Uncirculated Eliza Johnson First Spouse Coin Sold Out

According to the US Mint’s website, the uncirculated version of the 2011-W Eliza Johnson First Spouse Gold Coin has sold out. This is the second of the 2011-dated First Spouse Coins to have sold out, following the proof Julia Grant coin in March.

The Eliza Johnson Coins originally went on sale more than a year ago on May 5, 2012. The US Mint’s policy has been to allow sales of First Spouse Gold Coins to continue until the maximum mintage has been sold or for approximately one year, which ever comes first. In applying the “approximately one year” criteria, the Mint has concluded sales to coincide with the start of sales for the coin one year ahead in the schedule. The exception to this situation comes when all available coins within inventory have been sold, in which case the sell out occurs earlier.

The maximum mintage for the issue was 15,000 coins. As of the most recent sales report published today, sales of the Eliza Johnson uncirculated coin have reached 2,914. The proof version, which still remains available, has sold 3,876.

The last reported sales number for uncirculated version is somewhat significant since it falls below the 3,000 level. Compared to other modern gold coins series of the United States Mint, this amount is exceptionally low. However, within the First Spouse series, it might turn out to be low but not exceptional. It seems possible the the remaining 2011 issues may see final sales around the same level.

There is still no indication of when the 2012 First Spouse Gold Coins will be released.

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  1. Brad says

    I’ve always supported this series since 2007, but I’m starting to get pretty angry regarding this seemingly pointless delay in releasing the 2012 coins. I would have liked to be able to order some coins now, while the price is down a little from previous highs. The Mint could go ahead and start taking orders now, even if the coins aren’t ready to ship yet. It’s not like they haven’t done that before. Late July shipping for a product that goes on sale June 7th comes to mind!

    Maybe I should just stop playing this game and spending stupendous amounts of money on these, and just play the bullion game. I’m really getting tired of this nonsense.

  2. Dan says

    looks like we my have a winner- second lowest mintage. Look for all of the 2011’s to be cut this summer – something big is happening with this program (they may be working on a loophole to cut it).

  3. Hidalgo says

    It’s about time that Eliza Johnson has sold out.

    Low mintages, especially with the gold FS coins, are the “new normal.” I certainly am not planning to buy any FS gold coins in the future, unless it’s a FS who I am familiar with (e.g., Jackie Kennedy).

  4. Zaz says

    It’s nearly summer, what is going on with the gold spouses? What’s the loophole? The fact that the President dollars are NOT being made for circulation this year will then justify the cancelation of the remain gold spouses?

    Looks like the ATB pucks might be following the spouses into oblivion, but definitely into niche/endangered territory. 5,600 bullion and 6,500 collector coins of the El Yunque design is hardly promising for the continuance of the series.

  5. george glazener says

    I’m betting they cancel the FS series too. And just when we were so close to Frances Cleveland, the loveliest of them all….

  6. Ron says

    I don’t understand the hatred for this series. Why buy a bullion coin with a mintage in the millions when you can buy one of these with a tiny mintage and still have the potential of numismatic appreciation? If the price of gold rises, these will appreciate as well.

  7. george glazener says

    I don’t hate ’em, I love ’em..! I wish I could afford to get every single one. Elizabeth Monroe and Sarah Polk were especially gorgeous. We’re just frustrated not knowing what the MINT has in store or when to expect them.

  8. Frank says

    I believe the “hatred” towards the FS and ATB 5oz series comes from having to live through the pain of keep buying them (e.g. myself) who have invested both money and passion into them (and knowing they might not be a winner in the long term). If they are done, we are done.

  9. Frank says

    And I know the modern fashion of collecting is for you to pick and select whatever you like. The pursuit of completeness is one of the most addictive goals in old fashion collecting.

  10. Ron says

    Frank, I don’t see a scenario where gold would go up in price, but these coins with tiny mintages wouldn’t do well.

    I agree that if gold crashed, all coins would suffer, but that would be true for eagles as well.

  11. MarkInFlorida says

    I would have bought the whole series if I could have gotten the first ones, but the Mint screwed it up and only flippers got them so I skipped this series. Considering that some dealers and flippers must be buying some of these there are probably less than 1000 collectors who are buying every one. I wonder how many coins have to sell to cover the cost of artwork and die cutting.

  12. fosnock says


    The markup on the FS coins is high. Bullion is cheaper. As far as the mintage, well they could turn into “Jackie Robinsons” but I doubt it. I would imagine that a complete collection would be worth something, but you would be limited to someone who could actually afford to buy it

    By the way if you “don’t see a scenario where gold would go up in price” then you have not been looking, but if you do believe what you said then how can you ask about the “hatred” for these coins

  13. Michael in Bama says

    Whats gonna happen with gold prices today? With the holidays in London how will they do the calculations? Gold trending up this morning!

  14. Ron says

    fosnock wrote:

    “By the way if you “don’t see a scenario where gold would go up in price” then you have not been looking….”

    You didn’t read my post. I said “I don’t see a scenario where gold would go up in price, BUT these coins with tiny mintages WOULDN’T do well.”

    In orther words, if you believe a surge in gold would take up bullion, it would also take up FS’s.

  15. CW says

    As with far too many US Mint products legislation has forced the FS series which basically no one cares about. People just have little interest in most of the wives of former presidents (especially those from the middle 1800s). I would love to see the politics removed from the Mint and have more desirable offerings. If the Mints numismatic offerings are truly designed to be profit creators, they sure like to pick series which generate little profit.

  16. simon says


    I looked up the sales stats on Coin Update. Is there any indication of
    the sales figure of the recent SSB special proof set ?

  17. Michael says


    Sales of the set were 9,430. I need to add that to the report. Thanks for bringing to my attention.

  18. Michael says

    It looks like what happened is the Mint left the figures for the 2 Coin Set off the report, when adding the numbers for the new Bicentennial Set. I am clarifying the numbers for each product now.

  19. Jack in N.E says

    Now with figures for the SSB special proof set getting close to 20% of a sell out,I would think in the next couple weeks that sales of the set will accelerate with folks combining this set with the upcoming products that seem to have generated alot of interest.Maybe a sellout by mid-July.P.S Let me also join the gratitude of all your hard work Michael it is greatly appreciated

  20. William says

    I am very happy to have the First Lady Gold “Liberty Subset”. And, I will continue to purchase additional first spouse coins.

    My favorite gold coin is Andrew Jackson.

    The entire world’s monetary system is in turmoil.

    Sell dollars and euros.

  21. Fosnock says


    I’m not an English major but I think you meant to say “I don’t see a scenario where gold wouldn’t go up in price, BUT these coins with tiny mintages WOULD do well.” IE you mixed up your would and wouldn’t

    Anyway you clarified your point. The bottom line is that the FS is an expensive and time consuming collection to complete. Bullion is simple, and cheap by comparision

  22. Dave in CT. says

    My retired father use to work in metals/mold casting and various types of figurine dies. He stated awhile back when we were talking about the overall cost of manufacturing new designs on various contracts request that his company would receive. This is not as pricey as one would think. It would depend on what the application was used for and what type of metal would be appropriate for the use (strength and durability).
    On another thought, I have the unc. Johnson/Grantgold coin. I would like to acquire the last 2 offerings, but their is the new Australian HR coin coming out in July and I’m still concentrating on other coins right now. Money is always an issue. I do believe in time that all PM’s will skyrocket to unbelievable heights. I have read both “AFTERSHOCK” books and completely agree with the author’s (3 people contributed) subject matter,or opinions, completely. As I was already preparing for sky high (yearly double digit increases) inflation before this book was published. I do wish I had the complete set as of last year. Now I am just pretty much (when I can) getting bullion and some very lower priced coins for my collection. H.R. coins are just beautiful and would enjoy if every coin minted were available in this format. Just my thoughts.

  23. saucexx says

    IMHO PM’s, gold particularly, are the next bubble ready to pop. Granted they may go higher before they fall but eventually they will. They’re propped up because of fear as much as anything else. Heck a bad jobs report comes out and prices jump because speculators think that the Fed will be forced to start QE3. If you can time the market great, otherwise……………..

    I mistakenly posted this at WNMB so I’ll repost it here. Does anybody know if it’s possible to give the Mint the latitude to design and sell coins without approval from congress? My thought would be to give the Mint authority to sell a line of coins based on their own market research. Say one or more coins a year using whatever metal the mint wanted. They would introduce designs not mandated by congress, call them “Design Series” or something. They could even sell limited mintages like some of the foreign mints.

  24. KEITHSTER says

    Which basicly no one cares about sounds like the VP on the dollar coins that are still selling millions.I for one love them ugly or not low mintage 1/2 oz pure gold US Mint coin. What more can you ask for I know at $1000 a pop there not for everyone but what is.The mint know’s it too hopefully thats why their waiting to sell their other stuff first. They know how many they will sell enough to make some profit they need it and thats the name of the game.So mint them now bring them out later maybe one per month for the last four months.Then sell them all next year so work hard save up and buy some. Good luck to ALL.

  25. joe says

    saucexx –

    I really wish you were correct because that would mean that the fiat currency we use today (the dollar, euro, etc.) is actually worth something. Fiat currencies inherently have a psychological aspect to them, and more when they are not backed by anything (e.g., USDs are backed by the “full faith and credit of the US”…not gold, silver, etc.). That fact alone makes a fiat currency “iffy,” but then toss in the FACT that the governments around the world (and especially in the good ole USA) are on a terror creating/printing money out of thin air (QE1, QE2, etc) and any fiat currency will become unstable (ask Germany in the 1920s).

    So to respond to your comment, PMs may be on a bubble but how much more so the dollar/euro?

  26. Saucexx says

    The U.S. economy will be fine if it can put people back to work, if it can’t then it won’t matter what the currency is backed with. If the Gov’t was printing lots of money and handing it out to the rest of us maybe we’d see an inflation problem. But I doubt it would hit 1920’s Germany bad, it would be more like the late 70’s early 80’s. But as it stands now it’s going into the banks pockets and not filtering out. So we suffer while the banks unabashedly swagger on.

    BTW I find it amusing that if we went back to a gold standard the Govt would probably make it illegal to own gold anyway. They would either confiscate it or pay you cents on the dollar. Either way we lose. For me buying PM’s is a rigged game that’s played by smarter folks than I. The real warning sign is when people who’ve never bought Gold or Silver tell you to buy, that’s your key to get out.

    I collect coins that have a numismatic value in addition to the PM. Personally I’d love to see gold fall for awhile, I might even get interested in some of the FS coins.

  27. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Saucexx. To answer your question about the “Lattitude of the Mint,” the Director always had some lattitude. As a matter of fact, we already have seen a precedent: the 2009 UHR Gold Coin resulted from that lattitude and Mr. Moy’s initiative. Then, in late 2009 and 2010, Congress passed some legislation that actually improved and increased the business controls available to the Director.

    Like you, I’ve often wondered why the Mint has not pursued more, legislation-free coins. Personally, I think the present, status-quo mentality has to do with the yet, unresolved “Interim” status of the current director, Mr. Peterson, who was a deputy under Moy. All of the responsibility, no increases in authority or compensation.

  28. Dave in CT. says

    You have interesting thoughts, but I do not agree with them. When folks start telling you to buy, the ones that never bought before, that means absolutely nothing. At anytime, you could have a person tell you to go buy some PM’s. You have to judge for yourself by talking to him why he feels this way. I wouldn’tsay that it is a warning sign to drop everything and rush to the pawn shop. Again, this is just my opinion and most folks that I know, could care less about gold and silver. It is not even on their radar. Look, from what I have read and discussed, most people in this country do not own an ounce of metal and the ones that do, most don’t know what they’re talking about anyways when they share their thoughts on where the price is going. Experts are wrong most of the time, in my opinion. Plus, many governments are manipulating the price of said metals for their motives. I hope that the readers are a little correct on the assumptions posted, so that everyone is happy and respectful of others post. I try to take in all the info before me and then make a sound decision on my next step in whether I will purchase anything. But I find here is very reasonable theories and well thought out comments. I respect everyone’s thoughts. As for your views on the gold standard, which China is working on as you read this, I think too many things have changed since it was illegal to own. Too many big players with deep pockets and the powerful lobbyist that represent them, will not have any of this. As before, our government only confiscated a small percentage of the public gold that was out there. Only the paranoid and very scared citizens of this country turned their gold in. And how do you enforce it. Well their obviously would be many ways, for one, the U.S. could confiscate the PM’s holding/storage areas (but by this time, people would have seen the warning signs and would have taken it out), or they could have officials at the banks, posted for when you try to get into your safe deposit box.That would happen overnight. But people are smarter these days and when and if it comes to that, it would say something about our fiscal policy and how severe things are. Mass amounts of the population would fight with their arms to defend what that gold they had what it would mean to supporting their families, etc. Do not think that will ever happen again. Just watch the slow and subtle signs in the future. I also was told that some Indian reservations are taking copper rounds now for food, supplies. Have not verified this as of today. Right now, just digest the day’s news and try to make a sound decision on your finances and do not rush into anything.
    I also think that if gold fell significantly, I would sell some assets to acquire more of the yellow dust. Their are positives to both things happening. But I would rather be wrong and have our economy flourish. A booming economy usually means more peace at home. I pray for this everyday.

  29. Saucexx says


    The Govt wouldn’t even have to confiscate it. If they say it’s illegal to own what are you going to do with it? It becomes worthless whether they take it or not. And as far as people rising up? I wouldn’t bet my gold on it, no pun intended. Gold is a commodity and is traded as such. But unlike oil, gas or even silver we don’t really need it for anything in bulk besides jewelry. I’m no expert and I’m not telling anyone what to do but gold has exploded in the last five years whereas the previous 25 years it was pretty consistent. Investors are using it as a hedge for their cash and speculators are happy to make money off of the fear. IMHO that smells like a bubble. If you can make money from it great, more power to you. But this cult of gold strikes me as misplaced.

    All I’m saying is don’t be surprised if you wake up one day and gold has dropped back to $600 an ounce because the economy finally got in gear. In the meantime I’m going to enjoy my new 75th anv ASE set and wish for a UHR ASE. One can dream……………

  30. joe says

    “The U.S. economy will be fine if it can put people back to work, if it can’t then it won’t matter what the currency is backed with. If the Gov’t was printing lots of money and handing it out to the rest of us maybe we’d see an inflation problem. But I doubt it would hit 1920′s Germany bad, it would be more like the late 70′s early 80′s. But as it stands now it’s going into the banks pockets and not filtering out. So we suffer while the banks unabashedly swagger on.”

    Actually as of this moment, the national debt of this country is equal to approximately $49K per person (man, woman and child) and is rising daily. Yes, the filthy banks are taking the money being printed and we are the ones being saddled with the debt. There is no end in sight regarding QE. How can this debt ever be paid back…even if the unemployment drops significantly and our politicians actually become fiscally responsible? There is no turning back…unfortunately. In the 70s and even 80s, the level of debt in our country was insignificant compared to where it is now, and that is the difference. Even Europe has given up on austerity measures and is turning to the printing machines. All of the printing will not end well for the middle classes around the globe.

    I agree with your comments about the banks. With the S&L crisis in the 80s and 90s people went to jail. The bankers learned and “buddied up” to the politicans. Now bankers don’t go to jail…they just get more of our money so they can make the same mistakes again and get bonuses for doing it. And rumor has it there will be another big bank bailout in the near future. I predict that before it’s over (and it isn’t really a stretch since there are already congressional hearings going on) all 401k and IRA accounts will ultimately be grabbed by the government to sustain their penchant for spending and buy them more time (assuming a dollar crash doesn’t occur first).

    “BTW I find it amusing that if we went back to a gold standard the Govt would probably make it illegal to own gold anyway. They would either confiscate it or pay you cents on the dollar. Either way we lose. For me buying PM’s is a rigged game that’s played by smarter folks than I. The real warning sign is when people who’ve never bought Gold or Silver tell you to buy, that’s your key to get out.”

    What other alternatives are there? Holding dollars? IRA and 401k accounts? You’ll lose either way. At least you can bury one…the other will just magically disappear over night. To add insult to injury, they may even tax you on your accounts before they disappear. Regardless of what the US government does, other countries (the BRIC nations specifically) are pushing for a currency standard that includes some degree of PMs (along with oil and other commodities). Those will be the currencies of the future because they are backed by something besides dirty politicians.

    The other real warning sign is when trillions of dollars are printed by the US government that are backed by nothing and without oversight. The big banks are currently shorting gold (to drive down prices) while simultaneously purchasing gold. I, personally, haven’t had a single person tell me to buy gold or silver…not one. In fact to the contrary, I’ve heard people say that gold and silver are on bubbles for years now and that they should sell. And the old Wallstreet adage “when the shoe shine boy is telling you what stocks to buy, its usually time to sell” wasn’t referring to currencies that were intentionally and methodically being destroyed. The real question is: What are the filthy rich (bankers, Buffett, etc.) actually doing with their money (not what they SAY they are doing with it)?

    “I collect coins that have a numismatic value in addition to the PM. Personally I’d love to see gold fall for awhile, I might even get interested in some of the FS coins.”

    No arguments here…I completely agree.

  31. saucexx says

    One more thing about the debt. It’s not the size of the debt per se but the yearly debt service that we need to worry about. The yearly payments on the debt is currently the 4th highest budget item after Def, SS and health. If you try to cut your way out of it without jobs we’ll exacerbate the problem. Although if we do have to suffer thru high inflation, at least the silver lining is the value of the debt will shrink, along with our mortgages, loans etc. For perspective the US had much higher levels of debt after WWII, an economic boom after the war essentially took care of it.

    Americans have been getting a free ride, buying into the nonsense that we can get services and cut taxes at the same time. The last President even cut taxes while starting two wars. Now the bills are coming due. One party doesn’t care because they can use the debt as an excuse to cut social programs and the other is too weak and inept to do anything about it. The bottom line is revenues are going to have to come up, defense spending is going to have to come down and we have to create jobs and the taxes they generate. If you think that we’ll just cut spending and keep taxes low, you would be mistaken. Private industry will step in and instead of taxes you’ll be paying fees for the same services. Look up Chicago parking meters if you want a taste of that.

    Enough with the debt, 75th ASE’s are on sale today!

    BTW I was only pointing out if your neighbors start talking about PM’s the bubble is getting ready to burst. All modern bubbles end the same way.

  32. Dave in CT. says

    Saucexx, Yes, I have considered this. You are thinking in short periods of time, even though it was decades before it was legal to own it again, most held onto it. And those folks, for the most part still have it or their heirs do, etc. in some way or fashion. Your points are well taken. With our debt, and inflation coming sometime, we are still only paying the interest on our debt. We will never pay the principle, never. China will be the worlds reserve currency, and they are promoting gold/silver ownership to it’s people. This will take time. China has reduced its buying of our bonds and if they reduce it anymore, inflation will skyrocket and gold will skyrocket. Silver too. By this time, gold will be at astronomical highs and if the people are truly forced to hand over their gold, the US will be handing out huge amounts of worthless cash at that time in large chunks for each grain of dust. This is just my thoughts, and I enjoy your thoughts as well.

  33. TomP says

    The 2011 Eliza Johnson F.S. gold proof has been placed on a 2 week delayed shipping status. Which being the Mint, may mean an impending sell-out or not.

  34. saucexx says


    The funny thing is if the govt does nothing, all of the tax cuts will expire and Defense and Medicare will shoulder big cuts at the end of the year. So we’ll get revenue increases AND budget cuts. From the deficit side that’s a good thing but the economy may not be able to handle it. And it ultimately may push us back into recession. Of course this is not what you hear on a daily basis. We keep hearing about confidence fairies and belt tightening and spending problems. But everyone pushing that knows it’s a crock. Europe is waking up to that fact and learning their lessons the hard way. And if we had a press that wasn’t lazy or conspiring with the powers that be we might understand that too. But as it stands the populace is being pitted against each other while those who know better line their pockets. There are a few voices out there right now trying to break thru, but ultimately they are overpowered by a worthless press, unlimited superpac dollars, corrupt billionaires and lying politicians.

    Sorry about straying off topic, this is my last post on this I promise.

  35. Dave in CT. says


    Always appreciate others thoughts. This is America. Thanks. Did
    you catch my post on my friends latest update from his issue
    with Visa/Paradise, and the alleged investigation into their misbehaving’ s ?

  36. saucexx says


    I just received my PF 70 Kookaburra’s and couldn’t be happier. I even noticed the price went back up.

    I hope your friend gets is worked out. I will be much more cautious going forward.

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