U.S. Mint Representatives to Spend the Week at ANA World’s Fair of Money

ana Representatives of the U.S. Mint, including the mint’s Principal Director, Rhett Jeppson, will be on hand this week at the American Numismatic Association’s (ANA) World’s Fair of Money in Chicago. The mint will partner with the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) to greet those in attendance from booth #1910 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois. The fair begins tomorrow, August 11, and will wrap up on Saturday, August 15th.

The mint will have several of their most impressive offerings on hand to peruse and purchase. Products listed include American Buffalo Gold Proof Coins; American Eagle Gold and Silver Coins; 2015 U.S. Marshals Service $5 gold, silver dollars, and half-dollar clad coins (Proof and Uncirculated); and America the Beautiful coin sets, rolls, and bags.

There will also be a display featuring yet-to-be-released products, according to an ANA press release. The mint has stated it will not be bringing any American Liberty High Relief Gold Coins to the fair.

Rhett Jeppson will host a meet-and-greet on Tuesday from 11 a.m. to noon and on Wednesday from 3 p.m. to 4. Bulk dealers can meet with John Cameron, Acting Associate Director of Sales and Marketing, on Wednesday, August 12, from 11 a.m. to noon in room #44. U.S. Mint representatives will also post live updates to their twitter account throughout the week.

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing will bring along its “Billion Dollar Exhibit” featuring antique currency valued at over $1 billion, while displaying and selling products like uncut sheets of currency. The stated goal of the collaboration between the mint and BEP is to highlight “their distinguished histories, product excellence, and dedicated employees.”

For more information on the U.S. Mint’s plans for the World’s Fair of Money, visit the ANA’s Web site. To follow the mint’s live updates throughout the week, follow them on Twitter @usmint.

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  1. KEITHSTER says

    Must not have one good enough for the fair hope the make the last one’s with a full rim job? Good LUCK TO ALL:>:>:>:>

  2. NcCoinCollector says

    I doubt the Eisenhower sets will last the day tomorrow. Even with a 50K mintage the Kennedy sets could catch extreme fire. While the set has no half dollar piece it does contain the medal the half dollar was based on in fine silver. The medal and reverse proof will have a lower mintage than matte finish half dollar in the RFK set. That makes it the lowest mintage JFK coin , I believe. I would think it would be a must for collectors.
    I expect the mint to wise up next year and issue a Reagan CoinS and Chronicles, including proof, reverse proof, circulating and uncirculated finished dollars.

  3. jeff says

    I think whats most interesting and telling is the mint wants to meet with the bulk dealers in person lets talk. LMAO this solidifies our assumption the U.S. Mint caters to the money the 1% that’s not me but still the Dems will occupy the White House for decades to come.

  4. gary says

    “Bulk dealers can meet with the John Cameron, Acting Associate Director of Sales and Marketing.”
    For the purpose of planning more precious metal coin releases with a 50 or 100 coin household limit??? A-Ha!!!

  5. gary says

    Just noticed there are TONS of MS70 HR slabs listed today in BIG BULK LOTS of 20, 15, 10, etc. Seems there will be an overwhelming number of 70s in a near future pop. report.
    Checked and found just 16 MS69 are listed currently, the rest – over 200 listings – are MS70 coins and the rest overpriced OGP, some at bailout prices.

  6. white lightning says

    Modern Coin Mart gets there first NGC proof like coin on ebay.
    44 Bids over $4,000

  7. white lightning says

    Received weekly email from Land C coin monday
    lowest price I can find
    PCGS first strike label ms70 Liberty $100 gold
    Had 20 in stock Monday just checked website only 9 left

  8. Clark says

    Here’s a great opportunity for a large group of loyal Mint customers who have been burned repeatedly by poor quality control to civilly confront the principal mint director about the problem.

    Let’s see if anyone grows a pair.

  9. Erik H says

    For those that own a HR with rim damage, do the reeds look even around the edges? Are some areas flat while other areas looks like they extend above the rim?

  10. says

    Clark said:
    Here’s a great opportunity for a large group of loyal Mint customers who have been burned repeatedly by poor quality control to civilly confront the principal mint director about the problem.

    That guy is little more than a bureaucrat, who moved over to the Mint from the Small Business Administration(??) earlier this year, Do you think he has even the faintest idea about modern manufacturing quality control methods?

  11. says

    cagcrisp said:
    PCGS MS70PL. That will be a High Dollar coin before it’s all over…
    [ridiculously long link omitted]

    You can provide us with the ebay link, without all of the accompanying multi-line search history parameters, by simply eliminating the question mark and everything after it from the linke. For example, doesn’t this simple URL link lead to the same auction?

  12. Dave SW FL says

    I got the MCM email, too. Anyone else notice the FALSE ADVERTISING STATEMENT? They claim in the ad that the HR is “SOLD OUT AT THE MINT!!!”

    Three exclamation marks at the end even……….sheesh. No honor among the Big Boyz, eh?

  13. Dave SW FL says


    What is a linke? You can avoid the accompanying extra letters by using any old generic spell check.
    That is, unless a linke really exists.

  14. The Real "Cool" Brad says

    @D Rittenhouse, you realize that many commenters here don’t have a grasp of how the Internet functions on a basic level?

    @Dave SW FL, you realize that many commenters here don’t have a grasp of how the English language functions on a basic level?

  15. Jon H says

    I will be there Thursday morning. Too bad I won’t be able to talk to Mr. Jeppson. It still should be a good time. I hope I don’t spend too much money between the US Mint products and at other tables.

  16. KCSO says

    Well, I haven’t been this pumped up for a release since 27 March 2014 on BHoF Day!

    Regardless how it goes down at noon.., you know we’ll likely have another shot later in the week.

    Good luck fellow collectors (big boys -you can kiss my arse!)!

  17. thePhelps says

    I wonder what the chances are we get a new release day thread?

    I also wonder if the medal in the Ike set proves to be as popular as the RP dollar. I for one am actually more interested in that part of this set as well as the included brief history of Eisenhower which I’ve found to be quite good in these sets.

  18. cagcrisp says

    As of 08/11/15 on the bay offerings for the “2015 high relief Liberty”

    ALL BIN’s 144 +20
    Auction 69’s 4 -2
    Auction 70’s 55 -6
    Reserve Auction with high opening price 10 +0
    True OGP Auction 2 +0
    Total offering for “2015 high relief Liberty” 215 +12

  19. stephen m says

    Erik H, The Liberty, that was returned, looked like the planchet didn’t have enough gold in it to go up in the die when pressed. It looked as if the metal was thinner in that place on the coin. It looks like there were many that left the mint with this damage. I paid my money and took my chances but the coin I received looked pretty nasty to me.

  20. Goat says

    I’m so excited todays the day . ( would like Quantity of five , but )
    Question was asked about how Truman C&C was held or traded . I sold /held some . This one I do not know what I will do , maybe keep one ?
    Dad will sell both ( funny dad said he’s much to old to save now ) . Dad has made that statement for the past ten years now , I told him maybe needs to hold on to them might be worth something someday . LOL. Dad said 100 yrs. here would be a lot , but one day at a time . If I could only be half the person my grandparents/parents were/are ! It’s been a true blessing .

  21. Mike in NY says

    I’m going to say 25 minutes to sell out. It will be interesting to see how the website handles the load – many more orders with a 2 order limit vs the previous 5 order limit not to mention the high return on investment based on ebay prices.

  22. Teach says

    I think this will be the most pressure the new website has ever had to handle, it will be interesting to see if it can handle all of the pressure. If all goes well, it should not take longer than 25 minutes for a sell out. Good luck to everyone today!

  23. fmtransmitter says

    Dave SW FL says
    AUGUST 10, 2015 AT 10:18 PM

    I got the MCM email, too. Anyone else notice the FALSE ADVERTISING STATEMENT? They claim in the ad that the HR is “SOLD OUT AT THE MINT!!!”

    Three exclamation marks at the end even……….sheesh. No honor among the Big Boyz, eh?

    That is because GM owns them now. All ethics gone…Will not buy from them.

  24. Dave SW FL says

    Mint shipping question –

    Which of the options will AVIOD the Smartpost Hades (or should I say purgatory ?)

  25. says

    @ white lightning..I just looked up the ms70pl item 141741366944…..the bidding is now up to $7,170 with over 5 days to go. While I respect anyone bidding on a coin, I can still say imo, they are totally nuts. Five years from now they will holding a coin and saying to themselves…..why did I pay 7 times the price of gold?

    Personally I would prefer buying 4 NGC ms70.s for $1979 each….and I think six months from now, prices for ngc/pcgs ms70 coins will be much lower….n
    maybe $1795 for a ms70

    I look forward to yours thoughts on thiis

  26. The Real "Cool" Brad says

    It happens with all major new mint products. First one that comes in big gets bid up way beyond value. As more come in, they sink fast. It keeps repeating itself

  27. Joe #2 says

    Good luck to the one with the 7k plus bids that will be. Just because they graded it proof like doesn’t mean there are problems or will be problems with the coin down the road. That spot i showed beneath the eagles breast floored me and pcgs gave it a 70. I’m glad i cancelled my order. I decided it wasn’t worth the risk. here is that pic with the spot.

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/2015-W-Liberty-High-Relief-1oz-Gold-PCGS-MS70-1st-Strike-In-Hand-Live-Coins-/141738001191?hash=item21003e4327…. be careful folks. This coin unfortunately is a rotten egg unless you get lucky.

  28. Two Cents says

    While anxiously awaiting the 12 noon gun for the Ike C & C Set, I poked around the US Mint’s website and went into its Newsroom.

    Has anyone noticed that in yesterday’s press release, that the US Marshals 3-coin proof set will be sold at the ANA World’s Fair of Money? That set is currently “Sold Out” on their website.

  29. VA Bob says

    wonker – The issue with PayPal is the Mint (or the customer in the form of higher cost) would have to pay the fees and the government doesn’t like to share. Also it would make it easier to circumvent HH limits, and flippers have it easy enough the way it is.

  30. Dave SW FL says

    Wow! Not much excitement for old Ike!

    Called the mint CS and the nice gal was pretty clueless on shipping. She did, however, continually check with her supervisor to get correct info. So my question is answered.

    She also advised me to update my browser just prior to noon and then immediately after if the “remind me” button did not transform into the quantity ordering button.

    Good Luck to all. Hope everyone gets their 2 sets. Glad I don’t have to rely on The Phelps to get this set ( I hope!)

  31. JBK says

    I continue to be amazed at the people who think that a coin that is not MS/PR70 is not worth having.

    I can imagine that years from now may of those “perfect” coins in slabs will be impaired by the coin’s reaction with trace elements in the plastic and foam, or from air and humidity that seep into the slab. Also, the toning will not be even since the coins are held by wide. prongs.

  32. thePhelps says

    Dave…I am glad you don’t either. I got lucky like everyone else and they opened up the Truman – because I had missed my chance on that opening day as well and was close to buying from another poster here.

    So second major release and MNB is not updated with opening day blog… starting to look like this is a dying site. Infrequent updates – followed by multiple updates ont he same day – followed by lingering threads with virtually nothing new…

    5 minutes to go!

  33. Doug says

    Epic Fail…..wow hadn’t had webpage problems like this for a long time. Still stuck on final review and keeps reverting to “page can’t be found” and have to back track many times. Still stuck though…..ugghhh

  34. Blair J. Tobler says

    Hiccups as well but finally went through at 12:04 – USM03442XXX. Wouldn’t take my preloaded card info – had to type it in by hand and then it took.

  35. jhawk92 says

    Several hiccups for me as well; refreshing the site, as well as several times to reload the page during the checkout process. But looks like my order is in for 2.

  36. JBK says

    Got 2 but as oter said needed to enter CC info. A friend had it crash at checkout and now we can’t get back in – error screen.

  37. thePhelps says

    12:08 got my order to stick finally… kept getting booted out when I clicked checkout… and then kept getting errors on the checkout screen. USM034483XX

  38. MaJaCra says

    Lots of problems ordering! Lots of site time-outs, page unavailable. Can’t get into usmint.gov but had the page in my history that worked. sweating bullets but got my set!

  39. bob r says

    Got my order in but now unable to open the mints website, it’s crashed, tried to get back on using 3 different browsers.

  40. oldraremaps says

    2 at 12:02, plus 2 other items to save postage cost. several glitches, shows processing in order history:


  41. Kevin says

    It took 8 whole minutes of reloading the US Mint website before I finally got through… and now I see a “currently Unavailable” message on the product page… I wonder if I picked up the last one.

  42. says

    Okay, after 6-7 crashes or toss outs, determination paid off. Got 2 sets of 2. One on my PC and my wife on hers. Used my PO box as one address so I should be good. Take that HSN guy! Good luck to you all!

  43. JohnT58 says

    Also had issues at final checkout but after a number of refreshes, was able to get the order placed, USM03447xxx.

  44. Larry says

    Logged in right at noon. Secure connection failed during the last step. Tried many times, same thing, then gone! Right now I don’t think I will ever order ANYTHING from the mint again!

  45. Dustyroads says

    Unbelievable, just when you think the site is working perfectly, but got my order in regardless of the troubles. What is going on?

  46. Jayarejr says

    Put in order for 2 at 12:06…only a couple of glitches, not bad…I guess I was one of the lucky ones…sold out in under 10 minutes from what I have read. Order #USM0344XXXX

  47. gatortreke says

    Got my order in USM034422XX but website kept crashing. My buddy in the next room to me couldn’t get it to accept, now shows unavailable. Looks like around the 8 minute mark was the sellout time.

  48. Darek says

    I made it with 1 order of 2 but felt short on the second one. I think big boys used the back door on this one as well.

  49. Ralph says

    Just got Mint email confirmation. Way cool!!
    Wonder if ebay pre-sale guy who sold over 25 set’s got his in. Could be trouble for him! lol

  50. Zaz says

    Sold out in 7-8 minutes. Sister’s order got in, mine didn’t. Maybe later, but I’m not holding my breath.

  51. George says

    Mint website has crashed. Right at 12:00 Noon Eastern. I’m stuck on Final Review. Maybe there should be a Final Review of the US Mint’s customer service!

  52. Louis says

    It was a total failure for me, and I have 50 mbps DSL speed. Kept crashing every step of the way. By the time I finished my order at 12:11, they were gone. It is very annoying, but that is the way it goes. I would love to know why so many of you got through and several of us did not. What is the magic ingredient? Luck I suppose.
    Guess I should not have recommended the mint lower the limit as that just made it worse. They obviously are not making enough of these sets.

  53. Louis says

    The message saying your browser is out of date, try Chrome, when I am using Chrome, and never once saw this before, was esp. annoying. This is no way to do business.

  54. Tinto says

    I was there at 12 noon, couldn’t get it to accept my CC, changed it to amex, still no go. Now it says the item is no longer available. This smells big time

  55. Erik H says

    Almost missed it, I forgot that the new site needs that stupid C.C. security code and had to run and get it. Kept crashing at check out like other have said.

  56. DCDave says

    USMINT: Logged in prior to noon. Got error message everytime at the end and now not available! I’m done collecting this calculated hyped up stuff. Its an artificial low mintage that the regular guy gets bumped out of.

    I’m done. Signing off of this once glorious hobby!

  57. Ends in Error says

    On top of not getting through for the Ike set the Mint is trying to eat my Gold St Gaudens BU I returned a week ago. They credited me with a Buffalo and a Jackie Proof but no 1 oz St Gaudens BU.

    Hope they get it together. Not rich enough to lose an ounce of Gold in the Mint return system.

    And of top of it I get shutout on the Ikes. 🙁

  58. Boz says

    Ditto. Not able to access the checkout. Likely a problem with credit processors rather than the mint system itself. Amex would not go through at all. VISA may have. We shall see.

  59. Ikaika says

    @ Louis

    At this end it was also a struggle. Kept trying for 5 min. The CC data kept wiping out. Got the order in the last minute before went unavailable.

  60. Tinto says


    I was using Chrome and didn’t get in …. well, type set for RP and maybe get on Ebay for a C&C collection … or I might just throw up my hands on this POS goings on with the US Mint and stop my purchases

  61. Darek says

    With my order which went through I spent 5 minutes selecting shipping address and I was getting an error message.

  62. Erik H says

    Louis, I think lower limits did contribute to the crashes because more people had to log on to get the same amount of sets. I haven’t experienced this frustration since 2011 eagle sets.

    I also noticed the site was refreshing slowly at about 11:59am which was my first indication that there might be problems.

  63. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    Well SON of A BBBBBB!!! Couldn’t get to a computer until 12;15ish. Pretty much now makes my Truman sets worthless (as far a I am concerned) — unless I can find someone that wants to trade a set.

    Such as life — damn!

  64. The Real "Cool" Brad says

    I was in but then I realized I selected one quantity. Went to fix it but then crashed completely.

  65. Billy the kid says

    Did not get the Ike set…

    Overloaded phones at the mint with in the first fifteen minutes.

    Thanks for nothing U S Mint.

    The Kid

  66. Kevin says

    Maybe they can reduce the mintage of the JFK set to 500 and then we’ll have a REAL rarity. Nice job US Mint. Better yet, let’s make the mintage 100…

  67. KCSO says

    Damn, that happened quick!

    I’m sure Cag will have this locked down soon though by my estimates, 8,000 orders had been placed around the 5 minute mark.

  68. says

    I was signed in at Noon. I placed my order, got to place order, clicked, and it would not complete. I got message Sold Out Remove from cart. I would like to know how this was sold out so quickly when you could only order 2, you got to place order, and you order will not complete. Some are going to make a lot of money on this. Not good.

  69. marc says

    Error message what a joke. I was almost done with check out and error message again. Then my order was for 4 sets . And could not fix it to go back to 2 sets. I don’t think I will get them now.

  70. J JONAH JAMESON says

    Call got through at 12:27 and recorded message said it is no longer available due to “inventory depletion”. It said I can you online to get a”remind me” email.

  71. Louis says

    The old system was better for quick ordering if the site was working. When you are crashing at every step and have so many darn steps, it really does not help.

    The USM just announced that 16,820 sets were sold in “approx 15 minutes,” so why did it say unavailable at 12:11pm?

  72. Louis says

    Said “to ensure fair and equitable access.” Really? Is that how it played out?

    I am not giving up on everything, but I am pissed like so many others.

    Wouldn’t it be better to just make more even if it means they are worth less?

  73. Zaz says

    The gift certificate for sister went in with out refreshing more than once and that was at the apply balance button. The card fill in database as stored by the Mint was the problem. Erroring out and screen of death constantly. But the time I manually entered in the card details, it was gone.

  74. gatortreke says

    @Louis. I used Chrome and had the same issues as you but I just kept refreshing, one out of 3 tries or so would come up fine. My buddy used IE and he had problems as well though not the same notification as Chrome. His crashed during the ordering and when he went to reset, it credited him with 4 items. So he went to update the order back to two but it was too late by then.

  75. Louis says

    The # made was determined by sales of the FDR and Teddy sets, which was a mistake since it failed to account for the reverse proof coin and how well the Truman sets did. They need a coin market analyst on staff to advise on these things.

  76. Louis says

    by the way of course I refreshed and all that. it was just luck of the draw. I suspect if you live in or near an urban area that may have decreased your chances too with busier networks. I had the same issued with 4 sets because I was trying on 2 machines and adjusting the number resulted in lost time that probably cost me the sets.

  77. says

    Hey guys, I’m no expert at computers or online wizardry but I’d like to offer my 2 cents in hopes that maybe it can help in the future. I use Mozilla Firefox as my browser and it has never let me down. First be sure all your personal/ payment info. is correct. Keep your credit card in hand because you will need your security code. Sign in to the site by 11:58, go to the item window, and start hitting your refresh button (F5) every 10-15 seconds . You will see the refresh rate taking longer as the time gets near. All of a sudden the “add to cart” icon will turn red. Adjust your quantity and hit the add to cart. You may get tossed a few times after that by keep using the option shown as Try Again. It will go through, keep filling out what’s needed, and your persistance should pay off. I’m sure some of you may be rolling your eyes at this but if I can help just a few others out there who got shut out I’ll be glad. We need to close out as many “army dialers” and big boys with their phone banks as we can. Better Luck next time!

  78. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    @Louis — August 11, 2015 at 12:39 pm

    Thank you (agreed)! Since Moy left, the Mint has been plagued with incompetent leadership. They are totally clueless from the actions they display — pathetic.

  79. says

    Well dang….I finally got 2 at 12:05. However, kept getting “server error” messages…I was using both IE9 (because I have Vista, and IE9 is as high as you can get). I also was using Firefox, but still keep getting “server errors.

    I had the same problems with the Truman set….I was checking out for 5 sets at 12:07…..and after I put in my CC info, it just set there….and I didn’t get any sets. I placed my order will before the sets became “unavailable”, but my order never went through…..oh well, things suck somtimes.

    At least this time I got an email from the Mint….my order # is USM0334xxxx which I see is much highet than some other’s that has posted.

    I’m thankful for getting my 2 sets, but am amazed at how quickly these went to backorder status.

    Do you guys/ladies think the JFK set with a 50,000 limit will also sell so fast? Personally, I think this limit is too high….if JFK coin sets issued this year have not done so well, the Silver set , which is still for sell, why would people think a jump from 17K to 50K will sell out so fast. While I think the JFK C&C set will sell out, I think it has the least chance for secondary market value

    But, what do I know?. The 2009 Lincoln C&C set also had a mintage limit of 50,000, but a HH limit of one.
    It sold out in a day for around $56 and while it sells now for much lower than peak prices in 2009 it still sells for around $100.

    But I think I am comparing apples to oranges….the Lincoln set not only had the best looking OGP, but it was issued when not many C&C sets were minted.
    So, 17.000 for Truman and Eisenhower, or 50,000 JFK, which set(s) do you think will do best down the road?

    ps…congrats to those that got their orders confrimed today….any quesses as to what 2 sets in an opened Mint sealed box would sell for?
    Anyone thinking about sending to NGC/PCGS I think I’ll seel one set in OGP and keep the other ser.

  80. ike says

    My order process went OK. I ordered 1for my collection & then ordered another one to sell. The first went smooth. The second one I had a lot of trouble with. It kept kicking me out & I had 3 in my basket. It was slow to get the extra 2 out of my basket, but finally did. The order went through for one. So two in total. One other thing is my spouse had a procedure @ the hospital & I used my Note 3 smart phone to place the orders. My order #s are USM03441xxx ,& USM03448xxx

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