U.S. Mint Bullion Sales Strong, Except for Roosevelt 5-Oz. Coins

The Mint has released its bullion sales figures for the previous week. The sales figure for Theodore Roosevelt National Park 5-ounce silver bullion coins now registers at 30,500 units sold, an uptick of 1,000 units since the U.S. Mint’s reporting of last week. Combined sales for 2016’s four 5-ounce bullion coins are at 246,800 units, for a total of 1,234,000 ounces of silver.

In comparison to 5,000 ounces of Roosevelt ATB silver purchased last week, American Silver Eagle sales totaled 605,000, well up from 345,000 the previous week; for gold Eagles, the figures were 27,500 ounces last week (including 1/10-, 1/4-, 1/2-, and 1-ounce sizes) compared to 19,000 ounces the previous week. Gold Buffalo coins accounted for 6,500 sales the past week, compared to 2,000 the previous week.

According to the London Bullion Market Association, silver is presently $18.74 per ounce, down from $19.42 a week ago; gold is down from $1,335.85 to $1,283.30; and platinum has dropped from $1,036.00 to $1,013.00.

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  1. MarkInFlorida says

    I’m amazed the Roosevelt bullion puck isn’t selling more. I thought it was so neat I bought a whole roll of them for the first time ever.

  2. says

    You guys on the West Coast around 9:45 your time may want to check the Product Schedule.., no update then, definitely tomorrow evening, same time.

    I’m anxious to see when those other ASE may hit, not really sure why, perhaps ’cause we’ve just been waiting for so long it’s more out of curiosity

  3. Tinto says

    From the previous thread

    @Sith, @cagcrisp

    Thanks for info on the Fed. I guess members can also speak their mind in other venues and their opinions uttered there also seem to affect the price of PM (and probably other assets too) so I was wondering whether it is possible that these members’ opinions can be inadvertently leaked out in advance …. just saying ……

  4. Tinto says

    With no HH limit on the TR “P” puck I am going to line up early to buy one. I just don’t want to encounter this “Currently Unavailable” notice and wait not knowing when (and if) the Mint will make more …

  5. Barry says

    Ordering the TR “P” puck early on means you won’t get a returned coin or one rejected for grading..

  6. data dave says

    @Dustyroads – I track the s-mint quarters also. Looks like 1M might be the bottom for sales. Like you stated, Saratoga is already over that. The 4 others available are on pace to reach that mark also.

  7. cagcrisp says

    I’ve got a Couple of Questions for all you P puckers.

    1. How many are buying the TR P puck that Normally don’t buy P pucks?

    2. IF you are a Normal purchaser of P pucks, How many extra (If any) will you be purchasing?..

  8. data dave says

    I normally buy 1 P puck and 2 bullion. I might buy 2 this time but think the hype is a little over done. I do bet that the mint probably made a first production run of 19K based on Shawnee going UA. Those could disappear on the first day with a surge in sales. Then you might get stuck with returns while you wait for a second production run.

    I will be buying mine at noon!

  9. Dustyroads says

    Dave, The decline in sales should brings us under 1 million before long, possibly this next year. It’s such a low price point collectable that one can have fun with it without treating it like an investment. That’s what I like about them.

  10. Dustyroads says

    cag, “How many P pucks does a P pucker puck?..”

    Well now that you’ve put it that way I don’t want to admit to buying any. But I do like buying one of each variety as they come on the market. I, like a lot of other people think it’s a pretty cool coin, so I’m increasing my purchasing by one each just for the fun. I see them selling much like some of the other P pucks that have stirred up enthusiasm. But who knows, we may actually see this one hit 30.

  11. Sith says

    @Tinto – If the official confidential Fed meeting minutes, and decisions are being leaked to everyone with connections, what makes you doubt that legally letting a few “friends” read your speech is not going on. But I think you are missing the point, the speech is the pretext for the manipulation.

    You want to smash PMs, then have the Fed give a speech, about rate hikes then dump a ton of gold on the market. You need to bring the stocks up, have the Fed give a speech about NIRP, If you need to support a certain stock like Deutsche Bank, then have someone send a unsubstantiated comment on Twitter, then once again buy away.

    If the stories are to be believed, a lone trader, Navinder Singh Sarao is “significantly responsible” for causing the May 2010 market crash which saw the Dow Jones lose almost 1,000 points in a matter of minutes. Navinder Singh Sarao, 36, is accused of fraudulently making £27 million by using computer programmes to create fake trades on markets linked to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

    If a lone trader supposedly can do all that damage, what are the big trading houses doing, especially when they have the inside scope on Fed decisions, but then why wait, now they can pay their local non-voting Fed to make a speech to “a group of economists,” in Charleston W.V, and use it as a pretext for the market movements.

  12. earthling says

    Is it just my imagination or does Teddy on Horseback look a bit like Director Jepson? I like the idea of TR on the puck but the actual artwork has me looking forward to watching my bank balance grow.

  13. cagcrisp says

    @longarm, “The TR will put me over 300 p pucks”

    Wow…You’ve got your Allotment and Mine also…

  14. says

    All you guys down here in Florida, good luck with the storm, hope it’s much ado about nothing! Upon seeing that mandatory evacuation for Brevard County, I’m bugging out and getting the hell out of Dodge and can confidently say that MCO is having a zoo appreciation day. Which begs the question, if you do live coastal Fl and have to beat feet out, what do you do with the loot? Leave the stack in sealed ammo boxes in the safe or pack it all up and move out? I guess your bank vault should be fine, hopefully on high ground. Just curious

  15. says

    Cag –
    This P pucker is puckering up with a P puck factor of 6x on the TR pucker…, so 12 for the collection, gift giving, and long-term speculation.

    Picked up 10 BU’s in capsules for $105 ea yesterday; been waiting & saving a year for this release, & come Thursday, I’m D-U-N! (And relieved)

    All these releases always play out differently (for the most part), so one never knows what a Thursday may bring.., just speculation until high-noon! Good luck!

  16. So Krates says

    “Leave the stack in sealed ammo boxes in the safe or pack it all up and move out? I guess your bank vault should be fine, hopefully on high ground.”

    Times like these you wish your PMs were all Au and Pt. Ag just weighs you down.

    While we’ve all heard of asset diversification, most folks don’t consider geographic diversity. It might be worth it to spend the extra time and fees to split up your safe deposit contents between a few areas or states if possible.

  17. cagcrisp says

    We MAY (emphasis MAY) have FINALLY ran out of inventory on the PCGS MS70 Winged Head Liberty from texasgse. Normal MO for months have been 3 auctions of 8 coins/day. Sunday was the last listing for a 70 and the first two auctions were for 8 each and the last was only for 5. No listings since Sunday. Will be interesting to see what this market will do without a Clockwork 24 auctions/day to count on in the low to mid $240s range.

    Currently still flooding the market with 70 Liberty Silver medals and 70 SLQs…

  18. baldwin says

    I’ve collected the P Pucks since late 2012 and have purchased 2 of each and plan on 2 of the TR. I’ve purchased most of them in bullion as well and have 3 of the TR bullion coins as well. I am a bit disappointed with the bullion as most of the details seem washed out and the skyline on mine has clouds due to a white film at the top of the coins under the E & R…

  19. Teach says

    I am going to stick with just a single P puck to keep my collection current. I do like the design as everyone else, but will not be buying multiples.

    Maybe the reason for the low interest in the bullion is due to the higher interest in the P ? Maybe some of the bullion buyers decided to wait on the P puck instead?

  20. says

    The last P pucks I bought was 2014 when the first four sold for $139.45 (if you were enrolled /had a subscription and got a 10% discount) Then I paid full price, $154.95 for the Everglades, as I wanted to have a complete set of the 2014’s

    I’ll probably buy 2 TR P pucks tomorrow, and then if they are still available on the 11th when the Reagan C & C is released, I’ll buy another.

    I have 5 of the TR bullion pucks so far.

  21. cagcrisp says

    IF you are in the market for Gold with prices being down, BE CAREFUL

    From yesterday to today at the same time of day. Gold is Down $16.60/oz. and a Graded MS62 Liberty 1 oz. is UP $14.52.

    Supply and Demand. People buying Thinking they are getting a bargain because Gold is down and actually they are not. In all honesty I track 16 Gold coins and Only 6 are priced according to what they should be based on statistical analysis…

  22. says

    I should add, first day sales of the TR pucks may change my mind to buy more ASAP if sales are high…20,000+, or none if sales are 15,000 or less..

  23. cagcrisp says

    Another Example: I Bought some $2.50 Liberty’s in July when Gold was $54.70 oz. Higher than current spot and yet I paid $13.27 Less per coin than current pricing…

  24. Montana John says

    having gone thru 3 hurricanes I hope all are safe in Florida….we are having our first snow storm today

  25. Xena says

    I am not a P Pucker, but I will be buying 1 TR (on enrollment). The only other one I have is Perry – I used to work for CAPT Oliver Hazard Perry III. I wasn’t part of the blog then, but I know you all hate that design…

  26. MikeinWA says

    I bought one Teddy Roosevelt bullion five oz. puck and will buy just one numismatic version. This allows me to still cost average into silver. I purchase just a few other silver items also throughout the year. I believe that deflation will hit within the next year and that silver is going to five dollars, so I am waiting for that.

  27. Xena says

    cag – re Gold prices, I’ve been worried about that. I plan to follow your lead (except on my budget), and start buying a small gold coin for my son for birthdays & Christmas. I think you are buying old gold not modern bullion, but do you mind discussing a reasonable markup over spot for someone like me who is new to gold purchases? I’ve heard here before that the premium goes up as the price goes down, doesn’t sound like there’s an easy way to catch a break.

    I did a lot of comparison shopping among the big boys last night, but I didn’t have a baseline (just came up with this idea) so I couldn’t tell if the price drop was really doing anything for me.

    Further detail on my plan – gave him a 2016 1/10 oz Eagle for his birthday this year (he thought it was cool). Thinking I’ll go back thru 2000 (year he was born – he’s a dragon!) (so the plan takes 15 years, sigh) and get him a variety of bullion coins from different countries – one from each year betw 2000-2015). The year 2000 (or 2012) dragon coins seem to cost more for some reason.

    Lunch break over – this dedicated public servant is getting back to work!

  28. cagcrisp says

    @Xena, ” Thinking I’ll go back thru 2000 (year he was born – he’s a dragon!)”

    I would look at Modern Great Britain 1/2 Sovereigns (.1177 oz Gold). I have bought some for boys and they are a hit because of the dragon. Current pricing for the 1/2 Sovereign is $30 over spot, which is ~ 20% over spot . You can currently buy 1/10 bullion AGE’s from the two big boys for 14-16% premium to spot so we are not talking about much of a premium to get a Dragon…

  29. Jeff says

    Diana great job on obtaining sales that’s exactly what this blog wants. However most here are astute on daily,weekly and monthly bullion prices. If I may that’s a given I would suggest some other filler than that.

  30. MikeinWA says

    Do a search for “Roosevelt Silver 5” on the Bay. There are no presales listed. It’s a nice design, but. Teddy will sell just a few more than the others.

  31. cagcrisp says

    @Xena, “but do you mind discussing a reasonable markup over spot for someone like me who is new to gold purchases? I’ve heard here before that the premium goes up as the price goes down, doesn’t sound like there’s an easy way to catch a break. ”

    Yes. Normally, as spot price of Gold increases, the premium percentages go down. Normally.

    Reasonable markup?

    First and Foremost I try to predict where Spot Gold actually SHOULD be. I don’t buy Any Old Gold unless I think the price is right vs. Not actual Spot Gold but where I Think Spot Gold should be vs. stock market, bond market, USD, etc.

    $2.50 Liberty cleaned (100+years old) premium on 09/02/16 was 81.05% . Today premium is 91.28%. I bought at 75.07% in July which was a good deal.
    $2.50 Indian head cleaned premium on 09/02/16 was 65.47%. Today premium is 78.24%.

    $5.00 Liberty cleaned premium 09/02/16 was 12.55%. Today premium is 16.36%.
    $5.00 Indian head cleaned premium on 09/02/16 was 23.45%. Today premium is 29.40%.

  32. cagcrisp says

    I see where RCM has a 2 oz. Gold 2017 Maple Kaleidoscope of Color.

    Mintage: 150
    Price: $4,949.95 or ~ $3,760.00 USD

    I’ll just go on record and say when the US Mint resorts to something like this, It will be the End of my purchases from the US Mint (And I could care less about what the design is. It’s a gimmick)…

  33. says

    @MikeinWa…you left off “oz” after 5. Search 2016 Roosevelt 5 oz and you will find 24 listings…one of which is for the “P” version…price $195.95, 10 available, none sold. This was listed on 10/1, so it’s been out there for 5 days

  34. Sith says

    @Jeff – A compliment? What is wrong with this picture? Now I know I need to get some milk, eggs, and bread. Hurricane Matthew is definitely going to make it seem like its the end of the world. On second thought, it seems a little passive-aggressive, so hopefully that means Hurricane Matthew will stay out to sea

  35. earthling says

    @ Montana John

    Snow already? Here in SE Michigan its really cooled off from the recent too warm weather. When it hits below 68 I think I’m freezing. Hope it doesn’t get too cold this winter, although I do prefer cold over hot weather.

    I might try to retire in a year or two. Right now, I’ m thinking Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Montana, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, or maybe Alaska. Got some planing to think over.

  36. Yes, But...You Can't Take It With You says

    Puckering UP:

    I plan on two TR P 5 oz. One to keep and one for spec. I do not plan on getting the bullion version – yet. I have been very sporadic / sparse in my 5 oz purchases. I don’t care as much about the design or subject of TR as most of you do, but I have fallen prey to the MNB hype. 🙂 Plus, along with Earthling, I am still stinging over missing out on Hawaii. I feel your pain, bro!

  37. cagcrisp says

    Here’s some Facts After tomorrow’s P puck TR Launch.

    IF you had bought 1 P puck on Launch Day for every offering you would have:

    1. 34 P pucks
    2. 170 oz. of Silver
    3. Total cost (with subscription discount) of $6,486.30
    4. That’s Average Silver paying price of $38.15/oz…

  38. says

    MCM added 8 listings on ebay this afternoon. OGP, NGC ER,FR-69/70, PCGS 69/70. Same price for NGC/PCGS 70– $229.00, but $289 for PCGS 70 with Mercanti signature….I wouldn’t pay $60 for his signature.

    OGP is $169…..PCGS 69 only $10 more… $179. NGC 69’s for $189.00.

    I may just buy a graded coin, as the OGP is not good for displaying the coin…too bad it doesn’t come in a nice wood display box.

  39. KCSO says

    APMEX has a nice selection of those, that’s what I’ve bought for gift giving, quality is good and priced right.

  40. says

    @KCSO….those MCM I mentioned are for the “P” version…are those APMEX you referred to bullion, P or both….thanks

  41. says

    @longarm….I envy your collection….could you provide a breakdown of your collection…..or I realize that may be something personal and I understand if you prefer to keep that to yourself.

    In general, I’m curious about your 2012 atb.s, as they are the lowest mintage in both bullion and unc. Are all of yours graded or do you also have some OPG? Whichever, you remind me of Brad and his awesome collection of First Spouse gold coins Of course that is not a $$$ comparison, but just a series comparision.

  42. says

    @Steve I have 4 full sets of the P’s for 2012 all in ogp and I have 3 or 4 of each in bullion which some are graded. I usually buy a 70 or 2 and a some 69’s unless I really like the release and then I buy more. I think I have over 20 Kisatchie and Blue Ridge p pucks and I’ll probably buy that many TR’s.

  43. Mint News Blog says

    Jeff, you’re 100% correct — unfortunately, I’d have to start my life over from scratch to have any prayer of staying ahead of this bunch. I’m learning much more from the comments than the commenters could ever learn from me; it’s as if the real blog takes place in the comments thread, and the actual blog posts are just writing prompts. Give me some hints: what would you like to read about on Mint News Blog? What do you collect, and why does it interest you? What’s lacking in other blogs that we could provide here?

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