The 2018 United States Mint Birth Set will be available for purchase on January 11 at noon

On January 11, the 2018 United States Mint Birth Set (18RD) will go on sale at noon on the Mint’s website for the seventh year in a row. This set of coins is ideal for celebrating any upcoming births in 2018. It comes with a special presentation folder which provides room for personalized messages with space to record your baby’s information. The product contains no mintage, household order, or product limits as well.

This set includes five Proof quality coins: A Lincoln penny, a Jefferson nickel, a Roosevelt dime, a Kennedy half dollar, and an America the Beautiful Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore quarter.

Each coin included in the set possesses the “S” mint mark of the San Francisco Mint. These Proof coins feature a mirror-like background and sharp relief. This is achieved by specially treating, cleaning, and polishing Proof blanks in order to produce high-quality strikes. The folder that the coins are housed in comes with a certificate of authenticity on the back and displays individual coin specifications on the sleeve.

For more information on the 2018 United States Mint Birth Set, please visit the website of the United States Mint.

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  1. KEITHSTER says

    Am not having any babies and don’t know of any coming so don’t think so unless there is the silver mistake? Well what were them comm’s again seem to have fallen of the face of the mint? Well Good Luck In The New Year All”>

  2. earthling says

    1 oz Silver Australian Kangaroo Monster Box (250 coins)

    3 Reviews

    USD $4,760.00 ea. 
    USD $4,755.00 ea.

    I came across this fabulously generous price reduction on Silver at one of my favorite places to check on Spot Bullion Prices. Imagine spending close to $5,000 and getting a $5 D I S C O U N T !

    M A N ! I’m how you say …


  3. earthling says

    2017 Palladium Eagle MS-69 PL NGC (Early Releases, Prooflike)

    Buy any quantity $3995.00 each

    Now here’s a tempting offer. Keep in mind this is 1 ounce of Palladium Bullion Coin. Not some mamby pamby Proof Collector Coin ……… its Bullion. A Bullion Coin. In a really rare grade.

  4. NCM Collector says

    With one grading company census of 75 ms69 proof like with 339 higher. Does not sound that rare to me.

  5. Face 1004 says

    It would have been nice if they added the Native American dollar in this set and the Happy Birthday set.

  6. cagcrisp says

    Year End Review…

    Trading has now concluded for 2017

    Gold 12/30/16 $1,150.90
    Gold 12/29/17 $1,302.50
    Gold Up $151.60
    Gold Up 13.2%

    Silver 12/30/16 $15.88
    Silver 12/29/17 $16.91
    Silver Up $1.03
    Silver Up 6.5%

    Gold:Silver 12/30/16 72:1
    Gold:Silver 12/29/17 77:1

    USD Index (DXY) 12/30/16 102.21
    USD Index 12/29/17 92.30
    USD Down 9.91
    USD Down 9.7%

    …SO… If you owned Gold on a USD basis you were Up 2.2% for 2017
    …SO…If you owned Silver on a USD basis were Down 3.8% for 2017

    When you hear a trader say “I do/don’t want to own Gold/Silver in X /Y/Z currency” that’s what they are talking about.

    From my point of view the Market is pricing in a Weaker USD in 2018, thus higher prices for Gold/Silver. Not as weak as 2017 but weaker.

    IF you believe the tax reform/cut will lead to higher GDP and higher interest rates then you Should believe in a Stronger dollar.

    IF you believe ( like I do) that the tax reform/cut will lead to a $1 Trillion deficit in FY2019 (as most of the tax cuts are front end loaded) then you will think the dollar will remain weak against a basket of currencies.

    The Fed meeting on December 13th 2017 and the tax reform/cut signed into law on December 22nd 2017 were Game Changers from my point of view…

  7. Daveinswfl says

    Your wish came true….Bitcoin now under $13,000. Good luck with BTD.
    I’m still buying silver proof sets very near melt (yet less than junk silver or bullion with premium!). Guess I am just stuck in the past.

    I am considering breaking the proof sets up and selling off tubes of proof runs of pennies, nickels, and dollars while keeping the tubes of dimes, quarters, and halves. I would appreciate comments from the bloggers here about the wisdom of doing that.

  8. cagcrisp says

    From Louis’s CW article “Perhaps the most important trend for modern coins is the fact that the market has continued to become softer… There are far fewer opportunities than in the past to buy something at issue price and sell it for a profit, especially if you are not a dealer.”

    So true words. Both numismatic and bullion mintages continues to decline because of Fewer primarily buyers. Secondary prices are weak or the primary buyers (mintages) would be stronger.

    If you don’t have a Viable secondary market, eventually you will not have a Viable primary market…

  9. Tom says

    So true cagcrisp . This year I have noticed LESS sincerity in collectors. Modern or the classics. Of all the shows I attend, I believe dealers trade more with each other than the y actually sell to the average collector. Basically moving inventory around. Its sad. The small time dealers struggle to maintain inventory that will sell. I am planning on being at the FUN Show where it is usually the spot to be for investors , collectors and dealers.
    2017 was ok and I believe 2018 will mirror it.

  10. earthling says

    “One-man library” Q. David Bowers to contribute a weekly column starting on January 3

    This will be the biggest event in 2018 . Looking forward to this.

  11. Mintman says

    CW monthly has an article “The many US Coin Markets” —paints a picture I’ve been observing the past couple years
    It is disturbing to say the least—demand is dropping substantially

  12. Tom P. - MA says

    Thanks cagcrisp for your analysis. My general “feeling” for the market would have guessed that YOY prices of gold and silver would have been down.

    I’ve gotten into cryptos within the past week. That may signal a market top. Small time stuff. I now own about .03 bitcoin (note the decimal point) and about 5 other more obscure tokens. I will say it is 10x more interesting than the regular stuff. These things trade 7 days a week, 24/7. There is a lot to learn, but at least I didn’t get in on the market top which happened a whole week earlier.

    My problem is that I know when to buy, but am totally clueless when it comes time to sell.

    Earthling, you are missing the “early release” designation on the label. That in itself is easily worth 3K.

    I will continue to buy the usual set of mint products. I’ve been doing so since the 70’s. Not doing so would be unnatural. Birthday sets are not usual. 7 years? pft. (as Garfield would say)

  13. So Krates says

    MNB – Great description of the Birthday set but you’re missing the PRICE. Perhaps it wasn’t listed at the time of publication.

    It’s $19.95

  14. So Krates says

    Lest we not forget the mighty Pd…

    Palladium spot price 12/30/16 $542
    Palladium spot price 12/29/17 $1053
    Palladium spot price up $511
    Palladium spot price up 94%

  15. cagcrisp says

    @ So Krates, “Do you subtract the USD index loss from your US equities gains as well?”

    Let’s See..On a USD Basis…

    …SO…If you owned the Nasdaq on a USD basis you were Up 19.5% for 2017
    …SO…If you owned the Dow (Trumps favorite) on a USD basis you were Up 15.4% for 2017
    …SO…If you owned the S&P 500 on a USD basis you were Up 9.3% for 2017

    …SO… If you owned Gold on a USD basis you were Up 2.2% for 2017
    …SO…If you owned Silver on a USD basis were Down 3.8% for 2017…

  16. Tinto says

    @So Krates

    From a much earlier blog …
    Thanks for the tip on reholdering the 1797 ,, I had already contacted anotherauction company and they said they would look at it when they receive it. I’ll still go with Great Collections for most of my other coins, many raw.

  17. KCSO says

    Cag –

    Thanks for the % analysis, I like seeing the comparisons and believe it does wonders for setting expectations for numismatics as well as helping many to keep things in perspective.

    Back in the late-May/June timeframe on this blog, there was a lot of comments and speculation regarding the 225th Enhanced Uncirculated Set and specifically, how much of a premium it would command. Some of the speculation was rather outlandishly high in the $40 to $50 range.

    For kicks, and to see if it would generate any discussion, I made a comment to the effect that a share of REMX (the Rare Earth Metals ETF that hold about 11 to 15 global RE miners) and an ounce of AG, both trading right around $17 at the time in late-May/June, would have a better chance of hitting $30 per share and ounce, and the 225th Enchanced UNC set hitting $17 per set than $40. I wasn’t bashing the 225th set, as I own one, though wanted to keep it real.

    Well, 6 months have gone by, so how did they fare?

    Silver 12/29/17 $16.91 – so Ag from $17 is essentially flat, %’wise

    225th Enhanced UNC Set mostly sold on the bay in a range $24 to $36/set – so a range of -20% to +20%

    REMX closed 12/29 at $30.09 – so up 76%, and just paid a nice dividend this past week

    What’s the point?

    – Some aspects of the metals market have done, and will continue to perform well
    – Gotta have realistic expectations for much of these collectibles coins, and buy ’cause ya like looking at it and treat it like you would art, for its intrinsic smile it puts on your face 🙂
    – Investment is a word that gets tossed around loosely a lot here, one may conclude that 2 of the 3 above aren’t very good investments.

    Happy Collecting (& New Year)!

  18. KCSO says

    Anyone uncover a suitable capsule for the Pallidium Eagle?

    If so, please post a link, if able –

    Thanks in advance, I came up with nada.

  19. cagcrisp says

    @KCSO, good analysis on REMX vs. Silver vs. 225 Enhanced Unc.

    I remember when you posted that.

    You Didn’t point out the EASE of liquidity and low costs in/out for REMX vs. the costs related to the in/out for Silver vs. 225 Enhanced Unc.

    With REMX you can sell when You want to sell vs. selling when someone Else wants to buy…

  20. earthling says

    My big regret lately is in not buying any Rhodium when it was slogging around the bottom of the barrel at the $600-$800 range. I just felt it would be cool to have something that once was at the $10,000 level. Oh well, shoulda, coulda, woulda………..

    Next time it drops to nothingness…. if ever, I’ll grab a Bar.

  21. cagcrisp says

    Year End Review…Bullion…

    Keep in mind the USD was Down 9.7% for CY2017.

    Weakest USD since 2003. 14 years since you’ve seen this Big a percentage Decline in the USD and Gold and Silver is supposed to be a hedge vs. Currency risks.

    …SO…As a currency hedge you would think it would bring Increased Sales of Gold and Silver Bullion for 2017.

    …How Did That Work Out?…

    American Silver Eagle Bullion:

    2015 47,000,000 oz.
    2016 37,701,500
    2017 18,065,500

    …SO… The USD Declined 9.7% and American Silver Eagle Bullion Sales Dropped 19,636,000 oz. OR Dropped 52.1% from 2016.

    Total Sales of American Silver Eagle Bullion was the Lowest since the Start of the Great Recession in 2007.

    American Gold Eagle Bullion:

    2015 801,500 oz.
    2016 985,000
    2017 302,500

    …SO… The USD Declined 9.7% and American Gold Eagle Bullion Sales Dropped 682,500 oz. OR Dropped 69.3% from 2016.

    Total Sales of American Gold Eagle Bullion was the Lowest since the Start of the Great Recession in 2007.

    American Gold Buffalo Bullion:

    2015 220,500 oz.
    2016 219,500
    2017 99,500

    …SO… The USD Declined 9.7% and American Gold Buffalo Bullion Sales Dropped 120,000 oz. OR Dropped 54.7% from 2016.

    Total Sales of American Gold Buffalo Bullion was the Lowest EVER. The series started in 2006.

    America The Beautiful Silver Bullion:

    2015 212,000 oz.
    2016 308,000
    2017 147,400

    …SO… The USD Declined 9.7% and America The Beautiful Silver Bullion Sales Dropped 160,600 oz. OR Dropped 52.1% from 2016…

  22. Daveinswfl says

    I would attribute much of the decrease in sales to the confidence level increase seen since the election of DJT. People do not hedge as much in PMs in “good times”, whether the perception is correct or not. It will be very interesting to see what happens to PM bullion sales when the masses wake up and realize how truly bankrupt the Federal government really is and the crash again brings reality back into perspective! The business cycle has NOT really been repealed😬. The Federal debt has not disappeared, either😥

    Trump haters – this is NOT an endorsement of anything, JMHO on when people run to PMs.

  23. HarryB says

    @Cag: thanks for posting your “Year End Reviews” excellent analysis to support future PM decisions. Harry

  24. Tom says

    Investors pay attention to the numbers. Most collectors do also but still want to continue with their collecting hobby. But they are bored with most mint products and the fancy labels confuse them. So many are just looking at a label and not what’s in the holder.

  25. cagcrisp says

    @Daveinswfl , Wow… “confidence level increase” for DJT… I bet that was hard to type out…

    My “confidence level increase” is that we are Closer to going to war with North Korea, we are Closer to getting out of NAFTA (which would Adversely affect the USD), we are Closer to ceding World Trade to China and besides all the fumbling out of Europe we are Closer to having the EURO the Currency of choice for the World.

    ALL those things Should Increase Sales of Gold and Silver not Decrease them…

  26. Daveinswfl says

    All true, however Joe Average just doesn’t seem to care!
    And I did not say “for DJT”. I did say since his election. And if you check the confidence numbers, you will find it true. Not confidence in DJT! It’s confidence in the economy.

  27. Ryan says


    If it ever gets to $500 again I would bet that you won’t buy any. I was here pounding the table about rhodium when it was $600 or so, I bought a total of 75 oz (very hard to sorce that much). I was roundly mocked as a fool when I said that rhodium at that price was a no brainer. How will you sell it they asked. Remember what the wise man does in the beginning the fool does in the end, I now have no shortage of fools to sell to. Human nature is a ridiculous thing and I hate arguing points that I know I’m correct on with morons. It’s for that reason that I’m almost done even talking to anyone on the internet or otherwise because the best ideas you’ll ever have for investing will ALWAYS make you sound like a fool to the unwashed masses.

  28. Sherril says

    Do you think it is better to buy the 2018 proof eagles from the mint or to purchase a 70 proof for $85.00 with free shipping from a dealer?

  29. joe#2 says

    Sherril.. IMO, If you want a graded pcgs or ngc graded 70, Just buy it from a reputable source.
    If you buy straight from the mint , You have to send the coin out ( And that costs with shipping and cost of getting it graded ), And the main thing is there is no guarantee it will graded a 70.. Buy it straight from the dealer.

  30. Sherril says

    That is what I thought because for the $30.00 mark up the dealer has done all the work had it graded to a 70,thanks.

  31. cagcrisp says

    My Mistake in my ^ Year End Review…Bullion…

    On the America Beautiful analysis I did Not take into account the 5 oz. for the pucks. It Should read:

    America The Beautiful Silver Bullion:

    2015 1,060,000 oz.
    2016 1,540,000
    2017 737,000

    …SO… The USD Declined 9.7% and America The Beautiful Silver Bullion Sales Dropped 803,000 oz. OR Dropped 52.1% from 2016…

  32. cagcrisp says

    Will the Mint be Profitable on the Bullion side going forward IF sales continue at the Current pace without having to raise premiums/cut discounts to the APs?

    January 2018 Could be the Answer…

    I know I’m mixing FY (Fiscal Year) with CY (Calendar Year) but the Direction is what I am after.

    FY2016 Bullion Side from the Mints Annual Report…

    Sales Revenue $2,085,300,000 (Included Revenue from Platinum that I’m not addressing)

    COGS $2,003,900,000

    SG&A $26,100,000

    Net Income $55,300,000

    Bullion Net Margin 2.7%

    From CY2017 Bullion Side oz. Sold from the Mints Website…

    ~ ASE Revenue Down 19,636,000 oz. (CY/CY) @ ~ $17.00/oz. (Just a Guesstimate with Bullion Premiums/APs discounts) = ~ $333,812,000 Down from FY2016.

    ~ AGE Revenue Down 682,500 oz. (CY/CY) @ ~ $1,210.00/oz. (Just a Guesstimate with Bullion Premiums/APs discounts) = ~ $825,825,000 Down from FY2016.

    ~ Buffalo Revenue Down 120,000 oz. (CY/CY) @ ~ $1,210.00/oz. (Just a Guesstimate with Bullion Premiums/APs discounts) = ~ $145,200,000 Down from FY2016.

    ~ ATB Revenue Down 803,000 oz. (CY/CY) @ ~ $17.00/oz. (Just a Guesstimate with Bullion Premiums/APs discounts) = ~ $13,651,000 Down from FY2016.

    IF you add up all the Down Revenue and you come up with a Reduction in CY2017 Revenue by ~ $1,318,488,000 OR a Revenue Reduction of ~ 63.2% from FY2016…

    January 2017 saw 38.8% of CY2017 Total oz. sales of AGEs

    January 2017 saw 28.4% of CY2017 Total oz. sales of ASEs

    January 2017 saw 32.2% of CY2017 Total oz. sales of Buffaloes

    January 2018 Better Be Good…

  33. Daveinswfl says

    That’s what you get when you offer fugly products!
    My U.S. Mint purchases this year were a very small fraction of previous years.

  34. Daveinswfl says

    Last comment was referencing non- bullion products. They were pretty fugly this year😝

  35. John Q. Coinage says

    The MINT us so messed up~I got an email TODAY telling me to get my Prez dollars NOW…WTF link to a dead mint page…duhhhhh can I buy some 1995 Anniv Eagles too?

  36. John Q. Coinage says

    Your collection can still be complete if you act now! Our coins are produced on a limited mintage and may not always be authorized for additional quantities. Make sure you don’t miss your chance to purchase this great product.
    Richard M. Nixon Presidential 2016 Rolls, Bags and Boxes

    Richard M. Nixon Presidential 2016 Rolls, Bags and Boxes
    MULTI (D)(P)

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