U.S. Mint fills in its June 2017 calendar


Edited May 16 at 9 p.m. to clarify which American Liberty silver medal will be released in June.

The Mint has updated its product-release schedule to include the month of June, which will be bracketed at the beginning and end of the month by the American Eagle 1-ounce gold and silver Uncirculated coins. The high point will be in the middle of the month—June 14, to be specific—when the Mint will release the 2017-W “Enhanced Uncirculated” American Liberty 225th Anniversary 1-ounce silver medal.

The America the Beautiful Quarters Program will release its third ATB design of the year (and the 38th overall) in June. The Ozark National Scenic Riverways (Missouri) will have its traditional quarter launch and coin exchange on June 5, the same day the roll and bag products are available for order from the Mint’s website. The three-coin set, with special Uncirculated-finish coins from the Philadelphia and Denver mints and a Proof from the San Francisco Mint, will follow on June 26. Although the July calendar won’t be filled in for another month or so, we can expect the 5-ounce silver Uncirculated Ozark coin that month.

The Mint’s annual Silver Proof Set will be available for purchase on June 7. The complete calendar is as follows:

  • June 1—The 2017 American Eagle 1-ounce gold Uncirculated coin (17EH)
  • June 5—The America the Beautiful–Ozark National Scenic Riverways rolls and bags (17ABG, 17ABH, 17ABJ, 17ARG, 17ARH, and 17ARJ)
  • June 7—The 2017 Silver Proof Set (17RH)
  • June 14—The 2017-W American Liberty 225th Anniversary 1-ounce silver medal (17XB)
  • June 26—The ATB–Ozark three-coin set (17AF)
  • June 29—The 2017 American Eagle 1-ounce silver Uncirculated coin (17EG)

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  1. KEITHSTER says

    What no N.A. C&C oh well sooner or later the unc eagle looks to be worth a look at? If the medal is enhanced will have to get some ! Well Good Luck All”>”>”> “<"<"<

  2. Mattarch says

    Cool that the American Liberty 225th Anniversary 1-ounce silver medal will be released on Bastille Day. Maybe we can recreate the event by all waiting impatiently outside one of the Mint Stores and then rush in at noon to buy one before they sell out.

  3. MarkInFlorida says

    Matriarch, sorry, Bastille Day is July 14. Best I could find for June 14, is President Reagan was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 1989.

  4. Dustyroads says

    From an active poll at Coin World. Results are on the far right after each category.

    Which 2017 U.S. Mint release are you most excited about?
    2017 American Liberty, High Relief Gold Coin 37%
    Lions Clubs International 2017 Centennial Silver Dollar 2%
    Boys Town Centennial 2017 Commemorative Coin Series 4%
    2017 America the Beautiful Quarter Dollars 18%
    Other 39%
    Total votes: 339


  5. KML in KY says

    I’m curious as to what the Mint will do with the mintages & HHL’s on the 2017 Liberty Silver Medals. I have a feeling the the mintages will be a lot higher than last year but you never know what the Mint will do. It would be cool to have a set though.

  6. So Krates says

    MNB says, “The three-coin set, with special Uncirculated-finish coins from the Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco mints, will follow on June 26.”

    I am not a buyer of this particular set but I was under the impression the included San Francisco quarter has a proof finish.

  7. Blair J. Tobler says

    So Krates – I collect these and you are correct – the S is proof

  8. So Krates says

    @ Dustyroads – Those poll results indicate that Boys Town is twice as popular as Lions Club!

  9. Mint News Blog says

    @So Krates, you’re right. Long day, coins tumbling in my head like shoes in a clothes dryer. Thanks for the catch!

  10. Brad says

    Anyone have any idea if the Mint ended production of the Frederick Douglass 5 oz. silver bullion coin at 20,000? APMEX has raised the price on it quite a bit the past couple of days, so I wonder if they’ve been told it’s no longer available to the authorized purchasers?

  11. isp_stuff says

    I purchased a roll from another vendor last night at 6 pm P.S.T.
    and just went to check to see if a price change and they now list both singles and rolls unavailable. So something is up, in my opinion.

  12. Dustyroads says

    So Krates, I have to agree, it doesn’t say much. I thought it was interesting because the majority of people chose other.

  13. Old Big Bird says

    KML in KY & So Krates

    The US Mint makes and sells ATB quarters in rolls with and S mint mark and it is Uncirculated.
    I have been collecting rolls of all of the P & D & S roll.

    So it is possible that the three coin set could be a P & D & S uncirculated quarter

  14. data dave says

    With regards to the 2017 Silver Proof Eagle (no S) sales are leveling out at around 260K compared to 550K of the 2016 version. I don’t see how the 2017 makes it to 400K at this point. I think the S version “stole” 75K of sales from this version and turned away some people who didn’t get an S and want to keep a complete set. Considering the 1994 version was the previous key with 372K, that number could be under threat.

    I understand there are lower mintage issues, but I am only referring to the “regular” issue and finish as the main series. So now we will have a bunch of new keys for special issues being in the 100K range, and the possibility that the mint will be going back to this well more often in the future.

    Just another trend line to reinforce the collector base is shrinking theory.

  15. cagcrisp says

    @data dave, “Just another trend line to reinforce the collector base is shrinking theory.”

    Just another trend line to reinforce that the mint will Continue to resort to gimmick mint offerings to get the Much needed Revenue they need…

  16. Donald says

    It’s only the middle of May, data Dave. These ’17 silver eagle proofs will, most likely, be offered for another year–plenty of time remains for the sales total to amp up. Many purchasers may be waiting to combine it with an upcoming Mint offering to save on the shipping. The jury is still out on this one.

  17. cagcrisp says

    Corresponding sales numbers 2017 vs. 2016 (2015 for the HR Gold) for the Same number of weeks at the Current revenue pricing…

    2017 HR Gold vs 2015 HR Gold ; 6 weeks; Down $35 ,845,480
    2017 1 oz. Gold Proof vs. 2016 1 oz. Gold Proof; 11 weeks; Down $13,615,680
    2017 1 oz. Silver Proof W vs. 2016 1 oz. Silver Proof W; 8 weeks; Down $10,136,611(not considering bulk)
    2017 4 coin AGEs vs. 2016 4 coin AGEs; 11 weeks; Down $9,762,420
    2017 Buffalo Gold Proof vs. 2016 Buffalo Gold Proof; 1 week; Down $7,002,360
    2017 1/2 oz. Gold Proof vs. 2016 1/2 oz. Gold Proof; 11 weeks; Down $1,600,335
    2017 1/4 oz. Gold Proof vs. 2016 1/4 oz. Gold Proof; 11 weeks; Down $994,250
    2017 1/10 oz. Gold Proof vs. 2016 1/10 oz. Gold Proof; 11 weeks; Down $918,575

    That’s a Total of $79,875,711 of Revenue lost vs corresponding product for corresponding sales weeks

    For me the Mint will continue to do more gimmick offerings like the 2017S Proofs because they Need the Revenue and they Need the Profit, however, that dog will only hunt for so long…

  18. So Krates says

    @ Old Big Bird – Yes, although it would have exactly zero point zero effect on my interest level, that is certainly a possibility with this being a year full of surprises. It would seem to make more sense to include the “S” unc quarter in that set or make a four coin set with both “S”s. I guess anyone who wants an “S” unc. from the mint has to buy at least forty coins. 🙁

  19. Goat says

    ” Poll ” 2017 American Liberty, High Relief Gold Coin 37%
    ” up to date figures ” 2017 AM LIBERTY GOLD 1 OZ 20,087

    Am I reading this right ? Thirty-seven percent of buyers of the whole, equals 20,087 units

  20. MikeinPA says

    big hit in the market today as they realize all their grand illusions will never happen

  21. Tom P. - MA says

    @MikeinPA I thought the market was overvalued before the election. First we had the Hillary rally, then the Trump rally. Of course the media was oblivious to the fact that a stock market rally if Hillary were elected AND a stock market rally because Trump was elected is illogical.

    Back to coins. Is the product schedule unusually condensed into the first half of the year this year? That could account for some of the slow buying. I’ve put the P pucks on hold due to cost and the fact I’ve seen some listed below issue price.

  22. cagcrisp says

    @Goat, No you are not reading that correctly. That poll has Nothing to do with current sales. The poll has been on CW website long before any coins were sold in 2017.

    I responded earlier in the year to the “Other” because of the hope for fractional Buffalo…

  23. Buzz Killington says


    Because you hurt my feelings when you didn’t acknowledge my substitution of the name of infrequent poster here”bobo” to “stevefromflorida”. I want to acknowledge your zero point zero. #etmwillneverdie

  24. Jerry Diekmann says

    For all those collectors who say they just “have to have” a silver proof AE coin with an “S” mint mark, please note that from 1986 to 1992, all these silver proof AE coins were struck with an “S” mint mark, and they are all priced close to bullion. That’s good enough for me. I’m not biting on the Mint’s gimmicks and collusion with the big dealers. And let’s call a spade a spade – that is what it is – collusion, and it should be investigated. However, given the Trumpgate saga, doing something like that is on the bottom of the rush pile for any federal auditing agency. So the Mint still has free reign to come up with cagcrisp correctly calls them – gimmicks. A couple of years from now no one will really care about these coins – the big dealers will have made their unholy profits and will have moved on to further gimmick adventures they and the Mint will be cooking up.

  25. Asherspapa says

    The photo of the reverse of the June 14 Liberty medal show a P mint mark, which would match the original information published in Coin World if it’s proof. Suspect the description currently on the Mint site with the W is an error.

  26. says

    Not only is it a ‘P’

    But the the book and box are back..,

    It’s a ‘P’ that ain’t gonna be no $34.95 (like last year)

    That’s a lot of fan fare for a medal..,

  27. says

    If the mint went to this much trouble for a medal,

    You all can say what you want about what should be..,

    This puppy is going to have a Product Limit of 100,000 to 200,000, if not infinity..,

    And a HHL of, ..like ‘none’

  28. Baldwin says

    With all the hype and hoopla… I’ll show as much interest in this one as I did the last one. I didn’t purchase the 1st one in gold or silver and have little desire to spend my money on this one. If the mint wants to do medals in silver, I’d suggest they complete the presidential medals set.

  29. Louis Golino says

    If you simply look at the photo of the medal, it is not enhanced as the surface is all one finish and most likely proof as originally indicated. And as Asherspapa noted, it has a “P” mintmark. Plus, the whole idea was for the enhanced to be unique to the set, so I am pretty sure the single medal is a P-proof.

  30. Dave says

    The fredrick Douglass 5oz Bullion coin is sold out. A mintage of just 20,000. Better get them fast. This is the same mintage as Hawaii and Denali.

  31. says

    I received an email from apmex about the new Ozark puck being on sale and this is what it said, “Following the Frederick Douglass coin, the first ATB since 2015 to sell out from the U.S. Mint within 90 days, the limited-mintage 2017 Ozark National Scenic Riverways is now available to pre-order!” So looks like a sell out, so better get them while you can.

  32. isp_stuff says

    @JOE#2 – you don’t know your bullion 5 OZ from your P mint sold directly to customers from the mint web site

    It is believed that the Bullion version is sold out at 20k same as Hawaii Bullion version

  33. earthling says

    Pump up the jam.. pump it up, pump it up…..

    If the Mint put this new single Medal at 10,000 with HHL at 1, imagine the anticipation that would build for the 4-set release.

    This is year 225. Give us hype, US Mint, give us hype, we like it ,we love it.

    We want more of it. ✌

  34. joe#2 says

    isp_stuff says

    May 18, 2017 at 1:48 pm

    @JOE#2 – you don’t know your bullion 5 OZ from your P mint sold directly to customers from the mint web site

    Isp? I really could careless. I don’t collect these anyway. Not familiar with them.

  35. cagcrisp says

    This is NOT a recommendation to purchase ANY of the below mentioned items.

    APMEX has the 2012 Denali in stock for $223.55
    APMEX has the 2012 Hawaii in stock for $358.55
    APMEX has the 217 Douglas in stock for $113.45

    …SO…you can see for yourself that APMEX doesn’t think the Douglas is = to Denali or Hawaii.

    This is a Sellers market and Not a buyers market on these things.

    If you Study the marketing of these things on APMEX you will see that once ANY bullion puck sells out it goes up in price.

    My Lowly Only Bullion Pucks the 2015 Turkey pucks are listed by APMEX for $133.60 and they’re not even close to being worth that price…

    …But then again…I’m not trying to Sell you something you don’t need to be Buying…

  36. Scott says

    My personal opinion is APMEX prices are higher than average. If you shop around, it’s not hard to beat their prices.

  37. Louis Golino says

    The thing about bullion puck premiums is they don’t increase instantly. They rise more slowly than numismatic premiums. When the HW and others sold out, they did not immediately sell for hundreds.

    Also, right now JMB, which is usually the lowest on most silver coins, wants $123 and up for the Douglass, which does at least suggest premiums are beginning to rise. And Provident is sold out.

  38. So Krates says

    BK – Sorry I missed that one, buddy. I’m often on here at odd hours and not always at optimal alertness. Flew under my radar but now remember thinking there are lots of actual posters with names just like that and a few from FL. Tend to tune that guy out anyway as he’s not one of my fav W.P.ers. I did get your Virgil Runnels reference but can’t remember if I acknowledged it. Guess we’re even though as I think you missed my (yours) “quartered on the port side” joke a while back, ha

  39. cagcrisp says

    Here are Some Facts about the Denali Bullion puck.

    Currently APMEX will Sell you 1 for $223.55
    Currently APMEX will Buy 1 from you for $133.05

    The Day the Denali Bullion puck was First Sold by an AP the Spot price of Silver was $31.18…

    …SO…Silver was worth $155.90 in October 2012 and Currently you can Sell 1 to APMEX for $133.05

    …SO…Not exactly a Buyer’s Delight…

  40. So Krates says

    There are no Denali completed listings for less than $200. I would expect to get around halfway between Apmex’s buy and sell in a private sale…maybe $175. Both Hawaii and Denali are better designed than Freddie. Even so, it’s reasonable to expect Douglass to eventually bring $150, that’s 30% from here. Upside looks better than downside. I’m in for ten Bob Ross.

  41. Louis Golino says

    I have had major dealers offer me a fraction of what I later sold something for myself. You need to find out which ones offer fair prices when buying.

  42. earthling says

    I walked my Sealed Box of (15) 2017-S ASE’s around the Macomb Coin Show on the day I took delivery . Most Dealers claimed they just sold their last ones at $55.00 each. Only one Dealer expressed interest at $75.00 each and that was only after he called his flipper connection and had a flip all lined up. I have no use for Coin Dealers anymore. Too much like Used Car Dealers just out to rob someone.

    And by the way, I took delivery on a Saturday, the week after the things were offered. They were still hot and fresh ( and sealed and unopened).

    Obviously the entire Coin Market preys on the uninformed and desperate and crooks looking for a fence.

    No wonder the willing participants are fading away.

  43. earthling says

    The one bright spot left in Numismatics for me lately? The Grove Minting Company and their annual “Commemorative Tokens”. I could care less what the flip potential is. Cost seems to be just enough to cover bullion , design, manufacturing, and maybe a little profit, for Mr. Grove.

    The tokens are based on historic designs. Looking at them is pure joy, they’re just beautiful works of Medalic Art.

  44. Art says

    I just noticed that there are no President dollars showing in the pictures of the proof sets. Does anyone know why they would not be included as always? Apologies if this was already discussed.

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