U.S. Mint launches final America the Beautiful quarter of 2017 near the banks of the Wabash

Hannah Swan, a musician and former Vincennes University student, sings the National Anthem during the George Rogers Clark National Historical Park quarter launch in Vincennes, Indiana. The coin is the 40th release in the United States Mint America the Beautiful Quarters Program. U.S. Mint photo by Jill Westeyn.

The Mint held a ceremony today near the Wabash River in Vincennes, Indiana, to officially launch the George Rogers Clark National Historical Park quarter, the 40th release in the America the Beautiful Quarters Program and the final coin of 2017.

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The reverse design featured on this latest quarter depicts George Rogers Clark leading his men through the flooded plains approaching Fort Sackville.

The launch event drew some 1,800 people, including 1,100 school children. The coin forum the preceding evening was attended by 125 people.

“This new coin is a reminder of the unity of effort and spirit that our predecessors embodied and demonstrated,” said Acting Deputy Director David Motl, who represented the Mint. “The foresight, camaraderie, and determination of George Rogers Clark and his men are important examples to all of us as to how individuals from different backgrounds are able to come together, work toward achieving the same objective, and create a lasting impression.”

Artistic Infusion Program artist Frank Morris and United States Mint Acting Deputy Director Dave Motl address the crowd gathered for the coin forum at the George Rogers Clark National Historical Park Visitor Center. U.S. Mint photo by Sharon McPike.

Motl shared the stage with a host of other speakers, including park superintendent Frank Doughman and City Council member Dan Ravellette. Regional director Tony Goben, district director Brenda Goff, and district director Carol Jones spoke on behalf of U.S. Senators Joe Donnelly and Todd Young, and U.S. Representative Larry Bucshon, respectively.

The Indiana Society Sons of the American Revolution Color Guard stands with members of the George Rogers Clark Fife and Drum group during the George Rogers Clark National Historical Park quarter launch in Vincennes, Indiana. U.S. Mint photo by Jill Westeyn.

Additional highlights included performances by the George Rogers Clark Fife and Drum Corps and the Vogel Elementary School Choir, and an appearance by U.S. Mint Artistic Infusion Program artist Frank Morris, who designed the quarter’s reverse. The Mint’s traditional coin exchange of newly minted $10 quarter rolls was held after the ceremony; $42,000 in Philadelphia Mint quarters were exchanged.

Collectors who could not attend the event may purchase product options with the new quarter through the Mint’s online catalog or by calling 1-800 -USA-MINT (872-6468).

Press release courtesy of the United States Mint.

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  1. KEITHSTER says

    42,000 in exchange must have been a line and quite the site must be fun but no line at the bank Can’t wait should be at the bank soon? Are those P or D’s that they exchange? Well Good Luck All “>”>”>”>”>”>”>”>”>”>

  2. Jerry Diejmann says

    Interesting historical fact – Vincennes & Ft. Sackville were then the farthest west military post in land that was still being contested between the British and the Colonials. Great Britain finally ceded the territory to the United States in the Treaty of Paris in 1783, but hostilities commenced again before and during the War of 1812, with the Battle of Tippecanoe being fought in November 1811. That battle, BTW, was not as clear an American victory as the history books of the time suggested.

  3. Ryan says

    Do any of you know if the mint does some sort of free shipping promotion around thanksgiving? I want to order some boxes of presidential dollars and I’m hopeing to cut down cost by getting free shipping. I wish they still had the deal where it was only the cost of the currency.

  4. datadave says

    @Ryan – I would hold out for free shipping. They normally have something in early December. Looks like Ford will be the low mintage (by sales) for the Presidential dollars.

  5. Ryan says

    I liked a lot of the early presidential dollar designs but from JFK on up they were all pretty bad. I still want to hold some boxes anyways

  6. Ryan says


    Thanks, do you know if that’s something that comes up in the site or a code from a mailer?

  7. Ryan says

    Also another question for you guys that have had coins graded, have you ever had one recommended for conservation? I sent a few coins into ngc a couple weeks ago and they wanted to send one in for conservation. It already graded as a 67 ultra cameo but they said it would benefit?? Any experience with this?

  8. John Q. Coinage says

    I gave up on rolls, why bother no one except us coin addicts do, & we got them already.
    Rolls of State 25c up the Wazoo already, S Mint, nothing to profit on there…
    I do like the design for the puck maybe some 5oz bullion models!

  9. Ryan says


    What I end up doing is putting some in the safe for saving long term and then slowly use some of them to put in Easter eggs, hand out during Halloween, give them to kids and use them to make small purchases. Kids love them when they look shiny and new!

  10. Tom P. - MA says

    @john Yes most of the state quarter rolls are worth $10 but I wouldn’t put the S rolls in the same category.

    If anyone disagrees, I will happily buy your S rolls for $10 plus postage.

  11. datadave says

    I like the dollars because it is an easy way to keep some cash around that might actually increase in value.

  12. datadave says

    So I saw plenty of discussion on the 1 oz UNC Gold Eagle but none on the 1/10 oz Proof Gold Eagle. With sales of 11,163 wouldn’t it be an all time low for that issue? And this is only 66% of the previous low (the 2015 at 16,851). I finally figured out that this was cagcrisp second missing Gold item.

  13. Erik H says

    Datadave, don’t forget to add the 1/10 oz AGE that are found in the 4 coin sets (might still be an all time low but I haven’t done the research).

  14. datadave says

    @Erik H – Good catch, so I need to add 9,918 to the 2015 for a new total of 26,769 and 9,732 to the 2017 for a new total of 20,895. So the percentage would go up to 78%.

    But realistically, I doubt if many people would buy the 4-coin set and break it up. $2,982.50 vs $180 doesn’t make much sense.

    Of course none of this matters until we hit a low and sales actually bounce back!

  15. KCSO says

    DataDave – double check those numbers, partner. You may be missing a few hundred.

    The other day, Cag indirectly eluded to the 1/10th sales and commented on that surprise sales number of 630 for the 4-coin set – that may be a game changer.

    I’d ran my own numbers and think we’re over, though you need 3 weeks for the sales number to stabilize. With that said, I believe all the other fractionals will likely be new lows, though no one really cares about those, IMO.

    Good luck, and exert patience.

    Not an owner, not a buyer, not a pumper..,just find it interesting to follow these trends.

  16. KCSO says

    Oh, and again to reiterate, 630 of the 4-coin sets sold last week..,why on God’s Green Earth would someone buy that heavily into that set??????

    I don’t have the foggiest.., answer that one for me.., bizarre.

  17. earthling says

    From what I understand, there are some genuinely Rare POGS out there that are considered to be worth a lot of money. Likewise, in the Coin universe, many Coins are scarce and some people think those are worth a lot more than whatever price they were issued at.

    For those interested in POGS or Coins, this may be interesting news. For everyone else …. well, maybe watching grass grow is just a little more to get excited over.

    The fact that mintage levels are in freefall tells us a lot about current concerns about Coins. Most people are more concerned about the cost of a great Pizza. Or the value of Apple or Tesla.

  18. KCSO says

    Ryan – you missed the free shipping on the Presidential coins, that was back in Sept/Oct. It was free shipping for everything Presidential.

    Free shipping on Gold and Silver Eagles ended on the 15th.

    Sign up for Email AND mailer promo notifications – the mint IS NOT CONSISTENT, in how they broadcast this info, though it was mentioned here a few times over.

    With the dismal sales thus far this year, I would anticipate free shipping on everything between Thanskgiving and around the 16th of December.

    I bought a couple boxes of ’16 Proof and UNC ASE’s with the free shipping, to leave sealed for 10-30 years, why? I don’t know, to collect dust, give to grandkids or to fight over (nah,they won’t care), give to charity, get drunk one night and rattle them around in their boxes cause once again, they showed without any packaging, or use to woo my nurses when I’m kicking back in my diaper.., who knows why, though I do like free shipping. 😉

    Watch those promo emails and mailers closely.

  19. KCSO says

    Should be – I would anticipate free shipping on everything between Thanskgiving TO around the 16th of December. (Based off of historicals).

  20. cagcrisp says

    The 1/10 oz. Gold proof is not the Lowest Mintage 1/10 oz. Gold Proof. 2012 holds the clubhouse lead with 20,740.

    The 2017 1 oz. Gold Uncirculated was a big deal and the 2017 1/10 oz. Gold Proof was not a big deal. The reason being that in 2018 we will have Two 1/10 oz. Gold proofs and the problem with the 1/10 oz. Gold AGE is that it comes Exactly 21 days after the Launch of the 1/10 oz. American Liberty.

    I anticipate 2018 having a much lower 1/10 oz. Gold AGE sold than was done in 2017…

  21. cagcrisp says

    The 1/4 oz. , the 1/2 oz. and the 1 oz. Gold Proofs from 2017 are ALL tracking ALL Time Lows.

    The Problem is how long will the Mint keep them on the website. Currently the Mint is still selling the 1 oz. and 1/2 oz. Gold Proofs from 2016.

    Seems odd that we are still selling 2016 AGEs this late in 2017 with 2017’s tracking Dismal sales numbers…

  22. Scott says

    The premiums for products from the U.S. Mint are ridiculous. I’ll wait and get mine on the secondary market in a couple years when they can be bought closer to bullion value.

  23. earthling says

    Maybe one day the Cryptocurrencies will make some people wealthy. Maybe one day the Cryptos will take everyone to the bottom of a deep sea burial.

    Whatever happens with that shell game I think think right now it’s taking attention from the old news of Coins. A couple years ago those Proof AGE’s were selling like the hottest game in town. I think eventually people learned that Proof Gold was a very expensive way to buy Gold bullion.

    Once bitten twice shy. Very few are into low mintage Gold bullion. Especially when mintages are reaching new lows every year.

  24. datadave says

    @cagcrisp – Thanks for the clarification. My spreadsheet suffers from the fact that I don’t have sales figures for the 4 coin set before 2015. Do you have any idea how many of the 2012 1/10 oz proofs were from the 4 coin set?

  25. cagcrisp says

    @datadave, ” Do you have any idea how many of the 2012 1/10 oz proofs were from the 4 coin set?”

    Sorry…But I do Not…

  26. Qui Transtulit Sustinet says


    @ KCSO

    If you think you’ll need a diaper in 10-30 years you need to take better care of yourself.

    Try some Kegels. Or bike less—you may be compressing vital nerves too often.

  27. Mintman says

    Ahhh, never fail, there always is a comment on how someone will buy collector or proof gold “close to bullion” in a few years
    So how does that work out? I’ll answer—-it doesn’t.
    Proof gold wholesale is anywhere from 175-200 over spot per oz…..with boxes and papers.

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