Uncirculated Julia Grant Gold Coins Sold Out

The uncirculated version of the 2011-W Julia Grant First Spouse Gold Coin has now “sold out” according to the United States Mint’s website. The number of remaining 2011-dated coins available from the Mint continues to dwindle, while the 2012-dated coins continue their delay.

The Julia Grant coins originally went on sale June 23, 2011. The maximum mintage across both proof and uncirculated versions was indicated at 15,000 coins. However, as we have seen in the past, the US Mint produced considerably fewer than this amount prior to the close of 2011.

On March 30, 2012, the proof version of the coin had sold out after roughly nine months of availability. The last reported sales were 3,969.

According to the latest sales report released today, the uncirculated version had last reported sales of 2,952. Although this is a low figure within the overall series, it remains above the last reported sales levels for the recently sold out uncirculated Lucy Hayes and uncirculated Lucretia Garfield coins. The last reported sales figures for those coins were 2,263 and 2,498.

The US Mint stopped providing weekly updates on the sold out Lucy Hayes and Lucretia Garfield coins, although it seems conceivable that the actual numbers may continue to move. Several collectors report having orders for the coins on backorder status. The prospects of these orders being fulfilled remains uncertain. In the past, I have had orders for recently sold out products linger on backorder for many weeks and in some cases get fulfilled, while in other case the orders were cancelled. The final order cancellations and also any late order returns would presumably be reflected in final audited sales numbers, whenever they are made available.

Currently, only two 2011-dated releases of the series remain available for sale: the proof Lucy Hayes and poof Lucretia Garfield. No new information has been provided on the release of the 2012 First Spouse Gold Coins since the last update provided here.

Numismatic Gold Product Price Increase Possible

Based on the available data, it seems likely that there will be a price increase for US Mint numismatic gold products tomorrow.

The available London Fix prices for the relevant period are within the range of $1,650 to $1699.99, which is one tier higher than the range currently used for pricing. In the most likely scenario, as long as the Wednesday London PM Fix price is above $1,650, then a price increase will take place.

Price changes have usually been implemented around mid-morning on Wednesdays.

For now, it seems that the price of the single platinum numismatic product will remain unchanged for the week.

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  1. merrychristmasmrscrooge says

    Dear Michael,

    Thank you george glazener, chris, and ClevelandRocks glad to hear others have same opinion that our Mint should produce a circulating coin with Neil Armstrong’s likeness, like half of the Kennedy halves, or half the production of another circulating coin. We should do this before any other country does, lest we forget our great hero.

    Earlier merryxmasmrscrooge said:
    August 27, 2012 at 7:09 am

    To be bestowed upon to live in this great period in History when humans actually broke the barrier and travelled into space is a total honor… The Honorable Neil Armstrong is not only an icon of the United States, but he represents the evolutionary step of all humanity becoming a space-faring species, reaching and groping our weak, tiny fingers into the vastness of space. Almost any technological idea by man on this small rock called “Earth” copies nature itself… candle to light bulb… birds to airplanes… fish to submarines… horses to cars… photosynthesis of plants to solar panels… bone and wood to advanced cutting edge materials… eyes to cameras… sending a message by walking, or going by horse to the internet… and countless others…
    However, anything in nature we know of here on Earth cannot project itself into space… Neil Armstrong, a humble man who was a great aircraft pilot, professor and most famous astronaut did this representing all Americans who came together and had success… and all the peoples of the world…

    I hereby recommend the US Mint produce 50% of the half dollars (or any other circulating denomination) with Neil Armstrong’s likeness, before any other country does so. The other 50% of half dollars should continue to bear JFK’s likeness.
    I wish I could be the engraver, but I’m bad at art

  2. SmallPotatos says

    Hear! Hear!

    And what better time than to sunset the Kennedy Half after 50 years (or at least half of them), and replace it with Neil Armstrong!

    How does somethign like that get to the CCAC? Or better yet, contact your Senator/Congressman.

  3. says

    I agree that we’re at a good point to retire the Kennedy halves, though I’ll disagree with the crowd and suggest we should return to some classic depiction of Liberty.

    As for the actual article topic, I have to think that it’s only a matter of time before the last few proof coins are gone too.

  4. Brad says

    The Lucy Hayes Proof coin will probably go to backorder status within a month or so, since around 3,600 might be a reasonable estimate of how many of those were struck. However, the Lucretia Garfield Proof coin will probably hang around for a while. I don’t see it having the sales surge that the Uncirculated version did, and the mintage level is probably comparable to that of the Lucy Hayes. With several hundred left to sell, it could last for a few more months.

  5. ClevelandRocks says

    It’s official, price increase today for gold products.
    Pick up a proof FS now if you want one…

  6. old folkie says

    Sorry Captain but I disagree with you, Neil Armstrong with any picture representative of the space program is more symbolic of our ideals and history than any large breasted “Classic” Depiction of liberty (and I do love them). The design could equally embrace both the man and the space program. Neil Armstrong simply makes too much sense, it’s not political enough. Perhaps the representatives from his home state should be contacted.

  7. Louis Golino says

    At a minimum there should be a commemorative dollar for Armstrong. I met him when I was a boy.

  8. SmallPotatos says

    As much as i love the Liberty depictions (and I do), i don’t think todays engravers would be up to the challange to match the likes of Agustus St. Gaudens et al. I think Kennedy’s comment about putting a man on the moon and returning him safely home would make the transition from Kennedy to Armstrong all the more meaningful. Heck, include the quote on the reverse!

  9. Hidalgo says

    I still like John F. Kennedy on the half dollar. It’s a fantastic tribute to a man who was concerned about civil rights and integration. A man who became a martyr (like Martin Luther King, Jr.) for trying to change society.

    Neil Armstrong will always be a hero to many of us, but being the first man to step on the moon — is that any different from the first woman in space?

  10. says

    As much as i love the Liberty depictions (and I do), i don’t think todays engravers would be up to the challange to match the likes of Agustus St. Gaudens et al.

    I would say Joel Iskowitz could probably do it. His work on the Medal of Honor commemoratives and the 2011 platinum eagle was inspired.

    I’d like to get away from depictions of former presidents and other historical figures on our coins and move back to what we typically saw before the 1930s-1940s. Ironically, the only one I ever thought looked any good on a coin was JFK. Of our modern circulating coins the JFK half dollar is my favorite.

    At a minimum there should be a commemorative dollar for Armstrong.

    I could definitely get behind this.

  11. Gary says

    I vote for a Neil Armstrong Silver Eagle…one more silver eagle this year should assure everybody gets a silver eagle!

  12. The Hawk says

    Neil Armstrong on the half dollar! That is a GREAT idea. All American, patriotic and a great progression from Kennedy to the Space Program within the same series. Armstrong became a hero because of Kennedy’s ambitious plan to put a man on the moon. Kudos to the originator of this idea.

    We need to get excited about and promote the next generation of space exploration. Recognizing someone from the past that played such a crucial role is a great way to start that effort. Tied in with the recent Mars Rover Landing and the success of the private industry in starting the Space Station re-supply missions (SpaceX earlier this year and Orbital Sciences later this year) this could be a good way to get the ball rolling.

  13. george glazener says

    Here’s a thought for any US MINT peepers reading this blog tonight. In the same vein as the “Defenders of Freedom” set, the Star Spangled Banner set, and the “Making American History” set, let’s create a 2013 “America’s Space Pioneers” 3-Coin set. For the low LOW price of $99.95, you get a 90% Silver 2013 Kennedy Half Dollar, a .999 Fine Silver Neil Armstrong Commemorative Dollar with the Lunar Module on the Reverse, and finally a Clad Half Dollar showing the Command Module orbiting the moon. And as a bonus, an Apollo 11 replica patch in real cloth. All attractively presented in a stunning tri-fold package with fact sheets, full color photos of the astronauts and their vehicles, and a gorgeous shot of the moon against a star field on the front cover.
    Wow! Wouldn’t that be something?

  14. VA Bob says

    My two cents. I’d like to see a one year, two coin transition on the half dollar. The first one with JFK, front looking portrait (not a profile) on the obverse with the words, “We choose to go to the moon…”. On the reverse a low earth orbit, with a Mercury space capsule floating, with the moon longingly in the distance. This would be a fitting end to the Kennedy half, and a lasting tribute to what he wanted to achieve in space. The reverse would set up the second coin and show the space program in the beginning, as it was under the start of JFK’s administration.

    The second coin obverse, Neil Armstrong in bust portrait, but not just him, but his whole Apollo 11 crew (Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins). Neil was a humble man from what I saw, and would be the first to say he didn’t do it alone. I feel he would want his crew included (No “I” in team). On the reverse, a partial view of the Lunar Lander sitting on the moon, with Neil on the ladder, one foot on the moon. This time the earth in the distance. The words “One small step for man…” (I’d like the rest but don’t know if it would fit. Or the first half on the reverse of the first coin and the rest on the reverse of the second coin). What say you?

    After that, the following year, I agree with CO, I’d like to see a return to liberty. We need to get back to what this country represents, not a few men that each help and hurt this nation in some way. I like to see a Liberty portrait in profile, lovely, in the artistic beauty of the Peace dollar Lady Liberty…but NOT the same, wearing a full Indian War bonnet. From the neck up. No breasts to offend anyone. LOL

  15. Hidalgo says

    @George – nice thought, but it ain’t gonna happen. By law, there can only be 2 commemorative coins/sets per year. And them 2 have already been passed by Congress. Nice thought though.

  16. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    we should still keep 50% of the halves minted with JFK, and 50% with Neil Armstrong.

    or better yet 50% the dimes, nickles, or pennies w Neil Armstrong because these are more widely circulated. The remaining 50% mintage should be keeping the original FDR, Jefferson, or Lincoln likenesses.

    There will be more heros… but lest future generations forget… we must also keep the heros we have on the coins FDR, JFK, Jefferson, or Lincoln, maintining a portion, 50% of the mintage with these present likenesses seems a logical way to do this.

    If we do not do this, Forgetting history is the first step in repeating it.

  17. george glazener says

    That’s right….pro wrestling is REAL, but the moon landings were faked….!

    (Lord, give me patience)

  18. george glazener says

    @VA Bob;

    I wouldn’t have any objection to breasts on a coin. Wouldn’t offend me.

    Just sayin’…..:)

  19. Hidalgo says

    @William – yes, I heard that the moon landing never happened. It’s from the same group of people who say that Obama was born outside of the USA, the Holocaust never happened, Proctor and Gamble is run by forces outside of this world. yada, yada…. LOL!

  20. george glazener says

    Now now, don’t start a political argument on this blog that you cannot and WILL not win. Don’t go there…!

  21. VA Bob says

    George – I wasn’t assuming you were offended, your original comment makes that clear, but it did get me to thinking that some other might be offended. I wish we (the US) weren’t so hung up on what I regard is the most beautiful sight on this planet, the female form. I know a lot of folks think we just want to see them naked, aka dirty old (or not so old) men, but truth be told it’s just so darn pleasing to the eye.

    Now I realize in this day and age of strict, PC fairness for all, some may want a naked guy, which doesn’t appeal to me at all. So I say keep them all clothed, I’ll live.

  22. Gary says

    Bare breast on a Silver Eagle? Now thats something i could get behind..i mean…uh…thats something i could sink my teeth into…no…wait…i mean i would like to get my hands on one of those…no…wait…lets see….hmmm..that is something i would vote for…phew!! I am glad i got it straight!

  23. Discovergold says

    From the US Mint today:

    First Spouse Update 10/1/2012: We are pleased to announce that the on-sale date for the 2012 First Spouse Series One-Half Ounce Gold Proof Coin — Alice Paul and the Suffrage Movement and the 2012 First Spouse Series One-Half Ounce Gold Uncirculated Coin — Alice Paul and the Suffrage Movement will be October 11, 2012, at noon (ET). We will announce the remaining 2012-dated First Spouse Gold Coin on-sale dates as soon as they are established.

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