U.S. Mint establishes March calendar, Boys Town Centennial silver and clad pricing

The following is a cross-post from Mint News Blog’s sister site, Coin Update.

The Mint has updated its online catalog to include March issues and their dates. It has also released the pricing for the 2017 Boys Town Centennial commemorative silver coins; these prices are not yet listed on the website but will be published in the next Federal Register.

March 2 is the big day for American Eagle 2017 gold Proof coins. Pricing for the four coins (which is based on the Mint’s pricing grid and the London Bullion Market Association’s value for gold bullion) has not yet been set. The coins, and their product numbers, are:

  • American Eagle 2017 one-tenth ounce gold Proof coin (17EE)
  • American Eagle 2017 one-quarter ounce gold Proof coin (17ED)
  • American Eagle 2017 half-ounce gold Proof coin (17EC)
  • American Eagle 2017 one-ounce gold Proof coin (17EB)
  • American Eagle 2017 gold Proof four-coin set (17EF)

On March 7, the Mint releases 2017’s first 5-ounce America the Beautiful Uncirculated silver coin, honoring Effigy Mounds National Monument (17AJ). This is the 36th design in the ATB quarters program. As with the American Eagle gold Proof coins, pricing will be established closer to the release date.

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The seven Boys Town Centennial commemorative products will be released on March 9. As always, the coins will be available at an introductory price for a limited time before the regular price applies. The values for silver and clad coins are listed here; the gold coins will be priced closer to the release date. (The three-coin set, which contains one gold Proof, will be priced at that time as well.)

  • Boys Town Centennial Proof $5 gold coin (17CA)
  • Boys Town Centennial Uncirculated $5 gold coin (17CB)
  • Boys Town Centennial Proof silver dollar (17CC)—introductory $47.95 (regular $52.95)
  • Boys Town Centennial Uncirculated silver dollar (17CD)—introductory $46.95 (regular $51.95)
  • Boys Town Centennial Proof clad half dollar (17CE)—introductory $21.95 (regular $26.95)
  • Boys Town Centennial Uncirculated clad half dollar (17CF)—introductory $20.95 (regular $25.95)
  • Boys Town Centennial three-coin Proof set (17CG)

According to the Mint’s Office of Communications, the surcharges taken from the sale of commemorative coins are not affected by introductory pricing offers.

The last two products to be released in March are the American Eagle 2017 one-ounce silver Proof coin (17EA), which will be released March 23; and the Mint’s annual Proof Set (17RG), released March 29. Last year, the Proof Set was priced at $31.95. This year, the set will be priced at $26.95, since it will contain three fewer dollar coins (the Presidential $1 coin program having concluded last year).   ❑

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  1. data dave says

    Big month, lots of revenue for the US Mint. It would be nice if gold fell back below the $1200 mark before these products come out.

  2. Scott says

    The premiums are still too high and certified pre-1933 classic gold is currently a much better value, so the mint probably won’t be getting any of my business in 2017.

  3. John Q. Coinage says

    2 commemorative $1 with little collector appeal,,,,or appeal in general IMHO Only the reverse to the Lion’s clubbe stands out as something you’d want. PREDICTION: The BOys Town $5 unc will be a real low mintage #…..

  4. achmed says

    it is quite interesting that the us-mint’s sales numbers seem to be difficult to bedelivered weekly at the same time. Or is the person responsible on holidays this week???

  5. Tinto says

    @John Q. Coinage

    Yeah, it will be interesting to see the sales of that Boys Town $5 unc maybe even the proof

    The Lions Club $1 looked nice in the drawing but in the actual coin the Mint seems to have shaved off the whiskers below the nostrils of the adult lions and they now look like they have a one day old growth in its place .. at least that’s how it looks in the pics since I am not buying any commemorative this year or next ..

  6. earthling says

    Nothing interesting this year soooo on to next years stuff. That would be the Breast Cancer Coin .. or is that in 2019? Anyway will anyone other than women be interested in that Coin? And since Women in general aren’t into Coins, will that be the new low mintage Queen of all times?

    Makes you wonder.

    How low will they go?

  7. joe#2 says

    It’s always nice to know that our mint will always be putting out interesting coins that we can’t wait to get our hands on. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. John Q. Coinage says

    1917 is kind of sparse for events, maybe 100th Anniv US entry into WW1…..nah…. 100 years of US Virgin Islands….JFK 100th Birthday (!)… 100th Anniversary of the b00b covered SLQ…..i

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