U.S. Mint Circulating-Coin Production Report: November 2016


The Mint has updated its circulating-coinage report to include issues struck during November 2016. So far during this calendar year, U.S. minting facilities have produced more than 15.32 billion circulating coins, almost equally split between the Denver and Philadelphia mints. The year-to-date total is around 6% lower than at this time last year, when the combined mints had produced 16.34 billion circulating coins.

Compared to October 2016, monthly production figures are down across the board. As usual, the year’s allotments of Kennedy half dollars and Native American dollars were struck by March; Presidential dollars were largely finished minting after January, with small numbers of the D-Mint strikes being produced on an irregular schedule since then.

The chart below details the last three months’ production numbers for the coins, broken down by denomination and mint facility.

September October November 2016, YTD
Lincoln Cents
Denver 462,800,000  390,000,000 351,200,000 4,288,400,000
Philadelphia 428,800,000  426,400,000 258,400,000 4,489,200,000
Jefferson Nickels
Denver 77,280,000  70,080,000 63,120,000 738,000,000
Philadelphia 77,520,000  63,360,000 58,320,000 754,080,000
Roosevelt Dimes
Denver 168,500,000  90,000,000 90,000,000 1,370,500,000
Philadelphia 155,000,000  101,500,000 69,000,000 1,442,500,000
America the Beautiful Quarters
Denver 105,000,000  76,800,000 40,400,000 1,084,800,000
Philadelphia 98,800,000  78,800,000 45,600,000 1,110,830,000
Kennedy Half Dollars
Denver 0 0 0 2,100,000
Philadelphia 0 0 0 2,100,000
Native American Dollars
Denver 0 0 0 2,100,000
Philadelphia 0 0 0 2,800,000
Presidential Dollars
Denver 0 0 0 15,260,000
Philadelphia 0 0 0 18,060,000
Both mints 1,574,120,000  1,296,940,000  976,040,000  15,320,730,000
Denver 813,580,000  626,880,000 544,720,000 7,501,160,000
Philadelphia 760,540,000  670,060,000 431,320,000 7,819,570,000

The chart below breaks out the November figures for the 2016 America the Beautiful quarters, by design.

Denver Philadelphia Total
Shawnee National Forest, IL 151,800,000 155,600,000 307,400,000
Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, KY 223,200,000 215,400,000 438,600,000
Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, WV 424,000,000 434,630,000 858,630,000
Theodore Roosevelt National Park, ND 223,200,000 231,600,000 454,800,000
Fort Moultrie (Fort Sumter National Monument), SC 62,600,000 73,600,000 136,200,000

No Presidential dollars were minted during November.   ❑

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  1. Dustyroads says

    It’s been speculated by some commenting here that the 2015 Saratoga “S” AtB circulation quality quarter would be the new low, however, the all time low goes to the 2015 Bombay Hook coming in with a mintage of 1,013,920. Saratoga comes in second with a mintage of 1,045,360. It’s becoming probable looking that next year will see an even lower mintage with mintages on a steady decline.

  2. bobo says

    Louis, your article on Rickard’s book about the gold standard is very well written and clear. Mankind returns again and again to the gold standard because, basically, humans cannot be trusted, and we need some measure of value that cannot be tampered with or concocted out of thin air. Having a tiny elite that can now print money at will to buy up whatever they want is like playing monopoly where one player has a money printer under the table. It undermines fairness and trust, and leads to them owning the world. What the Fed does is immoral. A gold standard enforces fairness and morality and trust because gold or silver cannot be concocted out of thin air. My guess is that the banking mafia will try everything they can to avoid a gold standard, whether gping to SDRs as Rickards thinks, or a new paper currency like Jim Willie thinks, but in the end we will end up with some version of a currency that is exchangeable for the ultimate forms of money: gold and silver.

  3. Mike the Greek says

    @bobo: very well stated! I never thought of it that way. Maybe you should be an author too. 🙂

  4. data dave says

    @Dustyroads – Both Shawnee and Cumberland should pass Bombay Hook for s-mint sales. I am hoping the downward slope has bottomed out on these.

  5. data dave says

    I can understand where a few players can manipulate the silver market (or any market) in the short term. What I can’t understand is how it is possible to do this in the long run (unless you have near monopoly power). So I can see why short term traders follow stories about silver market manipulators, but does it really affect the price of silver on a monthly or yearly timeframe?

  6. Dustyroads says

    data dave, I’ve been hoping the “S” quarters will get below 1 million at some point since the beginning of the series in 2012. Mintages of over 1 million for an under appreciated coin don’t do much for values. I would be ecstatic if we could get an issue of these in the half million area or less. I’m not holding my breath for that to happen though, this is a low cost bread a butter offering.

  7. Dustyroads says

    As much as we would like to see all rigging stop, that is something which will never completely go away.

  8. cagcrisp says

    What happens when you offer free shipping on orders over $100, eliminate HHL on Walking Liberty half and have a Gold price reduction of 1 level?

    Statistical criteria…

    1. I eliminated any item that debuted in the past two weeks
    2. I eliminated any item that went SO or CU in the past two weeks
    3. I eliminated any item that had Zero sales for Both of the past two weeks

    Random observations from Mint sales for the Past two weeks (in no particular order) …

    • Only 1 Gold item had a sales Decrease. Jackie Kennedy uncirculated went from 19 to 18
    • 235 total items for the sale the past two weeks
    • 69 items had a Decrease in sales numbers
    • 10 items had the same sales numbers for the two weeks
    • 156 items showed an Increase in sales numbers
    • That’s a 69% increase in sales for items that had a +/- sales number
    • Of the 69 items that had a Decrease, 1 was Gold, 0 were Silver and 68 were clad
    • Total sales items went from 70,664 to 114,953 = 44,289 or 63% Increase in total items sold
    • 2016 Proof set (+10,926) amounted to 25% of the total 44,289 item Increase
    • Total Gold items sales went from 3,860 to 12,175= 8,315 or 215% Increase in total items sold
    • Walking Liberty half accounted for 6,012 of the 8,315 Increase or 72% of the Increase
    • Without sales of the Walking Liberty for the two weeks Gold sales went from 1,840 to 4,143 or an increase of 2,303 or 125%

  9. data dave says

    @cagcrisp – Nice Analysis. I think a lot of people were waiting for the free shipping. Sales will probably be strong this week also.

  10. .John Q. Coinage says

    Silver market has been manipulated for about 1 1/2 years in the 12-20 range. It pops up to 19’ish then profit taking back to 16 or lower. I buy the “S” ATB but am starting to ask “Why?” No one is apparently coming along to make kifds into coins, maybe a hot coin APP? Same with rolls @ the bank, nothing used to blow up my skirt like getting rolls of BU new coins @ the bnk…now I have them no one wants them…and it keeps going that way. Clad coins are not sexy nor being collected much by those <55……..the brains @ the mint are empty, botched coin designs, HH limits, non-issues, profteering, etc. One day, they will kill the golden goose, US the collectorS….IMHO

  11. KEITHSTER says

    Thanks data dave you were correct sir that puppy is gone ! Not much chatter about the new dog in town but did get a few with the free shipping makes it the cheapest all year. So Good Luck All “>”>”>

  12. cagcrisp says

    A couple of Observations…

    1. The Fort Moultrie “P” puck went on Sale 3 hours ago and Not one comment . Speaks volumes to me about the “P” puck program…

    2. When the Final Cumberland “P” puck was Sold it went SO, no messing around with CU. Maybe the Mint (or the remaining people at the Mint after inaugurating ) have read The Art of the Deal and the Mint will finally be run like a business…

  13. fmtransmitter says

    Maybe the Mint (or the remaining people at the Mint after inaugurating ) have read The Art of the Deal and the Mint will finally be run like a business…

    mint contractor, your fired! yea

  14. Louis Golino, Author says

    Or maybe the dearth of comments on several recent posts is indicative of people having other things to do as the holidays approach.

  15. fmtransmitter says

    However, the discovery of the Middlesboro impact structure has proposed new details in the formation of Cumberland Gap. Less than 300 million years ago a meteorite, “approximately the size of a football field”, struck the earth, creating the Middlesboro Crater.[2] One of three astroblemes in the state, it is a 3.7-mile (6.0 km) diameter meteorite impact crater[6] with the city of Middlesboro, Kentucky, built entirely inside it.

    Now we know where the Aliens live…

  16. Ikaika says

    Just purchased the 2016 Fort Moultrie Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated coin today. Can’t wait for the series to be over!

  17. Mason says

    Former Astronaut John Glenn has died at 95. I wonder if this makes the proposed coin for the lunar landing anniversary more of a lock now…?

  18. fmtransmitter says

    From what I read, it looks like a great place to go metal detecting…That meteor could have blown all kinds of gold nuggest for niles around there…

  19. cagcrisp says

    Closing Bell…

    Considering what the stock market did yesterday and today, considering what the ECB did today, considering what the Euro did today…

    …I kinda like my Gold purchases made yesterday…

  20. IPS_STUFF says


    what do you like about your GLD purchase so far?
    did you go long or short it ? calls, puts or actual stock?
    I went in on some Jan Calls on Tuesday and so far nothing but blood.

  21. Dustyroads says

    The 5 oz. program grew on me a few years ago, so I enjoy stacking both varieties. The Fort Moultrie design is lacking imho, so I doubled up on the last issue. There’s something about the larger size, but I didn’t get it in the beginning. I even scoffed a little at the sight of people buying these at one time. So, I believe the fondness for the 5 oz. coins is an acquired one. If so, that would be the reason for the small market, and lack of comments here. And if, as we have talked about here do in deed move further into a cashless society, it won’t matter to you or me (as long as our PM’s are not confiscated) what size our silver is, the only benefit to sticking to ASE’s will be the ease of sale.

    RIP John Glenn

  22. Dustyroads says

    cag, It does appear the Mint has made some changes on their site that reflect a SO status.
    When I was last looking at some of the AtB quarters, the older rolls which have been sold out still don’t state their status until you open the link, while the most recently SO issue is clearly visible without opening the link.

  23. cagcrisp says

    @IPS_STUFF, I’m long GLD ETF. I LIKE the Fact that Gold hasn’t re-tested $1,159.00 that it hit a few days ago. I see NO financial reason to be Purchasing Gold at this time …and yet it’s hanging in there… with a Lot of headwinds. I like that…

  24. cagcrisp says

    @Dustyroads, last week when TR went off it was the fastest I’ve ever seen an item go from CU to SO.

    Today Cumberland went straight to SO.

    That’s progress.

    Now if SOMEONE would learn about how to read Demand and get a proper HHL, then Maybe the Mint will not be losing so many customers…

  25. Throckmorton says

    FM If you like the Middlesboro crater, you will love the Sequatchie valley a bit to the south. While geologists attribute the valley to erosion, it is easily discernible from the air that the valley was created by the controlled crash of a spaceship. Erosion just doesn’t run in that straight of a line for hundreds of miles. Have fun with that one. BTW, the aliens have a name……Melungeons.

    I ordered three of the Ft Moultrie pucks today basically because I have SC roots. I’ve always thought that Ft. Sumter was the more appropriate subject but political correctness scotched the idea.

  26. fmtransmitter says

    Erosion just doesn’t run in that straight of a line for hundreds of miles.\\If a river ran that way it does,…??

  27. fmtransmitter says

    I bet the women are beautiful with that mix…And they don’t get sunburn..I have always been attracted to Euro/American Indian women since college days in OK. There are so many and they are so beautiful…

  28. fmtransmitter says

    Oh yea…Almost a Dorothy from Wizard look…BTW, us being collectors, I looked for a platnium barbie 50th Dorothy Wizard of Oz, forget it..Best was a common at $292!! I think I may be in the wrong line of collecting! There are Gold, Silver, etc versions of these Barbies and they sell for big bucks…

  29. IPS_STUFF says


    Yes with GLD calls, I can put less $ out, but have to keep of tight watch.
    Calls really deal with the “time value of money” in their own way.

    Fed meeting is coming, see what happens with that.

  30. Ryan says


    Not special enough IMO. When it comes to the Canadian mint, they put out so much product that it’s hard to say what will have value in the future. I’m not good at guessing what other people will want or what will gain on value so I just buy what I think is great design or speaks to me. If you think it’s unique or love the design then odds are someone else will think so too.

  31. Ryan says


    Here’s an example of a coin that wasn’t a hot seller and will probably never be worth anything, but both the design of the coin and the story that it tells makes it very special to me. If you’ve ever written poetry or experianced something in your life that you had the thought that you needed to write down how you felt at that moment so you can remember and share it with others then this coin and poem should speak to you. Design wise the symmetry of the coin and it’s shiny and matte fields almost give the ambulance movement. That was a coin worth buying, if you feel that way about a coin then you should buy it.


  32. Dustyroads says

    I thought the Queen’s beasts 2 oz. was a better deal at roughly $50., but Ryan’s right, buy what you like.

  33. Mike the Greek says

    Indeed that is a beautiful coin Ryan; thanks for sharing.

    I recently bought a couple Queen’s Beasts…man I love ’em!!!

    But yeah I have to agree about buying what you love. When I first got back into coins this year in fact, it was to get the gold centennial merc. I know I know it’s overpriced – and I bought it around $300 in OGP. But I love it. I don’t care so much for graded coins – I like to be able to FEEL them and HOLD them etc. It almost seems like when coins are in slabs they are behind glass so to speak. In that case they are an investment only and not something I truly enjoy owning. Why? Dunno. Just a kinesthetic thing I think.

  34. KEITHSTER says

    Sorry but the Gap did go CU. if only for half an hour or so but I seen it as I picked up #2 on the count down. Was nice to see the SO. go up so fast on theTR. also keep it up mint! Fmtransmitter if we can get that exoctic look of yours to come back I know what we can do with all those S quarters? From the order #’s I got on yesterdays puck looks like a normal release so why no chatter who knows? Well Good Luck And Stay Warm All “> “> “>

  35. AZ Dan says

    I returned one of the Half Dollar gold coins because it was damaged (did not realize I could have requested a return shipping label). Mint shows it was received on the 2nd, but doesn’t have it in the system. The rep escalated the call (after being placed on hold several times over a 26 minute period) and said a final resolution should be had in 4-6 weeks. How is that possible for it being “escalated”? Is this normal?

  36. gatortreke says

    I may have missed this but re: the 2016 ASE Uncirculated coin (EG16), do we officially know the mintage and will the coins be sold into 2017 or are they going to be a one month sales item? Thanks!!

  37. Dustyroads says

    gatortreke, It’s been discussed here to a point. The usage of the word “issue” in the law has drawn differing interpretations. The prevailing understanding has been that “issue” refers to the creation of the coins and not the sell of the coins. Under that description, the coins will be sold into 2017 until depletion. I’m not an attorney, and don’t side with any particular view, so I will be watching, as I’m guessing you will as well on Jan 1.

  38. Dustyroads says

    BTW, We don’t know the mintage, but I’m hoping they can end between 150,000 and 175,000. That may give them a little added value.

  39. Throckmorton says

    AZ Dan – I returned two WLHs on Nov 29 via Fed Ex with the return label. No word on credit yet. I did glue the shipping box shut rather than using only tape to hopefully deter pilferage. I guess we have no choice but I am not wild about sending anything of value to Memphis.

  40. gatortreke says

    Dustyroads: Thanks for the response to my ASE W-mint mark question. I’d really like to know the intent of the mint before January 1 as I’m debating buying one. I’ll ponder the situation over the weekend and longer, maybe some new info will come to light before the end of the month.

  41. gatortreke says

    Thanks cagcrisp, guess I won’t have to wait until the end of the month for more information. 🙂

  42. earthling says

    To anyone returning anything to Memphis : document, insure, track , follow-up, don’t let anyone start spinning you around with any B.S. at anytime. Those people ( at the Mint Returns Center ) ripped me out of a full 1 oz BU American Gold Eagle. They did it, I know they did it, they know they did it, but at this point I let it slip so long, I just got to realize the bums got me. Just like these slum doggs in SE MI are doin me. Just like everyone in this Country will do me and everyone else they can do. A man just got into the White House promising to make it “great again” so I guess its a given about what I’m a be sayin.

    Even the IRS got me last 4-15. But they might be innocent, it might be all on that Tax Prep Firm I went through. When you got it… everyone is out to get you.

    I’m currently home in Delaware. It’s close to Christmas. Thanks to the lessons learned , I can clearly see all the hungry currs currently trying to play me. I always believed in working when I needed money, and I had to work many years to finally break out of the low wage trap. But sadly not everyone believes in struggling and trying for years. They are out to beg , borrow, and steal, and move the BSin mouth instead of their bodies.

    A fool and his money are soon parted as they say. But hopefully THIS fool has learned to not be a fool too much anymore. Sometimes an education can be expensive. A formal education AND an education in the school of hard knocks.

  43. Mike the Greek says

    @earthling: Brother you sound bitter! I’m sorry! Maybe you can still get justice on the BU AGE…I don’t know the story but what happened – did they not ship it or it got lost or something?

    Man I know what it is to be down and feel the world is against you…it really isn’t…but a lot of people do try to take advantage of us sometimes. Peace to your soul.

  44. earthling says

    Hey thanks for the kind words Mike. It’s a given that there are crooked people in the world. Go into any Church these days and you can even find crooked twisted freaks there. Too many Ministers and Priests have been brought down in one scandal or another so its a given that there are a few crooks hiding amongst the flock.

    I got rid of a troubled young lady recently. She is possibly tied in with a larger group of scammers trying to fleece me for all I’m worth. I’m trying to piece together all the clues even now, but its a hard task for a tired mind- but each day that goes by , sees me getting more rested. If the Cops didn’t give me a break by digging up some old warrants I’d still be in the clutches of a deeply entrenched operative.

    At what point do I go for a good Legal Firm and P.I. Agency? That’s my current dilemma. Do I make a few calls and only find disapointment? Well, guess one day I’ll need to at least find the answer to that.

    Anyone have any experience with PI Firms? How about a Law Firm bringing a Hostile and Discriminatory Workplace Case against an Employer?

  45. Mike the Greek says

    @earthling: wow brother that’s bad! I had a gf once who turned out to be a nightmare…she got mad at me (apparently – never acted it to my face) – and staged a robbery at my apartment. I say staged, because the things taken were things only a gf would care about. A camcorder left out was untouched. But pictures of old gf’s were taken. Nothing of monetary value. An heirloom violin my Greek grandfather hand-carved for me was stolen. But a newer and beautiful guitar was not. Etc etc. It took me some years to finally accept it was her, but given all that happened later, I know it was.

    So I feel you man. You’ll get through it. The coming days and weeks will bring more and more clarity to you. You’ll know what you want to do. I never did file charges against the girl, and I have forgiven her. Some people are just too screwed up and are almost not responsible for what they do. They are menaces to society, but at some deep level they can’t help it. It would have hurt me to carry on hating her, so I didn’t. I actually feel sorry for her and pray for her.

    I don’t know a good PI, sorry.

    I was eyeing those new canadiens 150th anniversary 2oz coins. They look so lovely!



  46. AZ Dan says

    The mint just sent an announcement saying that processed my return. Only 3rd time I ever returned anything to them in 15 years (hopefully the last).

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