United States Mint 2012 Birth Set

Today March 13, 2012, the United States Mint began sales of the 2012 Birth Set. This is a new product type targeted as a gift for newborns.

Each set includes proof versions of the 2012 Kennedy Half Dollar, El Yunque National Park Quarter, Roosevelt Dime, Jefferson Nickel, and Lincoln Cent. The coins are placed within a specially designed folder with space for a welcome message, baby photograph, and lock of the baby’s hair.

Interestingly, this product will represent the first release for any version of the 2012 Kennedy Half Dollar. It will also mark the first release for the 2012-S Proof Roosevelt Dime, Jefferson Nickel, and Lincoln Cent. The US Mint has still not schedule a release date for the 2012 Proof Set.

As a side note, shouldn’t this set start the clock for NGC’s “Early Releases” designation for the coins mentioned above?

The 2012 Birth Set is priced at $19.95 each. It is a reasonable pricing point for a newborn baby gift, but not such a great deal in comparison to the full 2012 Proof Set, which will be $31.95 and include an additional five $1 coins and four quarters.

On World Mint News Blog, I have prepared a post with an overview of some of the birth or baby coins and sets offered by world mints.

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  1. vaughnster says

    It’s a shame that they didn’t include all five of the ATB quarters. Why just El Yunque? What if the child is born in December after they’re all released?
    I think the Mint missed the boat on giving a good value and botching a potential vehicle to promote the lethargic ATB quarter program.

  2. says

    Agree on Vaughnster’s comment about not including all the AtBs.

    It will be interesting to see the sales numbers for this product in the first couple of weeks and at the year’s end. I don’t really have a clue how this product will perform, since it’s not targeted at people like me at all. Perhaps, if NGC does decided to use this set as a baseline for “early releases,” that might spur some sales.

  3. Buckeye says

    If this sells well, do you think the Mint will begin offering similar packages for weddings, etc?

  4. says


    I think this is an experimental product. The Mint is clearly interested in finding ways to raise revenue and may be looking to world mints for ideas. So I think if this sells well, you will definitely see the door opened for other “special occasion” sets. One of the people in my six-man buying group has a baby on the way and is going to buy this set when we get our gold SSBs.

    If I had to just hazard a guess, we might see sales numbers around what’s par for the course with the three-coin sets.

    A thought comes to mind that perhaps some of the delay in the product schedule may be due to the Mint having discussions on how to repackage existing products and offer more products similar to the Birth Set. We’ve already seen a complete overhaul in how the dollar coin products are being offered (the hesitance to release the Chester A. Arthur rolls notwithstanding). We’ve also seen the planned introduction of the silver eagle special set as well. Perhaps they are looking at similar schemes for things like the silver proof coins, the uncirculated Mint sets, etc.

  5. auxmike says

    Big problem is most people don’t know the government sells collector coins directly to the public. Also, unless we see TV and magazine ads for this set, the general public will never think of this a an original , unique gift….or even know that such a thing exists….
    They need to reach a broader audience.

  6. Jon in CT says

    Mint News Blog wrote:
    As a side note, shouldn’t this set start the clock for NGC’s “Early Releases” designation for the coins mentioned above?

    Do I detect disdain for NGC’s “Early Releases” designation? We mustn’t forget PCGS’s “First Strike” designation, which rides on the same bandwagon:

  7. Goat says

    So many coins missing that will be produced later this year. Is the mint changing this set every month as new coins are issued ?

  8. Tim says

    For those interested in contacting the Mint, this is part of the article from the Federal Registry the other day.

    FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: B. B. Craig, Associate Director for
    Sales and Marketing; United States Mint; 801 9th Street NW.,
    Washington, DC 20220; or call 202-354-7500.

  9. Goat says

    I’m with you on that one Tim .I have always started my year out with a ship direct box Native American dollars, I feel lost this year. Thanks for the info.

  10. Michael says

    Jon in CT,

    Thanks. I didn’t realize PCGS had also extended their designation to cover these types of coins.

    It will be interesting to see if PCGS and NGC recognize this set as the first release of the coins, perhaps creating some unexpected demand for the Birth Set.

  11. Shutter says

    Including all 5 quarters would have been nice. But an an even better idea would have been using one or more silver coins. Even a single silver half would have been a nice gift @ $20. Besides, isn’t silver a traditional baby gift?

  12. Broooster says

    If I want to put together a birthday set, I usually buy a Proof Silver Eagle, a Silver Proof set, and some world Proof coins, depending whats available and how well I like what is out that year. This little cheap set isn’t worth diddly to me. I also like to give Proof Eagles out for Graduations, it’s pretty fun to see someone open one of those. It has a “WOW FACTOR” to it.

  13. Matt L. DeTectre says

    This is just one of many to come high profit low cost items the mint is scrambling to get on the showroom floor without enough thought in order to try and make up a fleet of banana boat loads of lost revenue from the mintage reduction in the presidential pot metal dollars. They couldn’t even get 20 cents actual value of all the clad quarters included. They are in somewhat of a revenue pickle without those tens of millions of metal dollas previously expected in the pipeline.

    Most of my money went for wine, women, and song. What was left over I just squandered.

  14. G says

    This is so kids can say: Back in my day you could get a dollar for twenty!
    I think it’s a cool set- I’ll probably get them for my friends who have kids this year.

  15. says

    A birth year set should include every coin made in that year, this set is missing President and Sac dollars and all the ATB, not buying it! I have always given a AES silver coin in a birth year holder or the years mint set. Some of those coins have appreciatted nicely, this set will be worth what, .91 cents years from now…

  16. MTH says

    Make the set worthy of a prestigious gift… something that will be admired many years hence.
    Forget the junk metal coins. Use at least a Proof ASE or 1/10 oz AGE.

  17. Brian says

    I respect everyone’s opinion, but come on folks, this set pure pure crap. I would be embarassed to give this to anyone. I can hardly believe the Mint has sunk to this low level….

  18. B T says

    I have to second Brian’s comment. I can’t believe what I’m reading on this thread…this set is pure, unadulerated Wally World junk. JMO.

  19. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    my dad says this is exactly how a rare coins occur.
    yeah, everyone thinks this set is worthless, but later you might find out one is a different die variety, only 150 made. Like the Cheerios millennium $1, everyone thought they were a joke, but then someone found different tail feathers, now they’re worth a fourtune. I regretted not asking my dad to buy me a box of Cheerios.

  20. says

    This will be a cool birth set to collect if you have a baby. If you don’t any baby coming out for 2012, this set will be worthless for you. Try buying other collections instead, US Mint have many coins that you can buy. For me, I will try buying all the world birth set for 2012 for my newborn baby.

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