U.S. Mint Shares Images of Nancy Reagan First Spouse Gold Coins and 2018 ATB Quarter Design Candidates

The U.S. Mint has shared a variety of new images for us to consider, including pictures of the 2016 Nancy Reagan First Spouse Gold Proof and Uncirculated Coins and design submissions for 2018’s America the Beautiful quarters and Barack Obama’s Presidential silver medals.

The images of the Reagan First Spouse coin were provided as part of an update to the items’ product pages; also included in the update is news that the coins will have a combined mintage limit of 15,000 pieces, with an order limit of one per household. They will be released on July 1, along with rolls, bags, and boxes of Ronald Reagan Presidential $1 coins.


The obverse of the Nancy Reagan First Spouse coins was designed by Benjamin Sowards and sculpted by Joseph Menna. It features a portrait of Mrs. Reagan, with the inscriptions NANCY REAGAN, IN GOD WE TRUST, LIBERTY, 2016, 40th, and 1981-1989. The West Point Mint’s “W” mint mark is also included beneath the year of issue.


The reverse image features the former first lady with two children wearing shirts associated with her “Just Say No” campaign, which urged young people to avoid drug use. Inscribed on this side of the coins are UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, E PLURIBUS UNUM, $10, 1/2 OZ., and .9999 FINE GOLD.

The Mint has also shared design candidates for the 2018 America the Beautiful quarters; they will be considered at the upcoming Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee meeting scheduled for June 27 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Descriptions located beneath the images have been provided by the U.S. Mint.

These designs have already been assessed by the Commission of Fine Arts and their recommendations have been underlined in the text. Also, the sites are presented in alphabetical order rather than in the order they will be released. The Mint plans to issue them in the following sequence: Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, Voyageurs National Park, Cumberland Island National Seashore, and Block Island National Wildlife Refuge.


WI-01 depicts two kayakers paddling towards the rock formations at Devils Island. WI-02 features a kayaker gazing in wonder at the setting, with rock formations and a lighthouse behind him. WI-04 and WI-04A feature a sea arch topped with a variety of trees growing atop. In design 04, a pair of kayakers paddles towards the arch.


WI-05 and WI-05A feature a view into a crevasse in the sea caves. In design 05, a pair of kayakers begins to paddle towards the opening.


WI-09 and WI-10 depict the sea caves at Devils Island with the lighthouse in the background. In design 09, a kayaker paddles by. Design 10 features the added inscription “Jewels of Lake Superior.” WI-11 features a kayaker passing through a sandstone arch at Devils Island.


RI-01 features a pair of piping plovers flying near the nesting areas on Block Island. Footprints form a path towards the North Light lighthouse. RI-02 depicts a black-crowned night-heron flying over a view from the beach at Cow Cove looking towards Sandy Point. The North Light lighthouse is seen in the background. RI-03 features a mother piping plover with four of her chicks.


RI-04, RI-04A, and RI-05 feature two piping plovers flying over the North Light lighthouse.


RI-06 and RI-07 feature a mother piping plover with her young on the shore in front of North Light. In design 07, two American oystercatchers fly overhead. RI-08 depicts a pair of common yellowthroat warblers over the rolling landscape with the North Light lighthouse in the background.


RI-09 and RI-10 feature piping plovers on the rocky beach in front of the North Light lighthouse. RI-11 depicts a piping plover being banded as part of conservation efforts to study migratory bird patterns.


GA-01 features an adult and young child walking through the Live Oak trees of Cumberland Island. GA-02 depicts sea oats holding the wind-shaped dunes while gulls fly overhead. GA-03 depicts a loggerhead sea turtle swimming along the undeveloped beach of Cumberland Island.


GA-04 features two brown pelicans on the beach of the island. GA-05 depicts a blue heron capturing a fish in the marsh waters along the western edge of the island. GA-06 depicts a snowy egret posing on a branch on the edge of a salt marsh, ready for flight.


GA-08 depicts a loggerhead sea turtle nesting on Cumberland Island. GA-09 features a quiet moment as a visitor enjoys the wind, surf, and abundant wildlife of Cumberland Island. GA-10 features a couple watching the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean, the beginning of their day of shell hunting and exploration on Cumberland Island.


GA-11 depicts a close-up view of the Dungeness ruins. GA-12 features a photographer exploring the twisted branches of live oak trees and sand dunes that line the boardwalk path to the beach. GA-13 depicts a woman walking along the beach in the gentle wind while a sea turtle nests in the sand.


GA-14 features a photographer exploring the flora and fauna surrounding the ruins of the Dungeness mansion.


MI-01 depicts two people in sea kayaks exploring the waterways of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. MI-02 features a man in a sea kayak paddling near Miners Castle. MI-03 depicts a stylized Chapel Rock and the white pine that stands upon it being battered by waves during a storm.


MI-04 features a kayaker appreciating the beautiful mineral streaks that line the cliffs of Pictured Rocks. MI-05 and MI-06 depict views of Pictured Rocks.


MI-07 depicts a robin, the state bird of Michigan, on a birch tree branch with the cliff walls in the background. MI-08 depicts Chapel Rock and the white pine tree that grows atop. MI-09 depicts a kayaker paddling towards Lover’s Leap.


MI-10 features a deer with the cliffs in the background. MI-11 depicts the point of view of a kayaker pausing to take in the sight of Lover’s Leap. MI-12 depicts Chapel Rock with the white pine growing atop.


MN-01 depicts a campfire in a fire ring in front of a lake, with small islands in the distance and the Northern Lights visible in the sky. MN-03 features an eagle soaring above the interlocking network of lakes in Voyageurs National Park. In its talons, it clutches a walleye, the state fish of Minnesota. MN-04 depicts an aerial view of Voyageurs National Park.


MN-05 features a view of a few of the small islands found in the waters of Voyageurs National Park. MN-06 depicts a common loon with a rock cliff in the background.

The Mint has also shared design options for President Obama’s silver medals, which will also be discussed at the next CCAC meeting. The Commission of Fine Arts’s recommendations are listed below the images.

comp 01

C.F.A. recommendations for the first term medal: obverse 1 and reverse 1.


C.F.A. recommendations for the second term medal: obverse 1 and reverse 2.

The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee’s recommendations regarding the above designs will be posted soon after their June 27 meeting.

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  1. gary says

    Wow. Really impressive designs developed for the 2018 ATBs.
    I’m all in for them (in OGP “P” Mint 5 oz. silver).

  2. gary says

    Very elegant & nice portrait of Nancy Reagan. Certainly won’t pair well with the really goofy looking Ronnie on the junk golden dollar.

  3. joe#2 says

    From the previous thread…

    Louis, You are correct. The Nancy R. FS looks a lot better in those pics..

  4. says

    The Mint updated the bullion puck sells to AP’s on 6/16. Harper’s Ferry only went up by 1200 to 34,200,

  5. Goat says

    Mike in NY
    I looked at my 2015 NA sets mine are not toning . In the past 1994 p and 1997 p nickels in the Botanic Garden/Jefferson sets some would tone in OGP after time. I don’t have the answers to the cause of some sets toning and most sets don’t but there is a chance they can.

  6. So Krates says

    Couple of nice ones in there but wish that WI and MI had flipped a coin to decide which state gets to depict rocky shoreline cliffs along Lake Superior. Imagine if NJ and NY both selected Ellis island!

  7. Leo S says

    @ Jeff

    Someone on the last Blog said that you had found a way around the Limit of 1 per order. I need to know if that is true and what the method is so I don’t have to set up a separate account for my wife and mother-in- law.


  8. Zaz says


    I have to thank you most warmly for seconding my contention on an earlier thread that the FS coin does Mrs. Reagan justice and is an elegant fitting epigraph for her life and work. If you haven’t accessed the Mint’s pages for coin, the limit is 15,000 across both options with a household limit of 1 coin per format. (Not as many are assuming, one coin, period. Each has a distinctive item #.)

  9. cagcrisp says

    This is what I posted yesterday:

    cagcrisp says

    June 16, 2016 at 5:38 pm

    @Qui Transtulit Sustinet , Thanks.

    3,500 orders in the First 40 minutes; 87 orders/min
    700 orders in the next 45 minutes; 15 orders/min
    300 orders in the next 30 minutes; 10 orders/min
    600 orders in the next 50 minutes; 12 orders/min

    Total of 5,100 orders in 2 hours and 45 minutes

    Will Not get close to 2015 Launch…

  10. earthling says

    No matter the mintage or secondary ” value”, the Nancy Reagan will be the MVC in the Spouse series of pricey junk. 😉

    It’s the LAST one ! And ohhh what a relief it is.

  11. cagcrisp says

    @data dave, “I bet if they drop the limit they can sell another 20K in one day.”

    The Mint had ONE day to make the correct decision. The Market is not forgiving. These coins had one chance and it was yesterday and now it’s gone.

    Like a LOT of financial decisions, you only get one shot. You better make it count.

    Price, HH Limit and Mintage. You better get ’em All right…..The First time…

  12. Tom P. - MA says

    21,149 on launch day is dismal especially since this was a “possible” flipper item. I only ordered 2 myself since the cost was low and there was (and is) potential upside and I’m not a flipper.

  13. GoldFishin says

    there are a lot of very nice ATB designs for 2018, I don’t agree with 2 or 3 of CFA’s choices, I am hoping CCAC can wrap it up a little tighter. Some really nice designs for CCAC to choose from.
    Obama looks like he is in his 20’s and just left college in the designs chosen by CFA.

  14. joe#2 says

    Zaz, I wasn’t wild at all a about the Nancy R. F.S. coin, But after Louis showed a nice more look to Nancy, I’ve had a change of mind. It is a beautiful piece. She will look good next to my Jackie K. one.

  15. smalltimecollector says

    2 shipment notifications from the mint today – cc sets ordered yesterday and 5 replacement whl I shipped back on 6/1. Both to arrive Monday.
    Now, I can only wait to see if these are as messed up as the original order.
    to keep on topic, with my available budget the only fs I sought was Jackie to go with the JFK Au’s.

  16. Gary Not Dave says

    The Minnesota coin image with the Loon looks amazing…You almost have to go with a Loon a lake and a mosquito if your doing a coin for Minnesota…Great State!!

  17. Felson says

    I am actually quite impressed with many of the 2018 designs. Now all we need to do is go through and pick the ones we think should be made, and then pick the ones we think the mint will make. I am fairly certain that few of our picks will end up being the choices.

  18. Zaz says

    @joe #2:

    It’s all good. I knew once you saw a better picture or better yet, coin in hand, you will understand what a great job the engraver did of engraving the design. The proof coins are difficult to photograph the contrast properly, and the CW is totally overexposed blurring the design details. This one of the few spouse coins that the design in metal is a vast improvement over the line art. The line art she chose was a kinder, gentler Nancy at about 70, the coin takes about ten years off that.


    What IS with the kayaking theme??? I was hoping for the rejected 2013 NH/White Mtn moose to make at least one reappearance in Voyageurs as a nod to the North Woods and the unique mentality up there. The Loon is a good alternative. As for that rejected deer from the C-Gap design, looks like he made it all the way up to the UP.

  19. Hawkster says

    The NN image with the loon is awesome–which means it probably won’t be chosen.

  20. MikeinPA says

    The Nancy Reagan is by far one of the better done FS coins done, so many offers coming up in the next 6 months, hoping to get the gold quarter and WL, and maybe the silver 30th, a lot of outlay in a short period tho

  21. jp says

    very good options for 2018 ATB. suggest WI-04, RI-10, GA-05, MI-03 (if real event, MI-08 if not) and MN-06

  22. cagcrisp says

    Concerning the 2016 Coin and Currency Set.

    I’ve seen numbers posted from three different sources. All 3 $1 notes are from Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta and all 3 posts show a serial number between 00013000-00014000…

  23. Ikaika says

    I find amazing how well they can make Obama’s portrait in the medal (real artistic) while most of the portraits of the First Spouses sucks. Someone must be afraid of getting fired.

  24. So Krates says

    I know there are some Mexican Libertad collectors out there. I was hoping someone had info or advice on where to find info on the 1947 50 Peso “new die” restrikes???

    It seem there were 309,000 of these original Centenarios minted in 1947. Then another 3.9 million re-struck from 1949-1972. Then in 1996, 300 coins were struck from retooled? dies again with the 1947 date. I have read these described as semi-prooflike, light matte, satiny, etc but couldn’t find an image of one. Now here is where the info gets sparse. Supposedly they minted more in late 2005/early 2006 with a heavy matte finish. These are from new dies but are again restrikes with the 1947 date. All the coins are catologued as KM-481 with most references recognizing the specimens from 1996 but no mention of the new die restrikes from 05/06. PCGS does recognize them with a different label code than the regular 1947 restrikes. But the only mintage info is from the NGC site. I don’t know how accurate it is because they list the coin as having a reeded edge and it is lettered, lol. And they note the years as 2000-2009 (not the limited ’05/’06 dates I’ve seen in multiple places). NGC claims a 302,000 mintage over the ten years for these new die restrikes. Can anyone confirm?

    I recently bought one as bullion. Upon closer inspection it seems it’s a higher grade (MS67/68) than others I’ve seen. I think I will submit it to PCGS (refuse to deal with the snakes at NGC) when I get some more coins to send in.

    ANY info on these, especially regarding mintage numbers or value, would be greatly appreciated, gracias!

  25. Yes, But...You Can't Take It With You says

    So Krates wrote:

    “I think I will submit it to PCGS (refuse to deal with the snakes at NGC)…”

    Can you fill us in? All I have seen (recently) is PCGS being bagged on for their slabs producing spots on gold coins. And now you bring up NGC… Or perhaps there has been a discussion previously on MNB and you can provide a link to that. It’s a sincere question: I have never submitted directly to any grading service but try to stay educated on reputation, service, etc. Thanks.

    Sorry, I can’t help with the Libertad question…

  26. Hidalgo says

    @So Krates

    I have information about Centenario gold coins. I copied 2 links, but they are in purgatory. Here is the message I see:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  27. earthling says

    “Update (12:12 p.m.): The 2015 American Eagle Platinum Proof Coin was listed as Currently Unavailable on the U.S. Mint’s Web site less than 10 minutes after its release. ”

    Hmmmm. ………… 2015 limit 4,000 Coins

    2016 limit only 10,000 Coins.

    This year the bullion boys smell blood in the water. A miniscule bullion production of 10,000 ought to go in …. hmmm……. what…….. 20 minutes ?

    Better get ready for the 30th. 😉


  28. earthling says

    And the next day – July 1st – smilin Nancy – the LAST – THE BEST !

    Will you ” Just Say NO” ? Or will you and your personal network take part in another record sellout?

    I personally want in on the Nancy Reagan Coin.

    The Bullion Proof Platinum? Probably not. Proof Bullion… in bullion numbers.. are just not my thing.


  29. DBR says

    I concur with a few of the posters here that the Nancy Reagan FS design is very nice and well done. Nancy was a very dignified First Lady. It’s not easy living in the fish bowl that is political life. The design captures well her kind countenance. But if she was around Donald Regan, well, that was another story. No love lost there. She was fiercely protective of her husband.

  30. Goat says

    So Krates
    I know nothing about these coins but had some time to do a little research , hope some of this is helpful . The last site has some graded coins for sale but don’t know if prices warrant. Thanks for your help in the past.





  31. Robert says

    I concur with the CFA’s on four of their selections (WI-9, RI-6, GA-6, MI-8). However, since Minnesota already has a loon on their 50-state quarter, I would go with the beautiful aerial perspective in MN-3.

    The Obama designs look fine. However, Coin World posted these designs on their Facebook page and it’s pretty disgusting to note all the ugly and vulgar comments folks are making with respect to Obama. It’s also pretty sad that so many of these so-called “collectors” are mistaking the medals for coins. Doesn’t anyone read the articles they’re commenting on anymore? Sheesh…

    End of rant.

  32. So Krates says

    @ Hidalgo and Goat – Appreciate the effort and thanks for the info! It seems if you include more than one link in a comment it gets hung up for moderation (but eventually gets through). Actually I forgot to check wiki but it does confirm the 302,000 2000-2009 number on the NGC site. But one of Goat’s links states 300,000. And the dates of production are still conflicting. It does seem that the “new restrikes” are responsible for the higher grade coins. I can’t find any completed eBay sales but the BIN are about $3500-$4000. Once I get it back with a grade I guess I’ll have to dig through some other auction records and see if i can find some actual sales prices.

  33. So Krates says

    @ Yes But – My scorn for NGC has nothing to do with quality or grading. I have not discussed it here previously.

    THE top guy lied about not creating a certain special label. Based on his repeated assurances that no such label would be ever be made, a deal was struck with a Big Boy. Immediately after Big Boy purchased special coin, NGC flip-flopped and created the same special label for the Big Boy despite THE top guy vigorously stating that the company would NEVER create such a label. This collusion kept the price low (no special label) until after special coins got sold (Big Boy got special label after he bought). Small fish swimming with sharks. So that’s why I say “F” NGC. Their ethics suck and they use corrupt/unfair business practices.

  34. So Krates says

    The larger more detailed images of Nancy’s coin only reinforce my initial impression. The obverse is at best mediocre and the reverse much worse. I think some posters might suffer from a familiarity bias. Since Mrs. Reagan was well known or liked by us, we tend to like the coin. The same might be true of the Jackie coin. If we remove a personal connection to the subject, we might see there are some better executed FS coins further back in the series than this pedestrian swan song.

  35. joe#2 says

    So Krates.. Got to disagree with you. I think they did one heck of a good job on the Jackie K. proof coin.. I own it, And love it.

  36. Give Me Da Money Plz says

    @ Louis

    In response to your comment in the previous thread, the reason we were concerned about the obverse design of the 2016 Nancy Reagan First Spouse Gold Coin was because of the picture that was shown in an article from Coin World. I have attached the link below if you or anybody else are interested.


    I was also pleased with the designs proposed for the 2018 America the Beautiful Quarters. Nobama for me as well.

    My order for one 2016 Native American Coin & Currency Set has shipped via Fedex Slowpost.

  37. Yes, But...You Can't Take It With You says

    So Krates:

    Thanks for the explanation. I didn’t understand all of the nuts & bolts of what happened in your story but I certainly caught that there was lying and sucky ethics. Like you, that really grinds my gears. I assume that the situation you described is not public and we’ll have to take your word for it. If it is public, please let us know where we can go to read up on it.

    It appears that our choices are few: PCGS won’t come clean on the gold spotting that their holders have caused and NGC lies to customers. TPG hell.

  38. earthling says

    TPG’s seem to be scam firms. But what the heck – they’re not Bernie Madoff.


  39. So Krates says

    @ Yes But… – Sounds like you got the idea. It was not made public but the coins in question were certainly in the numismatic news at the time. I’m no big fan of PCGS either because they play some of the same games (like the deceptive First Strike designation). I have not experienced any toning or spotting issues but understand others have. Like most here, I prefer OGP but sometimes there’s just too much money left on the table by not grading (like in the case of this “new die” restrike 50 Peso coin… most likely double the price when graded). So…it is like holding your nose when voting for Hillary – lesser of two evils. I hold my nose when I ship to PCGS. “TPG hell” as you say.

  40. So Krates says

    joe#2 – Glad you love your Kennedy coin. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with the Jackie coin (although the reverse is quite bland) just remarking that when you feel a connection to the person it seems to slightly boost your tendency to like the coin. FS collectors obviously didn’t live during Dolley Madison’s time so there’s no personal nostalgia felt when viewing it like there is for the Kennedy or Reagan coins. I have a hunch that if we asked someone completely unfamiliar with all the wives, to pick the best looking coin, the chance of them picking Nancy is pretty slim.

  41. So Krates says

    Robert says – “The Obama designs look fine. However, Coin World posted these designs on their Facebook page and it’s pretty disgusting to note all the ugly and vulgar comments folks are making with respect to Obama.”

    Yes after visiting comment sections on FB or ZH it makes us MNBers sound like gentlemen (and lady), right?

    I remember your strong reaction to the negative comments about the Black Liberty proposed designs and now seeing your latest post here (after a hiatus) I can’t help but wonder…

  42. MN Printer says

    I am going to just say no to Nancy but I will purchase a first term Obama 3 inch medal to display on my desk.

    Looking forward to Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan in the P pucks. If they go with the loon design for MN the will be great.

  43. MN Printer says

    And no to the WI-10 design with the words “Jewels of Lake Superior”. Never heard that expression when I lived there. I think it is a terrible idea to put words or a phrase on the coins like Saratoga and Cumberland Gap. That “First Doorway to the West” spoils that otherwise great design IMHO. And insults our intelligence. If someone doesn’t know what the Cumberland Gap is they can always google it.

  44. gary says

    Yes MN Printer… the loon looks fantastic for the MN. I hope that is the one selected.

  45. bobo says

    I for one will never buy or grade anything with PCGS again, not until they come clean on the orangification of gold coins in their old holders. I don’t care if they now have a new inert holder. Moral corruptness is not how you run a sound business, and is not something I want to support.

  46. Goat says

    So Krates ;
    The last three are some auctions of the past. I have seen this coin many times but never researched , I’m learning something new . I know why Mexico would want to reproduce this coin the art work is amazing. Thanks to Dan for allowing us to help another and for all your help/information . “Team work” , that’s what I say to my kids .If one person tries to plant a million trees or million people plant one tree.






  47. cagcrisp says

    Concerning the 2016 Coin and Currency Set.

    All the notes I’ve seen posted come from the Same batch. August 2014. Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank. How rare? IF you order 1, then you have 1 of 64,000,000 because that was how many were printed in that batch. How rare is a batch of 64,000,000 for a $1.00 note? Not rare. In August FY14 there were 7 batches of $1.00 notes printed:

    64,000,000 (the examples I have seen posted All from Atlanta)

    So you say “Oh, not so fast, I have a LOW serial number”. Ok. How valuable is a Low Serial Number on a $1.00 note? hmmm…

    00000009 Sold in May for $197.50 (15 bids)
    00000190 Sold in May for $25.00 (1 bid)
    00005516 Sold in May for $5.44 (1 bid)

    SO…You better be FIRST and you better be LOW…because as Ricky Bobby said” IF you ain’t first, you’re last”…

  48. a Bob says

    Mint to B.E.P.:
    Can we have a scecial note to include in our Coin and Currency Set?
    B.E.P. To Mint:
    Mint to B.E.P.:
    Please! We want to produce a special product that collectors will appreciate.
    B.E.P. To Mint:
    Bite me. You get what you get.
    Mint to B.E.P.:
    Okay. Talk to you next year.

  49. cagcrisp says

    For ME playing the Low Serial Number game by the Mint is probably one of the worst thought out Mint Gimmicks. With the 17k for the Trumans and the Eisehowers, the 4k for the 2015 Platinum proof and the 50k for the ‘enhanced’ 2014 Coin and Currency, at LEAST you had an Equal One OF…

    With the Low Serial Number Gimmick once someone posts a serial number on the bay for Sale you are either Ahead or Behind and once you’re Behind you’re Toast.

    Looks to me like the Mint is setting up a continuous cycle of Purchase, Inspect for Low Serial Number and Keep or Return. Over and Over and Over by numerous buyers.

    IF I was a bay buyer (which I am not) I would just sit and Wait for a Lower and Lower and Lower serial number. Just continue to wait because these things were bought in a block and you are going to have consecutive numbers throughout the block and offered by more and more people thinking they have won the Low Serial Number Lottery. Just wait…

  50. Jeff says

    Cc were those notes from the 2016 NA 1$ Coin and Currency Set limited to 75k that are uncirculated your talking about. I didn’t think so. Confucius say those that look to the sky get bird sh*t in eye.

  51. a Bob says

    What a missed opportunity. The mint could have included any one of the many of code talker medals with the coin. Generate a little interest in the series.
    I wonder if the learn from their mistakes?

  52. earthling says

    I keep hearing about this “orangification” of gold coins in PCGS slabs. I’d really like to see an example just to get a good idea of what we’re talking about. Anyone got pictures?

    Funny thing is if the Coin has ” rainbow toning” and is 100 years old , everyone jumps on a plane and is ready to bid the thing to the $1,000,000 level.

    It’s a funny world sometimes. 🙂

  53. earthling says

    FR 268 1896 $5 Silver Certificate PCGS 67 PPQ


    Click here for more details or to submit an inquiry.


    Anyone ever have any interest in Large size old US Currency? I really like the stuff but until I hit it big, the mood to spend $55,000 for a $5 bill will never happen for me.

  54. Old Big Bird says

    Word of advise of a FED EX spam email. My shipment of Coin & Currency set was ship to Ellenwood GA and arrived there at 11:48pm. But I received an email to my business account that the mint does not have at 11:46pm
    Stating that my delivery was attempted and I was not here. Well it is still at a FedEx shipping office. I looked up the from address and it was from billy.brady@telpitsa-kashirsa.ru In case you might not know ru is a Russian address. Therefore someone at FED EX is selling the shipping info DO NOT OPEN THE ATTACHMENT. I forwarded it to abuse@fedex.com Please be careful.

  55. Erik H says

    Old Big Bird, didn’t a few weeks ago you complain the the Mint’s web site had “pop up windows” and a few people told you that you probably had a virus / malware. It could be why your getting phishing emails.

    (If not, sorry)

  56. Yes, But...You Can't Take It With You says

    So Krates:

    Yes, OGP is best. And, yes, when you feel like you’re leaving a boatload of money on the table by not slabbing it is a difficult conundrum. The only time I have ever played the grading game is with the 2015 APE sold through Great Collections who in turn had it certified by PCGS. It came back 69 but if it had been a 70 it would have been worth around a $1000 additional. Worth the gamble.

    Given your strong statements about lying and ethics, I’m surprised to hear you say that you will “hold your nose and vote for Hillary”. There is not an Industrial Strength clothespin in existence that will block the corrupt stench of that woman! And, for the record: I’m not voting for the other candidate either for the same reasons: Lying and poor ethics. I will do what some call “throwing my vote away”. I prefer to call it simply “voting”. One man, one vote. I will vote for someone who actually has a moral compass. I know, OT, but these are crucial times, even for hobbyists.

  57. Goat says

    Last year(NA CC set) I had three and Dad had two consecutive number sets out of ten ordered but the other five were across the board on the serial numbers. Like they pulled product from seven different stacks. It will be interesting who ends up with the most sought after bills , will they be sent to common folk or big dealers . Many have pointed out FIFO is not how orders are sent . I used to think getting my order in quick or having a subscription warrants good quality coin but that’s not true. Thanks for the value on the low serial number bills.
    It is a dream to turn every dollar into five in a short period of time.

  58. Goat says

    eBay item number:142023354985 you can go to the office art side for the old paper.

  59. earthling says


    Hey thanks for the ebay tip. I hardly ever look at ebay anymore since I ditched my laptop in favor of a ” smart phone”. I just took a look at ebay and I can see there are some attractive alternatives to spending insane prices for old paper bills in ” printed yesterday” condition. I think a BEP Proof reprint is exactly what I’m in the mood for. Now if I can just decide on a seller that will deliver with no games. Guess I better break out the laptop, this could be a lengthy process.

  60. mgm says

    Does anyone know what the fees would be for $1900 for paypal and ebay? I’m selling my 2009 ms69
    20-dollar high relief eagle. I’m thinking it’s worth 1900.

    Thanks in advance.

  61. joe#2 says

    The 2016 gold merc’s are holding up pretty good. $246-255$$… Some very close to the 70’s…

  62. Dave SW FL says

    Coin related but not on thread topic

    Just got 2017 Blue Book & Mega Red Book.
    Biggest surprise – the Nancy Reagan FS gold is listed in the Mega! First time I’ve seen a coin listed before it goes on sale.

    Interesting that nearly every FS gold is listed at melt + small premium in the Blue yet in the Mega Red the prices are all over the place with some very big premiums. So who will be right about the ultimate value of these low mintage coins – the dealers or the collectors? I think it’ll be a loooong wait to get more than the melt + small premium.

    Makes me wonder if there is any value at all to the prices listed in the Red books. Good collector info but who pays those prices????

  63. So Krates says

    Yes But… – If you read my comment carefully, I compared submitting coins to PCGS to voting for Hillary, but I never said that’s what I’m doing. Currently I’m still undecided but will likely vote for the Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, the former Republican Governor from New Mexico. However I think that despite Hillary’s insincerity and constant political calculating, she is far less dangerous than Trump with his fascist tendencies. If elected I could see him asking the public for support to suspend parts of the constitution in order to make us “great” again or safe again or whatever he thinks will sell. “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t”

  64. Ron says


    I don’t know how often you sell on eBay but they gave me a deal for June $50 max on eBay fees. I am not sure why, unless they are trying to draw more people in.

  65. So Krates says

    Goat – Thanks again for the links, I checked em all out. Seems info to those specific “new die” restrikes is sparse. I really like your tree planting example of teamwork!

    I think that I shall never see
    A poem lovely as a tree.

    A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
    Against the earth’s sweet flowing breast;

    A tree that looks at God all day,
    And lifts her leafy arms to pray;

    A tree that may in Summer wear
    A nest of robins in her hair;

    Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
    Who intimately lives with rain.

    Poems are made by fools like me,
    But only God can make a tree.

    – Joyce Kilmer

  66. MikeinPA says

    @So Krates, way off topic, but great poem, one of my faves, he was killed in WW1

  67. Brad says


    If you wait until June 30, you can save some money by subscribing to an eBay store. The fee for coins for store subscribers is only 6% instead of 10%. If you subscribe on June 30th, you’ll be charged the pro-rated subscription fee for June (.67 cents) and the full subscription fee for July ($19.95). The difference on the fee for a $1,900 coin between having a store or not would be $76 ($190-$114). Plus, you can sell any other coins you may have to sell during July for the same 6% fee all month long. Just be sure to cancel your subscription prior to August 1 so you won’t get charged for another month. Whichever day you cancel, your subscription and fee discount will be active during the entire month of July. But even if you only sell the one coin, you would still save a net $55.38. Just be certain that the coin will sell, or else you’ll have wasted the store fees. It’s only a small gamble, but still.

  68. MT says

    @KCSO — There will be no HHL on the Reagan 2016 Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal Set. But expect to see a much higher than normal mintage, like with the Kennedy set.

  69. Robert says

    So Krates says: “I remember your strong reaction to the negative comments about the Black Liberty proposed designs and now seeing your latest post here (after a hiatus) I can’t help but wonder…”

    I call them as I see them, that’s it. No need to wonder, but I sense your curiosity has been aroused.

  70. bobo says

    Earthling, lots of pics of PCGS spotted gold coins here:

    I agree with So Krates, it will be hard to vote either for what our rotting country has vomited up, either a narcissistic vulgar Berlusconi/Mussolini type or a morally corrupt puppet of our GoldmanSachs/military industrial complex that is just itching to start a nuclear exchange with Russia, which might obliterate our country and theirs, and undermine life on earth. Where are people with wisdom and principles? The whole system needs a reset. It is rotten to the core. The founding fathers built in checks and balances between the three branches of govt, but did not foresee that all three could be taken over by a shadow fourth branch that is not elected (CIA, NSA, DHS, FBI, DOD, wall st.) and that really calls the shots. What we call democracy in the USA is a puppet show for the masses. The real powers lies across the river from DC, in Maclean and Langley VA, where decisions about who to kill and invade next are made.

  71. says

    The monthly fee for an eBay store is now $24.95…..but still a great deal. I open and close ebay stores as Brad described about 3 times a year….you can really save a lot on ebay fees.

  72. Brad says


    I didn’t realize they had raised the store fee. It’s been awhile since I’ve subscribed. I never saw any message from them about that fee increase. I guess they were hoping to slip it under the radar!

  73. Old Big Bird says

    Erik H,

    No that was not me. I have written Fed Ex at abuse@fedex.com. Here is what happened the Mint sent it out on 06/17/16 and it went to Southhaven, MS. From there it was forwarded to Ellenwood, GA. Someone, who either works for Fed EX or is a sub contractor (MY BEST GUESS) was scanning in the label prior to entering them into the Fed Ex system. I received the spam email at 11:46pm on 06/19/16 and it referenced the 06/17 shipping date and FedEx Smartpost. Now this package is the only thing that I have coming in via Fed Ex Smart post. This package was then entered into FedEx system at Ellenwood GA at 11:48pm. NOTE that was just 2 minutes after the email was sent. Now had I opened the attachment I must likely would have brought in a virus and/or lose control over my computer. 50 years in the software business has taught me a few things. Therefore it is my humble opinion that FedEx is having a possible problem at that depot.

  74. Jeff says

    In regards to the coming elections, Do you really believe all the propaganda you here and see on the corrupted telecast & internet. Whoa you guys kill me with you assumptions and hopium (a political narcotic distributed by vested economic interests that makes moderate social liberalism, ethnicity, individual purity of heart, and soaring rhetoric appear to be substantive progressive change; co-optation of the left by vested economic interests) for everybody that has a twisted idea of someone they know nothing about other than what they hear , Sad But True I won’t name names bobo, oops that slipped lol

  75. says

    Doesn’t placing a household limit on the number of Nancy Reagan gold coins also preclude their sales at the Mint’s kiosk in the DC HQ and its stores at the Denver and Philadelphia mints? I seem to recall an unpublished rule which states that Mint products with household limits will be unavailable at the Mint stores in order to prevent people from circumventing the limits by buying online and at the stores.

  76. MT says

    Updated sales data for weekly period ending 6/19/2016:

    2016 AMERICAN $1 COIN & CURRENCY SET 24,497 6/19/2016
    (added 3,348 over days 2 ,3, 4)

    2015 AMERICAN $1 COIN & CURRENCY SET 88,711 6/19/2016
    (added 187)

    2016 MERCURY DIME 24K GOLD .1OZ 116,111 6/19/2016
    (no week-to-week decrease, for the first time)

  77. earthling says

    Seems to me that ” the last ” would have been a great item for a Carnival Show to buy in large numbers and push on the still unaware public in a big selling blitz.

    Well, with HH limits, that becomes really hard now. Perhaps this is an item the Mint wants to have in inventory for a long time. At least until Christmas.


  78. Jeff says

    Do I detect a hint of racism,

    earthling says

    June 20, 2016 at 1:07 pm

    “Seems to me that ” the last ” would have been a great item for a Carnival Show to buy in large numbers and push on the still unaware public in a big selling blitz.”

    Can you explain your statement Carnival Shows are you implying that clowns/side shows and such are better to push the 2016 NA Coin & Currency Set. I take this as out of bounds, just one persons perception ..

  79. cagcrisp says

    2016 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – SHAWNEE 17,748 +106
    2016 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – CMBRLND 16,074 +365

  80. cagcrisp says

    2016 NATIONAL PARK SERVICE 3-COIN SET 11,619 +99

    2016 MARK TWAIN GOLD PROOF 11,891 +45
    2016 MARK TWAIN GOLD UNC 5,184 +21
    2016 MARK TWAIN SILVER PROOF 65,743 +613
    2016 MARK TWAIN SILVER UNC 23,259 +133

  81. cagcrisp says

    2016 AM EAGLE GOLD PROOF 1 OZ 14,861 +829
    2016 AM EAGLE GOLD PROOF 1/2 OZ 3,113 +48
    2016 AM EAGLE GOLD PROOF 1/4 OZ 4,246 +140
    2016 AM EAGLE GOLD PROOF 1/10 OZ 12,864 +197
    2016 AM EAGLE GOLD PROOF 4-COIN SET 10,516 +369
    2016 AM EAGLE GOLD UNC 1 OZ 4,984 +135

    2016 AM BUFFALO GOLD PROOF 1 OZ 16,795 +202

  82. cagcrisp says

    2016 FS GOLD PROOF 1/2 OZ – NIXON 2,149 +17
    2016 FS GOLD UNC 1/2 OZ – NIXON 1,253 +14
    2016 FS GOLD PROOF 1/2 OZ – FORD 1,815 +31
    2016 FS GOLD UNC 1/2 OZ – FORD 1,131 +24

    2015 FS GOLD PROOF 1/2 OZ – TRUMAN 2,500 +3
    2015 FS GOLD UNC 1/2 OZ – TRUMAN 1,745 +1
    2015 FS GOLD UNC 1/2 OZ – EISENHWR 1,829 +5
    2015 FS GOLD UNC 1/2 OZ – KENNEDY 6,126 +11
    2015 FS GOLD PROOF 1/2 OZ – JOHNSON 2,493 +5
    2015 FS GOLD UNC 1/2 OZ – JOHNSON 1,624 +4

    2014 FS GOLD UNC 1/2 OZ – HARDING 1,914 +9
    2014 FS GOLD UNC 1/2 OZ – COOLIDGE 1,948 +11
    2014 FS GOLD UNC 1/2 OZ – HOOVER 1,898 +12

  83. cagcrisp says

    The 2014 Hoover Proof and the 2015 Eisenhower Proof have both been eliminated from the sales report. Both have been listed as SO for weeks.

    Eventually Both will be eliminated from the website…

  84. cagcrisp says

    Here is a recap of Sales for the 2016 AMERICAN $1 COIN & CURRENCY SET

    3,500 orders in the First 40 minutes; 87 orders/min
    700 orders in the next 45 minutes; 15 orders/min
    300 orders in the next 30 minutes; 10 orders/min
    600 orders in the next 50 minutes; 12 orders/min
    1,800 orders in the next 2 hours and 13 minutes; 14 orders/min
    400 orders in the next 1 hour and 3 minutes; 6 orders/min
    800 orders in the next 2 hour and 30 minutes; 5 orders/min

    Total of 21,149 Sold in 12 hours
    Total Sold by midnight 06/19/16 = 24,494

    SO…Sales in the last 72 hours were 3,345 OR…

    .774 orders/min

    You guys better hope something Miraculous happens with those Low Serial Numbers… OR…


  85. Jeff says

    Tasty cc, Since I have 2014, 2015, 2016 NA 1$ Coin and Currency Set I’m satisfied. Still reaping the rewards from that 2014 set.

  86. Jeff says

    Jeff says

    June 20, 2016 at 1:29 pm

    Do I detect a hint of racism,

    earthling says

    June 20, 2016 at 1:07 pm

    “Seems to me that ” the last ” would have been a great item for a Carnival Show to buy in large numbers and push on the still unaware public in a big selling blitz.”

    Can you explain your statement Carnival Shows are you implying that clowns/side shows and such are better to push the 2016 NA Coin & Currency Set. I take this as out of bounds, just one persons perception ..

  87. cagcrisp says

    @Jeff “Still reaping the rewards from that 2014 set.”

    I Gave away 30 sets of the 2014 Coin and Currency (had Zero interest in 2015 and 2016) to daughter and daughter in laws. All sold for 2X money than they are currently selling for. IF I had any interest in these sets (which I don’t) I could buy the 2014 sets back at Much Much Less than they sold for and I would be Whole again.

    Every gambler knows
    That the secret to survivin’
    Is knowin’ what to throw away
    And knowin’ what to keep…

  88. says

    “The U.S. Mint has 2,204,500 ounces of American Eagle silver to allocate this week,” says a memo from the Mint. Previously, the Mint had been allocating 1 million ounces weekly.

  89. earthling says


    Sir you say “racism” ? Racism?

    You want racism? Sorry no racism intended and I was sort of addressing the Nancy Reagan Gold First Spouse Coin in my non racist statement. By “Carnival Show” I was trying to add a little big boom music and flashing lights to the TV Pusher Seller Shows. Probably everyone that watches those shows already knows the First Spouse series very well. But I’m sure there are plenty of people out in the world that don’t have a clue about the Coins ( and most of them probably would think they’re just another $1 coin anyway ).

    With enough hype in the press and big noise everywhere maybe a bigger crowd could be drawn into the shows. With enough super hype I’m sure the Nancy Gold could be pushed onto a new group of newby ” investors”. But too bad, the household limit would tend to limit that action.

    In regard to the Coin & Currency Sets. I was going to skip out this year but since I have every Big 3″ Code Talker Bronze already, I figured why not? The theme fits even if the design is a bit subdued.

    So why did I get every one of the big Code Talkers? What can I say – I’m a Junkie – junk junk junk a junka junka.

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