,000..

    Please excuse me…I will post this again tomorrow when MNB posts info about this set and everyone will be giving their guess.

  7. george glazener says

    Today I rcvd two DoF sets in the mail. But I’m certain I didn’t order them. I rcvd my initial order long ago from the order date in Feb. If the MINT is going to make shipping errors or dream up phantom orders, why couldn’t it have been a 1oz Gold Eagle..!

  8. John says

    Today the mint cancelled my Monday order for the Silver Proof set, my C.C. showed a pending sale from the mint. The rep. couldn’t give me a good reason as to why the order was cancelled so I had to re-order. I hope these problems don’t persist on Thursday.

    Just to be safe I’m going to place two orders with two different cards to two different addresses, I wouldn’t be worried if the mint didn’t delay shipping until after the order period.

  9. Shawn Irish says

    back to the topic at hand the SSB set. I’m surprised the sales are so low. these coins are very beautiful, especially the proof. with the flag portion taking up all most half the coin, it resembles a reverse proof coin.

  10. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    To the Silver Proof Set that goes on sale today, if the Mint website crashes it will be for no good reason. With that product being “minted to demand”, I wonder what’s the rush? We are all gonna get our set(s) as long as the order is made by the July 5th cutoff. I’ll get a set or two, but am in no big hurry and will wait ’till after all those that feel the need to order right at 12noon Eastern have done their thing. 🙂

  11. says

    I’m disappointed to see the SSB isn’t performing better as I think it is a great commemorative silver coin design, though I’m not all that surprised given that the proof and uncirculated varieties have both been on sale for some time now.

  12. TomP says

    My SSB sets went from delayed shipping to ‘in stock and reserved’ status this morning.

  13. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    Noting “Guama’s” post about saving on shipping, does anyone know a way to save shipping with the automated order process? I’m guessing the only way would be not to use automation and always place orders manually so you can group things yourself and save shipping $’s. Paying $4.95 to ship out every single automated order item (like the 3-coin State Quarters set) is a bit much IMO.

  14. VA Bob says

    Jus-s-coin-luvr – I stopped all Mint subscriptions for that reason. They were releasing products days apart, and sticking me with the shipping. No thanks, it doesn’t make sense for common products, and they don’t do it for the ones that would matter.

  15. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    Thanks Bob, ‘aint it the truth about the “days apart thing”? That is what has been bugging me the most…I feel “nickel-and-dimed” (no pun intended). So, I’ve come to the same line of thinking as you have. I’m just going to have to be more organized about remembering to order things so I don’t miss orders because I forgot to order. I’m going to shut down my auto-orders too, if I can ever get back into the system again. 🙂

  16. guama says

    I did cancel my subscription for the AE proof. At least I thought I did. I received it in the mail. I see no advantage of having a subscription.

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