Take a Second Look at Your Numismatic ATB Five Ounce Silver Coins

Yesterday, while organizing some of my coins, I took a closer look at the 2010-P America the Beautiful 5 oz. Silver Uncirculated Coins that I had received from the US Mint. I was surprised to notice that one of the coins appears to have the “light finish”, which differs from the typical vapor blast finish that was supposed to be used on the coins.

When news of the variety first surfaced, I had taken a close look at my Grand Canyon coins. This was the design where the vast majority of the “light finish” coins were being encountered. (See NGC’s article on the new variety and Louis Golino’s article for Coin Update.) I did not think to take a look at the previously received designs. The “light finish” coin I discovered yesterday was on a Hot Springs coin.

Below are images of the Hot Springs (left) and a regular Yellowstone (right). Click on the images for giant sized versions.

Thinking back, I can see how I did not recognize the variety at first. As I had received each design from the US Mint, I took a look at the coin and then packaged it back up and put it away. Since the Hot Springs design was the first, I had no point of comparison for how a silver coin with a vapor blast finish was supposed to look. Comparing the coin to another with the proper finish made the difference very apparent.

NGC’s online census shows the majority of “light finish” coins occurring for the Grand Canyon design. Out of the 1,441 coins that they have graded, 255 of them have been given the light finish designation. The online census shows one “light finish” for Hot Springs and none for any of the other designs. Whether or not the variety is more scarce for certain designs remains to be seen. It may be that collectors and dealers started looking for the difference in finish after NGC’s announcement. As collectors go back into their collections and take a second look at their coins, more of the varieties may surface.

If you haven’t already, take another look at your numismatic ATB 5 oz. silver coins.

Click the images below for giant sized versions of the full obverse and reverse.

Other News

The US Mint has just suspended sales of the 2010 Silver Proof Set and 2010 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set. I had mentioned the possibility of this occurring back when silver recrossed the $40 per ounce mark. Today, the price of silver jumped above $42 per ounce.

Presumably, the suspended 2010 silver annual sets will be repriced at a higher level and sales resumed. This would be the second repricing during the history of the offering.

The 2010 Silver Proof Set went on sale August 24, 2010 priced at $56.95. On March 18, 2010, the set was repriced to $64.95 when silver was $35.15 per ounce. The 2010 ATB Quarters Silver Proof Set went on sale May 27, 2010 priced at $32.95. On March 18, 2011, the set was repriced to $39.95.

The US Mint continues to sell the 2011 Silver Proof Set priced at $67.95 and the 2011 ATB Quarters Silver Proof Set priced at $41.95. If the market price of silver continues to rise, suspension of these products might not be far behind.

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  1. SuntTzu says

    I compared all 5 of my coins and 4 of them have that pebbled looking texture and 1 of them has a satin finish. It isn’t pebbled looking. It isn’t a glaring difference but I wonder if that is a different finish or am I just being over analytic? Who knows. I guess I would have to send it in for grading but I have no desire to “wreck” the coin in those over sized tombstones in the hopes it is a light finish.

  2. Keith says

    I also compared my five and I’m not sure I would have noticed if not for this article, but there are subtle differences. GC is lighter and so is Hot Springs, similar to photo in article. The other three are pretty consistent.

  3. John says

    My Yosemite has a grainier texture when compared to my Yellowstone & Grand Canyon. This must be what “SuntTzu” says is “pebble looking”.

    I plan on keeping mine in the mint packaging so I guess I will need to see a few more Yosemite 5 oz coins in person to tell if mine is special or not. I have already sold my Hot Springs and didn’t buy Mt Hood.

    I’m just going to buy a few 5 oz coins that are appealing to me. If these become like the First Spouse coins with lower mintages later in the series then I might buy duplicates later on. I’m also thinking about selling my Yellowstone & Grand Canyon when & if the price is right.

  4. Seth says

    NP5 is sold out too:

    2010 America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin™ – Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona (NP4)

    Price: $279.95

    Sold Out

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