U.S. Mint fills in its sales calendar through December 5

Collectors exasperated with the month-at-a-time updates to the Mint’s sales calendar have reason to smile: the latest update covers release dates from September through December.

The new schedule, including the existing August items, is as follows (Mint News Blog will fill in the details as each date approaches):

August 1—225th Anniversary Enhanced Uncirculated Coin Set (17XC)

August 28—Ellis Island 2017 Rolls and Bags (17ABK, 17ABL, 17ABM, 17ARK, 17ARL, 17ARM)

September 7—Ellis Island 2017 Uncirculated Five Ounce Silver Coin (17AM)

September 14—Ellis Island 2017 Quarter, 3-Coin Set (17AG)

October 5—Limited Edition Silver Proof Set 2017 (17RC)

October 19—American Liberty Four Silver Medal Set (17XD)

November 13—George Rogers Clark National Historical Park 2017 Rolls and Bags (17ABN, 17ABP, 17ABQ, 17ARN, 17ARP, 17ARQ)

November 21—America the Beautiful Quarter 2017 Circulating Coin Set (17AC)

November 27—George Rogers Clark National Historical Park 2017 Quarter, 3-Coin Set (17AH)

December 5—George Rogers Clark National Historical Park 2017 Uncirculated Five Ounce Silver Coin (17AN)

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  1. KEITHSTER says

    With that line up tomorrow don’t look so bad! Surely they are leaving out some bones. Was that the enhanced die parts showing when first on the mint site? Well Good Luck To Us All ‘.’.’.’.

  2. NCM Collector says

    Looks like they dropped the Native American coin and currency set. Slimpy offerings if this list is final.

  3. Xena says

    KML – I am keeping up my sets, although it’s still work in progress. I just purchased the update pages I needed (I wasn’t collecting between 1994-2013); and I have been breaking open extra proof sets for dollars and halves. Just finished my Eisenhower book!

    I am in for 2 or 3 EU sets. I think these will be popular and sell out quickly. Scooped up by collectors, flippers or big boys – who knows? I have a feeling the average collector is going to get shut out again. Hope I am wrong. I’ll let you know if there’s a line at the Mint store tomorrow.

    Dianna – great idea. I am not a good note taker and tend to keep everything in my head. But I’ll grab a notebook and try to keep track. Hoping Louis will be our first guest speaker!

  4. A&L Futures says

    I guess we now know why the big boys were quick to dump their 2017-S Silver Eagles. The only question I have is, “How many 17RCs is the U.S. Mint planning to strike?”

    Unless the Mint throws us a bone, tomorrow’s release of the 225th Anniversary Enhanced Uncirculated Coin Set (17XC), is likely going to be the last flip I make this year.

    On your mark, get set, go….(100)

  5. A&L Futures says

    My guess is there will be 10,000 sets (each) for all three U.S. Mint gift shops (i.e. Denver, Washington, and Philadelphia), and nearly the same number for the show. Therefore, 225,000 – 40,000 = 185,000 sets (via U.S. Mint website).

    Complicate this by the fact that they (i.e. the U.S. Mint) will not have all the packaging they’ll need (e.g. 20%; 45,000 sets), and I would realistically bring this number down to 140,000 set (via U.S. Mint website) available on the first day of sales.

    140,000 sets / 100 set per customer (arbitrary number per order) = 1,400 orders.


  6. sharks2th says

    I’m glad the Mint has filled in most of the schedule. Every time I get one of their surveys I make this a point I am unhappy about. How can you plan vacations, budgeting and other activities when you do not know when the products will be released (other than use the previous year as a guide)? It never fails they tend to release something I want during the week I’ve set up vacation. Maybe next year they’ll get back to releasing a tentative schedule for the entire year. I do not mind too much if they make slight changes, but the entire year schedule helps planning for the entire year.

  7. cagcrisp says

    Whatever percentage you gave a SO tomorrow, the percentage went UP with the release of the remaining 2017 schedule…

  8. johnaz says

    pick up two set today on e-bay, 2017-S Mint set for 32.00 free shipping pre-sale.I do not know how they can for 32.00 with free shipping. As long as I get nice set.

  9. cagcrisp says

    Whatever percentage you gave on Another 225 offering this year (besides those Already known) , the percentage went UP with the release of the remaining 2017 schedule…

  10. CW says

    What a failure in the art making her look so angry. I am not the only one who sees the anger.

  11. Tinto says

    Hope the Mint will squeeze in the NA $1 C&C set later in December ….. nice to have it in OGP

  12. A&L Futures says

    I just got off the phone with the U.S. Mint Gift Shop in Philadelphia. Seems they’re not taking phone orders for tomorrow’s release.

    I’ll let you know what the Denver Gift Shop says if/when I get a hold of them.

  13. Buzz Killington says

    @cag —

    I see the opposite. Scaramucci’s exit is a sign of stabliity, and perhaps more stability to come.

    Of course, if that isn’t a prediction, but a description of actual events, I will admit that I am often a bad predictor.

  14. My Preccciousss says

    Can someone here explain why it seems that the emphasis on the EU mint set is on the half dollar? I know that part of it is that many are trying to put together complete sets but we have already seen an EU Kennedy – albeit in silver – whereas we have not had any EU dimes, nickels or cents, to the best of my knowledge. Surely there are many collectors who would want to have this mint set in order to keep their other sets up to date.

    Thoughts, anyone?

  15. cagcrisp says

    @Buzz Killington, I’m strictly talking about what happened IMMEDIATELY on the news breaking. Charts for the USD Index and what happened to the PMs were just the opposite.

    I agree that in the Long term it has to show some stability (or sanity) and it Did help the stock market.

    I was NOT a fan of Scaramucci so his departure was 11 days overdue as far as I was concerned…

  16. Barry says

    I rarely buy clad coins but, plan to get two of the EU sets ( in case one set has any issues). Most likely a one off on some of the coins imo. I’m looking forward to see how these coins look in person.The last US mint clad I bought was the BHOF half dollar and don’t regret buying it. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow.

  17. Larry says

    Finally something I am looking froward to buying tomorrow. I will also pick up the Silver Proof Set to save on shipping. This has to be the most unexciting year for coins from the mint that I can remember. Unless something else exiting pops up that isn’t now on the calendar, that is probably all for me. May buy the 4 medal set, not sure as not a fan of medals.

  18. Asherspapa says

    It figures that the ASL set of 4 is going on sale while I’m out of the country! Oh well…maybe I can get a friend to order on my behalf. Of course, maybe at about $200 each, the big guys won’t exhaust the 225k supply before I get back. I’d like a set, but not at a flipper’s price!

  19. Asherspapa says

    On another note, it looks like the 2018 Breast Cancer Commemorative winner still hasn’t been announced, even though the website continues to say the winner will be announced in June 2017…it’s tomorrow August? Not that I’m holding my breath for this one, but it’s just another example of the Mint’s consumer incompetence.

    And back to the ASL set…am I reading the Mint’s 7/23 right. They have only sold 39.264 of the P Proof?? If that’s true. 225k of the set should last for months, if never sell out.

  20. Tinto says

    ” .On another note, it looks like the 2018 Breast Cancer Commemorative winner still hasn’t been announced, even though the website continues to say the winner will be announced in June 2017…it’s tomorrow August?..”

    Just one more example of the Mint “hard at work” …

  21. cagcrisp says

    From the Mint’s FB page: “#OnThisDate in 1795, the first gold coins produced by the U.S. Mint, consisting of 744 half-eagles, were delivered for circulation. #USMint225 #MintMoments”

    Shame the Mint didn’t see fit to sell Tributes to the 1795 half eagle on their 225 Anniversary…

  22. So Krates says

    A & L Futures says, “I just got off the phone with the U.S. Mint Gift Shop in Philadelphia. Seems they’re not taking phone orders for tomorrow’s release.”

    Did they positively confirm they would be available in person?

    I had a “chat” online earlier today and the USM rep said Denver and Philly will NOT have them at the store. I tried to confirm with the shop but no luck reaching them. I just spoke with a rep at the call center and she could not say one way or the other if any coins would be available at any of the store locations. No supervisor could provide any info either.

  23. Xena says

    Don’t forget to check your password, credit card expiration etc in case it’s busy tomorrow.

  24. A&L Futures says

    @ So Krates

    I believe they will. However, if I were you I’d call to verify b/f making the trip there.

    Denver’s Aramark never answered the phone today.

  25. MarkInFlorida says

    @Asherspapa, I ordered the Truman C&C set from Germany on my iPad, so being out of the country doesn’t have to stop you!

  26. DBR says

    I’m on board for two sets of the 225th U.S. Mint Anniversary offering.

    Helpful Hint: Do NOT use the mint’s app to order. They’ve had stability problems with it forever and no app update all year.

    Use your smart phone to order from http://www.usmint.gov but do NOT try to order using the phone app. The app is very unstable.

  27. DaveSWFL says

    Enhanced set fizzling out. Very few completed presales.
    Last few auctions on the bay at $32 with free shipping!
    Aborting the order. Will pick up cheap in a few years. I think it’s a dud.
    Another product which should have been done in silver.
    When will they ever learn? Oh, when will they ever learn??

    Yea, I get they make bigger margin on clad, but I want REAL MONEY!

  28. Jerry Diekmann says

    If I can pick up a couple of the EU sets tomorrow, that will finish me for buying from the Mint this year. What a dreary year for Mint offerings!

  29. Asherspapa says

    @Tinto Yes, I know and have before, but the problem would have been the WiFi at the venue I’ll be (been there before). As I said, I don’t think they’ll sell out for a LONG time, if ever, so I’ll wait. 225k of a medal, even silver, is just too many but since I nabbed the 2016 ASL’s I’d like to build a complete set. I’ll rethink that if the set is more than $200 which, based on the price of the Proof P seems likely.

  30. Mint News Blog says

    @DBR and others — I’ve never tried the app, but I’d be interested in writing an article about it. Comments about specific user experiences with the app would be very informative and much appreciated!


  31. earthling says

    I just read a post about grading fees for this set of (10) Coins. Wow , 10 Coins X $35 = $350 or 10 Coins X $53 = $530 . So trying to get the 70 grade would be an expensive proposition. This is where buying from a high volume slabbing Dealer looks like the way to go.

    Or better yet. Plain Coins without the silly Grade and Plastic.

    I still have a sealed single 1999 Silver Proof Set with my address on it. Maybe I’ll order one of these EU sets to add to my Collection of Sealed Single Boxes.

    Are any of the TPG’s slabbing Sealed Boxes yet? Wouldn’t that be a cool thing? Certainly it would be sort of stupid…. but cool in a Slab Crazy way. 😌

  32. earthling says

    Has the Mint ever considered offering free shipping again? Back in 1999 they did have free shipping and I swear I must have ordered things at least 10 times a month just to amuse myself. Now you have to pay for shipping and the packing is so poorly done, that alone makes a person very hesitant from placing orders.

  33. John says

    I remember Free Shipping. It was a perk for having a subscription. I would really hate to see what Free Shipping looks like today considering how little $4.95 gets you.

  34. KML in KY says

    Got on the Mint website at 12:03. By the time I was ready to check out the enhanced set were unavailable. 225K in 3 minutes wow.

  35. John says

    Yikes, I ordered 1 set at 12:00. The process went so quick that I thought it might not be a sellout, but then the website did start slowing down after that. I have yet to get my order number emailed to me; though I did get to the confirmation page pretty quick.

  36. John says

    I kind of feel like a 225k sellout in 3 minutes might be the fastest ever. I wonder, with no household limit, who got in and bought 200k of them all at once.

  37. John Q. Coinage says

    To be blunt the mint sucks, I no longer care. 3min. no HH limit. really! I kow that the BIG BOYS are so happy, they just jizzed on their order confirmations. I am no longer hooked on any new int issues @ this point, been doing it since 1967 when I pulled a coin world out of the trash for the NEW 1968 Proof set, I’d be lucy to get $5 today for that clad beauty…this will have no legs with real collectors. profiteering moronic business plan, let’s alenate pur base, opposite of Trump all he does is for HIS base, the mint nase is MCM et al, it seem whatever. I bought more Western Digital stock, up 300% in a year or so…..yup big market for clad mint set$ out there….

  38. Jerry Diekmann says

    I got on at 9:00 am, ordered 4 sets, but the system didn’t take, even with my credit card number on file, so I had to try a second time and input my name and credit card information a second time, and this time it went through, maybe just a minute before the sets became unavailable. I have to think that with no household limit the big boys must have ordered thousands of sets, which will now go to the TPG and the 70 grades these favored guys will be getting will insure more unholy profits for both the graders and the dealers. The Mint is part of the problem for enabling this stuff to go on, and they are quite aware of what is going on.

    Well, I’m done for this year unless a palladium proof (not bullion) coin comes along after December 5.

  39. paulg says

    I guess I missed out on the 225th aniversary mint set which was offered for sale to the public this date. The sell-out occurred before I could log in to my soon to be defunct mint account, meaning the sets were not available to the general public for very long. Although I was an enthusiastic customer of the mints products for several years, the last few desirable products have not been available by the time I was able to access the the online system. At this point, I don’t think the mint is trying too hard to make it’s products directly available to the coin buying public, or to those of us who don’t want to spend the extra money which goes into the pockets of a middle man, for something that was originally a transaction between the government and it’s citizens. although it may be profitable, it is poor public relations, and the uselessness of trying to compete with professionals has led this amateur to look for other horizons.

  40. Daveswfl says

    Why not use the bullion model for ALL U.S. Mint products and just be done with the silliness of this crazy business model ( if you can even call it that.)
    I would just love to see the order book on this one.

    Oh, got my Britannia Rules coins and once again Louis is due a huge THANK YOU!

    What size capsule do I need to order for these for a proper fit?

  41. Buzz Killington says

    Anybody upset at a quick sellout either (1) just doesn’t understand history or (2) has zero patience.

    I would remind everyone that in 1969, the regular proof set was a VERY hot item. Now? Not so much.

  42. Obie49 says

    I missed out on the 2017-S SE because of the no HHL. Thought I would give the EU set a try. I successfully logged on at 11:45AM EDST and was ready to go. I watched the time on my desktop PC and when it changed to 12 noon the US Mint web site did not let me in for about 9 to 10 seconds before it would let me order but finally I was in and was sucessfull in placing my order. I just could not believe how quick my order was placed. Based on previously bad experiences I was amazed at how quick I got in and placed my order. It appeares, at least for now, that the Mint has erradicated a lot of the bugs for the online ordering process.

  43. Ed J says

    I ordered exactly at 12 noon on my Samsung phone. My order went quickly for 4. My coworker who was also ordering via the computer also got through but I’d beat him on the phone. I live on the east coast so I do not know why the gentleman that lives in the west coast that signed in at 9 a.m. couldn’t get through. I think the men should have had a limited to allow all the collectors to get a chance to get these sets. Because she knows the big guys got them and won’t be selling them on TV for very high prices as well as the people on eBay. You think the mint would have known by now not to do that. But they seems not to care about the collectors. If I’m reading my order number right I was the 2,000th person who had a completed order. And I logged in exactly at noon. If people are right and they couldn’t get on a three minutes after 12 then you know the big boys were putting in big orders.

  44. CoinMark says

    As of 30 seconds ago, According to the USMINT site the 225th Annv Enhanced Set is still available. So I don’t understand the comments that its sold out – unless the USMINT site is wrong and that not possible because that never happ….. um…

  45. John says

    Very interesting, go get ’em. They did close down sales on opening day pretty quick. I got my order in right away and it amazingly shipped yesterday already. I didn’t expect that. Perhaps they held back some quantity from the initial onslaught, and took stock of what was left after initial sales and realize they had more. Maybe there were a lot of cancels too. Maybe the site just could handle all the orders right away and they took it down for a while too.

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