Ultra High Relief Above 100K, Braille Education Set Sales Higher

US Mint sales of the 2009 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle Gold Coin have exceeded the closely watched 100,000 mark. The latest weekly sales figures from the United States Mint indicate that 100,704 coins have sold as of October 18, 2009. This represents an increase of 1,936 above the prior week.

Many collectors have eyed the 100,000 mark as a possible stopping point for sales of the UHR Double Eagle. Although there is not a maximum mintage or production limit for the coin, this year the US Mint has unofficially limited production and sales of many products to round numbers.

The only reference to mintage for the 2009 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle that I have seen from the Mint is the following statement released back in May 2008: “The mintage of the new coin will be unlimited for one year. Only 2009-dated coins will be minted. The coins will go on sale in early 2009, although sales may continue into 2010 if inventory exists.”

Another key figure from this week’s sales report is the Louis Braille Education Set. Based on comments from previous posts, many collectors were planning to purchase this set together with the Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set to consolidate shipping charges. The Braille Set was released one week before the Lincoln Set.

The Braille Education Set sales showed an increase of 3,277 for a total of 5,996 sets sold. Notably, the number of sets sold in the second week of sales actually exceeds the number of sets sold in the opening week. This is highly uncommon for US Mint products, which tend to sell the greatest number of units in the first week.

For a full report of US Mint sales figures for the week ended October 18, 2009, check out Coin Update News.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Yeah…I think a lot of the Braille sales were in conjunction with the Lincoln Chronicles. I know my set was anyway. Why pay the extra shipping costs?

  2. Anonymous says

    Agreed. I, too, bought the Braille Education set in conjunction with my purchase of the Lincoln Coin & Chronicles set along with the 2009 Uncirculated Set to save on shipping. If I had thought about it, I might have gotten my Braille coins in the special opening capsule at that time, too. As it was, I got those earlier to give to my blind sister and blind friends. The extra shipping didn't matter on those, though, because they were to give to family and friends.

    Based on the fact that there were more Braille Education sets sold the second week than the first, I think it is clear that many people waited in order to save on shipping costs.

  3. Anonymous says

    Yeah, but not NEARLY as many people ordered the Braille set with the Lincoln Chronicles set as we thought! After seeing the paltry sales level, prepare for the number of Braille sets sold to SHRINK next week as part of those orders from those expecting a sellout get cancelled!

  4. Anonymous says

    That's funny. "Moy". Hee hee.

    Seriously, I don't think the Mint has much of a surplus of the UHR in stock. It seems they mint coins to the tune of average sales over a period of time, in an attempt to gauge how many they might be able to sell in a given time frame. They will probably mint just enough UHR coins to sell them until the end of the year, but that will be it. The final mintage should fall below 125,000 for certain. That is slightly less than HALF of the mintage of the 2006 Buffalo Gold Proof coin, and it still fetches around $300 over the spot price. The UHR should fare no worse in that regard. Where you'll get burned with it is if the price of gold takes a huge dip. Even then, that should only be for a limited time.

  5. Anonymous says

    Man…I do hope gold dips for the short term. That way the 09 Buffalo will be more affordable.

  6. Anonymous says

    Today I received notice the Mint shipped the Lincoln Chronicles set. Wow! That was quick. Can't wait to get it.

  7. Anonymous says

    It is going to stink to have to pay $50 more per gold coin, when the price of gold in within $5 of being below $1050… horrible!

    We never get a break!

  8. Gonzo says

    Took a flyer and ordered my Chron set Friday morning after I forgot about it Thursday! — well, it's backordered to the day before Halloween, anyway .. but I did get notice that the Braille set shipped on the 15th after ordering the morning of the first day.

  9. Anonymous says

    A gold dip doesn't look too likely right now. Unless the London am fix is at $1,017.75 or less tomorrow, the prices will stay the same this week as last week.

  10. Anonymous says

    The reason for the slow sales are two fold. The mint told me that only 125 operators were taking orders. Do the math. Even if a call lasted only two minutes, mine lasted twice that, only 3,650 sets an hour at very best. Combine this with the online problems and there you have it. Is 125 operaters sufficient? Clearly not. The proof is in the results.

  11. Anonymous says

    Actually, 125 operators would probably be enough IF the Mint's on-line system actually had capacity. Sounds like obama should provide some of the magical stimulus funds to solve the problem. It would be at least as valuable as any other boondoggle he's spending money on, plus it would help the government generate revenue instead of waste.

  12. Anonymous says

    I have to admit, I feel kind of secure when the Mint's website is bogged down and crawling when a hot item goes on sale. At least I know everyone else is having the same problems I am when that happens.

    If the website was able to operate normally on days like that, only the first 50,000 people fast enough to click the mouse would get to make the purchase, and the sellout would take less than a minute. Talk about making your head spin!

  13. Anonymous says

    So I'm wondering how long the braille ed set will be for sale now.will they carry it into next year and then put a waiting list on it for one more year after that.Because I think even 3 years wouldn't be enough to sell that coin out.I'm hoping it doesn't go to the limit.I bought one just in case it doesn't.I hope the mint has enough brains to seal the Coin and Chronicle set in shrink wrap at least.If anyone actually gets one soon.please let us know how it was packaged.I'm sure many people buying on the secondary market would be relieved to know they are getting a sealed Coin and Chronicle set.

  14. Anonymous says

    My friend just received his set..He said >There is no shrink-wrap. There is a lightweight white cardboard sleeve (open on both ends) that slides over the folder!!!! So much for sealed packaging .

  15. Anonymous says

    BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!

    I just found out that these sets are not sealed in any way from the US Mint.They are put in the traditional white cardboard sleeves.This is exactly what I had feared would happen.Now all the dealers and scalpers can pick through sets with high grade coins and replace them with lower grade coins.Way to go MR Moy.You have out done yourself again.Giving every crook in America an opportunity to rip off unknowing buyers.This really SUCKS!!!!!!
    If it were me buying on the secondary market.I would not buy one of these sets unless it is still in the Mailer box and sealed with only one course of tape over it.If you see tape on top of tape.It has been opened.

  16. Anonymous says

    In response to October 21, 2009 11:21 AM:

    It would be illegal for the Mint to continue to sell the Braille coins in 2010 according to the legislation, PL 109–247: "PERIOD FOR ISSUANCE.—The Secretary may issue coins minted under this Act only during the 1-year period beginning on January 1, 2009." See the whole act at http://tinyurl.com/yldespz

  17. Anonymous says

    Now you can safely assume that if any grading companies allow special labels or even if grading companies accept any proofs.That these coins can be replaced.The ramifications can mean that mintage number although at 50,000 can go up now.And Mintage numbers on the single proof sets can go down.This is pure proof that Mr Moy has no clue of what he is doing.

  18. Anonymous says

    Actually it only means that graded numbers on proofs can go up.And there are only still 50,000 packaging of the set.So 50,000 will remain the mintage.But know one would know if there set was real if they buy it opened on the secondary market unless it was sealed in the original mint mailing box.

  19. Moy says

    I know what I'm doing… I'm trying to screw up this coin collection business and while I'm at it, I can still sell many gold and silvers at new all time highs.

    Talk about double whammy!!

  20. Anonymous says

    I'm glad the packaging is simple, I plan on keeping mine so it's not a major issue for me , but I'm sure it's going to have an effect on resale prices.

  21. Anonymous says

    I can see all the ebay listings changing as I type.They will all say "sealed in the original mailing box".What a joke the US Mint has become.They probably used all return coins in the sets anyway.

  22. Anonymous says

    I just dun get it; what's the fuss with the chronicles packaging?

    The coins are in huge mintages anyway.

  23. Anonymous says

    Anonymous said…Mailing boxes 350.00 and higher.Unsealed sets 150.00 and lower.Mine will stay sealed.

    Your very optimistic on them eh. I see them plummeting .

  24. Anonymous says

    Maybe that is why the Mint sent out my Coin and Chronicle separately from all the other items I ordered.Many items I ordered were in stock.Yet the confirmation email stated that only the Coin and Chronicle was shipping by it's self.Has anyone else had there sets sent with other items together?

  25. Anonymous says

    Your very optimistic on them eh. I see them plummeting .

    You see the glass half empty.I see the glass half full

  26. Anonymous says

    Actually I see the glass overflowing! Oh ,wait a second, that's my glass!!! So I hope all are happy with half full/empty glasses ..

  27. Anonymous says

    Who cares if it is shrinkwrapped or not. Not a big deal at all. Again, with the premiums these sets are commanding, who would waste their time changing out coins anyways? These sets are not going to be graded by NGC and PCGS. I think there are alot of conspiracy theorists on here!

  28. Michael says

    In response to the question on the sales period for the Braille Set-

    Typically the US Mint ends sales of commemorative coins and all products containing them on Dec 15th. This keeps them within the law, as mentioned in another comment. They will usually pre-announce the sales end date.

  29. Anonymous says

    Just think of all the (flippers) out there who will be smart enough to hold onto their unopened mint shipping boxes, until the madness calms down and get rewarded with higher prices.

  30. Anonymous says

    I have to say I agree that it's unfortunate about the no shrink-wrap packaging. I don't know how much difference in secondary market prices it will make… but it certainly WILL make a difference.

    I know I've been in the situation where I missed out on a Mint release or went back to fill in a hole in my collection and was willing to pay a little extra for the 'sealed' package – even though I was going to open it!!!

    It's unfortunate, but there are simply too many scammers in the coin world, and a little extra piece of mind can be worth a few bucks if it's something you plan on holding onto!

  31. charles says

    I received my braille set in record time the set i got was shrink-wrapped I believe it would be very difficult for the coin to be taken out of the set without damage. By the way the coin is perfect no problems whatever. hoping i can order another in the future!

  32. Anonymous says

    to the 12:41 blogger.
    Either you are very trusting or you are very ignorant to think that there won't be flippers,dealers,and tv show marketing replacing good coins with bad just to get a pr70 for a premium sale. Then sell the replaced coin C & C for the high premium. Many of these bulk graders get back PR68s and would love the opportunity to replace them in a set that would make them more money.It's all about money to them.they aren't collectors and could give a rats azz as to whether you get a good deal.I don't call that a conspiracy.I call it smart enough to buy only a mint sealed mailer box.You must be one of the flippers who opened your boxes LOL.

  33. Anonymous says

    Be one of the lucky ones to have the PCGS First Strike 70's. This will be the only coin that will command a high premium!

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