Ulysses and Julia Grant Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal Set

Today, July 7, 2011 at 12:00 Noon ET, the US Mint will begin sales of the Presidential $1 Coin and First Spouse Medal Set featuring Ulysses S. Grant and Julia Grant.

The product includes one uncirculated Ulysses S. Grant Presidential Dollar and one Julia Grant Bronze Medal mounted on an illustrated plastic card. The back of the card contains issuance information.

Each set is priced at $14.95 plus applicable shipping and handling. This price is up by $3 from the $11.95 charged for last year’s releases and up by $7 from the price of $7.95 charged in 2007 when the product line was introduced.

All of the 2010 releases featuring Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan, and Abraham Lincoln still remain available for sale at the US Mint, priced at $11.95 each. The first release of 2011 featuring Andrew Johnson is also for sale at $14.95.

After today’s product release, there is nothing else on the US Mint’s product schedule until the July 27 release of the Gettysburg National Park Quarter 3-Coin Set. This slower month might be a welcome break following two very busy months, which have included the release of the uncirculated Gold Eagle, proof Platinum Eagle, proof Gold Buffalo, proof Silver Eagle, September 11 National Medals, and three different ATB 5 oz. Uncirculated Silver Coins.

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  1. VG says

    "Packaging was the worst of all APs, but they arrived in good shape."

    Can you be more specific please? What was bad about the packaging and more importantly, how did the coins look?? That company claims to take them out of the tubes and ship the coins. They are not dealers and claim they won't cherry pick. Thanks for any added information.

  2. Anonymous says

    65 USD for SHipping?
    Seriously, what's the point of making the coin look cheap by transfering the costs to shipping?

  3. VG says

    "$65 USD for Shipping?"

    That's about what all the other AP's charged for shipping. About half the amount is cost for Registered Mail with insurance and the little bit left over goes in their pocket. Still a great deal.

  4. Anonymous says

    "Can you be more specific please?"

    Other APs shipped them in a small box inside a big box, or with lots of cushioning in a big box. These guys jammed the 5 bubble pack envelopes into a tiny $5 flat rate shipping box. Could have been mangled in transit, but they survived and were in the top 25% of quality of the 12 sets I got from all the APs.

    "Seriously, what's the point of making the coin look cheap by transfering the costs to shipping?"

    What they did was hand the coins off to another company and that other company makes the profit on the shipping. I have wondered if there is a kickback. There must be something for the gift of being able to charge $65 each to ship 3000 packages, maybe paying $15 for the bubble envs. and the postage with insurance. $150,000 profit for the trouble.

  5. Anonymous says

    All of the comments from people who say they bought 3, 6, 12 or any other number of sets from AP's shows why the 5 oz. coins are not selling as well as expected. The same people bought a lot of the 33,000 2010 bullion coins, so the true collector base is smaller than people thought!

    Now with the "numismatic" version of Yosemite being sold with no order limit and no "wait list", it's really starting to appear that the P versions of the 5 oz. coins are going to die.

  6. Anonymous says

    Since the 2010s were only available through the APs, and most collectors had no idea who those were or how to order, the ability to get 3, 6 or 12 by some people does not really measure the collector base. On Ebay people were willing to pay $2700, $2500, $2000, even while one could buy them for under $1000 from an AP.

    I wouldn't have known about all the AP contacts if I didn't read this wonderful blog!

    We'll see in a year or two when collectors see these in coin shops and coin shows how much demand there will be. I personally think they are the neatest coin issued in my lifetime and plan to build up 2 complete sets for my sons.

  7. Anonymous says

    It is already clear that the 5 ounce silver P ATB coins are following the pattern of the gold first spouse coins.

    Initially, there was a quick sell out of the first two releases, then a near sell out of the third. Afterwards, demand and sales plummeted.

    It should be interesting to see what the future holds for the series…..

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